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EXT. FRATERNITY HOUSE- MORNING The house sign reads Omega Delta Zeta. INT. OMEGA DELTA ZETA- MORNING In the main room, liquids and cups cover the hardwood floor. 3 girls are passed out on various couches. A FRAT GUY guy is sleeping on the stairs. INT. ROOM #10- MORNING JESS(20),part native American and a natural beauty, wakes up in an unfamiliar room with the hangover from hell. As she slowly adjusts to the light, she realizes that she is not sure where she is. Posters of half naked women line the walls, cups and empty liquor bottles litter the floor. She sits up in bed and realizes she is not alone. A snoring FRAT GUY lays beside her, his naked behind peeking out from under the blankets. Oh God. JESS

She gently covers the frat guy’s bottom with the blanket and tries to get a better look at his face. He twitches slightly and a look of horror washes over her face as she realizes it is EVAN(21), an all-American quarterback type and the biggest douchebag in the entire Greek community. EVAN (mumbling)’ The clown... it’s... its staring... at me? He giggles and flops his arm into Jess’s lap in his sleep. She tries to remove it but he just grabs on tighter. Shit! JESS

She wriggles her foot out from under the blanket and tries to pick up her pants with her feet for what feels like eternity. She is unsuccessful and decides to just make a run for it. Evan lets a giant fart rip in his sleep. Jess gags. Gross. JESS (CONT’D)

2. She takes a breath, grabs her pants and bolts for the door, praying that no normal frat guy will be up this early on a Sunday morning. Evan twitches in his sleep as the door shuts. INT. OMEGA DELTA ZETA HALLWAY- MORNING Jess stumbles into the hallway, pants in hand, and promptly steps into a puddle of an unknown substance. She SHRIEKS and frantically wipes her foot on a beer soaked rag. As she puts on her pants, someone clears his throat. A scrawny pledge, DAVID (18), is standing in the hallway with a mop. JESS Shh, you didn’t see me. She buttons her pants while backing away. She heads for the front door and opens it to a blinding bright morning. FADE TO WHITE. TITLE CARD: GREEK ROW FADE IN EXT. GREEK ROW- MORNING Jess does her walk of shame home, attempting to tame her messy hair and grungy appearance. The Greek Row mansions pan by. The only people awake are the gardeners. Jess stumbles, twisting her ankle. One of the gardeners CAT CALLS at Jess, who just flips him off. She reaches her own sorority house, Alpha Nu, the nicest house on the row. INT. ALPHA NU FOYER TO JESS’S ROOM- MORNING She runs up the staircase and stumbles into the room she shares with her best friend/pledge sister LORI, who is awake eating a PopTart in bed. JESS Lor, help me. I’m dying.

3. Jess crawls into bed with Lori. LORI What happened to you last night? One moment we were dancing and the next... POOF! You were gone. Oh my God you look like someone beat you with an ugly stick. Did you shack it somewhere?! You whore! JESS Someone did beat me with an ugly stick. His name is Jack Daniels. LORI Aw, had a little too much to drink last night honey? JESS That’s an understatement. I blacked out like a Freshman on her first day of school. Lost my pearls and my dignity in one go. LORI So who’s the lucky guy that lassoed you into bed last night? Please tell me it was Jamie. He’s totally in love with you and that hookup is way past due. JESS Okay you need to calm down it is way too early for you to be this peppy, my head is killing me. And Jamie is NOT IN LOVE WITH ME FOR THE LAST TIME. And no. It wasn’t him anyway. LORI Was it Tyler? He’s a babe. Jess SIGHS. JESS No. Unfortunately not. LORI Jimmy again? JESS I wish. He’s absolutely beautiful. Lori gives Jess a disgusted look,

. um. LORI Well then I give up. what kind of girl do you think I am?! Definitely not down to have his scaly lizard tongue in my mouth. OMEGA DELTA ZETA BAR. FLASHBACK TO: INT. JESS Don’t judge me okay.. JESS Oh GOD no. LORI I won’t I promise! JESS It was. INT. LORI Please tell me it wasn’t Salamander.4. OMEGA DELTA ZETA DANCEFLOOR. Jess goes pale. . Evan. LORI EVAN?! What? Why? Are you serious? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? JESS I honestly have no clue I don’t remember a thing. OMEGA DELTA ZETA HALLWAY Evan pins Jess up against the wall while they furiously make out. Tell me! Jess hesitates. knowing Lori is going to blow a gasket when she finds out about Evan.EVENING Jess and Evan dance provocatively surrounded by a sea of people. INT.EVENING Jess and Evan doing jaegerbombs with Jamie and others around the crowded bar.

JESS Oh sweet baby Jesus. LORI Sure. Jess plays around on the stripper pole while a group of guys form around her and stare until Evan drags her off the pole. I’m so tired. Lori shivers in disgust. stripper poles. throwing her over his shoulder. Jaegerbombs. walking toward his bedroom as Jess playfully protests. grabbing her by the foot and pulling her out of bed. Jess gets up and crawls into her own bed. JESS I know. Jess? Yeah? JESS LORI Don’t you think you should maybe shower before you conk out? Not to be rude but you kinda smell like you slept in a dumpster. JESS’S ROOM. No way I’m getting out of bed now. BACK TO: INT. Jess snuggles deeper into her blankets. But uh. INT.MORNING Jess shudders. I love you no matter who you hook up with. The whole room takes a shot in unison. OMEGA DELTA ZETA UPSTAIRS The party moves upstairs. can we just forget it happened? I need to sleep. I just remembered. Or at least to Standards. Lori gets out of bed and rips the covers away from her.5. Jess scoffs and throws a pillow at Lori. LORI Evan is so skeevy. JESS Oh come on. I’m going to hell. .

