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And ~t b n lightly. To win it, a car has to imp- not merely a handful of judges, but 57 of Eumpe's most m s p d d pfedional automotive journalists representing 17 different countria. And it has to $and up to dm c o n t d t d ~ exhaustive list of criteria: "General design, comfort, safety, economy, handling and general mhurthines, performance, functionality, h r eatidaction, and value b r mane$' So if the new Rugeot 405 had just won this pndgious tnvanl,it would have been well worth a new car buyer's consideration. But it didn't just win. Of a poaslble 57 first place mtes, the front-wheel drive 41)5 collected an amazing 54. N o other winner in the 25-year history of the award has ever achieved so convincing a victory. But then perhaps no other car has ever o f f e d 4 4 % Mi 16 as rich a blend of attributes. Mer a recent mad test, Car and L h i w was moved to remark, "The rM)5 is greater than the sum of its parts. The car is an uncommonly well-integrated automobile ? limited wamnty and E m 1989 h g e o t 405 comes with the security of a 5-year/50,000-mile the m& compmhensive roadside as&tance plan available: So why not call 1-800-447-2882 for the name of one of the 250 Peugeot dealers nationwide and test drive the winner w a r d . of the European Car of the Year a

% European Car of the Year award h the most caveted award in the automobile ind-.

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ThaYs soinding to keep in mind, esoeciaWvifvou'reonedtbse

nningsecond in Firestaw Fi&& Endutarce Championshiprace, Mr. J& RacingW e used an extra pit

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justonemorelaptogo. Becausein auto racing,one team9 gamble can be andher learn'sgoodfortune, no matter how goodo r badthe race has been


Juat ask Mitch WngM and Andy Pikrrkn,hw mar-saudiedrivers

l~passingtheleaderwhoriaked nd taking an additionalfuel s#c@ and ranout d gas. For M i i and A m it was an urqeded~invidory Lana And for Firestomancther toughraoetohelpprcx9arid 'mprave thetires iw buildfor the street The FirehawkSV and RrehavkW. FWcmancetires that are dn'mto win. RigMacross the finish lire O r just aroundthe comer:

Farewell,Rrverside. Goodbye,competition.
The Stroh'sISCORE Off-Road World Championship at historic Riverside Intemational Raceway was the last event ever for the 31-year-old racing facility. J e e ~final s trihute to Riverside came in the form of victories. Mike Lesle led Jeep's efforts by taking on Riverside's short but brutal course in his four-wheel drive Jeep Comanche. In an all-out effort, Lesle easily outdistanced his c o m p tition from Ford, Chevy, Mazda, and Nissan without suffering a single mechanical failure. Jeep and Lesle are currently in the lead for the Class 7-4x4 Manufacturen Title. Jeep also wrapped up the top spot in Class 3. Don Adams, driving with his son Doug, piloted their Jeep Wrangler to the top spot in the class. Walker Evans fought it out in the Mini Metal Challenge to bring his Comanche stadium truck in for a strong second-placefinish that roK.--- out Jeep's impressive performance for the day. With these victories, Jeep has said its farewell to Riverside and, in the process, said goodbye to the competition.

WORLD NEWS continued

/ GM obtains court order VW makes a run for the border I to fatbid sale of CERV-I
I Title to research car disputed

Volkswagen de Mexico to build some Golfs for U.S.



. l y' O W W 7

n expected centerpiece of this year's Monterey Spons and Racing Car auaion A --the GM prototype CERV-I (Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehiclekwas withdrawn from the Aug. 19 event after General Motors obtained a resvaining order against the planned sale only h o w before the evening auction. According to auction insiders. GM claimed it released its title to the car--an engineering test vehicle designed under lhen-Chcvy chief engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov--under condition that it be used for display and educational purposes only. A private sale ar auction, the automaLer contended, violates the terms under which it d o d the car to one of the nation's leadl h arguing auto museums 16 years ago. ' ment was sufficient to convince a Monr w y - m a judge to issue a restraining order preventing CERV-1's sale until the legal questions m resolved. Such p ~ o t y p c sare usually scrappal. but Duntov, known lo enthusiasts as the fathr of me Corvene, saved the CERV-I @uilt in 1959) when management ordend it to the crusher in me late '60s.He reportsdly hid it in his own garage until GM agreed to give the car to me Briggs Cunningham Museum in 1972--at no charge. but plesumably as a tax mite-off f a a charitable donation. An auction spokesman said GM is now claiming ownership of the car has revened to the company. It was sold, with the rest of the Cunningham collection, to Miles Collier Jr. in late 1986. Collier-who originally said he would retain the collection intact and display it at a new museum in Flori&subsequently sold the CERV-I to cumnt owner Steve Hendricltson. Collier has also sold other cars h m the collection. According to insiders. the CERV-I was valued at $30.000 as part of the Cunniogham-Collier deal and st $300.000 when sold to Hendrickson. Car traders. typically optimistic in their pricing estimates, suggested that CERV-I might have sold for as much as $3 million at the auction. But, on the aftemwn of Aug. 19 GM obtained the reswining order preventing the s a l b t h e auction opened at 6 p.m. No official GM comment was available when AuroWeek went to press-watch for further coverage ss the case develops.

fter 10 years of producA t i o n . Volkswagen closed the dwrs of its only U.S. assembly plant. By early next year, however, VW will begin sourcing some of its US.-bound Golfs h m Mexico. Volkswagen de Mexico has begun building lest models of the Golf at its Puebla, Mexico. plant, but it is still unclearjust how
lo the U.S. A decision is expected someume next month. Onc concern for VW de Mcx~co officds is that buyers mght have a poor opinion of a VW built in Mexico. According to Dietrich Aufenacker, a member of VW de Mexico's executive board, that concern is unfouoded. "In the last fow years we have constantly improved our quality." he d d . "lhat's the basic reason we w m given this project. If we hadn't reached inamational or German standards, we would never have received appmval t a export. Ow quality in Mexico is as good as at all lhe (VW) plants in the world." Aufenacker concluded by


saylng cbrc the bu~ld qual~ty on the Mexican last "IS even better L I U that I I of Golf made in the United Stam." Aufenacker did say. however, that he had expected to hear reservations about the expon plan from U.S. dealers on a recent visit but was pleasantly surprised at their reaction. "I found an open mind about Mexican products. As a dealer told me. 'Today we don't know where cars come frwn.' We think that the customer is more interested in qualtty and the company's philosophy than where the product is made." said Aufenacker.

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ADdi,nylUibrtbspopDIcd~ &mlmmc$"e*'~verrdezri. & k . d m k r . l a r u , u d d m~ o a m a r a b o d n a a Provlanab~y&AUdi. ~ ~ ~ 8 0 1 1 C d l ~ k ~ l k C ~ # e h r g c d t b~ . ( ~ , m d t b s ~ u d i ~ b . r c b r a t ~~ t v b s~ ~ m r r m s a p a a d bkaurcdllleptimscdmMw&dreeC ke(iw4ybckdhimiaok;lyiqamw aatim, but they wdd aa p m Umt ~ a A d . Judge Rltmnti rrplrrd 1 &feu udsd. ' W pUoWr Lwyaa be- H M l d Sigm rho rimBsw fros, Bs cam umcemd (b.5 bsPIv m dded u k r f t e r c i t i n g ~ ( * o m r m o f d a couldbef.aEd,~could~ L w ~ . indefinitely wicb little w no mosey to M i and the chrrt hw firnu npreu m r t b s e p ' r f J l i a g d n l u c . U D d a smtingtbsAudiWY)Oowraoncul~ tbspmpocd~,mn-umfambkrerh.mQr~apmtr*l.'Ibo cash rcnkmcnts ranging from $300 IO ebb, which mast be mds by Aulpllt S2,000aaeoffacdmtkW,000pcqJe 3 1 . h u p c o A D d i . W 1 . ~ s p d r s abobatghtmAodiS000bcmua1976 m a . " T & r r ~ a ~ ~ ~ w .nd1986.Ihcpymnm.homa.verr c h o u l d ~ t b s m a c r ~ ~ b godmlgiftbscramasnreddrmfatb n o d e l s c . W e m d e t b s ~ & f a pucbuwdaoarAudi. tkbebeonrAudi~~di,Ro(Lbrtbs h a d i n g to Jtdgc R.tosrrlu, the W- M I of tbs kgll p b i m . " 8

~fckQIiImissedQ~ofgu s p e @ d s ! Z mu, whib O e m n took c x q 4 h t o UU Cu.6 *mp b&ed ' n u styling. W, Ilawvef, d&bd~rlbilityrn~rnrgclr

cB*it build&.


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WORLD NEWS conhued

Olds, Chryder rewarded Portofino show car, Cutlass win industrial design award

nth General Motors and Chrysler came B w t wlaners . m . the latest edition of the Industrial Designers Society of America's

annual Industrial Design Excellence Award

(IDEA) wmpetition. Chrysler's Lamborghini Portofinn show car won the IDEA Design Explorations award by "bridging the gap between the buly futuristic and unachievable and h e near-lerm automobile." while Oldsmobile took top honors in the msponatinn category for the design of the Cutlass Supreme. Said the judges. "The Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is exquisitely elegaol and shows tremendous tesmint. The IDEA competition looks for those U.S. products that "represent the best U.S. eff0rI.s to create satisfied customers by designing p d u c l s and systems that are reliable. c o m f n ~ l e safe , and easy to use." k h of the 13 design categories has five criteria that must be met: innovation of the design wncept, use of appropriate materials and cost-efficient production processes. benefits to the user, benefits to the client. and customer appeal.

I Renault olans for the f~


I New RlS just the first salvo in its war with Peugeot
enault plans to replace its entire R range within the next four years, and the fmt fruit is the new R19. Designed by Giugiaro and "prnductinnized" by Renault, the R19 replaces the R9 and R1 I (Alliance and Encore), and will eventually appear in RIB replacas both the R8 and R l l , but m ' tconw ham a 140 hp 1.8-liter R a ~ u n ' e fnur-valve~c~linder version. For now, the say has a resemblance to the X . 5 4 , and looks car is available with 1.2-, 1.4-, and 1.7-liter less like a van than does the present Espace. gas engines. and a I .9-liter diesel. This time, however, the body will be allin 1990, the highly successful R5 will mew instead of plastic. give way lo a car. codenamed X57, that In 1992 the revolution will be completed uses the R5's floorpan and transverse drive- by Renault's launch of a replacement for its train. A year later the topline R25 will be Merkw-sized R2 I, a conventional thme-box replaced by X54, an all-new car with elec- car for which even the code name isn't tronically controlled suspension and a 200 yet known. By that time, however. Renault bp 2.5-liter turbo V6 as its top engine. hopes to have pushed the PSA group (PeuAlso in 1991, the Espace minivan gives geot), its energetic and wily opposition, into way to a design known as P36, which spies second place. 10


Setting the record straight
Ford ms~der has told us that body of the car we idemfied as the I992 Tempo last A week 1s nothing more than a plaste des~gn
and englneertng exerclse The real '92 Tempo, he assures us, w~lllook much dlfferent than the car we showed Also, we have learned that the debut of the 32-valve ZR-l Corvette has been pushed back to Febmary, not late fall as we told you last week
WorldNeWsb~ byKevh A. WUrm, (313) 4464336. It imduda emtrlbvtiolu fmm Automotive N m . .mtba Crnh publhntlm.



mahmks, turkeys, design wmpetition, c


. After all, we pointat ast, me IMSA


~tr,OmcialW1*rpad~Co&c Well,slysa~forme . ,thenkanMTurLey.ItarinbcpwidcdbyILasbn'1Y.rr)r,BrOffieial S t o r r ~ , a d a r i n b e ~ m t h e m i v e r. son~~Dlg.m borg. Yoa'vc only ga p.m. on Scpt. 2 to get you e m & I n for


Aug. 21 f a I & firm eva rcgknrrl-

Rodeo Bmvmiug-faauk

With a NoMls windshield repair w a = t = lmblkd Because as a Novus

qarbmkenandcradred wmdshields t o like-new

~ y o u ~ e a s i h l


E W-g r a w t h ~ W . ith

condition The facti swindshield repair is a pdtable

No st-, but hmghdm. &dibur has unveiled wb.1 it & m be mt y domestidly made vehick ddgncd ad built defy as a LimoUsirv ad not

ismodest. Fbrmtneinformationonthewoddleader W - v i d e o s y J t e m a d k a i a g f o r f i ~ ~ ~ m i v e r a d ~ p ai a ~. n~windshield call 'bur Conceprs ad System I D Milwaukee, C . , will haw six af cbwe beauties 1800-328lll?T?& in tim for auislmas a&ag sadfua. But you'U llecd a big Ptoddag. d lcdlect(612) 944-

tial. And the umstmmt


8OoO.Orwrite:Nwus, 10425lhmhk S..

Mpls., MN 55438.


