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by Mrs. 1910. Annie E. Wood ©CLA275365 .WW Copyright.

DEDICATED To those who are working and praying of the left to for the revival and restoration our Lord Healing Gifts which His Church. .


health or sickness? Which shall be ? 22 III. body and soul 47 V. The action and power of the mind on the 31 organs and functions of the body IV. 63 for bodily healing is The hunger God-implanted 88 99 VII. Prayer VI. Page. Chapter I. God it or mammon. Testimonials . the Saviour of the whole man.CONTENTS. sin or right- eousness. The reign of law n life II. or death. Jesus Christ our only Healer.


thee a : Christ. to fall again . therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth. that we may have life more abundant in the body.FOREWORD. in a definite and specific way. we are invited and commanded to come unto Him. as a follower of our Lord Jesus watchman's hand. with temporary alleviation of pain. "to emphasize the presence of the Divine in man. each growing more subtle. xxxiii 6."—Ez. The world is not worse than ever was in many respects it is better. and to protest against the degradation of the spiritual life to a wooden obedience to external authority. Life is a spiral. O son of man. and the people be not warned if the sword come and take any person from among them. Every son of man." it . he is taken see the . sickness and death. watchman away in his iniquity. and blow not the trumpet. The tendency today is to be satisfied with bodily patchwork. demanding keener insight and more emphatic is warnings as the step "If the made to the next round. I have set watchman unto the house of Israel. 7. again and again we come around to signal epochs in the world's history. The purpose of these pages is to help to stem the tendency to let the material overshadow the spiritual. and warn them from me. In our Lord's plan for the redemption of the body from sin's results. is thereby a watchman. but his blood will I require at the So thou. sword come.

apathetic subsidence into supposedly incurable diseases. . and the Lord shall raise him up and if he have let and and does. the consequence of sin." after The writer gives her heartfelt convictions. or a hopeless. The effort will not have been in vain if a single reader is helped to drop forever "that idea which has crept into the current teaching of Christianity that —that is. anointing him with oil in of the Lord and the prayer of faith shall save the sick. but when any is physical disturbance severe enough to send for the if doctor. to teach that which Christ and age of Satan. is mind and For we wrestle not against flesh and blood" (disease the flesh not primarily of and blood). formed many years of prayerful study and actual experiences of herself and of others whom God has helped through her. "but against principalities. his duty. 8 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. into the same. against the rulers of the darkness of this world. reached the patient left thereafter in a healthier condition of body to resist the "wiles of the devil. he believes in the gospel them pray over him.. will "call for the elders of the church the name : . way is sin. to obtain It is human to desire even temporary surcease of pain. the source of the trouble. against spiritual wickedness in high places. must surely be a source of great weakness to ourselves and to the whole body of the church. these are given simply with a hunger to share the whole loaf of God's teachings and commands. against powers. the oppression of the devil His apostles declared to be a bondis — to teach that that a spiritual blessing. committed only is sins they shall be forgiven him. . the true Christian." In this . or in itself the means of spiritual blessing.

Washington." 21. D. Irenseus. Athanasius) that with they It regard to our Lord's works of healing formed an is essential part of the work of redemption. beautifully put by S. "This was not the teaching of the apostles. For we find the view taken by them is (it more particularly enunciated by S. October . speaking of the revelation of Christ in His works. says that 'when He in found His own work shattered by " every way! "Shall sin.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. 9 seen. if few is we may trust the general testimony of the Fathers. He healed it we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid. C. who. as we have It was not the teaching of the church of the first centuries. 1910.





Great peace have they which love thy law; and nothing
shall offend them.

— Ps.

119: 165.


are in the age of the rapid discovery of



physical, mental,


will be

done on

earth as



in heaven," uttered these


beginning to bring forth great fruit. God's will is His law hence the laws of heaven are to work on earth

as in heaven, as exemplified by our

Lord when He walked

amongst men. one law that
out process



laboriously for years to discover


the world; this long-drawn-


not entirely, due to the fact that

man depends


much upon

own human mind.


"in the beginning" he sought the inspiration of God,








not only would


time and labor be saved, but
the great truth that

man would

more rapidly


"nearer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet;"




interested in the smallest affairs of his


well as in the revelation of laws to benefit
It is related


of George Miiller, the philanthropist, of
that, as



he watched a friend mending

a quill pen, he asked




The Revival

of the Gifts of Healing.

"Do you pray to God when you mend your pen?" The friend answered

would be well




but I cannot say


do pray

when mending- my
Mr. Miiller
"I always do,



and so


mend my pen much



he was crossing the ocean the vessel ran into a

dense fog. Mr. Miiller approached the captain, tapped him on the shoulder, and said: "I must be in Quebec Saturday afternoon." It was Wednesday.
"Impossible," replied the captain.

take me,

well," said


Miiller; "if your ship cannot


will find other


to take me.



never broken an engagement in fifty-seven years."

would willingly help you, but how can I?


helpless," returned the captain.


"Let us go down and pray," said Mr. Miiller. captain wondered from what lunatic asylum the
the fog is?"

man came, and he asked: "Do you know how dense

"No," said Mr. Miiller. "My eye is not on the density of the fog, but on the living God, who controls every
circumstance of



The prayer was

a most simple one, something like
consistent with



if it


fog in



Thy will, please Thou knowest the



gagement Thou
I believe
it is





Quebec, Saturday.




the captain

was about

to pray,

Mr. Miiller said

First. too. may have a and the reply will come just as definitely as ever it did with Mr. that they might some one. the only true God. but for the soul an eternity. knows nothing. and Jesus Christ. but it think it was not according to to natural laws? was ac- cording to spiritual laws. The God with whom we have Hold on to God's omnipotence. 13 you do not believe He will. I and there is no need for you to pray about it. and never a day have I failed to gain an audience with my King. find the fog gone." "Great peace" comes with the loving of God's law.The Revival "No. but man cannot love a law of which he daily audience with your King. The captain declared this incident had changed life the whole aspect of for him. but raise a hue and cry and dire threatenings when His word. and you will believe He has. Would some No. taking God at panting for God. dear reader. There is a law that will "add length of days and long life. John declares. do is omnipotent." It was. of the Gifts of Healing. I have known my Lord for fiftyseven years. and the effect of righteousness." Isaiah declares the "work of righteousness shall be peace. which not only means length of days and long life for this world. Open the door. whom thou hast sent. "this is life eternal. Ask believingly." . secondly. It is passing strange that the world will uphold and applaud those will who are giving their lives to discover laws that reach no deeper than man's physical betterment. and whose soul is life to discover the law of righteousness. Muller. and you. S. Captain. gives his know thee. quietness and assurance forever.

Right Reverend Bishop Mylne as vice-president. then. obtained only through the law of righteousness. and "present his body a living sacrifice. rankest materialist that. a multitude of such experiments. is being forced gradually to admit above physical and mental laws. and acceptable. This materialistic view comes from looking upon man as a body with a soul which is to operate in some other world. in London. if not insane. These men are lauded as heroes. holy. But the hour has struck. Paul's advice." God longs to reveal to those whose "souls pant after Him.14 The Revival of This knowledge is the Gifts of Healing. But let one who has a passion for God attempt to take S." and he is branded as unsane. and finally the end. and dangerous to the health of the community. thinking to prove the source of some plague of hands and arms eaten by the X-ray. and the . there are spiritual laws which brooks. in fact. On its committees are active ministers of the Church of Eng- . which is his reasonable service and be transformed by the renewing of his mind. and their names handed down to feed the courage of succeeding generations. all these results being cast on the experimental dump-heap. by Mr. acceptable unto God. that he may prove what is that good. in later years. as the hart panteth after the water In 1905 there was founded. James the Society of Emmanuel. . instead of a soul which is striving to manifest through a body here. lives that others may come up into the full We read of men yielding their lives by being bitten by mosquitoes. and perfect will of God. with the Moore Hickson. and the pioneers of every upward step have given their blessing.

not only for the healing of the body. to become healers of men. To show our responsibility as followers of our Lord. they point to a revolution . there are more than forty pages devoted to articles on "Faith Healing. and by common reception of the Holy Communion on the second Sunday in the month. for the spiritual and bodily salvation of man. with the object of using these Divine gifts. but as a means of drawing the souls of men nearer to God. To emphasize to heal came — known eminent medical men. 2." These articles are written by well1. The Healer. and of active philanthropic work. In an editorial. (2) To form a strong wall of defence against the powers of evil. mind and spirit. 15 land. To all safeguard the central doctrine of the Incarnaof members should acknowledge the Divinity our Lord. This Society has been formed to promote the following objects (1) To develop the Divine gifts left to His church by the Master. the objects of which are two.fold: the truth that our Lord Jesus Christ and to save the whole nature of man his body. especially the gift of healing by prayer and laying on of hands. by mutual united intercession. (3) tion. noted doctors. and men and women of the nobility. and in deepest humility and childlike faith. A monthly magazine is issued. in the June number of the British Medical Journal. although the operations of the Society should be freely used for all in need of them.: The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. to receive and exercise the power which He gave to His church. The Healer rejoices to tell its readers that.

Sir Henry Morris. it may be remembered.' Now science is less cock-sure about a great they were many things. Henry cient days down to the present time. . or Herbert Spencer the expression of a belief in the possibility of supernatural agency would have branded a man as a fool or an impostor.. the editor objects. were explained by that blessed word 'molecules.' but with the general conclusion to which most . to the miracles. present-day agencies. to and men are not so ready as declare that what they do not contribute their views know is not knowledge. and life man of science heaven and and death. Regius Professor of Medicine in the University of Oxford. To Huxley. and are a very remarkable sign of the times. Dr. and Mr. the Society of tioned as working on these lines. of thought in the medical scientific world." the eminent Among men who are Sir Clifford Allbutt.6 1 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. In the leading article on "Medicine and Miracles. Regius Professor of Physics in the University of Cambridge. Hell was. An article on "Mental Healing" traces the cures wrought by the power of mind over the body from anPresident. dismissed with costs by a high judicial authority." the writer says: "For a considerable time there has been a growing reaction against the dogmatic materialism which held sway over the minds of scientific men thirty or forty years ago. Osier. exButlin. President of the Royal College of Surgeons.. Tyndall. and says: "It is Amongst other Emmanuel is menthis last statement To at this point that we find ourselves in disagree- ment not only with the writer of the article on 'Mental Healing.

for infirmities.' Said his friend. but this is surely not the highest form of 'healing by faith.: The Revival of the articles point.' "A greater cure for diseased humanity has been given the cure or wholeness which comes from the touch of our Lord Himself." 'I He what spiritual "I was recently taken to task by a friend for being a 'Faith Healer." In another really editorial the writer deplores the "vast amount of ignorance which healing exists as to relates : means. IJ We know the therapeutic value of ailing body. the of the Gifts of Healing. sometimes directly and sometimes through those to whom He has entrusted His gifts of healing. there should be less clinging to the material and a far closer contact with the spiritual. that Christ may draw body near with His healing power. am . are contrary to God's will concerning man. for the faith-healing matter I Christian believer. but we do teach that. and free the also of the evil of pain and sickness. mind and of suggestion upon a weak and and the curative effect of inspiring a patient with hope in order to draw forth that inner power within which is so important an aid to recovery. sorry you have taken up with this don't believe we are to do without and simply pray and hope for healing!' Our readers know that we do not by any means dispense with the aid of medical men. both of body and soul alike. doctors. a cleansing of the soul from all that is sinful. The Virtue' which went out of Him for the healing of the mutitude must be acknowledged before we can attempt to understand the mysteries of spiritual healing." . who is waiting to heal all who come to Him by faith.

Fill your hearts and homes with sunshine. curable and incurable diseases. and you will know nation. as in the days of old. "Build your world with imagination ." Still another divine tells us. and desolation. begs the youth." and all manner of disease among the A dom same correspondent writes to a daily paper: "The kingof heaven really and literally it is at hand." we can In the only be brought to see and understand in issue a noted divine. and happiness." Another divine takes for his text "Grow in Grace. . be any more there sorrow nor crying: neither shall "A new .8 1 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. sickness He still heals "all manner of people." and he tells the boys that "grace stands for the supernatural. . What a waste of splendid oratory and advice if all these injunctions are to be smiled at and considered impracticable ! Certainly they mean the fulfillment heaven and a new of our Lord's promise: more death. your creation will be beautiful. . crepe. the second coming of our Lord. Abolish Sunday funerals. when holiness will be triumphant throughout the world. and it is weakness and cowardice to speak of that word supernatural as though it need some explaining away. neither no and there shall be earth. This Society makes no distinction between functional and organic. a baccalaureate sermon." We have here a spiritual symposium which spells nothing less than the millennium. "A wreath of smiles and a bouquet of cheerful words to the living are worth more than all the blossoms in creation to the dead. Our Lord is the Healer. if it. . . thus will Give rein to your imagimere materialism be stamped out. carriages.

him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. death just opposite rises Read in a new light Deuteronomy xxviii. who thoughtlessly call cases incurable when they have never been laid before our Lord (Life) in prayer. Reform in every department is prevention. of the Gifts of Healing. Only those who are declaring life here and now are hastening the Lord of Life's coming. If it is right to stop sinning. Disease and death are this earth. what progress would the world have made? If we had been satisfied with the rushlight. let 19 . Mount Ebal. saying "But think of the numberless saints who have died and are asleep in Jesus. . And ." Since to be man responsible for these things. Our Lord protested against funeral processions when He stopped the widow of Nain and raised her son. My own saintly mother died in the true faith. and you in the will see whence cometh all the bodily diseases world. there never would have come the candle. calls for with God's help. Gerizim. to that idea in all reforms. and the only true prevention righteousness. Man is standing on life. on by man. wiped out here and now. . man is re- sponsible for their destruction. as terrible as that : seemed to who protested. for the "wages of death. So we shall live forever. you will also see the folly and blindness of expecting man to be healed." If we had clung be to one good woman. by either inward or outward material remedies. sin is it is right to stop dying. or made immune. and I am willing to go as she went. He is that hath an ear. and not those who are expecting death and declaring it to be inevitable. ." and we thus "abolish Sunday funerals" and every other day funerals.The Revival pain.

" rus' body. V. The Revival of from candle the Gifts of Healing. "And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never Believest thou this" reader? "He that hath an ear. and did find Him in his flesh. And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. though he have died (R. . Why soul in ically is this so persistently taught as referring to the in this case Jesus emphatbody as well as the soul on some other place. but getting these things is heaven. when taught that it is for the this earth? Shall we say "by searching we cannot find out God? cannot find out the Almighty unto perfection" ? Job did not say so. die." "Be ye Did He mean it? Shall we say that is empty theorizing? That we must get ceived ? to heaven ere we get these things that eye hath not yet seen. shall rise When he said. even as your Father in is perfect. he that believeth in me.20 so on. he simply asked the question. Our Lord heaven it perfect. said. dead faith in the case of shall rise again. that we do not get these things when we get to heaven. yet shall he live. from lamp to gas. Believest thou this?" And He raised Lazaresurrection at the last day. But what of our Lord's answer. we Our Lord "groaned in Shall say electricity is the last? the spirit and was troubled" Laza- at just such clinging to a rus. Job searched. "Thy brother know that he Mar- again in the Martha's reply is being emphasized and perpetuated today. which was for Lazarus' physical body on this earth? "I am the resurrection and the life. and then to electricity. I tha said unto Him.). to lamp. nor the heart of man yet con- The true answer is.

shall be no more death. we need to pray that the veil. cast over our eyes bodies. (not man) . we question if it is His will that bodies should be delivered from weakness. still. . Spirit 21 him hear what the . and thus have revealed to us His law. and He will dwell with them. Behold. by Satan.". while much of conquering is left to some future time and place. The Holy Ghost membrance. and transfigured it And our with this example death. that sin may no longer reign in our mortal Above prayers today. and not the ignorance of Martha. body.The Revival let of the Gifts of Healing. plete only fect and not overcome it? when He took from the in His work was comenemy (grave) a perthe ascension. the tabernacle of . disease and which all He declared were the bondage of Satan. God is with men. is is "bringing these things to our re- not to dwell in a temple? men. We are taught so much of bearing. . . . shall be removed by Christ's teachings and example. saith unto the churches. His will. to tabernacle with Why God more so glory. Where would we be if our Lord had only borne the cross. and Because the temple stands and the tabernacle moves on— on into more power." and there "And who Christian is is sufficient for these things?" Every responsible for perpetuating the teachings of Jesus Christ.

