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J. CHICAGO Published by the Author. President of Spiritual Science University. A./ Mind-Healing Condensed: INSTRUCTION BOOK AND FORMULA. Revised and Re-Issued. This Book is a Succinct and Logical Statement of the Mind- Healing Science from the Standpoint of Intuition and Keason. SWARTS. . By Db. 1443 Michigan Ave.


Entered according


Act of Congress in the years 1887 and
A. J.




in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.


condensed statement of Metaphysical Sci-

ence, with a


for Silent Healing, is

issued in response to


throughout the

Believing that Reform demands a concise and

comprehensible statement of this Science, and that an



needed as a guide to the




issue this


of the Science in

full confidence that its principles will

be concurred




who have

received the true understanding.

While the

Spiritual Science University claims imits

portant discoveries, and successful methods of
it is

in accord with the fundamental teachings

of the most prominent authors of Mental Science or


The following rules can be successfully used by any physician, by Mental and Magnetic Healers, or

by the

afflicted for self-cure,

provided that they are

able to accept the scientific statement of Being, as

held by the leading writers in this exacting Science

which refuses to be classed with any other system
of cure.
If the reader

would know the



claims of this Science in order to decide whether he




demonstration in the cure of



will first state the essential doctrines of the
let the application,

system, and then

or Formula for

cure, immediately follow the foundation

on which

w e profess to stand, as Mental or Spiritual Scientists.

This Text Book


a true exposition of the Science

variously called Mental or


Cure, Metaphysics,

Christian Science, Mind-Healing, or Spiritual Science.

has been earnestly desired that some one
of authors early in the

might condense the scope and

Science to a succinct statement.
fesses to

This work pro-



to establish

through logical

reasoning and by mathematical exactness, the Truth
or the value of the best discoveries.

The author


willing to allow the candid, unprejudiced student of

the Metaphysical system, to say, after a careful
reading, whether
of the Science,

accords with the leading claims

and to point out any material

from the

authorities in the system.



is to harmonize, to unify, to establish

and to


who have espoused

the Cause, rather than

to discriminate or give precedence to
It is not

any author.

meant that


consists of quotations,

nor of borrowed sentences from anyone, for such

not the case.


a statement of the Science
in healing,


as a

Formula or guide
offered in the



chiefly for students, teachers and healers, and to


it is

hope that



prove a

friend in the time of need.

The Author.

mind does not

uni instructed

readily accept

the ethics of this Science as Truth, hence


generally necessary for those
enter this useful
field in


are willing to

reform, to receive from a

good teacher

of the

Science a course of lessons.

After having read standard works, and taken a
course of instruction, those truly interested can and
will arrive at a practical understanding of the sys-


If the reader should not

be able to accept our




have the satisfaction of know-

ing that the application of this system has cured
multitudes of helpless worthy people, and that to-day
it is

doing more to rid humanity of disease than


the drugs on earth can do.
satisfaction of

it is

have the further
accepted and sup-



ported by the best thinkers, by the educated and the
refined people of the world,

and knowing that


entire or the Universe It is neither it Agnosticism nor Pantheism. hence is saved from the unscientific assertion that visible objects are "nothing. it and the pervades them in All. all exist in it. not assuming any mortal function or shape. the universal and essential Substance. for.or Truth honors this Science. Omnipresent. Christian or Spiritual Science holds that in is no sense a visible. God is formulated personality." as the Bible has is " All . not as anthropomorphic. pro- jects itself as thoughts or ideas. that all visible the cause or Source of things. even as worlds and visible objects. All visible things derive existence from it this great Sea of Deity. they all. Invisible. essence or Being of Deity Spirit. to be Good. it certainly does not hold that visible things are God. understood." Spirit. It declares that God is the Supreme and Universal Unchangeable. or comprehended. while denies that God can be visible. its we will now epitomize DOCTRINES OR ETHICS. or. is It claims that the the Sea of Invisible as Omnipresent or all-extended as Nature itself. that God not and cannot be local. nor be an expression ever to be seen. Our is Science holds that this universal Sea of Spirit it is essential Substance or Intelligence.

God. flesh. hence it is proper to think of ideas as being. etc. thoughts. think where Life. either to the invisible universal Spirit as God. immortal and as extended as the other there is and no "other.No consideration is independent of Spirit. the fathomless wholes the unknowable. No absolute entity belongs to soul. changeable terms for Being. as strictly. or Neither so-called visibility. for everything visible is phenomenal. nor can anything possess externeity. it outness. Writers and teachers in our Science have not noted sufficiently the distinction between Existence and Being. for there no separate as a spirit. a mind or a The only absolute or Life in the universe. is the Infinite Spirit. blood. and of their essence as for ever . bones. man a life." in the sense of separate entity. sense objects were first Visible or the ideas or thoughts of Creative Intelligence. ideas could only ical sight. or even is is not. or to ideas. and one as real. come out to phys- by reflected phenomena. Being the real. for God and Spiritual Man are only interis . and as ideas they are real and eternal. Existence should be applied to phys- ical or visible objects. These millions of varying to existence. nor 1 ' constitute God or Spiritual Man in Science. e. i. all is because One. and always applies to the invisible. but like theology and common is thought have treated these as one. u matter.

for reincarnation. even eternal is and immortal. of the word ex.invisible yet immortal or eternal in idea. entity. and the establishing conceptions of ripest thought. the only method by which personal existence can be claimed as our immortality. but it does apply to mortal body. exist. is such as Existence. you will have solved the problem and will know that Immortal Invisible our conception of Man is God. it certainly cannot apply to God. take again a body of flesh. and sistere which means to stand to stand out or hence This become visible means to exist. Do not confound God in Science with the theolog- . Many Once in the understanding of the Science of Life. or to say that they The Latin meaning emerge. nor can apply to Immortal Man. biblical. to It is from meaning from . are The Theosophical claims scientific. We may. or out of. if we choose. even many earth experiences. or reincarnation. have not come up to Spiritual Science where true conceptions or being are found. of the real. re-births are occurring in the present period. When to these ideas or conceptions Nature gives visible or reflected expression. the earthly. to appear. Those who define immortality to mean existence or visible expression. the evolved or manifested man. while being Re-birth. then it is proper to refer to exist. and have another. of immortality is Existence is the transitory 5 temporal state.

etc. while speaking of visible man. is Spirit. earthly man. As ence this Science teaches that flesh. so rejects all belief in the reality of so-called " matter. phenomenal man does not own Spirit. or stronger these are God. yielding beliefs forever. to man's man's entity. or is an inverted repre- sentation of the face. ' ' matter " has no entity. God's love. and are no more is the real than the picture reflected on the canvas the real. thought names intelligence. bones and blood are not is Man. is life. or man's life. is God's entity. as it teaches that visible body or existit not like Deity. having progressed outward from its once invisible sensitive state. ture is not the face after As the photograph is void of sensation. is but Spirit possesses the itself.. A reflection is thrown from the human face or form by focalized power upon the sensitized plate in the camera. for we turn from such narrow. while these are the real. is Love. God sa}~ Entity. which but temporal still. obtained by chemical pro- The face has its picture taken. so the body and all . cesses. but the picall. It is not scientific to say God's for spirit. Xo more for mortal is it proper spirit. God's Life. no at best all objects beheld no and by sense are siniply reflections.ical belief of God as consisting of form and visible expression like the existing temporal man." That which common life. and a negative.

and now having your both. and are only reflections or negative expressions of the real. the both are reflections. When you seem to . and the reflection you claim to see in the mirror is simply the so-called u matter" or the reflection which we call the body. simply the invisible you between it is the physical you and the mirror. You are looking from the mirror and toward yourself. but only one. That which you seem which you call to behold in the mirror and is a reflection of yourself. yourself. we is.10 visible objects are void of sensation. the real real. We mean just what we are be and we are now correcting a long standing belief or delusion. saying here. That which is is claimed by sense to be in the mirror. Standing before a mirror an optical illusion presents itself. for you are not looking anything in the glass. nor at an image on the chemical pre- paration adhering to the other side of the glass. neither is the entity. your hand. and you are looking by deflected only. that while it is My point you claim to see reflection in the mirror. you claim your to see in it a reflection of that which you call face. You are the omnipresent eye of Spirit looking every way. say there are not two. but at this is not true. absolutely your own vision at it face. and body which is beholding your literal the only reflection of the original idea. for just as much said man as the flesh is.

as you that believe. r Holding your finger on your right is ear as } ou claim. Now is is touch your right Looking. as in phenome- nal appearances.11 looking toward the mirror and think that you are looking at a reflection of yourself in mistake. it is a great you are looking not toward the it." is oar point. reflection is you behold your to fleshly body This absolutely true. mirror. etc. and not this statement cor- . inverted. ear opposite the right edge of the but such not true. but is from and the only. we can demonstrate While you read that ror. for it. of The vision of sense is crossed and and you " straighticay forget what manner are. this think on the optical illusion we are correcting. and anyone unfolded it. you claim your right glass. James says : " Deceiving your own is selves like unto a man beholding his natural This face in a glass. that he is not beholding a reflection of himself. Please stand before a mirear. toward the mirror. but he is actually seeing "himself" There all a deception or an illusion here. your error or delusion corrected left before the mirror. We write this seated before a large mirror and the revelation of this essential point is rendered certain." man you We say that you do not see anything in the glass is nor on the quicksilver. sufficiently in Spirit. for you see that it is your ear you are touching. for he beholdeth himself.