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The Acura lntegra/Comptech Racing team's August 14 trip to the Sears Point race- their cab season w i n at West Wlm Beach. way in Sonoma, California left a sweet taste But the competition was not about to make it easy that day. Starting second on in their mouths. the grid, Parker and his Comptech RacingThe sweet taste of victory. Because they not only won the race for prepared lntega had to battle slippery the third year in a row, they also clinched the track conditions and an aggressive,tightly championship for, year's IMSA lntma- bunched W. tional Sedan Series,just as they did in 1987. In the end, however, it was just like last year and the year before Another chamWinning not only the Manufacturer's Cup pagne weekend in wine country for Acura, but the Driver's Championship for Parker Johnstone as well. ~~tegasportssiancaniedafourr winning streak into the A u w t 14 sear^ Point race-adding victories at Portland, Road ~ m & d p e

Imr I B Arnerica,Watkins Glen and Md-Ohio to



Mystique of Ferrari the car began with Ferrari the man

1 ~ , ~ M ; t o t I & d e s L . Hdbcmc,oalydy,~coo dcL~afaldthePop'~Msrraellovisit, ' emdlisd.Ilbeicitonlybridly? Now, f h u y , the ucwu i t x m f h d . themmorsfacr. Ea7aFddiedthe~ofAugust 14, rml while it may be aia, it i &oImcthatanerauahuaawaywi& him.Hcwasthefint,md&otheLR, O f c b e ~ ~ ~ m o D a ~ . IIrdcEdWiu~tobebdllin ~aanwMalma,~aba pubpsnuccptibletoinfl%ralrmd a pllre love of = hf ~ 3 will , (IbiPe. For that Fenmi undonbtedly had. Tbiny~4oyunw~hcF-

kat equipnuu was ~ o c a t u l to d i i k u l l d r i m at different tims. Furni liked as mmy pcopk as possible to win in his WI% fint, it m o n g e d rivalry rmwg them; m a n t d , more importantly, it fostered the imprcariWitwasthecarthstm,thotthe miva was a ksser factor in success. Farsri's son Din0 died young, in 1956, radmaesnmmywhosuegeMthat~ neveremagodhtheshadoslofhisgicf. AftcrDiookdcPth h c d y saw his cars race again: la the he of 1957 be atrmdedtheModenaQudRix,mt~ itwasclosenW,butasitmarkcdthe dckdoftbeV6~mwhichhissonhd 1 wodredrmlwhicbwasnamedfahim. Competition among P d drivers waa always rtively ammag&. The Ingcgnere-he luted beiog called Cornl l w & o r ~ a l i s b e d ~ inthendca rs.moSewhotook~ Rea' ' ' wrsalwaysancbc ~ f a a m a n w h o ~ f a a s f e saad,aevaforooeuhohd~ aarwhiletqingtobefirrt. RIIWi'sbveofhis~WnUtab bm*thiog.Rrtheraul~ tberr was m wlmmva. Millioo.irrsvnur&waMmy~



mem&lverao~FeaPh,butthe Old Man k d d t a diva of hum^ in

~ d u r s , d i s ~ i a e n e e l y ~ themajaitynaeordacdbyriehdiEc(~,psopkuhrtcdbythehteorof

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It waa m (otheedofthe

continue to'& built, but other hunds will be in control

The red cars wiU

~ h c s a ~ a s ~ p i a e s . ~ f u hn:wasthethbg,mdthecarswe mutinely b h u w once their useful pupwe- had b#n -scrvsd. The class& dl&-rme ana daainnd the 1%1 scc son,foI~,bntmcashyknumpk &w. Almygimtisls,honmer,llis~ ~ionfacbccmnatana~theIMja force in hi6 life. M.Ybe~l~~ngdg.veupgdngto t h e m , but forbours karoulddtin thatfsrmbouseatF~ano,wstfhiDgmd lisming as Regan.& or T m h y a Al-

krtalialefmna borclopolmdald.Thcrcwe~ iwdiainaioain ~qpolnirtclyallcdhismtobiog- Pcmri driven, indeed, wbo irmvenntly c L b r . ~ b y r h c m i S r l m o s t i m - npby Le Mir Gioie T d l i . My T d b k rullgesoedtbntbi8, Sttsh. M mat $misum, magic, d l it J o y r . ~ c h o a e i t , h c ~ , t o i l h w m k t h e as a tcst rrack, was the m e funcIim of u48t you will, has plundered the am- c o a f l i a h c M i n ~ t h e s e e x q u i - Koran0 ... tienrofnciqfsllsasmompe~snnr dm mrbiaes in which yamg mm offen Still, the lure of Femd was always vay hve, a ever will. P~~JII a KC ar ILQ w d. m . lomrcirm died. md.Indyyararehlfmgmao.mthe aolarpcpabqsbesofm=d.nmgh "Whm I fvst went tbar," Stefan J* matiahca8ytopinQnn,abo4eopodse 1mrrcBa60ysssbcwamrly~loscto hPDMon said. "ad saw Mr. ILmri. I wen ofrrawmaerrddghtsaedlamds;bbctOn only a lundfnl of bir drhm-Nuvo1m, nlurvammifI'dbkDmeeQlgmydt).. ydl0wRxlciUgHorserbiddsmtbecal;- A&&, cdlim, roa Trips. V i . "Hc EvolifIdw'tgctthedrive.Imatgbt,at pib of Asclri, Hadbom Lauds. J h g e ~ w n n m ~ ~ , " b c s d d i f tlastoaeofmydn?amshsbkafultiUcd." a npled gear ksu gafe3, "PROVA MOW G i I W 8 dwtb in 1982, "who gave llld H e had tht dIst on people, this imaaadlmado. d d e d r i l u m w n t o t t L a a m o f ~ . memhtely drcsscd old man with the cvaIbvcdhim." presentam&weS. AtFemdperraripnarconfabdthemy~,of~,bcganwilb ~ ( b r s o i l r m ~ w h o n n t b e f P 3 t o a L t h c i I BodwlKaDidLrFiKai~hedmdisar- coees, we always M like schoolboys again. Bb&GAmrofcmmdmaM .aloeurioa l m d y l a u t h e s ~ ~ , ~ M a i o l a lr m itingforM~Assembly.~itsdbariy tbe bs was ans"Add MmIdk7fe." dens me deeply to realize we W l not -rqdb*ar.Wmkofm . . doitagain.R.ciagpsDplevrogthewaid awdm, world amwoMb. =.Ameo opesled the mail m his ~ h u t h o f i t w a s t b a t d u f P 3 c ; r m wiUbefalhgasI&,mv;tbattheLaUof 4 ( k l ~ y . ( h a c w a s a c l r d i n t h e t a m i l - tint. wwan question, in tims p s ( , the t b e i r g o d s ~ ~ .




The Great American Road Course belongs to Buick.

Regal - and Rlcky Rudd wln Watklns Glen.
It was nearly three hours of twistsandturns.

yellmv flags, acceleration and braking. The green flag came out with four laps left. It Was go for broke. And go Ricky Rudd and his specially modified Buick Regal did. Holdingoff 21 other Carsto win Watkins Glen. Specially modified Buick's are Koring some impressive victories this season. Bobby Allison's Regal won Daytona. With V-6 power. LeQbre's dominate the NASCAR Grand National division.And we've led more laps and finished higher than any stoclc block V-6 in lndy higory

ma says a lot about Buick. Not only in raclg, but in cars like the Regal Gran Sport and all &powered Buidts on the American road.

The Great American Road belongsto


Official Carof the 1988 u.S.OlymplcTeam

These are true I I these are keepers of the fa'&

I .

~IIVCSDICIUS, arorlh s i d i c u l m aomonts d moay.Aada,aurpabryoa~ v b c s ~ o u ~ i ( ~ ~ , n b e D i o p*edypntpm~mpimcbepoabaue,aIIpudlypommdstpndon&,' ~ p ' m r h L i D g a ~ f a m d ) wdl, aomepcopleaII. TabBobBodhrHacbeisina~ OFO,roarisgdonatheb.clrstniglUa Rod Amsria.. tbelettraqa?ksIct&p. Ycp.'Ibenhalishiskny,tbchbad ofbaaspalasmk4.AadwkaUICwhed



itdoesapmaygmdnmakrmUICl& nrfcads,pyollbcsure.AKlBob? Wcll,bcprmnQmt~baCk~of


~ndbm,vbicbisAplse~, *M~meathmc~inWiroo~

u o a d A m a i a , ~ h t m D l t ~ ~ h ~ ~ . I t h a I m ~ o f U I C anmtry', loegest tricks, at E a n K I w q aormdfommilcl, mdadeligkfblplrs tomin&arim~. Oafepfmdit. ~ ~ . i r p m o f m y d z e , y a roc, k in MilmoLe. Mihvdm. Nds thlit~bsdg;itb~me~aaMbnc IpoUr,lboughar*irl~~ytomhafa one f a UIC & if wu live m ALdp

~k1Qflmaim.llvasar.aa ~sca9opres.tb63e~ won~! deqxcm! Butaa-~ntcrbadh

bockrrp*a. Ifyooarrm~,tlllctoTol* Singor. Pmm the fmt time kc s a w Grand Prlx over 2f yea rpo, be's *madoeofbbvslyliltIeV6+ nMrercthcy.Format.~?-wcd mcbafllmiy.Yexsaad~Lpr,bs



10 my C Y ~ i , d Etldblt w e mdRdAmaicl,mdoh!Tbscrrsl ~ ~ r r r r l ~ t roadcmmamarchus34Okaedco. ~~paoptb~s~(IbVQliilfW. TowSinrabria*addvrasrb r

For n these few the


e m n h c r U u u . T b e d O s ~~ ~f o r m O m t b m . h D g d f o r a p b i n bJstory w i t h Fan*. Mors md pcople pbtdug EAT THB Rial rtieLrn olDslh~lachg,for~,dvira a r r r y d c m ; m h a , F a r P i a a n m l d l y e v a y a i g h u l r n h a ~ Ascari. And for thcsc forhloate few the drcamfmbaame~,ifordyfaavay ~ s ~ c m d i a r r a s e d b y t b e ~ S e s s B u b b k . p p m r b t o t b c ~ o f t b d t W s why then is, among Csmia Pa- brkfmmarc,mdfametruastofthe~ cam. It is a mixed blwsing that Porrari mi ',a kind of mtcmpc for bsliepa*ifitcmloommx,itMur!Whdonnarcrrmo(ULlborrtrbdropnwimDot b ~ m u c b m o a y , t h e n n s w b o ~ a i t a L e s i s w B u i t w l l l u b c , k c h i r t st some point coming to a c4maidaath of ~ t h e t b c ~ j u a t t o b c s ? m m f o r l. ~ r w r c m l d 0 , a a i l i I k B r d . ~ d,m?slmcoaempt. wWtbeypaidfaUuumdwbattheyd W h o ~ a 2 8 8 O T D ? W h o ~ ~ i l l t h e IcLinLchaepsopbwooldqreadthdr gefafortaany, if* wmrsdtoaen. F401Tbasmrybcafear,dbypecrpb

Rad~WIIC.lhCtsdaywooldMda fsvtamdpIi~would0ttcnwt- m m Y r c m c m b c r t h e ~ h I Q Q ~ .

to scn. l i t i u , b P d p o c w t o b a ~ f f ~ p o p k n s ~ ~ m t w ht o e f t h c s e a n b E i E g ~ b y b o o k wkd, "Bat yo. crm'f &VC it now! It's wonhbooraucb!"&ey'Qhu@tatbey~ priceofthirars,tbeybrvcmdotlbtabcat rmdauixmn? ( b e b * , a d t h o s e P C ~ ~ Or, cven w o r r s , being bought t o be out tbc CIuICh. llry lmoor lbout wortb. Cortisoalymiocal~. mimakdeed. Fameatactbcmxbeliev- srond! o r s ; m s & a r e ~ k e e p m o f l b c f l i t b . b Tlu'~mepnaoxfaCin~Eanuioveca nlcscaremeFemri*imlu I envy for. metbcdresmaawbobeldlothedrcam.Ihc wday. L i b it a not, their cm have bcmme



SSNOlmM74 1 - WmdbrmIC,DBolL M I 4mD7 l3U) ' F R . No. 01bUl.SIP-AWW

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N . l h . l ~ ~ T a m TnvdEItUrBillNacly M-J-Remt BYrVsopavTDrmvMduny -c-w-d-b M O W . Oadm Kirby, rMDmy b f . N Rmc. N i i l Roebuck, ~


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WhereinFord and Mazdu produce sheetmetal proof that a shared platform need not cause clone-car syndrome By Kevin A. Wilson
rom the driver's seat, if you didn't know better, you'd never guess the Mazda MX-6 and Ford Robe were built in the same facI tory from the same pieces. But we do know better, and that makes the differences all the more astonishing. In an era of joint ventures and shared componentry, this is encouraging news for cwtinued variety in the car market. The Robe and MX-6, built in a Mazda factory in Flat Rwk, Mich., demonseate that today's englneers can stmt with the same basic pieces perceptions of how their cars s h d d look. fael and handle. In a nutshell, Mazda designed a sportier huc-door model of their acclaimed 626 sedan. while Ford's team dcveloped a car that was, a ( the time. intended to replace the Mustang. We know now that Robe (nee Mustang IV)didn't replace Mustang, but supplements it, appeahg to the same crowd that favors Toyota Cclicas and Honda Reludes, but its American flavor shows through. The Mazda feels and behaves more like the luxury versions of the Celica, Prelude and Acura Integra. Call the MX-6 a spow buring car and th F d a pony cart spons wupe and you've preny much charactenled the differences in not only the way they act on the road, but also their exterior and interior styling. "I can picture going to the p c s r y st& in (the MX-6);' said Evans. noting that it felt like a nimble sedan. "The Robe ... glvcs you more of a racy feel, where you'd like to rake il lo a country road someplace and dnve it." How is that difference possible? yet confound the clone syndrome that has Stm with the chassis, the 626 sedan's but afflicted shared-platform cars of the part. To explore the design and engineering with a 2.5 inch shorter wheelbase. Use the choices made by the two companies, we 626's fmnt s m t and rear multilink indepensampled one of each enthusiast-oriented GT dent suspensions and its drivenain choices model, accumulated serious over-the-road of 110 hp base or 145 hp hlrbo engines. mileage and then twk them for a day to the Also carry over the 626's variable assist steering (engine speed sensitive on lower Waterford Hills road course near Demit. But this was no conventional fastest-lap models, eleshwnically controlled and roadwins track test ... we simply used the track speed sensitive on GTs) and, on the GTs, and pro race driver Tim Evans to simulate adjustable shock absorbers. Working from that n g ~ d platform (esrabqusk road dnvlng and exaggerate the handling differences to make sure lhat ow strat llshed before Ford had much input). the driving impressions were accurate. For Mazda engineers went for a sponiei feel but more on the track activity, see the accom- without giving up much wmfon, but Ford zeroed in on characteristics typical of Depanying story on page 20. O u r experience c o n f i s what we were troit pony cars: Stiff antiroll bars and told by Mazda and Ford insiders about the springs, fat grippy rubber, an emphasis on cars ... lhat despite a lot of cross-talk, both look-at-me styling and low-to-the-ground companies chose to stick with their own seating and feel. Tkat it was fwd and bad an

-2-6 lNG
todependent nar suspeusiw meant the he was never going to feel like the Mustang. but those seat-of-the-pants and styling "cues" tnd~tiorulto the pony car segment were-&ed over. 'Ihe emphases are evident to the e y e , the MauIa's tallw greenhouse and seat m w t s giving it an airy, high-visibility driving positiw and making it 1.7 inches taller. T h e MX-6kans over dra, matically in hard cornering and !he driver, ri-



ding tall-in-the-saddle,
perceives roll more than in the Probe's lower seat. Inside, Mazda went for a clean, almost Eumpean attention to ergonomics and comf a t while Ford went for gimmicks that have baome cliches in the Japanese spom coupe segment. Some of these work-like the dashboard extensions onto the door panels and the insmunent pod that "travels" with the tilting steering c o l d u t some don't. like the out-of-sight, out-of-mind electronic condition monitor over the nar view mirror or some of the different-for-the-s*e-ofbeing-different switches. But it's suspension tuning that makes a marked difference in bow the cars f a 1 and how they respond to the driver. Mazda's springs and antimll bars are softer. but its shock valving and suspension mounting bushes are stiffer. The ride is more wmfonable than the Robe's, except when the adjustable shocks are at their f m s t scnings and the mad is rough, when it gets jouncyr The variations in Ford's softer adjustable shock valving is harder to perceive--we even found ourselves. without noticing, driving in full soli mode on the smooth, recently resurfaced race track. Overall. our Robe felt l i e (and was) the heftier twin,




