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OK so I got bored over my Christmas break and thought I'd write everything down about my favorite Warlock; Supreme Aptimus Zaal. I won't say I've got unique insights, but I have learned to play Hordes-Machine with Zaal (after a few games with Makeda) so I will say that I've got recent experience with him against a wide variety of lists and styles. Please feel free to add anything you think I've gotten wrong, or you've learned that I haven't. Ideally I'd like this to get included in the sticky thread on Skorne tactics, hopefully you guys agree. Oh, and it is long. Like five pages of long. Sorry! “Tell me all your thoughts on Zaal.” By Nailgraizer This is intended to be a fairly in-depth discussion of Supreme Aptimus Zaal. Later there will be a little bit about Kovaas. All over the forums, and mostly in my local game shop I hear a lot about the different Skorne warlocks. Mostly Makeda, Rasheth and Morghoul. While assassins, fat guys, and archdominas are all well and good, why don't we hear as much about Zaal and his shenanigans? I aim to fix that. Stats: Zaal's stats are pretty mediocre. What do you expect from an caster-type warlock? Decent Def and terrible Arm leave something to be desired. Don't worry, as I'll discuss later this isn't that big of a deal. Fury 7 is nice, and a 14” control range is very handy for late game power-ups. Damage 15 is understandable, but a little on the weak side. Warbeast points of +5 is pretty standard. Weapons: Spirit Eye is nasty. Not only does it add the STR of its (living) target to the damage roll (adding on to a respectable pow of 6) but it also benefits from Zaal's ghost sight. Staff of Aarakis won't be used much. With Zaal being a gunfighter you don't have much of an incentive to use this sucker, but it does have reach, so there. Other stuff:

As I said above, gunfighter is nice because it allows you to fire off his eye-beam in combat, which would drag down something nasty that's beating on the Aptimus. Direct spirits is where things get nasty. Terminus got you down? Not any more! Zaal prevents enemies from reaping the souls of your fallen comrades. Only you get to play with the souls of your dead. Not only that, but you get to decide who gets the spirits pried from the ugly little heads of your friendly faction warrior models. This is nice because you can begin to shovel spirits to those who really need them, not necessarily the closest model to the dying. Ghost sight is awesome. You no longer need LOS to cast spells on your units, and you can make a Spirit Eye attack at anything in range. Nice. As far as I know, it doesn't ignore stealth though, which is a bummer. Soul converter: Spend a fury to give each Ancestral Guardian within range an extra soul token? Any day! It's a shame he can only do it once per turn. This is the first ability that will make you want to take Guardians en mass with the Supreme Aptimus. He makes them much nastier, much quicker. By the time combat should be happening, you've already got a pair of tokens on your Ancestorbearing statues, and by activating Zaal first, you have the option to max the statues out on soul-food goodness. Union [Ancestral Guardians] is amazing. Not only does Zaal have multiple beasts to whom he can transfer damage, but now all of your Guardians are eligible targets as well! Just remember to save a few fury points if you sense Zaal will be eating incoming attacks. Feat: Rage of the Ancients: Holy Crap! Essentially each of your destroyed warrior models become extra fury. For everything in Zaal's control range. While it takes a few games to get the hang of the timing of this feat, once you get it down, you will wreck face. It makes everything in your list very threatening, and with enough units on the table you've got mini-warbeasts running around, waiting to make people cry. The key to the Rage tokens is that they cannot be used to buy additional attacks, only boost them (or their damage), so this feat works best with things like warbeasts,

Ancestral Guardians, Hakaar and the Kovaas. Spells: Awakened Spirit: A reasonably costing upkeep spell. This has many applications, whether you apply it to a Shaman for his Spirit Blade, to Molik Karn for a free Fate Walker, a Gladiator for a free Rush or a BB for some Train Wrecking. Essentially you're saving the beast the cost of the fury, this is nice because it allows your bigger guys to usually spend that two additional fury on extra attacks or boosting. Cast it early, and keep it up-kept until you need it. Hex Blast: A nice 3” aoe blast with reasonable power. It also strips enemy upkeep spells off of the target. While this is obviously nice for yanking a beneficial buff off a unit that absolutely must die, don't forget that you can hit one of your own units with it and strip something horrible off of it. Inviolable Resolve: A decent buff (come on now, he's a Skorne 'caster!) which makes unwilling to run away, and buffs their armor. Something very decent to cast on a priority unit of your own, one what you assume will be eating incoming shooting or counter-attacks. One thing to remember is that you can only have one upkeep spell on any given unit. Something I've found useful is to activate something like Molik Karn, or a Bronzeback first, who then uses his Awakened Spirit to use his animus for free, then get busy killing things. Then Zaal activates and slaps Inviolable Resolve on the said beast to help prevent reprisals. Last Stand: The proverbial crux of Zaal. This spell makes pretty much everything in his list terrifying to just about everything in the game. With additional dice on attack AND damage rolls even your worst unit becomes threatening. The downside is that it destroys a model at the end of the turn if it makes a melee attack. This isn't so bad when you use it to power Zaal's feat while maximizing the damage output from the Last Stand unit. Remember those removed by way of Last Stand don't offer up soul tokens! Sunder Spirit: A pretty standard direct damage spell. Decent POW combines with the ability to strip the animus from an enemy warbeast for a turn. Very useful for things like the new gators (try throwing your

buddies around when they can't stand up so easily!), or other nasty Animi that you just don't want to deal with. Remember that because the beast loses the animus, the opposing caster can't use it themselves!

The Kovaas: The third incentive to include as many Ancestral Guardians as you're comfortable with. Since the Kovaas spawns from a dead AG(including Hakaar) the aim is to charge a meddling Guardian into melee, and force your opponent to “deal” with it immediately. After the Guardian is destroyed the Kovaas pops into play allowing you to activate him next turn and take drastic measures. He begins incorporeal, and so is very difficult for specific enemies to deal with. This also allows him to charge away from something that killed his former shell, and possibly put the hurt on something else. The Kovaas loves eating infantry. With an initial thresher attack (boosted from a charge) he can easily re-coup the soul tokens spent in his statue form and continue to eat away at the infantry unit with a very respectable pow 14 attack. Oh, and he's mat 8. Kovaas is also a very respectable assassination tool. With incorporeal he has an easy time getting to opposing casters hiding behind a wall of models. With Zaal's feat he becomes even more dangerous because the souls essentially grant him four attacks, at mat 8 with boosted damage rolls. That's an average of 24 damage per roll. Almost no caster (or jack/beast for that matter!) likes that. So we've reviewed the basics of the Supreme Aptimus. Now what? I'll talk about some strategies for putting them to good use. Zaal's feat is what makes his list constantly threatening. What you're doing is waiting for a poor move, or other opportunity to destroy things that are important. If you can pop Zaal's feat, with a good few Rage tokens flying around, your list is easily capable to eliminating every other threat roaming the board. I've had games where I've removed four warjacks in a single turn, leaving the opposing caster facing a wall of meaty muscle. Obviously the caster-kill is a viable option, and even with a Kovaas or an Ancestral Guardian looming, you can easily kill a caster off with four boostable attacks. Warbeasts similarly love the Rage tokens.

Using their initial fury for additional attacks, the Rage tokens become your chosen boosting source. Remember that the tokens generated by Rage of the Ancients cannot be use to buy additional attacks, so use that fury wisely! Often removing the need to spend fury on an animus (because of Awakened Spirit) is all you need to finish off that nasty Death Jack or Kromac. Last edited by Nailgraizer; 12-30-2010 at 04:31 AM. Reply With Quote 2. 12-29-2010, 08:08 PM#2 Nailgraizer Warrior Join Date Dec 2010 Posts 43 So how to power Rage of the Ancients? Cheap infantry. Look no further than Praetorian Swordsmen or Karax. Both are suitable, but they fill different rolls. Karax are nice because they have a CMA, and combined with last stand this means that you're getting the benefits of a massive boost in hit and damage, while only losing a single trooper. Swordsmen are nice (especially with their attached UA) because they can deal respectable damage to heavy jacks (often 15 or so with so many attacks out of a unit) with their good mat. Their only downside is that they don't utilize Last Stand as well as the Karax. You're hoping both units will die, but turn 3 or 4 (which I've found to be the optimal time to use Zaal's feat) but you're hoping they do enough damage on the way down to significantly weaken something scary. In this vein I'm very fond of Karax. Not only do they get right up in peoples' faces, but their Shieldwall order can prolong their utility if you're not ready for them to die. And never underestimate the damage potential of a unit of 10 making a pair of combined melee attacks with Last Stand. Even Beast 09 and other nasties won't be happy getting beat in the face by that. I'm not a huge fan of immortals, because I don't believe they utilize Last Stand all that effectively, and because they're expensive. Expensive with a low def. In my experience high arm doesn't do much on warrior models, and paying 6pts for 10 bodies is much more preferable than 8. So you know how to fuel the feat, but what else? I've found that with Zaal having as many threats on the table, that can successfully utilize his Rage tokens is important. Fortunately, Zaal has a built-in affinity for Ancestral Guardians. Not only are these guys beastly, but Zaal makes them super effective. By spending a rage a turn and adding soul tokens to your Guardians you make them nasty in

Don't forget about Hakaar. Warbeasts become a matter of preference. A good idea is to let Hakaar go nuts during his activation. and a free Train Wreck also lets you plod through troublesome units to a juicy target nearby. charge the Kovaas out of combat (who cares about free strikes when they can't hurt you!) and into something much more tasty. With his massive fury you can be looking at as many as 8 (three initial and five extra!) pow 17 attacks-with the possibility to knock the target down (thanks Grab and Smash!). Oh. A Bronzeback is also a prominent win-condition. That should make it so that your opponent literally has to kill every last one of your statues and beasts before Zaal starts to shake in his booties. Titan Gladiators are pretty similar in this role. as well as a warlock guide. Guardians are also nice because the more you have on the table the more it allows you to slough off incoming damage from Zaal. Now I'm not to make this a unit guide. it's usually a good idea to spend all your soul tokens for extra attacks. I'm sure you can understand why a weapon master. Something dirty is to let a Guardian die and then replace him with the Kovaas. Guardians are also your delivery system for the Kovaas. but with the Kovaas' arc of sight pointing out of the combat. reach. it allows you to throw out up to four mat 8 attacks with boosted damage (that's an average damage roll of 23 from each attack!). Your turn rolls around. but I'd like to include a few thoughts on units that work well with Zaal. and then allocating souls from an extoller (during the extoller's activation)back to him in order to power up his Ghost shield. Molik Karn is my favorite (mainly because I intensely dislike the way titans look). He also gains life whenever he butchers a poor infantrymen. Sometimes camping a few soul tokens will also fit the bill.their own right. and Zaal's Rage for boosted hit/damage rolls. but with Awakened Spirit a free Fate Walker can prevent some return fire. Maybe a caster or his meat-wall of warrior models? If you can get the Kovaas in range of a caster. side stepping cyclops of doom. an arm21 beast stuck in your face makes only a few opponents happy. but I feel lacking any movement options (like MK or the BB) makes them not an ideal kill condition. Although his def is laughable. Although they can add a useful Rush here and be threatening under the right circumstances. He also becomes an infantry killer with multiple attacks. and a respectable pow+s output. Dude is nasty with his initial combo attack (pow 18!) and mat 9. He also becomes a prime target for Zaal transferring and Kovaas delivery. with five boostable attacks gives fits. The fact that spirit tokens allow Guardians to function as mini-beasts is nasty in its own right. spending souls/rage as you see fit. but when combined with Rage tokens from Zaal's feat. .

