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Part-II: General Abilities (weightage = 20%) a) Basic Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry, (SSC Level) b) Logical Reasoning and

Analytical Ability c) General Mental Ability a) Basic Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry, (SSC Level) Well, this portion has been something quite alarming for the aspirants. Well, you don’t have to worry at all. You just have to go through the Mathematics of 5th and 8th standard. Keep it in mind that this very portion of Mathematics contains hardly 10 marks out of the paper of 200. Therefore, give it the time and value of 10 marks ONLY. I wish I could have contributed in this regard as well but I am not able to do so since I have a science and Arts background.  b) Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability This is the most interesting of all portions of NTS and my most favorite one too. There are hardly 25 to 30 TIPS for attempting this portion. It merely requires a delicate touch of IQ level along with good tinge of Common Sense. Analogy means comparing more or less similar situations and then drawing some result. The symbol ( : ) represents Analogy. Here are some tips for it. i. Try and put the first pair of words into a sentence ii. Try and eliminate the wrong answers using the limination Method in case you don’t know the right one. iii. Try and develop a closer comparison in case you have more than one correct option e.g. If Imran Khan : Pakistan then i. Steve Waugh : Australia ii. M. S. Dhoni : India iii. Allan Border : Australia iv. Jayasuriya : Sri Lanks v. David Camaron : England Now try and develop a relation between Imran Khan and Pakistan. If you say that Imran Khan is the citizen of Pakistan, then all the options would be correct since they are the citizins of their respective countries. Therfore, try and draw a closer relation. Imran Khan was the Pakistani Cricketer. And now you have 4 options as correct ones. Now, even closer relation. Imran Khan was Pakistan’s Cricket Team captain in World Cut. And now you have 3 right options. Closer relation would be that Imran Khan was Pakistan’s first cricket team captain who lifted the world cup. And now you have Allan Border as the right analogical answer. As neither Steve Waugh nor M. S. Dhoni was the first to lift the world cup for his country, Some of the analogical comparisons are as follows: i. Part Of Speech Thief : Steal ( Nounn ) : ( Verb ) ii. Definition Refuge : Shelter iii. Characteristics Goat : Herbivorous iv. Class and Member Human Being : Mammalia

Antonym ( Opposite and same part of speech as both are adjectives ) Poor : Rich vi. . Spatial Sequence Birth : Death xviii. Antonym Variant ( Opposite and differant part of speech as both are adjective and other Adverb ) Careful : Carelessly vii. Gender Drone : Bee xvi. Worker and Workplace Priest : Church xiii. Toola and Function Knife : Cut xiv. Cause and Effect Mistake : Punishment xv. Symbolism Dove : Peace xix. Degree of intensity Angry : Furious x. Worker and Creation Poet : Sonnet xi. Synonym ( Similar and same part of speech as both are adjectives ) Brilliant : Magnificent viii. Synonym Variant ( Similar and different part of speech as both are adjective and other Adverb ) Cautious : Carefully ix.v. Part and Whole Soldir : Army xx. Worker and Tool Woodcutter : Axe xii. Age Infant : Adult xvii. Thing and lacking Athiest : Belief NOTE: LET ME POST A TEST IN THIS REGARD FOR YOUR PRACTICE.

E. Aquarium E. stove B. Dance Question 7: If Earth : 3 Then Jupiter is to A. Army B. Feet B. helioC. Omnivorous B. Run E. Furious E. Street C. Amazing E. 12 Question 2: If Thief : Prison Then Fish is to A. Raptilia D. Cannibal D. fratricide Question 20: If Square : Octagon Then Triangle : ? A. Carnivorous C. Lawn Question 4: If Sheep : Herbivorous Then Human being is to A. Alone Question 9: If Scour : Walk Then Angry is to A. omni- Question 15: If Languages : Philology Then Meanings : ? A. oligarchy B. Pedal D. Agnatha E. Earth Question 5: If Human being : Mammalia Then Tortoise is to A. Amphibia C. octapolycarnanglo- Question 8: If Speed : Pace then thin is to A. C. patricide D. Floods C.ANALOGY TEST Question 1: If Oxygen : 8 then Sodium : ? A. 17 D. Zoo C. neuroE. Productivity D. Swift D. Clever E. oligopoly C. Elegy B. diB. Aves B. Powerful Question 10: If Speak : Shout Then Work : ? A. hexagon . Feminine E. Neighbours B. Portrait E. semantics E. D. octagon C. House D. Sharp C. autocracy Question 17: If Bread : Oven Then Pottery : ? A. pentagon D. 9 E. erudition B. philosophy C. 5 D. homicide B. Den D. burner E. Surpass D. Building Question 13: If teacher : Chalk Then Soldier : ? A. Road C. 2 7 B. quadrilateral B. Bait Question 3: If Exit : Home then Out is to A. crock C. Earthquake B. plutocracy D. Toil B. Room E. 4 B. Armor E. grammar Question 16: If People : Democracy The Dictator : ? A. ethics D. timocracy E. 11 C. E. Epic C. 8 C. 7 B. symQuestion 19: If Mother : Matricide then King : ? A. Horse C. bester D. kiln Question 18: If Two : BiThen Sun : ? A. regicide E. Spear D. octahedron E. Unhappy B. Annoyed C. Apply E. Helmet Question 14: If Vegetable : Herb Then Meat : ? A. sororicide C. pedD. Act C. Chondrichthyes Question 6: If benevolent : Unkind Then walk is to A. Roads D. Famine Question 12: If Poet : Sonnet Then Artist : ? A. Slim B. Supply Question 11: If Clouds : Rain The Drought : ? A. Synagogue B. Notorious D.