~ , t h m a k a n d W , i n p n a c o p qmnce of its stickier, square-sh0111der tbar,inplRamattuof~mdthe Prscly diffaeat sm!ing positions in the cw. A mne subtle suspension di&rwnu is thatFadsetsthcbpscrrartoc-indiffdy than M a & . The suspmsioo was d c s i g d to rcnnmodPtc t h e6 2 6 ' s fm-wheel-stca a d Muh opts for a setup that romc "pawive" rrar sletr actionlike 00 tbc RX-7, but less dramrtie. Fad hmibg allow leas of this =-steer activity. (OosnrmoreddrmgcontbcMazdafor'89 ia the dditioo of the 4wa option previously amlhd to tbc 626). Tbc Robc's roll smncss exsggentw tbe


difkmce, as it means less roll-induced sus- One consequence of the MX-6's stiffer pension aavcl. HOWCVU, thc stifhas slso shocks is crisp right-leftiight transitions as m a l r e s t b e R o b e w x c ~ u p s a i n b u q y in a shon ey bcad. The Ford's springs and d-world MMIallg-Iikc hait, but sotiroU bars make for good tmositioos, bur fsr l m scvcn a problem than it is f a the itsmfterobahicttbecarrrarmeitsfull l i v c l y l i v a a x k u i g h u l l . o n ~ b o m d .mountofmUalmostimmedis*lymbnning the *c.good for bm-in, kss so for hrk. the IW refpmds bcst when ~ v m Smmrmy and ~ & b jUB . you'd expct quick transitions, which arc a touch slowa wtwntoMthatFadoonsulmJackieSDwart than the Mazda's. Something for autoavssus to consider, we'd think. bsd a sly io the snspemion tuning. RoU stiffness pays off for tbe Ford again The Maz. is mae reluctant to hun into a bead and takes longer (stiffer shock mis- in torque steer, at least as sensed in your unce) to lean over and d e into a s a l e fingers. The lates! thinking on toque s t e a attitude, but after that it can be hustled is that tbe engimer's task is not only to keep c a r equal leogth (or to mimic th~~~ long gh s w a p a s by playing the throt- the halfcle to induce ovcRteer and balance tbe plow that effcfl by putting a joint in the longcr I minimize the difference in --something difficult to do with tbe Robc. shaft) but also O






........... . . ..............................$14,489 ......................


boo *I-):

M. I& hp @ umrpn, 1 m ib n @ 35m v, ~dinh qad nvrrl .................................. 7.5(0*) ............................................. 7.4 ( I ...................... ) ................ lnd. Iron1 YaePherssn struts, uymnetrlc control arms. 0011 ~pdnps.mntl-roll bar; ~ . e ~ * m .sM n twbnmnw~~ , rn iplw.m-rmi bu R l r : ................................................... V Wd ) r , aolll nu. a( m ............................. 1UI: ................ . .......................... IO5WW15 .......................................19SBWlR15 ...................
the angle at which the shafts run in a comer. Again, less roll-induced suspension travel makes for leas variation in halfshaft angle. llx penalty for the stiffer springs and roll control is a numbness, a lesscrisp action. in the Fwd's steering, a consequence of the sofw bushings that isolate the stiffer suspension tiom the cabin. The Ford's Eagle Gatorbacks and the MX-6's all-weather Eagle G T + 4 s also heighten the differences and a w really wellsuited to the suspension tuning. The squareshouldered Probe tires would likely he canted over on their outer edges at MX-6 roll angles. We did note, though, that after


................................ nas................................................. 2106 ........................ ................. Fronl lnllne sohc 12-relve lurbocharsed 2.2 lllar1134 cid four, iron block, alloy

we abused the tires on the race hack the Robe's nose was prone to wander on damp pavement while ihe Mazda was still hacking well in a serious rainstorm. Were we planning t o race or autocross, we'd consider also the Robe's extra 130 lhs in base trim. Our sample Robe was also more heavily optioned than wr MX-6. so the weight penalty was another 35 lbs. M so. The Mazda felt just a touch more responsive to the throttle coming off a turn, but running the cars nose-btail on the hack showed no significant advantage to either car on acceleration, perhaps because the

Robe had a slight edge on speed in midbend hdu to its tires. So that's what the engineers did, and how it works out. Which would we choose? It depends on whether we wanted to drive long distances in comfort (Mazda) or tenorize our neighbohood twisty roads (Probe). Driven quickly on smooth mads, the Probe is easiest and most fun to drive. The Marda is more practical in terms of around-tom and commuting utility, its suspension soaking up pothole and expansion joint disturbanw more readily, its more upright posture translating into easier access to both and rear seats. At limits. though its cornering looked more dramatic from outside, the Mazda also seemed more forgiving-it slid through the comers more. but it Wasalso to mover when cornpletely out of shape. Certainly, neither car is boring: both turbo cars hit 60 mph in about 7.5 seconds, and the MX-6 can be just as rewarding as the Robe in the quick 90degree turns encountered in urban settings. if spats touring is ywr game, driving to get somewhere and enjoying yourself along the way, the Mazda has an edge, particularly over long distances. If recreational blasts to nowhere in particular contribute gnatly to your annual odometer mileage. get in line for the Probe. If you're considering either car, we'd advise test driving both. Tlx differenceswill be evident immediately. just as the engineers intended. m

Tracking down the story

Handling extremes evaluated with Evans
ur track test of the Robe and MX-6 handling diierwas m t to 0 ences between them, to establish

which car would lap fastest, which tells YOU little about real-world driving. We used Waterford Hills. a snaking 1.6-mile c o m e northwest of Detroit that puts a premium on handling, and left ow stop watcks at home. To make s u n the handling differences we discerned were those of the cars and not induced by our drivers, we brought along T i Evans, a pro racer who knows this track well. He raced there. as an amateur and frequently has instructed driving schools there since. Evans's history includes a 19 p m n t career race-win average and titles in the 1979 Can Am Two-Liter class and the 1986 Escort Endurance series in SSA. That was in a Dodge Shelby W e r and his current rides include a fwd Shelby Daytona in IMSA GTU events, so fwd is no stranger to him as it is to many

racers. Evans also tuns a Dodge pickup in the SCCA Raceuuck series and a Firehird in some Firehawk races. He was familiar with the Probe. having driven many laps of the Detroit Grand Prix course in one this June; as for previous Detroit G R , Evans was the driver for the F1 circuit's IX. Sidney Watkins, chasiig the '88 F1 field thmugh the fmt race lap. ~ l E m m wheel8 Mad8 MX-6 on Wlt.rlwd Hlllr track hiving impressions in our main story are either Evans' or heavily The 6-foot-5 racer's favorite? The influenced by his guidance. Our drivers Probe, which suits his smooth driving found it easier to keep the professional in style. But he warmed to the MX-6 as sight on the race back when he was in the weU. wting that it might be better for the MX-6 and we followed in the Robe, hut it weekend autocrosser if given bigger tires was fascinating to watch Evans vary his and stiffer antiroll bars. Sounds l i sn technique to suit each car's wits. excuse for a rematch to us. Tim?
A U T O W W AUGUST 29. 1988

At first an enemy, then a savior, the giant Italian automaker will take control ofthe house that Ferrari built

n m wlth lut h o n t m n g l h knnub dne cu* lesdi dthough Fornri W p d amndlng men in hta '54 he oltm 1(tend.dpnc(lw, hw M YO1061, wlUl John (Wt), tslm M w e r Eugenb h W l l

For many years Ferrari maintained a mutual love-hate affair with, particularly, the Italian press. Quentin Spurting, reporting for AwoWeek on the pre-birthday luncheon wmte: "He showed us that his mind remains sharp. He can still hold his audience, amuse it, tease it; anger it even." At the luncheon, his eyes shielded by the dark glasses he always wore in recent months, Ferrari t&ed about his drivers. He relaled how he had spoued the young Austrian Gerhard Berger "doing good things with uncompetitive cars" on television. (Femari stopped going to races in person mare than three decades ago.) "The Iheng I l i e d about him above all was his desire to win," F e d said, and likened that desire to his own when he was a racing diver. "He is e d y like I used to he," Fenari told the assembled journalists. "When I raced, it was to win a mphy. Nothing less." However, many years earlier Ferrari had portrayed his brief racing career (primarily for Alfa Romeo) in terms contradictory to this later characterization. He had said then i own driving: "I had one big fault: I of h drove always with consideration for the car, whereas to be successful, one must on occasion be prepared to ill-treat it." Ferrari was also asked at the luncheon, which was to be his last press conference, to respond to names of various drivers. He said of Nigel Mansell: "Who? Oh, yes. He has courage, but he is a man our team has forgotten." But, apparently after a memory jog, the Ferrari team signed Mansell this June 5th for a rumored record amount to replace Michele Alboreto as Berger's teammate on the I989 team. In an interview following

the British Grand Rix July 10. Mansell had said that he would be meeting Mr. Fenari "soon." Twice ManseU made arrangements to go to Maranello, but each time the Old Man's illness thwaned the meeting. The seriousness of Ferrari's decline in health was dramatized in June when Pope John Paul I1 traveled to Modena for a

planned visit with him. Though the Pope was %en on international television riding (standing up) in an open Ferrari and blessing the Ferrari Grand Rix cats. Enm Ferrari was too ill to receive him. With that news, the automotive world
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! LoRg h e Ferrari!


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rdd lbamrrlbaS d B a a c & J * CI the atw#Iattcr Pa& Mertrt PIam, AuaLn.smslwE,Adr. " U h L v d c e d . ~ ~ p l c s l d m t

O a a l d R a s h , o d i t n ~ ~ ~

8 p a I a c m l m m ~ i n ~ m D lt irs ~ emuchmtrh''A#kiu#pricg~ eayc&ar&kpsd4Bwiltlmdaascny vmpoop,bot1h1thLovifpos*wia curreccamwmwc~sbiebapLq p y ~ . ~ b c d o f fa 'a atmimy.' " mch~dycmshtvhamdcssandrIflhbQRiCL.Wwmpb paedWooldlYppoll;dtabiB&. p r i a p f r x m ~ W W l s d s y s & r "AacckbwbarmmpadtomcUm kadabsobatwrmrrchpa,+g r c b l r a d r a w - , ~ Rark~adwhIdtagomIbaMoet ~ m ( h s m , " b a ~ " m d M ~

(kp~Sfaranyilhd*;&aso- I t m t h w h a b r ~ h a s . " tb-t&oc~tldmpccwsm.~pcrlr-M&Rt#


MONO': NEW R3. SPIKE NODUUR W ~ is M MIW milabls tor um dewa~wng mm w t . r n e m m i s a m 3 - p i ~ W w md tha llrst ta msat MOMO': hbh stmdards. A n a p m pasM assums full mahl-bnwht mm hct ba*asn rim h W . Dswlope4 in mnlvdion

~ ~ O U U ? ~ i , \ N C . 2100 NW 93rd Avenue.

W l P E R T E W 8 WWER CHIP is a dyne-tuned high-perlormaw "9W' chi lor mrnpuw-mnlrnllsd cars. By opbmizlnp wark cum, md a I r M RI. over tho B im's d m ranps, ma WWER CHIP~S p m g r a m ~ d ~ Iiwr (MXImum p o w r to YOU out hMI1. Nso. me toiq!4s m n v m l p g p IS ddlapd to p R u I m p W driwb!lMy ellmlnarin i s W spdd shilh. AUnilrbls%r nod caii and m b lrom 1881-1988. W F R CHIP orderr HlPWECH. 2 1 M Hltlshin "---"3.9134. (901) 382-888.



brj Mn lothualrst. makasimrl ar mllw w r will rploy t i u I D ~ ~ S ealalog R tfom ~ r o ~Sm ~ I I UrMfPor s a m m nu ear@ ~~rma$~~mm~qJnywt nvllinaxaaenrbsnd i l l I M n t ~ h 0 u r Hrrt full Wor w#.%.Io mf~nWta wiw~ u r w . Rd. ~ u I bM U 610s

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Z m b S eim%o%b 'f*&&! ZOIZ ~ . ~ o i t r a a ~ a r " & v a m n ~ ~


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Cminuadfmm pogc 22

began preparing for Fenari's imminenl


Enm F e d spent all of his life in the Po Valley of north centnl ilaly--inoaly in Mop U y in Turin and Milan-yet &na, his name had gone mnd tbe world sin= he sent ihb f i t ear whiih bore itto a nre in nearby Fiacenza in April 1947. Also on t h e car was whar had been Eazo Fwrari's own w i n g badge since 1923, a black stlllion pampant on a field of Modenese yellow. This was an adaprion of the emblem of Franeeseo Baracca. a loml flying hCro of World War 1. A w n t h later in Rome the 1.S-liter V12 Furari I25 was to wia Histaty for the Ferrari onme aod the Prwing Black H o w had &gun. That victory set a sfandard w h i i other Fwari cars pmetded to match on a

staggering number of occasions in ming Even Bahie dolls have F d f . E9ZO Fenari proudly used the title lng. venues everywhere. in the 40 ensuing years F e r n i s have (for "engineer") before his name, but it won eight world championships in the con- was an honowy d~gree fmm the University meton' category, wntesred a t such venues of Bnlegna in 1960 rhat gave h i that right. as LcMans. Sebring, the Targa Florio, the His formal education comprised four years Nuhutging. And nine world driving cham- of elementary school and three years of pions have won their laurels at the wheel of Bade schml, a Formula One F e d , includiig America's "I have never thought of myself as a &fmt champion. Phil HlU. in 1961. signer or an inventor." F e d said. "but But successful racing ears alone unnot only one who gets things moving and kwps acepunt far d e phenomenon thst is the Fer- them running." rari name. It i k y a n d wing. beyond And he had a speeial knack for that-ineverything-alw famous forbzing famous. deed a genius for recognizing genius, and More dreams are expended M Feuaris. an ability to coordinate and d i i t cwative and more care-and money-lavished on talents, Motoring journalist Grif Borgeson vintage Fmaris than sn any other car with w t e of Ferrari as " l kG m t Agitator." juft four decades of history. And probably Aad, of muse, it is tbra~gh agitation that more pictures of Ferraris m push-pinned to oystem produce parls. walk in derigaers' Mudios than any ocher Bebre k hc building his own c m single car.
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Whatfanner i?l drivers hudt~ say about 18nzoperrr~ri