ALEC Yeah there were girls passed out everywhere last night. two die and four pint glasses set on each corner of the table. OMEGA DELTA ZETA BACKYARD. Jess groans as Lori pushes her out of bed and into the bathroom. She sees a younger. INT.AFTERNOON JAMIE(21). ALEC What are you? An old white man? Why do you even own a record player? Barry throws the die into the air but misses his chance to score a point. more awkward version of herself staring back at her. inspecting her ragged appearance. EXT. BARRY Someone stole my favorite Eric Clapton record. JESS’S BATHROOM Jess looks at herself in the mirror.a well groomed African American. and David. LORI Come on stinky. She turns on the shower as steam fills the room and clouds her reflection. I’d rather not have the room we share smelling like a soup kitchen. the epitome of tall dark and handsome. bro. A flash of pain and regret flickers in her eyes as she unravels her tangled hair from the messy bun resting atop her head. a widely known drinking game involving a case of beer. Some girl puked in my coffee pot and then passed out on my futon. the scrawny looking pledge from the hallway. JAMIE Last night was a mess.6. ALEC(20). I found one in my closet. with the fraternity president BARRY(22). is playing a game of snappa. a white boy who grew up in the hood. .

Evan grabs the die from the sand pit. BARRY Hey. ALEC I’m just saying. David skulks away in pain as Evan takes his place at the table. I resent that! It’s not my fault I grew up in a wealthy neighborhood and my dad’s a senator. JAMIE Why do you gotta be so mean to the pledges all the time. Evan chugs his beer and crushes it on David’s head. most of the black guys I knew in LA wouldn’t be caught dead listening to those white boy bangers. You can get shot for that down there. Evan intercepts the die and smacks it to the ground. buddy. EVAN (CONT’D) Get me another beer while you’re up. Barry throws an empty beer can at Alec’s head. As David throws his shot. EVAN Move. Evan staggers out of the house with a beer in hand and walks over to the table. . bro? I was rewarding him for mopping the entire left wing of the house. takes his shot and gracefully sinks the die into the cup. pledge. I mean you are pretty much only black on the outside.7. Inside you are whiter than that albino kid in Sig Delt. EVAN He’s not part of my pledge service. BARRY Not cool man. what’s wrong with Clapton? Cream is probably one of the best bands that ever existed. And records have more texture and depth in their audio quality than digital mp3s. Not my pledge. But. not my problem.

. It’s just. EVAN (CONT’D) Haha. JAMIE Who? Sandra? EVAN Naw man.Jess? JAMIE EVAN Yeah! That one! She was a freak man. . Are you serious? Jamie’s blood beings to boil. struggling to maintain his composure. Pretty sure I banged that hot A Nu you are friends with.. EVAN (CONT’D) What bro.8. she must have been pretty smashed last night to sleep with you. Jamie rolls his eyes. I’m a grade A piece of prime rib.. JAMIE What. That slam that lived on your floor freshman year. EVAN Too bad she was gone when I woke up. you know the one. drinks his beer and continues on with the game. EVAN Fuck you bro. He clenches his fists. I forget her name. suck on that. Do you see these biceps? . got some kinda problem? JAMIE Naw.. Jamie can’t help but let out a little exasperated snort. JAMIE So how’d your night end up Evan? EVAN Best night of my life from what I can remember. Woulda loved to take her to pound town again this morning.

EVAN Do you wanna throw down bro?! I will snap your little twig arms in HALF! Jamie looks directly into Evan’s eyes before spitting at his feet and walking away. Evan. He slams the door behind him and begins to pace. JAMIE Fuck you. that’s right you skinny sack of shit. possibly broken knuckles. You can be such a cunt sometimes. FUCK! JAMIE He sits down on his bed and massages his bruised. EVAN What a pussy. He violently throws an unopened beer at the doorway Jamie just passed through and sits back down. bro. A vein begins to pulse in Evan’s neck. Evan realizes they are down a player and looks around for David.AFTEROON Jamie enters his room fuming. EVAN (CONT’D) Yeah. . Do you even lift. Evan flexes his arms at the guys. Fuck you. EVAN (CONT’D) PLLLLEEEEDDDDGGGEEE! INT. He punches his wall but only hurts himself in the process. bro? JAMIE Fuck off. He rushes over to Jamie and gets in his face. Jamie goes inside as Evan stands there attempting to control his rage. JAMIE’S ROOM.9. Jamie averts his gaze to the ground.

