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Sony Xperia U vs Sony Xperia J vs Sony Xperia E - Phone specs comparison

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Sony Xperia U vs Sony Xperia J vs Sony Xperia E
RIVALS Sony Xperia U
Sony Xperia sola

Sony Xperia J

Sony Xperia E

Sony Xperia P

Sony Xperia miro
Also known as Sony Ericsson Kumquat, Sony Ericsson ST25i Also known as Sony ST26i, Sony ST26a Also known as Sony C1505

Posted: 05 Dec 2012 Market Status: Released Posted: 29 Aug 2012 Posted: 26 Feb 2012 Market Status: Released Market Status: Released

Sony Xperia go

LG Optimus F6

Device type OS Form factor Dimensions 12 mm) 3.88 oz (110 g) Weight
the average 4.4 oz (127 g)

Smart phone Android (4.0, 2.3.7) Candybar 4.41 x 2.13 x 0.47 inches (112 x 54 x

Smart phone Android (4.1.2, 4.0) Candybar 4.89 x 2.41 x 0.36 inches (124.3 x 61.2 x 9.2 mm) 4.37 oz (124 g)
the average 4.4 oz (127 g) is

Smart phone Android (4.1) Candybar 4.47 x 2.43 x 0.43 inches (113.5 x 61.8 x 11 mm) 4.08 oz (116 g)
the average 4.4 oz (127 g)

LG Optimus GJ

Side Keys Colors

Right: Volume control, Camera shutter, Lock/Unlock key Black, White

Right: Volume control, Lock/Unlock key Black, Pink, Yellow, White SONY XPERIA J

Right: Volume control, Camera shutter, Lock/Unlock key Black, Pink, White SONY XPERIA E


SONY XPERIA U,Sony-Xperia-J,Sony-Xperia-E/phones/69... 07/08/2013

60 hours Talk time (3G) the average h (582 min) hours the average h (582 min) is 10 6. Scratchresistant glass 3.Phone specs comparison Physical size Resolution Pixel density Technology Colors Touchscreen Features TFT 16 777 216 Capacitive.00 hours 6. Digital image stabilization.8 days (260 hours) the average h) 25. Geo tagging. Geo tagging. Panorama SONY XPERIA U 1280x720 (720p HD) 5 megapixels LED Auto focus.00 hours 8.8 days (618 hours) the average h) is 24 days (564 22. 1000 MHz. Digital zoom..2 GB microSD.Sony Xperia U vs Sony Xperia J vs Sony Xperia E .1 days (530 hours) the average h) 5. Self-timer SONY XPERIA J 640x480 (VGA) Auto focus. Geo tagging SONY XPERIA E 640x480 (VGA) 5 megapixels 3. Multi-touch Light sensor.Ion HARDWARE System chip ST Erricson NovaThor U8500 Dual core. Multi-touch Proximity sensor. 1000 MHz.20 hours the average h (650 min) HO Stand-by time 10.7 days (472 hours) the average h) 25.Ion 39.50 hours 1750 mAh 30.0 inches 480 x 854 pixels 245 ppi TFT 262 144 Capacitive. ARM Cortex-A5 Adreno 200 (enhanced) 512 MB RAM Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 MSM7227A Single core. microSDHC up to 32 GB ARM Mali-400 MP 512 MB RAM / LPDDR2 4 GB Cortex-A5 Adreno 200 (enhanced) 512 MB RAM 4 GB 2. Digital zoom.5 inches 320 x 480 pixels 165 ppi Página 2 de 5 BATTERY 6. Digital zoom. Face detection.60 hours Talk time the average h (650 min) 5.3 days (607 hours) the average h) is 18 days (444 22. 1000 MHz. Scratch-resistant glass 3.00 hours 1320 mAh Li .30 hours the average h (582 min) Stand-by time (3G) 19.40 hours 8. Touch to focus.00 hours 1500 mAh Li . Multi-touch Proximity sensor. Scratchresistant glass 4. 07/08/2013 . Proximity sensor.. ARM Cortex-A9 Graphics processor System memory Built-in storage Maximum User Storage Storage expansion 8 GB 4 GB microSD.phonearena.2 megapixels Features Camcorder http://www.60 hours the average h (650 min) is 11 6.Sony-Xperia-E/phones/69.1 days (530 hours) the average h) Music playback Video playback Capacity Type 45.Sony-Xperia-J.5 inches 480 x 854 pixels 280 ppi TFT 16 777 216 Capacitive. microSDHC up to 32 GB Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 MSM7227A Single core. ARM Processor CAMERA Camera Flash LED Auto focus.

