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Walt Wbitman and mental Science m mtcroicu) BY ANNIE E. TRIMBLE .


Died June 20th. T. 1911 .A. E.


Trimble . ii i^ii Walt Whitman and Mental Science AN INTERVIEW By Annie E.<—.

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a simple separate person. Brotherhood. and the like. pulse and power. " that's all right." Interviewer " To begin at the beginning. Of Life immense in passion. the talk round and And it only the kernel of every object in the Leaves. Freedom." I answered. I've said it. Good Cheer. " Personality. Divine Laws for . as to Personality. and " what I've said stands. " New Thought and Old. "nourishes. " ? New Thought. Walt " ? Walt: " One's-self " I sing." Interviewer " Ah. and new as " to-morrow's sunrise. " about. for freest action I " Cheerful. form'd under the laws divine. but the kernel. you'll find Not the husk. "it's all there.w ALT WHITMAN MENTAL and Interviewer: SCIENCE AN INTERVIEW " And " Walt what about Mental Science. Walt: " Turn over the Leaves" he answered cheerily. " The modern man sing. Old as the hills. Purposefulness.

" Intervier»er " You have curious notions about Death. and " can be none " in the future." Walt smiled a large and beautiful smile. there is no Devil but Fear. " Lo. "Fear of Life and what Life may bring. body and for the eternal soul." Walt: ' To die is different from what any one supposed. the force which " weakens and stultifies the soldier in his Battlte of Life. disintegrating Fear.: 6 WALT WHITMAN AND MENTAL " SCIENCE Human action. fear. " I will show that nothing can happen more beautiful than " Death. . all." Walt: " I will show you that there is no imperfection in the present. and more. chanting the chant of all " I above promote brave soldiers. the " Father of Lies. Walt. " and of the unknown beyond." /ntervien>er: " To the Mental Scientist. battles. It's We big hold on to them catalogue." answered Walt. missed out " Walt. and luckier. I come. Walt: M Muscle and Pluck for the for ever. And And I will show that whatever happens to anybody it may be " turn'd to beautiful results. fear of Death. a but you Courage.

raise seize the descending man and neck." I ventured. I bafflers of graves. laugh at what you call dissolution. . and they keep guard "Not doubt. And And ever there was led forward life. and does not wait at " the end to arrest it. " What do you " about " ? Walt: " To any one dying thither I speed and twist the knob of the " door. " Let the physician and " " " I priest go home. " me: here is my By God. nothing " " I I collapses. I fill I buoy you up. him with resistless will. not deceits.. turn the bed-clothes toward the foot of the bed. shall dare to lay finger upon you. "Sleep. " All goes onward and outward. O despairer. hang your whole weight upon " M I dilate you with tremendous breath. know I am deathless . Every room of the house do with an arm'd force.." Interviewer : " Some " Christian Scientists declare that death will: is conquerable by say yet it they die.AN INTERVIEW Has any one supposed I it lucky to be it bom? just as lucky to die. all night. hasten to inform him or her is and I " know it The smallest sprout if shows there it is really no death.. " Lovers of me. ceas'd the moment life appear'd. you shall not go down.

" And wondered how long it would be before each of us would in realize the divinity within us. but I thought.—— 8 — SCIENCE WALT WHITMAN AND MENTAL I " have embraced you. Life. when he went in and closed the door upon them twain and prayed unto the Lord. and the Father are One. is "I am " the thought of I God. Walt was saying think " None has begun " how divine he himself is and how certain the future is. Good. fearless and " I governed by the law of I God the everlasting sin. " Since " I God Spirit. harmonious. am divine. I just so must come forth. Love. Intelligence: All." . I tell " And when " It is you rise in the morning you will find what you so. and henceforth possess you to myself. am am " spiritual. overwhelming. Substance. so must Elisha have dealt with the son of the Shunamite. Truth. I am I Spirit. so as to dare to assert our own right " I am the Resurrection and the Life. " Lazarus." I interrupted here Interviewer: " Ah. free. sickness." magnificent. not mortal." As if in answer to my to unspoken thought. was — I could not speak. the idea of the Divine Mind: "In him I live and move and have my being. and am not subject to the law of is and death. and the message have rung out. yes: that " " is the first lesson in the New Thought God God is Health.