9 P. It is clear he’s done this many times before. INT. Its still Sunday. what time is it? Am late for class? JAMIE Nah. Go away. heard about your drunken sexcapades.9 P. Jamie looks uncomfortable. JESS Wait seriously? . God.M. JESS (CONT’D) . Her hair is a mess. JESS’ ROOM. I uh. Jamie climbs onto the fence and hops onto the latticed panels outside her window. Did you really sleep all day? JESS I swear I’m never drinking again. JESS JAMIE JESS Gah. He sits on the edge of the bed and tickles her feet in an attempt to wake her up. INT. Jamie scoffs.. It feels like someone’s doing some major construction with a jackhammer inside my head. Hey.M. hoisting himself onto the sill. She nearly kicks him in the face before jerking awake and wiping the drool off of her face. JAMIE Yeah. I made some really terrible decisions last night. He pushes open her unlocked window and enters the room. Jess is still passed out in her bed sleeping off her hangover.well at lease not until Wednesday. OUTSIDE JESS’ ROOM.10.

duh. on the phone! . Alpha Nu’s chapter president. JESS He has such a big mouth! I’m going to kill him. I usually avoid him like the plague. but he doesn’t exactly fit. not really believing her. I pretty much went on a solo mission to Mars. Alyssa gives Jess a quizzical look. I NEVER. Like on another level blacked out.. Evan? Really? Their conversation is interrupted by a KNOCK on the door. enters the room.11. and you know me. I was so blacked out. I honestly don’t even know how I ended up with him. shack it unprepared. No boys upstairs obviously. well. It’s just. JESS Oh shit! Hide! Jamie flings himself on the floor and attempts to crawl under the bed.. ALYSSA Is there a boy in here? JESS What? No! No way. hardly ever. That’s not allowed. JAMIE Yeah.. Jess can sense the anger behind his words. Of course not. You must have been. JESS What the fuck is wrong with you? JAMIE Nothing. Jamie can’t help but roll his eyes at her. JESS (CONT’D) I was uh. JAMIE Evan wouldn’t shut up about it this afternoon. ALYSSA.. that’s how bad it was. He’s pretty proud of himself.

Alyssa shows her the aforementioned picture. this morning lookin’ a hot mess. Well anyway. I’m not sure what you mean. JESS Oh? What’s up? ALYSSA Well to be blunt. JESS That is definitely not me. Drunk Ass Bitch? JESS Oh. I would never shame our house by going on a stripper pole! You know me better than that.. Jess twirls her hair trying to be nonchalant about the whole thing even though she’s actually freaking out inside. I saw you stroll in at 7 a. JESS I’m sorry. but it is blurry and hard to make out details. ALYSSA Oh. ALYSSA What was that? JESS .I just got a Facebook notification. And someone anonymously emailed me a picture of you on a stripper pole. you know.12. . ALYSSA Well for one.m. sweetie. okay. ALYSSA (CONT’D) You know we have a strict no stripper pole policy. Jamie unsuccessfully attempts to stifle a sneeze.. what? ALYSSA A DAB. I heard you were kind of being a DAB. I need to talk to you about last night.

JESS What? What did you hear? ALYSSA Someone told me that you were with Evan. Indiscretions. in Jamie’s room. since all of the evidence for your. see? Jess lifts up her ankle which is actually black and blue from her fall on her walk home. I slipped in a puddle and twisted my ankle and couldn’t walk home.. (MORE) . I’m not sure I believe you. Hm. ALYSSA So where did you sleep last night then? JESS Oh you know. especially after the whole Sig Delt fiasco last year.13. JESS Of course not! I would never! He’s been with more girls than Genghis Khan. ALYSSA Well. It’s just not the story I heard. Alyssa looks a little jealous. What? ALYSSA JESS ALYSSA Well. JESS Oh come on that was ONE TIME! You can’t keep bringing it up like this! It was so long ago. She has secretly been harboring a crush on him all year.... ALYSSA Frankly.

. SIGMA DELTA PHILANTHROPY.14..LAST YEAR Jess takes a shot with the albino and begins making out with him. Jamie chuckles and gets up to leave. JAMIE You never fail to amaze me Jess. JESS I’d really rather not talk about it. JAMIE Are you that thick? What? JESS . taking him down with her. ALYSSA (CONT'D) is circumstantial I won’t send you to standards. After a moment. Jess flops back onto her pillows in relief as Jamie crawls out from his hiding spot. JAMIE I’ve never heard about this Sig Delt fiasco.9 P. Honestly though. do you really have to be an ass about it? You are my best friend. she promptly projectile vomits all over him and slips in a puddle of her own puke. I don’t know why you are being so mean. Jess looks a little green. JESS’ ROOM. BACK TO: INT.M. but if I hear about you being involved in any more shady activities I WILL enforce the maximum penalties. Alyssa gives Jess a judgemental look before exiting the room. I’m a little disappointed. Take care sweetie. JESS Dude it was a mistake. FLASHBACK TO: INT.

What is the theme for Wednesday? Jamie looks exasperated. (22) flamboyantly gay hipster with attitude (and another of Jess’s closest friends). JESS Sooo. walks by and sits down beside her. Jess sort of flinches at the word love and changes the subject.. JAMIE Its colonial bros and nava-hoes. She takes a seat out front and Sal.15. but his foot gets tangled in a vine and he falls flat on his face. goober. I gotta go. EXT. I love you. FUCK! JAMIE He brushes himself off and continues on his way. CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY. You know you are like 10 minutes late right? . SAL Way to never come to class bitch. Jamie heads toward the window to leave. JAMIE Love you Jess. JESS Wait Jamie.THE NEXT DAY Jess stops at a snack cart to get her morning coffee. JAMIE I care about you. Jess watches him as he goes from her window. JESS’ ROOM Jamie crawls out of the window to head back to his fraternity. don’t leave yet. giving Jess a sad look. EXT.