understands instructions. Sleep Question 24: If Gamble : Casino then Fight : ? A. Patient B. solid D. fatigue D. Colombo Question 23: If Atheism : Belief Then Insomnia A. Khatmandu D. You can come across several websites having such Online Tests. Bitch E. sword Question 25: If Guard : Thief then Shield : ? A. alarm C. Quitting E. Quitten C. Rounded B. Strength E. Quitted B. and spatial ability. Chickens D. 1. this is another portion that basically requires a good IQ level along with a good Common Sense. Students E. Kindness D. This is just like the Command Task given in the ISSB. Tests of general mental ability include scales that measure specific constructs such as verbal. Nadir Question 30: If Bite : Bitten Then Quit : ? A. meld E. Plasma B. White C. Walk C. arrow Question 29: If Roof : Foundation Then Zenith : ? A. I’ll share the TIPS along with the MCQ’s type test for the aspirants. arena C. Sky E. numerical. I am sharing a specimen here. warfare D. Command B. rain E. Mare Question 28: If Army : Soldier Then Brood : ? A. battle E. Quits D. Tiredness E. Lunar Question 27: If Drone : Bee Then Fox : ? A. Foxes C. For this. Vixen B. lose B. Kandy B. Stars B. Fish c) General Mental Ability Well. Sprat D. Quittened Question 26: If Sun : Solar The Moon : ? A. and solves problems. Dogs C.Question 21: If Ice : Liquid Then Water : ? A. Night D. castle D. pool Question 22: If Constantinople: Istanbul Then Sri Lanka : ? A. pistol B. social. Select the best alternative : Wizard : Witch :: Monk : ? Madam . mechanical. Cruelty C. General mental ability (GMA) is a term used to describe the level at which an individual learns. Galle C. Ceylon E. Vapors C.

5 Km 2 Km 5 Km 6.D.Widow Nun Virgin 2. A is 1 Km north of B and H is 2 Km south of A . 5. How is SELDOM written in that code ? RDKCNL RFKENM RFKFNP TFKENP None of these 4.G. A man is facing south . In a certain code.I are nine houses .B. He turns 135 derees in the anti-clockwise direction and then 180 degrees in the clockwise direction . I is situated just in middle of B and C while E is just in middle of H and D . G is 1 Km west of H while D is 3 Km east of G and F is 2 Km north of G.H. C is 2 Km east of B . Which direction is he facing now ? North-East North-West South-East South-West Directions are for questions 5 to 7 : A. BELIEF is written as AFKKDI . Distance between E and G is 1 Km 1.C. Select the lettered pair that has same relationship as the original pair of words : Jeweller : Ornament Architect : Plans Artisan : Goldsmith Doctor : Patients Mechanic : Repair 3.F.E. Distance between E and I is : 1 Km 2 Km 3 Km 4 Km .

91 25 26 27 28 12.15. Arrange the given words in alphabetical order and choose the one that comes first : Wasp Waste War Wrinkle Wrist 11. Complete the analogous pair : Giant : Dwarf :: Genius : ? Wicked Gentle . Distance between A and F : 1 km 1. ? . How many rolls would be cut in 24 minutes ? 32 rolls 54 rolls 108 rolls 120 rolls 9. A tailor had a number of shirt pieces to cut from a roll of fabric . The boy is girl's : Brother Son Uncle Son-in-law Nephew 10.66.41 km 2 km 3 km 8.7.6. A girl introduced a boy as the son of the daughter of the father of her uncle .45. He cut each roll of equal length into 10 pieces. Find the missing term : 1. He cut at the rate of 45 cuts a minute .

Select the best alternative: Ornaments : Gold :: Needle : ? Stitch Prick Steel Thread 18.F.FOV . ? . J. Complete the analogous pair : Cattle : Herd :: Sheep : ? Flock Swarm Shoal Mob 14. How is CHILDREN written in that code ? EJKNEGTP EGKNFITP EJKNFGTO EJKNFTGP 15.V 16.DNW . In a certain code. Complete the following series: BMX . ? L. "The lady in the photograph is my nephew's maternal grandmother" .Idiot Tiny 13. A man pointing to a photograph says. TEACHER is written as VGCEJGT . How is the lady in the photograph related to a man's sister who has no other sister ? Cousin .C .O O.P M. Find next two term in the series : A .U R. ? GHO GPS HPS HPU HQS 17.

7. 4. who will teach in a class ? Cook Butler Manager Teacher Clerk 1. 28 12. 6. 5. 9. How is the girl related to Rita's friend ? Cousin Daughter Niece Friend Aunt 20. O. Nun 2. Flock 14.'butler' is called 'manager'.U HPU Steel Mother Cousin clerk . 19. 3. If 'cook' is called 'butler' .'teacher' is called 'clerk' and 'clerk' is called 'principal' . Architect : Plans RFKFNP South-West 2 Km 1 Km 1 km 120 rolls Brother 10. 20. 16. Idiot 13. "The girl I met yesterday at the beach was the youngest daughter of the brother-in-law of my friend's mother". 'manager' is called 'teacher'. EJKNFTGP 15. War 11. Rita told Mani. 17. 8.Sister-in-law Mother Mother-in-law 19. ASNWERS: 1. 18.