My favorite list so far. ghost sighted eyelazors. With the ability to buy multiple attacks. Primal magic also lets him piggy back off of another useful animus present within the list. and most importantly. The karax are there to charge the most scary thing on the table. lots of mystic-type units backed up by exalted statues and troopers looking for an honorable death. multiple Kovaas delivery units. Each one is pretty similar. I've found that you can overload your opponent's defenses with too many threats. A Cyclops Shaman is nice as well. Brutes and Tyrants are also useful for the prevention/recuperation of knockdown effects. Finally I'll include some of my favorite Zaal lists for giggles. as I've tried to play to Zaal's strengths and play style. while ignoring blasts and AOEs and then delivering Last Stand CMAs to butcher things. While being able to cover your advance. It provides six targets for Zaal to transfer damage to. A unit of 10. and utilitarian Animi this guy finds a good home in a Zaal list. given their Reach)can deliver a pair of effective mat 10(plus 3d6 from . Oh and Molik Karn). they can be invaluable. or provide a nice threat range for his boostable. an objective. super Raged-out beasty charge people in otherwise un-chargable conditions. While not necessary if you tend to play a lot of Gators or eLylyth lists. Which can allow your nasty. all within range of a target (which is likely. ghost sight. especially if they're running lists with only a few units. super fury. An extoller is a decent addition because of his ability to funnel out souls to those Guardians who need them most (like the above mentioned Hakaar situation)-but he does have the added benefit of granting Ghost Sight to a model.The support for these lists tends to vary on personal preference. Zaal and the Kovaas Molik Karn-11 Cyclops Shaman-5 Max Praetorian Karax-6 Ancestral Guardian-3 Ancestral Guardian-3 Ancestral Guardian-3 Hakaar-4 Aptimus Marketh-3 Extoller Soulward-2 35/35 pts. a boatload of units that can effectively utilize Ancestral Rage tokens. Provides 5 Ancestral Guardian-type beasties to power through Zaal's Soul Converter. Keep in theme with eye beams. I also tend to stick to a theme (in these cases.

. can grind the opponent into dust. Another: Zaal and the Kovaas Molik Karn-11 Cyclops Shaman-5 Cyclops Brute-5 Praetorian Swordsmen+UA-8 Ancestral Guardian-3 Ancestral Guardian-3 Hakaar-4 Swamp Gobbers-1 This list swaps out the Karax for swordsmen and their UA. hitting an average def of 20 and doing an average of 25 damage each. Also worth of note. but it does! 1. and he has to cycle one of his upkeeps onto himself. and effective enough to garner return attacks. and small spell list means that multiple beasts. but impressive enough to prevent them from eating the free strikes to leave combat. Xerxis is an infantry powerhouse whose army. He provides a lot more support to infantry with his passive and active abilities. . With a POW 23 combo strike on 4 dice damage. and it is worth reading the discussion that takes place after these posts. even with our excellent beast handlers. but it is nice to know that it is there. can put out the single most powerful hit in faction. Against some targets not all that impressive. is that he himself. Disclaimer: These are just my personal thoughts and opinions.Last Stand) pow+s 15(again plus 3d6) attacks. this will rarely come up as it has to be on his feat turn. This allows you some in-combat movement shenanigans with the swordsmen's sidestep (and a pair of attacks) and swaps out the extollers and a guardian for more knockdown/ ranged defense. his low Fury stat.all to power Zaal's feat. However. I won't say this list is designed to give eLylyth fits.. while slow. Unfortunately. and can field one of the best melee beat stick armies in the game. can sometimes not be the best with him. Overview: Xerxis is a brick powerhouse.

So when you face off against casters. which is critical to get past rough terrain with the slower models in the army. It allows you to move and advance in a tight formation. which ensures that he can become a wrecking machine himself. overtake away a little. Considering the nature this game. Small and Medium based models can ignore each other for LOS and movement purposes. His defense is low for a caster. two high strength initial attacks. His Battle Plans mirror the plans on the Tyrant Commander. cause damage. His medium base can also be a liability. you are never without these. and he can use them for free. You can charge through a cetrati brick. and then have your brick follow up charge and get in position . who can deny your spell casting ability for a turn. including him. Press forward is a speed buff which even though it is only when advancing. Special Abilities: His role as an infantry support caster comes from here. He has Overtake as well. is a power house. which is important. This is huge. like his army. The great thing about these is that they are not spells. can be great to get a slow unit further forward. and ensures that you never trip over your army to proceed with your plan. Martial Discipline is by far his signature ability. He has an extremely high Mat. and a high armor value. It also allows him to play very aggressively. and they have no bearing on your base stats. His low fury stat and his other abilities require him to be in the front. or try and shove anti-spell down your throat. Good thing we have a great many choices when it comes to that. keeping him forward but safe is critical to understanding his play style. Overcome can give a unit Pathfinder for a turn. while in his command range. reach. which naturally leads to the need for medium based infantry to shield him from attack.Stats: Xerxis. and played aggressively. combo smite. especially against ranged assassination runs.

you can even cast this on your beasts for make their damage output crazy (especially combined with enrage). Be wary with this spell. Reply With Quote 2. Fury – A Minor defense penalty can turn even the weakest infantry into damage powerhouses. A medium defense and armor buff starts to become fantastic when combined with the other abilities of the army to further raise those stats. it can be a trap to rely on this spell to continually save your units. Unfortunately. In a pinch. Last edited by Bully Bully Mahu.between the enemy and the caster. Also. but more often than not. across the table from you needs to die. an additional die on melee damage is pretty self explanatory . 08-16-2011. in order for this spell to be useful. it isn’t very useful. 09:54 AM#2 Bully Bully Mahu Annihilator Join Date Sep 2010 Posts 552 Feat: Total Annihilation His feat is both simple and complicated in its execution. Just make sure you cycle off him afterwards. you can even cast this on Xerxis himself to increase his already impressive damage output. but the amount of pathfinder out there can really diminish the usefulness of this spell. because of enemy upkeep removal. so it can only be on one unit at a time. as the defense penalty can be costly. Rough terrain in his tiny control range has it’s uses. On the surface. Don’t forget. Inhospitable Ground – Probably his least cast spell. 08-16-2011 at 09:58 AM. Spells: Defender’s Ward – By far his signature spell. It can be good in a variety of match ups. it is an upkeep. and your desire to cycle fury and defenders ward most of the time. and make sure what. with it’s high fury cost.

Heavy Beasts. realize that the armor buff might not be worth it. on the charge. 08-16-2011. or any of the other damage increasing abilities. and if Xerxis is in that bad spot. will be doing a massive 5 dice damage on targets. However. you wreck your opponents army. and sit on a high arm versus most things. so it stacks with other abilities. Xerxis doesn’t provide the Drake with any really good buff. Things get a little complicated. His animus can be golden to bail Xerxis out of a bad its uses. allow your feat to replicate charging. and you start to get the idea. The great thing about it. Last edited by Bully Bully Mahu. There are a few AOEs out there that can and will set your stuff on fire in tight formations. A unit with Weapon Masters. Reply With Quote 3. 08-16-2011 at 09:58 AM. which is an armor buff when models are in base to base with each other. Any army that relies on high arm does not want to see Xerxis across the table from him. that can be critical in the slow moving Xerxis Brick. You pop your feat. and heavy infantry just dies. when you start to discuss the other aspect of his feat. and you have to be careful to feed your opponent those opportunities. but not an auto-include. Knowing when to take advantage of this is a key strategy. or you can charge. Warjacks. is that it is a straight die of damage. Light: Basilisk Krea – The Krea can be an awesome beast with . The drake is a good beast to run with him. you can use Press Forward. and just be very careful with your charge lanes to be able to take advantage of this. you are probably loosing anyways. On one hand. Also. Combine that with fury. 09:55 AM#3 Bully Bully Mahu Annihilator Join Date Sep 2010 Posts 552 Warbeasts: Light: Basilisk Drake – The Drake does provide a fantastic spray.

if you have a Shaman to toss his animus and other ranged units to capitalize on his animus. Considering Xerxis sometimes wants points for troops. and can still be a buff with a unit with spell ward. On top of that. Considering that is stacks with defender’s ward. I guess his animus can provide some buffs to an army that likes to stay close. an infantry wrecking ball can most certainly find its place. Light: Cyclops Shaman – Can be critical against certain opponents. due to Xerxis' low fury. take him. him tossing the animus on to the Raider will be rough (which you want to do with a raider to still be able to boast his shot against those troublesome stealthed support solos). Light: Razor Worm – Doesn’t offer Xerxis much. He is also no slouch in Melee. but otherwise. Shield Guard alone is worth it to save you from certain ranged assassination runs. Never overlook the Ghost shot either. Definitely an A+ beast. namely due to the animus which provides essentially defenders ward against ranged attacks for Xerxis and models within a certain range of him. Unfortunately. and can run interference to things wanting to get to Xerxis. but beyond that only provide minimal support that your army can do much better. constantly use his animus. and keep Xerxis safe.Actually. a very decent choice. their doesn’t seem to be any really good uses.Xerxis. and you see her usefulness. and excels at heavy targets. Light: Cyclops Savage – Doesn’t offer Xerxis much. especially if you want to save fury for offense with the other beasts you took. with his high Mat and damage spells. Light: Cyclops Brute – Another fantastic beast with Xerxis. Due to the amount of SPD and Armor Debuffs out there. I can see taking him. as Xerxis doesn’t provide any to hit buffs himself. ghost shot and tossing different animi. His ability to cast animi can be good. future sight isn’t all that necessary. . especially on the feat turn. But his animus can be critical to keeping the far forward Xerxis safe. still makes him a solid choice. They are godly on the feat turn. Heavy: Rhinodon – He can actually have a lot of good uses in a Xerxis list. her eyeless sight gun can be extremely handy in situations. and his primary problem of damage output can be mitigated by Xerxis’ feat. Light: Cyclops Raider . Even if you don't see debuffs across the table. He is cheap for a heavy. Xerxis loves some ranged support to go with his relatively slow army. the Shaman has almost become an auto-include for me. especially against casters with speed debuffs.

Especially on the feat turn. and Fury on him. but you can get that elsewhere. His Animus is another tool to keep Xerxis safe.Heavy Warbeast: Archidon . and he wrecks most things he . He does however become a damage god under Xerxis feat. and Rush can compensate with other beasts. Heavy: Titan Sentry – Not a bad choice either. kill. kill. it becomes a fairly decent melee monster on feat turn. Also. side step away. Plus the armor bonus from the feat turn. Heavy: Bronzeback Titan – In an army with plenty of damage output. Plus if you Cycle Fury and the Feat. Speed is an issue. Character Heavy: Molik Karn – A fantastic choice. the Archidon can hit like a ton of bricks. buy additional attacks if necessary. But a feat turn. Not a bad choice. Xerxis loves to mix it up in Melee himself if possible. but not for a lot of the reasons usually stated with other casters. fury bronzeback wrecks the planet with its fists. It is up to you if that is necessary. plus his already impressive armor can’t be overlooked. Xerxis can charge. I think running beast heavy with Xerxis is a mistake. Relying more on your infantry is where I think he is at with only minimal beast support.A fantastic choice with Xerxis. Side step and fate walker can give you a beast that can easily open a charge lane. The Archidon itself is fantastic with Xerxis too. and then advance safely away again to match Xerxis grinding style. where you can better dictate what models will be in base to base with him for the armor buff. but as I said in my over view. a ranged attack. Heavy: Titan Gladiator – I am going to go out on a limb and say that Xerxis is one of the few armies that you don’t need the Gladiator’s animus. He is less an assassin with Xerxis simply due to Xerxis’ control area and speed. just not the auto include like other casters. There is such a thing as overkill. and considering the slower speed of a typical Xerxis army. can never be a bad thing. Critical Pitch can solve the problem of a high defense heavy. Locker can be great to prevent movement shenanigans. stack Enrage. the feat can make him a monster to overcome his less offensive abilities (compared to other beasts). and retreat back to his lines during his activation. and again. the Bronzeback’s fists are not absolutely necessary. Heavy: Titan Cannoneer – This is actually a surpisingly decent choice with Xerxis. Having a heavy for transfers is still a big deal. Again. because Xerxis is not taking up valuable board space. You can’t throw him from a large distance away. even if it is a scattering AOE. enraged. and giving him access to Sprint on a cheap heavy is a fantastic way to do so. overtake. Which in my opinion is better then Fate Walker.