you observe the is two exactly the same. This is all owing to the fact that you are seeing whatever you are as a visible . and you see the space or distance the same. seems to be twelve inches beyond the a pencil or the glass. then you are looking through the quicksilver. A little thought will show you that you are not looking at a reflection ten feet.12 roct ? Hold your face or hand twelve inches from the mirror and the apparition or that which you see. drawn back to essential Substance . Step backward see from the mirror ten reflection as feet now you it. is that the you have called not in the mirror but has seemed to recede the same distance which you have. Hold end of a cane against the glass and call that which you the reflection is the exact dis- tance from the glass. and when' you or mortal mind says. the reflection or existence ceases or turns in. If you are beholding an apparition beyond the mirror. as sense tion to existence. The object you see is simply to- Again. moving your hand from and velocity of the ward the mirror. yourself. and through the brick wall back of the mirror. disappears from mortal sight through It is involution. You are the invisible idea of being reflected or turned outward through evoludie. nor even one foot back of the mirror. . expression you are not seeing in the mirror a reflection of a reflection. Now is hold your pencil or a book flatwise against or near the glass.

in the im- mortal state yet it it is absolutely invisible to mortal sight. itself may again manifest. what Jesus meant by. Spirit— God. man comes out to so all fruits. with the illusion called viz. To is decay or pass from sight. and vegetation come forth from the is from Spirit which the true seed. The conceptions. through the procreative or generative principle If this is a fair solution of on the physical plane. the universal Sea. are delayed now for the involutions or turn- ing back of the bodies that will disappear. cereals invisible. flowers. the thought. and then to re-clothe the idea with flesh and live another existence on earth. but in its own order. . or what Jesus meant about Elijah and John. The grass. and again clothe flesh. are now hidden in the invisible realm of causation. "If I go I will come again. and forever beyond the reach of dissolution. The invisible idea. or Spirit. births. demand and supply are equal. and the evolutions to be. embodiment. reincarnation. hence of course lost to sensuous vision." .13 . fruit and leaves to spring next year. for action and reaction. animal and human. But remember. a year hence. the pattern— or as it theology and philosophy would express or spiritual idea is — the spirit immortal. not see the Truth of it unless sufficiently spir- As the being or ideal entity of the spirit of identity. you have the benefit but may itual. to existence.

It is as animal mind intelli- improper to hold that is this is gence or Spiritual as it is Man reflected expression. Materialism denies that there but holds that . Man. while this no one who believes illusion. invis- which threw out the reflected expression of existence. nor the carnal mind must exercising its brief illusions in every part of its the flesh. has a good under- standing of immortality. physical seeming to be Man. will remain in entity. for the flesh is mirror re- the only reflection. aggregated expression called We neither mean the flesh. this reflection. activities in the flesh. . you think of the chiefly by the term you Spiritual earthly physical deals. is With- draw from the mirror and there cept your body. Our clear Scientists have the key to immortality. e. than there is in the flection. the body or ghost will soon disappear. and will continue as unending as God If or the eternal NOW. From sees that the above reasoning in Science the reader we deny the being of is "matter" Spirit.14 There is then no more reality in the ghost. body with which physiology fail to certainly comprehend the higher understanding of the term. so no reflection ex- when Spirit suspends vitalizing i. the reflection. in immortality or being. so-called. but ible or spiritual idea the mental. for both the flesh and cease. the illusion called flesh. to hold that God this this expression.

Common Spirit and " matter. to sense sight. thing.15 " matter" substance." Facing the common will claim that gence or Spirit was first. that thoughts or ideas are the real and that these. The common were produced belief is that ' ' God or Spirit was prior all visible is to "matter. it and was the only first. they will tell a Scientist that something " ! was made from " nothing Xo solution of this problem comes up to correct understanding but Christian or Spiritual Science. nor are they another substance. yet claims that thought holds that there is Spirit. reflect their shape outward None of these visible or sense ob- jects are the real. matter " or things but the difficulty of. . is the basic principle. The real are always the spiritual or invisible ideas." but this position of the past is rapidly yielding to Science or better thought. being products of Spirit and in the Infinitude of Being. intelligent some . some one who says tell " matter" came forth afterward." and that later. was there was then no second if that which was first was Spirit then it was not intelli- "matter. us what it ? came from when there was not anything but Spirit To surmount the barrier on which they are stranding. the one and only is Spiritual Science holds that there it is but one substance. It holds as above argued. to tell us what "matter" was made fore it when Spirit was be- or If first.

perhaps one here may aid the reader toward comprehending the fact that Spirit is omnipresent water. i. even reduced to will invisibility. he thinks into idea beautiful statuary before he chisels out the visible expressions. is The existence of every visible expression will cease or disappear. not any even from the minutest thought or in all invisible atom Nature or the universal realm. so Spirit the finer. . even the in- visible spaces of thought or mind. verse. fills the interstices between the fine shot and as light comes through the coarser fills atoms of glass. separate the water even of As you cannot be separate from by thought from any atom Spirit the sponge. e. When by the law of aggregation these invisible atoms of Spirit coalesce into the cruder state. it represent the uniof the sponge is versal Sea of No atom hidden or separate from the water.16 To illustrate: an artist sees. In more elaborate works we use various comparisons. The latter can be spoiled. : Think of a large sponge filled with entire uni- Let the sponge represent the and let the water filling Spirit. As water in a cup. but the spiritual conception never be destroyed. but the is temporary and ideal or spiritual form eternal and beyond decay. Teachers of all ages have used visible objects to represent Truth.. assuming expression. had being spiritual conception or thought. first Every in visible object that exists. no more can place.

but not " matter.. thing is. <?. now meets Spencer. inert. they are Spirit." and doubly weak when they define "matter" to be u dead. or assume a natural are produced of form. Mill or any other thinker who argues that bioplasm and visible formations result from in~ visible atoms. *." everywhere. etc. Tin- Huxley. It is logical to say that any- in quality. and as all sense objects are the outer expression of Spirit. the animal. then the tions are Spirit forma- and not " matter." The or invisible atoms. lifeless. all the substance that they It is folly for materialists to assert that these in- visible atoms. If visible or sense objects atoms. the flower. yet still denies universal Intelligence or Spirit. dall. We shall follow and press closely while the opposer confronts Truth." for all atoms of Spirit remain Spirit even after they manifest. and the atoms are Spirit. Will he say that atoms void of intelligence or Spirit .IT it will do to call such mind. have simply been focalized cemented by cohesion. no reasoning God is it being Wisdom and able to resist the logic or Truth of Science when holds that every atom in the universe Spiritual Science is Intelli- gence. to explain Spiritual Science challenges opposition how matter and leaf. possess is Spirit. ideas and thoughts are "matter. the mineral. nonintelligent atoms form themselves in the the tree. that of which it is formed.

free from chance or compromise but error. virtually to accept our position in Science. are the omnific and extended Soul. Deity or Sea ? To deny and to tions. and while the solution of Being on a material fails.. ideas. the All. in forma- deny that they place themselves and then to admit the presence of intelligence directing and placing the atoms into visiis and order ble manifestations. etc." No one. materia medica. that atoms form thoughts. we think they While materialism and its allies." we know that Intelligence can not ligently use the term " nothing. and believers in a personal Deity of limitations and visible shape. in this Science needs to say that these reflections are " nothing." but better in time. there is no matter. hence. which are weighed and found wanting before progressive plane utterly spiritual Truth. with one logical conclusion. however." fess to teach the " Science of intel- Some who call pro- Being " these sense will see expressions " nothing. Spiritual Science makes no "All asserts with higher claims: is Spirit.IS place themselves in the myriad symmetrical forms of Nature? Or. see that the sum total of atoms constituting all- universal infinity. it is not necessary to amplify this . will thinkers agreeing with this Science. are unable to maintain their beliefs and theories. such as physiol- ogy.

for these fundamental doctrines in Mental Science are established. When this mortal or it reflected mind pleads the verity of its claims. pain. While Spiritual Science exposes the illu- sion. and no one should call them " curses. after proper growth. sin. so chemicalizing mental forces called etc. we deny the evil reality of so-called There can be no anywhere because of the and omnipresence of omnipotence. All affliction." it. and that is universal Good. While we learn from these discoveries that sense or mortal sight is illusory. pain and sorrow are actual blessings. We God evil.19 thesis. are illusions and mental states. respect the honest views and for this reason often . A Mental Healer would and feelings of his patient. As phenomenal objects are not the real but all are the manifestations of the real. so makes clear the fact that the claims of sense touching disease are illusions or deceptions. hence while is God is omni- present and Good. hold that universal Good is God. . This deflected state of together with its beliefs. the ghost called " matter. mind is is the believer. for such are blessings disguised. of ideas. must not be accepted as Truth or as reality. and mortal and transitory. that painful or pleasurable emotions are illusions of the sense of feeling." and proves it it to be only an idea reflected. so all students of this Science will see. disease. omniscience Good.