76 Mbit/s. 1900 MHz 900. UMTS. Playlists Album art cover. UMTS. Picasa. WAV. Background playback.2 Mbit/s. Flash Facebook. AAC. AMR. Artist. GPRS Yes A-GPS Yes SONY XPERIA U 850. Twitter TECHNOLOGY GSM UMTS 850. eAAC+.76 Mbit/s. eAAC+. 1900 MHz 850. Loudspeaker Yes MPEG4.2 Mbit/s. H. EDGE. 900. RDS Earpiece.3 megapixels VGA specifications continue after the ad Página 3 de 5 Video light. Twitter HTML.phonearena. 3GPP. Background playback. From $299. 1800. H. AAC+. OGG. HTML5. Music recognition MP3. WAV. 1900. AAC+.4 Mbit/s.264. Stereo. MIDI Supported formats Video playback Supported formats Radio Speakers YouTube player MPEG4 FM.. Playlists Album art cover. CSS 2.264. HSUPA 5. Buy unlocked. 2100 MHz HSDPA 7. Picasa. Playlists Album art cover. MP4. 900. A-GPS Yes SONY XPERIA E Data Global Roaming Positioning Navigation PHONE FEATURES http://www. contract free. UMTS. 3GPP. Picasa. GPRS Yes A-GPS Yes SONY XPERIA J AAC. Artist. Background playback. RDS Earpiece. 900. Loudspeaker Yes MPEG4.Sony Xperia U vs Sony Xperia J vs Sony Xperia E . 07/08/2013 . CSS 3 Facebook. Music recognition The new phone from Google. MP4. GPRS Yes GPS. 3GPP FM. Video calling 0. OGG Album. Music recognition MP3. 1900 MHz 850. Loudspeaker Yes INTERNET BROWSING Browser supports Built-in online services support HTML. EDGE. Video calling 0. HSUPA 5. 1900. RDS Earpiece.263. OGG Album. 2100 MHz HSDPA 14.Sony-Xperia-J.Sony-Xperia-E/phones/69. MULTIMEDIA Music player Filter by Features Album. Artist. 2100 MHz HSDPA 7. YouTube (upload). H.263.. XHTML. 1800. 1800. H.1. YouTube (upload).3 megapixels VGA Nexus 4 www. Stereo.Phone specs comparison Features Front-facing camera Video light. WAV. EDGE. Twitter HTML. Stereo. HTML5 YouTube (upload). 3GPP FM.