Il'mPOI@ BY* p R w * ~f f k 1Wb qf W @ -5 doc'f ; B m i b e u h e h w u k i m . \ M s m sie.mtlo~taintsc-JsapopcCiP~oDg @agio Mi, pnsidodt df Ecmd hkn mC driwr's;titlc:W ~$& t W Nmtb~Amcdcr,w@eiskr;d@ Bd,wfaam .~ ~ * ) ~ ~ g i a o ~ . ~ ~ d r s l h . l l E . s s i"Zbcrsd1Bsircws: d, ~(e~.lllrcs~y.&isam:bosswBp thiaPlaolag~LAug-LS~wthoraliomat ~ B i r c h a P e G d i W I n g a U r r i y . ~ a r a s b b 4 6 p ~ r w a y S b i m d r y a a d ~ sa .nteaftheIcgerkkyRnnd~ ~ t h i s n r m n i r t g . W b a t & p w a n t : l s abonlblrn.He~varseaneGtaI r p a v ? W ~ F o u l d ~ ~ ~ ~ # ) r* aa in w& ct y @ l i : h y . a ~ * J M d ~ rculldsay nochlng." Umagh a smhu&shunt, amcrpe~amy Euoryom who k w v F e w caw. k d i & i r i a n of wenling u, po OR wsctbcr away the belief tbat thin waa drcxtnkdi- towwha new and ~~. tl~lyme0,HcrwrimSarne "&d.&ysit,&nad8is~~~% .- .-~-.*.* tbaomknrarthispmujEZ'Et& p o s , m ~ ~ w w ~ wta~owrb.~lvoill.(~~)ulde~w. ,w~p~abwanll,.*smsn. bw, l . s w l a w a s ~ i;llldsmsho"I.**~W. W w *:fair isbed. Lnudpvnsdinlc fdr, ESlld b I J &lRre&t&~ World Rtiv"One owmiag.&I 1977) I famd d t h am a~.h~W Wo f '72.~crasan), iDg Cbmpian. ,l-wrbw n @ I ! Bapc WLs. m y s d f n p t W @ g s b a u l ~ . r p l W i i R n i g i bt &t LIl w .emw& fiwithPsrsriioIW..HiEcrasbat$Cck- ~ p e r t . ~ ~ , u r s -l b l ~ . h r na@ta,mom&aagiwstylomr(slmin ean bw@gdosthimim:&is:'96,~tbt &inJiRatiDDdm: ,a lW3;W&bWbF@pytpha~ w w s p . i p i n ~ . ~ ~~ l wa ~ E ~ i s ~ , t o q a g e mi ~~ ~~~ t b~ ca ~i t~ mtimEhsqgpO.~ ICaRl, CnrS pd-'Sr ?kldi kk & nlOR b~ , ~ # @ C E . ~ ~ . I S U M @ . k!lebllIt.... @ W S S ~ W ~ W ~ ~ , I O ~ ? for Rrnbhun a! ihe @.of tbc "77ICPGQO. "As far as E m Fcmvi:#&.mmm&, vhsk. $aatfh#l ilpp bhmpdiarsly." "Fami #, capable e f h m t mahd- thiags k& t a obaqp (W)yearAPOWtogVd schmaltz... w% iRyt8(rry would w. eal prablews, agg~arstirn,W b n a~lr Wi jauaallg ,to'oath of loynlty*and the 'mvil'ofWork In Ehe past I'dhwe dotla aqything he snd Gnud Pdx ~ ~ ~f o r MIm m I ( on wbich a r r forgad ilu w w m w of Q m t e 8 w to do. But no m. wi, Wdmly iggNO~rs,Upry & ~ . . w ~ 9 f F m slYld ultirmte victory. ..' " my frpedomhad fpxit..." anmd P & Cnrs. "WkeoCfay RogarlsRi end J mrr; :w"&s pf: cbo wswx l~by Femci iaii .mapbBis tivats ia ijlrlurl d dddDg at ~ ; ~ W 6toy l Rmsmoni ~ ~ & ~ n it e rn n taw s :frm IgIiL-19TZ. 2, &,ia tbir p#rdw@I d m i n v d y put m an d :dbut&m far be , rlrivc~ .an* w his-rsci~g cxpics W ~ 4 x 8 1874 :ip panner H*i taitcta a m 1@6 m~afkxmnvspslzr.Tbe~of oTnWwssrrdbctre~ibevnah~dsw h l e B ~ t h c - ~ E a l A I s c h i a' c his caS in iIx hadrgmuad smw+@ have a Signore Iicmri by .app&ng iO public fipnsof mmt. mersputife&asnh...'* wearing bits jeans wilh a pnmcing h m "lecsrpt bbat a's p & b k hmi a d "@m h n r i ' s bebwior m the last day on the baelr. lpinnumaa~4'kWI~gUEha







F a d bd been m the Rciag division of Frmri driver to win the Fomnla Ow r&smove his a@nes to the I~P. AlhRomm,babin~mdilfta~ chqkdipw a a lady Schc*g m 1979.) Btlt somehow, thougb not nenssady hunin# home t o Modcar h good in 1939 A d witb the powafd cDgines h . s en- first n this brraLmtwgb or that, F e d -Snderiaflm)FmsdMl dDndFmari'~E~011f0~Wcnahk Mi d Y ~ b d r t o b C S b ~ h ~ ~ .

W y r a ~ l nor t C ~ I W I mahmmcc I hrvcmabknfacV)rs.AsLuigiCbioeai, IoogropreseststvedmcFanrio~cin the U.S., once t o l d Phil H i l l : "W* Pami pahnatotomnWoumin,po drive, pa win."

PadofitswcmsdiIsnpartim. PaaiEm,hveIadybeenonthe* c d g o o f t s b n d o g y . P a m i ~ f o l l g b t waaTrzioNtrvohriwhobytkjudgma v i ~ . g d a s t ~ c a g i n a l C a a . d c c l r -ofrmny, o hiding Pcmri'sm, waatba *'Thcha&pttflrtheandaoa~ bsrtmcheworidbasyettoa&.

tiollr, which bc had the most suacss, winning maytinud,tbOughtbeeveMJ~nrtly dtb lint&. Bntevcllifbc wcrr not bimdfafnmt-MtdIiva.hc.araLtcd uhbmem.AtAlhRoamIli3~

Forrari's cmthdamt with the Ibowy p&it."BtltwhaalolmCmpamdQlin C!bwmmhBnalmd~daPiantovie- ~ , t h c ~ r t i n o f N l l v o L r i w r m wimhim~hirlik.Sf&~aqwttofind

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namawlddotbingswithnccaperlmpsw~clrehad~Nn~,bm, *,he~bnJunyhrrdon~t. Andaedicdagonkh&yolmg-*thcrg of30inprtiahtheGmndRixofBelginm m May 1982. AsaebildILmriMdmkmgdtobc

ao~~,bur(byhisoamaduIiMlar) baving "neWer voica m e a r ' ' daemd him. Nomblas, tbmoghont his Ufc bc bnbmdtkrrmldalom.acma'sd.ti sic disposition, and a teeor's flair for

dmM. And dnrm on ao opentic scale w u merfarhhim. When bc wan 18, w ' s frthsr . I d

s h a h a . ~ l & h i m u h b a ~ lodims8 bc E f c d to fiqlmtly. AngpLbydnldzedhimwhm~~.Dino.

theonlyehildofhism8niagctoLnmPerrari. d l at 24 after a long history of clmmic illness. I b n w a m 1956. Fami mrmncd his bss abnndantly. H e hilt a d~~pcldediatcdtobiaonm~bcplid ddly V m S . In 1978. .ftcr his wifle's &nth. Farmi
~Mpcd~ssood~.PLroLPdi Fgnri, now 43. Thc youngex Punri is viap~osiht~~andownslOperaut inmest in it. Eazo Fanri owned 39 puwnt of the mmp.ny tbm b a e bia name; P h b f x b dcsigmmdooscbbuilda,I~A Fa, I t a l y ' s ~ v giant. 50 c pacclll.

Fit c a m into the prctw in 1969 when savlor and h a woe. And now hls heir. knari sought f m i n g to help him build enough production models to homologate As a 20-year-old fresh out of the service his race cars. he had gone to Fiat with an inaoduftory Now witb Enm Fenari's death, F i is in letter horn h s colooel. But no job was there line to acquire his 39 p e n t and make for him. The young Enro apparently took mmpletc the control it has beeo insinuating pemnally the shortage of employment o p o v a the MameIlo company since F d portunities at Fiat in 1918 and used the furt went m T u r i n for assistance. energy of vengosnce as his propelling f m e . And thus will end what some people Thus, yem later at Alfa Romeo, he &choose to dramatize as a Faustian bargain. lighted ~nW i g instrumental in luring away AodthusJsoisreadmodmoothqw- fmm Fiat, among orhas, Luigi BPZZi Md tions conaming Enzo Fewri's relationshp Vittorio J a w . Jano was to design the P 2 , with Fiat, one ornamented with ambiva- and Barzi the Bimororc, critical contribulence. Again, a theme of operatic propor- tions to Alfa's racing supremacy in the tions Fiat was Enzo Fewri's nemesis. his decade to follow. And to F i ' s retirement

horn competition. (Enzo Fman was also to h ~nsmmental In Alfa's grvlng up racing in 1951 when a Ferrari beat the Alfenas at Silversrone in England.) Enzo F d was a compl~catedman, an mtemting man. Keen-minded, formidable. unyielding, theaaical. Much honored in his lifetime-he was also qualiticd to he called Commendorore and Cawlicrc4m wdl be Iiuthw honored in death. A statue of him is planned for lus bme town of Modena. But he uruld be no mere pmfoundly honowl than to have his name flash by on a splendid machine with an animalistic mar. s w i n g heads m its wake. Fenari..

The Prancing Horse's unparalled deeds


The record book re,+&& Femwi'8 geniw for extracting the k t f?om ~ k n k people d
ompsn him t o Buowdti, to Buniei, m D a Vinci. A 28131 ecelury xeulj~r~n, Enm F&s e818 have won just about evuything the is to win. As of Jmpary 1988, tbc swdcri. Femri counco emwg i t s Formula One romrds sioe Drive~j Wodd Chmydwships, eight . .p,the m t CiP pints (1439). most GP caastnrtorsw&a (93). most f s m t l a p (303). man GPs conaskd (424) and iaocoadtoT~amLmrs~polepositio~p(107t~lM). Fenmi hsO s e w Targo Florio viamics, eight Mile WgIia wins,andninctimeshasbcsrrdthehwrs,tbcelzm~saadthe comp&h a l LeMrns. Th: mly major race wlthm* a Petmi r m

Rcad a list of the world's driving gnats and wk how many hwespcnt 8 portion of their cam18 bebind tbc whccl of a Fenari. h a t i and Fmgb and M o s s . HawUmm. B m k s and Surtces. Gndabien, B& and Amon wm all on Fnrsri's payroll. 00th
U.S. World Champiws, Phil Hill aad Aadnui, the Rodriguez brockers. plus isuda, Ickr, Amon. Atboreto and Villencuve helped the tuun afhieve its unparalleled records. For some drivm, it was thc pinw~k of their cancr, for o h it was OK cellar. but to drive for Scuderia F d e & I a goal about which few can be indifferent. &low is a li61 of ciome of the wing and produetion car achievematPthatformthehirtoryandI~maSisFenmi. 4 . L . C .
1971 Fim "boxer" o r &
in p4uh srr (2-55



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W d Q.mpioolbie ~i#w#bxn); T W Fk& viaay : ) M ( MVgo ded mYiq R.osh GP; CpUiar dies d w Ocoll.o GP;

GT14 $B) dabvt~ U Twin UltO lbar I m WV~D tea facitiry u Firrmo opens; ~ u g a

w.ilm8"iEmy(Gc&bk&m) 1961 irMm vkry (Oadrbifl.Hillh Canrmrton World Cblmgianrbip: DciveH WorM Chlmpirmhm ( P . Hill): TW Flwb *iEmrY

I m Iolmmatiw of tbe h w r s & i m 1 4 , mc fuu Rmd m dad@

FlaBricrmy ~ M a U l i d M o n u i )

u n J h l i r * ~ ~ I x - * P i t
son, ddvm by Prisla d C-.


vm nip di$a dm@ klim OP; Pemri FI wn qpw i. tbe U.S.