The even better part comes from Xerxis casting fate walker on himself. They even let you include Molik in his tier force. with Fury + Enrage. Because of his already high cost and the Cetrati brick you are probably going to be taking anyways. 11-29-2011 at 07:08 AM. etc. Xerxis doesn't need a lot of beasts to work well. your points can run out fast. let's talk damage. And you can make anything committing to kill Cetrati pay. To a certain extent you can just accept his speed limitation and run with it. immovable plus shield guard really buffs the cetrati brick. 09:55 AM#4 Bully Bully Mahu . Last edited by Bully Bully Mahu. Battle Engine: Siege Animantarax . You can allow your warcaster to actually participate in the battle. Any ranged knock down. you can buff it's pretty decent damage output. a fantastic choice. Plus on his feat turn. Tiberion is a fantastic choice and provides so much to his army. so diverting points otherwise spent on beasts on this isn't really a loss. and fate walker to safety. 08-16-2011. let the rest of your army charge through you. Tiberion just ends. Again. and you can can go to town with a decent ranged game. Now. Reply With Quote 4. Tiberion is hitting with a massive P&S 23. with charging combo smite to knock things down. You can have a soul ward give it eyeless sight. which means fitting in a Gladiator for Rush might be problematic. His downsides though is his relatively low speed.It cannot be stated how great it is that Xerxis has a Character Beast now. Heavy Character Warbeast: Tiberion . and put it's armor to something annoying to deal with. The beast itself is awesome. Maybe not an autoinclude. Plus if you include Tiberion (and why not) bump can really make the Animantarax super annoying to deal with. That is dice plus on most heavies. Especially on the feat turn. but a fun piece to include for sure.touches. that I feel he almost becomes an auto-include. It can also make good Fury and Defender's Ward targets. He can hang with the Cetrati which provides a fairly good buffer to prevent Tiberion from being alpha struck. displacement.Xerxis is on the short list of casters I would strongly consider the Siege Animantarax with. POW 18 plus 5 die damage tends to do this. There are a lot of fun options with Tiberion. You connect on any heavy on the game and you wreck it. if only for background reasons alone. Keep him behind the brick within 2" of the Cetrati (especially if you include Vorkesh). a Cyclops Raider can hand it snipe. and you have an immune to almost any disruption effect solid beat stick brick. Under Xerxis.

and they push Khador warjack armor while in shield wall. It is a very common. It becomes even better when you factor in Defender’s Ward and/or the Krea’s Animus. and fairly weak armor. to rely on the Cetrati brick too heavily with Xerxis. Cataphract Cetrati Character UA: Tyrant Vorkesh – This is a hot button debate on whether to include Vorkesh with your Cetrati brick or . You can’t shield wall and run. They have a fairly average base defense. With reach and weapon master. I am not. and getting too far forward is asking to lose the unit. Because of all this they need to be supported by other infantry. and the first time you charge a behemoth with a couple of these things on the feat turn. but more often then not. they are exactly the type of model you need to advance in formation. beginner’s mistake. Their biggest weakness is their single attack. but they can easily be bogged down by enemy infantry. it is a very rewarding experience. This may seem like I am down on them. they are put into a position of needing to sometimes run to get into position. Cataphract Cetrati – The signature unit with Xerxes. They have their weaknesses though. and difficulty to get rid of. nor do they gain much from him. that you must be in consideration of. and due to martial discipline. Even with all their buffs. it is a quality attack. Medium bases and shield wall put them into a realm of survivability rarely experienced in this game. They are also relatively slow. a full charge from enemy single wound weapon master infantry can still break their backs with giving the survivors little to retaliate with. with multiple scenarios requiring you to get to the center quickly. they are essential to the Xerxis style. there are just better choices for them. They will save him from ranged assassination. they really don’t offer Xerxis much.Annihilator Join Date Sep 2010 Posts 552 Units: Paingiver Bloodrunners – With anatomical precision already. they are generally best deployed in a reverse “V” formation right in front of Xerxis himself. Because of their Medium bases. and tie things up. They can provide a nice flanking threat and work independent from the tight formation.

your feat. Immortals – Besides a tough defenders ward and fury target. Cataphract Arcuarii – Xerxis loves medium based infantry. Some believe that the loss of defenders ward isn’t worth it. and has cleave which can be pretty critical if you know you are not going to finish a jack or beast off. and how critical it is to protect the unit from opposing spells. but only has a maximum 16” bubble to do it. On top of it. they might have opportunities to hit something multiple times in a turn. compared to Cetrati. A smart player can position an arc node right outside of that but still within range of at least one model in the unit. friendly or enemy. I have had great success with Defenders Warded front line infantry. and deny all your opponents their spell tricks to stall the cetrati. can dish out multiple attacks. Unlike Cetrati. and a good defenders ward target. Orin Midwinter prevents casting within his cmd range with the advent of abilities that can extend spell ranges. he is stronger. drag into combat. but more than make up for it with a cheaper points cost and a ranged attack. It can be a trap to put too much faith in Medium based infantry in a Xerxis army. They are a great secondary medium based infantry unit in a Xerxis army. which is pretty good when facing off against another medium based unit with multiple wounds. straight spell immunity is superior to all the support pieces you would need to keep them safe. I recommend trying with and without Vorkesh and see what works best for you. can hang out behind the line in relative safety. and any support infantry you take with Xerxis needs to be quick . In my opinion. so be careful selecting these. Their harpoons also have drag. you would then need to further have a Cyclops shaman to knock those offensive upkeeps off. but I would counter that you are now free to have Defenders ward on another unit. I will discuss this in length when I bring up those support pieces. especially if you are taking Vorkesh with your Cetrati.not. still doesn’t save the Cetrati. between a CRA. Vorkesh does add a lot to the unit. They really don’t offer much to Xerxis. and like the other support pieces. which makes his unit immune to all spells. Vorkesh for a decent points cost just says no. if people are able to get past those two defenses. So you are perfectly able to buff them during the game. while the immune to spell cetrati follow up. nor to the Krea’s animus. The agonizer prevents channeling. and cast spells on the unit. and Arcuarii are another great choice with him. The major debate comes down to how critical defenders ward is to the unit. It is also worthy to note that Spell Ward does not make them immune to Battle Plans. but are not warjack arc nodes. It also doesn’t prevent models that allow channeling. and fighting. but a common tactic is to bring the Agonizer and Orin Midwinter to protect them from spells. They lose some defense and shield wall. Their main disadvantage is speed. He also grants spell ward.

and they have to deal with them. as Reveille can make the negative aspect of tough disappear. and have a pretty far move. With Defenders Ward. their def actually becomes a little hard to deal with. and they provide ample support in that department. Again. but they can still threaten a flank. he doesn’t help them hit. but you are already getting that from your Cetrati. Paingiver Beast Handlers – If you know anything about Skorne. which can be further buffed with defenders ward. Between their innate abilities. especially on your feat turn. Karax’s weakness will always be that they are overshadowed by better offensive options. and trust me. reach. Even if you go beast light. What about these is not to like. It isn’t that they are a bad choice. but they can get Press Forward. but beyond that. Praetorian Swordsmen – Not a bad option with Xerxis. the fury management alone is key. Combo-striking on feat turn can be pretty good. The Standard bearer can keep your troops in line and safe from running. He has a crazy good melee stat line himself. and ensure that the slow brick actually makes it there. He is also nigh mandatory with Nihilators. or suffer the consequences and with high defense.enough to make up for the speed deficiency of the rest of the army. you want speed and combat ability in your front lines. is never a bad thing. another good defenders ward target. it is just there are better options. which isn’t their best place. and Xerxis doesn’t change that. and tough. and tough. and the swordsman mini-feat. and fury also makes them rather excellent and hitting targets. seems like a good idea. They just do not shine as much as with casters with attack roll buffs. you know you need these. and they are beserking through even high arm. Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer – Adding more battle plans to the army. Praetorian Ferox – Actually a pretty good support unit for Xerxis. they are pretty self sufficient which isn’t a bad thing. It requires you to be close to Xerxis. and their own shield wall. beserker. Speed is a weakness to the brick. and can contribute to the battle. They are a great support unit. fearless. . a caster specializing in damage output doesn’t really buff them all that much. because you can throw them into your opponent’s face. but not a fantastic option either. plus a jump over enemy lines and threaten support solos with their reach. Praetorian Karax – Immunity to blast damage. Nihilators – Decent speed. Cycle fury on them. that isn’t easy.

Cycle fury to them. Venator Flayer Cannon – Similar to the catapult but worse in use. They. the catapult fills them better. They can be expensive though. Last edited by Bully Bully Mahu. so I don't expect to see them often. Xerxis likes ranged support. Venator Slingers . but they can be included in his tier list to gain advance move. So overall. so they don't benefit from Martial Discipline (and arching fire is better anyways). just not a fantastic one. but considering Xerxis’ weaknesses. The best they get is press forward for slightly better threat ranges.A Decent choice with Xerxis. and they offer it cheaply. there is nothing compelling about them in a Xerxis list. The only benefit of them with Xerxis is hitting the tier cheaper. 09:56 AM#5 Bully Bully Mahu Annihilator Join Date Sep 2010 Posts . but providing ranged options to a Xerxis list can’t be understated. so generally they are overlooked for cheaper options. not a bad choice. and then they are a pretty fantastic assault unit as well. can provide some support to an army that could easily be swamped with faster high def infantry. As a cheap ranged support unit on a flank. They already have arching fire. They are even part of his tier force. as their relative rat and uneven number of shots makes using them difficult. However. like the cannoneer.Venator Catapult Crew – Xerxis doesn’t really provide anything for them. Blasting to hell stealth models before they jump into your army is very nice to have. 11-29-2011 at 07:01 AM. You can easily minifeat plus press forward and shoot at range before any combat is committed on the first turn. Defenders Ward can give you a difficult to hit ranged support unit. The only downside is that Xerxis really provides them with very little. It’s an artillery piece I want to like. they can do pretty good. which can give you the initiative in the attrition game. 08-16-2011. Reply With Quote 5. Venator Reivers – Another unit that can be surprisingly good with Xerxis. and pop your feat. Martial Discipline allows them to CRA easier.

you will probably run out of points before getting to include one. If not. Soul denial shenanigans can be played with this as well. especially on the feat turn. Overall. even if you have included Vorkesh. is that Xerxis’ feat can overcome her weakness to Undead models. Paingiver Task Master – Mandatory if you take Minion units. denying warjack focus. a Xerxis list is one of those rare Skorne lists that really don’t need Gatormen support. is ARM 22. With the agonizes. On top of that. has its uses. Xerxis doesn’t really offer him much. a nice choice. If you really like Immortals. take at least one of these. Overall a good support choice. Ancestral Guardian – Another model that doesn’t really provide much to Xerxis. you can provide yourself with yet another ranged threat. Character Solo: Aptimus Marketh – Another nigh mandatory . Plus. Even though the Void Spirit is a pretty good piece. A nice thing about her. the rare caster who likes to spell assassinate from an arc node can be shut down if an agonize chills around Xerxis himself. you can increase that to an effective 24 against beasts. I will say that it is extremely nice to give a Cannoneer eyeless sight and magic weapons for certain solo hunting. so you likelyhood to need this model is dimished. Bloodrunner Master Tormentor –Xerxis lists can struggle against infantry. It becomes crazier against Warjacks. that traditionally have less attacks anyways. however when the inevitable grind in the center happen. And the fact that they are not fury dependent can allow them a degree of autonomy. Void Spirit – Having an incorporeal solo hunter. Extoller Soulward – Taking this depends entirely on the rest of your list. not being able to buy or boost. However. and he doesn’t fill any holes for Xerxis. Xerxis’ low fury stat makes it difficult to feed it and get your upkeeps in play. and this can provide you with some infantry clearing. or decreasing the strength of enemy beasts can be a game changer. on feat turn. A Cetrati brick in shield wall. can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the match up.552 Solos: Agonizer – This is the signature solo for the Skorne and should be taken. However a high Mat plus the ability to grab souls to boast and buy.

