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“Fourth position, Pirouette, Fifth" Reyna followed the instructions with a execution that one could only describe

as perfect, she closed her eyes stepping in well remembered steps. Step-turn-step-plie-fan-ball change. Listen and be one with the music, you are not dancing on music you are the music. "Fourth position, Pirouette, Fifth" Nadia Smirnov called her dark brown eyes fixed on the dancers in the studio, "Again....Again" Reyna ignored the agitation she heard in the artistic director's voice and continued to dance, following the steps flawlessly. "Stop it" Nadia called out, "Just stop it, all of you" The pianist stopped facing the dancers with a look of sympathy. Nadia Smirnov was relentless when it came to dance, she despised it when people didn't follow her instructions perfectly, especially if she had given the same instructions for the past three weeks. "This is something, we have practiced over and over again" The Russian accent was clearly heard, which was a clear sign that she was losing her patience, "I want dancers. I feel like I am watching the game of man jumping on each other, they show on TV" "Football?" Reyna asked her obsidian eyes facing the older woman, a small smile gracing her features, "You are comparing us to football players?" "If that is what you call that game?" Nadia asked nodding, "Than yes, that is what I am calling you" She tilted her head facing her Principal dancer and the star of the company, "Well...You are doing well, you could do better on your pirouette" "Better? If I do any better, I won't have anything left for Opening night" Reyna replied dropping herself on the ground, "They are tired, we have been doing the same routine for three hours now" "And we will continue, until you do it right" Nadia replied facing the pianist and signaling for him to start from the beginning, "Stand and dance, as if it is opening night" Reyna closed her eyes leaning against one of the many mirrors, "I am tired, I can't feel my feet anymore" It was a lie and everyone in the room was aware of that fact. Reyna was known to be a dancer that would push herself beyond her limits, and if it took ten hours to get it right, than it took ten hours to get it right. "Tired?" Nadia asked shifting her gaze back to the daughter of her best friend, "You are tired? You mean to tell me, you are human?" Reyna allowed the smile to fully bloom on her face, taking what had been beautiful and elegant, to something more stunning, "I assume that you mean, that as a compliment right?" The amusement

"You sure? That is all? Hylla calling?" She asked her eyes fixed on the younger woman. she could convey all the feelings of her character in her dance and pull the audience in whatever she was feeling. Reyna was still one of the most honest people around and despite her confidence she was nowhere arrogant. From the first day you joined the Company. "You were late this morning why?" Reyna opened her eyes facing the brunette. It was on stage that people got to see the love and warmth she held. than" She waved her hand dismissing the others. Reyna had shown to have a certain detachment of things and always kept people at arm's length. Which was part of the reason. "I was on the phone with Hylla. Reyna was known to have two sides to her. the one people saw on stage. "Fifteen it is. So Reyna did what she did best. There had been a lot of men and woman who had tried. not with everything else going on. An Ice princess.was clearly heard. composed and untouchable. "You get back. I was exactly on time" "My point exactly. I am still human" Standing up Reyna dusted her blue dance dress before she faced Nadia. "I was not aware that you had off-day's" "Contrary to popular belief. pull her walls up higher and act her way out of it. and I lost track of the time" Nadia frowned knowing that there was something else. "And Yesterday? You were tired?" "Yesterday was just a off-day for me" Nadia lifted an brow. her eyes shifting their gaze towards the dark haired woman. which made the young woman a whole lot more approachable than she usually was. the other dancer liked her so much. "Five" "Ten" Nadia smiled. "I wasn't late. you have been an hour early practicing your routines" Nadia responded her brown eyes filling with concern. we will be starting from the top. "If you say so" She turned around making her way towards the pianist. who managed to become one of the finest Ballerina's the world has seen. to penetrate her walls. "I was just tired that is all. "And you were a little distracted yesterday" She can't know. Nadia sighed shaking her head. there is nothing to worry about" Nadia sighed giving up. and I want a perfect routine. The talented and passionate dancer. in ten" . Often described as uptight and stern. only to be rebuffed hard. I can't worry her. her dark eyes showing nothing of the turmoil she was feeling. As warm and passionate as she was on stage. used to the fact that Reyna placed herself as a wall in front of the others. understood?" She waited until everybody cleared the room. Reyna was cold and distant off it. "Have bite or something.

