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Proposed FY14 Problem Gambling Prevention

Long Term Goal A2 Expand & improve upon problem gambling prevention efforts by developing the infrastructure to enhance statewide collaboration on projects aimed at reducing gambling related harm.

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Short Term Goals
2a Establish a problem gambling prevention position to oversee the Problem Gambling Specialists & coordinate statewide problem gambling prevention efforts p12 2b Develop processes that increase communication & collaboration between the regional Problem Gambling Task Forces p12

Proposed Strategies in FY14
Develop prevention evaluation methods & tools to encourage & empower community groups to incorporate program evaluation efforts into problem gambling awareness & prevention Survey TFs & KCPG chairs to understand prevention needs at the community level and their ideas for increased communication & collaboration among TFs and KCPG for both state-owned casino & tribal casino regions. Examine youth problem gambling prevention best practices & evidence based strategies Review education materials used by PGSs & TFs for current, accurate and unbiased, fact based information

Principle #1: Public Health Approach towards Problem Gambling

Mission: Develop and support effective problem gambling prevention, treatment, and research in Kansas.

Vision: The public health of Kansans is supported through a comprehensiv e system of services to address problem gambling.

Increase support to TFs & KCPG: Begin joint conference call meetings with TF & KCPG chairs to share ideas and increase collaboration

Face to Face technical assistance for each TF & KCPG 2 X per FY where ideas are shared regarding strategies from other TFs

Principle #2: Customers & Communit ies

Long Term Goal B Customers & communities are engaged in planning, implementation, delivery & evaluation of interventions & service relationships with existing stakeholder groups

B1 Maintain & strengthen relationships with existing stakeholder groups p13

Continue to participate in monthly meetings with KCPG & KRGA. Draft plans to visit open GA & GamAnon meetings across the state to strengthen relationships and provide updates on PG programs and services

Principle #3: Quality of care and services

Long Term Goal C1c Develop initiatives to increase services directed at family & loved ones of problem gamblers

1ciii Develop collaborative projects with faith organizations, schools & other groups to reach out to family members of problem gamblers p14 1c Develop initiatives to increase services directed at family & loved ones of problem gamblers p13

Develop community-level faith based initiatives with objectives to include increasing the capacity of faith based strategies & faith based counselors to effectively reach family members of problem gamblers Conduct literature review of evidence based practices to develop initiatives to increase concerned others services

raising awareness and readiness faith based leaders to inform their constituents of risks related to gambling

Provide 2 in-person workshops designed with the faith-based community

From: Department for Aging & Disability Services (2012). Problem Gambling and Addictions Fund: Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2014 – 2017.