and none of the downsides. And it takes no fury away from Xerxis. Character Solo: Tyrant Rhadeim – He is a relatively cheap solo (for a dragoon) that provides Xerxis a much needed speed threat. With Marketh. and gets even better on the feat turn. and doesn’t really have a lot of offensive spells. But beyond that. Xerxis can run beast lite. if you want a ranged troop. is a fantastic ability. Pretty much a poor choice. Last edited by Bully Bully Mahu. Again. 08-16-2011. and generally. However. It allows you to have all the benefits of fury. and at the very least. . The ability to upkeep spells can’t be understated for the fury starved Xerxis. and Xerxis can sometimes run light on piece for Xerxis. for free no less. Reply With Quote 6. you can cast fury on a unit with Xerxis. they don’t offer him too much. they don’t offer Xerxis much. Fantastic choice. and then cycle defenders ward on to the unit. 09:57 AM#6 Bully Bully Mahu Annihilator Join Date Sep 2010 Posts 552 Minion Support: Unit: Bog Trog Ambushers – Having a unit to rush out the side and tie a flank up most certainly has its merits. you need infantry to feed him souls. Unit: Farrow Bone Grinders – Doesn’t really offer Xerxis much. there are better choices. have that unit have all the benefits of fury. Upkeep cycling. Character Solo: Hakaar the Destroyer – Similar to the Ancestral Guardian. 08-16-2011 at 10:03 AM. end his activation. Plus armor piecing and the feat can be extremely awesome. it is a model that can run very independent of Xerxis. Reivers are just better considering all the buffs Xerxis can give them. Unit: Farrow Brigands – Besides providing more ranged threat. Overall a solid choice.

a little rough. He can provide some forward support. in my opinion. Offensive upkeeps can be arc around him. even with stealth up. these are a fantastic unit that relies little on Xerxis support to be just plain awesome. so a solid b choice. Character Solo: Gudrun the Wanderer – Another minion that doesn’t offer much. Especially units like Hex Hunters. including Xerxis. Xerxis doesn’t really give him anything. Unit: Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew – Good olde fashioned cloud effects can be a life saver. Hangover plus the task master is hilarious. Also juggling close combat effectiveness with ranged threat can see them excluded as well. and there are plenty of other in faction models that can similar things. Solo: Feralgeist – Nothing too terribily exciting about this models abilities in the first place. and generally be annoying to get around.Unit: Gatormen Posse – With the task master. His signature ability. as that is something that a Xerxis list can struggle with. You can do things like prevent certain casters in activation moves if they get to close. it is just finding the points to get them in a list after your beasts and Cetrati brick. which can be good. Character Solo: Orin Midwinter – The answer to anti-magic. but knowing your opponent’s caster can gauge that distance at anytime. take him. so his ability isn’t a sure fire way to shut things down. especially against low arm stealth. and is probably the best way to fill in an odd point gap in any Skorne list. his abilities will rarely matter. which is another thing to take into consideration. is arc lightning. They benefit not from the feat. Makes doing so against a good player. however. The biggest thing is knocking defensive buffs off units. If you feel he fills a hole. he can be a victim if he stands in the way of an opponent’s plans. Not as auto include as some would argue. Overall a fairly good choice. Blast damage can and will take you out. Solo: Croak Hunter – Doesn’t provide much but solo hunting threat. It makes him an excellent infantry clearing machine. Solo: Thrullg – Our version of Eiryss has its uses. and Druids. as he does fill some gaps in a Xerxis list. Battle Mages. More often then not. Gatormen are not bad with Xerxis. Furthermore. . but isn’t really necessary. Getting him across the table is a little easier in a Xerxis list because of the amount of medium based infantry generally fielded.

but it is a blessing to not need a lot of . So of all the Skorne casters. we are not hurting for the ability to hand out pathfinder. but if you must take one. but you need him running solo anyways. 09:57 AM#7 Bully Bully Mahu Annihilator Join Date Sep 2010 Posts 552 Summary and Sample Lists: Xerxis is an infantry caster. We still have beast handlers to mitigate if you want to go beast heavy with him. Again. Reply With Quote 7. as you need damage transfer targets to keep him alive. He actually has enough damage boxes that a single point or two of damage to get him up to 5 after he reaving from a light is still not a big deal. Xerxis doesn’t offer him much. his low fury stat means he doesn’t need that many beasts to keep him powered. he is probably the one that requires the typical beast load out for skorne warlocks the least. 08-16-2011 at 10:09 AM. His spell list is much nastier. His other abilities tend to be too Hordes dependent for my tastes. Last edited by Bully Bully Mahu. The bad news? We don’t need another warbeast.Character Solo: Saxon Orrik – Between Xerxis himself and the Tyrant commander. However. a question of points. but there is nothing particularly bad about him. Especially one that can’t be effected by the feat. Wrong Eye is the better choice. it becomes a question of room to fit him. Lesser Warlock: Wrong Eye & Snapjaw – See Rorsh & Brine. Again. and does a lot more for infantry then he does beasts. rarely worth it. Lesser Warlock: Rorsh & Brine – The good news? A warbeast that requires nothing from your low fury caster. and in that light. Character Solo: Totem Hunter – Another good solo hunter and an overall fantastic unit. That doesn’t mean beasts are bad with him. and unlike Morghoul. 08-16-2011. he doesn’t have any particular synergy with beasts to make up for his low fury stat.

you can fall into a speed trap. There are ways to make your brick immune to spells. Let your beasts wreck the opponent’s army on feat turn. tough. Either as a Melee Wrecking ball force. Yes. Another weakness of his army is a susceptibility to ranged threats.beasts with him. etc. for the rest of your slow army to catch up. but my preferred option is Nihilators. you actually clear up more points for things normally not considered. you have all the buffs you need to make them a decent assault threat as well. Very useful against armies with little to none quality . Especially with defenders ward to make them an annoying. There are many options to do this. Because of this. However. you can push your medium based infantry to incredible armor values. or ranged knock down. you need decent speed front line troops. or a combined arms infantry force that still likes to mix it up. as I mentioned. I already mentioned Reivers as a fairly good choice with them. With Martial Discipline. As mentioned. they can CRA through themselves against infantry. Xerxis Wrecking Ball – 50 Points: Tyrant Xerxis Cyclops Brute Molik Karn Titan Gladiator Agonizer 6 Cataphract Cetrati 10 Nihilators Orin Midwinter 4 Paingiver Beast Handlers Tyrant Commander and Standard Bearer Defenders Ward the Cetrati Brick. and with Press Forward from Xerxis or the Tyrant Commander plus their mini-feat can give them even a first turn threat range. and shove the Nihilators down your opponent’s through. And. Here are two lists I have had pretty good success with. There two ways I see playing him. because you have less need for beasts with Xerxis. stay behind a Cetrati wall and Press Forward them for a decent speed in shield wall. and as you could notice in my unit reviews. To start really messing with your plans. His typical strategy is simple. but it doesn’t take but one offensive upkeep. tarpit. Because of this. bringing your own ranged to bear can actually be a pretty good things. A lot of scenarios punish you if your plan is to get to the center by turn 3. and there are ways to add added protaction from range.

Reivers don’t have the pure combat potential as Nihilators.137 Praetorian Swordsmen – Not a bad option with Xerxis. Once combat is engaged you pop your feat and start wrecking the army. Very poor against armies that can disrupt your plans. shooting the whole way. caster.shooting. Between their innate abilities. 08-16-2011. but hopefully you where able to compensate by killing a fair amount of people with your shooting on the way in. Reply With Quote 8. and the swordsman mini-feat. To sum all this up. 08-16-2011 at 10:09 AM. and also want to get into melee with you. Xerxis is a versatile. You follow that up with AOEs from the Cannoneer and the Catapult. or can wear you down with just straight shooting. Last edited by Bully Bully Mahu. but he is extremely fun to play. It can struggle to get across the table against quality armies and opponents. but not a fantastic option either. you can make the cetratri extremely hard to kill at range. 10:34 AM#8 Triumph Of Man Destroyer of Worlds Join Date Jul 2010 Posts 1. between the Swamp Gobbers and Xerxis casting the krea’s animus. and have them advance on the army. Xerxis Combined Arms – 50 Points: Tyrant Xerxis Basilisk Krea Cyclops Brute Titan Cannoneer Aptimus Marketh 6 Cataphract Cetrati w/ Tyrant Vorkesh 4 Paingiver Beast Handler Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew Tyrant Commander and Standard Bearer Venator Catapult Venator Reivers w/ UA Basically. You also have the Reivers become your Fury/Defeneders Ward target. if a little one dimensional. a caster specializing in damage output doesn’t . This list suffers versus armies with a lot of access to quality stealth.

even with just a few of them. I also have been using Defender`s Ward on the arcuari. Combined with Defenders Ward on the Sentry. Ontario Posts 915 I used to bring full Ferox and Rhadeim at 50 points. with the Cannoneer debuffing enemies in its surroundings. they are pretty self sufficient which isn’t a bad thing. The titans are all bunched in a cheveron. but I now I have been using the following: Xerxis -Gladiator -Sentry -Cannoneer Cetrati (6) -Vorkesh Arcuari (4) Beast Masters (4) Tyrant Commander Agonizer Orin Midwinter I find this combination to be very resilient. but beyond that. Combo striking with Fury hurts the crap out of stuff on the charge. Combo-striking on feat turn can be pretty good.really buff them all that much. 11:39 AM#9 Dyoria Annihilator Join Date Dec 2009 Location Ottawa. Reply With Quote 9. Wouldn't overlook it tbh. . They just do not shine as much as with casters with attack roll buffs. he is nigh impenetrable. Plus they're a cheap throw away unit so the neg DEF is barely an issue. 08-16-2011.

08-16-2011.Your best? Losers always whine about their best. ."What is Xerxis win condition?". assassination. Usually I just hide my Krea behind the Cetrati wall and run its fury up to 3 (animus and rile) which accounts for my upkeeps or 1 upkeep and casting. Winners go home and "enjoy the company of" the prom queen! Reply With Quote 10. I am a huge fan of the BB's and I find that especially with Xerxis low fury stat they make the most of their 5 fury. Is it scenario. 12:11 PM#10 Tainted Coil Annihilator Join Date Feb 2011 Location I live in the weak and the wounded Posts 507 Nice write up. With base 3 attacks. I am going to be running: Xerxis -BB -BB -Krea Max Cetrati Max Ferox Rahdeim Extoller Min Handlers I really want Orin and an Agonizer in there but I can't see a way to do it without dropping the BB's down do TG's. chain attack. how do you get it done? Otherwise great job though. then use the handlers to wipe the fury off. and 4-5 buys you can get a VERY good return on your investment. One question I didn't get answered though (or I just missed it) is .

The Gladiator is not only cheap as hell for what you get.570 TOTALLY HONEST AND MODERATELY HARSH OPINION BELOW This isn't really a tactica. the Savage. or how to overcome common counters Take for example. Reply With Quote 11. You miss the main reason you don't run Constructs with him (namely that they don't get MD) and why Hakaar is still a decent choice with him (you're running Nihiliators so he gets souls. and . but no good way to do it. you're missing any information on how many different units work well with Xerxis (Void Spirits and Feralgeists are amazing for a brick due to their base blocking powers. It's far more useful than the Rhinodon for Xerxis in terms of points put in to what you get. You don't actually go into any depth on tactics. You write it off. but it's far better than the Brute in a Xerxis list. Your analysis of the Gladiator is terrible. but Rush means you're not screwed by Terrain against models you ened to hit with beasts. As stated Orin and Agonizer are at the top my list too add. This is due to how you get a reasonably cheap missile you can throw away and can boost. he's hyper accurate in a lower accuracy army. Too many an incoporeal unit or something immune to non-magic (see paladin) camp objectives or flags and I lose. real list building strategies. The extoller can make a BB magical for a turn and with proper use of Beat Back you can destroy multiple models.They also make a nice deterent to getting near the brick (counter charge) and a nice deterent to shooting (shoot the DEF14-16 and ARM22-24 Cetrati. The problem with this list is that its very compact and doesn't always fare well in scenarios that require you to split your forces. 12:50 PM#11 Cardboard Destroyer of Worlds Join Date Aug 2010 Posts 1. 08-16-2011. toss Fury on it and you're hitting at ps18. The extoller I have found is an absolute must. Seriously. or shoot the BB's with hyper-aggresive). it's a listing of units while missing out on a lot of key points. Also gives you a better vector to get slams to KD enemy 'casters. Basically. Feat and you'll kill anything pretty much.

