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Cult of the Children and the Warband of the 17th Traitor Guard

Cult of the Children The Cult of the Children was a religious group on Darvon VI, founded by a former Assistant Navigator, Sirval. It was a cloak for a Genestealer Cult which later brought the planet under its control. Sirval had been infected by a Genestealer after which he retired from space travel, settling on Darvon VI marrying and having many children. The tenets of the cult promoted modesty and hard work, but also complete seclusion from the rest of society, and forbid its followers from travelling off planet. As much of the population were members of the cult, the planet couldn't fulfil its obligation of raising regiments for the Imperial Guard. When a recruiting force descended on the cult's isolated settlements, the Cult finally began its uprising, eventually bringing the entire planet under its control with help for an unlikely ally.

Generations Each hybrid generation possesses a somewhat specific anatomy. By infecting a victim with its genetic material, a Genestealer passes on some of its physical characteristics to the victim's first offspring. In the first generation, this gives rise to a Hybrid with a number of Genestealer traits. Through successive generations of Hybrids these traits become less extreme, until in the fourth generation the Hybrids can pass as normal Humans. First generation: The first generation Hybrids are born to human (or otherwise) parents, one of which has been infected. Of all the generations they resemble Genestealers most closely. They have either three or four arms. Second generation: Second generation hybrids always possess three arms, one of which ends in the genestealer claw.

although they can still infect other races through their blood. A "mutant" which can appear among this generation is the Magus. . which takes the highest position in a Genestealer Cult. no time to be wasted. these are called drones or neuters. Nurgle Hymn: The time has come to deny your ways.Third Generation: These hybrids possess bodies somewhere between the crouched bodies of genestealers and the humanoid shapes of humans. Fourth Generation: This generation is virtually indistinguishable from members of the host species. allowing the cycle to continue The 17th Traitor Guard The Warband of Scarbelly beloved of Papa Nurgle and spreader of the 17 deadly viral plagues. Scarbelly was drawn to Darvon VI upon hearing of a Cult uprising and seeking yet another way to spread his delightful plagues he made all hast towards the now blockaded Darvon VI. Taking each moment with force again. reclaiming what's ours. formally known as the 17th Armoured Recon founded in the neighbouring star system of Dacton. To rid ourselves of the parasites. No crosses to bear. Shedding dead weight. making them rather charismatic. besides the Genestealer Patriarch. possess two or three arms one of which might end in a genestealer claw. They appear perpetually crouched. They retain the hypnotic gaze of genestealers. Some lack the ovipositor of preceding generations. The first offspring of fourth generation hybrids are invariably purestrain genestealers.

What will it take Choose or be chosen . What will it take You must choose or be chosen for. A constant attack to never retreat from. With no other choice but resistance.A fearless approach to oppression.

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