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The Miracle of the Loaves and Fish

Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven. Mark 10:4
Sunday, August 18, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 27

Jesus Multiplies
Do you remember the miracle of the loaves and the fish? Once, when Jesus was teaching a big crowd of people, it
started to get late. The people were hungry, and they didnt have anything to eat. Jesus told His disciples to feed them. But feed them what? All they had was five loaves of bread and two fish! And there were more than five thousand hungry people! Christ blessed the food and then there was enough for everybody to eatplus leftovers!

Long, long ago, only a few hundred years after Christ lived on earth, some Christians built a church to celebrate this miracle. They built it close to where this miracle happened, close to the Sea of Galilee. It is called the Church of the Multiplication, because Jesus multiplied the little food they had.

This picture is on the floor in a church in Israel. The church is close to where this miracle really happened! It is 1,600 years old!

Help St. Kosmas travel through Greece and Albania to tell the people the good news of Jesus Christ!


You probably know what happened around 1776. Thats when America declared her independence and
broke free from Great Britain. But do you know what was happening in Greece at this same time? For many, many years lots of Orthodox Christians were under the power of the Turkish Ottomans. Sometimes they made it hard for Christians to worship our one true God.
Even though they came from Christian countries, lots of people had forgotten about Christ!

Can you find it?

This is what the holy bread looks like before the priest cuts it. It is called prosforo, which means an offering. We offer it to God and to our Church!

Here is St. Kosmas telling the people all about the good news of Jesus Christ.

St. Kosmas is a wonderful saint who went to so many places in Greece and Albania, telling people about Jesus Christ. He reminded them of the Gospel and of all Christs miracles. He told them the good newsthat Christ rose from the dead and wants to save us! St. Kosmas baptized lots and lots of people, and told them how to be good Christians once again. St. Kosmas died in 1779, while America was still fighting the Revolutionary War! We celebrate his nameday this Saturday, August 24th.