0 microUSB Mass storage device. Stopwatch SMS. Flight mode. Headset (HSP). Multiple numbers per contact. Predictive text input IMAP.Phone specs comparison Phonebook Unlimited entries. Ring ID Calendar. Phone Book Access (PBAP) 802.1. EDR Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP). PDF). Polyphonic ringtones. Voice commands. Office 2003. Audio/Visual Remote Control Profile (AVRCP).Sony Xperia U vs Sony Xperia J vs Sony Xperia E . Caller groups. Alarm. 07/08/2013 . Ring ID Página 4 de 5 Organizer Calendar. Flight mode. n Yes USB 2. USB charging 3. Predictive text input IMAP. Voice commands. Picture ID. Phone Book Access (PBAP) 802. POP3. Tethering. SMTP. n Yes USB 2. Microsoft Exchange Google Talk Unlimited entries. Picture ID. Handsfree (HFP). Tethering. Search by both first and last name. POP3. EDR Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP). MMS. MMS. Tethering.1. Voice recording Voice dialing. Ring ID Calendar.11 b. Voice recording Notifications Sensors Hearing aid compatibility Other REGULATORY APPROVAL FCC approval Date approved 25 Apr 2012 FCC ID value: PY7A3880130 link SONY XPERIA U FCC measured SAR 31 Aug 2012 FCC ID value: PY7PM0170 link SONY XPERIA J 01 Feb 2013 FCC ID value: PY7PM0510 link SONY XPERIA E http://www. Flight mode. USB charging 3.5mm microUSB DLNA. Silent mode. Microsoft Exchange Google Talk Unlimited entries. OTA sync Profiles Wi-Fi Mobile hotspot USB Connector Features Headphones connector Charging connector Other OTHER FEATURES Music ringtones (MP3).com/phones/compare/Sony-Xperia-U. Timer. Vibration. Predictive text input IMAP. EDR Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP). SMTP. Audio/Visual Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). Polyphonic ringtones. Threaded view.0 microUSB Mass storage device. g.11 b. Computer sync. g. Alarm. Speakerphone Accelerometer.5mm microUSB DLNA. g. Calculator. Vibration. To-Do. Calculator Messaging E-mail Instant Messaging SMS. Search by both first and last name.. Speakerphone Accelerometer M3. Music ringtones (MP3). POP3. Computer sync. Alarm. Voice commands. SMTP.phonearena.11 b. OTA sync 2. Silent mode.1. OTA sync 2. Caller groups. Computer sync. Object Push (OPP). Handsfree (HFP). Barcode reader SMS. Compass Music ringtones (MP3). Object Push (OPP). Caller groups. Silent mode. Polyphonic ringtones.Sony-Xperia-E/phones/69. Notes. Voice recording Voice dialing. Picture ID.Sony-Xperia-J. Handsfree (HFP). Calculator. T3 Voice dialing. Search by both first and last name.5mm microUSB DLNA. Document viewer (Office 2007. Headset (HSP). Headset (HSP). Vibration. Audio/Visual Remote Control Profile (AVRCP).. Multiple numbers per contact. Microsoft Exchange Google Talk CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 2. Multiple numbers per contact. Phone Book Access (PBAP) 802.0 microUSB Mass storage device. n Yes USB 2. Document viewer. Object Push (OPP). USB charging 3. Threaded view. To-Do. Threaded view. Compass Haptic feedback. Speakerphone Accelerometer. MMS.

Links . Database Licensing . charger. Advertise .3.03 W/kg 1. micro USB cable for charging.89 W/kg 0. synchronisation and file transfer.phonearena. synchronisation and file transfer.17 W/kg 0. 07/08/2013 .Phone specs comparison Head Body Product Specific Use Simultaneous Transmission 1. stereo headset.63 W/kg 0. specs. Reproduction in whole or in part or in any form or medium without written permission is prohibited! Privacy . Terms of use .09 W/kg 1..09 W/kg 0. Jobs All content (phone reviews. and user documentation Accessories Nexus 4 www. contract free.Sony-Xperia-E/phones/69.00 W/kg The new phone from W/kg news. All rights reserved. exchangeable caps. and why Google needs to stop keeping Motorola at an arm's length Sams Galax comin 4th Home Manufacturers Carriers News Reviews Discussions Videos Sear About Us . From $299. Android 4. and user documentation Charger. Cookies View mobile version SONY XPERIA U SONY XPERIA J SONY XPERIA E http://www..50 W/kg 1. design and layouts are Copyright 2001-2013 phoneArena.42 W/kg 1. INTERESTING STORIES LG G2: All you need to know LG G2 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One: specs comparison LG G2 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs Sony Xperia Z: size comparison A selection of great fast-paced iPhone and Android games Slates on the catwalk: world's thinnest tablets roundup The Moto X. Buy unlocked. Contact Us . info).48 W/kg Página 5 de 5 AVAILABILITY Officially announced 26 Feb 2012 29 Aug 2012 05 Dec 2012 SHOPPING INFORMATION battery.Sony Xperia U vs Sony Xperia J vs Sony Xperia E . micro USB cable for charging.