Like a shark on the hunt. Sal laughs. How are you? SAL Girl. not fish. JESS (CONT’D) We should get to class. Better late then never right? Sal stands up and puts his arm around Jess an playfully smacks her ass as they head to their lecture hall. JESS How the fuck does everyone know about that?! SAL You know Ev. JESS I know. Hun. I bet you that boy’s chlamydia’s got chlamydia.16. JESS You know I’m a straggler boo. for sex. That little terd talks more shit than Gossip Girl. but you know. I’m a straight up predator. There are more guys lining up to date you than for free tickets to the Superbowl. JESS Ugh I just wanna vomit all over again thinking about it. Don’t lower your standards for stupid dicknuggets like Evan. . SAL Just learn to keep it in your pants honey! You don’t need to keep fuckin’ around with these stupid frat guys. word on the grapevine is that you spent the night with the Evan almighty. you should probably get tested. I just turn into an animal when I’m that drunk. Jess downs the rest of her coffee and stands up to leave.

wrapping groups of pledges together. Some are laughing while others look a little uncomfortable with the whole process.17.. TYLER(19). TYLER Yeah. OMEGA DELTA ZETA BASEMENT. and screaming his brains out. It looks like he is going to have an aneurysm. FAGGOTS! EAT!!!! David spoons a mouthful of the slop into his mouth but promptly starts to gag. INT. looks uncomfortably over at his pledge brother. He could literally murder us. It’s that simple nerds! The other brothers sit back in the wings watching the mayhem unfold. . you get paddled. maybe not. TYLER (TO SAM) Don’t you think this might be a little much.. one of the younger guys that joined the year before. Maybe we should say something to Evan. EVAN EAT. That dude’s terrifying.THE NEXT NIGHT Evan is screaming at pledges while they furiously eat a vomitinducing concoction of Quaker’s oatmeal and Jack Daniesl. SAM(19). SAM (CONT’D) Ah. SAM Yeah dude. EVAN(CONT’D) DON’T BE A BITCH PLEDGE! Each time you throw up. bro? SAM I know dude. The boys look over at Evan who now has a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a tube of Saran Wrap in the other. I’m sure the pledges will be fine. He alternates between pouring whiskey down his throat. right? Sam tries to look positive but fails. We didn’t have it nearly this bad. they’ll be fine.

So as you all have heard we are having a mixer with Alpha Nu this Wednesday- . The brothers stand and recite their ancient fraternity code. Truth. BARRY I call to order the Theta Nu chapter of Omega Delta Zeta. Let us repeat the sacred creed. last ones done get to sleep down here! Evan shatters the whiskey bottle against the concrete and walks away. ALL IN UNISON I believe in the college Fraternity.MOMENTS LATER All the brothers of the fraternity sit around the room for their ‘formal’ weekly meeting. diligence and the pursuit of a righteous and fulfilling life. Brother. chugs the rest of the whiskey and conducts the active members out of the room. honor. Barry raps his gavel three times on the table at the head of the room. I believe in Omega Delta Zeta and what we as brothers stand for. The pledges violently fight against the plastic wrap as the brothers walk upstairs. I believe in Omega Delta Zeta. Jamie? Jamie stands up to give his announcement. INT.18. Brothers we shall be. JAMIE ‘Sup bros. EVAN First ones finished get to go home. The brothers take their seats and wait for the week’s announcements. for all eternity. BARRY Alright so this week is a pretty slow one for the most part. but we do have a mixer this Wednesday that our VP of Events will give you more information on. OMEGA DELTA ZETA CHAPTER ROOM. Evan finishes wrapping up the pledges.

19. A roar of excitement echoes through the room. JAMIE (CONT’D) -And after a lot of back and forth with Sandra. the girls snap quietly and whisper excitedly to each other.EVENING The girls are also having a meeting to discuss the week’s events. BARRY Alright.CONTINUOUS Barry is again taking control of the meeting. ALPHA NU CHAPTER ROOM. The Omegas’ first date party is coming up in just a few weeks and we can’t let those greasy sluts from Sigma Epsilon Chi steal our men! Instead of clapping and shouting. SHARP on Wednesday looking as absolutely hot as possible. A few brothers whistle and holler in agreement. CUT TO: INT. their social chair. OMEGA DELTA ZETA CHAPTER ROOM. RANDOM BRO Sounds lame! JAMIE Lame? I would hardly call having the hottest sorority girls on campus dressed in nothing but small pieces of animal fur and body paint lame. is there any new business we need to discuss? .m. SANDRA is at the front of the room discussing the mixer with the Omegas. SANDRA -So everyone better be ready by 9 p. A RANDOM BRO in the back stands up. CUT TO: INT. we’ve decided on a Colonial Bros and Nava-hoes theme.

still drunk. EVAN (CONT’D) Well look who made it out of the pledge dungeon. EVAN I vote we give it to Jess Stanger. Another group follows right behind trying to push their way into the room. EVAN Lets give out the sorority slam of the week award! Which A Nu was the biggest shitshow at our party on Saturday? BARRY Evan. stands up and exclaims. lets give a nice big round of applause to these scrawny. Evan looks at them and laughs. Evan. the first group of pledges bust into the room covered in oatmeal slop and whiskey. good-for-nothing LOSERS that want to call themselves fraternity men! The boys once again clap as the last group of saran wrapped pledges straggles into the room. Jamie is furious and turning bright red. ACTIVES PLEDGE DUNGEON. David is a part of this last group.20. I don’t think that’s a really appropriate award to give out. . EVAN (CONT’D) And look at the faces of the stupid pledges that get to spend the night in the pledge dungeon! A few of the actives start to chant. PLEDGE DUNGEON! Evan begins to shove the losing pledges back down into the vomit filled hole. Suddenly. PLEDGE DUNGEON. but to no avail. David looks terrified and tries to run. Gentlemen. The stripper pole wasn’t the only pole she’s been upside down on if ya catch my drift. He mimics ass slapping motions as the room erupts in laughter. Evan menacingly stares straight into JAMIE’S eyes.