20 refuses to converse orally. confident. scientific thought. impart Truth by conversation. thefaith or trust of present. and worthy the name ' ' of a Scientist. he secures the benefits of the hope. he will do all his work by the sci- ence of silence. that such is actual blessing. that he cannot. will rule the mind of the patient If or of attendants without a single verbal request. but to the patient's senses it seems so real and so out of order. Prudence and decorum go cure. If fully in the Science the healer will first be able from the to allay the patient's fears. This insures success and in moment all of the healer's quiet. the healer is calm. His or her mental poise which always governs phys ical deportment. He should now be- gin a mental conversation with the patient's fears and feelings." or rather he will be the passive in- strument through which Truth. to be the natural and knows it all and divine order for spiritual growth. Spirit while he called is quiet. Right here an equilibrium or harmony between Divine energy and is human fear obtained. will act. these are necessary to far toward effecting respect and command that hope. and God impresses the fearful ones trusting who him and soon the calm this mind of all present expects good results. under these conditions. The student in this Science knows the delusive nature of grief or pain. but it must be remembered it is .

do not permit the . and they When great cures are O wrought to self. here lest they have done the work. nor by power. heady nor high-minded." "The make you free." Truth silent. in meekness of spirit to the couch of the afflict- Do not allow the mortal boaster —the pride of mind —to come up in weakness. might. The intellect it is the dominant or masculine element." When the healer is work is removed from person. they are neither "giddy. It the "Prince of this world. from in- from words which often harm. freaks. ' but be glad 'Forbid them when you hear not. quietly. but finds naught in them to or make war upon." but they are meek and trusting. Truth does the work.21 SPIRIT OR "Not by saith the TRUTH THAT HEALS. Lord. Spirit. tellect. These persons are Love and harmony. The truly spiritual are not ruled by intellect. them they take no glory feel that is (DO of in fact they full of the Spirit of are the best healers. work on do not fear others should obtain greater praise. your power. but by Spirit." of their good works. They have overcome all so that Divine Life or Spirit rules their ways and thoughts. God through do not Healers." it comes to the stir meek. Go ed. and then Wisdom. nor They are not disturbed by intellectual by any mortal is attacks hurled at them. shall the "The Spirit is Truth.

for those who if hear. anything. working only mentally and and then Truth Healer.22 thought. about it. known. me and come flock- ing to me. and we know As all healing comes from Spirit through goodis ness and understanding. cure by "now those opposers will hear of a great the people of wealth will not. and the report and that your will visit go out that you utterly failed. is trusting. us the works. you flesh. O true teachers and healers in this great work! are ? you Are you honest ? Are you feeding the hungry se- temporally and spiritually? or in your boasted clusion. sought your own glory — you sowed to the not to the Spirit. do you shut up your compassion? How then dwelleth Good in you ? Show fruit. harmed instead of helped the patient.. the the tree. never that disease. praised. ." They will and if you are by the couch of pain with such weakness and pride. conclude that you do not Their con- understand much. and we know the worker. through When God the mortal are is the spiritual shines. tell your patients they have this or Never while is. you will soon meet rebuke of God. so true diagnosis intuition or spiritual perception. visiting patients inquire what their disease for then you weaken confi- dence. Thus. when you quiet. hides.

. while early Christianity was to the " Greeks foolishness. quietly learns all their fears beliefs. for work is done at the moment in which . that it is It is said impossible to lay down any form is to be followed in this system. And now we would impart one example. seated We are now is by the sufferer. How- ever. and when healers are wise they will themselves modestly listen. and this almost true. but to do homage to the simplicity of Truth. they will expect good results in some way. Hav- ing told all. as the Bible expresses a " fool .23 ditions. it needs to be willing to become it. not for others to imitate. The healer in true understanding:. This is human nature. is mentally treating the case while hearing about it. i. Successful treatments are very simple. In this is way the Spiritual Healer who knows and their that disease only a mental state of agitated or discordant mind. and hence they will be receptive. that it is ridiculous in the mind of the world. e. and he or another for him telling us the symptoms or the troubles as he sees them. and to the Jews a stumbling block.? for Christ's. which they call diseases. One who attempts for Truth's sake. It is so unlike any other system." we hope and work on. "We are called to visit a patient or one in pain through any cause whatever. should be spiritu- ally discerned. and right here the successful they expect.

I know you feel for actual bad. e. "but what He knows flesh to feel.24 here is the benefit of their hope and faith." say to your spirit — which or the Sea of Spirit — "if Be hopeful just so much my will and will ways cross thine. and these also are modes of mind." ." you will soon much you better. or in a similar feel manner : " Peace be with you. Now you are is trusting and this bringing God is or Truth working and trust of Deity in . The dis- quieting fears and the pains feel are in the sen- suous mind. i. you as " a consuming fire. good is to result is from this distress. is HE SAYING?" it is that it is impossible for the manifested the sensitive and hence that and friends. mind of the patient feels and not the flesh that the pain.. He speaks mentally to fear and that mind. therefore he talks is to mind. for thou art right and Good. These are the chemicalizing forces or agitations resulting from the conflict between you is and and Spirit. rest. he speaks to doubt or grief. the healer may bow to they have said and continue the treatment in the simple yet wise principles of the Science. he communicates with diseased minds as follows. but no curse visited upon you. show me and I will yield my to thee. Now what without verbal reply. for the it is Divine Principle everywhere working it is in you for good. He thinks.

disposition. While now I am you in Divine Science. and. and they are of all varieties. which you remember so keenly. but they are mind-forces in the is flesh. I see that you have not been understood by your and you do not understand yourself. neither indeed it ean be. and such it is not real. the better and life before you because joy. Truth reveals the reflections of mesmeric forces from others and they east affect you. not subject to the ways of God. in you as mortal mind. i. or spirit that feels pain. Trusting one. or so much of God. all others you are full of beliefs. will have strength for treating your trials. name fears legion." for of patience in suffershall receive great all " Count and it all you benefit. Like friends. see the improved kinder ing. but your trouble not }^ou. and oneness can not be broken. like the sensitized plate. so images or fears are upon you. in understanding. As it never submits. They Their are not images visible to physical sight on your flesh. you are a sensitive identity. even in the silence of thought. It is not the immortal. Some of them. for this affected never by sin or any harm. . is the real. it is to be over- come. caused by . and now I all am Spirit is shows me your trouble. but always illusory. e.25 Your being is that portion of the great Sea which this we may call your spirit. are the and regrets in your sensitive mind. the usefulness. helping you. is you are the mind of sense.

These invisible and eternal. this into with others. your doubts. In all the active mind which seems to be you. and you are this.. from others are invisibly working and annoying your sensitive mind. are immortal. e. or spirit. no more than you are the These modes or states real. recollections or mental forces. <?. are hid with Christ. Fear is frightening and tormenting that part of your is is mind which one of the images or i. being. but . you are not your fears. your body. Again. incorrectly. You are not your body. and the illusion in this this is not true. and this mortal itself mind "matter. they are simply temporary if These would be eternal real. e. i. but they calls are mortal mind's beliefs. mentagrams. these strange workings and fears I see no disturbance of the real... other images.the relations you have been drawn guilty. of entity." It has mortal eyes and they see glass darkly. they are not Spirit. viz. nor Life. not your pain. not your spirit. griefs. mind calls flesh the real man. i. but the mental aura. for these i. to such realities for they are only many words Immortal- which mean but one great thought. these will end. they are neither entity. e. no harm can come ity. clothes around of carnal. with Life in God. your your disease. mortal mind are not illusions. .. rather imaginations. in- telligence. or as through a smoked They see the mortal or manifested mind.

while their of forces or is mind waves from occasion. . I must simply be the instrument. and have been since I began this treatment. but as Spirit. the which is My is spirit. am not acting as a I do not see even my own personality. would this be error trying to destroy error with and would be the influence mind. nor need my intellectual it words address themselves If I your mortal ear of sense. during Now. dear ment and patient. need not allow my to hands to come in contact with your personality. discovering all your internal conditions. Diety. and your while I have not spoken an audible fears. nor do I see the personal identity I which belief or error calls you. is and understanding that disease not caused by the physical or by an}.27 And now while my physical eyes are still closed. mortal now. but by the mental forces in every atom of your body and by the same kind others. itself. I word to am receiving a full understanding of your I mentally agitated condition. would thus come it in contact would be physical dependence. is now curing you and this spiritual healing it must not be interrupted by giv- ing either your body or your mind one atom of drugs. while I spiritual diagnosis. . for God is sufficient. and such is of animal mind over animal this treat- mesmeric and psychologic. Your doctor who believes "matter" is the real. am.visible thing. mind mingling in your mind.

is as Jesus was. In the beauty and wisdom of this spiritual or Christ-method of healing. the "fever. or psychologized . not to you but to and now mesmerized. spirituality of childall hood detests so much but he would cease contact and material fears ministration. in the name of Truth. I say to you : "Awake! . your fears rapidly increase and is true enough. Your mind has been is soothed and rested I your pain therefore abated. and then gives your body." All this is your mind human mind talking. You method are now treated in this simple. which was disordered your troubled mortal and now its and and fretted states are ceasing. he would not pursue his present methods which the purity and . If he. am communing spiritually with that fear. or by the power of another in better understanding. the fear or the psychologic delusion is broken by his change of mind. like the mind healer." which simply the fric- tion or agitation of mind. begins and will continue until the belief. could see that your entire trouble troubled mind. His practice injures by telling your mortal ears that you have this disease or that. into terrible beliefs. yet wise of Science Healing. and would allay your tell by his mental power.2S takes hold of your pulse and examines your tongue and person. and that you "are threatened with a severe fever. and you there is no harm to befall you. or puts upon it dead lifeless things. .

delusion of sense. of Spirit. or a cooling and then a warming sensation was vividly experienced." and this belief is the prevailing curse. Now you from are turning from error you are turning all anger. I distinctly - . hate. perhaps for this time. because spirit- ually. revenge and these disturbing influences wich affect and disease the mind and body by Truth. internally and externally. saving influence or power of Truth. in whose Invisible is. Being your real entity and from which it will never be lost. or God.29 thou that sleepest. and that they ' ' decided to give up all harsh- ness toward certain persons and desired to see to apologize for the past." Some remark that during treatment all their fears left them. Your great It is the your belief in " matter. jealousy. Sometimes they say I felt : " While you were treating me uncommon forces throughout my system : at times a tingling. or Now I leave you in the com- forting. . for your dream or error is belief of not real. strife. remarking variously. AUDIBLY TO THE PATIENT the Healer now says : " That is sufficient. and has ever been." them "All Another will say : the pain and discomfort have left me." Patients right here often mention the experiences felt during treatment." rouse from the dream in which you have long been sickness is held. and you are to be entirely cured morally.