" and organs are of Doubtless said. and about . HEALTH OR SICKNESS? WHICH SHALL IT BE? But you first be eager about His kingdom. GOD OR MAMMON. and later finding out the dismal fact that the wagon refuses to go. and then in addition. tells us of the marvelous physical and menand youth in old age. but they do not fulfill the counsel of our Lord when He "But first be eager about His kingdom. about what all He thinks right. In numberless books and endless magazine articles." benefited by all man of these advisements. SIN OR RIGHTEOUSNESS. —Twentieth these things shall be given to Century New Testament. of breathing and exerAnother has cise combined with a healthy mental state. An One writer tal results. LIFE OR DEATH. In philanthropic work and the general betterment of humanity there is much of putting the cart before the horse. eminent physician gets nearer to the truth when he declares "it is better to run any unhygienic risks than to become absorbed with hygiene. less is that "unhealthy importance than an unhealthy mind.CHAPTER II. These are heralded as veritable steps to the millennium. proven that "tent life" will do it all. we are given a bewildering variety of possibilities for the physical and mental transformation of the human race. and a food faddist advises a "return to nature and natural foods" as the panacea for all ills and the source of a quiet mind.

Adam and Eve talked and walked with God. belongs to religion only. he only half and then. and deep breathing follows as a sequence. so also prophets." When man logical "abides in the secret place of the Most High" he has fulness of breath. and the cry of humanity and the answer of God. him off from the Father. the Bride and the Bridegroom." him to Mystic movements wooden obedience to external au- "Come now and let us reason together. S. The all its Christian religion should followers.— The Revival what He thinks given to you in right." rule of life. anxiety. breathes." makes us "kings and priests unto God. 23 and then all these things will be addition. God. saith the Lord. and the image and likeness of God brought to light. and to protest against the degradation of the spiritual life to a thority. and states the fact that the spiritual part of its man is so constituted by Maker that it is possible for have intimate intercourse with God. From Genesis to Revelation this first is the and the material follows "In the beginning. make true mystics of all True mysticism "excludes it that goes under the name of occult. priests and kings." In Eden. instead of giving all his attention to if the prodigal would return to his Father and His abode. of the Gifts of Healing. the physical. and we shall reign on the earth. thus the entire man would be fed. have always existed to emphasize the presence of the Divine in man. showing our angel attendants. and automatic When man permits the things of earth to cut fear. he would restore both body and soul through spirit. wedded the spiritual . worry and all their evil concomitants cut off his breathing. John veritably brings heaven to earth.

" Dissecting things below. the result affliction" are of adversity and the water of — of the friction of those those who have a passion for God. will "eat the affliction/' to attain this promised nuptial. the is animal kingdom. and watching the not God's plan for the healing of man." Moses received his laws of hygiene direct from God. "For this is the covenant that I will make with the house sistently "dwell in the secret place of the his "eyes shall see his teachers of Israel. Know the Lord : for all shall know me. saith the Lord. that bringeth out . saying. up your eyes on high." and his ears shall hear a word. and one doctor declares that if In the truly followed longevity would rapidly increase. from the least to the greatest. and not only can be realized. man bread of adversity and drink the water of but the promise is true. when ye turn to the right hand. walk ye in it. This is the way.24 In the The Revival first efforts of the Gifts of Healing. and write them in their hearts and they man his neighbor. but must be. and every man his brother. theological and medical chaos of today. teach every saying. lift "Saith the Holy One. and when ye turn to the left. the Bible stands supreme as teacher and guide for body and soul all that The "bread the whole man needs is found in its pages. with who are "degrading the spiritual life to a wooden obedience to external authority. that when man does : truly and per- Most High." S. from that day to this no laws promulgated by man have ever superseded them. Paul declares that with all the true and loyal followers of our Lord Jesus Christ is made a new covenant. and be- hold who hath created these things. I will put : my laws into their shall not minds.

hence was still a man of passion like others. one way on a dog or a cat may take the opposite course. and shall not hurt . He had seen and talked with God. and always will be. believes in our Lord and His promises. they looked when he should have swollen. not half way. and said that he was a god. they changed their minds. he drew upon the Spirit of life. This is now. the privilege of every one who wholly. In my name shall they cast . take up serpents. and to the Christian a spiritual privilege is a spiritual duty. out devils . "he shook ofif the beast into the fire. and saw no harm come to him. the poison of the lower kingdoms. a mind. or fallen down dead suddenly. among animals and That which When the viper fastened upon the hand of S. Paul. for that he strong in power." Now S. by the greatness of his might. calleth 25 by number: he them is all by names. Howbeit. which cast out. or neutralized. and is the image of his Creator.The Revival their host of the Gifts of Healing. and felt no harm. not one faileth." . but after they had looked a great while." Man can never be permanently benefited by research acts the creatures of lower kingdoms. and a soul. and instead of filling himself with poisonous liquors or serums. or even be annulled by man. but there had been a recrudescence of his faith. "And these signs shall" (not may) shall it "follow them that believe. for the supreme reason that man has a conscience. they shall speak with if new tongues they hands on the sick. they drink any deadly thing shall lay them they and they shall recover. Paul had been only recently converted.



The Revival

of the Gifts of Healing.


professing Christians merely read these things,.



the past



"gods," but do not

whole-heartedly believe.
of a converted African


missionary related the case

who had gone among the wild and had angered them by loosening their faith in gods of stone and wood. He was condemned to drink
a deadly draught.
his eyes to heaven,

As he



to his lips, he raised

and with all his faith cried to the Lord "It is in thy power to prevent this poison working in my body. I have been doing thy work, and if Thou dost want me in the field Thou wilt save me." The draught was as harmless as water, and many were converted. This is making practical the law of righteousness.

The Hebrews believed and practiced this law in the ceremony of proving woman's purity. Why is faith today so devitalized that many Christians feel powerless in
similar experiences?
Is not the


of Jacob





as a writer predicts, "society will

some time


form an amicable conspiracy to suggest the thoughts that for mental and moral health," when will Christians determine to league together and "be not afraid of sudPills, pellets,

den fear"

and serums


never wipe disease from



Instead of putting poison in the body, the

poison already in the mind must be drawn out, even the poison of envy, hatred and malice, and the deadening

draughts of doubt and unbelief.

The whole



and comprehensive twenty-eighth chapter of Deuteronomy. There may be found the rules to obtain the heart's desires on this earth,
vividly described in that marvelous


The Revival of

the Gifts of Healing.


and the peace that passeth understanding for the soul
blessings for obedience, curses for disobedience.

"The Lord

shall make the pestilence cleave unto thee, he have consumed thee from off the land, whither

thou goest to possess

"The Lord

shall smite thee

with a consumption, and

with a fever, and with an inflammation, and with an ex-

treme burning, and with the sword, and with blasting, and with mildew: and they shall pursue thee until thou

"The Lord will smite thee with the botch of Egypt, and with the emerods, and with the scab, and with the itch, whereof thou canst not be healed. "The Lord shall smite thee with madness, and blindness, and astonishment of heart "And thou shalt grope at noonday, as the blind gropeth in darkness, and thou shalt not prosper in thy ways and thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled evermore, and no man shall save thee." In this catalogue of evils we find all the physical and mental troubles in the world. The punishment is not The Lord arbitrary, but a matter of cause and effect. does not tell us to cast them out by filling our bodies with poisons from the lower kingdoms, but to turn unto Him, and "hearken diligently to His voice." When a beloved Bishop commented on an earthquake in terms similar to those in Deuteronomy, there were some who demurred. The day must dawn when all diseases, all earthquakes, all plagues will be placed by believing Christians where God places them, and the only true remedy a return to



The Revival

of the Gifts of Healing.

In a sermon on the demoralizing grafts of today, the

preacher emphatically declared that

when men

are truer

and kinder, and fulfill the law of brotherhood, all sickness and disease will vanish from the earth. "Then stood up Phinehas, and executed judgment: and so (by this means) the plague was stayed." The atonement of Aaron and the prayers of David stayed plagues the arm of the Lord was their refuge. If the splendid talents, energies and fortunes now given to finding more poisons for men's bodies were expended in cleaning up slums, building sanitary homes for people of small means, and paying better wages to disheartened


in other

words, loving one's neighbor as one's

its physical ills would be and the peculiar diseases that are puzzling earnest doctors would disappear. When the sick came to our Lord, He drew them unto Himself, poured His virtue into them, and healed all manner of sickness and disease, the lame, and the blind. That Fountain of healing virtue for men's bodies is "with

the problem of sin and
half solved,

more than

us alway, even unto the end." It is not desirable to knock away previously the crutches of the world as manifested in wise medical or surgical aids, but they are just

only crutches


world's invention to hold up

groping man till a greater help comes, even the "everlasting arms." Because the "wideness of God's mercy is like the wideness of the sea," His love so ready and compassionate, and His heart yearns to see the "health of the daughter of His people recovered," He lets His blessing descend

upon the means employed, but



always His blessing

. on a medicine containing nothing but pure water. In soul and spiritual cures the objective on which the faith rests is everything. "By grace Dr. surgeon and psychologist. whatever the ob- jective may be before the eye of faith at the time: all whereas. the cure the same. When we understand that in physical disease it is the faith that cures and the object rested. on the reputation of a clever doctor. "To illustrate: In physical cures the faith may rest. 29 and not the means employed. on a thermometer . in the . the noted English physician. If it de- pends upon the extrinsic object on which the faith rests. some of this audi- ence are hardly prepared. tells us as much in a recent address on the "Limitation of Medical Science and Mental Healing. And now I to say something for which. or idols in heathen temples. or upon the object on which the faith If the cure depends upon the intrinsic faith itself. Taylor Schofield. . careful and prayerful observation lead to believe is me absolutely correct.: . but which twenty or more years of close. of the Gifts of Healing. and it it is this : In purely object on physical cures is the faith that cures. perhaps. rests? teaches this it is psychic rather than spiritual in its action. The Bible emphatically and persistently. Alfred are ye saved through faith. The Revival that heals. so that a faith cure may want mean a psychic cure or a spiritual cure. and has mouth." He makes this striking announcement "Now what is a faith cure? Does the cure depend upon the faith. and that object is Divine. the cure is undoubtedly distinctly spiritual in its nature." body and soul. is The which that that is faith rests absolutely indifferent to the cure is to say. or an impostor.

sicknesses and calamities are the result of sin of omission or commission and that righteousness alone will cleanse from unrighteousness and its sequelae. but in soul is all. sickness and death. In soul and spiritual cures the and for true blessing must be Divine. and see spiritual it healing the object of the faith we how is we get equal physical cures from the bones of mar- tyrs. on which that rests is indifferent. for him who truly believes the Bible. as we do object in Christianity. "All one body we" explains why and the saintly person suffer physically for the sins of the world. is felt." In the light of these acknowledgments from so reliable a source. whether physical or mental. and unmincingly declares that all diseases. Deuteronomy xxviii is a direct inspiration from God.. by the whole creathe infant . shall I find the Christian's soul "when I come again upon the earth?" sinks into the with a deeper and more striking signififaith cance. 30 The Revival it of the Gifts of Healing. which but the expression of the soul. and takes that Book as his guide and light. that question of our Lord. however infinitesimally. "The wages of sin is death" to the body as to the soul is the dying begins in the soul. the dead bodies of saints. Is his faith wholly in the Lord. is all-important. the Holy Coat of Treves. or partly in Him and partly in man's inventions? However deeply embedded may be the training that sickness is wholly physical. has no choice but to follow where the soul leads. The — — righteousness that exalteth a nation. and the body. healeth it. there must come the time when this wrong training will have to be uprooted. the imaginary miraculous appearances of the Virgin. Every discord.

. The church did this for six centuries . Paul's capsheaf. Body and soul together are necessary for man's integrity. warring against the law of lazv of sin my mind. vii. CHAPTER III. . —Rom. . gives us the law for the redemption of the body. THE ACTION AND POWER OF THE MIND ON THE ORGANS AND FUNCTIONS OF THE BODY. and through Him nothing in earth or heaven can dismay. S. our Lord. In Romans vi. are we conquerors. But I see another law in my members. so He commanded and empowered His followers to heal the body as well as preach to the soul.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. 31 — "for tion body" we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. viii. and bringing is in me into captivity to the vii : which my members. that only through Jesus Christ. to wit. our Lord taught His unwillingness to sacrifice one to the other knowing that man must always have a form. that form He wished preserved for use. Paul. the psychologist of the full New Testament. equal these All the books that have ever been written on psychology and suggestive therapeutics can never chapters in fulness and completeness. . the redemption —the full redemption of the whole man. for they all lack the vigorous adjustment of S. that supreme and happy climax in the closing verses of chapter viii. waitof our ing for the adoption. 25. By His mighty works in healing the body.

— away sorts of — that are sent into do so much as this." As nature abhors a vacuum. writing against heresies. nor chase demons none. D. it is being explained and by material scientists. clared that it and one of the Early Fathers dewas only when the church became un- worthy through materialism that our Lord's co-operation was withdrawn. Nor can they furnish effective remedies for those external accidents which occur. an unused abhors unused power. ii: 17. 18) is simply an acquaintance with that truth which — — they proclaim. as the Lord raised them. who are writing volumes on the place and power of mind. in many cases leaving out our Lord so completely that the soul is being con- . and he has been bestowed in answer to the prayers of the saints that they do not even believe this can possibly be done (and hold) that the resurrection from the dead (II Tim. they cure the weak. Nor can lytic. as has often been done in regard to bodily infirmity. if they can even on the all blind. so God Since the church has failed to left by our Lord. and the spirit of the dead has returned. or the para- or those who are distressed in any other part of the body. sight "For they can neither confer nor hearing on the deaf.32 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. and the apostles did by means of prayer. And so far are they from being able to raise the dead. use the legacy utilized place. and has been frequently done in the brotherhood on account of some necessity the entire church in that particular locality entreating (the boon) with much fasting and prayer. indeed except those others by themselves. after the ascension. Irenseus states : (A. or the lame. 120-202).

soul. . the disease in his body. yet. "Though He slay me yet will I trust Him. 3 . declared "As a man thinketh. his soul must be fed by the living God. and spirit. triumphed but when in desperation. that maketh for righteousness. is a trinity —mind. and he proved it. Freedom and transfiguration for the whole man is S. he cried. so in our man who orderly approach to God we begin with is the law of mind. these. . instead of cursing God. so he" in body and While his thoughts were waverJob. Just as man begins with creeping. for his perfect integrity and future well-being. Paul's philosophy of the law of mind working in the body. ing. human will working for The church is responsible for this confu- Man allied.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing." Christians should know the practical and physiological truth that is voiced in S. the "Power. though are not identical they differ in degree the mental functionings are so wonderful and satisfying. and certainly no special Saviour of the world is required. ere he walks and runs. not his own. which was from Satan. Just here is where the church can step in and convince man that though his body may be apparently healthy and strong temporarily through will-power. soul. Paul's slogan. sion. ." he was delivered by the strength of his mind and the power of his words from a most loathsome form of leprosy. that the is submerged in mind alone is in danger of becoming imbued with the idea that he does not need a God. 33 fused and prostituted by the earth alone. and his mind was confused by well-meaning friends (many Christians would progress more rapidly if delivered from some of their friends).

envy. shall make His paths straight. denial and scoffing. As God was with Moses. were scoffed and called dreamers. the washing. Whether few or many understand. we are facing the fact that mental and spiritual healing is upon us. The power of mind over matter is becoming a trite expression. "prepare ye the way of the Lord. attended with good and healthful results.34 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. suggestive therapeutics. of psychology enable us to wash hatred." first come and restore all and all Jesus said. The problem is not solved. Morse and Marconi. "Elias truly things. The power of Spirit over both mind and matter is not so clearly seen nor willingly admitted." So these laws hurry. like for a it is repeated parrotit long while ere the majority recognizes as a law that can be grasped and utilized in daily life. the cleans- ing process . set the people free. Men forgot that it has ever been the dreamers who have gone before. delving amidst subtle forces. It is traversing the globe. and the like are the mental John-the-Baptist. Psychotherapy. fed the faminestricken. but. the voice crying in the mental wilderness of earthy. the earthquake and the ready to hear the straight for the fire still. . rebellious thought. and brought them into a land of milk and honey. We cannot reckon the number of lives saved by . like all such abstract statements. and others. nor is the subject dismissed by stolid indifference. are no more. away worry. from the most trivial acts to events of signal importance. then small voice —the man is fit and path made Lord to come with His healing. malice. is uncharitableness the wind. so will He ever uphold the dreamers who are willing to meet derision in order to give life more abundant. Joseph.