bro? SAM You know what? Yeah.21. EVAN Are you challenging me. Pledges. Now gentlemen. I don’t know what your old school’s chapter was like. No dungeon for any of you tonight. SAM (CONT’D) Hold on a second here. but this isn’t really how we do things here. Don’t you think you are being a little hard on them? Excuse me? Sam cowers a little. and Evan swings his arm back ready to explode. These are our future brothers you are torturing here. lets get back to business. SAM I mean. including Evan. Sam pushes Evan away with one finger. go home. I think we should treat our future brothers with a little more respect. Now I think you should sit back down and shut the hell up. I am. EVAN . bro. don’t you think you are being a little hard on them? I think this is getting out of hand. Evan pushes chairs and people out of the way until his is directly in front of Sam’s face. They aren’t slaves. Sam tries to get Evan’s attention as he pushes the pledges into the dungeon. He is towering over him. BARRY ALRIGHT! ENOUGH! I will not have a fight break out in this meeting! Now both of you sit back down and shut the hell up. HEY! SAM Everyone stops.

22. why don’t you snack on my dick instead of trying to fuck us in the ass? Dev turns around to cheers and high fives from his pledge brothers as they walk out of the door. I motion for a vote on the matter. a surfer type with a cocky attitude stands at the front of the crowd of his peers and looks directly at Evan. A few of them raise their hands timidly. Once the pledges are gone Evan sits back down. still fuming. Evan furiously tries push his way toward Dev but is restrained by a few of the brothers. The brothers rejoice. One of them. DEV Hey Evan. BARRY (CONT’D) Hands down. because they are equally terrified of Evan. Sam and Tyler high five in the background. Now all those in favor of easing up on the pledges? The rest of the brothers raise their hands. Brother Sam will replace Brother Evan as Pledge Master from this day forward. raise your hands. The brothers raise theire heads. I now call this meeting to a close. BARRY (CONT’D) Alright it has been decided. Barry raps his gavel three times. EVAN This is BULLSHIT! . Dev(18). Everyone! Heads down! The brothers lower their heads. Barry calls the room to order to finish up the meeting. The pledges rejoice. BARRY (CONT’D) All those in favor of continuing Brother Evan’s hazing tactics. BARRY Alright so since there seems to be some differences in opinion on the way in which the pledges are treated.

She is really starting to get annoying with the constant teasing. Evan storms out of the room angrily. Jess and Lori go to the kitchen to grab snacks before bed. JESS Shut the hell up Lor.EVENING The girls conclude their chapter meeting hand in hand reciting the ritual song. So hypothetically. They grab an entire tray of their house mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies and take them up to their room. Under the cover over the sacred white and blue. and hypothetically. friendship deep and true. ALPHA NU CHAPTER ROOM. . We owe all our love to the mighty Alpha Nu. really drunk on Wednesday. Jess smacks her in the shoulder. So here’s the deal. slamming door behind him with such force that it knocks a nearby composite off of the wall. if I were to get really.23. I’ve got your back. INT. INT. LORI So are you excited for Wednesday? I’m sure Evan will be happy to see you. if I were to start talking to Evan. you know that. Lori playfully jabs Jess in the ribs. I am going to deny the fact that I hooked up with him until the day I die. Okay? LORI Alright sweetie. you HAVE to get me out of there by any means possible.EVENING Jess and Lori giggle over their stolen cookies in bed. ALL IN UNISON Sisters forever. JESS’ ROOM. I just feel bad for Jamie. Many linger around to chat for a moment before heading up to their respective rooms. that will NEVER happen again.

We’ve been friends for so long I just can’t really see him as anything more than that. Its all too complicated. You and Jamie have something special. LORI True. And then there’s always the Lani problem. sweep the floors. Just be careful Jess. I’m pumped. JAMIE (to Barry) Maybe this theme wasn’t the best idea. Lets just sit back and watch some TV yeah? The girls sit back in bed and click on the newest episode of The Bachelor as they snuggle together under the blankets. You know I love him too. Its just. JESS I don’t know Lor.24. JESS He seemed really upset when he came over the other night. I’m sure Lani will get over it.. The active brothers slowly file down and wait for the girls to arrive. Jess seems troubled about her relationship with Jamie. I feel awful. INT. OMEGA DELTA ZETA. and hang decorations. They look ridiculous in their homemade colonial garb. Lani is Jamie’s ex girlfriend and one of Jess and Lori’s pledge sisters. Lani can be kind of a bitch. . Maybe you can’t see it yet but hopefully one day you will realize. BARRY I don’t know I kinda like it.MIXER NIGHT Pledges run around doing last minutes preparations for the mixer. Everything seems to be changing and becoming more complicated. They stock the bar. She’s notoriously territorial about Jamie and their relationship recently ended very badly.