Rasheth is rocking the most fury on any of our faction ? locks. If you can hit a Khadoran ?Jack. With an 8. Since I left my Forces book and cards at home.Xerxis solves his pillowfist issue). Fortunately for him. Don?t let these stats fool you into thinking that he is subpar?far from it. Rasheth. our newest ?lock and overall the laziest thing around. etc etc. then you can hit Rasheth. It's a decent start to a tactica. is just downright horrible. he can cast spells all over the place. a charging Swamp Gobber can hit and put a hurting on him. but maybe a quarter of the way through at most. as only our heavy ?beasts can block LOS to him. expect some changes once I have those in my hands and from any discussion that pops up in here. At SPD 4. at a glance. STATS Rasheth?s stat line. In the meantime. goals. and enjoy. sit back. Right now you've not said more than what's on the cards. His STR. Here is a little Guide for our hedonistic warlock. INTRO Dominar Rasheth. as he has no weapons what so ever. when to break the brick and charge. how to brick. he is just trailing behind the rest of the army. aka (insert random fat man name here). And hopefully this helps someone. so on and so forth. You need to go back and actually explain tactics and strategies. You're not explaining how to use IHG and why it synergies well with the brick style. and RAT might as well not be printed on the card. while his ARM is right there next to pNemo and a wet paper bag. You've got several false conclusions (You claim you can only brick with Xerxis when you can run a skirmish Xerxis or combined arms one reasonably well). Rasheth looks even worse when it comes to his DEF and ARM. Rocking the worst defensive stats of any ?caster/?lock in the game. relax. MAT. Being on a large base doesn?t help. While this may lead you to believe he is a ?beast caster?it?s a .

If he had a ranged weapon. Rasheth is not falling and will be able to move and cast his spells when he wants to. and being able to use that for a transfer target is just better. More on this later. SPELLS Ok. Most trooper models can do at most. This leaves his spells.lie. it is not game breaking at all. So what can he do on his own? Is it super awesome and game breaking? In short. Now the downside to this. Now personally. as you can clear them out and block off LOS to a small portion of your army. nor go for a ? Boom Headshot? at range. Rasheth can get a spell where he wants it. you can only do it once per turn. even better. With ranged attacks getting 1 less die on the damage rolls. Not only that. ABILITIES So Rasheth?s stats leave something to be desired. they leave much to be desired. Ok I take that back. that he won?t be as susceptible to ranged assassination. There are many fun applications with this ability. Either way. So most infantry will just die usually. and just helps keep his fat butt alive. this would be great. Debuffing a target?s ARM by 2 is great. This is nice if your opponent decides to clump his infantry together. and the model that you arced through takes D3 points of damage. If a model can boost. I love his spells list. but does not guarantee. you can only transfer to that target . but that is all opinion. or a weapon period. Blood Mark ? This is by far Rasheth?s signature spell. it helps. Rasheth still needs to be protected. Rasheth can arc through any friendly warrior model in his control area. So Rasheth can?t smack you in the face in melee. Using this nifty ability. Don?t count on this saving him. However. Now for the breakdown. you get a 3? AOE that does a POW 12 to everything underneath the AOE. Breath of Corruption ? see ?Asphyxious??but for 3 fury. Impervious Flesh ? He is the Blob from X-men. With a 16? control area. well it uses up their fury to have 2d6 for damage instead of 3d6. Steady ? All those agonizer?s he has know how to stay standing. you get a nice corrosive cloud that hangs around for a round. If Rasheth wasn?t so easy to hit. 2 ? 4 points of damage. which will be explained further on down. He loves having infantry for arc nodes and his one ?buff? spell gives you more bang for your fury when cast on a unit. Dark Rituals ? This is what makes Rasheth right here. No other way to really put this.

same POW.once. so all we have left for our resident fat man is his feat. they gain +2 to melee attack rolls against living models and Rasheth gets to heal each time they kill something. If you don?t care about Rasheth?s tier. Plague Wind can be good or useless depending on who your facing. then this is what your using. . This spell combines really well with Rasheth?s feat.until your up against a Circle contruct army or just Cryx in general. This is one of those feats you use to either decimate your opponent?s army or when your moving in for the caster kill. Carnivore cycling. When put on a friendly model/unit. Carnivore ? A great spell for Rasheth to have. For 1 fury. you can make one of your opponent?s warrior models make a basic melee attack. as you can get rid of it for a round. Castigate ? Going against a spell heavy army that relies on arc nodes? Rasheth can force their caster forward with this. Sunder Spirit. One that you will probably rarely cast. COMBINATIONS Now onto some Rasheth + (insert model name here) combinations and synergies. Also useful if there is a warbeast with an animus you don?t like. then Rasheth can fling out 4 of these in a single turn. Influence ? Your dude?s belong to me. Now his feat does couple nicely with Blood Mark. your missing out on the majority of what Rasheth?s feat can give you. making an enemy model have -4 ARM. that is an extra Breath of Corruption. non-existent otherwise. Could be useful. Sunder Spirit ? Costs 1 less than Breath of Corruption. Living enemy models in Rasheth?s control area getting -2 ARM and -2 STR and then healing Rasheth when they die isn?t so bad?. Aptimus Marketh ? There is no denying that our ?lock attachment is good. but no AOE. FEAT Ok. than Marketh should find a way into your army. If you don?t boost for damage or to hit. With Rasheth. with the -2 STR debuff. and the model needs to be in control area. Great if your opponent relies on arcing through models. If you close enough for the spell assassination. While Plague Wind can be used defensively. and just free upkeeps available.

Getting bumped up to an effective MAT 9 against living models and with beserk. I prefer the Feralgeist over the Void Spirits.Nihilators ? These guys make a great target for Carnivore and are useful arc nodes for Rasheth. while Shadow Play on the bloodrunners can get them into unexpected positions your opponent wasn?t counting on. He does have bad matchups. He can take a bit of getting used to however. Basilisk Krea ? This one is for the animus only. SUMMARY I love playing with Dominar Rasheth. and while he can potentially win. Upping his DEF and ARM against ranged attacks. as I can take 2 Feralgeists for the price of 1 Void Spirit. they don?t suffer the D3 damage when used as arc nodes. allowing you to get a spell exactly where you need it. Post #34 Dark Rituals and Incorporeal Bloodrunners ? Now people may disagree with me. Their ability to make a cloud for Rasheth to hide behind is great. so here is the link to the Infernal ruling. I know this is discussed from time to time if this works or not. but the Nihilators are chewing through whatever infantry unit you just set them against. AD gives you a set of arc nodes a bit further up the field. coupled with Rasheth?s Impervious Flesh. it will be his army doing the work with little to no support coming from the . Titan Cannoneer ? Nothing is worse than having the enemy caster at -4 ARM and not being able to hit him with anything. Not only that. Since Dark Rituals is not a feat/spell/magic attack. Tough gives them a chance to stay around after Rasheth uses them to cast spells through. Worse comes to worse. ups his survival from ranged assassination. as it helps keep him out of harm?s way. but the animus can kinda help in keeping Rasheth alive in melee (it?s a small chance) and stacks with Rasheth?s feat. but this is my opinion. Swamp Gobbers ? Now I just couldn?t leave these guys out. I enjoy having Bloodrunners with Rasheth. Feralgeists/Void Spirits ? These make for great arc nodes for Rasheth. The Cannoneer can fix that with her big gun. not only can Rasheth heal quickly. they can be emergency arc nodes. and I would not recommend him in small point games.

Overall. Mordikaar’s have a way of not staying dead. Stats Mordikaar has classic old-man stats. His whole is more than the sum of his parts however. For the rest of his abilities. Void Lord makes the already decent Void Spirits more accurate with boosted attack rolls. but it’s important to remember that its there for those rare occasions when Mordi takes some early damage or has to cut for Fury. Weapons and Abilities Outside of the standard Magical Weapon. and AoE 3. which is good since Mordikaar lacks a “normal” attack spell. . it is easily the best ranged attack of any Skorne warlock and it matches some of our better ranged spells as well. Mordikaar’s sword Eidolon is forgettable. ARM 16. healing d3 after destroying a living enemy model isn’t huge. the real interesting piece of kit is Death Blast. but he does need to be carefully defended. appropriate for a guy who ought to be undead. while he sits back and slings a spell here or there. Cull Souls is mostly there to allow Hollow to work (although there is the odd chance of Mordikaar killing something in melee). and he is one of Skorne’s better attrition warlocks. Where other warlocks make their troops harder to kill. and Mordikaar has Poltergeist which is easy to forget since it’s also part of his feat. Overview Void Seer Mordikaar doesn’t look like a whole lot at first glance. and he rounds it out with a more respectable RAT 6. it?s Rasheth?s army that does the work. At DEF 14. his STR and MAT are a measly 5. Both weapons also have Life Drinker. Range 10.Dominar. His speed is average for small based infantry. Overall Mordikaar tends to operate at the very edge of his control range so his poor defensive stats are not a lethal obstacle. and 16 damage boxes he won’t hold up to any attention from the enemy. At POW 13. 1.

This spell is highly versatile. you can run a couple of Swordsmen/Nihilators/whatever into ideal positions and then EB them to open a hole for Molik Karn to Side-Step through. it lets you clear your own models out of the way.Spells Hollow: The engine to Mordikaar’s other abilities. As an added bonus. Essence Blast also enables some sneaky assassination runs if you have a little extra Fury. bringing back at least one model every turn (and upwards of five if a big Hollow unit gets wiped out) is what earns him his label as an attrition warlock. If your STR 13 Bronzeback doesn’t manage to kill that Warcaster. and most will have done their damage already by the time you could remove them with Banishing Ward. Essence Blast lets you take one more POW 18 stab at it. so plan accordingly. On a big Hollow turn Essence Blast can let Mordikaar put shots on more targets than almost any other warlock. but putting it on Blood Runners or Ferox that you intend to throw out as a speed bump early is viable as well. then RFP the model. Banishing Ward: There are not many offensive upkeep spells in the game. Essence Blast: Pick a living friendly faction model. Note that the RFPed model has to have LoS to the target of the spray. but it undercuts Mordikaar’s primary shtick since it prevents Revive. use it as the point-of-origin of a 6” spray at POW 5 + the base STR of the model. although he can chew up big chunks of his own army this way. This spell is . and every time one of them is destroyed Mordikaar gains Soul Tokens. You’ll want a big unit to put this on. knowing that neither of your own models will be in MK’s way when he activates. a couple of Acuarii probably won’t drop a Caster whose guard is down even on the charge. This spell is also his biggest weakness. Mordikaar does not. but a couple of boosted POW 12 Essence Blasts after the charge might just get the job done. all of our warlocks have valuable upkeep spells but only Mordikaar really depends on his to function properly. The best use of this spell is generally bringing something dangerous (Acuarii. Revive: This is Mordikaar’s real bread and butter spell. on beasts it gets really dangerous. Upkeep removal and RFP effects can seriously hamper his effectiveness. On normal infantry it won’t get much above POW 12. Ferox) back into a good charge position before the unit activates for the turn. The target unit becomes undead (with all the benefits) and tough.

