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Kick start The first stop on our road trip is

TOP. This high-energy, two-hour

college program will help you discover all Help fund Settling into the new semester, you are likely
to start noticing all the ACC event fliers in
with TOP ACC has to offer. You will learn club events places like the elevators at Pinnacle and the
everything from basic information,
like how much parking passes cost, to bigger topics, like with CAB hallways at Rio Grande. They are everywhere.
That’s because the Campus Activity Funding
where to go if you need financial aid, and how to get Board helps fund different club events.
involved with Student Life.
This program is both run and funded by students. It provides funding for
The best part is that the program includes lots of fun games, clubs and helps maintain the rich and active Student Life here at ACC.
prizes, and free food. With TOP you can meet other new
students, and get important information that will make CAB is part of the Campus Activities program that hosts Project:
your transition into ACC easier and your time here more Build a Park, one of the largest student life community service events.
rewarding. Students clean, landscape, and plant trees on a portion of the
greenbelt. This event is expected to have over 400 students this year, Campus Activity Funding Board
Once you are and will include live music and food for participants.
oriented, there is “We give students
At A glance a paid internship
for enthusiastic
students who
Student Life also hosts the Welcomepalooza and Springtini events,
thrown to welcome students back after break.
an opportunity to
enrich their college
• Learn your way around
• Discover all the resources
would like to help
out with future
At A glance experience. I learned
organizational skills
available to ACC
and professionalism.
- Plan events
students “We want to teach a basic - Help your community
We worked really hard
• Get answers to any
questions you understanding of what happens at - Gain leadership skills to ensure things like
have about ACC ACC. We want students to network - Help manage a budget conferences for future
• Meet other new
and meet instructors.” - Distribute funding to CAB members.”
students organizations
• Help incoming
Stacy Wooten April Seabourn
with their
Sr. Student Life Coordinator
c he Former CAB Director of
orientations Ma at Communications
Ma orM s g
es nin
Edu tch aj n
si an ng
c es M Bu t pl nti
“We try to constantly Spe ation u
ech v en cco
be out there. We E A
always tell students,
if you don’t want to
ask questions in front “I think there are more opportunities for the
of everyone, just students on the board, an end of the semester
come find one of us stipend of $250 (paid to the students who
afterward, the door is serve on the board), a leadership conference
always open.” in Florida, and a better chance to develop
Contact student leadership skills.”
CYP Rm. 1122
Diane 223.2121
Orientation office assistant Toniette Haynes Robinson Contact
CAB Coordinator NRG Rm 1112
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