Jess and Lori are in the hallway just outside the bathroom with others getting ready to apply body paint to their barely-clothed figures. ALEC Oh come on. I can’t hold the jokes in! Barry wanders off to talk to other brothers. Why do you always have to be an ass to Barry? He’s our president. LORI Hurry put a handprint on my boob before you drip everywhere! Jess dips her hand into a tub of white paint and pressed her hand against Lori’s breast.25. catching the eye of Alec. he pretty much owns YOU. He does an awkward jig in his costume. It almost looks authentic. still doing Carlton-esque dance moves. Jess removes her hand. JESS Hold still or I’m gonna mess it up! LORI I’m sorry I’m too excited! It’s the first mixer of the semester. Lori looks in the mirror.MIXER NIGHT Dozens of girls crowd around the bathroom mirror doing their makeup and hair. ALPHA NU BATHROOM.. INT. Realistically. You know you’d be a slave in colonial times right? JAMIE Shut the hell up Alec. leaving a slightly smudged handprint. ALEC . he’s Carlton Banks reincarnated. LORI (CONT’D) It’s totally perf.. JESS Okay Do me! Do me! . Barry is dressed to the nines in his colonial costume.

Sandra walks over and grabs the bottle from Lori SANDRA Fuck it I just want to get hammered! She downs a mouthful of the tequila without even flinching. Sandra and Lani are all huddled around a bottle of tequila taking shots.26. JESS (CONT’D) Okay we look adorbs. LORI Sorry you know I’m saving up for spring break in Cabo! It still gets you drunk so stop complaining you whore. which is forbidden in the sorority house. Now lets go “take pictures” in our room. Taking pictures is code for taking shots. I’m sorry sweetie. Lani makes a disgusted face as she downs her shot. SANDRA (CONT’D) See? Not that bad. LORI (CONT’D) Okay it is pretty bad. INT. Lori takes a big swig from the bottle and gags a little. Lori.MIXER NIGHT Jess. Lori reciprocates the handprint and blows on it to make it dry faster. JESS Sandra you are a madwoman. . JESS’ ROOM. LANI Jesus fuck what kind of shitty tequila is this?! Did some sweaty Mexican drink it then throw it up and put it back in the bottle? I mean seriously! Couldn’t you spring for some Patron at least?! Lori playfully grabs the bottle from Lani.

You’ve got us! The girls all gather around each other for a big group hug. OMEGA DELTA ZETA.27. but insecure. LANI Ugh.MIXER NIGHT Evan is already wasted. He spots David filling up a cup of jungle juice and makes his way over. SANDRA Sisters forever right? JESS Yeah. Sisters forever. INT. LORI Oh shut the hell up Lani. Jess shifts uncomfortably at the sound of Jamie’s name but does her best to hid it. He walks around the room yelling at various pledges. You don’t need him. Jamie’s is never gonna take me back if I don’t lose this stupid fat pouch from my stomach. EVAN Pledge! I’m kinda hungry. Plus Jamie’s a turd.. snatching the cup from his hand and chugging it in his face. SANDRA I’m just a girl on a mission. They all take their last shots before heading out for the night.. A mission for a good fingerbanging! The girls erupt in laughter and pass the bottle around some more. You are the closest to a Barbie doll any of us could ever hope to be. Lani goes over to the mirror and inspects her body. She’s flawless. be a doll and run down to the burger joint and get me some fries and a milkshake would ya? Yes siDAVID . I need to lay of the cheese puffs.

Evan looks over and notices David talking to Jamie EVAN WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY PLEDGE! Shut the fuck up and get a move on! I’m fucking starving! David begins to head toward the door when two of his pledge brothers. TY Oh come on. He smacks it into his hand and walks away. I could literally murder him and feel no remorse. Evan’s a dick. Its about time Ev got what he deserved. CAM Dude. You don’t have a big enough sack to even talk to him.28. I really appreciate it. EVAN What the fuck did I say pledge? You are NOT allowed to fucking speak! David timidly holds out his hand for money. GREEK ROW. CAM and TY. JAMIE Hey. He treats you like shit and honestly. CAM Dude Evan is such a douche. Jamie notices Evan’s disgusting behavior and walks over to David. DAVID Thanks man. I don’t know what his deal is! (MORE) . EVAN reaches for his wallet and grabs a 10.NIGHT The pledges walk down the street in the cold shivering. come up to him and follow him out to the burger place a few blocks away. David looks at Jamie timidly. EXT. man. let alone commit murder. Look. if you wanna get revenge you’ve got the rest of the brothers behind you. once I’m an active I’m gonna fuck that dude up. but before handing it to him decides to wipe his butt with it.

your probably right bro. did he like. How do you even handle it? I woulda lost my shit by now. I swear. CAM Dude. David says nothing. DAVID (whispering) Wait.. CAM (CONT'D) He’s like a Vietnam vet trapped in a college guy’s body. They pass by a 7-11. Rape you or something? TY DUDE! Come on! Evan may be psychotic but bro rape?! That’s highly unlikely. CAM Yeah I’d hate to be Evan’s personal slave. Why don’t you talk? Did he. David stops in his tracks. CAM Yahh.... Ty playfully knocks into David. Uh. letting them stir in his brain for a little while. David just laughs and shrugs off the comments. The other boys stop.29. he probably has PTSD from whatever happened to him at the chapter at his old school. Did he just talk? DAVID YEAH BRO I’M NOT MUTE! TY Dude you have hardly said a word since we met you! How were we supposed to know? .. TY Well at least we don’t got it as bad as this one am I right? Cam laughs.