I communion with live a better the Divine Spirit and I resolved to life. Not only in the church. and with respect toward physicians " You do not feel the need of drugs now." : They look at the healer and ask " Is this the system you use to cure every- body? Don't you give any drugs at all?" And now the Science Healer with the same peace and calmness of mind. the prayer circle. joyous and pleasing remarks. I am made happy. "even the strength and vigor of youth. I drew near to God. do . and with healing assurance.30 realized that the tumor grew less. replying as says : God leads. all and the trouble in I feel a my stomach and joints has subsided. for my heart parI felt sacred took of the same peace that I experienced when he forgave my sins and made me his child. these noble ones are blessed at times so their " cup runneth over. but in the for humanity. and truer want to go and begin visit work anew joy of soul in my me church and specially to and and comfort the poor. or will I relapse to my old troubles?" Another remarks: " While being treated." every whit Why really whole. and they partake of the common joy. for I am I believe cured and All true healers in Science hear these and a multi- tude of trusting. fill O how much ! of true rest ! this hour. Will this continue. work of charity and in the healing-room of a true Scientist. wonderful improvement.

and then in the Science are given. he or she tells the if patient to cheer up. curing you. if inquiries usually made. avarice. for it is full of The healer. Turn' from it. superior to poor. .31 you on ( Would you ? take drugs now for any one of the troubles or diseases rue you claimed when you called " The reader may imagine the reply by one This is saved of God. such as felt : some facts " The forces you scientific in the system were the power of thought accompanied by the Spirit of Truth. the new religion establishing in human hearts. God and this power was saving. even the religion of Science. e. and the failing theology of to-day. to trust and call again sire to. hence much error. Thoughts are things and they are the also }~ou visible. he takes pleasure in answering questions and imparting light." but anger." is This healing the work of Science and hence is if permanent fear. malice or modes of mind are . revenge. explains a few time permit. if not. saving soul and body. or born anew of the Spirit. after treatment and after the various remarks and thoughts. lame creeds. he de-< Wlien the healer is not pressed to attend upon others in waiting. with Life in- with Truth or with i. of these jealousy. selfishness. real forces were communing with Spirit. if you " continue any in well doing. pride.

or even the development of various conditions called disease. and the result secured in this ter than to ask the patient to way is bet- abandon them. they will." No healer will be. These sensations are common and It is after all we seriously doubt the utility of treatments that stir never the patients consciousness. nor the chemicalizing effects that many who others feel. and while patient's mind is holding to such. 1 ' says one. should first call practitioners a surgeon to put the bone in place. If the trouble be a broken limb we claim that our are not surgeons. together with the mesmeric influences of others mingling in your mind. The healer after one or two successful treatments will find the patient willing to turn from all external appliances and from every drug. claim that the experi- " But. a fact that some are cured who do not experience these emotional vibrations. but mental treat- ment can after all prevent the limb from swelling. prove that they are not treated in Science but mesmerically. condemn his own work. and whoever he may he will approve such ex- periences and forces of Truth his when experienced by own patient. prove the cause of continued trouble.32 continuously indulged. "some ences of patients during treatment as above related. will The mind can be so treated that he have no desire for material remedies. . for no success will be obtained while the patient his is undecided.

and everywhere. but also affirm yet deny that the real or Spirit consists of any visible shape. and. space of the- mortal body. this Science takes issue with the generally accepted conclusions and does not pro- pose to be subject to these failing beliefs. It is probable that we are not understood here by . in anatomy. blood and bones. at the time such conditions can be handled so unskillf uily that they may progress to a diseased state. these are not the real. The form or shape Spirit. The same reader must understand that a dislocated or broken limb is not classed with disease proper . but their sub- stance. its higher understanding is in Spiritual Our claim that God spirit invisible Spirit.33 and will facilitate the work of natural healing. though it is man in belief. From the above remarks will be seen that we claim enough reality in the mortal to possess flesh. for every visible sense object is but effect. nor is this visible fleshly appearance Al- admitted to be real Man in Spiritual Science. not only admits the presence of DivineLife —usually called our we —in the it. which is is eternal and of course invisible. secondary and temporal. but to maintain Science. yet as previously stated. be- cause of this trouble. and to the judgment of the senses. of these visible reflections is not eternal or immortal. fear may cause development of it disease elsewhere in the system.

is God solely because it the invisible side of Nature. By the Absolute . and a Theosophist. We life." "a refuse to human " our belief. . is it because it is Intelligence. or the moon to be a woman. nor She.. that physical spirit. Again the terms " our soul. employ the common re" God's Spirit. nor a soul independent of the Absolute One. a Spiritualist. and the As we call the Sun He and moon her because of ex- tension and power. life. One. without claiming the Sun to be a man.34: all. because viz. we mean Nature or the its Universe entire with special reference to portion invisible which invisible portion means the one unThis lat- broken or Universal Sea of airy expanse. Him. are correcting the the error of ancient thought. etc. on the point at issue. Thou. . ter is All-extended Spirit confess. His." life. we marks. so it is proper enough to say He. as applied to gender. It is God.. who argues No one has a a spirit. admit that each are equally noble and represent much of Truth. still we hold that no one is in Science or understanding. spirit." " man's spirit. Father. She. and God Power." etc. a personality. it is the only God we We acknowledge no God as a masculine or a feminine person entitled to the appellations He. Omnipresence. man has a a soul or a While we respect and a Theologian. separateness or independent entity. the It is vast expanse of Spirit. when addressing the Sea of Invisibility." are misleading.

or else I have no plaee. And if I have no place at all. nor the Invisible Christ which means not a man." If Thou wast here before I was. is the sum total of Invisibility. Then I am God. gasses or the opposite of cosmos if it is the is night and the light of Nature. That we now describe is no man. there's no such God at all. whose author we do not know. less than the Universe.35 Source." is true. Christ is God not "three" neither Jesus nor is God. that no separate spirit is given to any mortal. Thv body is the Universe. Protoplasm. is a life nor anything . And if I am not part of Him. I am not here at all.D. Substance or Spirit. God is not a spirit. How could I live outside of Thee? There surely is dost Thou fill earth and air? no place for me outside of Everywhere If Thou art God. ether. but that Bible saying. SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE. Ph. but the Christian Religion. but not a God for such would be a limitation. it is the . or you prefer. Thy Spirit is its Soul. neither Gautama That we Buddha. It is Infinite or Supreme . The One *Re-arranged by A. Agreeing with the science of this inspiration. Eternal./i# Immensity. Swarts.* Thou Great. we must be honest and admit that our highest solution of Being is. think as you will. the great unbounded Whole. and thou dost fill Immensity of space. Principle. for then I'd be somewhere. if Thou art "All in All. Infinite. it God. "God one. Jesus. no matter if I'm small. " Banished" I surely cannot be. or if I am not here. I surely am a part of God. J. now describe air. . it is Cause or Creator. If Thou dost.

viz. yet outlined by the limitations of our body. but the physical body can be taken back lost to sense. to the Invisible or God. but consciousness will never cease. is the Life or Spirit in everything. or that Consciousness. the animal or angel. the trees.. but I say that you and my Father are One. . call mem- you your spirit. is simply the portion of Infinity within. Spirit or Life that the flesh was given Neither man. Our body we is the ghost. nor from you .36 Spirit or Principle. intelligence. When my body It will of flesh it disintegrates or resolves to invisibility. so You will never be Your being is now limited and you are not now. disease nor death could take from him. the grass. but. sent or called forth from Substance or the Sea of Spirit. This ghost or seeming reality it and then will. not disunited from Spirit the Whole. will give up. God. then and the Father will be One. return to air. the rest from . for you are God the Infinite and away. ory. but will continue what you of the one much Whole or God. you are immortal and I invisible. my body and the Father are not One. into the invisible Sea and At this event you will not go now are. and hence the spirit we call our spirit. will remain invisible and enjoy the bliss. is Omnipresence. as extended as the Universe entire. be lost to sense. is I do not say that your body or your ghost are. Jesus giving up the ghost simply meant up. through involution.

but after a time we will take another . To not to die. c ' I will never leave nor forsake you. Spirit will new full of aches. you "will come again. The generi. physical or animated begetting by the flesh and this conception or is simply the continuation or Spirit. it assumes bioplasm in the highest is expression of existence. and further.37 mortal strife. We will we keep can. for." but rest will be with you. that the fleshly ghost is not the real. It will not depart but will remain to mingle in the mind of others here. e. it is masculine and feminine. cides to When it this principle deis come out and now to existence. of your former earth . . but the or plane die then of sense. know flesh. you will reincarnate again or make a body. consummation of that which was begun in Through this process of evolution. the begetting in Spirit. ative principle of Spirit is dual or polar. which body will be but a ghost pains and sensations. not from animals quadrumanous. the body which we have made as long as then we will let it go back for an indefinite period into Being. After you have had enough and you cease to dread the experiences life. but from Spirit through physical media. for there no death. In these it progresses to the generative plane of life. it will be very active. you will come out from the protoplasmic atoms which will be floating like invisible air. e. will judge is it to is be the real. and that in human bodies." i.