I " And I I make holy whatever touch or am touch'd from . flat. " Voices of sexes and indecent. and dwarfs. doubters. affected. also. AN INTERVIEW Walt (smiling) " Divine am I inside and out. of them that others look down upon Of the deformed. " Down-hearted. atheistical. foolish. " I sullen. doubt. trivial. and unbelief. moping. I do not decline to be the " poet of wickedness " Through me many long dumb voices. . are. but I understand you. you. — I know the sea of torment. . " Voices — " Frivolous. Walt: " To such I say. you have not done justice to " yourself. has done justice to you. " and yet " am not the poet of goodness only. angry. by me clarified and transfigured. . — . "Voices M . " Whoever you now I place my hand upon ear. " despair. .: : . surging and surging." Interviewer " And have you a message for such. but I love none better than "you: " " None None has understood you. that you be " my poem: " I I whisper with my lips close to your " have loved many women and men. despised lusts. and of thieves. Walt?" I asked. know every one of you. dull and excluded. " Voices of the interminable generations of prisoners and slaves " Voices of the despairing.

10 WALT WHITMAN AND MENTAL I SCIENCE " None but has found you imperfect.. ." maidens of " said. "No " pluck. . better.' ' Walt laughed " — such a big robust laugh —and . owner. No pleasure waiting for others but an equal pleasure waits for " you. To behold the day-break little " The " light fades the immense and diaphranous shadows. . " I only am he who places over you no master. " rise six and seven years young beds in in respectively. but paint no head without its "nimbus " There is of gold-coloured light. palate.. I None but would subordinate you. but as good is no endowment man or woman is in you. who from their the mornings." Interviewer: " It is evident that you strongly realize the I power of "suggestion. " Whoever you are. as they gravely in " assert unison. in . " But I paint myriads of heads. God. no endurance in others but as good in you. in yourself. ' I am wholly whole. " beyond what waits intrinsically " Painters have painted " figure of all.. and who deep-breathe before an open window. only am he who will never " consent to subordinate you. and I told him of two little my ac- " quaintance. their swarming groups and the centre- " From the head of the centre-figure spreading a nimbus of gold" coloured light. . and who stand " " straight and strong their little white night-dresses. said. The air tastes good to my . claim your own at any hazard. . " " in only find no imperfection you.

and clear and sweet is all that is " not my soul. Walt " I (fiercely) have claim'd nothing to myself which I have not carefully " claim'd " for others will on the same terms! all By God! I accept nothing which cannot have their " counterpart of on the same terms.: AN INTERVIEW "The from bed and feeling of health. sun. We have had ducking and deprecating about enough." Interviewer: " Folks who didn't understand you would be apt I to consider you " a bit egotistic. know know I I am solid and sound. "In " all people less." cautiously interjected. am august. " All I offset as lost I my own you shall offset with your own. is " Lack one lacks both. Walt. else it " were time listening to me. " " I chant the chant of dilation and pride. " As if it harm'd me giving others the same chances and as if it rights as rights " myself: were not indispensable to my own " that others possess the same. is I exist as I am. is the song of me. none more and not one a barley-corn And whoever degrades another degrades me." . and the unseen " " " I I proved by the seen. rising " meeting the " Clear and sweet my soul. see myself. that enough.