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World Qlmpiaubip ( L a u d . ) : 312T t w gdnx)FI~~:NiiLWd.WtbeN~iqbvadauwlnimUcs~pN*cfa Iklbrmn OP

dtlrNmb~R.rinlT1.mukrrdirp"overhomolq.liolloftbeSWLM~cy e 1962 b M . n r victory (OcndebicWP. HUI); Tuna

im-wmwLud.lacl him Gumpio~ubipby aac @; tbe fvll ubmmV Rmd, sih a W q e dH y b , dcbvldRmdZYlCyr0 mdc -im, i s p n v * w d u Rrt mw lmbhlIwvicmn(~);Mmriq ~ R x d . b o l l p o l s i b k n * d ~ y m sba 1977 CwlVvelm World Chunpiondtip; D r i v e n mc U.S. 8 u w m h (%I8ainb * k Fcmd~rpirm~gwFard. W d ChKI.) lW9 ConsWmrs World Cbmpioerbip: Driven l~MilkMbltrLm*~) 1)U L&wl viaay ~ O l l i e l r U V d ) CoWmP ; 1%1 Milk viaay (VUkui) tors World Chwpionrbip: Drivers Warld Wald c r m w m h i p tscbskur) 1962 D r i r mW o r l dW w b i p( A r e ) Milk : cYmPb&p (sr*a);,hnzilu, 12- l I ( F i n l R m d i . > l i n t l v b o c r ~ ~ Millir v i a a y (Bneca):tbe Pemd JWPa c y w ,I.S-IiwPl a&w pKtiCcfWtbetbelulira0PUimoL:hratlimc ~ t b e ~ d ' U 1 9 d Y 3 . l%S u ~L 1mpins World C'brmpiw (S~bsctra), m + M V k m r y iuWG=cgay>; T U p Pl& l4cflSmm ~ f ~ . ~ R i . ( ~ ) "rnoy (VrcaaWB-); F(nt Fanri 312 lm Ibirm W o r l d Cbm&mbip (Arui);Millc 3.0.1ita 1961 Huvoy Podclhwute it hirtd la, rrdcrign 126PI rlu*r 1%7B~dira~MmPoW.W30TDiq W*iEmrY(Murmto) u ,caYmnm woad Cbulpio*; villrrruvc 1 9 5 4~ v i a a y ~ ~ ~ l &buo ) l%slllsri~hi'FIFcmdintbehrMr~ 1WI MuaoForph*ri.Fcmdcb*f~&vllopl dira aYior p r b .Bclgiy GB dmHooroOP,~oelybndu.Mdies l9w ~~forRmd312(~svatbcrr r r cwmrwtm W d aumpmrbip in.~ucido*.fa64y,lk. ~ k . t b e r r d D i l u t b e S n w ~ wUc ~ ~wddwPIclr,SnU.limmmivcfar W( hirrn W d cb.mpirmhip (Fangio~ Milk FIc~):tbe%SGTOTB14Dayroluhbu(..tlrW P o r m i i n 1 D ) n u s : ~ o f a V T ~ ~ ~ byi.*~CslrUaa) RrL~prlmr:dsbUdtbe328-MCirO, ro16soiu. bomuigincd kdbm tD diwy 1M7 M u l e Mill&. vielay (Tm); I I W 25m t b e ~ H m c ~ Mdbaospm%nbb.~~~~~mtbeFI win "Tae w & h e , UC) F a r a r i l c l l r b a V d h . ~ y W M , f u & C W ~ F r ap t or m a

UQ~ltatOP~OPmimoftb r~lu-macmcisrbuinms~OP: M i l k M i a v k w O i a e d c ~ o r )T ; w

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w.ilm8 "inary ( O m d a b i i P . Kill): hims

l h r l t h n ~ t b e ~ y s ~ h m m 1)CI HmsiTJOiamduadwtbemodi.,lvly 21


Eu&s smaller manufacturers have aggmssive plans fir meeting the challenge of increasingly competent mass-produced sedans
By Steve Cropley
Editor's NOU: ?'hi8 is t h c f i d i~rrJImd in Autoweek's sir-pan series on the cars qf ahr 1990s. nfocw~s on ahr vpronring products of Europe's sports and specialty car

s the pcrfamnncc distinctions between &d.ns and sports cars have dsrrased with the productiotl of ever more capob k and sophisticarcd family cars, Elaopc's ~ d ~ h a v c d o p t e d m o r c ~estntcgicsformcncxtdsde. Thc anrmt mmry is to wnlinue the tnditions of quality and exchrsivity, but to wnbiithebtJtofthepastwithasmuch t twhnology as is deemd feasibleor. in some cases, possible. S i l y having a h h e M Aston Manin nameplate is no model it replaces..the-i rrlth longu enough to sell the picduct. b 32-liter transverseW Some of the fums dimsscd below are realigning and seeking different buyers through ocw podm; some an continuing their suaessful ways. One is entirely new mlbaerhnes.AUmustprmi&aomthing ~ d ~ v d u e d i f t h e y a r c t o ovenrnncthedualthfeaispovidsdbyarm-


Ford now w n m k Britain's old supercar

conam,which is why progress is b c i i

made so quickly on the all-new "big Aston." due for launch at Britain's Biimingham motor show in Oaober. Thc new car, sckdukd to be built at a ntc of six a week, has an all-new body and W s i s of simpler, more eff~cientmhuction dun the old c a r (which fint appeared in I%'/). Thc new w will, however. wntinue the tradition of hand-finished body parts. lamcrandwooduim.Thebody.dcsigmd by rising British h i @ star John Heffman, has ovenwes of old Astons about it, but is imposing, modan and radical, with aemAUlDWEEK AUGUST 29. 1988

dynamic Liaes and a sloped-back grille. The drag factor is about 0.33 Cd. Dimensions of the new Aston an very similar to the nmcnt coupe, though there is more interior room, and the weight is claimed t o be lighter by several h u n d d pounds. The 5.dliter hand-built alloy V8 is mainrniaed. but it gels four valves pm cylmdcr, m a e to improve efficiency than to mercescpower.Inthenewguiseitisgmdf~ about 340 hp. but a Vantage version should take that reading well above 400 hp. Deliveries of the V8 wupe should begin in the fint half o f '89 (to those who got on the wailing list early). A Volante (convrrtible) version will be shown at Oeneva next

spring, and the powcrhwre vaniage vnrioo will arrive about a year later.

It's becoming quite well known that the new F d 348 GTB, replaament for the biggest selling F d , the 328, will be at the Geneva show next spring. 'lhe body by Pininfaha has Testarossa looks, but is less angular. The 90-dew V8 engine, with Movonic electronic engine management system. expands to 3.4 titers and gets 290 bp in Europe. for a genuine 160 mph top spced. Thc 348 GTB's enginc is mounted north-south as in GTO and F40 configurations, not transversely. Deliveries of the

aEpvolrrmsainbc#)oaninmc& ~,hntaindollbkvdum~.Hc Io ihe ff aml iatma t o ull i t in tbc U.S. pointlaum*mc~mcalled (faa @re nodcz $20,000) at an m u d mk Sdmim in ihe U.S.-wa ba mc Lobg of lbad 4000. M l m i m o m c ~ h y a m ~ . T h c N c w Y a k c o l r a n . U ~ M d a He.IrouystbefirmrmydPoptbcl.&k amup, h . s fuadDd tbe developmat d - - ~ e m n m l y s m p l o y c d i n taolingofiheacarmodd,whicbTrrmslys ~ o f ~ d y ~ . W I m s p a i " c o a t l i n s m slyling ghmich'' (tmtiLe tbc fied. pwwplmts. h ~ s S 1 ) d a i n d o w R c l L a t o Reliant h . s given w aamratc dm fm ~ ~ ~ S e l l h r g c a a f o r E &ad di~,~theyaIe~vedtobe w.Uanasll'scbdmrm, Ad&rHie&u, tbis year.

lbqed mS cr fa New Y o d r b a a e dintar0 -


GMC 515 Jimmy

Real off-maden don't shii at 60

By Phil Berg

ou guys can't fool us. While you've been drooling over Ferrari F40s and ZRI Corvettes, you've been going out and spending your money on a lot of utility four-wheel-drivers. That's what our ace res m c h & p e n t tells us. OM has a rseerrh depgtmwt of its o m . And it tells GM mat most buyas of t k caporation's quick-selling GMC S-I5 Jimmy and Chevy S-10 Blazer, now available with a nm 4.3-liter V6 engine option, use thc vehicles on thc highway and see ! h w 4x4s as a cross between a pickup m c k and a small sratim wagon. Few m u t e through Baja. The criticism from the hard-core mudslingers runs deep: You highwaymen are poseurs, they say. Buy a small wagon, they tell you, and leave the four-wheel-drive hardwm to the real off-roaden. Nonsense, we pay. We see no need to get defensive about our leaning toward good highway machinery. Especially s i n e we recently chose to set out on an ordinary mad trip in GMC's 4.3-liter 160 hp I i y (mechanically identical to Chevy's S-LO Blazer). We found that even committed on-roaden will perwive this vehicle as a solution to simple. everyday needs like ours: chasing down 140 mph Lancia rally cars in the woods. Go get 'em, Jimmy. While this may sound like we went a'thrashing through the hills in Washington's Olympic peninsula, where the world championship Olympus Rally was run (AW. July 4). we did not. We confined our romp ing to logging trails, dirt mads and paved two-lane for a simple reason: "Bushwhacking." as cross-country skim call it, takes

forever. Top speed in wooded wilderness is close to maybe three mph. We can hike faster than that. What we used the Jimmy for was to move quickly, from one remote mountaintop to another. using the fastest paths available, to watch fue-breathing production rally cars chase the clock on liltletraveled back mads. It's something us "poseurs" l i e to do. Y w can also use a car for this duty. But the Jimmy, along with other enhies in the sport-utility marlet, is a comfy vehicle to do this in. In a four-wheeler you never have to worry much about bottoming out on a dirt road the way you do in a car. There also is more useful "living" area in a Jimmy; i.e., it's easier to use as a mobile shelter once you've reached a remote a r e a . Cars are intended more for driving, less for sleeping, camping and sitting amund. Getting to wild locales usually requins spending some time on a freeway. Ever go for a spin on the highway in a Mint 400 off-mader? Ever go for a spin i n a laundromat dryer? Same thing. The Jimmy's ride has been tuned for the pavement. With o p tional Delw-Bilstein shock absorbws it ody rarely allows its m c k heritage to show on smooth freeway. Over potholes and big cracks in the road it pitches more than a passenger car. Still, we rank the Jimmy as an acceptable vehicle for a cross-country jaunt, not as linear in steering as Nissan's Pathfinder, Jeep's Cherokee or Isuzu's Trooper, but better than the Bronco 11s we've driven and smoother than tbe shorter Mitsubishi MontedDodge Raider. One particular trait we found is the i m in 4wd than it Jimmy handles better on d

does in rear-drive-only mode. The fmnl wheels are less likely to bounce and hop in 4wd, which you can shift into at any speed. a f e w we twk advantage of often. Only Jeep offen wmparable shift-on-the-fly this year. Other four-wheelers must be lraveling at slow speed (usually under 25 mph) to shift into 4wd. which makes perfect sense if you're bushwacking. We prefer to have the option available at 60 mph. The 4.3 is the biggest engine available in this class. It maLs slightly less power than its closest rival, thc 173 hp lcep Chemkee 4.S liter, but 15 hp more than the 3.0-liter V 6 of the Nis~anPathtindcr and ToyMa 4Rutuw. 20 hp m a t than Bmnm n's 2.9-liter V6 and 51 hp more than the 2.6-liter four of Montem/Raider. Whnt you notiw most is the ability of the big-engined Jimmy to stay in ovadrive fourth gear of its automatic uansmission when you motor up freeway grades. It has emugh toque to spii all four wheels while you ioch up a dirt slope, too. There's much to be said for 4wd utility vehicles and their nearly endless application. The formula is useful, and the evolution of these trucks is p r d i g forward as quickly as that of many cars. It's no wonder that the market is booming. But then a lot of you already know that.


Stock car racing sports briater, whiter more feminine look

S mors 'Sue found that women watch races, and t t means NASCAR now touts two types of suds


By Denise McCluggage
he realization hit me in the " h & y Aids" aisle at the Safe way when I reached for Ti&. m y , I hadn't bought T i for & cldes! Why did my hand slide past my osual Ruh Stan to T & ? Because an image fmm a Sunday afternoon, spent at the N arena, roared past my inner eye. It was hmn Walhip's NASCAR Chcvy splsrhed with the T i d e logo. And so. ~theky,Iboughtthestuff. With that it d a d on me that NASCAR's W m Cup series had m m e a l o n g w y hornthechew and brew. "tahrs" and "awl" sponsors d old. Jusf kmk. The messages that sp*sb~carsmddrivingsuits tn no loilgu directed exclusively, uevmprimarily,to~.Thebch t & n have dixovmd -wwatchnccs. And. what's marc, that women do wwtoftheshopping. However, I get the notion that some NASCAR nabobs are a little uneasy with lhis hint o f feminization. Of murse, they welcome the infusion of new spollsor blood (ptifulsrly s h e their stalwart tobacco ~omp.nyspa- are f r c d with possible lc&hth to d tobacco pmticipaiion in TV sports). But then NASCAR is equally k q abut diluting their Good 01' Boy. '.One TOUgh Customer" image. Dilemma. Puts m in mind of a Chevy pickup huck


driver's seat might damage their truck's '.positioning** in the macho market. ('Come women d d buy the truck. And did. And do.) And 'course women as well as men buy beer, though apparently not in numbers g m enough to he targeted by the ad folk. she ten new cars in the U.S. are repirtaed to women, some ofthem must be buying gas and oil and tim and antik. (And some men do the wash and mire mffee. I'm told.) So m y b e it's uniscx, not feminizntim. that's c o w to NASCAR. But still that makes for quandary time in Daytona Beach. Sixorse~yeanagowh~Ifirst ~ t o ~ ~ g S t O c k c a r n c e s after a long absence, I was shuck by the new HisandHen-ness of the m w d . LodringwtmathelhrongI was intrigued by the number of couplcs, of all ages. Qtsscd like twios -usually in ql'i jackets and caps of their favodte i$ivus. E v a y w h n in the stands they sat-two by t w o IikemvelIysaltandppprshaLm on a shelf. "There's some changin' goin' on," I m .(I automatically drop my g's at a NASCAR nce.)

commmial a friend of mine was shooting a it's number of y e m ago. The setting was a rat1 I drive-in movie with Chevy pickups of all ages. The rule came down from Chcvy in no spc uncemin terms: Show no women m t k Go wheel of a pickup. A womm on TV in the pai

naires NASCAR circulated a few years ago put numbers to that change. A ~trong 41 percent of the nowd was women. Evidence that the number is increasing has followed. "AU you have to do is watch 'em walk through the gates," said one NASCAR official, who privately welcomes the new "family" m i x at NASCAR shows and wwld like mom advcrtisers aod sponsors to know about it. But others in NASCAR consider he sort of information that's best leaked xthan trumpeted. 1cawc many of the old-timc NASCAR ~sorsare gender-free. For instance, iy's Headxhe Pwrdas is for anybody's , and W i s e l l s cigarettes to anyone.


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Goodyear's 17-inchEagle "Gatorbacks" rush for another 98-million total yards in the SCCA Corvette Challenge.
The Corvette Challenge is a ten-race, $1-million series for identically prepared Chevrolet Corvettes. The fifth and sixth races of the series were held at Brainerd, Minnesota, and at The Meadowlands in New Jersey. And once again, the 17-inch Goodyear Eagle "Gatorback" street radials* proved they could go the distance. At The Meadowlands and Brainerd, the Goodyear Eagles ran up a total of more than 56,000 miles. Not just 56,000 miles of highway touring. But 56,000 miles of some of the most competitive, wheel-to-wheel racing you'll find anywhere. At the twisting road course at Brainerd, Tommy Archer was the fastest qualifier. Shawn

Hendricks ran the fastest race lap. And Andy Pilgrim took his first ever Corvette Challenge victory. Then, at The Meadowlands, Tommy Archer was the fastest qualifier, again. Tom Kendall ran the fastest lap. And Juan Manuel Fangio I1 not only won, but also became the only driver to win three races. The victory moved Juan Manuel Fangio 11 into the Driver's Championship lead. The tires used exclusively in the Corvette Challenge are 17inch Goodyear Eagle "Gatorback street radials?Which are the very same Z speed-rated street radials


Ti: 17-inch Zq e & d Ooodyear Eagle "Camkk" slnct radials?

