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Welcome to World History 9. Let me state this clearly from the start, this IS a high school class and you must pass this class to graduate!!! World History 9 is a survey class of the major political, military, economic, social and cultural events of the past five hundred years. I intend for this class to be a solid foundation for future history classes, as well as, provide study skills necessary for ongoing success.  Materials Needed:  5 Subject Spiral Notebook  Color Pencils (10 pack)  4 glue sticks  Black ink pen  Email address (preferable gmail) **Failure to bring needed materials to class may result in not being able to complete the day’s acti vity and you will receive a zero. NEVER COME TO CLASS EMPTY HANDED!!!! Grading/Grades:  All grading is done using the point system.  Each assignment will be given a point value.  To average grades you must divide the total points you have earned by the total number of points possible. I will regularly update you with current averages, but you are also expected to keep a record of your grades.  A variety of work will be assigned – most will be grades, some won’t. You are expected to do all work assigned.  Graded assignments include – tests, quizzes, homework checks, current events, readings, projects, maps, etc.  Writing assignments will be graded for grammar, as well as content. Heading Your Paper:  All assignments handed in must have a proper heading:  Name (first & last)  Date  Class Period  Assignment  This should be place in the upper right hand corner of the paper, in the wide top margin.  Any assignment turned in without a complete heading will receive a 5 point deduction, regardless of the point value of the assignment. Homework:  There will be assignments for each topic discussed in class.  All assignments will be posted on the website.  In addition to posted homework, students may have to complete unfinished class work at home. Late Work/Absences:  Late homework will NOT be accepted.  Work missed due to an excused absence must be made up within 5 days of return to school.  If you were in class to receive an assignment, it is due immediately upon your return.

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com You can also obtain: notes guides. bathroom.  Tests. during break. etc If so – 1st . have someone bring your project to the office. Reformation & Exploration Unit 6 – World War I Unit 2 – The Age of Isms Unit 7 . school tardy policy SCHEDULE (*subject to change) First Semester* Second Semester* Unit 1 – Renaissance. they will be given 10 extra credit points. Projects  All projects are due on the due date.  There are NO exceptions!!  If you are unable to attend school on the due date.waldensworldhistory. Follow all school rules Consequences vary according to event. Be courteous and respectful of others If not . study guides and other resources You can also e-mail me at: swalden@enterpriseschools. etc)  To use a pass they must ask me & then sign out on the clip board. Break Detention – You are to report to my room immediately after the break bell rings Do NOT bring in any food/drink – you will throw it away immediately You will be cleaning the classroom until the bell rings to end break Assignment Page: To access the assignment page: Go to: www.  Any day you were present for the issuance of any assignment. after school.World Between the Wars Unit 3– The Era Revolutions Unit 8 – World War II Unit 4 – The Industrial Revolution Unit 9 – Cold War Unit 5 – Imperialism Unit 10 – The Modern World Semester Exam (cumulative Units 1-5) Semester Exam (Units 1-10) . etc cannot be made-up during class.warning 2nd – stand up – get a clip board a do your work 3rd .1st – warning 2nd – break detention 3rd – office referral 5.  For each pass students do not use. locker. They may be used for any legitimate reason (i. the warning and/or beak detention may be skipped in lieu of an immediate office referral.Extra Credit:  At the start of each 9 weeks a students will have 2 passes to leave by room. Be seated when the bell rings. unless extenuating circumstances arise. you may come in before school. you are present Monday for the announcement of Thursday’s test then you are absent Wednesday. Expectations and Consequences: 1.  There will only be allowed 2 passes per 9 weeks. It will be delivered to me. Make-Up Work  You have 5 days to make up missed work. laying head down. covering eyes. Yes.e. for a possible total of 20 points per 9 weeks. you are to take the test when you return on Thursday. 2.1st – warning 2nd – break detention 3rd – office referral 4. o Example. NO personal grooming If so . you will be responsible for the referral 3. If not – go to the office for a tardy slip. quizzes.weebly. Please keep in mind if serious behavioral issues arise. and present on the due date. or during your elective if your elective teacher approves. Pay attention – NO sleeping.