The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. They will loosen internal walls. hence mind is the first rung of the ladder. courage. apprehension. V. More refined. the starting point to higher things. all troubles. so swiftly. or at least held in abeyance. but that smile. there is no internal or external remedy that can equal the constructive and restorative power of hope. character is habits. and expressions of these are disintegrating. — We may not yet know the how. R. less Now vice that quietly daring is with others. and the home of habits is the mind. "they shall not come nigh thy dwelling" (body. A veritable passover for body and soul. upon externals. Closer communion with the Lord and Giver of life. mental and physical. more unwavering abiding under the shadow of the Almighty conditions fulfilled and the promised exemption from plague and pestilence. smile. Less and less dependence more and more dependence upon the direct arm of God.). . more modes of reception and utilization of unseen and less dependence upon externals. fear. here and . marvelous re- Wonderful things are coming sults are so recent. Doubt. the results of weak and strong emotions on Fear is the basis of all destructive emotions. they always weaken and tear down tissues and organs. along no mechanical deeither end. telling us of telepathy of man's hands at to Again the people begin there. but we are daily proving the body. No we losing side. The root of life is character. and when organs have fallen. and so one wants to be found on the wait. 35 Morse and Marconi. dying on their lips. joyful expectation and a close communion with God in building up these walls and replacing the organs. no visible wires. subtle their forces . is and wonderful Marconi.

In this I do not limit my statement to functional disease at tional all. may be mentioned among other many cases having been cured. said: "There can be no doubt that all disease is partly caused and partly cured by mind. in a recent lecture. merely own ignorance. Varicose veins also organic diseases as in far as too. by mental . and in papers and magazines are deploring the operating mania. for there can be no doubt that there can be no organic disease without functional disturbance. certified as being tumors requiring operation by medical men of skill and experience. I know of fifty cases of internal tumors sent into a London hospital for operation. of warts. I As proof may instance the wonderful us. The is. A. distinction between func- and organic disease in its last analysis. themselves from the earliest times peculiarly susceptible to mental influence from some cause as yet unknown to that mental healing has disease. a confession of our power over material power it has over the painfully prosaic and plebeian disease. as Tumors. or affliction. and not one of them required operation." We are almost losing body when we allow it to be rushed to the operating table under the slightest pretense. Schofield. of all sorts. and all of them disap- we know.36 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. seem amenable to this power. It would seem as if man is presuming to know better than God what man should have in his body. if you may These have shown call it disease. and there can be no functional derangement without at the bottom some organic change. Many operations for these things are a desecration to the "temple of the sight of the sacredness of the Holy Ghost. Wise physicians are recognizing this. Dr. therapeutics only. T.

without question. M. "You make too much of bodily healing. rise up for the spiritual healing of our Lord. the soul is more important than . is it. an evidence of the lower valuation of the body. sanitariums. diately begin to ask if it is God's will he should be healed. the body. We assume at once. we imme- should be healed. of London: "Let us look at the question from a purely practical point of view. should be revised. he should continue to suffer no. How. and the hue and cry go forth. the means of causing one to disappear. and everything of man's device for relieving effects but let an institute. that bodily healing is made too much of. we do not say that . myself. or body of people. abet and encourage more hospitals. then. Hickson. even by ministers. Pulpit and pew aid. remarkably the whole large. vanished." Says Mr. the statement. that the patient should be made well as soon as possible. was and I saw how pulsating tumor absolutely Facing the frightful increase in suicides and manslaughter amongst children and adults. J. What do we do when any one belonging to us is ill ? We send for the doctor and do all we can for the recovery of the sick person. which alone can touch the cause of any trouble or derangement of body or mind. 37 peared under the most simple treatment. so often made. it We do not will first deliberate whether is God's will that he it may be God's we do all we can to relieve his suffering. institutes for research.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing." I. when we come to the question of healing by spiritual means. why do we hesitate to use the very enjoined to be used in the case of the sick? means which our Lord Does not .

" As a . These are generally spoken of as 'mental healers. through His servants. says: "A very large number of people have undoubtedly been cured of both organic and functional diseases apart from the use of the ordinary methods employed by the medical and surgical professions. England.' The term 'spiritual healer' is applied to those who look upon the effects which they are able to produce as the result of prayer and the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ to heal. that His life may flow out to them for healing. which have not been enjoined upon us as Christians at all. Trevelyan. The people who have been able to exercise such healing give different accounts of their power." that It is a psychological maxim that "every mental repre- sentation is followed by a physical sensation. G.' and the method they employ is called 'suggestion. Vicar of S. Some of them find the explanation of the very fact that His to us that power in physical characteristics within themselves. Alban's. by which they are able to influence the mind of the sufferer and strengthen it to cast off disease.38 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. life was a ministry of healing prove His will is to do now. what He Himself did in person in the days of His visible Presence among us ? If it is doubtful whether we should use spiritual means of healing. and under 'mental healing' the work of those whose chief concern is with certain natural powers within themselves which have effect in the arrest and conquest of disease. P." Rev. It would be well to include under the term 'spiritual healer' the work of all those who believe that they are the means of bringing our Lord into contact with the patients. it must be still more doubtful whether we should use physical means.

talk and walk cheerfully. eat what a cheerful man eats. means just this. .The Revival of free. or body. I am strong" (Joel iii: 10). : Doctor Gulick continues "Exchanging symptoms is a and makes symptoms worse. A hearty laugh produces that "alternate contraction and relaxation which is one of the main factors in keeping the liver working well. the Gifts of Healing. is so much affected by states of mind as the digestive and excretory organs. . no part of the body. . life or death. 39 moral agent. A good noted Chicago minister preached a sermon on the effect of hearty laughter. it is contagious and gives them to other people by suggestion. . and after a time the emotion slips into line with the assumed attitude. stipated before the body. and man becomes what he has been pre- and worry. Never relate or remark at the table anything discordant of affairs. except the muscular system." "Let the weak say. Act the way a cheerful man should act. but when he has allowed himself to fear. is — tending. or member . it is it not to do these things. He bade sick people laugh. Doctor Gulick declares: "Nobody stops worrying by good resolutions the mind does not work that way. man can think constructively or de- structively. food. health or disease. discouragement and low spirits lead to constipation. and get well. jiggle the diaphragm. . evil fall into the constant habit of worse than useless to tell him as aggravating as to tell an angry man not to get angry. Never ask a guest. The law of substitution is his only salvation." showing that mind is convicious pastime. ." The stomach is exceedingly sensitive to mental feelings of disgust and satisfaction.

who did her own housework and tried to place before the guest the most tempting viands." Some of us who are truly trying to be Christians hesi- tate before going from house to house with some sad. "If I said a blessing like that. would take for his portion a small piece of bread and a few drops of gravy. was asked to pronounce the blessing before meals. God's mercy and loving care were extolled. of a family. for granted. it was helpful. to the table. or he has an appetite. if I had a pain in my stomach to A for a month.. shocking tale of our neighbor's weakness or dereliction some of us hesitate to open the closet door of the family skeleton to every passer-by. if he slept well. Take these things and that he comes to the table as a Christian. He feared offending his diThe hostess. that it is inexcusable at meal times to bring up subjects that tend to undermine and disinto obey the Christian's mandate. 40 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. He was asked to bless all food with health and strength for the body and the Then that day's work. yet with seeming gusto and ." tegrate the body. what is set beand know that he "has eat and to drink" (I Cor. when coming if how he feels. and exclaimed to a member of the family. gestive organs more than he feared God. There are so many delightful and invigorating subjects which one can discuss with benefit. to "eat him power to fore for conscience sake. good man and pillar of his church. thinking he was trusting God and His promises. ix: 4). but lengthy. grew righteously indignant. while on a visit some friends. I'd show that I tried to trust God by eating something. and to bless all who received it. good man.

pains and diseases of every member of the family and the neighborhood igno- — rant of the fact that. and that if the picture of the disease is held long and seriously enough. relate in tiresome and fatal detail the aches. by the law of suggestion. knowing the law of psychical contagion. that is all the microbe and germ you need.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing." whom she was relating it replied: "I do not intend that you shall hand it over to me. that trouble. disgusting trouble. was relating the recitation she began to who had been cured of a how bad she had been. breath and wings. and how she had been cured. endowed with bodies. A lady studying in a public library had her attention drawn to a woman who came in sniffling. "For thoughts are things. and said: "There." our Lord bade those whom until man. fear is implanted. and yet I am so suggestible that the relaThe lady to tion of it gives me the surface symptoms. During show every symptom of the trouble. she declared to herself emIt was on this principle that He healed "tell . She stopped. you I know that I am cured of see what suggestion will do." says a bright metaphysical : writer. but this experience should prove to you the weakness and the wickedness of ever again relating that trouble in detail as you have just done. and rolling them like sweet morsels under the tongue. A student of metaphysics. 41 delight we fairly rush to each other's arms." All thought tends to materialize. what she had done. laughed. Job tells you so "the thing that I greatly feared has come upon me." the cure was thoroughly no established in mind and body.

and the first one ceased almost entirely. and never having . The battle against all this is one of moral resistance. no physical suffering. crying out the name of the disease as she ran." all physical contagion. and details were thrust upon her. .42 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. she began to run the other girl followed. . The physician who was knowing she had once had it. mental suggestion creates not dissipated by a con- is properly speaking. : Doctor Dubois declares a sensation just as long as trary auto-suggestion is . "A it . Remembering her own discomfort with a similar attack. . . impressionable. Putting her fingers in her ears. it is always psychic. hearThere are those who are so that on ing of a malady they at once feel the symptoms nobody is absolutely refractory to suggestion. she begged the girl to desist. Then the sniffler left the room apparently greatly relieved. called in. and the sniffler went over and sat near her. "I do not intend to do that. physical health!' girl was approached by another who began to mutual friend's illness. unhealthy suggestions. and not of . this caused amusement. and the second woman ceased sniffling. . was seized with the trouble. that trouble Soon another woman came in. shall phatically. . In a week or more the annoyed girl A young relate a . and allows only those to pass which lead us in the way of truth. . . . This is the law that works in not be transferred to me. EducaReason is the sieve which stops tion only will deliver. In a few minutes the second woman began to sniffle. . She seemed to have been released when the other woman was weak or ignorant enough to accept her cast-off bondage. there .

for the specific purpose of bringing to pass the "Lord's will on earth as in heaven" in this case . and I conquered. xci.." and that "the thing that she greatly fears will her. the same old as it is That young woman has since learned that a "mental suggestion creates a sensation just as long not dissipated by a contrary auto-suggestion. A young girl who had been coughing for some days was discovered by her mother to be in the first stages of whooping-cough." where "nothing that maketh or worketh a lie can enter. and not of physical health/ 3 . There is a suggestive or psychical stage to all diseases if taken in." It He replied: "I have already attacked me yesterday. On the discovery of the trouble the mother said to her son." the Lord's Prayer was repeated morning and evening by mother and daughter. which was assimilated and put In another week every vestige of the whooping-cough had disappeared. very firmly. "See to it that you do not let this thing come upon you. These chil- dren never had any of the diseases peculiar to childhood. a consultation of physicians pronounced trouble." done so. time the disease will never become physical. The Revival of the Gifts of Healing." "The battle against all this is one of moral resistance. it 43 heard of a second attack. Knowing the truth of Sir John Forbes' statement that "means acting directly on the mind are fully as powerful and effective in disease of a purely bodily character as in mental disease." come upon She is wiser. solely because they were kept "dwelling in the secret place of the Most High. concluded must be something it worse . hence stronger. also there into was read Psalm practice.

many children who frequented the In one of the pictures the cruelty to creatures of the lower world seated. things. should also suggest a scarcity of nickels to feed the poisoning of the minds and bodies of their offspring. that the next generation may be perfectly moulded in face and form. enlightening and spiritualizing. sculpture. Let parents consider such and it will explain many It physical disorders for which they cannot account. standard for the next. In discussing moving-picture shows and their baneful influence upon the youthful mind. from the the smallest tot up. was so revolting that he came out naueffects. We fondly fancy that we all are wonderfully in advance that pertains to the world's of the ancient Greeks in progress. Aside reaches from any temporary discomfort. but to behold daily how many prospective mothers take heed ideal in painting. fed the excitement of a lower order of and we rarely see a child who is able to sit still for fifteen minutes and listen with pleasure to anything calming. some beautiful and such. . parents should take to heart the tremendous import of the law of psychology that "every mental representation cal sensation." and lived up to it." is followed by a physigentleman stepped into one of these shows for the purpose of learning the nature of the sub- A jects dispensed to the place. Each generation is making Today we find children. The Greeks knew that "every mental representation is followed by a physical Children who are fed on sensation. excitement and low ideals are not apt to "lift up their eyes unto the hills" when parenthood comes upon them.44 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. the effect much further.

no. One day the larger gleefully lady he lad said to a in whom had much confidence: "Doctor thinks he can keep us out by that wire." Children may be reared slaves or freemen." is a powerful factor in solving the discipline. being low enough for the boys to step over." quietly and impressively the lady replied. "Acting under it under the notion of the : good. can be early accustomed to seek the things of its natural habitat. so he put the wire there to help you remember and then he knew you would be glad to keep off and help the little grass blades to grow green and happy. and the "law that is would do good" fed and strengthened. just from heaven. the nuisance continued. but. and they expedited and rendered more effective they more generally supplant the nagging and tiresome "Do not that" for "Do this. problem of Christian recognize cipline will is wrong tendencies. the spiritual giveth life and free- Spinoza epigrammatically states is the notion of the bad slavery .The Revival of the Gifts of Healing." M— M— . who wanted his yard to look pretty like yours. the practical import of the law of the "I find then a law. A man who had just moved into his new home was annoyed by a neighbor's children running on the newly planted grass." "O. when I would do good evil is All true mothers early will find that disif present with me. carnal enslaves. freedom. 45 In moulding youthful temperaments. He thought you forgot sometimes. The dom. but he thought you were a good little boy. He stretched a wire between his lawn and the adjacent one. The child. that human mind declared by S. "Doctor knew that you could step over the wire. but we can step over it. . Paul." Thus the "evil that is present" is not aroused and exhibited.

then bright. have we not . and may never attempt to man. but they unite man with God. his face as the happy green grass of the trespassing.46 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. its powers. body and soul that healing "virtue" which our Lord "perceived" had entered into the long-suffering woman yield to a merely cheerful philosophy or — of true and abiding It is possible for faith. There are mental and physical ailments that will never any form of psychotherapy. a mental practitioner to believe in his own mind and of God. As he listened. and yet declare himself an alleviate the agnostic in regard to the truly spiritual and deep things Mental powers may temporarily discords of the body. but which can be vanquished by deeply spiritual means. was mentioned." and The Psalmist gave us the unchanging law therapeutics when he said. It was the end The "notion of the good" had trithe umphed. valuable. and we are not estimate the therapeutic value of cheerful thoughts of suggestive the bones. in that day. "A merry heart spirit drieth doeth good like a medicine." is allowed to pour into the whole being. through faith. but a broken more real permeated the system. Lord. child of The spiritual arose above the carnal. The Great Physician warned us of the present day's exhibition of mental forces when He declared: "Many will say to me. The forces of to under- mind are good and expressions. and God was one step nearer freedom. the meaning to draw man of true religion —a binding back to God. far and lasting than any internal or external remreal thing has A edy which the eyes behold. when that "grace by which we are saved. grew first serious. Lord.

but a 25. the church to safeguard the true healing CHAPTER IV. void. John 6: 63. In the beginning was the Word. — Ps. . flesh and dwelt among us. Who forgiveth all : thine iniquities. and the Word was God. man maketh 12 : it stoop. . I never knew you. A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth. . — Prov. and the 14- life was the light of men. 15: 23. sent his He Word and healed them." Here we have and in thy a strong and striking denunciation of wonderful works that gave a temporary relief to man. 47 name ? And in thy name have cast out name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them. depart from me. When ness the "earth was without form and face of the deep. It is an imperative demand upon of our Lord. 4. and they are life. . diseases. Ps. how good it is. THE SAVIOUR OF THE WHOLE MAN— BODY AND SOUL. — S. who healeth thy 103 3. and delivered them from their destructions. 107: 20. was upon the God said. and a word spoken in due season. . ye that work iniquity. and the Word was with God. And John all the 1 Word was made 1. — Ps. they are spirit. life.: The Revival prophesied in thy devils? of the Gifts of Healing. Heaviness in the heart of it good word maketh glad. — — S." and darkand His . In him was . The words that I speak unto you. JESUS CHRIST OUR ONLY HEALER.