Andy Pilgrim, winmofthe CavctteChPllenge at Bmiaerd.

that come standardon every 1988

251 and 252 Corvette.

streets andmads of America. B u t it may be encouraging to Lnouffisttheycanalsostandup to the rigors ofThe Challenge. TheZSpeed-med~a~ Eagles are also available in sizes to fit 15-ihch and Idinch wheels. And they're as close as your Goodyearretailer.

Thezspeed-ratedooodyear Eagles were designed for use by bigb-@onnance cars on the



More recent s~~ such as Redmont Aidines. Hades, K m, Gatorade, 7-Eleven, Rad Baron Fmzen Rsa. Bull's Eye B-ue Sauce. K c d a k 4 even Wrang*r (leans, anGr all, may be the miginal unisex garb)-* cenvnly less specifically male or female than Copenhagen, Lev1Gacmu or any s m k b tobacco pmduns. l k n c o w Ti.And Folger's coffee. And Crisco. And E w h Vacuum Cleaners. Things that usually are consldend to k a woman's d o w n . And who w w l d believe Underalls? One would gwrs p t y h w is a b u t as spcclfically female as you can get, yet there was Underalls en the haunch of a NASCAR race mschiao. Few men mw. Yet Coates & Clark, a biggk in &red, bsam a NASCAR s p Jor. The cboiw was reasoned. Although

BMW TURBO 535-635-735

iurbo you can b y ' The lkgm turns and for a brRTmoment he thmks he ha5 you men WHOOW me turta gaes mto bmw and you Dlw par1 hlm b u haw~un exper~enced what the BMWCCA called "racket ded pWformance K I W E E K Fan is a v n e who holds a breath d Ilk would &x lo m o r one oT hnan'r ea dno TYRake-3 BMW I Tnc car5 an con slrr(lea w w..lndl d ar e~ na5 1 0 oc wrnlrldec rnlr tr an ah~rrndrkel DIOIPrt Rnan m t n m aftn * the best of the best" Oman Eng~nrerlng has a complete line of turbo B IurpenJlon synems b ywr BMW

9 @ 3 t @ W REPRINTS


You can order reprrnts of any AutoWesk artlcle vou in ,~mav be interested ~~~distrib~ling to a select audience of your own choosing, subject to publisher's a~oroval.


I I NASCAR is increasingly national in its fol- 1 lowing, most of its - m e s a n d fanstill in the Southeast. And that area also harbors the b e t r y ' s IBT~FSI conceneatim of home sewers. (Maybe Coarcs &Clark will markel little you-sew-em kits with child-sized replicas of a favorite driver's racing togs--complete with sew-on patches fmm all the other NASCAR sponsors, of cwrse. Shoot. I'd probably buy one. I ' m a sucker for cute
wa the I tried? Hey, comes In hquld now Just llke Unlon 76 011 and Busch beer. two other NASCAR standbvs And aoes into the mach~ne smooth as a &untain Itream.

The quality is excellent, the price is affordable, and the articles Ulemseives are great for mailings, sales meetings. salesperson reference guides, media kits-the possibilities are endleskminimum order 500 copies.

ai P~oneerway. Mr VRW CA 94WI 1 4 1 5 1 962-9417



.Wkmpab *4.wlDOlnbI *MQ)acyder



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THw IO DO .Evah .Aucllm .Tmvalh~

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. W o n t e d

v m a o e m ORerlordlon



im w, 14.0~0 rm.Evro~~Ln**.W,,mD. m9.4mm. a


w w n.


&nn'rm, ?Pas

hhWIDUonrn~.hp.* (dl moddel *H,~r*ilo~.~i*aon. wra,aQOII.YD R11LS--CnaldnmmU&.'M,

-u . 6 ~ mndd, W

I, , L ,


524,exlmEa. 512abmm. TX
AVOIPW1TROTsbDDpqZ'W-Eabb b R W m i*hr. BBS, Ml Bmrp 2 11, Bhpn# S l 7 . m . 5 1 M . TX

U 1 4aM-S?l425.U)

1 4 , s nl, phoah

rrr E w SC. AC, 8R. CMal,Rolrl. P ( m . RE-7l'h C V q la m.


h.dturnr. W n g $47.500, oflmrs, hd.l~.W-plQO*WY.

-- --- -- --

-- - ---

WRSCHE CABRIOLET. '84 mo61. c h m a k ,

(4.RI *ans or ~ , l h l d r n . n n b d r L ~ b&.~ndml..6@.41P961-tlll. PA BMW M-6. 1987 Unlublr rwllblack

2 5 . 7 ~ mi, 1

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nr *I. #no ~11mum.


- Eumpun

AUTQTREWD Sfbe574643
*YMb*YMb~.arrugold.pCldO*I ~ c a r . 9 0 9 . ~ c a . m ~ -m nm

~ * * l M. mrwzm.a(

- a n a In Melr.


- W. gyvm,

PDREKm1WRm. 1 w - m loadkcrrm,7,0S0n*am4an. prLQ W,6@. 51asoa9se3, Cm

m , M .-7117.

A"~muff.l%=--~. -.-=.aOQn*ar*n.

~ ,,,,,, 4 W m ,i. " ,



w m . 'a - -+kind,

si~,sm. mwt-mi w



LUm. 7lbOSW6 (a), M (d). NV

m.m.w r r r n ~ n o . 9 0 9

l-*,wm m.
1 m Red w m ClM. Aknost~iWtQlsd,

l L & m i 'P lL&m!J@

4 P
Om of the nabkn's leading
cellent large selection of Coupes and Roedrtsre.

hMIWdCdJy. R I 2 : a . sl2.500. la77 k& &#it, 1977 "PafUaps 'CU. I m f m l m h%17.500.


F&hz cu UIAnktaa tocuudanotafmm

mlk, B u ~ l s Mintafbf. r


lfflLobJS~Twbo,W w/Rsd IuzW, 21,WO m k .

525.500. 1908 Lohg EsptiiTUW. 15.WO


WcherdHlbkvd$91South Indian Hill Bhrd.

M e c t Condmon
111 Swth St. A n d m

$38,500. 1887 LDtus Esprit Turbo, DEMO,

BlurKiny. 3,MO mib s49.500. 1 LohgEsp#TurDo's hl lffDck





WRSCHE LIP 935, 'M - SlOpenOS. b h W black lthr Recaros, POP-UP headlights. %SUP, boost mnWnl. E P m T W. lX bue. 3 9 . m m i b , r a n t axlenor mmnditionmg, SM.OO(VOBO.719-5765303 (d). C O

BERTONE VOLVO 780, '88 - Our last one. Pearl bluBICamel leather. brand new. save $7.000 from mtg. list. Volvo of Keens. 603-352-2155 [dl. Mon+ri. Bsm-8pm. NH


Consion or sell us your car.
~otonng aaassMles indudng:

MOM0 Polsche Design RECARO .TAG Heuer

Over 30 years cummulalive sales experience sellinQ Vintage V12's B cur-

RWCES W A R EWCfS WISE L W R ML TEMP O w AIDE $7.89 P a 10 0 1 . Can


. . . .sltm 9mn1

Over a decade ol AMG lactory

5750 North Federal Highway


Fort Lauderdale. R o n d a 33308

(305) 493-5211

NEW 5WSEC Elk pearVcreme beige. C o r n w e monochromewlm Affi body M i m , 5.6L 4 v W . 3 6 m .(060

~ u lmduw t ~ n r m l lovela. ~q All i c r t D c Lwhlclua n l h 4

1973 246 GTS RedlBlack 1974 246 GT Rosur R u b i d a n 1972 365 GTU4. Rediran 1972 365 GTU4, BlaclJlan
'88 300CE c u p B W k . 2BW mls.

Call Dan Malloy, Mgr.

1983 512 BBi. Red'Black 1984 400 i Auto Mamne B W a n 1965 275 GI". RedlBlack

cream leather lnl, mint condllion. Goni

604663-9222. KI 1%2mn Mmln OBZ, onp 8.900mls. 1115.KO


as new. Call for p.

704-332-3742 & lkave masaps. NC

Aulhorized Deale

1968 930 Cabrio. Red/Champ. 1968 91ICoup. BlacVLincn whils 1968 911 Coupe. RedKhamp, whils 1968 Cabrio, Marine BlWSihr Gray 1988 911 Coupe. Marine Blue/Blue 1988 911 Coupe, RedIGray 928 Gmd Ssldon W ~ L n t o m . . .

'83 BW 635CSl 35,000 mls. 7451eng., 3Whp (15.000 mlson mod.) Call for W BMW 3251 ~ w * t l B ~ e I ~ ~ V suspenuon, Mcfrm wheels, gatorbackr. tcdy M.3.000 mls. Call la p c e .

i ~ h&m n G ~ ~sI w. I

'86Mondat Cabno, 2800 mls, blkrmk,

Gold 3 pc.. wstom stereo . . . . . S69.5W

m weal r n h S M Chananooga, TN 37408

FAX (312) 433.156






WRSCHE O11 T U R B O C~briola,IOBB Wdumpagns Mr. 3 . W mi. $72.500. (mm-133s a 31z-searm I L )


PORSaE B U TUIBO. 1986 NPim rmkJ burgundy ptnitl bathor. 6.000 miles. as nn, W . O R l . 9195374152 snnhpr. NC

I -


MEaUNlClEN WAI(W fw So. Mi( vlntlps mng 6 mbr&n shop. Must hna tools. Mhusiam 6 sxp wMsliln cars W n b l s Vhtsps Radng S a v l m ; 14705 W V m Wuys. Vi 9 1 a . Ole-787-1858 dys.

Cdl or FAX J. Mreyen, DMbnund, W. G e m a n y

Phone:0 1 1 4 9 ~ 1


4.7 (68) original, $178,000 MASERATI GHIBLI 4.9 SS (72) One owner, $47,000
J. Mnyan, Dorbnund, W. Gsmwy.

I BYW m,1878 WNYIQRY. 6 MU. 50.m mwg, no M I , mr m, emnml

mndmn. S5.W.1 -. S 1 ESPRIT. '77


Phone: 011-49-2304-44831 M FAX: 011-49--0004-45544

ndrrmr*10*,mrprp.mrlmonCOnm o t h s rhIS, pr stomd *Mm, m r . mrvlea m l u l & ~ I U .W s14.m

- 4%

rmla orsmul.

I Imdiote F d i n g Ok: dBA&&A *ANTIQUES PREMIUM IMPORTS *COLLECTIBLES *COMPETITION *EXOTIC . .. .. *FORMULA WRSCHE 930 TURBO, 1976 - 45K ml. ~k ith. nouns. LSD. h a n k d m *IMPORTS 8.05M180. MJ.268lmO. SC *LUXURY *SPORTS
In st& for immediate delivery

'84 BENTLM M U L S A N N ETURBO, Rare, S95K '78 MERCEDES 6.9AMG, Mint, S45K '87 BMW 325 CAB.. Dinan 265 HP.
k 1 R K

ll(UM0.SUn. L. sip. 4 i I M..E6.m


' 8 7 - h ~ 325ix, t27K '83 AUDl TURBO C O U P E , Callaway, S16K '81 AUDl T U R B OC O U P E , Rare Euro, S15K

279ll Olwbo.M8W $L m . 3 . m MI., S4.m



mr.rMs., ll((Qcspld.SUnmbi Srrml. ZJ;Y*r. m.m

n m i ~ ~ . , oh. x MI^, w,m nanq-..


LOWS ESPRIT Turbo. 'M - 1.7W ml. redmn. sxc mnd. p r l a to wll. W , W O eu~ ~ a ai-wsil~(e1,zsz.m8(d1 a MD - -WRSCHE 911 '73 - 17K on0 m a . R S R baM&.30.Nb~.906mr.BBS. mom S Z S X S M y . XE-2566950 (dl R, Sunmot M Yi.. m.m

llyI~Y(.nmaoh 1 1 K Ylrr. PaCd. P L m








WE FINANCE THEM ALL Terms to 84 months SIMPLE INTEREST LOANS NO POINTS Dealer Inquiries Welcome.
For additional information on how to apply for a loan contact:



lfflPmdw911 CoblloW,b

Grand ~ r i x White W ~ I Wtop & Whlh wheets, lhnnsd slip, arnplWK syslem & m.

Pacllr 9 1 1h l b o OpMdU,

m. 1080~911 Coupr,Diamond 1980 Porrehs w Turn

lian Blue w B b top & Unen inW, bp, lirnbd slip, 16" alloys, cruise, Reno stereo &
Blue w m r f Wme

mRSaE930RUT.M-17,mnlr. five spoed. ADJ boost, oil mokr. BBS



92854 DEMO










30#I W. lblhndple Beach B M lialbndale, R 33009

StaM undy i , w i s e , ? w Z skreo. Loaded. 1 0 0 Ponchr 9 11 Cou Guards Rea w / B I ~ c kLthr., kno, 18" allays, cruise & m .

ers. 18" alloys, a

ilwu, spoili m loaded.




MlW8&Zm'smhlw.ThpO~h. T ~ D d m m l n w I


outside FL: 1400-225-m inside FL: l.MOJZJ.6226 South R 1-305454.6968

Contact: Al Esno,
Director of Flnance

CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-233-1731 NAT'L ~ 1-800-262-2886 FL The duPom Reaislrv is wblished 12 times a year. n y k i m bxkng to buy M sell a classic. luxu exotic, spom or racing car. CA{L%S TODAY! We'll w n d our first issue tomorrow. Just
m . 9 ; . . .-



VISA. MC. AMEX. Tampa, F L 33622 P.O. Box 25237

L E G E N D L COUPE, '88

- Aulo, 8ahama

Immediate discreet payment, will pick up anywhere. Client and bank references available.