The clerk looks quizzically at the money. CLERK DUDE WHAT THE FUCK THAT TOTALLY IS SHIT! The Clerk angrily lunges at David who then bolts out of the store.30. 7-11. I’ve got a plan to screw Evan over and make sure he doesn’t mess with us anymore. He heads to the medicine aisle and grabs a pack of chewable strawberry laxatives. but takes his money. DAVID David heads toward a nearby 7-11. I’m tired of his fucking bullshit. gross. A chocolate bar melted in my pocket. 7-11. CAM Yeah? What’s your plan? Hold up. . The CLERK looks at him skeptically. CLERK Is that shit on that bill? DAVID Nah dude. Jamie and the others will back us up. EXT. INT.MIXER NIGHT David runs towards his pledge brothers with the fat Clerk in pursuit. As he picks it up he gets a huge whiff of human feces from the money. DAVID Evan made me his silent pledge bitch! He pretty much beats me if I talk at all.MIXER NIGHT David ducks into the 7-11. I’ve got a plan. But bros. He heads to checkout and pulls the poo stained 10 dollar bill out of his pocket and puts it on the counter.

laughing and stumbling slightly. He looks down at David. DAVID He’s never gonna see it coming. BURGER PALACE. ALPHA NU. CAM Dude. The front door opens as the approach the house. Evan snatches the food from him and furiously sucks down his shake. Jess and Lori hold each others hands at the front of the pack. David laughs manically and the other boys join in. INT. They head toward the Omega house in their skimpy outfits and high heels. They give each other a knowing glance before scattering.MIXER NIGHT The girls emerge from the house looking like Victoria’s Secret models. DAVID RUN GUYS! RUUNN! The boys take off in a mad dash away from the clerk who eventually runs out of breath and ends his pursuit. EXT. David walks up to Evan and timidly hands him his food.31. OMEGA DELTA ZETA. what the fuck was that about? David proudly displays his purchase to his pledge brothers. EVAN What the hell are you looking at? Go clean the bathroom in the west wing before the girls get here! David skulks away with a devilish grin on his face. .MIXER NIGHT David and his brothers walk in with Evan’s burger and laxative spiked shake in hand. EXT.MIXER NIGHT The boys are bent over panting out of breath.

Hey Jess. JESS Heyyy. OMEGA DELTA ZETA. Maybe 8. The party has begun. JAMIE Whoah there darling. bringing everything back to normal speed. 6 shots? 7. Jess and Lori grab shot glasses from them and clink glasses. I can smell the tequila on your breath. making out. JAMIE You’ve always been a go hard or go home type of girl. participating in various drinking games. sloppy hug.32.. Jamie spots them and makes his way over. OMEGA DELTA ZETA. Jess and Lori are flirting with a pair of very attractive seniors. and dancing. Pledges stand nervously behind the bar. in slow motion.MIXER NIGHT The girls walk in. LORI Ah Jamie! Lookin’ good gorgeous! How are you! Where have you been hiding I miss you! JAMIE Oh yeah I’ve busy. and head to the bar.45 MINUTES LATER Montage of girls and guys mingling with one another. JESS You know me so well! I think you need another drink! . The boys just stare in awe.MIXER NIGHT. drinking mixed drinks. Jamie! Jess is pretty drunk and gives Jamie a big.. No it was definitely 8.. Yeah. Jess giggles. INT. JESS Oh hussh I’ve only had like. INT.

JESS I’ll be right back! Jess skips away to get more drinks. Just don’t worry about it for now. Lori playfully prods Jamie’s shoulder. JAMIE I am no such thing. LORI You wanna know a secret? I’m pretty sure she’s in love with you too.33. Just follow your heart! . she’s on one tonight isn’t she? LORI Yep she’s a whole ‘nother level tonight. I think it’s due to postEvan hookup shame. LORI (CONT’D) If you weren’t such a pussy you’d go ahead and make a move on her already! JAMIE I don’t think Lani would approve. I know you are totes in love with her. JAMIE Oh no I- Jess puts her fingers to his lips and shushes him. I am “totes” not in love with her. Jamie rolls his eyes. Forgot about that for a second. JAMIE (to Lori) Damn. right. LORI Oh fuck that bitch she needs to get over herself and over you. JAMIE Oh. LORI Don’t let it get to you J.

. hugging him. feeling the bubbling in his gut. Drink up! JESS (CONT’D) Jamie decides to let go of his inhibitions and takes a very large swig from the bottle. He shakes it off and grabs two shots. Cheers. He is hesitant. ALYSE EVAN Here let me get you another drink. Lori laughs at her own cheesy advice. He winks at her and smacks her butt on the way to the bar. Jamie mulls this information over in his head as Jess returns to the table with a bottle of tequila in hand. then grabs two more. .. JESS Bottoms up baby! She shoves the bottle into Jamie’s hands. He stops midway there. Drunk and sloppy. Mhm. JAMIE He takes another swig and Jess cheers.Yeah I was just too frat at my last school so I decided to transfer here to mellow out. ALYSE No no I’m fine thaEVAN Nonsense.LATER Evan is attempting to chat up a young nervous Freshman. I like my women like I like my weekends. INT. EVAN .34. OMEGA DELTA ZETA HALLWAY. ALYSE. takes them.