"Jesus answered and said unto them." When man speaks "health" understanding^ and in His Name." "But the Comforter." S. the lepers are cleansed. he shall teach you all things. and the deaf hear. and the lame walk. which is the Holy Ghost. 11: 4. He is sending today. The things which Word created were "very good. — : S. . 5." that our Says Rev. whatAnd now I have soever I have said unto you. G. whosoever shall not be offended in me. John 14 26. So with "death. the Word created the world and man." This the law of the Word.— 48 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. told you before it come to pass. "It is written. Matt. that. this message to the bodily imprisoned Johns of was by His works of healing. Trevelyan: "There can be no doubt Lord willed to mark His work amongst men ." its so with "life"— "each is yielding fruit after kind. He sent to the imprisoned John this message of heal- ing for the body and gospel for the soul as an evidence of the presence among men of the only Christ. and bring all things to your remembrance. the dead are raised up. . whom my name. when it is come to pass. 29. ye might believe. Our present faith in our Lord is a true estimate of those powers of His which are hidden from the view of the unbe"It liever. that our Lord taught us to estimate the power of His Presence with us now. and the poor have the gospel preached unto them. Go and show John again those things which ye do hear and see: The blind receive their sight. 6. the Word creates health. almost in the forefront of His work. And blessed is he. P." the Father will send in .

the Holy Ghost. . . 49 very strongly indeed with the character of healing. He says no word to make us think that fested in the gospels was meant It He is to all time. 'Heal the sick. Then comes. raise the . also. in the church.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. when He should be with us even unto the end of the world through the coming of God.' That our Lord willed His apostles after the coming of the kingdom on the of healing. No one can rise from the study of the gospels without the idea that He willed to leave men with this impression of His ministry. Peter and The other works of healing in The Acts bear the same mark of its being considered a natural result of our Lord's work of love for man that His church should minister the blessing of health to those capable of receiv- ing it." 4 . that the character mani- to be the manifestation seems impossible to think that He showed Himself then as the Healer of bodies. "If He had willed to do so. John. . to continue the practice we learn from the frank assurance with which they healed in the faith in name It ural thing in the world that the Name seems the most natof Jesus through His Name should be the means of restoring to perfect soundness the lame S. man healed by S. of what We feel. we He would have sent His apostles can hardly think that In the out to heal. but wishes us to think of Him exclusively as the Healer of souls now. first forefront of His commission to them comes the com- mand heaven to is preach the good news that the kingdom of at hand. dead. . cleanse the lepers. . cast out devils. first Whitsunday of Christ. He willed to put off this character. It did not apparently come into the mind of the church for many centuries that the power to heal would be withdrawn.

find what we upon almost every page of Scripture be if true. is the dispensation of the Holy- Ghost. she has not same necessity for the development of spiritual forces to give her standing as she did when they alone secured her reverence and respect. further. tled "And consequently down upon the a sort of spiritual atrophy has setlives of they have been surprised many Christian men. it would seem that the history of the Christian church should lead us to expect them." . When . and that we should rather be surprised If that in Christian society everywhere they were not the usual thing and not the occasional incident. they should be of common occurrence. by Christ's with facts which should be familiar pledge. and. of whom we knew that little preached.50 The Revival of This revival of healing the Gifts of Healing. "So far from being amazed by the phenomena which have turned attention to healing movements. of California." says Bishop Johnson. and when they have been confronted because. Our Lord many would be offended when reminded of hear so the necessity for its revival. she has felt the protecting arm of the State shielding her from poverty and giving her distinction in the world the when she has been conscious felt of the patronage of wealth and society. then the gospel of Jesus a gospel of Divine healing in the largest and fullest sense of that term. the church in her prayer-book be delivering is to us a vital message. "The church is constantly tempted. It is singular that devout church people seem to be the ones most offended. "to rely upon secondary influence to advance her interests.

not. the and by His example brought the promises to men's remembrance. the promises of God while being tested. Word. wiles of the devil are befogging the people. I will put none of these diseases upon thee which I have brought upon the Egyptians for I am the Lord that healeth thee. "If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God. He delivered men's Now the Holy Ghost bodies from the sins of their souls. . and the darkness grew so dense that : they could not see God as the Healer.The Revival The of the Gifts of Healing. that it is the faith that heals.' and the power of mind is so demonstrable. In the general preaching and teaching the soul is brought forward so prominently that the body is almost completely left out. 51 minds of and the Prophets are replete with "thus saith the Lord. the Psalms. in body and soul.We are reminded constantly of the seas and wilderness of doubt and unbelief through which the world is passing. erally agree that they are giving less . with puzzling diseases. our Lord." which declares Him the Healer of the whole man. unsettling creeds and no creeds. Pulpit and press have turned a deaf ear to the message of the revival of Divine healing. the children of light are facing the anomaly of getting instruction from the children of darkness. His own receiving Him in the flesh. is come. many good The Law. more than we. as we are today. fulfilling His office of reminding us of the power." When the people had turned more and more to the gods of the world. and wilt give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes. When doctors so gen- and less drugs. came He has turned to the Gentiles. purpose and presence of Christ. Never did the Israelites need.

His teachings. and against the spirits of wickedness on high" (Twentieth Century Version) There is a healthful and helpful view which we can Our Lord taught that we were take of devils and hells." It is so old fashioned to preach hells and devils." could have blinded us so long. suffered from the sins of the world "all one body we. The first extreme contained truth the last wipes away every vestige of our Lord's temptation." Today we speak of the "battle" with disease. He healed those who were oppressed with the devil. struck a ringing blow. 52 The Revival is of the Gifts of Healing. The other extreme sweeps away completely all devils and hells. Those who did not sin directly and knowingly. and disNothing but the "wiles of the devil" eases "attacking. S." Diseases were "rebuked. and His warnings. against those who hold sway in the darkness around us. swung to the extreme of trying to force men into the kingdom of heaven by a paralyzing fear of the power of Satan. and floats sinners on rose-leaved clouds of physical health into a haven where all is good. but against the powers of evil. 6: 10-18. enemies of not against . flesh in Eph. His purpose. the foolish things of the world Indeed to "God choosing confound the wise. his own "thorn in the flesh" is unspar- ingly recognized as a "messenger of Satan to buffet. Paul knew it was all . that those who hold firmly to the true teaching of the Scrip- tures are looked veritable stumbling-blocks to glory.. upon as worse than freaks they are The pendulum of — human fierce thought." He explains it fully and gives the only protection "For our struggle is and blood. — the devil's work.

and of a sound mind. Today we half hear." Do we believe this warning of S. knowing that "God hath not given us the spirit of fear." filled with blood. "By which (the Spirit) He went and preached unto the spirits in prison. whereby we must be saved. in which is truth. but with new understanding and power. 53 meet the temptations of evil." We meet evil. seeking whom he may devour. when once the longsuffering of I the days of Noah. 20. we must take. under any name he is the same old deceiver.The Revival to of the Gifts of Healing. which sometime were disobedient. leave the sin behind. We do not get rid of the devil by changing his name." — God waited in Pet. and of love. then followed. then touched. not with fear. 3 : 19. "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men." We see hells of every grade all about us." That old hymn. and healed the body of the longsuffering woman. but in His and the "power of His might. "walking about as a roaring lion. that leaving the body behind does not strength. It is pri- marily a state of mind . is fraught with truth squeamish "There — veins. not with namby-pamby sentimentalism which calls everything good. which seems to disgust the who is cannot stand Satan. as much as our dwelling here is a locality. She first heard. half follow. but of power. it is also a locality. drawn from Emmanuel's That healing Fountain is the "virtue" that went forth from our Lord. The steps she took. and but rarely touch: "As many a Fountain . and the general teaching. perpetuates these hells. Peter? Do we believe him when he said of our Lord (while His body lay in the tomb).

This is the only suffering the true Christian should endure. systematized. and laugh at the possibility of his relation to them there are numbers of well-meaning believers who say. We let come between us and our Lord the general. "Let us be ever responsive to the Spirit's promptings to see in the perplexing and trying experiences of daily life the personal touch of our enemy and His and . tioning recognition of Satan as the source of disease leads us and operation local reason away from the inherited and culti- vated way we have of trying to find some . and he is surely less able to endure these things in a diseased body than in a strong.' The while the organized. and I do not want to. and to rob the saints of God of their heritage by perverting the evident T truth of the Word. blind teaching that Christ's direct healing touch was for sinners of the past." We let the crowds. touched were made perfectly whole. The suffering with Via Dolorosa is the anguish of the soul for the sins of the world and the temporary triumph of Satan. to blind with deceptions. the angry looks dismay us.. and to in the flesh is diseases . who speak lightly of Satan. 54 as The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. well one. let us be qualified with the resistance that will always cause us This unquesto triumph in our Redeemer and Saviour. Our Lord had no He took them away and destroyed them. to plague with disease. call him by jocular titles. "There are in our churches myriads of unstable Christians. do not know anything about the devil. show His Divinity: that disease Him. compacted and discipline^ forces of Satan are pressing through the 'gates of hell' to instigate to crime. the multitude.

why try to annul God's will by sending for the doctor? tain these angels of ishes Why not enter- mercy a little longer? Satan flour- on these expressions. teaching that sickness and pain.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. or that the vilest sinner was told to suffer a little longer. who could be a and bed-ridden. not disuse. Jesus healed "all manner of sickness and disease. It was." "This is your hour and the power of darkness. It must grieve our Lord to hear His struggling followers. — to see a lot of good. and that only those who in suffer thus are made strong. will prove to be angels of mercy in disguise. as in heaven." They were to act make themselves Nothing delights Satan more than useful in the world. "Arise and eat. Every act and statement of our Lord justifies us in knowing that it is His will for man to have a healthy body. If so. The Evil One power for Christ. 55 cross From the manger to the was a struggle with the "prince of this world. get up and minister unto them. used by us with patience and love to God and meek submission to His will. bright Christians. disabled has planted this seed in the Lord's vineyard." "Take up thy bed and walk. is being hindered and delayed by the sickness and death of good people whom he has blinded." We have no hint in His teachings that a single case was left unhealed." "Go. blinded by Satan." he said for our infirmities or attacks. There is much that is taught in the name of Christianity which must be revised. . for he knows how God's will on earth. He healed Peter's wife's mother that she might He wants us for use. that he might be stronger." it Gethsemane.

"transformed (transfigured. when he was supposed to be dying. If We are to bear only until in the flesh if it we our Lord were walking with us today. "Him that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out. Jesus is soon to come. Is the body God's handiwork? Think you He wants it marred by sickness and blotted out by corruption? A thousand times. what Christian would stop to were His will he be healed? He would believe. vital Our faith is much more it when it conquers sickit.! 56 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing." shall be "changed in the twinkling of an What is corruption? eye. which God made. and the body." We hasten His coming by teaching life." This is taken to be said of our Lord. that it was part of the great redemp- ask — . no The grave is not fully and truly robbed of its victory so long as the body. ness than when merely helps us to bear conquer. "We are on the eve of a judgment. literally) by the renewing of the mind. Mr. a new influx of life came into his body. that same Life should preserve every body in which it is allowed to flow as He wills. What life have we but His? If His life preserved His body from corruption. A noted archdeacon declared. and is the "temple "I will not suffer of the Holy Ghost. Miiller declared that. if we hold on to life it may be that we shall abide until His coming. Religious writers admit that Christ's healing had a spiritual meaning." and never see corruption." sees corruption. my Holy One to see corruption. and he grew strong and well when he thought of the coming of the Lord of Life. The last stage of sin the last blow of Satan." body or soul.

as the Divine Messiah. — Jesus Christ in the flesh)." for the church. . A noted divine declares "This conception of God does not give the mind anything in which the thought can terminate. in something." the Divinity of our Lord. for thoughts must terminate is. and good hungering for bodily healing. of The nearness and tenderness : God as a Father can- not be satisfactorily realized in an abstract principle. that are taking away our Lord Jesus Christ and giving in His place an abstract principle called Christ. It is a psychological moment situation can be met only on the plane of is not true to say that the healing being done by preach- . . but the healing. . There self is need today to beget and confirm faith in Him- as . without letting that thought is terminate in person. and schisms. of the Gifts of Healing.The Revival tive plan. Has the redemptive work world saved? If not. divorced from Jesus. still be Christians. 57 and was to beget and confirm Is the faith in Himself ceased. are dissipated in the expanse of nature. the Divine Messiah. leaving the churches for weak. neither can we separate Jesus from Christ and as a "historical relic. or they . or principle. As we cannot separate body and soul with impunity. "To think of God a spirit. when we see the intellect deified grand old churches voting to relegate to the rear. wild "isms. then the direct contact of our Lord "virtue" going forth from Him to the bodies of men is necessary now or our Lord's plan changed? — — for the same purpose. The saving idea of God that eth unto the Father but He is a man" ("No man comby Me" the Divine Humanity. ." cults. people. It is to have in reality no idea of God. as .

. 'Thy faith hath saved thee/ Christ The same word is used in both cases. came to win a double victory over sin and death. . should have been so narrowed amongst Christians as to mean still for many the mere plucking of the soul from some future torment. . of the body. That degradation of the word shows how the thought of in- ward wholeness has been lost. .' "We may give both kinds of health one name. issue. The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. hos- and sanitariums are filling the land and inadequate to the demand. uniting them in the term Salvation. is used of the healing . . faith hath the case of the woman with the . The "virtue" from our Lord. An English clergyman writes: "It is sad that this noble thing. is the only salvation. Salvation. In the original language of God. Preaching to the soul only. Jails. He brought new life both to spirit and body.58 ing and pitals. 'Thy go in peace' of the spirit. the blood of the Lamb that cleanses body and soul from all unrighteousness. — — of the New either of the Testament 'to body or of the save' spirit . the case of the woman who was a sinner. "Salvation means the passing of the life the entire man is into brought into harmony with the divine laws and for the saved the Eternal Life is not only a future reward it is something that has already begun: 'He that hath the Son hath life' something that is proved to have begun already by the helpfulness and charity of those who are living therein.. so that every part of his being . insane asylums. pills. because we love the brethren. materia medica. The two saved thee . for 'We know that we have passed out of death into life. pellets and serums are not sufficient.

we are in the presence of a force more important for humanity than the. kinds of salvation were but two sides of one work. and sin and much pain of both body and mind in the world. that the spreading of the Gospel Only this teaching will set and rounded view of the truth. It is the Word The of the Lord that speaks. A good man writes "There is death.' and disease are a breach of God's laws.. . so that it is possible for the physical results of that weakness to . The crowning is is lesson of the evangelical signs is that God the Giver of health." of Christ will read tell new light. James him that is sick. but I know that with all sick- death inevitable have no warrant to pray that in a ness shall be healed. whole of the Old Testament proclaims the source of . the Lord will and death are here. We have a sign of the kingdom of God. so that sin may be called the 'disease' of the soul. When a man is healed by faith of a disease which natural means have failed to move.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. derful skill of the physician. . 59 ." forth a full : they are here is not for I me If.' and S. not of any man.. pain Deuteronomy xxviii. to say. "We are shown that disease is but the outward manifestation of some inward weakness and failure. because 'in none other is there salvation —wherein sin we must be saved. be removed by an inward and spiritual restoration. thing if grace could do no more for man than surgery. this follower him why sickness. The impotent man was healed the at the gate Beautiful by power of the Christ. and 'sickIt would be a small ness' the sin of the body. . most wonsays the 'prayer of faith shall save "Both . Why the spreading of health. .

God is the "author of peace and lover of concord. even death itself. us —as God takes us — rather. Unless one lets Satan blind him. the "wayfaring man. or on earth. it is even the death that brings corruption to the body. but because we let it. O grave. where they do occur? The man with the vision of Christ asked what provision He had made for the redemption of the world.60 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing." Are we reigning (ruling) with Him. and why we are to fight these evils yes. The whole (holy ones) do not see corruption. tion — us. "But suppose men fail?" . though a fool." yet we should also have a "happy issue out of all afflictions. friend) when we declare that "death is inevitable"? Was Hosea inspired when he wrote. cannot err" in the only and proper interpretation." It is true that death does come upon these discords." and though we should have "patience under suffering. and helping Him to destroy this "enemy" (not a inevitable? Yes. and from Sinai was thundered the salvafrom them. I will be thy — plagues . Death who have ears to hear and "For He must reign till He hath put all enemies under His feet. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. We let it because of our ignorance. "I will ransom thee from the power (hand Whose hand?) of the grave. where they do not occur. bethe "everlasting arms" catch cause of the weak teachings on this subject. He replied that it was to be through human instrumentality. to those will not hear. I will redeem thee from death: O death. we drop through the trap-door of Satan. I will be thy destruction" ? Are these things to be blotted out in heaven.