is have said that the soul I not more than is the body. Myself: " Apart from the pulling and hauling stands what I am. not to be reckoned with as " actualities amongst sane and healthy persons. 12 WALT WHITMAN AND MENTAL SCIENCE Interviewer : " To change the subject. curious what will come next. Fear. " Looks down. "Stands amused. poverty. " Ah." Walt: " The real or fancied indifference of some man or woman I love " The sickness of one of " or " loss. they are simply "non-existent. erect . " These come me days and and go from me again. " But they are not the Me. . anxiety. unitary.. foes to be met and conquered . complacent. nights the fitful events." /niervien>er. to . body and " " I soul. like? " blue and the Mental Scientists assert " that we can rid ourselves of all such. I see. and as such. just the imaginary progeny of that imaginary " Devil. .. or ill-doing or lack of money or depressions. The fever of doubtful news. not God. devils.. are " not. my folks or of myself. poverty How do you regard worry. ? And what " do you mean by unitary " Walt: "Whole. . is greater to one than one's self . Jealousy. compassionating. dismals. sickness. to you. is idle. " And And have said that the body not more than the soul it nothing. depression.

even the numberless " apparent failures are held together in Central Unity. Force. " I in the glass. —what Walt: 44 I 44 say to mankind. the " Hegel as Your great authority. ' Walt —You once spoke of to him. I saw the little that is good steadily hastening towards immortality. is " And 44 the vast All that itself call'd evil I saw hastening to merge and become lost and dead. " hear and behold God in every object. — even tho* ever so pre- Walt: " Roaming . 44 No I array of terms can say 44 how much I am at peace about God not and about Death. I." had stayed far too long with Walt. but to I was loth to leave. Be not curious about God. yet understand God " 44 in the least. not curious about For who am curious about each. All others seem tame and empty him.' its According " whole earth with " future is infinite variety of the present. am God. past. and in my own face . In the faces of men and women I see God. in thought over the Universe. " I me after being with asked ? What about the Problem of Evil. First Cause. and 44 are but radiations of one consistent and eternal purpose: so " vice and disease are but " valent" transient.— AN INTERVIEW 13 Interviewer: ** You speak often of ? " you does the name signify to " Nature. the Unknowable ? God." . so instead of leaving him. and a product of creative thought.

" that all The The " base of Metaphysics is dear love of to friend. " and land for land ? Interviei»er " Is that Unity or Harmony ?' I questioned. or to the idea of Harmony. of children and parents. man for his comrade. of Oneness." : that's Walt laughed: " Have " " I not said. the unification of divergent parts." .: 14 WALT WHITMAN AND MENTAL SCIENCE Intervie&cr: " I have noticed that in the Leaves you make no direct allusion " to the first principle of Mental Science. and " Unity " " you use but once. and then in relation to the individual. — the principle of "Unity. the attraction of friend " Of " Of the well-married city for city. but you say nothing of ' Harmony ' in the metaphysical " sense of Wholeness. " You do not once use the word " Oneness ". that " thought upon which Mental Scientists so often concentrate. I said reprovingly. husband and wife. Walt: It's life's music anyhow and have I not spoken of " The joy of concord and harmony ? " . " Interviewer: " Yes." he asked. You speak of " The vehement struggle so fierce for unity in one's self " " not Metaphysical. " and not in relation to the Whole. Walt.

the peace ." he exclaimed. And " And " And " " I I know know that the hand of that the spirit of God God is is the promise of the brother of my own. " ! It it's runs the " through every line and vein of them " very Tree of Life itself ! it's more I had roused I the old Lion.." " can't be bettered." .. is And That that a kelson of the creation Love. and reluctantly made my adieux. at last: " Have " " I not said. my own. As " I turned. . that " Swiftly arose and spread about me " pass all the and knowledge argument of the earth. I heard Walt's voice calling merrily after . then the grand words rolled out mind once a transparent summer morning. " women my sisters and lovers.— — AN INTERVIEW Walt: " 15 Why. me " Remember ? A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than all the " metaphysics of books.." I thought. and the that all the men ever born are also my brothers. " that a vast similitude interlocks all ? " He paused. it is the very sap of the Leaves." he cried.

* THE .