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Food Safety in Process and Conveyor Belting


» Antimicrobial (AM) Belts » Cleats, Guides and Sidewalls » VOLTA SuperDrive® » Amseal™ Protection

pastry) » Confectionery » Meat. all-plastic construction that has no reinforcement! » Bakery (bread. Ammeraal Beltech's comprehensive product range offers cost effective conveying solutions in a wide variety of application conditions. Image. Selecting belts of a proper construction is a critical component in a total plant hygiene and sanitation strategy. When used in conjunction with a rigorous program of plant hygiene and sanitation. homogeneous. » Prolonging belt life by inhibiting belt deterioration due to contamination and attack by microorganisms . flexible constructions » AmsealTM sealed edges » Antimicrobial protection » All-plastic constructions » Oil and Fat resistant materials » High cut and gouge resistance » USDA AMS acceptance and certification to new equipment/belt standard NSF-3A 14159-3 (selected products) Ammeraal Beltech belts are suitable for use in virtually all sectors of food production: Available food safe materials: » Ropanyl (polyurethane) » Nonex 65 (PVC) » Nylon » Acetal » Polypropylene » Amtel (polyester) » Silam (silicone) » Peflex (polyethylene) VOLTA thermoplastic flat belts. and poultry » Fruit and vegetables » Dairy » Agriculture and horticulture AntiMicrobial (AM) Belts Ammeraal Beltech's AntiMicrobial (AM) product range utilizes a nonmigrating. silver ion technology. Blue AntiMicrobial (AM) belts support Best Practices in plant hygiene and sanitation. feature a smooth. biscuits. reputation. By focusing on this area. we have developed a full range of conveyor belts–including AntiMicrobial (AM) products–to assist in the never-end effort to control contamination in the processing environment. discriminating consumer tastes and government oversight have combined to create this high quality standard. Modular belts offer versatility in design and performance. AntiMicrobial (AM) belts may assist in: » Inhibiting cross contamination » Implementation of HACCP strategies AntiMicrobial (AM) belts are an additional step to optimize plant hygiene efforts. It is proven safe for human contact and protects the belt against a broad range of micro-organic contamination.Food safety and high efficiency today and tomorrow Food safety is the constant goal of the food processing industry. fish. » Easy release and cleanable surfaces » Hot water resistance » Totally encapsulated. This can only be achieved through implementation of stringent sanitation practices. Ammeraal Beltech has made safe food production the cornerstone of our business. Ammeraal Beltech's Food Safety Process and Conveyor belts feature: As a leading producer of process and conveyor belting for the food industry. shown here with optional sidewalls.

up to » Cleats are available in PU or PVC. Belts specified with AmsealTM are fully encapsulated–no raw open edges to harbor bacteria between the layers of the belt! » Complete encapsulation of reinforcement fabric to inhibit contamination slight mistracking occur » Protection for belt edges should » AmsealTM edges are available with antimicrobial additive With AmsealTM edges. durable.Innovative solutions – The main element in exceptional performance Cleats. » Drive teeth are an integral part » Drive teeth are also designed to provide a guided tracking mechanism to eliminate mistracking. with their scallop design. » Homogeneous construction and positioning of the teeth eliminates hidden crevices. two inches high. » Positive drive » Tracking » Durability » Sanitation and hygiene of the belt itself--not a fabricated accessory! AmsealTM Protection AmsealTM edges provide: AmsealTM represents another product innovation pioneered by Ammeraal Beltech. Guides and Sidewalls Ammeraal Beltech offers a variety of cleats. easily cleaned surface material. promoting ease of cleaning and sanitation. are available for even smaller pulleys. expand and contract as they go around small pulleys. tracking and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. with positive drive and tracking technology. » Guides provide positive belt » Mini-corrugated sidewalls. VOLTA SuperDrive® The development of the new SuperDrive® belt was motivated by the need to address the four biggest belting-related challenges faced by the meat processing industry: VOLTA SuperDrive® belts are designed to combine a smooth. . and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit virtually any requirement. contaminants can't penetrate the layers of the belt. guides and sidewalls to meet your unique food handling needs: » Standard corrugated sidewalls.

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