Contact:Fred Repass Daytlme:615266-5676

WRSCHE 911 C A R R E R A Coup. 1986- 9 1 varm~k, only 5 . m o l r s - o ~mi, r loldad.lib nsm, uWng $36.5W/080.407-4790580.R

1mTasluoru. R m m . 10,mmi. 1W3MGTS. SUrs~Blsb;. 6.331 m i 19798M12. m. 15,mmilsr 1979 w.m e Manan. a.mKM

1988 3ZffiTS. R s d i T n 1988 Mondta Cabno. W a n

GENUINE 930s T U R B O Porscha Slantnose assum, lape or purchase k m n etc V a d s gin, mo many

o p m r b la. 5.W mm-

North America. Please give us a try.


mQm oPPoBwm New 1988 Ponche 9305

Slantnnse ... T~irhn . r~hrinlat ---..-.- . Diamond Blue Metallic Marine Blue Leather and Power Top FUII~Optioned, Showroom Fresh

--- .- --


BIH Brawn.IM-U%17W a 3990499. GI OTHER FERFIARI MONDIAL MrlolM. 1987 -Under lPBBBWU5. B W s n . 12,mmi. 4 . m mib, rsdmn, wry sharp. wry nm. IW m 9 1 1CID sksrmsd. 23.w ml S7,W h I l J ,3 1 2 4 5 .2 ,IL

MOTORS Box 17780

P.O. 227 Eastern S2 ESPRIT. 1979




Mack int, car maintain& mgulafly, all sawice remrds, stored in foul wsaher. 41,W milas, SI8.W. Plmms avail a of spare pam. 319-21(w)' 3193661M5 lh) IA

*U-742-1076 irt for rtlnIW-am5 mver Point Road


- B(rcL wlgold slnpplcg

MC -

HCLmanm 'E

2 s

Dover, NH m820
AuMorbedRncheDaakn LOTUS

'88 Mondial Coupe, Red/Cream '87 328, SilverBlack, 7,000miles '85 308675, Refllack. 13K mi. '83 GTS. Met. Bl~e/Blue.8.800 miles '81 308GT0, Anthracite

-S i m 1966

5750 Nom, Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, Flonda 33308

(305) 483-5211
M E R C E O E S ZMITE. 1980 - Whila, A M G whwls 6 spoiler. 5 2 . W miles, S13.800. 617431-7191(a). 61b661-7560(d).W J A G US. 1982 - Whlts, vim, Ehaspr, low mi, ~ s w u m cnr. sxc. a n p S16.500. 5052WW6 smlngs. N M

Turba, - Whitamlk m, MASERATI 8 K mi, part mnd. Upine CD playa, prkm lor immdiala sak ~ 1 . 55~ 1~ . ~ ~ 6 0OH 8 8 . '86 4-doOr BiTurbo. Cream, 25K mi. 911 T ~ G A .m, - u.s., G ~ ~ *'85 BiTurbos, 5 spd. or automatic '84 BiTurbo, Silver. 10K mi. m,@my-teip lnt. 3541 mi, 16,. ailqs, alarm, O ~ ownr. Q p n p a d .915682-1287. TX


V"'he New Porsche Selling Force"


'86 Lotus Esprit ~urbos,t Commem'88 Atfa Milanos. All models '88~lfa s den, AII Models '87 Alfa &no Sedans '86 Zimmer Quicksilver Coupe (3)
orative Edition. Pearl WhiteiBlue
l m l O b , l m ~ . ~ . l K m ...W i . SW I W U I T ~ .1w.m ~ . 1 9 5 1 1 ~ . m ~ ,l a m m, a1.m IWW.RIMY~~.SW. ....... ZK~ ul.m 1 w m 1 m s D p a 3 , R d . * m ~a?m,mnwm,uno,nnml m.m


'73 Mercedes 450SLC. One owner


1988 911 Turbo Cab.BiklBik 1988 91 1 Cabriolet BlkIChamp 1988 911 Targa BlkIBlk 1988 911 Targa BlklGrey 1988 911 Targa GreylLinen 1988 911 Coupe WhitelRed 1988 911 Coupe RedlBlk 1988 911 Coupe VenelianlBlu 1988 944 Turbo "S" RedlBlk 1988 944 Turbo "S" WhtlBurg FOR THE WE3T PRICE

Full line of boutique items for you and your car, We specialize in items for the Ferrari enthusiast. No catalogs. Call Sue for details.
Franchised for Ferrari. Maserati. Lotus. Zimmer. Atfa Romeo. Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota. Dodge. Samurai, Bertone. Acura. Sterling. Yugo. Suzuki

1 ,
Jaguar xJ3




CALL TOLL FREE 1.8oo.s47-4455 No Sales Tax in Oregon

203 N.E. 122nd, Pomnd, OR 97230.

CUL r 1 6 0 0 J I C K W OR r 3l2-7-1010


NI ' e d e 'id ~

lLzz*t6LZ rlarll~luwll~W


8 A E B 'AIUO BUI!I PB)!UI!I 8 Jolw 'pe W!l FwJP=K) a e ~ ~ o l n v w -e!p

-m e w w e e w v w

u e m '82980E w. m m t 'SIO ~ a a Le.


m3UJMaoy.IIl(l. hmdS'dl41UW.

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LOPLZeu!1we3WON' w o q s u w ~ anuenv J M O P ~'M ~M OOLP

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- -- - -- -



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A l 'gBBEauLQ'WS'9U Llnoqonwutu!u 'UU Jonw 4ualuglaUw 'W!'J OOO'OE - En61 'O~UVflOIOW 'MI@ '"!M

'99a-LBE-916 . O B O I O S Z ~ ~ S ,310 . ~ I V 13111~19~ I W ! ~ 'WUI~ ~IYI ' 9 4 1 ~ ~ ' 8 YUO 2 ~uoapum plsdns (g, S~IS~I(

'rol!'J WO'LE

Mmw !'W WE', - 99. '0,sswmw

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'=%+I9 '0M)'gEI ',.9L 'dm 'w 'Jgwol llw w - W61 'WUVl 116




PORSCHE 9285. '86 - Ivory wiMahowny mr, csilular p h o n e , radar. 22,500 miles, 34 ma'swunmy. US.YXl.603-2259115.NH FlERO V-6 T U R B O S :O n e '85 G T , 4-sp. while: a n d one '86 GT, aulo, red. Bolh c a r s a r e loaded a n d fast. Millsr-Woods. Inc. 40523&7959(d). 4W733-5611(8). OK
T R l L M P H 1980 TR7 c o n , b~r0.W mth c a m e lm s n o r 65.W m Ilks new Tb ndds $4 Y X l 6157753555 (a) N

q W 1 7 Wheels & Tires OWTurbo Engire Klts: 374 h p OWCarrera Engine Kits: 265 h p O W 9 1 1 Turbo 5 Speed


'88 LAMBORGHINI cmtdTAcHS, U ( U)2 d Ji3lp~ 4627 k u m Blvd. Piltsbur h PA 15213

4,2.&i7a700 FAX *t 412687-3277

I 1

w hw

rur 88. Wf C r car cernd* 8811 i t RUF Am8liZDd B e i h




R R P A R IM O N O Y L Cab. 1 9 8 5 SilvanBIk. 17.W mllas, fully loaded. one awwr. axcallsnl w n d i i . S54,YXl. 805987-2591 CII RRRIRI MONOIL Cabnois(. 1W Rsol b . k ortlunddno mM. 12.MIO km. U8.W 331-gU-3806(a). 301.2624554 (a] M D

1 1-800-262-7224 I

PERFECT POWER la121 # 7 4 u 7

854C Llberly O f . Llberlyv~lle. I L 60048

1984 LAMBORQHlNl Countad, 5000 S

Black/Black PORSCHES

9 1 1 C o u p s . o u k ~ 811 Coup. Dulr W S l h G r a y 9 1 1 caps. Whiteichampapne 9 1 1 Cans. R u l S t m G r s v si i rug..R-WO~Y 911 Tnw. N~~ n1 Tug., vemam BlvaNnan
911C.bmW.Rdch.mprBL.ckfop 8 1 1 CsWa(, Sim~uaglua i q 9 1 1 ChMdOl. BlsdllLinangladr lop

'WP8) lrmbw#hini Ewnbch '8) W82 6 h l p a W 18Tomasa W n
Cenhal FlorIdo's only

lea8 628 5-4 1,350 miles, BlaclclBlack

1987 911 Turbo 6.050 miles. Guards RediBlack 1984 044 33 miles, Bmwn

9 1 1 c&"bM,mrVYLnWBIWlop 911 cchldnl. ~ ~ Y / mes4.w-ne 828S4. W m

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8 2 8 S 4 . We4munm
628%. NwaVllahopsnl

ar,C.MoM,W h i t s l ~ M f o p
P * . " ,

ap c&idn, ~dciuvm.d rop 930s Cww Slant mse. Guarda Re1

1985 3250 241.. BlackBlack 1984 7331 Auto. BlacWBlack

f=m&mborghIni & PonhKa Deokf.

Sales bsslng Servlcs

'89 Modah
9 11 Coups, Gvarda R&.ahmera 9 1 1 Coup, mashna 9 1 1 Tug.. Unsn GrayrUmn 9 1 1T a m s . Gwrda RsdrCashmem 911~.w)*lv~nsrvgluslop



1084 5331 - - 5 sp.. BlacWRed



MERCEDES lea8 560 SL 1,250 miles, Signal RediPalo

ar,Tug.. w u h m s m m@ 830 CsWda. WhIUSIIk GrayIRiw lop EmCaup.S W s G n ~ / C s s h m n ~ 828%, Shla G ~ a v Be@ ~ ~ e EQaS4. unsn

1987 560 SL 8,850 miles. Signal RedtPalo

1987560 SL 14.992 miles. ChampagneiPalo

Gampku blwpnnud englnn - h l n y mhua MR


u m hndlrw k l h W I &Inon stGcb. I I M ~ ~ ~ W M D . ~ inlbwnmman kim W m d NaU 6 mounlinp kit. Hlgh loch, modular 6 one p l s s mad lrMland IIrn -~unlcl6bodyklm Eum p m 6 rrvica


Solves 1h.llord lop ncwl.

F~nallya convenlent ~pnnvelgnl protective top for open all mOtOllng
enth~slasts Used oLrlng temporary oahna. theCARBRELLASPOR7 TOP" iakes only seconds to p ~on, t aelgns l o ~poLnos. r fo~os lor storage and nandl~ng 112900 plus sh~pp~ng

19873000 1 owner. CaberneVBeige I985 380 SL 27.000 miles. BlacWGray 1979 6.9 .~68.229 miles, Astral SilveriBlue

'87 911 T u b Coup, '87 828%. ReYChsmcmne

es Jsvv U S Dk GmyLl GRY LDr

84 BHW 633 G r s y t B e J g o Lih sub 83911 caps M u m apln

For a llsi of dealem, call or write

CA U N O (419 5 ~ MCI TELEX nos-ma DnhrhquMMhW

Targa and Sport type roofs. ~ Call toll frwl 1-800-346-3251 Visa. Mastercard, American Express

Cowem Nlssan CARERELLA SPORT TOPS" are available for most cars with T-Top.

1979 450 SL 54.316 miles. BeigeiBamboo

a r d

Porn Beoch'r Only AmorlmdPorrche~


1901 Market Street. Denver. CO 80202



1 1 6 6 West Fih Ave.. Columbus, OH 4 3 2 1 2

mR!E 930 Twba. 1983 - uhMIk. uM BBSnav WBZR'S. A(C. most fact opts, 39k
mi, axc wnd, t36K. 407-636-5804 (d). W 7 2 5 (8). R
CUSTOU LONS Espin. '78 - '87 body u p Qnde. Buick mtr, Wr. nsw inlsrlor, low mi. hrtl215*1ClMl(h). 213-36Cs1585(w). CA

A V M M L E W!!
92854, W a c k 91 1. Cabrbkl. BladUWack 911. Targa. BladUBlack 91I. Cwpe. RedBlack w.Fled944. Ocsen Blue MeVGray 944. Azure Blue!Gray, auto. 944. Guards Red/BW
924s. Blar*/BLar*

M E unimg's. UU's 6 ohao,m ' 6 7 . 6 q i

w. 17.W.


llno 6 dolivery. Micha#s: 4 islip Aw: Islip. NV 11751.51&%16787.

a s e q Motorsports


Performance Accuswks lor Maseratl Automobilw and Onnn

spac ire coven

.Mourau q p a d

P r i c e :$13,&56.67~+1

: i Cl \L!iiill : C A : L 1912 N.(:KI\NVILLE AVE. MUNCIE, IN 47303


H a k w u l ~ O i l ( mnk) 1 Hm& VFR ?SIR l R C T l 1 #ah

MASEAAT1 OUIITIROWRTE. '05 - 14.WO &, minl rmdlon, W. JaY or We. SS,OW. Bill t!dmminp. 407-767-2529. 414444210. R
LOTUS ESPlRlT Turba. 1985. ram a m . h m u ~ns~aa ~ 6 out m s r m ~ o w m m mncd. 4.500 ml. $316 216-834-1861 OH




~ ~ C V S R w

products. AutoThority sits the standards - j u l as wa'w been doinp for me past 12 years in the Ponehe repair a d maintenanceput of our business. kw. we re m b n g and o ~ s t n ~ u l ~ oxnp cmng, new sieclron!c mlcmchlps tor F'orsche 944 944s




NOTICE Items advertised in these pages may not be legal for sale or use in all states. Readers are advised to consun appropriate local or state authorities for information before purchase of any specific item.


~s an ms*psnslvs, easy way m pst iiw mnl of nlph wrtormance Call us at 7OXVMSlg for technical and sacs informatbn.

I I .-

From $ 1 8 9 5 EMII
I -

Y I . . r l - n l % . D q ~ D..D

WANlED RRRlRl 300's 6 P o m k 911's. 930's US or Eum C a l 1 you *an m d l , rs am mmsdlale Dwsrs Ask for nm Hol! H6M

for the auto enthusiast here in AutoMort


WANTED BRAEHAM. Lolus. LO a Formula UPIW mnddwn mmldarsd Usa nssd Hs*.

lard Trans MKBF) Clm 415-332-7510 U


Parts & Accessories FOR:

JA001B/M1U/STEllIWC U G ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I I ~ ~ T O T O T A
VIs.,U.slettr~rd Up. I).lly

Phone: Direcl Hol Line 1.800-OFALVEY 1313) 643-7094 (MI), F m Accessorb Brochure
Trnv MI Am99


Dally UPS Dellvery
Call for our free accessory catalog featuring

C S s m

uslw a

U M - h mh m C ,t h d IIgMed to handla a n d


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m . K d

wash Ready-fflInn.$68.00 cudan-~n ham: $79.00 mumuw-(EroIuIIon 3) l r i ~ l * I m r bnrtraua pl mod nln n . m n t u r rarr hbdc h Klmbofb C I ~ ~ C~vallableIn Ian, gay, and
bIU. Rudy-IN horn: $90.00 Wdom-M SWrn T I l l ~ L . l l n nmr( h m C to

and much more for any

type of car call Toll Free800-782-4454 In Ill 312-481-3114


couar (IW newly p8Inhd. dolluta nmh~~k Nnihn 6 sbmmm an.