" The reply "It going too far to say we should is but bringing to your re- . 61 "I have made no other provision. Some one truly says. you will bear. So long as you pray to bear. there shall and be no more pain.— The Revival of the Gifts of Healing." in- upon is that. : A that"? have such a false idea of our Lord's humility conI have overcome the world" quered. not die. Now pray that. went to a friend who believed in the healing "virtue" of our Lord. "when God He allowed to "dwell with them." It was a revelation to her. we encourage people to give submissively their bodies to sickness and death because they are inevitable? good woman who had suffered physical agony for weary of bearing it. through His power. "So prone are mortals to their own damnation." Are we not failing Him (Life) when. The friend said "Do you not think that you have prayed that one prayer long enough? Evidently He has answered it. you may conquer. and being sorely needed in the home which was provided by a daughter's daily labors in a store." we teach the full truth. She went forth to conquer. contrary to His commands and teachings. A clergyman to whom this was related meekly inquired: "Do you think it was kind and right to tell her forty years. it seems as We "Be of good cheer: — though a If sist devil's use were gone." Some one says. no more death. not submitted to. it we must emphasize and tabernacles with men. She said that for forty years she had prayed to God to help her to bear it. "It is is. and it should convince you that He will answer a better one.

" The wages of sin is death: if it is right to stop sinning (and preach that)." be all ready to have the "body changed in the twinkling of an eye. life. who make her steps own brethren in the not his brother abideth in death. because we love the brethren. and by thy words thou shalt be — "Death and are in the condemned. "For by thy words thou shalt be justified. heal the sick bodies. says that those drag and her soul weary are her "We know that we have passed from death unto life." Prov. Who can say that we might not see the King coming in His glory if every Christian united in looking for and denot now. He that loveth church. "Die daily. How long shall those who see the truth be hindered in "proving the perfect will of God" by full scoffing Christians? A woman like Dorcas. power of the tongue. as well as Although Joshua had Gerizim." It is a greater presumption to say that the time is and not die. and to preach dead bodies. was dragged down by his brethren whose faces and feet were turned to Ebal. than to say we should live. and thus prove the will of God. claring strength." of our The command and legacy Lord was raise the to the soul.62 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. one lector admitted that we should stop dying. belife cause we do not talk love. it is right to stop dying. of good works. membrance the words and promises of God. death. set his face and feet in the flesh he never reached the top towards he ." "transform (transfigure) the body by renewing the mind." We talk death. life? In union there is success. 18: 21. . There must come a time on this earth when death shall cease.

Christians are supposed were healed. and dead bodies Shut the Bible and talk of these things. and at noon. 55 17. 5 : 23. . will I pray and cry aloud. Evening.— The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. Ps. Thy zvill V. and move. And as He prayed. acting." and spirit be-ing. 63 With were the Bible open before us. and His raiment was white and : glister- — Luke 9 29. pray God your whole Christ. you wholly. and morning. S. and the cry will be "sick in sin. and He shall hear my voice. this CHAPTER PRAYER. and I and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus the very And Son of peace sanctify spirit — I Thess." "dead in sin. strong and well in the flesh? Is church history true that tells us of the raising of the dead from the grave for six centuries. Him we live. altered. loving their brethren? O for a recrudescence of our faith that will meet the needs of the whole man and have our being. the fashion of His countenance — : was ing. as it is in heaven. and that it stopped only when Christians ceased to believe that sick bodies raised. The Trinity of man body. be done on earth. is life. soul ! "In — this is harmonious action." Did our Lord raise Lazarus that way? Did He dispense to Martha and Mary the consolation of some other place and time? Or did He restore to them their beloved brother.

worship and cry out. saints and shining ones. They are mental attitudes. anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick. and pray one for another. and cheat the soul of its true growth which it can get in no other way than on bended knees and in supplicating cries. They are concerned with the circumference of man's being. cherubim and seraphim. and them pray over him. that ye may be healed. things have a value. is placed in the category of prayer. 14. and practiced it in Gethsemane and on Olivet. In the present deification of the intellect there are many who weak ful. are lowering the standard of prayer to the level of mere denials and affirmations. "Holding a good thought" for one. Confess your faults one to another. Any cheer- hopeful state of mind. any kind thought for one's or another's good (good as denned by the individual his own in varying development). . these are called prayer. fall down. James 5 13. of the church. S. Foolish man. Is any sick — : 15. . the expression so These often used. They feed the mind on milk and sweetmeats.64 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. these things are a snare. . and the Lord shall raise him up. and alone do not reach and awaken his center. let . Compared with the essence and true meaning of prayer as our Lord taught. in his intellectual pride and vaunted growth. 16. they rarely touch or bring forth the deep and satisfactory resources of the soul. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. but they are only steps to prayer. Prophets and seers. Is any among you afflicted? let him among you? let him call for the elders pray.

remembered his failings and weaknesses. "miserable sinners. They overlook the preponderance of joy. life is it is time to rid ourselves of the idea that 5 a flowery bed . Whoever does this is taking his feet from the Rock and building on the sand. "he went down justified." "For every one that exalteth himself shall be abased. calling themselves sinners. the other beat upon his breast. and mere denials of discord and affirmations of harmony will then be found to have been a poor. and the truth is not in us. tices of we do not have to forget and let go the commands and pracour Lord. We church." Self-deception is not growth.The Revival thinks he of the Gifts of Healing. praise and true prayer in the rest of the service. frequently come across derisive criticisms of the expression. weak. we deceive ourselves. will stand alone with his God." used in the litany of the These youthful critics tell you that such ex- pressions hinder the spiritual growth of the worshiper. In our enthusiasm and zeal to get knowledge and grow. Now that we have learned that the powers of the mind at and the resources of the soul are our command. 65 may do less." "If we say that we have no sin. It was of the latter that our Lord said. and they forget the two men in the Bible —one of whom boasted he was not as other men. and cried out for mercy for his sins. slender preparation and substitute for prayer in this fiery ordeal of the soul. He will find himself swept out at sea when the torrents necessary for the true development of the soul come sweeping down upon him. Every one will have his Gethsemane and Olivet. and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

is that the domi- nant note in these "treatments" Thine. while sin. God. as we forgive sinners. of irascible temper left her wake A woman definite visit. take the place of prayer. just so long will we need supplicating "Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities. and darkness are flourishing around after toils There is a "rest that remaineth. and cheat himself into thinking that anything less than this full outpour- ing of being to a "Power not himself" can ever satisfy the needs and hunger of the developing soul." The answer hinges on the humble acknowledgment of our sins." in the "my will be done. to forgive sinners. but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groan- we know ings that cannot be uttered. home for an in- In a short time she wrote that she would return in a few days. and the willingness ond with man's needs and and intention prayers.full prayer of our ascending Lord in S. These groanings are for Who can read that awe. Visiting in the home was a woman . The Lord's Prayer covers every need. arms of the Absolute. not Nothing but excesses of every kind can follow of such mental states. ignorance us. human and divine. So wandered from true prayer. So long as there is a soul to be saved. The first part deals with praise to his sins." but we enter it and battles. of ease. the sec- "Forgive us our sins." as they express their method. John 17. for not what we should pray for as we ought. and we can rest in the suffering. Among many far have they mental practitioners "treatments.— 66 The Revival of is the Gifts of Healing. that there that a rose-strewn path to glory." the sins of sinners.

He declared vehemently that there is a kind of prayer that is damning relinquishing. A storm arose. and much valuable property had been destroyed. In his old way of talking to people distressed in mind or body." To preserve her own comfort she set to work to "treat" the old lady that she might not return. inactive automaton. She declared and pro- her inability to return. so he began with the study of the sphere and nature of prayer. It would no longer do. student told her success (?) with Instead of being willing to use her knowledge The to help the old lady into a sweeter temper. and they had one more intellectual feast." common nostrum for all — "it was God's and so on. gusto. she set to work for her own selfish ease. despite the fact that he was engaged elsewhere and anxious to go. and left the suppliant an inert. The old lady sent for her winter coat longed her stay. Dean Marquis. of Detroit. — . he used a will. lives. deadening prayer that threw everything into God's lap. the Dean asked them if they wished to take upon themselves the responsibility of the disaster. the train was delayed.a The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. The next day's news informed them that hundreds of homes. tells of a congregation which prayed that a visiting evangelist might be kept a night longer amongst them. Their prayer had been answered. He wanted something vital in his church. The extreme of this was touched upon by the Dean in a talk to the Emmanuel Movement Class in Boston. rested on the bosom of Jesus. 6j who was taking her first lessons in "mental treatment. and that she was in the best place for her. In an article.

but did not pray. cried. prayed for a girl who had left walked the roof all night.— 68 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. nor do we need to wrest from Him some coveted boon. we have strayed from His touch. came away Why feeling that a blow had been struck at prayer. words without thoughts never to heaven go. had never oc- curred to her. should she pray? Why not just float along and let God do His will? Working with God. Prayer begets and confirms that faith which constructs the bridge over which the gifts and power of veyed." A woman of India. Paul tells us how "Strive in prayers to God for me. The king in Hamlet "My words fly up. the human instrumentality in the redemption of the world. I strive for you. By ignorance and sin we have dissolved the partnership. home The . my thoughts remain below. S. She strove in prayer for her weaker sister." He said prayers. We are co-workers with Him. who had become her a Christian. and the effort in earnest prayer is to regain our position by His side. she girl returned the next day. The spirit is gently leading man to choose that quickening communion with God which is gained only in hours of prayer. We do not change God's plan by this striving. A woman who had heard a lecturer declare that God's will would be done. and can choose whom or what he will serve. praying unceasingly. God are con- . It is through the mind that man is a free agent. The spirit of man wishes His will to be done. but the mind of man is divided between God and mammon.

69 nothing that will weaken and demolish this more than This is a request. What is praying for recovery but the relief of pain and sickness? How much more comfortable is the boon of health and strength than that of healing." noted clergyman says : A . it. Assured of health and strength is to be totally and forever free from pain and sickness. yet He declares that He many mighty works in some towns because Those people believed something. as seen in this acknowledgment. divided against is itself. The sinner stumbles sometimes upon this law. would not and do not pray to be relieved of pain and sickness yet I pray for health and strength every day. misses Our Lord did not lessen or withdraw his compassionate mercy as He went from town could not do of their unbelief. vigor- ous bodies. It is so in human partnerships. a rationale of prayer. Does he ask health and strength. to town. but "I not the right thing in the right way. that God wants is it his co-workers with healthy. it not strange that the people are not healed. with a wrong sense of humility. greater and nearer than God as our Healer. is a law. without a it is of doubt. and the healing gifts of our Lord are neglected and untaught. while the good man.The Revival of There structure is the Gifts of Healing. doubting God's willingness . to doubt God's willingness to grant one of the secrets of the failure to if heal the body. that struck and maintained. how much must be more so There in the Divine relationship. and yet there is one thing of which scintilla we should be absolutely sure. and often go to the With a mind sick room to pray for their recovery. God as our Health is infinitely more. and gets the result.

believe that ye receive them. If ye then. all things are possible to him "What things soever ye desire. "Again I say unto you.. He knew that Satan would interpose with diagnoses of death and incurableness. that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask. know will he give him a serpent ? how to give good gifts unto your children. whom if his son ask bread. believing. how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good . "Or what man is there of you. His disciples were to watch and pray against the tempter. If he does not doubt the greater gift. . the lesser? Thus does Satan deceive the Thus is built the strongest barrier against the revival of the gifts of healing left by our Lord to His Church. being evil. "Ask. ye pray. and the need of impure and weakening disease to make pure and strong. and it shall be opened unto you. will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish. whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer. and it shall be given you seek. "If thou canst believe. jo to bestow The Revival of them? the Gifts of Healing. when. there am I in the midst of them. it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. Even He wanted this companionship in His hour of trial. ye shall receive. and ye shall have them. and ye shall find knock." Jesus knew the need of one mind to back and strengthen another. why doubt very elect. things to them all that ask him? "And things. that believeth. For where two or three are gathered together in my name.

A woman who would not degrade ( ?) the use of prayer by asking for a pair of shoes for her bare feet. nothing wavering. helpful. looked and to stand . instead of a warning against using them wrongly. driven with the wind and tossed. did not say this. yi shall ask in my name.The Revival 'Whatsoever ye thing else) will the Son. being good gifts unto your children. I say unto you. ask and ye shall receive. He is willing to give all by and help us to use them for His glory. your Father give good things to them that ask It is often said that if some things were given we would not use them aright. and what we should ask for. he will give it you. For let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord. The minds of Christians are sadly and frightfully befogged as to what is God's will. and beautiful things of Shall only the the world made only for the wicked? "wicked flourish like a green bay tree"? Solomon's deflection is often held up as a paralyzing warning against asking for comforts of body as well as of soul. Our Lord good gifts. evil. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea. Are the rich. it is our duty to lay hold upon them. to give shall "If ye then. . I will do it. I of the Gifts of Healing. Our Lord made these promises to sinners." Unless these promises are a mockery. that your joy may be "But let him ask in faith. whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name. "Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name full. "Verily. verily. owing to our evil. know how how much more him?" us. that (not some- do. that the Father may be glorified in If ye shall ask anything in my name.

up God in the as her supply. the open grave. Mr. but took care to hold the shoes mental background. puny conquests. The will of God has been a deep shadow on their pathway. poverty. "Believers in the limitless power and measureless love of the Lord Jesus are catching a new vision of the will of God. weak faith. George Miiller is the best known example of asking God definitely for the smallest needs. loss. bereavement. "I am afraid to have His will done. "Their dread of His will has impelled them to school themselves to be ready for its visitation as for the pesti- lence that sweeps through the land. empty joy. It has been a skeleton in their closets. funerals. The will of God is associated with sick rooms. obscuring the light of present blessing with its possible decrees of sorrow. It has been a presence from whose cold embrace they have pleaded to be released." Why do we not have more preaching and teaching about the Holy Ghost? That we might increase our faith and thus become perfect even as our Father is perfect. to such. will gives us The will of this God. God the Son withdrew from the flesh. but promised . "How enslaved to dark thought of His will have the children of the Most High been. and He never failed him. is And conception of His sickly Christians. The Father wants us to be frank and definite. always dressed in black. which they have prayed to stay behind closed doors." A young woman in Sunday School shuddered when the will of God was mentioned."J2 The Revival to of the Gifts of Healing. and cried.

Paul's act of sending aprons and hand- Giving the whole man to God in prayer and receiving His spirit in return does not require great knowledge and learning. "As He prayed the fashion of His countenance was altered." The effect of prayer extended even to the garments. small voice" ? follower of Jesus Christ to have a daily audience with Holy Ghost. It is not unnatural. We renew the body by renewing the mind. We are overwhelmed with human devices for relief man's shall from "plague. It is true worship which is simple. The Psalms breathe a personal relation to and possession of ." It purifies and is a resurrection of the body. Why do we not open our inner It is so possible for every "still. and the highest things of God." to listen to the conference of the When Holy we convene It is in Spirit? prayer that we give ourselves to Him. and His raiment was white and glistering. nor forcing the faculties into unchannels. and He to us. this renewing the mind is projecting its activity into a higher realm. pestilence and famine. kerchiefs to heal the sick? May not this be the meaning of S. It is having a passion for God. It is changing the earthy mind into the "mind which was in Christ. the Gifts of Healing. for health.The Revival of His Holy Spirit to ance. It is healthy a transfiguration (the literal meaning of "renewing") here and now. happiness 73 men Surely He did not mean that the and guidSon should blot ear to the the out the Holy Ghost. and the law of the body is that it follows the mind. It is more than a merely intellectual belief. The land is flooded with human conventions and conferences.

yes. Him. I in is salvation." "Be now. "Whom have heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that and there follows no desire to cultivate a passion for God. and in this close touch the body was purified unto translation. The old Hebrews did not need death to unite them with God they had Him on earth." "Then it is possible for such a Christian to be trans- lated today?" . "By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death. He declared that all Christians should please Enoch did. and that possession was heaven and life. he was asked if it were possible for a Christian to walk God as with God as did Enoch. so much so that some writers . because God had translated him for before his translation he had this testimony." . and taught in the present tense: "Now are we passed from death unto perfect. Then there is a law for the transfiguration of our mortal bodies. life. thought that they did not believe in a future life. lation.74 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. and they do not have to enter God's presence through disease and decay. They sang what Jesus taught. that he pleased God." "Now tense. Why do we not teach and emphasize this? A clergyman sermonized on Enoch's life and transI desire beside thee." He walked and talked with God. "O." Our minds are dulled and spirits weighed With no sense of shame down with the future we read. To do this Enoch had to do and talk After the sermon differently from others about him. and was not found.