Although an idea may be obtained from the above formula. either absent. and spirit. . for you it is im- peachable idolatry to worship a limitation when you are the Whole. neither the healer nor any other should conclude that we follow it as a rule. We are governed by be. neither is it necessary for healers to commit and follow any form. distinct or separate is from your own Life or are the Highest. e. speculation. i. very evident.. however. e. for the silent part of the It is work is about fifteen minutes. It would not to use the same words at each treatment same person. We vary seem wise of the more or less in each case. for the treatment of every disease treats all known. a kinds of disease with the . and so every healer must Our formula Mental Healer herein gives a fair idea. at a distance. however. the case in hand. THE AVERAGE TIME FOR TREATMENT PROPER. is Heaven. i. ness. that the best work of the treatment may occur during the first two or three minutes of this time. too misleading. for we will have much more.38 body and make learned it finer and better. One clearly inducted into the Science will always be able to conduct a treatment properly. or it spirit world. implies separate- To conjecture about a God.

Simply proceed with the understand- ing of Science and condition know that it is only a mental you have to deal with. was ruiable then. comes with any if external affliction it hinders the work the healer examines it.39 same general methods. not real. the sin. Nor is it attended with the best results to deny his claims when he tells you he has this or that disease. and unwise for him ever to make If a patient physical examination. he cured all. It is true that the healer all knows the delusive and the unreal nature of the claims of earthly mind. and he usually undertook their cure. then you permanently cure your patient. Proceed in the same . and is now. the deed. There is no evidence that nor a fourth of those whose cure he It undertook. for to the plane of sense the pain although to Truth or understanding it is is real. to re- port the cures but not the failures." Jesus of his to treat the beliefs and fears patients with kindly consideration. It is not necessary to his thoughts argue orally nor mentally with the patient in an attempt to convince him that he feels no pain. but we are now on a question of exis pediency— "He that winneth was accustomed souls wise. The Science healer never needs to admit the realiit is ty of disease. Find the mental cause. merely adapting to the case. remove this by mental treatment only. or the fear that produced it.

prevent the is state that can. are simply the active It can workings of the Absolute One. Truth. literal contact. and guaranteed to every citizen by the Constitution of the United States. the body of the patient. This work of introducing or spiritual Truth is new views of religious our religion. the authors in the Metaphysical system. that our healers do not profess to do the work of curing. Spirits. Science healing never operates It forbids on a patient in any material manner. be strongly proven in any court. even when the mind has distorted the physical. East or West. and all Remember. Under the religious freedom of our land we shall obey God and conscience by teaching . etc.40 wa}'. even our most sacred right.. student. influences. and claim that we do not treat the physical. for certainly we neither use an atom of drugs nor any appliance whatever. No law has yet been enacted by any court. the one and only Spirit or omnipresent Life does the work of Spiritual Healing. before a proper work of healing in the manner it wrought through this Science. but that Truth the Supreme and Invisible does the work. and from first to last our system teaches that God. ignore every form of physical treatment. or God. that your teacher. Our federal Constitution says that no state shall enact laws that will abridge the rights or immunities of the citizens.

sit with indifferent manner gazing around. sit Usually the healer should two or three feet from the his patient. but both should be earnestly attentive. during treatment. Such should be kindly enlightened. for the healer hearing the case or instructing the patient or friends. Why turn your back on Neither the patient nor the healer should. or to instruments through afflicted person. but simply wish treatment. The patient should be in a passive. Some patients insist are cured by told hearing the Science. and thereby we be the shall continue to treat disease mentally. an earnest healer will sit nal things.41 Truth and the purer ways of living. impressible and receptive state. and they all upon being about it. they can now compel such healers in one or two states to procure license. whom God may cure ' ' any If you employ the term magnet- ism" in healing. Cures are more permanent Others do not care to hear about the system. with eyes closed to shut from his mind exterAlso. Some this. direct the healer to sit with back to the patient. The first visit is usually requires the most time. with eyes closed during the silent treatment and will thus do better work. . but no good reason can be given justifying that It is more natural to sit so you can see your patient's facial expression when you speak anyone ? to him.

not to escape pain. Think kindly and dwell much upon all pleasant. can have the confidence of the family he will succeed much better. well. "I will not hold to disease. but to share the burdens of others. When his thoughts return . teach yourself to forget disease by cultivating indifference toward it. you lead him to fixed law of reflex action. Dictate terms to disease and assume that its you are master. Do not look upon its it as real or as having any entity or power of own. increase them through the In this you receive harmful results by compelling his psychologic thoughts. Afflicted one. they cease to talk about their troubles or disease. cheering themes. to act injuriously upon every part of your system. patient or any afflicted person would get well. of all people." Do not talk of disease to any- When you tell your healer. Forgive unkindness. charged with your own disclosures and fears. Neither the patient nor healer should talk much If the about the diseases. I will get one. nor should either mention the names must of the diseases after the first visit. Overcome evil with good. Affirm often every day. Resolve upon patience.42 where the patients receive some of the If the healer principles. or any other friend. of your worse conditions. If he is in the clear rules of the Science he will usually be able to com- mand the confidence and respect of all.

sick. pale. Your understanding evils. and from conversing with those who oppose Mind-Healing. of the patient. Spiritual Science is is the understanding of these mental laws." "terrible. disregard or ignorance are the mind-forces that slay you. fails or improves. their their system. Abstain from drugs. harm. While the patient does as above. and much more of untold worth. "You look well!" it a day to remark to an afflicted perso much better! you will surely get often causes a speedy cure. These re- marks react act upon the mind their bodies." "cannot get well. minds is upon and which both mental and physical." "You look badly. member of your body system on trial This is a mental law understood by You put our before the public.43 your own words. . as the result of what was said. therefore. insist upon your faithful efforts to keep the Truth or Science saves only through obedi- ence. " worse. All physicians know But when as many chance in son. Often. and even greater this." etc. back into your disordered mind. the Healer holds him in the further understanding of Science. when it three or four remark on the same day and to a sensitive person. Scientists. destroys these devils. every shares the harm. error. causes severe sickness. while fear.. of Science as Divine Truth. we must rules.

rise and walk. or even run. Real to sense. but is seeming imaginary. his beliefs or diseases. forget pain. so suffer- one's attention to other and interesting that for some time he is unconscious of any ing. and perIt is sons have died under the delusion of fear. disabled for years. Erroneous be- has often caused the state called death. It is a fact well established that persons contract disease simply lief by hearing about it. Many pointed cases can be cited. and as the attention of an .44 while Truth unclasps his fears. for slightly touching the skin with a the work. if common is toothpick will do warm water dripped upon the place and is heard running into a vessel beneath. known that when some sudden fright or danger threatens. and brings the desired result. but not to Wisdom. As the toothache is often checked mentally while on the way to the dentist. This fact of diverting the mind variously and calling the afflicted objects. quite easy to bleed a person to death without draw- ing a drop of blood. fatal A little ingenuity will do the is work if the subject blinded. goes far toward establishing the claims of is Sci- ence that pain that its evil neither a curse nor a reality. all invalids. simply by assuring afflicted or one's self that the tooth is soon to be out and pain will crying cease. but the reader has often heard these It is well facts.

for caused by loss of friends or property. should attend such persons hopelessly insane. This is the only system with which to treat. in love or other things.45 child can be diverted until it forgets its grief. like if other kinds of disease. but a far greater cent. Insanity is an unbalanced conis dition of mind. is not cured. and can so enable him to hold in mind the image of perfect health that disease yields it. but every kind known to the medical schools is constantly being cured under this method. the insane. As doctors are required to continue their visits. suc- cessfully. It. the effect of a mental strength of the subject can endure. it is drugs and reasonable to suppose that the mental process needs some time. to the greater force brought against These treatis cer- ments continued a reasonable time. Every per case. however. the cure tain. The reason that we have not enumerated of disease cured the kinds by Mental Science. is that we all claim there disease it is no limit to the kinds or classes of cures. No one who believes of them to be is Our method treatment most successfully adapted to these cases. of it is by disappointment simply a disturbed state greater shock than the mind. of patients are cured by this system than by drugs. so the Mental Healer is able to call the mind of the patient from his troubles. Drugs are entirely foreign to the first . by religious interest. of mental origin.

and the attendants. through the same reasons. Mind we say to him: Nay. cure because Mind mind claims so other drugs called poisons will kill viz. will die. the medical schools. spiritual owing to the Divine or forces operating upon the mind of the physician. and is a sense in which every drug given is a men- tal ministration. and mind does the deed. though he did not know When what the a doctor tells us that a person taking poison accidentally. of intelligence.46 principles of cure. and concludes that he has vanquished Healer. is in because the treatment the line of all the mental force of the commuskillful nity. all the volume of along the line claims it. it. the patient.. even it was. with and expectation. They are directed by Mind and the doctor cannot deny that Now we to are ready to say that the Mind directs his work. and every move there is the action of mind. When it is all benefit or cure comes through using them. Taking the drug stimulates and encourages the mind. the patient and friends. sir. On belief the same ground that certain drugs accompan- ied as above with the volume will of mind force. mind of no phar- macist or physician can prepare a remedy superior mind when rightly directed. and when relief is obtained through the use of it is these material agencies. pharmacy. you have al- simply inclined us to ask you: Does the patient . Every claim for drugs.

should settle at once the metais physical claim that cause mental or spiritual. using the secondary. it visible. The cause of either the curing is or the poisoning with drugs physical. physician and the Mind physician that the former reaches results indirectly. The difference then between the drug is. . being true. spiritual. While effect is not always visible. but the cause of both results we have stated above. Drugs have no curative the property in them they stimulate mind and thus a is mental force accompanies them. and it shows that medical but are doctors are not dealing with first principles. so he may not know the poison drug and may kill him. and being thus. it is not physical. it is found only in the and. whether good or bad. or invisible. this proves that the Principle of cure in Science is the invisible. as belief or mind yet it says. Another reason why the drug doctor is not ing mortality is lessen- owing to his unwise practice of will continue to naming the diseases. but they cure him. This rule is a fixed law. to viz. He do so . while the latter reaches them directly . and this force cause of whatever result is experienced.47 ways know the nature or kind cure t of drugs you give to While then he does not know still the drugs de- signed to cure. or effect with which remove effect. drugs. mental and not The chief cause of any result is mental. .