12-01-2011 at 11:30 AM. A Shaman or Marketh can help here. Better. let Karn walk past a heavy hitter without having to waste a Side Step on it. Ghost Walk: Probably Mordikaar’s most under-rated spell. and generally make your models harder to pin down or guard against. but it does have the disadvantage of RNG 6. Last edited by gaminguy. since it adds Poltergeist no melee combatant can afford to miss more than a couple of times without being shoved back out of melee range.. Skorne on date .far more useful for preventing a model/unit from being targeted in the first place. even Karax are sporting DEF 15 under Void Wind. It’s easy to shoot yourself in the foot with it against shooting units though. and why is it so hot? Posts . Feat Void Wind is primarily defensive.. that D3 movement can easily shove a target out of your charge range. Ghost Walk lets a unit ignore Free Strikes with the added bonus of granting pathfinder. and in no way should be taken as representative of the overall Skorne community. This spell has lots of potential uses. but it’s pretty good for positioning your army where you want it next turn with little fear of reprisal. It can let a ranged unit walk out of melee without penalty. The above is my personal opinion. Even when I claim otherwise. 12-01-2011. and it has the added advantage of stopping other magical abilities like the push/pull effects on Druids and Mage Hunters. 04:42 AM#2 gaminguy Destroyer of Worlds Join Date Oct 2005 Location How did I get into this hand basket. when did Primal Mk I hit again? Reply With Quote 2. help compensate if you lose a Gladiator or TyCom early. Thankfully it’s optional and it’s not particularly hard to see when not to apply it.

It’s not quite playing Menoth. Tiberion brings that to the table as well. Raider: Far Strike is fantastic. Prescience can help you make the most of that extra Fury. Savage: On a good Hollow turn Mordikaar can put attacks on more targets than any other Skorne warlock. Krea: If Mordikaar is in melee. If Mordikaar is being shot at Paralytic Aura is very handy for getting him up to marginally survivable. Far Strike lets him blaze away from 14” out. However. but at 10” Mordikaar doesn’t really want to be close enough to use it. Death Blast is a fantastic ranged attack. It's important to remember that Mordikaar is very squishy though. matching the effective operating range of his major spells. Tiberion: Our new character titan is probably better suited to working with a front line melee warlock. Banishing Ward can help keep a melee beast from being rendered ineffective by Telekinesis or other placement effects and Ghost Walk can allow any beast to waltz through openings in the opposing line. so Shield Guard and Safeguard are really handy for him. and only Zaal needs it worse than Mordikaar. Archidon: This guy is one of the few beasts that Mordikaar has something special for. Mordi wants his infantry doing the dirty work. between Immovable Object. but he doesn’t really want to hang in the back field babysitting Mordikaar. and Cetrati with Vorkesh you can present a big chunk of “NO!” to your opponent. Brute: Mordikaar has terrible defensive stats outside of his feat turn. things have gone seriously awry.852 Synergies Warbeasts While they might serve better on an infantry unit. but it would have to be annoying to face off against. but he's frequently sitting at 67 to hit. there are a lot of things that can cover 14" in this game and even with Far Strike if Mordikaar can shoot there's a good chance he's close enough to be targeted in return. no beast in the stable benefits quite as much as . Banishing Ward. which doesn’t describe Mordikaar at all.2. while that’s very expensive it can also make an assassination run with a beast a little more likely to succeed. and has the advantage of being stackable with Safeguard. Essence Blast can also use a beast as an origin point.

but Mordikaar’s Archidons are extraordinarily hard to hide from since he can grant it as needed. and the Cannoneer fits in nicely here being able to add his fire to Mordikaar's AoE while staying back out of harm's way. when a spray is what you need due to cover or concealment or lack of LoS a Drake can take his shot and then be essence blasted. Probably a non-starter at 35 though. Mammoth: Theory at this point. They also hit DEF 17 under his feat and with KD immunity they can be positioned very aggressively if your opponent isn't sporting some autofreeze or other defence lowering tech. Reptile Hounds: If these little buggers had come out in Domination Mordikaar would have been one of the three warlocks happiest to see them.the Archidon does from Ghost Walk. Flight no longer grants immunity to Free Strikes like it did in Mk I. and the Mammoth/Raider/Krea module does leave enough for at least two or three units at 50 points. The Cannoneer also has the advantage of being reasonably capable in melee against heavy 'jacks and other hard targets (compared to the Raider. That's two boostable magical sprays at POW 14/13 (and possibly another with the Will Breaker). Paired with Tiberon for bump Mordikaar can run an even more solid brick than he could pre-Domination. Without many beasts on the table Mordikaar is going to want to keep them back from the action early-mid game. . and that's nothing to sneeze at. Drake. It sort of falls into the same niche as the Cannoneer though. which lets him be a bigger anvil than usual and stops Telekinesis from messing with his shield. Drake: While Mordikaar doesn't do a whole lot for it directly. Mordikaar doesn’t want to be very close to the front line. The ability to cover his native Fury generation for a mere 6-8 points is pretty darn good for a guy who wants to take a swarm of infantry since it opens his build options up in a substantial way. but it's not totally without merit and it opens some skew lists when everyone is expecting a big pile of armor. but the Mammoth is a whole lot of points for a guy who would rather be taking infantry. Sentry: Mordikaar can Banishing Ward this guy. even if that's not his standard layout. The meta shift from Colossal took some of the wind out of that idea. Cannoneer: Mordikaar does tend to rely on his infantry (most of his core abilities are based around them) so he also tends to skimp a bit on his beast layout. or Shaman) if there are too many of them for the Acuarii to handle alone. but with the Archidon’s long threat range it can more easily hang back to be buffed and Marketh makes it a moot point anyway.

He tends to only get one good turn before your opponent kills him. 03-22-2013 at 03:30 AM. generating Void Spirits with the guy who buffs Void Spirits just standing there is nifty.852 Solos Void Spirits are a good choice due to Void Lord. when did Primal Mk I hit again? Reply With Quote 3. Tyrant Rhadiem is a decent choice. 04:43 AM#3 gaminguy Destroyer of Worlds Join Date Oct 2005 Location How did I get into this hand basket.. and since the Hollow unit gains Fearless Abomination is less of a concern than normal. and why is it so hot? Posts 2. He doesn't fix everything that's wrong with Mordikaar (particularly his vulnerability to upkeep removal). Ghost Walk makes Rush a bit less necessary. which shouldn't preclude taking it. if they come up short he is an STR 7 for Essence Blast. Mordikaar wants Hollow upkept and now Marketh is free for lists where his soul collection isn't being stepped on. . 12-01-2011. The above is my personal opinion. Since Mordikaar works well with the Ferox. Some stuff here is obvious: he hits like a Gladiator under Mordikaar with a better threat range.EARLY THOUGHTS HERE. Skorne on date . but he does help address some of his issues. Be aware that EB bypasses the Dragoon Dismount rule though. but Mordikaar doesn't have any particular synergy with it. Even when I claim otherwise.The Despoiler: WARNING . As always the Gladiator is just plain good with everyone. Last edited by gaminguy. and being an infantry-centric Warlock without a damage buff Dark Shroud is quite the boon. and in no way should be taken as representative of the overall Skorne community..

The other usual suspects are good choices as well. The Blood Runner Master Tormentor has some good synergy with Mordikaar. The Extoller can help Mordikaar with firing lanes (you will probably be trying to deny targeting lines to Mordikaar and that cuts both ways) and granting Magic Weapon is frequently handy. and your opponent now has to alter his order of operations to remove the BRMT without burning the activation of the infantry she’s engaging. The BRMT is normally a mini-tarpit. Ghost Walk can make the Thrullig easier to deliver. The Will Breaker is going to be good with just about everyone. With Ghost Walk she can move to engage a more valuable shooting or utility unit your opponent thought was safely out of range. Mordikaar is also capable of some real shenaniganey plays with EB against high DEF/low ARM casters. charge into a front line melee unit. Puppet Strings can take those from long-shots to frighteningly reliable. Mordikaar can have issues with Fury management as Hollow can leave him with odd amounts and his spell list is expensive.Marketh can help Mordikaar with Fury management by recasting Hollow or Banishing Ward. Swamp Gobbers can help mitigate Mordi's terrible defensive stats. and Tyrant Commander will all work just fine. kill a model or three. but Mordi likes having several infantry units to work with so it shouldn’t be that big an issue. or move into a good Essence Blast position to take a bigger chunk of infantry out of the opposing line if Marketh cast Ghost Walk. It's worth noting that RFP effects deny normal soul collection. with Ghost Walk she can kill something and then Sprint into a better position without worrying about Free Strikes. although the Extoller does have the same issues with soul collection that Marketh has. Minions: Orin Midwinter will serve Mordikaar well as he can help mitigate some of the Caster-based upkeep removal options. Extoller. sprint further into the unit to engage several models. or casting Ghost Walk (which gets a fair bit stronger if you don't have to expose Mordikaar to cast it). especially with Marketh on the table. The TyCom gets some extra utility since Reveille helps mitigate the downside of making Tough rolls. He’s less useful than usual for maintaining upkeeps since the Hollow unit won’t give up souls. the Agonizer. Just remember you . so spells like Shatter Storm can gimp both Hollow and Gatekeeper at the same time. Mordikaar is going to really like one for being able to multiply the effectiveness of a single Cannoneer when he's playing beast-light (although that isn't going to come up as much in the post-Colossal Meta). and the Totem Hunter is still one of the best solo hunters we have available. the Agonizer can make sure the extra doesn’t go to waste.

and you’ll care less than usual when they die. Mordikaar can Revive the Ferox into good charge positions. Skorne on date . The Ancestral Guardians and Hakaar are probably not the best options to take with Mordikaar since Hollow will interfere with their soul collection. Venators also deserve mention as a Hollow target. They . as with the Extollers careful placement can take care of that issue but it’s still something to keep in mind. 12-01-2011.can’t Essence Blast through them. Minions are not the best use of his points either and that takes the Task Master out of the running too. With Mordikaar’s primary spells being faction specific.. Ferox: The problem with most Cav is that they struggle to do any damage without the charge. The above is my personal opinion. Last edited by gaminguy. 04:43 AM#4 gaminguy Destroyer of Worlds Join Date Oct 2005 Location How did I get into this hand basket. Even when I claim otherwise. and why is it so hot? Posts 2.. and they have the advantage of being able to stand up after making a tough roll and still be effective. and in no way should be taken as representative of the overall Skorne community. They can pump out CRAs at POW 21-23. 01-29-2013 at 06:54 PM. Venators: The only other 12-man unit Skorne has available.852 Units Swordsmen: At 12 men for only 8 points Swordsmen make a better than average Hollow target. Hollow can keep them in the game longer and let you benefit from the ones that die. your opponent will prioritize killing them. when did Primal Mk I hit again? Reply With Quote 4. letting the unit accomplish far more than usual.

They’re an expensive unit to use that way. Hollow can help keep them alive for an extra turn or two. Cetrati with Vorkesh is a big chunk of points. Cetrati: Vorkesh deserves special mention here. Shadow Play negates some of the downsides of Tough rolls. but Acuarii struggle to hit DEF 15+ and CMA makes that a non-issue for Cetrati. Acuarii: For multi-wound infantry Acuarii are pretty squishy. and Mordikaar can throw Banishing Ward at them to up their survivability if you didn't pack Vorkesh.are still pretty fragile (Spell Ward can help there) and throwing Hollow on them works well early since they have Steady and can be thrown in to jam while slower units get into position or take objectives. This is one of the places where Vorkesh actually earns his keep. Mordikaar gets the best use out of Revive by bringing high damage output grunts back into good charge positions and Cetrati are hard to kill (and don't want to charge) so they are not the best fit. Blood Runners are a much better (and less expensive…) choice for the task. Incindiarii: Again. so it’s best reserved for bad matchup situations. They're not as good a fit for Mordikaar as Acuarii (not that many things are). they’re actually worse than Tharn Ravagers for the points there. Revive keeps them in the fight for longer and lets them repeatedly make those four-die damage rolls that make Weapon Master infantry so dangerous. so this is best reserved for building a brick at higher point levels. but they willl help keep Mordikaar from being out-swarmed. Berzerk means that Reviving even one of them can be a big return-on-investment as well. and they feed Mordikaar early Fury on the side. Blood Runners: While you can jam early with Ferox. The Cetrati themselves bring their usual bag of tricks to the table. Nihilators: An excellent choice with Mordikaar since he can't buff Mat or P+S and they have good stats for both. otherwise Acuarii will probably serve Mordikaar better. and nothing about Spell Ward prevents Revive or Essence Blast from working on them. They will draw a lot of attention anyway. terribly squishy for multi-wound infantry and Revive helps them stay in the fight longer. between Vorkesh and Banishing Ward you can deny a large chunk of your army as spell targets. They make up for it with damage output. although they're also going to be a higher priority target for infantry heavy lists. Catapult: One of the issues with artillery is that it tends to die if it gets . They might take fewer casualties as well for working further from the front.