." The Bible urges is us on by rewards. bidding he cast the net and received fact that Peter despite the It was stated that are better than Peter was. When it was made clear that the body is but the channel of sin." Who stops to realize the meaning of this injunction? A lecturer's text was. "Yes. then must not death stop? the speaker hesitated. and expressed his thought that it was the soul that sinned and died. In the most and uninterested tone. but O. The Revival of the Gifts of Healing." fests the state of the soul. for I am a when at our Lord's it full. he unequivocably said. his head." "But without faith it is he that cometh to God. and that he we no today needed the miracle to help him to see his sinfulness that there must come a time when sin must stop. Peter's cry. must believe that he is. The general teaching full of injunctions to do good. "Depart from me. 75 He so in the hesitated and shook if He was asked why many ministers either turned down or shunned one church he really tried to do as he had just lifeless preached. It is so much like the bundle of hay on the shaft that urged the weary. as they must do to let others know that they had something. sinful man." It was S. and that he is (not will be) a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. "Quench not the Spirit. On being asked if sin must stop. and did not want to encourage those who made themselves so different from others. the mistiness in claiming the reward here and now. struggling team to greater hay always remained at the end of the shaft. effort —the . and mani- was a "sinful man. impossible to please him: for death must stop. he slowly said that he supposed that they thought such people cranks.

these bodies shall be able to pass from world to world as quickly as thought can pass now. which shuts out the world. therefore. but superseded. and we shall find its laws lifting us above real secret of divine the restraints of the lower. violated. S. is and devout prayer all fed and con- firmed that faith which "believeth things" for body and soul. is The to reach out to the divine life and become life united to the Living One. will fill Then His supernatural not only our spiritual. but our physical nature. was not ex- strange to Philip. the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip. that the eunuch saw him no more. which is not law- . whereby the Divine life rules body and "There soul. is that we rise to the higher healing life. is a day coming when in our future and glori- fied life. and brings us into that vital touch of the Holy Spirit. it will simply be a higher plane of living and being. and he went on his way rejoicing. and when that day comes. prayer on the street can never take the place of that communion in the closet. How was caught up it into para- and heard unspeakable words. he had probably had many such Paul tells us of his being "caught up to that he the third heaven. and anticipating and overlapping it. dise. It which was not periences. But Philip was found at Azotus. But we are constantly entering upon the higher even here.j6 The Revival of Only in ceaseless the Gifts of Healing." "And when they were come up out of the water. so we shall find that the law of life in Christ Jesus hath made us free from the law of sin and death. All that is necessary." The law of the higher that life lifted Philip's body above the restraints of the lower. But prayer in work.

There is a timidity about these things which is repre- hensible. got no better. which may be that of every truly believing Christian. Of such an one will I glory. and frees the flesh of dis-ease. is The soul's uplift "Transform your body by the renewing of the mind. "Real prayer It is to the soul like breathing to the body. 'I am better !' and astonished all by dressing and coming down to the drawing-room. supplicatory prayer. increasing the quantity and improving the quality of our entire conscious being.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing." The soul's truest and most abiding uplift takes place in prayer." tells An English writer of a lady whose illness "defied the doctor's best efforts. "Prayer is an instrumentality for bringing the mind into an effective state of conviction." The cells. Her friends considered that a 'miracle of prayer' had been wrought. There is a subtle interaction between the body and the soul. and mixing with other members of the family. "Prayer is is not our compelling God's reluctance. till he would." The "laying hold" is our share in the results. the conscious drawing in of soul energy from its source. but laying hold of God's willingness. through mind. when she exclaimed." "Miracles are not contrary / ." His faith and energy were increased by these experiences. concentration and receptivity to the divine influx that lifts the body above pain. tissues and organs are revived and invigorated with the water of life more abundant. all Supplication is the central idea in the words translated "prayer. JJ ful for a man to utter. the body's. this patient one day a very powerful prayer was Do what made at her bedside." and this is done in devout.

unchanging law that the Psalmist enunciates when he tells us to pray to and praise God Our Lord early in the morning and in the night season. they are only contrary to what we know about nature. "Man shall not live by bread alone. it can never do for us what is done in secret talks and daily personal audience with the Holy Ghost. The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. "Peace. We simply take our stand on higher ground than the natural position. and many have felt it to be beyond a general experience. We believe that our God is life.78 to nature . up the waste places in mind and body which the day's — labor had wrought. but by every word that proceedeth out of It is not merely a beautiful utterthe mouth of God. his body sank under the law of gravitation." The universe and in is fashioned with reference to prayer. we may take of His life because He has bidden because so considered us to. However beautiful any ritual may be. But those who are taught of God are persuading us that this life of divine manifestation in the body of the believer is a normal order. Water and air obeyed. and built food. . and as our need of life is greater than the supply which we have in nature. When he allowed the howling winds to drown his Lord's voice. be still !" Gravitation gave way to the higher law of levitation when Peter's soul went forth and talked with his Lord he and his body walked upon the waves." "Healing has long been regarded as a miracle. went forth in the early hours and prayed for spiritual In the evening He renewed the supply. no direction are we blocked by the fixedness of nature's course. but an eternal." ance.

and she could not apply any outward remedy. if 79 We The ment this are no better than the lower animals." Deuteronomy xxviii: 61. cry. "If we will.. for a revival of the Hebrews' belief in the immanence of God which was a protective power to close the mouth of lions. as did the presence of that fourth and Holy One in the fiery furnace. A woman picked up a hot pan. as to supersede the heat of fire and flames. and is bringing about "every sickness and every plague which is not written in the book of this law. this we go foods. through world subsisting alone on animal its soul will never cease cry for its its own nourish- — this is its law." The mad rush for the mands strenuous and into the reality things of the outward senses depersistent effort to drill children spiritual world. She had only a short time left to finish her baking. "When thou . "Father." The warmth of His love can be such a reality. here and now. Sitting down. neglected and unsatisfied. and holding up her hand." To keep it there she recalled. because he believed in God. to be about Father's business is wrecking men. for the pain was severe and increasing. which burnt the entire inside of the hand. The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. "And no manner of hurt was found upon Daniel. something must be done at once. women and — everything is implied in the expression. children. into thy Hand I commit my hand. There is no "cannot" in the Christian's vocabulary. she said. and nearness of the The Lord "perceived" the "virtue" that went forth and entered the bodies of sufferers. the things of spirit as real to us as the objects of O. With His mind we can make sense. The causes of disease will forever elude until the whole man is fed.

The spiritual first. the spiritual world. Elisha prayed. Jacob and Moses. and the manifestation follows. and the signs of the burn rapidly vanished. It was more real than any outward application place." could be. and it does it by first bringing the inner eyes of the soul to behold the Source of all sights. Angels. and no outward manifestation. Sight and growth . These proclaim the nearness and presence of He who prays should see and hear what the prayerless man cannot. The Creator was is greater than things created. just so long will God and life be distant. and every plant of the field before it was in the earth. "The Lord God made the earth and the heavens. physical eyes. So long as students are taught that the days of signs and wonders are over. and disease and death immanent and imminent. but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy Then she fed her hand upon the unwavering confidence that something had passed upon it. that everything must be in the heart. and the eyes of the young man were opened to behold the mountain full of horses and chariots. Knowing and doing heal and save. appeared to Abraham.80 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. walkest through the fire fire thou shalt not be burned : neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. and every the baking finished all suffering When herb of the is field before it grew" To create in this way the purpose and province of prayer." "We went through and water. Lot. as men. Her soul "perceived" that the Lord's "virtue" had touched and healed. had ceased. Zacharias and John did not leave the earth to behold angels and have visions of glory. It is the Christian's covenant and pledge. Prayer opens the actual.

he exclaimed: "I believe that. daily taught God's love and nearness. xci grown in grace. and ten thousand at thy right hand." "Except ye become as a little child. on contemplating the healed finger. free from soreness. jus to see Dod fitz it. a prayer that inviolably protects. he said: "I bleve I'll At that early tut my finner aden. The bullets were flying thick around me that day. he went to his mother and said "Mamma. but it shall not come nigh thee. Over and over he repeated. and put a rag on it. Not in the least alarmed : at the sight of blood. Dod will fitz it" (God will fix it). "a thousand shall fall at thy side. lad prayed for his brother in battle. and subju- gates all that afflicts and distresses inwardly and out- .The Revival of are one. A another's burdens. cut his finger. The next day. Wash my finner. but "these signs shall follow" those truly is who have Ps. is more real and dependable than the when they hear the light laugh and the denial . the sight in his flesh. All my fear passed away." until something (or Someone ?) told him his brother would not be hit." age he had learned to see God making whole." A child of three years. when all at once I felt a consciousness that I was protected. When the brother returned and was told of it. 81 A no sights wicked and adulterous generation may have and signs. healing and was fascinating and ab- The sword that pierced through Mary's soul at the crucifixion of the Son." "Bear ye one wardly. also pierces the soul of those to whom 6 the spiritual material. and sorbing. and I went through the battle like one with a charmed life. the Gifts of Healing.

who will open their eyes in astonishment and smile dubiously oil and prayed for. members of the church. tossed their heads and exclaimed together "Do you think God is interested enough in her to take notice of such a small thing as that? I do not believe any such thing. After when prayer is spoken of as A young man. to whom a healing when anointed with a healing power. but in the relations of cause and effect. was taken to Jesus. "not a sparrow falleth. It is not difficult to find young men and women. on being told that a companion's accident was a case of man proposing and God disposing. He has not wholly come to such. . that the violation of the fifth commandment had been punished by God. and with a meaningless smile said: "I should want something more than that." And yet. but our Lord doth know. in the church. power of prayer of those who have been reared The Lord is crucified anew. all-mighty f Two young women. which she had not emphasized in regard to the them body (but our Lord did). as the lessons taught. as the result of these lessons. They have never tasted the fruit of His resurrection. lady told her instantaneous his : teaching the lessons of the healing miracles of our Lord. Another teacher inquired: "But was it well? I'm afraid that's a dangerous thing !" It is safe to teach about our Lord's healing . a Sunday School teacher remarked that. arose from his couch. not arbitrarily." Something more than God. one lad had so interpreted An injured knee. shook head slowly. He claimed the promise.82 of the The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. parents anxiety. they are still looking for another." The Via Dolorosa is paved with these stones. which caused his for himself. leaped with joy and declared his knee well.

He taught his people that the healing of Jesus the last Conference of the is still available. One child was cured instanta*J esus it !' neously of spinal curvature. don't cry. few weeks I've sold later the boy rushed up to the man and "Say. to put it 83 into work and power." street Arab had learned. "Whenever you are discouraged and find things going wrong. I've been trying the sky telegram. which means power. 'Again I say unto you that if two of you shall agree upon earth as to what ye shall ask." Emmanuel Society in in England. For myself. but a dangerous thing practice. A man God met a newsboy. but send a telegram to for help. and I more papers This since I've been doing that than little ever did before. Matthew. Healing comes when the spiritual lesson is learned. passed through several severe A drop of mediillnesses with the aid of prayer alone. the little fellow was Said the man. has done miles. awaiting their faith. it shall be done of my Father' there must first be union. . the child calling out. said: "I Lord Radstock — me no doctor has for forty years been asked for help for or for my children. who lived to be nearly one hundred years of age. in an address on "Prayer as a Factor Heal- want to call your attention to one passage in S. we must be gathered together in His name.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing." and the next day that child could walk four crying. The victory is all in His name. At ing. cine had never passed his lips or been used on his body. A devout and believing priest. This brings identification with Christ." A said. Mister.

84 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. longing to pour forth the riches of His grace. we rise from prayer as from a duty. works' sake. hatred and malice poison the Helpful. God's voice and answer. and come away wondering if anything was really done. instead of a privilege. the Father. We do not pray often and honestly enough. despite the most definite and unlimited promOur first and most sufficient ground of ises of God. the faith which is thus fed There is The body is . We go to prayer. probably for the and It reality of is first time. who gets at us in a roundabout way with mechanical devices at the ends of the battery." no promise for listless. but they are so scoffed that the road to success is made long and rough." The telegraph and telephone are more real to us than We go into telegraph and telephone offices." still looking for the "light that never shone on land or sea. A very few are proving these things. have not taken God at His word. with souls as transmitter and recipient. "Believe Me for the very certainty is His promises. constructive and abiding fluids of the body. Prayer becomes perfunctory. the Christian's privilege to telegraph and tele- phone. Envy. composed of chemicals which are at the mercy of emotions. We come from our closets still hungering for the "peace that passeth understanding. send messages. emotions are accumulated and stored up in the sacred moments devoted to prayer. but since Christians have not believed. perfunctory prayers. has had to use the material scientist. and come out satisfied. something of the nearness unseen Helpers.

As so has He and never passes her ing her. but vanishes just before reach- He will never pass her by. should never have had the joy of making God's voice real Your earthly father is loved because you talk ever to is with him." The teacher sadly replied "The surprise should be on my part. sets in 85 becomes a dynamic within man. with tellectual. How can you expect love the Heavenly Father. You cannot wait to take time for this intercourse you . and in perplexity exclaimed: "You surprise me. talk with Him. that you. He always looks sad. parday a student could keep : taking of to you. I never heard anything like it. and some day she frequently interlarded the will return to her Father's abode. motion the Paul met Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus. been met several times on the streets of a city by a young woman who has given up prayer because she never seemed to get any answers. by. The editor of "The Healer" says of prayer for the dead: "No diffican do for another . I do not understand. its Communion for nearly half a century.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. whom intercourse not so real as with the earthly father? Your belief is mainly inlife. silent One no longer. and highest laws of his three-fold being. to hear you talk of such a personal intercourse with God. and is not the knowledge that gives eternal To know Him you must walk with Him. S. A teacher of metaphysics instructions with her own experiences in talking with God and the commissions she received in return." Bishop Creighton declares that the only real thing we is to pray for him. born and reared in the church. must make the time. No one is the same after prayer has been made for him.

. pray for our loved ones. Prayers for the progress of the Departed abound in the early liturgies of the church. and that the faith which realizes His presence. where spirit with spirit can meet. The same When we the Breath of God. may be drawn nearer to God. It would be well if we need not use the word 'dead/ for 'our God is not the God of the dead. because they have left this veil of flesh. and what can we do but take this intense longing to our Father. and that more light and strength may be given them. if we remember still that here on earth ing. culty presents itself to my mind. but of the living. fulfills in Christian experience His power to give and to give it more abundantly. The committee believes that sickness and disease are in one aspect a breach in . which strengthens and sus- tains the health of the body. and that when we pass over we are only without a material bodily covering. for structive passage: still all live unto Him/ . their spirit. "We are not able to understand is how our intercession for others during their earth-life allowed to be a means does use it. sustains us in both places. The Lambeth Conference Report (1908) has this in"The committee believes that Christ life.— 86 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. we are spirits with a material bodily coverspirits life. our prayer is chiefly that they themselves. Why should that prayer cease because they have thrown off the material bodily covering? still We long that they may be helped onward and upward. is capable of creating a heightened vitality of spirit. of blessing. and especially in connection with the celebration of the Holy Communion. but it we know that God and surely is a materialistic tendency which prevents the contin- uance of our prayers. when still in the flesh.

whereas should have been regarded rather as a weakness to be overcome by the power of the Spirit." ." "More things are wrought by prayer Than this world dreams of. than for the Visitation of the Sick of this Office at present supplies. not only analagous but sometimes at least caused by. the Gifts of Healing." "Who prays not. For what are men better than sheep or goats That nourish a blind life within the brain. 87 harmony of the Divine purpose. knowing God. A blot and a discord is he.The Revival of the to. Wherefore let Rise like a fountain for thy voice me night and day. and that the confidence in the efficacy of prayer for the restoration to health has not been sufficiently encouraged. exists. and that this restoration of harin mony mony tion of the mind and will often brings with it the restoraharmony of the body. and that these be fitly petitions be used in close connection with prayer for pardon and peace. they lift not hands of prayer Both for themselves and those who call them friend? For so the whole round world is every way . want of moral harof Divine Will. "The committee recommends the addition to the Office more hopeful and less ambiguous petitions for the restoration of health. It believes that sickit ness has too often exclusively been regarded as a cross to be borne with passive resignation. And these prayers may accompanied by the apostolic act of the laying-on of hands. Bound by golden chains about the feet of God. The committee believes that potency of corporate intercession has been too little realized. but he lives not. If.