Jamie is sweating and getting tired. let’s go up to my room it’s way too hot in HERE. OMEGA DELTA ZETA DANCE FLOOR. this is nice.. JESS (shouting) WHAT? JAMIE (shouting) LETS GO TAKE A BREAK IN MY ROOM. JESS Holy shit this is so much fun. I miss you too Jess.. JAMIE (shouting) HEY JESS. Jamie flops down on the bed next to Jess.CONTINUOUS Jess flops down on the bed exhausted and laughing. JESS (shouting) ALRIGHT! Lead the way sir pilgrim! Jamie grabs JESS’s hand and leads her upstairs to his room. but he is really turned on by Jess grinding on him. Jamie takes of his sticky shirt. Then.MIXER NIGHT Jess. Jamie kisses her. Jamie. JAMIE’S ROOM. I miss you. and Lori’s hot senior are dancing like maniacs to the earsplitting music coming through the speakers. Lori. It’s been a while since I got wasted with my partner in crime. JAMIE Yeah. INT. INT. . They look into each other’s eye’s smiling.35. JESS You know. It feels like forever since those days in the dorms together. Jess looks at him sincerely. JAMIE I know dude! I haven’t been this drunk since. I don’t even know.

EVAN (CONT’D) PLEDGE! What on god’s green earth do you think you are doing? Get the hell away from my future slam! Evan’s insides begin to rumble again. EVAN Alright. causing heads to turn. EVAN (CONT’D) Guys. Before IEVAN (CONT’D) Evan can’t help but let out a huge liquidy shart. DAVID Is something wrong there Evan? EVAN I told you! You aren’t allowed to speak! Now get the hell out of here before IEvan’s stomach gurgles loudly.SIMULTANEOUS EVAN returns. MOVE! Evan pushes David and Alyse aside and starts to run for the bathroom. EVAN (CONT’D) Oh HELL no! Evan storms over. They just smirk. We’re all brothers right? (MORE) . Evan becomes desperate. EVAN (CONT’D) Oh god. two drinks in hand. but Cam and Ty block his way. Sam and Tyler join the barricade. bottoms up baEvan comes to realize that his cute freshman Alyse is in the corner flirting with David. EVAN (CONT’D) Get the hell out of my way you filthy pledges! The pledges don’t budge. come on. much more furiously this time. OMEGA DELTA ZETA HALLWAY.36. INT.

Evan crawls into the bathroom crying in pain. not pledge.. Literally AND figuratively. She puts her arm around his waist as they walk away together. grabs Alyse and heads for the stairs with his new conquest. Alyse rushes to the nearest trash can and begins to throw up. EVAN (crying) You are going to pay for this pledge! I swear you’ll pay! David laughs. CAM ALRIGHT EVERYONE! We are now officially moving the party upstairs! . We pledges are tired of your shit. Girls begin shrieking and the guys shout in disgust. The whole party erupts in cheers. David approaches Evan no longer afraid. Oh god NOOOOOOOOO. ALYSE. David turns his back to Evan. I’ll. just let me through. DAVID See.. I’ll. EVAN (CONT’D) Come on. DAVID And my name is David. So have fun cleaning this up yourself. DAVID (CONT’D) Come on darling. Evan. Oh god I’m gonna vom.37. Evan can no longer hold it in and releases a violent stream of liquid feces all over himself and crumples to the floor in shame. ALYSE You are too sweet. I’ve got an extra toothbrush with your name on it at my dorm. things are gonna change around here from now on.

INT.. Jess grabs Jamie and continues to kiss him. . She run into Lori who can see that she is upset. Things get even more heated between them as clothes begin to fly and Jess’s body paint begins to smudge. We can’t do this. I don’t know. Lani.I thought youJESS Its just.. confused. HALLWAY. and pushes Jamie away. JAMIE’S ROOM. Lani pushes her out of the room and slams the door in her face. Jamie. Jess grabs her shoes and stumbles to the door.38. JAMIE But I.MIXER NIGHT Jess shoots up. JESS Wait. INT. the door swings open to reveal Jamie’s ex. LANI What the fuck is this?! Jess frantically scrambles to grab her clothes and Lani throws a fit. LANI (CONT’D) What the hell are you doing you stupid slut?! Get the hell off of my man! Lani waitJESS LANI I do not give a flying fuck what you have to say to me you filthy bitch! Get the FUCK out of here before I make you regret it. I’m so confused. standing in the doorway. I just. The party again starts to cheer and begins the migration upstairs.MIXER NIGHT Jess walks down the hallway with tears in her eyes just as the party begins to migrate to the upstairs room. Fuck it. Suddenly.

Those goddamn assholes will pay. I love you! Lori intertwines her arm with Jess as they walk out of the party. INT. I just wanna leave okay.39. disappearing into the crowd. GREEK ROW. LANI Screw you Jamie.MIXER NIGHT Jamie sits on his bed.MIXER NIGHT Evan sits on the toilet crying to himself. EVAN They’ll pay. She saw us. after being slapped in the face by his jealous ex girlfriend. everything will be okay.MIXER NIGHT David and Alyse walk to the dorms together laughing about Evan’s take down hand in hand. JAMIE’S ROOM. Me and Jamie. she. You hear me?! DEAD! Lani jerks open the door just as the party moves into the room. LORI Of course sweetie. Jess chokes back tears. EXT. BATHROOM. We’ll talk when we get back alright? Don’t worry.I wanna get out of here okay? Can we please just go? Lani. Lets go.. devastated. JESS I just. . LORI Darling what’s going on? What happened. I can’t believe you would do this to me! I’m fucking done with your bullshit and you can let your little whore Jess know that she’s fucking dead. INT. He doubles over in pain as the laxatives work their magic.

watching the world go on before him.40. . Jamie runs his fingers through his hair as he sits on his bed. THE END.