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Proposed FY14 Problem Gambling Treatment

Short Term Goals

(From Strategic Plan p 13)
1a Establish data collection & a service monitoring system Obtain & complete KDADS IT Needs form to establish data collection & service monitoring system for problem gambling. Conduct a problem gambling treatment program review to improve treatment service efficacy, efficiency, and use of evidence based practices. Contact vendor from AZ who was in discussions with KDADS about their data collection system, and obtain new bid. Provide in-person workshop on evidenced based treatments & practices to increase problem gambling treatment effectiveness

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Proposed Strategies in FY14

1b Review & revise the gambling treatment provider guidelines & other contract conditions on an annual basis to address emerging & identified issues

Analyze, interpret & report problem gambling treatment data.

Mission: Develop and support effective problem gambling prevention, treatment, and research in Kansas.

Vision: The public health of Kansans is supported through a comprehensive system of services to address problem gambling.

Principle #3: C Quality of care & services is measured through outcomes to ensure effective services are being provided.

Long Term Goal: 1 Develop an infrastructure for problem gambling treatment services based on best available scientific research & evidence, which is client-centered, individualized, including both outpatient and intensive outpatient services

1b v Review & revise the gambling treatment provider guidelines & other contract conditions on an annual basis to address emerging & identified issues, including exploring use of the PGAF as the primary payor source for gambling treatment

Research other states who have public funding for PG treatment, to learn how they handle third party payment issues.

d Develop & implement a workforce development plan specific to gambling treatment and prevention workforce

Conduct a workforce development needs assessment

Hold 1 or 2 workshops from topics determined by the needs assessment Hold KDADS first state symposium on topic & speaker determined by the needs assessment Offer scholarships for tuition, travel & lodging for frontier & rural counselors to obtain KCGC

Hold case review conference calls (2 per month) for certified gambling counselors with national board approved clinical supervisor

Principle #1: Public Health Approach towards Problem Gambling

Long Term Goal: A3 Increase & improve upon access to care for problem gamblers and their concerned others.

3c Expand & improve upon PG helpline services (p 12)

Have consultant assist KDADS in assessing & developing initiatives to improve PG helpline services Target EAP programs

Offer a warm transfer to KCGCs and offer caller follow-up services

Expand helpline to web based chat rooms for Q/A

From: Department for Aging & Disability Services (2012). Problem Gambling and Addictions Fund: Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2014 2017.