James ther. Rom. 15: 26. But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you. and. Lord all 3. —Rom. that ye may be healed.CHAPTER VI. is 5:15. redemption of our body. . 5 30. . fur- mentioned by S. — Jas. all Who forgiveth thine iniquities. The one of editor of "The Healer" says: "It strange that unmistakable Christian principles should !' say. 8: 23. For I am the that healeth thee. 6: 13. For we are members of His body. Eph. The body is for the Lord. who healeth thy 103: The prayer of faith shall save the sick. . for one another. GOD- groan within ourselves. 'we have passed beyond the days of S.' James was of a transient nature. waiting for the adoption. and where are we to draw the line as to what is transient and what is perpetual? Our Lord's injunction to the church was Are we to obey to 'preach the gospel and heal the sick. to wit. and the Lord for the body. that the 'gift of healing' S. diseases. and of His bones. he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dweileth in you. . of His flesh. 8: 11. — Ps. —Ex. pray 16. the We — — : — I Cor. Paul and and not designed for perpetuity in the church! Once admit this. IS THE HUNGER FOR BODILY HEALING IMPLANTED.

" are a command to all Christians as well as a ." This is the favorite answer of those who stand in pulpits. and not for the body. "Verily. : soul. the very the union of our members with life Body of Christ. Father. which.— The Revival the first of the Gifts of Healing. he that believeth on Me. and the inflowing members. the first clause is received with both eyes wide open. Peter's testimony was the 'ministry of healing' — —the complete redemption of both body and Kenneth Mackenzie declares life. because I go unto my . may. the answer will invariably be. and greater works than these shall he do. 89 and ignore the second? The ministry of the church must be identical with the ministry of her Lord and Master. though much depends on the individual but of course the healing of the soul is the most important. likewise the Seventy whom He sent forth. "What do you think of the healing of the body by the prayer of faith?" when and where you . is It is the life of Christ in the physical frame. He restored the body. His disciples interpreted Him thus and did the works that He did. verily." We are told that the healing is for sin of the soul. and His words. according to the gospel narrative and S. "I believe it can be done. is "Divine healing It just Divine It is the headship of Christ over the body. When the command. When He opened eyes." is read. I say unto you. but both eyes are closed to the "and heal. "Preach and heal. the works that I do shall he do also. it was physical eyes when He healed all sickness and all manner of diseases. yet our Lord made no such distinction." Rev." of Christ in our living Ask the question. and meant no such thing.

" And again. It is possible to let the soul loom up so largely that it will shut out the benefit which should accrue to the body. as His body was baptized. Extremes are always bad. of which He partook. but there is an element of truth in extremes which. The Revival It is of the Gifts of Healing. is preaching but half the gospel to half the man." will tell you that the church has neglected one-half of our Lord's command. and the Communion of Bread and Wine. have left the church.go legacy. and has the divided garment. In reply the church declares. and also commanded — His disciples to perpetuate. Those who. but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. indeed true that the soul that our Lord pronounced it such when He said. and of the Son. general. it is also equally possible to let the welfare of the body detract from the soul's growth. "I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom. "Teach all nations." But this did not prevent His healing the body by His word. teaching them to observe all things whatsoever . which rite He taught His disciples to observe. "Fear not them which kill the body. and of the Holy Ghost. and points to all the commands of our Lord baptism with water. except that which comes in an aimless. will bring about the happy medium. and are following this and that "ism. declaring it to be an eternal Sacrament. "But I say unto you. that the cults have the divided garment. more truthfully and significantly. baptizing them in the name of the Father." He said. is first. indirect way. but are not able to kill the soul. if used aright. in their God-implanted hunger for physical healing.

Our Lord's full redemptive work must include the body. of Bread and It I baptism of the body and recognized by His was only by strictly observing 'all things things. . as testified by S. Paul: "Because the creature itself shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into gifts of the glorious liberty of the children of God. to wit. when the church was steeped His Presence sheltered and in materialism. the widow's son. in sporadic cases. which works." that even on this earth the life should return to the body of Lazarus. Wine were ( whatsoever have commanded" that the early church healed the sick. 91 commanded you: and these all I am with you alway even unto the end of the world." Our and give it more abundantly." Amongst Communion disciples. . literally) "that He was the resurrection and the life. but could not be spared. waiting for the adoption. S. church fasted and prayed for one who had died. of Lazarus. Peter also Lord came to give life. the redemption of our body. . but to- day the Holy Spirit is fanning into new life the healing both body and soul.The Revival / have of the Gifts of Healing. the angels of preserved the rush-light of the faithful healers. that if they would truly believe (receive. He does not want us to die. as shown in the restoration from the grave of the bodies of the little maid. and of those who were raised from the dead by His The Early Fathers tell us that the whole disciples. turies. lo. even we ourselves groan within ourselves. have continued down through the cenIn the Dark Ages. cast out devils and raised the dead for six centuries after our Lord's ascension. but live. . declaring to Mary and Martha. and he was restored.

be made the healing. ye will not come to Me. and they have never been withdrawn. Jerusalem. which many hasty builders have corner-stone of all is rejected. "O. stands knocking at the door of the soul. with the eagerness and impetuosity of youth. Our Lord is the Life. "a woman full of good works and alms-deeds." who was a necessity to their work. and Jesus Christ. and the attuned ear may still hear His cry. It is His boundless mercy and compassionate love that heal.92 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. and He is with us. whose divinity did not differ from our own. He. It may be that the younger brother. espe- brought Dorcas to cially seeing to it that the Stone that is the Incarnation. Jesus. . England thinks that America has accepted the healing more readily than herself. save that He recognized and used His. and not those who are expecting death. The question asked. but he is beginning to realize the truth of the maxim that "haste makes waste. that ye might have life. and declaring diseases incurable when they have never been laid before our Lord in prayer. life. the Life." and is now considering the necessity for cleaning up the dark corners that have accumulated about the healing work. the best and wisest teacher. Jerusalem. "What is the difference between It is the healing in our church and that of the cults?" the difference between a man. Our elder brother will do wisely and well to profit by our impetuosity and cling closely to all our Lord's commands." Those who are working for life here and now are hastening the Lord of Life's coming. but we hear Him not. has indeed jumped head and heels into the midst of a mighty work.

as Irenseus says. pervading all call to bring affirm. and building a house on the Rock. It is the difference between the resurrection of our Lord.The Revival of the the Gifts of Healing. ference between the Immaculate Conception of our Lord. and by imagination and affirmation pump yourself of I am power. and. than to separate better that this Far we go through . It is not denied that you can build a house on the sand. "simply an acquaintance with that truth which they proclaim. believed and taught by His followers. readers to "just rise into the realm of full am. and an immaculate conception voiced in some statement of an erring. from are vividly portrayed in the gospels. I am wisdom. left and mis- those who have the church are making the fatal take of separating Jesus from Christ. God with us. "quietly realize that the Infinite is really you. I am love." world with all the bodily sufferings which attack the flesh. An I adherent of a tells who sends forth books by the hundreds. a power at their beck and showers of blessings when they and the opposite when they deny. but its enduring qualities Divine Saviour of the world. It is the day of the deification of the intellect. man who Christ is To them. is a wise soul. and people and things. human being. the whom still comes the virtue is the difference between the body whole. Emmanuel. and practicing and maintaining them It is the difas commanded by Him and His disciples. 93 Humanity." And — again." To sum up. cult. Jesus used the Christ principle for body an abstract principle. It make to reducing the practices and teachings of our Lord to abstract principles. it is the difference between building a house on the sand.

which controls the functions of the body. Even the church is not fully awake to the health-giving power of the Eucharist. laid before the altar and imbued with prayer. Even the material scientist is quietly proving in his laboratory that symbols are more than symbols when they are laid before our Lord and weighted with prayer. tell teachers of the various cults will all you that they can do these things without the aid of the symbols which our Lord used and commanded His church to use. the unworthy reception of the Holy Communion pro. . Rev. We should expect this to happen. most powerful form of prayer. from Christ and accept such teaching as this. Paul states clearly the effect of a sacrament He states definitely that upon bodily health. brought into contact with the magnet. most sacred. The effect of this lowering of a man's intrinsic vitality could not be better expressed —he be- . so the bread and wine. . Just as the needle. and being lifted up he is enabled to draw to all empowered men The unto God. duces a lowering spirit of physical vitality. since spiritual things affect both the and soul of man. which is communion or contact with God. Percy Dearmer says: "S. becomes more than a needle —a needle plus—and is then draw other needles. . .94 Jesus The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. Such teachers would do well to remember our Lord's words: "When I come again shall I find the faith upon the earth?" The faith which has obeyed all His commands. It is the deepest. when prayer is understood to mean contact with God. and it is the hidden part of his soul. exalts the recipient body and soul. . in the undermind.

The soul is to bear instead of encouraged to conquer. "forgive us all our sins.' Apparently S. and the communicants should be taught to know why they should be healed in body." and come under condemnation. Wherein have we despised thy name? . O priests. which was given for thee. we may conclude. Paul means this.The Revival comes 'weakly and also to suggest that of the Gifts of Healing. when we pray. that despise my name. Ignorance is ranked as a sin. rightly the vitality and thus strengthens the means of healing. preserve thy body and body. and to this we bear witness whenever our English form for the reception of Holy Communion is used 'The Body of our Lord Jesus Christ. negligences and ignorances. One cannot have faith in something of which he is ignorant.' to meet us at the Holy Communand to bestow healing upon body and soul. 'not some have died because of a few sleep/ received. and so. It is a — " soul unto everlasting life." in bodily healing is again "unworthistrengthened Sick bodies are brought to the Communion. And ye say. and a servant his master: if then I be a father. ing without faith ness. where is mine honor? and things. Malachi gives a striking arraignment of this state of "A son honoreth his father. . and sick bodies are taken away. 95 sickly. raises A Sacrament. com- Our Lord promised ion. where is my fear? saith the Lord of hosts unto you." It makes the ignorant receive the Eucharist "unworthily. if I be a master. But the communicants must know this in order to get the full benefit the teaching is not sufficiently definite on the subject. is Expectation one of the most powerful mental attitudes for healing.

to his professional mind. fruit thereof. Lord is polluted and the . after the Communion of the Holy Sacrament began to revive the same . is it The "And and if if ye offer the blind for it not evil? it ye offer the lame and sick. to life by taking the Communion A devout priest bears witness thus: "I marvel at the greatness and life-giving properties of the was spitting blood Holy Sacrament. and this S. was dying. "Ye offer polluted bread upon Wherein have we polluted thee? table of the Lord is contemptible. my altar. Behold. or accept thy person? saith the Lord of hosts. the is now "But ye have profaned it. who. is not evil? offer unto thy governor: will he be pleased with thee. and the sick.g6 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. and the lame. sacrifice. after the administration of the Holy Sacrament began illness. saith the Lord of hosts and ye brought that which was torn." What a great power ness and for bodily healing the church has in the Eucharist. was restored for him. An old woman who and who had lost all strength. A his noted physician declared that a patient. The table of even his meat. thus ye brought an offering: should I accept this of your hand? saith the Lord. for body as well as soul. contemptible." : "Ye have The reception of the Eucharist is lacking in complete- power when the communicant does not get the full benefit." same day from her "A young girl who was almost dying. in that ye say. In that ye say. what a weariness is it! and ye have snuffed at it. being to recover the unable to eat anything. and ye say. Paul termed receiving "unworthily. also said.

Canterbury Diocesan Confer- ence. violently tossed about. I have referred only to the laying on of hands with prayer as a means of grace. "but we rectors never talk about these things. of the Gifts of Healing. why do the rectors hold their peace Shall the children of at the true healing of our Lord? all darkness be more wise in telling of their cures than the children of light? 7 How long shall the Lord's light be . I think. ble mysteries. above all. to bring spiritual healing to our people. Glory to thy life-giving and at the O Lord. We clergy could do more. by the power of mind controlling matter. We can. by the ministry of reconciliation. We can do much to release the patient from doubts and fears and the burden of sin." But why do not rectors talk of these things? When around the cults are flourishing on cures produced by suggestion. drink and speak. God's gift of healing. why is the church not obeying His command?" The rector answered that the church was healing in its preaching. 97 began to eat. said: "I have said nothing of Unction. while before this she was almost in a state of unconsciousness. and then added. and then went on to tell of very ill and dying people who had been healed by prayer and by the Communion." Canon Gardiner.The Revival day from her illness. and could neither eat terri- nor drink anything. He told of brother rectors who had the same experiences. We can teach the power of prayer. and such like cures." At a recent conference the question was put in the question-box: "If our Lord commanded His followers to heal the sick. bring home to our people the effect of the Holy Com- munion upon the body as well as the soul.

His commands. with all their absurdities. may go on evils. Psychology and its branches are very well in their place. whose souls pant for God as the hart paneth for the water brooks. closing her eyes to the example of her Lord and deaf find withholds from the people the gifts Jesus. while behind the altar the talent of healing unused. "All that a man : hath will he give for his life. and is there no hunger of the people the church cannot meet. while we witness the steady leakage from our churches into cults that are leading people into darkness. for centuries arraigning the cults results. but they are but drops in the bucket compared to the power of men and women which can be found in all churches. hid under a bushel. men and women who have a passion for . its Before the altar the priests stand and dispense lies." As a noted divine writes "If the church. gifts to the soul. for the devil knew what he was talking about when he said of this evil teaching.98 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. and that undoubtedly standing in the way of the is the thought skilled workers. aim supplying present strength for present needs/' One that it thing is church's beginning the healing. The hunger for bodily healing is God-implanted. committed to her by to she must expect to herself forsaken for at strange cults which. instead of our Lord Jesus Christ? The church is responsible for this confusion. healing the body as well as the soul. and such things. and with church and their she would combat all The must preach all the gospel to all the man. suggestion. must be begun and carried on by trained in psychology. she Job. accumulating little no If interest. The Bible gives no warrant for any such view. Jesus. after a man.

thy habitation. I I. Had the late Convention in Cincinnati heard the heartthrobs and prayers of its people hungering for spiritual healing. 11. . Ps. is about which understand. brethren. TESTIMONIALS. my people recovered? — Because thou hast made the Lord. CHAPTER Who forgiveth all : VII.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. There Paul was anxious that all should something worse than ignorance. V. diseases. 8: 22. 12: a woeful ignorance concerning these spiritual S. 99 God. is — I Cor. thine iniquities. 91: 10. and that the "practice of the presence of God" is the only requisite for healing of body and soul. concerning spiritual gifts. which is thy refuge. There shall no evil befall thee. God help the wee and weak Con- lambs that may stray far from the fold ere the next vention meets. and who know that prayer is the power that can rule the world.). Is there no balm in Gilead? is there no physician there? why then not the health of the daughter of Jer. — Ps. even the Most High. is who healeth all thy 103 3. would not have you ignorant. — — Now There gifts. neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling (body R. the members could never have returned to their homes and churches with an easy conscience. and also heard the clamor of the powers of evil leagued together to prevent the healing.

" With prayer in heart and voice she replied: "Your arm shall be saved. and the arm was set. through the one Spirit to another miraculous powers . to another the prophetic gift. what supplicants is the general attitude? How many know what they are saying when they pray. S. to another ability to cure diseases . the gift to another is is the power to speak with knowledge. to another faith given through the same Spirit." why do we not expect to find amongst us some of these spiritual gifts so clearly defined by S. Several surgeons were called in. Paul thus enumerates them: "There are different ways of serving the Master. the young man cried: cut off. to another the gift of distinguishing between true and plain them. "Mother. I'd rather die now than go through life with one arm. Paul? conferred something more and special. While the power to speak wisely is given to one man by the means of the Spirit. to another varieties of the gift of tongues." One surgeon was willing Hourly to do the best he could. Holy Spirit increase When one is found. is an actual scoffing. but the Master is the same: spiritual illumination is in each instance given for some good purpose. A . When. with the the laying on of hands." false inspiration. which has always it is prayed that His manifold gifts of grace. and to another the power to ex- —Twentieth "may Century New Testament. "pour out upon them the seven-fold How much longer shall gifts of Thy Holy Spirit"? these things be the mere "letter that killeth"? young man mashed his hand and shattered his forearm. and without exception declared it impossible to set the arm. it must be Turning to his mother.ioo there The Revival of the Gifts of Healing.