"He did and I said I will consider it" "Consider it? Haven't you danced on Broadway twice? Or was it three times?" Octavian asked walking her to the kitchen. "You are stealing Madame's lunch? That is suicide" Reyna tilted an eyebrow. "Are you stealing lunch?" Octavian asked stepping in to the kitchen and took place on one of the many chairs. "No. it travelled very fast. to fix this problem. "You did?" She asked instead pulling a bag with Nadia's name out the fridge and finding a tuna sandwich in it. "I turned my phone off. it does taste better when it is someone else's" "Who?" Reyna looked up wondering if she had imagined the anger in the question. "He is right.. She had to find a way. "I heard. "It is a matter who will kill who first. "He lacks the lid people have. the opening of their newest Ballet and her debut with her first Hollywood movie. I merely dislike him" Octavian replied standing up and heading towards the fridge and opening it. "Reyna?" She turned around recognizing the voice. you were out sick today" The blond shook his head. it is being challenged" "Challenged? I will be certain challenged if I decide to let. I am right" He leaned against the door post as he watched her open the fridge.. "Percy" "Oh. "You know. with all the attention on the TV special. "Octavian" She stopped waiting until the company pianist reached her. between their brains and mouth" . and went to bed early" "That explains it" He tilted an eyebrow. that Dmitri asked if you could guest star in his next play" News travelled fast. "He is tiring but amusing to have around" "I don't hate him. "I thought. him" Reyna tilted an eyebrow. "I am hungry and it is worth the risk" She eased herself in a chair and took a bite of the sandwich. Because she could not have this. Reyna sighed brushing a hand through her hair. "You are talented and if there is one thing you like.Reyna nodded crossing the big room and making way towards the kitchen for something to eat.Not now. "I tried calling you last night?" It took all her self control not to tense. I have never met anyone who is as stubborn as that man" "Really?" Octavian asked an amused smile appearing on his face. "I assumed that you looked in the mirror every morning" Reyna shot him a glare causing the blond to flinch before he grinned. something came up and it kind of took longer than expected" His blue eyes brightened. him order me around" Reyna replied. but the only thing she saw in his eyes was genuine curiosity. "You only met him once? Twice? and you hate him?" She shifted her gaze towards the fridge wondering if she could find something to drink that wasn't an energy drink.

calling her. with Nadia demands as did the class" She opened the bottle and took a sip before she placed it back on the table. She turned around and away from the window. for Nadia and placed it back in the fridge. stopped her in her actions. She took a knife and cut the part she had eaten from off and re packed it. "Thank you" "You're welcome" His blue eyes faced the door a soft sigh escaping him. . had gotten her permission to be allowed up without the doorman. taking the phone with her planning to make the calls while she changed and prepared her dinner. but it would be nice if she managed to get all that in the few hours she had left in her day. Reyna made her way towards the large windows and gazed out over central park. food. She made her way towards the door and looked through the peephole. she loved the view. recognizing the blond. A quick look on the clock told her. Which was part of the reason she decided to accept Dmitri's gift and take the house. how Howard is holding up" "He kept up. Reyna took the bottle with her and made her way. "I better see. for the last five hours of her day. she could not use that one again. she will want some changes sooner or later" Octavian nodded and left her alone in the kitchen. but what could she use as an excuse now? The last time it was to many fans.. all right" Reyna replied taking the bottle of mineral water the blond handed her. She could change her number again. She had to do something. having lost her appetite. even if it was only for the wood burning fireplace. Hours later Reyna opened the doors to her apartment and closed it behind her. a talk with her sister and one with Annabeth and some time to read her book. "Annabeth? What are you-" . because disconnecting her phone would only work for so long. it was one of her favorite rooms of the house. . Reyna sighed watching him leave. With a sigh Reyna crossed the wide entrance gallery and in to the wide and open living room.. it was already eight o'clock and she wanted a shower. The sound of the door bell. she frowned not expecting anyone and knowing that a handful of people. Not necessary in that order. "But you know her. She could change her number again. She dropped her keys on the queen Anne side table and removed her jacket hanging it in the coat closet."That is Annabeth's fiancé. but she knew it was useless. back to the studio. Reyna placed the sandwich back down. in just three weeks. "What in the. This man has managed to find her new number." She opened the door.

The blond stepped in the apartment like she owned the place. "Please do take a seat" . "Well this should be an very interesting experience" The woman was really something else. An Icon in the world of dance. the woman who was dubbed the best dancer America has brought forth. The room was done in two shades of white and one of gold. her dark eyes fixed on the three standing in her living room. Jason Grace took his time taking her in. it was the only way to describe the room and it fitted the woman that owned it. before it was replaced by a curious and somewhat disinterested look. Reyna took place on the white loveseat and crossed her legs. So this was her. "That is an interesting way to phrase the situation" She didn't reply her dark eyes stayed on him for a few more tense moments. her glossy dark hair. "Care to introduce yourselves?" She was everything he had expected her to be and not. The young woman was what people called an exotic beauty. come on in" Jason followed the younger woman. giving the whole room a sense of serenity and warmth. "Are you now?" She tilted her head taking her time in taking him. and placing all the attention on the wood burning fire place. The room was elegant and regal. Jason had made it his living reading people. she wasn't an inch taller than 5'6 and yet the woman managed to look taller than anyone in the room. expression or eyes that showed her obvious anger. obsidian eyes and olive skin. "Jason Grace" He introduced himself a grin appearing on his face. "It seems like I am your new Bodyguard?" It was interesting watching her. that behind her lithe and delicate build hid a certain and near unbreakable steel. gave her an air of mystery and a certain romance to her looks. And looking at her. her eyes. not in her posture.. "How rude of me. but this woman. as they said. There was nothing. That she was a dangerous woman. Reyna Martinez. The woman who became the star and the face of her Company. I wasn't expecting any guests today" Her dark eyes faced the blond male hovering next to her. closely followed by Percy and a blond she didn't recognize. in to the open living room and took his time taking her home in.. God. not to underestimate her. "Interesting. He had to with hold a smile. Who didn't? She was as beautiful if not more so. her face remained impassive but her eyes. before she sighed shifting her gaze towards the couple standing a few feet away.Her dark eyes were like glass they showed nothing. They flashed with something that he recognized as rage. Jason understood why Percy had said. he had never met her but he had heard off her.