03-22-2013 at 03:39 AM. Since the Catapult is so inaccurate anyway (even with Range Finder it’s sitting on RAT 3) there really isn’t much of an issue with spreading the grunts out at the edge of CMD range to keep them safer. Ranked Attack lets Mordikaar ignore them for targeting. and between Hollow and Revive they can almost be hard to remove. and it's already immune to the more annoying placement effects that you might want to stop with Banishing Ward. It is an STR 13 model so Essence Blast hits pow 18 from it if you know it will probably die next turn. and a min unit of bone grinders can help keep valuable Animus like Rush or Lightning Strike in the game. Mordikaar’s primary abilities are faction-specific. Ghost Walk only lets it walk out of combat (which it probably wasn't going to do anyway). every little bit counts for a model that's struggling to find any space at the table at all. but that's hardly an overwhelming reason to take it. Minions: While Banishing Ward and Ghost walk can target minions.any attention from the enemy at all. Karax are immune to bad scatters. cannot be used for Essence Blast. Even when I claim . Immortals: Mordikaar is one of the few Warlocks who I would notconsider taking Immortals with. They are still better as a second wave unit or warlock bodyguard. The above is my personal opinion. making AoEs more effective. They cannot take Hollow. Last edited by gaminguy. but Mordikaar can make this even more frustrating by Reviving the Grunts. and in no way should be taken as representative of the overall Skorne community. and with CMA they can make contact with high DEF models late game (read: warlocks/casters) if and when your elite units get wiped out. Karax: Since Mordikaar brings a really good AoE to the table and combos well with the Catapult it's not hard to really spam AoEs with him. On the other hand. Putting Minion units in his army is not generally a good idea unless you have a specific plan for them. and they need an AG/Hakaar who really will be starved for souls in a Mordikaar list. Bog Trogs are not a bad choice since they tend to be out of position to receive any buffs anyway and they help clump up the opposing army away from the edges. but otherwise Mordikaar should stick to faction infantry Battle Engine The Animanithrax is a tough include for Mordikaar since he would much rather be spending those points on Acuarii. They can be revived (which is funny) but you lose too much other utility with them. That can buy an extra turn or two as the leader replaces the grunts under normal circumstances.

when did Primal Mk I hit again? Reply With Quote 5. Unless you really want to play infantry spam with him it's probably not worth the bother. 2) It denies his two best Revive targets (Acuarii and Ferox). Conclusion Overall Mordikaar is pretty solid. Skorne on date .otherwise. but he has some glaring weaknesses. If you find yourself .. which is a big deal since it makes our beasts decidedly less effective on heavy targets.852 Skornergy Mordikaar has the worst example of Skornergy on a single model outside of Hexeris: Hollow prevents Essence Blast and Essence Blast prevents Revive. Essence Blast is a spell that should be used sparingly. and knowing when to abandon Hollow and start throwing Essence Blast. 12-01-2011. 04:45 AM#5 gaminguy Destroyer of Worlds Join Date Oct 2005 Location How did I get into this hand basket. Success with him hinges on destroying opposing upkeep removal as early as possible and then out-grinding the opposing army until you have an overwhelming advantage in material. Tier List Mordikaar's tier has a couple of big issues: 1) It denies Beast Handlers.. which compounds the first issue and leaves Mordikaar with a real lack of heavy hitters. so it's not all that big a deal. and why is it so hot? Posts 2.

and Benji for their input. Special thanks to dboeren. If you like your warlock to have a strong support. He brings a lot of anti-infantry attrition strength. but he requires this army to do the majority of the heavy lifting. but there are better examples of those caster archetypes in faction. TaintedCoil. but none of them are exceptional. Jack of all trades. Hexeris is an attrition caster w/ a decently strong scalpel/assassination play and some minor scenario strength. spell list or fighting abilities are weak. 1. Clear enough chaff and Beat Back can be used to clear a zone or free up previously jammed pieces. All of his stats are solid. His Soul Slave can let him single out priority targets. but he isn’t the best at any of them. And he backs all that up with a robust amount of life. If you want a warlock who leads from the front fighting at the head of his army move along. Hexeris is more accurate than Zaal. debilitating control or versatile offensive spells move along Hexeris isn’t for you. Weapon and Abilities: Gulgata is a magical reach weapon w/ Life Drinker and Beat . Able to leech as much fury as Mordikaar. Hexeris isn’t for you. and he can not improve any of them. and he loses a lot of potency without Hollow. That isn’t to say his feat. Note: Major additions and revisions are italicized until next revision. As solid as his stats are he is still a mid line warlock who will suffer greatly when he forgets his place and falls too far back or surges too far forward. Stats: Faster than Xerxis. PaintVagrant. boasts the same DEF and ARM values as Makeda1. More powerful than an unenraged Savage. game winning feat move along Hexeris isn’t for you. Junn Khan. Overview: If you like your Warlock to have a strong.up against an army with either a lot of upkeep removal or a lot of RFP effects it’s important to switch tactics accordingly.

The remaining spells.Back. But it gets better. casting spells or sitting on for transferring. High power. when Hexeris hits an enemy he can push it an inch and then he can move an inch. Death March. but if Hexeris kills the beast during his activation he can spend it to continue buying more attacks. Doing this will not take him above his FURY score. Vengeance and MAT buff. Since this is Hexeris' only infantry buff this makes him an attractive warlock for a Minion heavy army featuring Taskmasters and Minions. Obliteration and Psychic Vampire. When certain conditions are met Hexeris can reave the fury off of an opposing beast. upkeeping in the Control Phase. Something of Note: Take a look at the timing of a turn. Death March. before you have to commit to upkeeping the spell.Provides a MAT buff and Vengeance to a friendly unit. but they are fairly hard counters to their favored situation.Good range. Hexeris is unlikely going to be able to fully boost them as she can. The main use for this is to deny your opponent the fury they had anticipated having. punching a single big armor target surrounded by scrubs or shield wall infantry if delivered from behind. Vengeance happens in the Maintaince Phase. When he destroys a living model he gets to heal a bit. Something of Note: Hexeris can reave from an enemy beast even if he is already at full fury. but will deny the opponent access to that fury. He has 5 spells. Hexeris also has Vampiric Reaving. Something of Note: Hexeris can cast this spell two or more times in a turn through Vampiric Reaving or if Marketh gets him an additional Fury via Soul Fire. The spell works equally well on Skorne models or Minions. Wonderful answer to clumped low armor infantry. Large AOE. Spells: Hexeris is a very upkeep reliant caster. are worth using every game. Vayl2 has shown this to be a powerful end game move. Combined with his ability to buy attacks Hexeris could move 8” after his charge movement. This means that the effected unit gets the benefits of Death March. Soulfire and Soul Slave. Fairly simple. Three of his spells. High fury cost. three of which are upkeeps. the blast will kill ARM 14 on average. but 2 POW 15 can be game . are situational. Obliteration.

loss of the Arc Node advantage does not effect Hexeris' ability to channel spells though the Soul Slave target. others prevent channeling. or if it is cast by Aptimus Marketh. Last edited by Rynth. 08-18-2010. Something of note: Some spells and effects deny the Arc Node advantage. Psychic Vampire. but amazing given the right match ups. as if that wasn't enough. This includes spells cast by spending Focus. Battle Mages and other single wound spell casters die before die for trying to do what they want to do. Reason: 032613: Updated Psychic Vampire reflect the current rulings. As such Hexeris won't often cast the spell at the opposing caster but will fire it off as many times as possible into living models to get the spell's full suite of effects. Power 12. even if the target is a friendly model.changing in the right match ups. Soul Slave allows Hexeris to channel his spells through any one of his beasts. Good range.This is the spell Hexeris will cast most often. Reply With Quote 2. When channeling remember to use the LOS rules and abilities of the channeler not the spell caster. so Druids. This damage happens before the spell is actually cast. makes that beast auto pass threshold checks. Something of Note: Soulfire will give Hexeris a fury point when it boxes a living model. While Power 12s will kill casters this spell's extra effects only trigger off of Boxing living models.The ability to channel spells is rare in Hordes. Fury or abilities under the “Magic Ability” category. but still not an every game spell. Soulfire. Soul Slave. and. Do not let the conversational short hand of the forums and your LGS fool you. expanded and added new "Somethings of Notes" and tightened some phrases and wordings. 05:52 AM#2 . Since every faction seems to be picking up Magic Ability enabled infantry the spell is getting better. Fairly cheap. It is expensive to cast. 05-24-2013 at 07:08 AM. Potentially removes models from play and gives Hexeris an extra Fury.Auto damage to each enemy when it casts a spell or animus inside of Hexeris' Control Area and Hexeris heals a point.

475 Feat: Dark Dominion For one turn whenever one of your guys boxes one of your opponent’s living or undead models you gain control of it. and hopefully puts them out of retaliation range on your forces. Skorne is somewhat lacking in the ranged department both quality and quantity. but you're as likely to see that as you are to see ranged troops who cannot hit each other to save their lives. There are two schools of thought on how to get the most out of his feat. or units spread too far apart to get to each other with only 3 inches of advance. cannot be targeted by free strikes. and you have very little say in mitigating what your opponent does to limit your feat. moving behind the target will allow them to ignore the target’s Shield or Shield Wall. Fail a few crucial rolls and you may find your feat did little because your melee elements weren't quite close enough to capitalize on your feat. Something of Note: Constructs are not living or undead so Dark Dominion has no effect on them. can advance 3” and make a melee attack. This allows your opponent’s army to do most of the work. However.Rynth Destroyer of Worlds Join Date Mar 2006 Location North Georgia Posts 3. You’ll often find 3” movement + melee range to be inadequate to get to the next guy. This makes it more likely that your opponents . it becomes an undead model. Seeing tightly packed low DEF. The other school of thought is to pop the feat after combat has been well and truly joined. by attacking at range your opponent has had little or no incentive to close ranks and group his army together. Reach Weapon Masters is the ideal situation for Dark Dominion. Something of Note: Models attack under the effects of Dark Dominion will not receive the back arc bonus because that only applies during activation. or models with Tough. Unfortunately. The first is to use ranged attacks to begin setting off the chain from as far a way as possible. Also. Hexeris’ feat is incredibly variable in power. Warbeasts ignore lost aspects. One guy could potentially cause a chain reaction of deaths that leads to an entire unit killing each other. Then the model is removed from play.

that way you’re more likely to get a . Models with Reach are also excellent targets. and means you're close enough that a few missed attacks won’t mean your army is out of range to try starting another chain. Unfortunately. With that in mind. if you attack first.competent melee troops(ie. MAT 6 DEF 13 is about average for melee oriented infantry. Weapon Masters are also good targets during the feat. or. but always try to take advantage of the special rules a model has when it becomes yours. However. the ones most likely to be able to kill each other) are close enough that 3” + melee range will be enough to get an attack. you could end up killing too many of your opponent’s quality melee fighters before Hexeris can activate. making them better able to continue chaining kills or doing damage on harder targets. If a model has a rule that only applies when attacking a certain model type(ie Alten Ashley and Warbeast) then try to send that model after its favored target type even if that target is a little less than optimal. If a model has a critical effect(ie Critical Smite) send it towards where it is most likely to happen(low DEF targets) rather than where is would be most advantageous if it happened. this strategy often means accepting the charge from your opponent. While this may end a chain prematurely it likely will have a better top end pay off. Reach models are more elite in either their MAT or their P+S. try to start chains on targets that can hit themselves on average rolls. due to their typically higher MAT and damage output they may serve better going after higher profile targets. Often. And if they don't possess higher MAT or P+S then they still have the higher Dark Dominion threat range and the chance of hitting and damaging something. especially if you have several attacks going into others in their unit. Fortunately. Your army could end up too crippled or locked in place to make a viable counterattack. Most infantry can manage to kill most other infantry on about average rolls if they can manage to hit. This should go without saying. I have found best use of the feat by planning on using it to take one fairly close unit off the table with minimal effort. By setting my goals low I am usually very pleased by the feat’s performance since my goal is almost always met and I get a few other unexpected kills. If I have good targets I'll commit my ranged elements to strike deeper and I might “throw away” a charge or two on the chance something more than a single unit's destruction can happen from my feat. targets that the average infantry many will struggle to hit and/or damage rater than murdering each other.