In other words. which to the not subject Good. and it we may only one call it is our spirit or the Holy Spirit. The chemicalizing to be understood state of the patient is an im- portant part of the ethics of this Science. and to learn both the cause and cure of disease as understood by the clear Metaphysical Scientist. by the / For physical and mental development. vitalizing invisible forces. This condition is a fermentation or effervescence in- working in the system caused by the friction of ternal forces. simply means a portion of the Universal Spirit the Life within the flesh. it is working human mind ye not that is throughout the entire body. stirred Agitated modes of mind are often vital or spiritual forces in contact. God means Being in in the all things and everywhere. power of Spirit is working in us to will and to is This omnipresent positive principle is op- posed by mortal carnal mind. there are in every human organism many and these seem to be the do. . but meant. God even now is our only The Holy Spirit within . in conflict. This is all readily understood when the in- one comprehends the fact that visible Spirit in everything. and for con- stant restoration of the body.48 until he is able to see more correctly. and needs by the healer and the patient. "Know your body in is the temple of the is Holy Ghost which you?" is This the true doctrine that life.

knows it and that cure is progressing. pain. so Truth. sickness. saving. is working in the modes of mind called sin. mixed with acids cause fermentation or a chemical- izing which brings'sweetness or harmony. The Mental or true Spiritual Healer will never enter into agreement with disease and death and thus be " sold under sin. In this experience the healer treats the fears of the patient. i. curing. When is all the patient seems to be worse or to have in- creasing distress. The order stood and of this apparent conflict is misundercalled disease. error. etc. it is During treatment this fermentation is increased by the Alkalies power of Truth destroying belief or error.49 Presence of the Divine and the seemingly present evil is the working or law Paul named : "I find then a law that when If I would do good. as many theologians and a few professed scientists hold." God were a visible personality. begetting by the power of Spirit unto harmony. evil is present with me. Spirit. and soon quiet and rest are realized. Chemicaliza- tion often proves the surest evidence that old conditions are breaking up. he could neither be in us nor be our Life. and is changing." He acts with higher un- derstanding and holds in his mental or spiritual grasp the "keys of death and hell. e. the healer in this system in order. sin. and that the patient is progressing toward perfect health. ." He it is who .

much more of rapture. The difference theology promises yet never It fulfills. but philosophy garners the harvest. soon to be forgotten by except those who have earthly discovered that the only personal God. or is personal Satan. The chains that bound the race were their beliefs in is "matter.50 "leads captivity captive. traditional claim that he ascended and accepting the bodily and left this world. made free from the laws of sin and death. simply the physical man. spirit-communion. God has raised up an innumerable host. failing to understand the meaning of their Master about going to the Father. This man is the only personality. who all realize in spiritual philos- ophy the fulfillment of the above and is. recognition. and soon mankind will be emancipated. all sitting some- where and waiting fly till human bodies or even spirits is away from this world to visit retiring to the shades. way yonder! ecstatic fruition of this imagery and hope has been the Christian's joy for centuries. light dispersing darkness." and gives good to men.. was all right while theology had the recognitions . or belief in a personal God him. have for eighteen hunspirits dred years taught that the departed are and constantly going to a distant material place. Idolatry. etc." but these chains are breaking. Christian theologians. They The have taught happiness. playing on harps.

the u second coming. As is was thought to have virtue or bottom proving to be bottomless not able even to amount to a " bottomless pit" so /Science. promised the descent of the entire retinue. which is Truth. or falling out the supposed virtue of drugs.51 in its mind. going. so certain it is that the idolatry of drug that which worship must go. The 'tooth of time" gnawing at the props supporting . body. here. dying. is the spiritual light that needs no candle." Are not the "gnashings of teeth" heard to-day? Can any be so blind as not to see the fulfillment of all that wonderful inspiration? The bottom. and to occur in another world. this this error or " is strong man armed. descent or discovery finds the fulfillment here where mortals need encouragement. e. but reaction. Revelation." the Highest." it " matter" and casting into disfavor or " outer darkness.. God and God in God in the as such light outi. by finding us in shines the Sun. is — binding hand and foot this deceiver. The sealed book. feels the is and the profession sands on which x it has built slipping rapidly away. Science crowns us us . even God. As belief certainly mankind so are learning that the visible is not in Man. surely are they deserting or about a personal devil other than physical man. God And or a personal as certainly as these worn-out theological beliefs are failing. in the temple.

wound the around and around the threatened foot. forming is without hands. flag in. as the Word or Divine Logos. and while all . from head to and then feeling the chivalry of his said: mighty nation "Shoot that afar. while be- hind them we hear the voice of God. "All. so palsied will grow the vengeance raised against these banners of spiritual liberty. "ALL IS SPIRIT." "ALL IS GOOD.52 ultra medical error." On this foundation the spiritual temple. the insignia on every Spiritual Science banner. Reform. and long after silent. defeat. Guns are playing. bears aloft the watch-words. is Spirit. and the lion or masculine power the — intellect and matter — are now demanding insignia. is spreading alarm because of trembling from base to dome of the turreted structure rising heavenward on crumbling base and soon to fall before the Spartan chivalry of the Sons and Daughters of God. being constructed. for Truth. the fall of Mind-Healing A United States citizen was bound to a stake in Cuba. held his hand aloft and man through arm of that flag if you dare!" As those gunners were soon removed. opposing voices are the Truth which first spoke through mortals the great rallying cry." will be praised and honored as Science. when another American rushed United States one. while before him stood the death-men with flashing guns.

many thousand Their blunders know but little of the laws when experimenting with . that the people over the it world fear because of its heavy and dan- gerous drugs in the hands of so quacks. they may is not meet the success they seek. free and on a standing subject alike to the same rewards and penalties. Reform. demand. to Justice. for our appeal to the people. for it main- tains that "All modes of healing the sick shall be of equality before the law. but this school in tion has civilized orthodox assump- grown so careless. who." "When the "old school" throw this practitioners assume to over- Heaven-commissioned system of Mind- Healing Science. will win under the flashing There are fine and skillful physicians in the Alloits pathic ranks. after of cure. artillery of the and we skies.53 around the spiritual and heavenly artillery covers them and their bearers with authority. before which "matter" and the idolatrous drug-king will fall) while Truth. to use the system of cure they wish when sickness invades their homes. during the many attempts by its Allo- pathy in legislative halls. Science. the inherent rights secured all citizens of our land. Peace. with power. all. Re- form will meet usurpers at every turn. will wrest the kingdom from error and then bind the wounds with We to own conquering Love.

of the latter named journal r says: U I declare as my conscientious conviction." Sir Astley Cooper. Abernathy. Prof. surgeon. the illustrious Benjamin of Boston. James Johnson. London. chemist. the leading surgeon of the age. reflection.54 human The life. are culpable in the highest degree. . are on record against the reckless practice in Allo- pathic ranks. best authorities in the Allopathic ranks con- demn their own system and its blunderers in stronger language than we employ. there ity than would be less sickness and less mortal- now prevails. of the British Medical Chirurgical Review — the most eminent medical reviews in the world strongly denounce the carelessness of their school. Johnson. the greatest physiologist of France. of the British and Foreign Medical Quarterly. apothecary. and Dr. Mott and Parker. and many others of the most eminent physicians of the world. Forbes. Magendie. the two most eminent physicians of of New York. owing to their ignorance. From their own leading journals in Europe and America. Bigelow and Prof. John Ware. druggist. and by their chief lights in medical literature Ave gather facts Avhich challenge caution. Dr. Rush. nor drug on the face of the earth. that if founded on long experience and there was not a single physician. own Dr. John Mason Good.

" To examine eclipse the reports of our National Medical Association. cines do good! really worse! How rarely do our mediHow often do they make our patients most cases I fearlessly assert that in the sufferer would be safer without a physician than with one. says: "Nine times out of ten our miscalled remedies are absolutely injurious to our patients suffering under diseases of whose real character and cause we are most culpably ignorant." Dr. medical director of the United States Navy. member of the Royal College of London. Gihon. said: "It cannot be denied is that the present s}^stem of medicine a burning re- proach to its professors. and to cause every legislative body to bar its doors against the is first bill whose object to throttle reform. Jamison. He says . of Edinburgh. made a wonderfully honest report to the National Medical Association. of I have seen enough of the malpractice my professional brethren to warrant the strong language I employ. when it met at Cleveland. and President of the Naval Academy. we find enough to make an angel reading of any shame. Kamage. and to forbid honest attempts to improve upon the blundering system so adjudged by its own lights. Physicians.55 Dr. in which the acme of perfection should the brightest luminary of Europe or the blush with Orient. Dr.

which can only apply to spiritual advisers and healers: u Go ye into all the world. of human life!" and a million other reproachful authorities. for their system was purely spiritual. else ." Not only would this spirit shut out the apostolic or if mental treatment. ma}^ be remembered that they are not uttered by the Healers and writers in this highest understand- ing of Bible or Spirit healing. he would be tried and convicted by such law. cast out devils. reit marks by medical seem uncharitable. and at what a fearful cost If the above.56 that of 1142 practicing graduates of regular medical colleges. but Jesus could come again among us and treat disease by his former method. for they never wrote prescrip- nor administered drugs. heal the sick. He says: "Many of of these have doubtless learned something of the art they began to practice in the dark. iron-clad rule perpetuate or Nor would this respect the command of Jesus. for it is against the Bible methods of off as un- would ignore and forever cut lawful the system which Jesus and the apostles practiced to cure the most malignant forms of disease. raise the dead. yet most them have only learned to see as the blind see. 700 were too ignorant to pass the Naval Examining Board. or by mind power. tions Avhich often consisted of audible word and command only. But Allopathy cure. cleanse the lepers.