detective?" "I want to. for a movie about dance" "And you tried changing your number?" Jason asked ignoring the look Annabeth send him. hear it from you" Jason replied his blue eyes not faltering under her piercing gaze. "Do you see. tells me that you are fully aware of the situation" She tilted her head in a gesture that managed to be both elegant and mocking. matter what I think. "Really? You are asking me that? You do know. that he verify for himself how serious this was and if it wasn't some poor man. the police right? They won't do a thing until I am physically harmed. "So why won't you tell me. "Dancing with Kirov. "I kept the last ten or so" "So there were more?" Annabeth asked talking for the first time. "Do tell me. you have a problem" She rested her elbow on the arm rest and placed her chin in her hand. "What is there to explain? The fact that you are here. with an easy grin. So why won't you tell me. pays for fame?" She was spot on. "It doesn't really. who had the misfortune falling in love. "All they told me. was the first thing that came in my mind and that is what I did" "And the phone calls continued?" "Would you be here. he had already told them. "Besides you know. me as an idiot?" Her voice didn't reveal her annoyance. before he decided to speak up. if they didn't? She asked instead standing up and crossed the room towards the white French style telephone table. congratulating for my achievements" She sighed shifting her gaze towards the photographs on the wall. with a woman like her. "Changing my number. that I will be hounded by paparazzi if I set foot in a police station right?" She walked back. were being harassed" "That is a polite way of putting it" Reyna lifted one eyebrow her dark eyes fixed on him. her eyes on the other hand. had the slightest sign of agitation in them. and then it is usually too late" . "It would seem like that wouldn't it?" "Care to explain the situation?" Reyna lifted one shoulder in a shrug. about these phone calls and letters?" "What can I say? They started perfectly harmless. "They started to turn more obscene and explicit after they announced that they casted me. he would admit that she had read him well. it had taken her a lot of effort to follow Jason's request and let him handle things first. what was your first thought? That I had this one coming? That this is the prize one. So instead Jason met her smirk. "Why didn't you take them to police?" Reyna faced Annabeth.Jason eased himself on the sofa and waited until both Percy and Annabeth had taken place. but there was no way in hell. and opened a drawer pulling out a stack of letters. meeting the Queen and being invited by the president such things" Her dark eyes returned their gaze towards Jason again. "Percy told me. was that you.

"And the phone calls are exactly the same?" "O no. ." Disgusting was the only thought running through his mind. "How many did he send?" Reyna shrugged taking place again. and all that in less than three seconds flat. they had started innocent showing admiration and some encouragement. "Your mail. "This is.. the message started to deteriorated turning more suggestive. realizing that she didn't have any choice but to accept his help.. Showing that he was watching. it took all his self control not to crumble and rip the letter apart. were becoming his favorite feature of hers. "This should be very interesting" Reyna's soft voice filled the spacious living room and those five words conveyed all her thoughts and feelings about the recent turn of events. tour or play.. they are worse. As he went on. "We thought about that. She was pissed off. "What is it that I can expect from you? I need this to be discreet. negative publicity is something I can do without" Annabeth grinned not noticing her Fiancé inching away from her.His obsession. and we decided that you will be introducing him as your special friend" Jason was slowly discovering that her eyes. gets delivered in your mail box in the lobby right?" Reyna nodded running a hand through her hair. she was scared but she managed to hide that behind a facade of a calm and collected front.. wishing her luck on her next performance."I see your point" Percy replied taking one of the letters out of Reyna's hand and unfolded it.. outlining his fantasies and his needs.. his green eyes read the first few lines. with everything else going on. This was someone who both knew her routine and who had enjoyed a very good education. Those obsidian orbs had managed to show a verity of emotions ranging from shock and anger to annoyance before they were showing some form of mild interest.. always watching and waiting. the details the man gives is what is disturbing" Jason had to give the woman props.Much worse. "Like that? I have no idea.Three or four times a week? In the last month or so?" Jason went through the letters one by one.