Last edited by Rynth. Tough and other abilities that trigger on Disabled will trump the feat. and Flank among others). Bad because your own Dark Dominion'ed models can block LOS or movement paths. However. the timing appendix and thisinfernal posting you'll see that model's dont get removed until the last attack in the attack chain is fully resolved(ie the target lives or is outside of Hexeris' Control area).hit/damage rather than a miss. 03-26-2013 at 10:08 AM. Usually I see it this way: Model A attacks Model B. After Model A's damage roll Model A is RFP'ed and then Model B gets his move and attack. if you look at the feat's wording. DEF and ARM values and just keeping track of which models are currently whose can devoure time needlessly. Practice your ability to pause and unpause your clock. or needs to be RFP'ed it is a better use of your time to ignore the knocked down model. Unless the model cannot be knocked down. If playing in a Steamroller tournament plan on using your extension on his feat turn. Veteran Leader. Something of Note: If you take control of a model with Terror then as soon as it becomes yours the opponent has to make a Command check where appropriate. or can be easily stood back up. but don’t commit to it until you know you will need it. This has potential to be good and bad. Reason: 032613: Typos. 08-18-2010. Good because it opens up more abilities we can now exploit(Gang Fighter. Hexeris’ feat is a time drainer. your opponent rechecking their model's MAT. 05:52 AM#3 Rynth Destroyer of Worlds Join Date Mar 2006 Location North Georgia . Dark Dominion needs every second it can get and tough checks. Tactician. and awkward phrasing cleaned up(possibly with more typos and awkward phrasings) Reply With Quote 3. Hexeris' feat is often resolved incorrectly.

Titan Sentry. but does so at a bargain basement point cost. etc). The Bronzeback's animus also lets the Bronzeback attain great angles or distance for channeling if provided with a target. or series of targets. Provides the standard Heavy Warbeast benefits(power attack opportunities. Razorworm. The Gladiator also makes a fairly good Soul Slave target. Bronzeback.Posts 3. Again brings the standard Heavy Warbeast benefits. Beyond that he does very little for them. Due to Leadership[Titans] Hexeris can run a never frenzying Titan Herd by just keeping them a bit close. Eyeless Sight allows Hexeris to channel through forests and clouds. Gives Hexeris access to Rush which Hexeris has the ability to spam due to his Fury stat. As a Heavy Warbeast the Gladiator has more options to free itself from combat(throws. and the benefits of being armed with a reach weapon. IMO. Rhinodon. Pathfinder and SPD 6 lets the beast get almost anywhere it wants. Also. As such I'll only be discussing warbeast with whom Hexeris has a better than average interaction with. tramples) than light beasts. . durable enough for him to get enough 1” movements. so he can run a good amount of beasts.475 Warbeasts: Hexeris has a high Fury stat. Also. Advanced Deployment. All combat focused beasts enjoy the freedom of filling up without risking frenzy. due to Follow up the Gladiator can get deep into the enemies back field to channel from places the enemy didn't expect. but the Gladiator can be a good channeler. Hexeris' #1 favored Soul Slave target. Also the Rhinodon is fast(comparatively). headbutts. Since he is armed with a reach weapon he can engage the enemy and still channel so long as he isn't engaged by them in return. As an easy to frenzy beast the Bronzeback loves autopassing threshold checks. and punishes any who free strike him as he moves into a good channeling position. Locker can be useful on either the Sentry or Hexeris in some situations. Dig In and Drag Under help the beast survive long enough to be used for several turns worth of channeling. but does so with significant amounts of extra durability. Titan Gladiator. large base for LOS. Something of Note: While Hexeris gets to channel through forests and clouds unless he has an ability that ignores concealment or stealth those rules will apply making the attack more difficult or auto miss.

SPD 6 and extra durability against Ranged attacks. is always good on any unit with a melee weapon. SPD 7. and another pair of magic attacks. Units: Hexeris favors independent units of infantry because he can do little to help them. Hexeris does nothing to help this beast survive or deal damage. His one buff spell. Having a Shaman around to help shoulder the Animus cost is very helpful. . but can be a fantastic Soul Slave target. Excellent during Hexeris' feat since as a SPR 8 it can kill a few models simultaneously providing multiple “vectors” from which chains could be started or maintained. Molik does well as a Soul Slave target. Side Step allows him additional. free strike ignoring movement to get into optimal channeling position(provided he can avoid engangement). Cyclops Shaman. Takes some setting up. Despoiler. Also Fate Walker allows him to get into channeling position then retreat to safety after everyone's activation. or prevent it from engaging by denying runs and charges. and helps get around one of the hard counters to Hexeris' feat. A luck shot from her gun can tear down a living model's DEF for ease of elimination during Hexeris' feat turn. Molik Karn. Basilisk Krea. this applies even when being channeled through. Reptile Hound. magical gun. Eyeless Sight.Due to the Eyeless Sight errata the Razorworm cannot draw LOS through stealth models. As such I will only discuss the units that have an extra level of interaction. A free upkeep is always appreciated. Auto passing his Threshold checks leaves him free to use Intuition to help his survival rate. However. Archidon. cancels tough and dirt cheap. Basilisk Drake. is never a bad thing. Between all his upkeeps and spells he wants to cast Hexeris is usually a bit fury strapped. A fast. Extra void Spirits are also never a bad thing. Extra RFP is always helpful. Death March. Hexeris can use Fate Walker to over extend his feat and then retreat to safety as well. Another good Soul Slave target. A solid Soul Slave target. flying heavy. A little pillow fisted. A good. but high DEF makes it surprisingly durable. both ranged and melee.

however. low price of 2 or 3 points and a small stack of fury. Slaughterhousers. Something of Note: During Dark Dominion enemy models are never destroyed. have the potential for more attacks and higher P+S. When needed her gun can be rather impressive against some targets. In a pinch Death March on Beast Handlers makes them a formidable melee threat against living models. He will not. Easily removes living infantry thanks to high MAT and Anatomical Precision. Praetorian Swordsmen. and thus berserk never forces a Nihilator to make another attack. But that is rather minor compared to handing out Magical Weapons and Eyeless Sight to a single model when necessary. a little above average damage rolls or general undead bad armor. With the UA and their mini-feat these guys are walking chain starters that are almost unstoppable in their advance into the enemy's face. Reach. Extoller Soulward. Bloodrunners can be viable against the undead either due to a charge. Anatomical Precision and MAT seven all for the low.Bloodrunners. Between her Sprint and the Bloodrunner's Shadow Play you should often be able to benefit from Veteran Leader potentially making the Bloodrunners MAT 11. Solos: Bloodrunner Master Tormentor. these guys help make those losses good things. Less mobile than Side Stepping Praetorians. This means that for one turn in the game Nihilators will only get 1 attack and can group together without risking friendly fire. Good for starting things on his feat turn. Your army will take losses. Advanced Deploy and Shadow Play. Beast Handlers. Fantastic on his feat turn because they save time by not needing to roll damage against warriors and will get two attacks. ignore forests and clouds for LOS purposes as LOS is . good P+S. While all but worthless against warjacks. Thresher. They get where they need to go thanks to Pathfinder. Something of Note: If Hexeris is given Eyeless Sight then he gets to ignore Stealth and Concealment when channeling his spells. Anatomical Precision and Dark Dominion work great together. Berserk and Vengeance. kinda weapon master to help against big ARM/wounds and they get around one of the hard counters to Hexeris' feat. Nihilators. but Death Marched Nihilators are more accurate. Good MAT. or at least less bad things. What's better than MAT 7 with Reach and Berserk? How about MAT 9 with Reach.

Marketh can shoulder the upkeep burden for Hexeris by paying soul tokens. Hexeris doesn't like missing. Marketh can take care of some spell casting leaving Hexeris free to cast more Soulfires or even triple cycle Death March.475 Theme List. Have him hang out near the Death Marched unit and watch the fun. 05:53 AM#4 Rynth Destroyer of Worlds Join Date Mar 2006 Location North Georgia Posts 3. Ancillary Attack makes that happen. Something of Note: When Marketh casts them spells that say “this model” those effect apply to the warlock. This allows Marketh give Hexeris an 8th fury to spend by casting Soulfire at a living target. Hexeris has a bit of an issue dealing with high ARM. Last edited by Rynth. Marketh. Kingdom of Shadow: Hexeris' Theme list is all about getting into your opponent's face quickly and forcing them to react to what you are doing rather than . or may want a beast to start another kill chain on feat turn. and new book additions. Puppet Master helps make that not miss. Reason: 032613: Typos. errata based. friend or enemy. Like the Extoller Hakaar helps you make your opponent suffer for killing your stuff. Hakaar will get his Righteous Vengeance move and attack and he gets a soul making him more effective next turn and harder to kill. 03-26-2013 at 09:43 AM. And Marketh collects souls which he could also spend to boost attack and damage rolls. Hakaar. re-phrasings. Almost an auto include. When a Death Marched guy dies within 5” of Hakaar the remaining members of the unit will get their Vengeance move. Mortithurge Willbreaker. Even Influence can be useful on the feat turn.based off of the Point of Origin's LOS rules. Reply With Quote 4. 08-18-2010.

Ancestral Guardians gain Advance move. You can choose the cloud or the Dark Dominion. Dark Dominion and Vampiric Reaving.what they want/need to do. Combine that with the early game Soulfires and you can have a tremendous tempo advantage early game. Rush and a Push allows Hexeris to cast Soulfire up to 7 times at targets on the opposing deployment line before your opponent gets a turn. an Extoller makes it so that neither terrain nor Stealth will provide any protection from this early game assault. Life Drinker happens on destroyed. Vengeance does not provide an activation. This benefit. Hexeris starts with his upkeeps in play and doesn't need to pay for them turn one. never both. Dark Dominion and Life Drinker. Tier 4. they get Removed From Play at boxed. Berserk triggers on destroyed. but the timing chart prevents the desired interaction. Praetorian Swordsmen gain Advanced Deployment. Berserk only applies during a model's activation. . Death March and Berserk. Reaving happens when a model is destroyed. Dark Dominion and Soulfire.* Tier 2. Tier 1. For the sake of being spoiler free I won't mention much of the limitations required to reach each tier. While Dark Dominion is in play living and undead models never make it to destroyed. IMO. Increase your deployment zone by 2”. Tier 3. Skornergy: Skornergy is when one good rule/stat/effect is reduced in value or made worthless due to a second good rule/stat/effect. Often the two rules/stats/effects look like that would be great together. During Dark Dominion living models aren't destroyed. Thanks to FA: 3 you could have about 30 Advance Deploy models for about 20 points. Both effects happen at boxed. Dark Dominion Removes From Play at boxed. a Razorworm. Suffice it to say that his lower tier requires little sacrifice. never both. Dark Dominion and Eruption of Ash. focusing instead on the bonuses the tiers provide. This also increases your Advance Deployment and effectively increases your Advance Move. However the higher tiers require doubling up on units/unit types you may not want or have the points to double up on. You can choose the Fury or the Dark Dominion effect. Dark Dominion and Berserk. Let's take a look at some of Hexeris' more Skornegetic choices so you can avoid building an army with the expectation that these combos work. This helps the Ancestrals keep up with the Swordsmen. Both effects happen at boxed.

*How this is achieved: 7" Normal Deployment + 6" Advance deployment + 1" Push + 14" Rushed Razor Worm run + .