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PLAN-A Down Payment Plan 7% At The time of Allotment 88% within 45 Days from The Date of Allotment (Less Down Payment Discount of 14%) 5% at The Time of Possession 7% at the time of Allotment 5% within 2 months from the date of allotment 5% within 4 months from the date of allotment 8% within 6 months from the date of allotment 10% On Commencement of construction* 10% on construction reaching plinth level* PLAN-B Interest Free Installment Plan

Down Payment Discount 14 %
*The installments stages can be called for payment in any sequence depending upon construction stage. Other term & Conditions.

10% On Commencement of ground floor roof slab* 10% On start of internal plumbing & electrical works* 10% On start of Internal Plaster* 10% On start of flooring of Shops* 10% On start of external plaster* 5% at the time of offer of possession

Cheque(s)/Draft(s) to be issued in favor of "Ansal Properties & infrastructure Ltd" payable at Delhi/Lucknow only. Prices are subject to revision without notice and price ruling on the date of allotment and acceptance by the company only shall be applicable. The scheme can be closed at the sole discretion of the company The company shall endeavor to the complete construction of Shops / Offices allotted within two years from the date of sanction of plans. In case intending allotee fails to take possession of theShops / offices within a period of sixty days from the date of offer of possession, he shall be liable to pay holding charges @ Rs. 5.00 per sq.ft per month of the total area. The other terms and conditions of sale would be as per the standard allotment letter of the company. The registration charges, ECC charges, Freehold Charges, Fire Fighting charges, stamp duty, legal documentation charges and any other govt. levies are in addition to the aforesaid Price. All the other conditions of the scheme will be applicable. Actual Size may marginally vary this price list supersedes all previous price list

SECTOR .( Rs) INAUGURAL DISCOUNT PER SQ. FLOORS RATE PER SQ.f.ANSAL PROPERTIES & INFRASTRUCTURE Ltd.08. INTEREST FREE MAINTENANCE charges extra as applicable.A (w.FT. payable at the time of offer of possession.No. (Rs) RATE AFTER INAUGURAL DISCOUNT SQ.(Rs) 1 ATRIUM GROUND FLOOR 4300 500 3800 2 GROUND FLOOR 4100 500 3600 3 UPPER GROUND FLOOR 3550 500 3050 3 FIRST FLOOR 3150 500 2650 EEC charges extra as applicable.LUCKNOW PRICE LIST FOR SHOPPING SQUARE -1 & 2.e.FT. 01. SUSHANT GOLF CITY.2011) code:3 S. payable at the time of offer of possession. Preferntial location Charges (PLC) One Preferential location Two Preferential location 2% of the Basic Sale Price 1 2 PLC extra for Road Side Corridor Facing Corner unit 3% of the Basic Sale Price .FT.