This is the most successful practice known If for in- children and they are easily cured fant is by it. NO OTHER SYSTEM of cure educates the patient and makes him his own physician. and that food has no power to harm. requires a patient to diet that if A Science Healer never in any disease. it is all to mind. and teaches its friends to cure themselves and their families. are not called upon to meet the usual large bills of physicians. it He knows the flesh is lifeless cannot feel. It is also true that Science Healers rarely ever lose a patient. and yet they are called upon constantly to take the cases given up by the doctors as ''incurable". and of . hence treat the mind only. To allay the mother's fears often all that is necessary. This system exposes the illusive char- acter of disease. results after food is Whenever harm owing eaten. then as an educator in the highest interests of It is a fact that heads of families employing the Mental Healer. an sick it can be treated directly and through the is mind of its mother.57 he would be obliged to turn away from God's method sion of cure to study and conform to the profes- by obtaining a diploma from a medical college relief as license to administer drugs for the and cure of the afflicted. It is to be honored life.

Omnific. invisible. congressmen. transference. im- mutable. the only Spirit. doctors. while directing the patient to eat whatever he choose. intelligence There is enough and refinement enhighest respect. lawyers. currents." thoughtbetter still. where. by one who trial cares for you. no limit or place knows Thee. an}' call upon any healer in this Science for it is affliction or trouble. it will be known that mind. fear. Be will assured. is understood. God." "brain waves. so-called. and all classes are being cured by it. that of this you endorse your it system of cure. Reader. It is not difficult to cure the worst cases of dyspepsia. gaged in this system to command Ministers. Will not be wise to try before you condemn or it? even judge SPIRITUAL SCIENCE INVOCATION.. immortal. hence in veiled Thy being hidden forever from Thou art or mortal sight. Life or Omnipresent Creator. Thou art commensuAs Thou art everyrate with All-extended Being. men- tal influences.58 course with mind. Mentagraphing. editors. no world or city of Heaven claims Thy presence or beholds Thy for in Thy character . bishops. etc. science of When the "mind or. are the causes. Source. remembering that your mind only that can feel trouble or sickness. Infinite and Eternal One.

no Satan. in immortality. and this mind believes or dreams on thus amid all the chemicalizing forces of Thy pleas- workings in it while willing and doing Thy ure. no manifestation. or the Universe in the unity of Being interchanges its names only with Thee. and Good. Supreme and is only One. While this agitated. Supreme Wisdom. As . Supreme Power. this realm of apparent it whilst thou art working in to prove Thyself the only reality of Life and power. carnal minji is being thus renewed. it is swallowed up in Life. a nonentity. for idea. there seems to be unrest and pain. them pleasures. until in the dream it has called "death. there are in Thy reflected and finite mind seeming site of evils and works which seem the oppothis Good. no object or separate part of Thee. because Thou art omnipresent. yet is Thy Being. there no evil. and yet nutest point Thou art never absent from the miin all Thy universal realm. ever shares any- Thou art absolutely One." so like a vapor. and feels these sensible emotions. or possible source for anything opposing or contrary to Thee. no emanation. But wonderful and tion Infinite One. no disease. and for knowledge all Thine own. pain and sin. no death. sorrows.59 form. No limit. for Nature. it names fear. in To mind which is not Thee and evil. in the perfec- and unity of Thy being.

In . belief. Thy goodness God. for these are visitations of us. and becoming one with Thee lieve in evil. state we accept these ennobling visita- even as the means or transforming power by which the carnal dies daily. naught Here we renounce our the race ever ors early beliefs that we were conceived in sin and born of an evil source. we now see that all is Good. pain and disease. but in toward We are neither sick nor alienated from Thee as invisible Truth." such as grief. we and turn from it as born of as a belief in death. no pain. make and mould us to Thy liking. for in the realm of Life there but Infinity itself. which in mortal sense. and by which we lose the "image of the earthy" and take on the "image of the heavenly. or in call ours. we cease to be- Confessing the natural order of our while disordered state Thou no art working thus mind. It so dishon- Thy character to believe that or the myth power called Satan ever did or could use influence or contrary to superstition Thy wisdom. Thy reflected we we see there is disease." As clay. We accept the Worker and the works. the invisible the understanding of our renewed nature and from our exalted tions. or that fell to a depraved state. and lost here to we find union is with God.60 distrust or hiding mind we now turn. evil. We now ac- cept the blessings called "evil. no death to Life.

that all is health. ." There no sting.61 Thy wisdom choose the surest methods to advance if us higher. the Supreme. is for the understanding of this inverted picture richest blessing of all. we see through the lens the hand. peace." Thy Being we by Thee. the smile. and friends. from henceforth to be regarded simply as the trans' forming power. we submit. TTe ac- cept all these and more. joy. for while we pass these ordeals and drink these cups of mortal woes. this crowning joy we confess Thee. loss of home and support. feared is that which we turned to blessings so divine. loss of health. is. In Thy Xame. the spiritual in blessings so divine ''our is anointing. society and pleasures of sense. and now cup runneth over. "changed from glory to glory by the Included in God. can never be banished. and for this rest. will ever come from In this Science or acquaintance with Thee. loss of these be loss of fame. the Thy invisible working in this reflected mind. never punished In Thy infinite wisdom and goodness no anger Thee. the 'consuming are fire*' by which we Spirit. tranquility and calm. no sin. no death.

answers for reference. it is a legal. Put down each lesson from I. "Mind Healing Condensed. to XII." the student of lawful age. and &bout one dozen other institutions of learning are imparting instructions at any distance and graduating students in their It is a saving of time and money. . may write answers to the following questions and On receipt of satisfactory answers to one send them to us. not neglect this opportunity of legal graduation. We file and keep your our questions. After a thorough study of our Text Book. will be a good Mental or Christian Scientist. hundred and twenty-five. we will engross his name in the Diploma. or more. and forward it to him at our risk. popular lines. Use ink only.QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED BY ABSENT STUDENTS WHO DESIRE TO OBTAIN THE BENEFITS OF A LEGAL DIPLOMA. Number your answers to correspond with Give us brevity. Whoever conquers and gains the understanding of this condensed work. Any person who studies this Text Book carefully can answer all of these questions. of New York. Rethat the Chautauqua University. Do member and successful system. of the questions. who has remitted as required. and will be qualified to heal disease. and write plainly.

Through evolution and involution or birth and death do we not have proof that our spirit form can never be annihilated or become extinct? 10. 9. State the difference between being and existence Should existence be applied to anything but visible objects?. God's life. possess Life or entity of themselves? 2. ? Which is first. Can we say that God or Spiritual Man exists? Are not such being. the body or the idea after which the body is formed? 5. blood and bones constitute Spiritual Man? 8. but means Immortal Mmd. does the idea or entity remain immortal? 6. As Spiritual Man means neither flesh nor blood.63 Lesson 1. Do flesh. I. does not a new body come forth through the same natural laws that furnish decaying grain with new bodies? 11. 4. Should we say God's spirit. Is God a local. either a spirit. When formations come forth through evolution. 1. Do the manifestations. will there be any physical organism? 7. spirits or souls separate from Spirit or Soul as Omnipresent Life? 7. Will the Ego. ? 9. Does the term Spiritual Man mean the physical or- XV — — ganism? 12. or any visible object. and disappear through involution. commonly called the real. Name several of the terms introduced only by Christian Science to represent God. do we not in this analogy find the meaning of resurrection as Paul understood it in the Chap. Spirit or Deity. After the mortal body has been disintegrated. Are there in this Science any lives. feel sensation? 3. While in the state where neither flesh nor blood can be. Cor. why? Can physical man possess or an entity separate from God? if — 12. the entity. or come forth to the mortal state of individualized identity? 8. and invisible? 11. What is the Latin and scientific meaning of exist? 10. In a mirror do >ou behold a reflection of your body. Does this Science endorse Pantheism? 3. does not this system have the true key to immortality? . Visible objects are to be regarded as what? 5. of I. God's being. Does physical man possess any life absolutely his own? 6. or do you behold your body only 4. a life Lesson II. visible personality ever to be seen by mortal sight? 2. Can flesh. After physical dissolution. again manifest itself. etc? not. a soul.

As Spirit is the intelligence that produces all objects. Does Science intend etc. pain. You regard the claims of mortal mind as what? control disease 11. in all formations? 12. in fact. If all elements are formed of Spirit. Are afflictions blessings. III. What are the mental states we call sin. disease. " invisibility? 7. Spiritual Scientists hold that "All is Spirit. be separate from the water? 9. 2. Do prudence and decorum What is it that cures? assist the Healer? . to compromise with theorists who argue separateness of Spirit and matter? 2. or mental states of the patient? 1. In this Science." Which is Correct? 3. 1.64 Lesson 1. As Spirit or God is everywhere. what doeS the term "Being" signify? 2. When the Materialist admits order in all the natural formations. and if all are reducible to invisibility. sistent advocate of Spirit in any case? Does not the theory that God is a personality and vis6.'* from what are' they prodiiceid? 4.? 9. Is it necessary to assert that sense objects are "nothing" ? 3. 8. by what are atoms placed 11. Can any atom be separate from Spirit." Materialists hold that "All is Matter. can any atom of it 8. or curses? 10. real. what were they in substance when visible? When a sponge is filled with water. do they not directly support materialism? Can one be a supporter of materialism and be a con5. 12. Is it not logical to say that the primal substance of every object is Spirit. what does it produce them Of? 5. can anything else be anywhere? If Spirit is not everywhere. does he not. if not. As yisible objects cannot come from "nothing. since Spirit was first? Is not every element known in Chemistry resolvable to 6. How should a Mental Healer begin? How can a healer fully in the Science Lesson V. admit our position that God or Creative Energy is everywhere? Lesson IV. then is not Spirit all there is in the universe? 10. ible contradict the fact that Deity is omnipresent Spirit? Why do we deny the being of so called evil? 7. Can intelligence use the term "nothing" intelligently? When physiologists teach that flesh and bones are the 4.

