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RESENTMENT Resentment, not money, is the greatest killer of relationships. Reverend Love.

Any man can be strong when he has low Interest Level. Sal The Fish Love. If she has a big mouth, at least you know where she s coming from. Doc Love. Resentment is a strange phenomenon. Why? Because it kills love and people don t re alize it. It occurs when your partner in the relationship doesn t do what you thin k she (he) is supposed to do. If you do not have a full-blown argument about it, or at least mention it, or your partner apologizes, you feel more resentful. An d if your partner doesn t Change, there is even more resentment. Resentment feeds on you like termites feed on your home. (Time is on their side.) And we all know what that does to your Interest Level. Two or three episodes of resentment per month over a 20-year period and it s divorce time. Tom takes the pickle jar out of the refrigerator and drops it. Why? Because his wife Caprice cannot, for some strange reason, seem to screw the top back on any container. Lids and tops just sit loosely on the jars and receptacles that Capri ce opens. Tom has mentioned it to her several times but nothing has changed. Now broken glass, pickles and juice are all over the floor and on his new pants. Cap rice walks in, and they proceed to say un-loving things to each other. They will not kiss that night. Tom should adjust to Caprice s shortcoming, and tighten the tops and lids before p icking anything up. He should think about the many positive things Caprice does for him, things that his buddies complain that their wives never do for them. Tu rns out that Caprice has arthritis, and Tom should be more giving on this one. Patience (one-third of Control) is the ability to continue loving your partner i n spite of her many faults. For some strange reason these never surfaced in the dating stage of the relationship. On the other hand, maybe you were just too bli nded by your high Interest Level to see them. Every woman (even Super Bimbo and Miss Airhead) over 12 years young knows that a man who is young, dumb, constantly horny, and whose Interest Level is astronomi cal toward her usually gets her way. She knows that he is not rational. It s as if she has cast a spell on this poor, out-of- control man. Caprice gets deathly sick on Wednesday night and Tom takes her to the hospital. He does not leave her bedside until Saturday night, after the doctor says Capric e will be okay. Tom is stressed out and Caprice tells him to go. Reluctantly Tom leaves for four hours and relaxes at the local beer joint with his concerned be st buddies. At midnight, he is back at Caprice s side, where he hears I almost died and you re out drinking! There will be no kissing when she gets back home. Next time this happens, Tom will understand that Go out with your buddies and unw ind is Womanese for Stay by my side. As it turns out, Caprice s mother died in a hosp ital alone. Guys, loving is patient. It s too bad that people in love have to live with each o ther. But to make it worse, men pick Inflexible Takers with low Interest Level. And we all know what they do: criticize, berate, tongue-lash, and tell you how d umb you are with their stares and glares. Every time you say or do something, sh e is there with her barbs and zingers. (And here we thought that love was suppos ed to be loving!) The Key is to speak up, calmly. Realize that nobody is perfect, not even you; so don t get stuck on the small (isn t it always?) stuff. If something bothers you, ge t it out long before you get married. Remember, forgetting and forgiving are the same, or you shouldn t be with her to begin with.