101 the mother strove in prayer. were made perfectly whole. Dr. Mark's. It We is can see and hear what and time to stop saying "incurable. He was made a subject of prayer. which continued thus for years. Our Lord healed thousands called incurable by the ignorant. the trouble was never relieved . not in any man's. the leg was completely healed. every case. Loren York. which. and he is now the father of two children. to Me for life. Pieces of bone were removed again and again. too. A similar case was that of a woman of sixty years. descending to the throat. and instead of dooming to death He we see de- clared "all things are possible to those who we believe and will come hear.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. caused A loss of voice for many days." We can believe what will believe. A woman from early childhood had been a sufferer from head colds. With hourly use of internal and external remedies. perfectly whole Hand and arm were "As many as touched saved and sound. of S. New A few escape." boil on a lad's leg turned into a running sore. says that "there is scarcely such a thing known as a uniformly fatal disease. An eminent physician and surgeon life in declared that he had seen such marvelous recoveries that he always lived in hope of Batten. This." No man has the right or knowledge to condemn any case to incurableness or death. was perfectly healed by prayer. No bone had ever been removed." The issues of life are alone in God's hand. It was pronounced incurable. and the lad would never reach manhood. but she had been disabled for nearly ten years.

under foot" recurrence in eighteen years. and her: and immediately she and ministered unto them. when attacked. physician. gives some light on this case. She has never had a first sign. the deed. the Hibbert striking the extent to which S. not condiin and things. in word and It is S." Do we rebuke fevers today? Why not? We cannot believe that the Master was joking. and sometimes instantly routed." she arose to the situation with righteous indignation at the and the "young lion and dragon were put in three days. word used means bad demon. When she learned that such "attacks" were "messengers of Satan to buffet. He came to bring. In common with The S. Him for her. tions Personality involved in a rebuke. there was with her a friend who had learned and experienced God's healing They talked on the subject. knowledge and light. Luke demoniac influence. A woman was ofttimes seized with abdominal cramps. Journal. Matthew.102 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. Luke to make such frequent use of this term if he He says: "It is carries the idea of did not believe in demons as causes of diseases. . or perpetuating ignorance and darkness. for in nearly all cases they are connected by him with disease. under six or eight weeks. One day. or evil spirit. John Naylor. wife's mother was taken (seized) with and they besought arose. Rev. who tells of this healing as the result of a is rebuke. How came S. which would finally yield after many hours of heroic treatment. it And He left stood over her and rebuked the fever. he regards dumbness as due to it. minutes she was totally healed. Luke only. "And Simon's a great fever . and in fifteen for the body.

Doctor Nevins. The Master did accept He never doubted it." A little girl of eight years was "seized with a fever." The Sunday School teacher. but after the lapse of years he accepted it. the are we born under a child drowsily asked: "Mrs. as were the bufferings of In the Christian churches the same belief preChrist to reduce or it. Turning to the child. 103 Many examples place it beyond doubt that Luke was a physical and convinced believer in the causation of many psychical disorders by evil spirits. That both patent. "He would probably have agreed with Philo in holding that 'the air is full of corporeal beings/ and with the disciples in holding that when Christ rebuked the winds He did so because these beings in the guise of stormy gusts were bent on the wreck of the boat. . The powers of the air were intensely Satan. real to him. the teacher prayed for light. she inquired what was bothering her. believing in prayer. took her home to nurse. said that when he went to China he at first despised and condemned the prevalent belief in demoniac possession. thus relieving the mother who had other As she lay on the bed in a partial little ones to care for. S. . Himself neither said nor did anything remove that belief. A Presbyterian missionary. stupor. S.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. Jesus and Christians believed in demons is Paul had no doubts about them. and that he regarded such spirits as ministers in a realm of evil whose ruler was Satan. vailed. With an effort. and mused much alone. which was given her by the Holy Spirit. star?" The child was a deep thinker.

Alone with God. and as he went off to sleep repeated with him the Lord's Prayer. A lad came from school one Friday in a listless mood. but now felt the need of help. and she went home to "minister unto" her mother. your work. talked long and earnestly of God's love and care. You are His highest creation. go to sleep.104 Instantly The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. early to bed with him. it occurred to the teacher that she had heard some perplexing jargon about ill fates under certain stars. promised to awake and pray for him while he slept. All day Saturday he tried to be interested in his work and play. and this psychic fever was the result. and tomorrow be ready for school. "As it is raining today. She shook her shoulder gently to arouse her. glancing at She his breast." At her request he made a successful effort to be present at every meal and to eat a fair portion for conscience . you are born under God. Now turn over." The fever instantly began to diminish and disappear." That was the signal that he had done his best to work out his own salvaThe mother went tion. but when night came he said to his mother: "I would like to sleep with you tonight. she saw it lightly marked with measles. while I pray with you before the altar. When she awoke the next morning. The next morning the child was sound and well. and firmly said: "Elizabeth. adding. explained the nature of the battle he was to wage. His nearness and willingness to stretch forth His hand that is not shortened that it cannot save. you can conquer this day. and wake up well. you need not drive in with I shall leave you at home to do us to the city to church. You have nothing to fear. and everything else is under you.

no pain." A young negro woman. and explained that for three or four months she had been bothered with a female trouble which was now telling on her and giving alarm. as friends had declared it would kill her. that "means acting directly on the mind are fully as powerful and effective in disease of a purely bodily character as in mental disease. Having no money for a doctor. failing to do her work with the usual alacrity. and in whom the girl had implicit trust. where there is no fear. hem of His garment and be healed. she had borne it alone until now she was : Dubois "The sistance. . you need too. ing every vestige had disappeared from the body. went . spread. was questioned as to the cause. employed by a lady who had known her from childhood. no death). and being afraid of examination and operation. ready to give up." and also that of Dr. The next day was Friday not a word was asked about how the girl felt ("what things soever ye desire. . Bible and read of the woman who hem of Christ's garment and In a positive tone she said: was instantly "Mary. The lady took her touched the healed." and assurance were given freely can Spiritual firmly. Paul battle against all this is one of moral reand not of physical health. 105 The eruption never and on Monday mornschool. to and had not state- another day of discomfort. touch the You will live. of the Gifts of Healing. Believe. not fear. Herein was proved the truth of Sir John Forbes' ment. and you. he ate breakfast with relish. and the girl went about her duties. instruction and The Lord's Prayer was repeated together (that His will might be done on earth as in heaven.The Revival sake.

This young woman had been told to stop talking aches and pains. so I went into the woods and walked up and down sent in the house. The next day being a busy one for Sabbath preparation. some days after she strolled slowly up to the house. if was so busy Saturday that I forgot to ask you wished the Lord's Prayer said with you. and did not go to bed till my usual hour. to refuse to name diseases. I was healed Thurswas just like the woman in the Bible. and as the lady appeared she dragged out: "I come to tell you I didn't come. and that it was all Failing to come to do her weekly a battle with Satan." After that she was frequently healed instantly. my ." "What have you been fighting?" "Why. you know that thing that's going — all around the country." "Why. When the girl returned on I Monday the lady remarked: "Mary.106 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing." "Well. Mary. It "I been a fighting. would you like me to say the Lord's Prayer with you today?" Again they repeated the prayer together. and assurance was renewed. and I been' a nursing They kept a saying I'd get it. I would not lie down. The next day I had to fight again. and I said I when I woke Thursday I found it had me. I made up my mind I'd fight it. believe that ye receive them. the inquiry was forgotten. scraped up all the clothes washed and ironed them. wouldn't. for some of them would come in and find me. when ye pray. All my folks had it. and ye shall have them") but the simple inquiry: "Mary. why didn't you come?" The girl replied exultingly : day. housecleaning. but husband off fishing. So I them.

in some place. To see an uneducated. against those that hold sway in the darkness around us. Your victory : will help me to victory. seeing things as God sees them." time. too. you-you-you know" (she stuttered sometimes).The Revival all of the Gifts of Healing. cannot do it. still to stand your ground. but I am truly curious to know what you have fought so "it valiantly. "carry the still struggle through and stand her ground. was th-th-th-s-s-satchel. in order that when the evil day comes." "Now. undeveloped negro girl. . the renewing of the mind. But some whether in their physical body or Every weakness out. 107 This morning I had conquered." Not even for her benefactress would she say "Grippe. armor of God. you may be able to withstand the attack. will have to be trans formed into strength. the struggle will have to be made. weak to come to work." is a sting- ing rebuke to those but I who lightly say. but against the powers of evil. but I was too day. so that you may be able your ground against the stratagem of the devil." Twentieth Century New Testament. and against the Therefore take all the spirits of wickedness on high." them a chance to prove that not through disease and decay does man reach God. "It sounds all right. I am proud of you. and having carried the struggle through. but through transfiguration. They will not do it. They will have to prove that "they can do all things through Christ The "second death" will give that strengtheneth them. with to stand her so-called friends arrayed against her." The lady was deeply interested. and I know God is. For our struggle is not against the enemies of flesh and blood." — "Put on all the armor of God. and said "Mary.

There came into her mind that a few blocks away was a woman who believed in the of the Lord. told her nothing who had grown more could be done. She left his office with a bottle and prescription. In the air before her there arose a cloud of glistening white. For more than two hours they read the Bible. that she pass not over the arch and . incurable by several doctors. A voice said "Pray. The room faded from her sight. disclosed an arched bridge over which a funeral procession was passing. A young woman was taken with typhoid fever. The bottle and prescription were thrown away.108 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. in the As she gazed she recognized throng the young : girl for whom she was praying. there surged into her mind a need for special prayer for the girl. That was nearly eighteen years ago. In despair she stood on a corner and prayed for help and guidance. to join her in prayer. she could not take internal remedies. that any remedy would but temporarily relieve. but was nursed and nourished hourly by a mother who believed in the power of prayer which had healed her after man and drugs had failed. At the end of three weeks the mother asked a friend. and that it was a matter o'f but a few months of life. She had three children to live for. who lived in the country. like healing "virtue" her mother. as this friend was in the midst of housecleaning. parting. The healing began then and there. which. A woman He with Bright's disease had been pronounced In agony she went for tired of the case. One Saturday morning. talked and prayed. and she is alive and active today. She sat down. help to the last doctor. She called upon her.

present Christ. and His promise was kept "there was He. We call it telepathy. "O." "Jesus said unto her. Said I not unto thee. She cried out to Him. if thou wouldest believe. though he have died. The breath returned to the girl she arose. yet he live." conditions were fulfilled. What a great reservoir of spiritual power is all about us. took a few steps towards her mother. of the living. as with Lazarus." Falling upon her knees. The mother cried out.The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. is still the "resurrection and the life" to those who believe. The vision girl She arose. she cried Him who is Life. No mechanical devices of man's hands. The cry of the mother for her friend had been heard by her amidst busy housework. thou shouldest see the glory of God?" In this case there was communication without speech in the usual way. were only here we could bring her back !" Then there came to her mind the talks they had often had together. liveth and believeth in me shall never Believest thou this? Jesus said unto her. passed. and not the daughter and death. and dropped at her feet apparently dead. who. — Life. in the midst of them. space was annihilated. satisfied by the Spirit that the was safe. the "two were joined together in His Name. waiting for man to grow in righteousness and use for . shall And whosoever die. that. It was learned later that at that hour the girl arose from the bed. — . but spirit with spirit meeting. she saw only Him and Life. 109 down out to the other side. life : I am the resurrection and the he that believeth in me. who giveth life and restoreth even the dead to the arms of loving parents. and was saved. if Mrs.

ion of the law whereby the mortal body might be transBelieving with figured by the renewing of the mind.— no have. if The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. Paul's message and longing? An English rector in a sermon says: "Enoch and Elijah were permitted to tread that path on which body and soul were permitted to go together. and he caught a visS. and the scientific world rightly insists that the Impossible never happens. are drinking so sparingly of the inexhaustible Foun- What might of all not the church be if it fully availed itself the forces and powers at its disposal." He longed for the resurrection that should not come through bodily death and decay. What a transfigured church we might tri- we would but believe and utilize the promises last transfigured from the church militant to the church umphant. Now the Infinite has no favorites." He handed it might take it up. and adding the force of their faith might bring it to pass. he passed this law on to the Thessalonians when he said: his "I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be pre- served blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Has any one the hardihood to mock deluded dise. We tain. on. Paul knew that body. all being in the second coming of Jesus Christ. even the triumph over the enemy. that others . Paul and call him a foolish and This was undoubtedly one of the things he received when he was "caught up into para- dreamer? and heard unspeakable words. death. How many Christians are adding the force of their faith to S. S. the glory of God. soul and spirit were necessary for man's integrity and usefulness. and that given identically the same condition you get the same results.


The Revival
"Christ taught,

of the Gifts of Healing.









a perfect
us this




never see death

but scholars

not to be taken literally as referring to physical

and the objection that is raised is: "Look at S. Paul and all the saints they all died. Well Christ's hearers were in exactly the same difficulty they, too, found it a hard saying, and they said to Him, 'Abraham is dead, the prophets are dead, whom makest Thou Thyself?' Now you remember that the word leaven in the New Testament meant either bread or teaching. Christ gave His teaching on the Bread of Life, and then said 'Your fathers did eat the manna in the wilderness, and they died,' *. e., a physical death. A few verses on He says, 'This is the bread which came down out of heaven. Not as the fathers did eat and died; he that




eateth this bread,





teaching, shall live

cation of


Himself was the embodiment of that

teaching, and His


experience was a glorious vindi-

truth; for



the forces of evil were

levelled against

Him, and death


actually held

even then His teaching did not break down, and 'His body knew no corruption, because



and the human race was shown was put before us (for it was our nature that He had taken upon Him) that if a man lives a perfect life, body and soul will pass together into the other world, for He is our perfect example, and that was what He did.

Him was




this ideal


The Revival

of the Gifts of Healing.

"There is a school of thought arising at the present time whose object is to cast aside the traditional view of death in favor of the view taught in the New Testament, and emphasized by Christ's
enemies, sin and death."
demoiselle Coirin,' whose cure
lady, then


victory over our

Rev. Percy Dearmer relates the following case of " 'la was one of the famous
In 1716, this

miracles of Blessed Frangois de Paris.

from her horse; paralysis and an 31, ulcer followed; by 1719 the ulcer was in a horrible condition; in 1720 her mother refused an operation, preaged

ferring to


her die in peace.

years of an open breast


In 1731



asked a


to say a


at the

tomb of Francois de

Paris, to touch the

tomb with her shift, and to bring back some earth. This was done on August 10th; on the nth she put on
the shift and at once felt improved; on the 12th she touched the wound with the earth, and it at once began
to heal.


the end of

August the skin was completely

healed up, and on September 24th she went out of doors.

Charcot considers that the 'cancer' was due to hysteria, and has no difficulty in accepting all the facts of the disease and its cure on this basis: the breast healed almost 'What wonder,' at once, and recovered its natural size

he says, 'since

we know how

rapidly troubles of the


culation can appear

and disappear?'

"Troubles of the circulation
after fifteen years!


breast built up again
in the

But we are here

very heart
this line,

of the organic region!



we draw

which is so often taken for granted, between functional and organic, between nervous and other diseases?

The Revival of
Where, indeed,

the Gifts of Healing.



say that the influence of



absent either in the cause or cure of disease?
to belittle a miracle

It is


by saying that


merely cured a

trouble of the circulation; but, merciful heaven!


can by religious influence train the vaso-motor system,



the tissue that

we cannot

touch ?"

The above

writer continues:

"The Christian miracles

are signs to every one of

they are significant of a power that can transcend material things.




are signs of something be-

yond the mere healing of the body they illustrate the supremacy and the fundamental nature of the spirit; and this is what our generation needs to learn. They remind us that health is an important thing, and that the spread of health is one of the prime duties of
. .







us also that sickness



the will of




the author of health, and

power is the quenching of sickThey are invaluable to the church, and rightly are they classed in Christian Liturgies among the 'epiphanies' or manifestations. They show at once both the power and the loving kindness of the Master; but they also precisely show this that a like power and a
the spreading of His
. .

like loving



expected from His disciples toearthly min-

day, as


was expected during His own
report maketh the bones fat."

"A good

— Prov.

15: 30.


hath believed our report? and to

of the Lord revealed?"





"But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed not on him; that the saying of

and bring glad tidings of good things But they have not saith. who hath believed our report? and to whom them hath the arm of that preach the Lord been revealed?" beautiful are the feet of "How gospel of peace. which he spake.! ii4 The Revival of the Gifts of Healing. For Esaias Lord. Lord. Esaias might be the fulfilled. who hath believed our report?" . all obeyed the gospel.


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