Does their work bring happiness to the healer as well as to the patient? 9. 3. 4. reetc. 11. State the advantages of listening when the patient of friends prefer to explain. nicate mentally with the patient? 4. saving the needy and erring? 10. What rules a meek or spiritual person? What modes of mind assist healers? Name mental states that harm. Is not this relief of mind. What is the further and chief help the patient receives? On what condition is this healing permanent? What may fear. and the real? Lesson VII. How is known? True diagnosis 9. should we address it. 7. 6.. or the body? 3. the flesh or the sense 2. anger. avarice. 2. Does the healer. selfishness. While the patient holds to drugs. Through what mental states of the patient is healing what the aided? Lesson VI. 12. do. State the best way to remove the work from person to Spirit. 6. malice. 5. mind? While it is mind only that feels. 4. this turning unto Truth. Do healers and patients usually exchange pleasing remarks over the treatments? 8. does this hinder cure? 6. to be regarded as the woik of Truth. 8. and states that help the the true healer best is patient.65 3. continuously indulged? from the use of drugs after successful treatment? 5. talk orally or commu1. through what faculties? Is it wise to tell patients they have this or that disease? State how the work of healing is hindered if you ask disease or symptoms are. After the treatment. or should he affirm mentally to the mind of the patient? 5 State some of the ideas or thoughts you gather from the formula given for silent treatment. 10. Which feels pain. What does the healer claim the forces often felt in the system during treatment to be? 12.— The Formula. Should the healer argue and contradict. while treating. if Is the patient willing to turn venge. jealousy. pride. what naturally follows? 7. Is it best to ask the patient to give up drugs. 1. Are thoughts things. If the healer has time does he explain some of the Science to the patients? 11. or to treat his mind to do so? .

3. ment 8. or cause disease elsewhere in the body? Is the spirit. use this form. Should either patient or healer gaze around indfffer4. is it not probable that the healer lacks a proper understanding of the 9. . If an author or teacher were to lay down an exact formula to be followed. it be claimed that we treat with physics or Lesson IX. wise to treat it physically ? As we never use drugs or instruments. As the cause of disease is 11. progress to a state of disease. Is it necessary for the healer to follow any set form? 4. should we 2. Should Mental Healers ever make physical examina- tion? 9. cancers. or should we vary as conditions require? 3. is such treat- ment mesmeric. and that the only part a Mental 1. If the patient is not conscious of improvement. Does not this Science always teach that God or Truth is the direct means of cure. Can a broken limb be treated by a physician so that it may 12. is it to make physical examination? 10..M 7. Healer performs is to teach Truth or mentally talk disease away? What distance should the healer sit from the patient? State why the healer should not sit with his back toward the patient. Should we use the same mental words when treating all patients? Does this book profess to give a fair idea for the treatof every class of disease? 6. would he not thereby seem to advocate a material or intellectual rather than a spiritual method? 7. Is a broken limb to be regarded as disease proper? 11. we treat physically ? When we only. What is the usual time occupied in the treatment proper? Although a formula is given in our Text Book. Does the Bible show that Jesus contradicted. can be said that 12. can by mind surgery ? cure scrofula. etc. or the fleshly body to be regarded as the ghost? Lesson VIII. Can correct mental treatment facilitate the cure of a broken limb? 10. Why does it hinder successful treatment for the healer mental. Science? or of Truth? 8. or did He usually affirm to the mind of the patient? 5. ently? 2. If a patient is conscious of the treatment. flesh wounds. 1.

anger. pale or sick? Can fear cause the state called death? 11. Do we claim to cure every kind or class of disease. affect 2. 7. 1. or to ignore it as Christian Scientists do? What is said about the chemical action of Spirit or 2. What is said about bleeding a person to death without drawing a drop of blood? Lesson X. and healer 9. Is a prime cause always invisible? 10. State how disease can be forgotten and mastered? Is it wise or unwise to tell another that he looks worse. 12. Is it not idolatry to believe in drugs. could fle then be in human bodies as Jesus taught. XL lessens disease. visible God? 5. special directions should be observed by patient 10. and what is said in our Text Book about the success of this system with the insane? 4. Why does a tooth often cease to ache when on the way to the dentist? 3. if not every case? 5. Cause being invisible. State why healer and patient should and the benefits thus derived. in healing? If God is a personality "about the size and shape of a mortal man. who condemn their own system. as Paul teaches? 4. What him? is said about a patient when fright. etc. Is effect found only in visible things? 11. what does he command? What 8. to agree with it as physicians do. Is not the invisible. sit with eyes closed. what is said about seeking cure through visible remedies? 12. Why does the first visit usually When a healer is fully in the to insure success? require more time? Science.5. What is insanity. . 7. Which Truth 3. What State the reason why death may result from poison. it is owing to what 6.. If cure comes by those who use drugs. Name one dozen leading allopathic physicians of Europe and America." as many claim. 6. or in a personal. or could we as mortals be in Him. the power that cures? Lesson 1. scientific fact? Every drug given is a mental ministration in what way? Can the mind of a physician prescribe a remedy super- ior to itself? 8. mentioned in our Text Book. is it that poisons? 9.

to care 9. What is said about the treatment of children by our method? 12. Do you see that all the work of reform and the new 1. per Dr. Gihon's report? What is said about allopathy opposing Bible methods 7. tian Science Are you willing works? to continue the study of Mental Chris- hold it our duty to be charitable toward all. how many as were incompetent to pass the National Examining Board. in harmony with Do you Work. to avoid all that harms? 7. Can you with our Scientists hold that the "coming" or "appearing of Christ" is invisible rather than visible? 5. or the theological interpretation of God. Do you accept the scientific. do you mankind toward health and happiness ?11. sin.68 6. and that no reference is had to flesh when thinking of our "likeness" of Deity? 3. Lesson XII —Special Questions. What is said against the belief that food causes dys- pepsia? or invisible Spirit of the universe? 2. If Jesus could appear. disease and cure? 6In your life and practice are you willing. Is your faith. and may Reform find yoa heartily working for mankind? this? feel that you are led of Truth to enter this desire to alleviate human distress and to aid . and to minister also to those not able to pay We Are you 10. Do you comprehend and accept the teachings of our Text Book? 12. Of 1142 practicing graduates in allopathy. Can you accept the science that Deity is the Life systems of cure mean evidently the establishment of a system of religion eminently above the theology of to day? 4. would not allopathic colleges require him to obtain a medical diploma in order to cure? 9. arcy©^ striving to become wiser and better. Does our system educate the patient to cure himself ? Are not the heavy bills of physicians avoided by call10. in this Science {Strengthening. of cure ? 8. Do you subscribe to the high moral claims of this Science? 8. ing a Mental Healer instead? 11. for the needy. Do you see that unity with the Father means the inseparable blending with Omnipresent Spirit. Heaven. the Bible.

present 70 pages. Its first edition..00. • • any distance.. even . teachers and students for $2. whose 13oard of or medium." was fully. School which pioneered this Cause in TOj study this work thoroughly about a half dozen times through. yet holdfit its within value. but was disposed edition of of to the interested only as the best Text Book to induct one Metaphysical Science. This edition will be given out to dealers. through efficient Directors— four of it them teachers of the Science —have adopted which at .-." by A.• . - - y. but never I less.- is the only School chartered by any State. The former 54 pages was many investigators of the Science at $5.00 per copy. also upon few beyond the the United . sold to.. • i The work "^gra&uatite abin the Science. but will be continued as the Instruction Book of the •Spiritual Science .. . University. have materially improved its this revised edition. for the brevity or "conciseness.. is its -It is Absent Instructor for the all Mind Healing the West. dent Instructions ?. -. Swarts. in to the riot offered to any dealer.. . as the standard it imparts its system of Non^Resein Europe..Healing Condensed. is J.. $ ggmTis Illi- l^nis sently degrees- Our Charter from the State of nois expressly authorizes us to teach Absently and to confer This we have done upon a nearly one thousand stulimits of dents. will bring anyone into an understanding of the Science.i hi Q . as it fully as any teacher can impart riot orally. and finally to healers.. special.- READ THIS EXF • $$ title 101N... under "Spiritual Healing Formula.

Pres. and send answers it as stated elsewhere. receive the is S. Chicago. "Mind Healing Condensed. will entitle them to graduation the Diploma. which means Doctor of of our graduates and entitles its possessor to affix the Dr. and in the use of the same. $8. Diploma. 8.D.. University. but shall. Ten dollars are required for graduation complete.00. The State authorizes us to give a legal Diploma present. which includes the book and Diploma. to those we instruct at the distance. They should Lesson XII. and Dot write our questions. with their name nicely engrossed in it. as well as when Those who would take this Course. to his or her name.. The degree imform parted by this Diploma Spiritual Science. and the balance. he upon sending D. . beautifully engraved and in two colors. in several nations. all Swarts. S. in the same manner and the we have. S." then twelve numbers. but they will write their answers to each instead.70 States. 1443 Michigan Ave. must thoroughly study write Lesson I. The book will be held at $2. Ph. J. when obtained by in any- one for perusal.00. and continue thus from Lesson If I to they come into the ideas of the book. answers as above. we will defend A.