Shlpplno L HmdIng W. 4.W plwm

*VK)nmHrn m
a 1a. -or..

Chlcago Heights IL MI411 All major credlt cards accepted

urn. m)nt-ntour.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I miz IIICI.

w o n ~

IW I& ,.m&II*4tH



W R E l l E VINTAGE Radw 1989 Menjar. Don't rnlX this limitade d h . 14 color adion phomr n Chsva's 14th a w l Montemy HIStorlc indudimp mmwabla en m&. Macorn Gnrd Spafla, Gull Oil. O w n s Corniw. MICW R M l n p m stiwrOyI SR-2. SS nd a m ax& lxewl8s. $9.95 pl!43 $1.50 Poshw and hadlq. RCOR. Inc.: 375 Rrk Aw.; New York. NY 10152.

NOW AVAIUBLE in U S ' World Ral 1 0 ' ThLmglmmpMsrsn~rOt'87Wond M M n p m m I76 PW, many in color $34 +3 pfi. VBX: h p s o m d Comumwllmr. 3636 16th st NW sta ffi-21 Dmrsr A ..................... Wash, D.C. %0 01 202-232-6711.

Honda & Acura

c w .
M , . . ,






RlCK50-Wlyplyt39.95mywan invart in the permanent hiah t e b 8ngine trim iw rmy $27.95 N S $3 shp. Paformanu, prawn. COO all 800-833-7859 or ssnd~M0toEwtCmdTRCmcspts; p.0 bm: 5243; A l l l n m , VA



237W mlnta %wet

MMorsprt I r n p o ~ a p e o l i I l ~ n the n zaleand m m l l a m n ol htgh qualillty molonngarramna and m m p n e n ~ for mprnving ~eprfomnnrce,appar -and mmfmlal p r H o n d d A ~ n

m a

(818) 992-0740 wc
lor any part. an) rnodil 1&0-1982. & a n Ha@. MG. Triumph. Japuu. M s . . m k n s s n ,stc. BRITISH AUTO: 703 Penfield Rd., Macedon, NY 14502. (716)377-1160.

We buy lhtu model Saab Salvage a n d haw a l a w inventow 01 used Saab pam. ColurloryarSoob~

* SAAB +

~ ~ n s Facton Farrari F40

&I We dsmanlk onfv Ermlish on.Contad us


. . . . . --.., ........


704-9289111 NC


P4" r 3 8 " Send H~.%M rhlpplnp Included



Specialulnp in Austin Huley. Japuar. MG hTriumph Pam.

$lZW. M Rm. Call (01) 47bZW. O*m d lRII kw IY) 241-1918.



. . . . RCEDES

Here's the Place

to contact all of your potential customers with your goods and services. Call u s today at:
800-722-7798 343-444-6043
EOIN muws I , ISW ~n wrIn0 BDOk Cmlkaua indudas all J !M nn vln-

p . .b OFF L
A ,
I 1
for iUSt i40 Nlsa and Mallerurdl. Eoin ~ounp:P.O. Bda 3: E x lH m k y : SU&. UK. TeWmne 04866-3311 (24 b u r n m s r i n p ) . Ta(a(Px 010655257,


. . .


Large inventory of Gray Market parts, DOT & EPA conversions & parts.

. .

15 Waverly Place Eastchester. NY 10709


(in Michigan]


6M4San haanando R~.,Gw. ~ ~ 9 1 ~ WORLDWIDE SHIPPING


WA STEREO - What you nmd to lmow bb lore you b y . 250 pw "Hnr to buy a csr
M. $13.80. SltlshFtion gunrantsad or ywr r n m ba&. 1.8&?-BE44BW.

FI8l Dlno

-Land8 -Atwrh

TRIUMPH SPITFIRE Raunp W s . cuslom designed and buin complete assemblies. S1,WO p r set. h a l a x 213-375-8955 CA


BOGE TURBO GAS. Jetta I GTi. thru '84, set of 4.. . . . . . .. ... ... .$1 60.00 ~ ~ l11 GT~, f '35 on, set 014 ............................... $t8O.W RabbiScirocco, thru '82 . ... . . $ 79.95 . . $109.95 GOI~ ~eua H, & on

. , . . ., , , ..,.*.-."

DaplU(.wK&wlmaraU~ Ia3' 32NC6w (n1JX9133

. ,- .

. .. , .

-..-.- -. ..

Call or Mall Today For Prlcer 8 Get On Our Dlscounl Malllng L s l 911. 912. 914 11, engine. transmission, used. Camshalts, crankshaffs, gearsets. healerboxes Guaranteed. Immediate shipment COD. GARY FAIRBANKS CO. ( z m ) a w - 2 m days. CT

DINO Steering Wheels, Fona 3 W ~ I U .......................... ~ $179.95

BenWeyManuolr20%ofl prolesslonol g , / w w l o r y w/Au,j/mnmk






Suite E. 67 Industrial Way Greenbrae. CA 94904

(415) 924-8312

MG DEALERSHIP s e l l i n g out parts inventory. L a t e M o d e l fast m o v i n g pads m i l a b l e .

40 Years Of JAGUAR PARTS. Our u u l o g lncluded p r t r and

acceuwler lor v e h k b trom 1940 l o 1988.
A $10 value wlth any p u n h a w

KEMPTON MERCEDES Parts - Call us for all your used Mercedes parts needs. 19W-1988. Frw dnliv, in US. 813-963-7278 M-Sat86 FL



Cunir Y o t P n El la 312-742400 r


5770 Hqhwa 19 North Alphareiia. 30201

m y

b~IIaMWaWII w w l eW W .



FOREIGN AUTO PARTS - No calalws, no amssariss, lust n a m brand parts at pnces w, low m y ' l l knock p u r sock3 on, Stnno's Fomlpn Car. 800-468-2535 PA

li(0koridrranu lDhalm 8 8 1 '

U 1 W 3 1 3 L 1

TOLL FREE: 800-556.7496 1800.851-5600

m stock only) mu dlxovnl ram trade pnw Many hard to llnd pans avatlabls


r---------I I



Factory Authorized BMW Dealer
We offer:


mRndw.Su*211 mrmQILBQYU

Wamo~sa U restdems add ~bTax Ched our p m 101 iflormanw bm Brands smkad lnduda R ~ Mlmalln I Klsbsr Yokahama Gwdysar

1-800.421 -8581 1-800-221-9276 I n CA M I F 8 . 5 3 0 ~ S a t 8-12n 12707 T e a l e S t LA. CA 90094

Iservice and Prices

I The Way You Expect It! I WIS. 1-800-242-2003 I USA 1-800-225-2528

. -

Largest Inventory New & Used Parts Lowest Pncing Fast Courteous Setvice Visa, MC. AMEX 9281944 Specialists




Wauwatosa. Wisconsin





F r e e U.P.S. Shipping ,Genuine B M W Palls , Large Factory Inventory Faclory Trained Personnel ~nawlidgeable Sales People B M W Accessories

S p ~ ~ l s l l z in l w928 6 944 Pans 3102 SE Dlxle W ,Smn.FL 34996


To Odu Call

.............. -17



Write or call COLLECT for information and


Usrd FIAT L LANCIA parts large ~nventorynew parts Hard t o l ~ n d obsolete parts S~IDdally. UPS. COO

F... .

Asian Italian Auto Parts

Ouluth. k r g a 3 3 6




1 4 116 U.nch.rtrr S t Loub, U O (UOll

Thompson BMW
Rt 6U
Ottsvllle. PA 18942

(404) 476-2279




5COMMERCT S131 FIUNCISCO. CAM124 PHONE OW-642-7219 or 416-6414828 OPFN MON - FRI 90.5. SAT 90.2


OADOW: 8 0 0 m a 8 1 0
hWL+%l~dll.IDudnrn~ h h a ~ d r ~ o ~ x * ~ - a ~ W E*mmd*Llupadmm I ~ ~








* m m .u om t . ~ d ~ rl r~ l t n p n c l ~ s~ .



m 4 7 W o m m m d . m , w e . N v l U L I

FLORIDA (800) 282-5096 U.S. (800) 237-2026


the Second Lifetime of the BritishSports Car



MOB Catalog $3.00



~f we don't have a part in stock and you ardor balom

wadnosday it goas on our weekly "Fly on Frlday" mntainar fmm Eumpel 3221 Wilson Blv Arlington. VA 22201

(703) 527-31 40

n i s. waslow Bivd.. Mmy. EA317LV


O~(DI d&


I ldW-624-SblO

kY1mSk. l I S + L U


b l l qTX. 752Z6

AutoMan ClPJsMeds 6eI R m ~ l h





1 1 13". 14". USED GOOOVVIR Racing firm: A is" a 16" s m Lasot Campounds. 112 io Full T m d Guaraniwd. Low Prima Quick

--- - -- -


authorized partslaccesso"es.Yow prices, prompt service. VISNMC. ALAN BMW W.INC. 21420 Hmy. ) I . Depl. AW-W
Edmond~.WA )(MO
W.rLlyton Wl(s

Toll Free (800) 426-3066

* u s m a r . card,accepted Sdail~ UPS servlm 2001 W. Haam Ave. Ssnts Rose, CA 95407

YE OLD Wheel Shop wheel problam soivers, painling, polishing, slnightsnlng. !ruing, win whes~ rast 6 r a w MS. ~6 N. Crain Hwy; Glen Burnie. MO 21061: (800)


- (a) 771.7100

M u s l v e U S , impoierldigtnbutor.

911 928 i 3 0 944

;,eit, 1"lb" i Irle-r:,, 'Clrel~ie l~'ur8in' k n i


&, on our Mailing L~st to receive

F <,,o,

commmaoTln m



Newsletter and Paris Specials. Send your name and address.




I 1

Available in 4 bolls 13.14.15 inch i n l i t most toreign and domestlc un. Four dialinclire coiorr: Black, m i l e . Silver. and 6old For Me dealer nearest rou oleass call . . or write: 176trprerr Drive S.. Brenhood NY 11711
c . e




4561 Hotton Street Emryvllle, CA 94608 USA Phone (415) 6524835 Fax (415) 428-2750

!l,?l~* [c,#d.#c, ks~l:: ",

I ~ ~ I J , M.10',~0'!5 n x r P

COII 213.696.0125

or wr,te

New '88 style lo update all ' W s Mi3 cars. c m & ~ e nets, maulwed and bal a n d . UPS to your door.
lBStWHR14 S I 195150VRl5 a 2 0


Classic Moton

1 *ii i PI.."^*, '*'h,l.,.~

C* V i l ~ O l

PORSCHE ALLOYS BBYGom 3 PC: 118 X 16's $1.850: 7/9 X 16's $1.950; Bn0 X 16's 12.m; 8111 X 15's 12,OY). Trsdbins re quired. Free shipping. Ernie's Alloys, ?&687-(1028 or 305-754-5911 wknds. FL lBStWHR13


1951WR15 25514NR15

124 208


T O ~ ~ J W U - ~ ~

m ~ m n ~ a a

f o r Parts

IS flgM here. You'll flnd that hard-to-find part for your auto no matter how rare It Is. Shop where the auto conndgseun s h o w


195150HR15 $ 78 M 2cyMHRl5 65 lBYWHR13 76 185mOHR14 n I~IWHRI~ 2151WHR14 82 225mOHR14 M

EURO T I A BSW 19560HR15 S 7#

M M5iWHR15 2151WHR15 88 I1 17WOHRl3 t s s n o ~ ~ i su 18517OHR14 67 1SMOHRI4 72

--A OlVlSiOl O F PAR l l A O l l 6 iWC

lWWVR13 S 72 195iWVR14 M 82 205mOVR13 W 2151WVRl4 ~M,WVRIS rm 71.WMVRlS lm

195lYlVR15 $105 205150VR15 la 225i50VfI15 139 225150VR16 156 245145~~16 1 s 74S154lVRlk 166


I : . . I .

, , , ,

- ,1 -


H you want to tind out what it takes

to become a race car driver. learn to gel the most tram your high-psrlormance automobile. or just become more confident with your car in everyday driving...then we have a driving course just f a YOU. Cali ci write taday f a a hee brochure!








HIGH-PERFORMANCE DRIVING COURSE .~ If you love d r i v i n g , thisexciting course i s a must. Learn how pro's keep their tires glued to the road t o et the most out of y o u r

GTU SPICE FIERO, 1987 - Immacuhle mndition, less lhan one seasan smca new. fmsh VanDek5-j engine, lalest updates, nca ready. proven fast, spares available, S75.OOO.W. Murray kcmg, 502-963-6253. AZ 3 CAR PROSOLO, Solo II Team McKamey Motor Spa*. 1987 W b . W I 1Champion lube-frame Corvetfe convertible. P1. BP, GTI, 522.500; 1986 Nation# Cham. pion FP. Solo II Triumph TR8, PI. St6.W; 1986 Nabod Champion EM. Solo II, MRC T.5, VB, M ,I S13,W. 42' 3 car traibr vim 1986 h r d ~ 3 5 0 cab, ~ 3 5 . MI ~ .~ s v , 312663-72W d m . IL

MURRAY RACING 1986 POnhac Fnro GTU. HuHaker update lo 1988 spedfiations, fresh engine, rebuin Hewand Inns, updalad suw, excalhl mndaon. W . W . Ssasanll Mnta-Ride a~ilable.Conlact Richard Boyd a1 502-963-6253 O r 602-963-4845, AZ

GT3 TR6 National car wl lmbr. 2 C.R. trans. 3 mdrsnd. Tlhon, Mallory, Simpson, Cosworlh. full cape. tans o l spares. 515274.3627. lA BERETTA DILLON Chasis. '88 TIA. Kelly. GT-I Isgal, raw raady W NlckeMn I fmsh 358 9 : l Ready for TlA mid Dhla M Rosd An'dria. S19.WO. oras RollerS15,WO. DM u a l lraihr awl. Call Jerry SPmstlro, 3126844416. IL GTP TURBO BUlCK Complsls Rer W ; n a t , clean, never c r a s ~ ~ , u d ot s swres. S225.WO1000. Jim Briddy, W94&2355(d) or M)cJ-W3779(e). NJ WRVmE. I965 - G T I IVlnfPPfwl dl. new radialor. 3 rear ends. 19 sli*s. many ~XIMS. roller. ~ 5 , 0 0 0 .607.523.8966.

!car. ,

~ g h - p e r f o r m a n c es t r e e t


MEOFORD MASS. 02155 ORCAUlgoQ3434046 IN MASS. 6 1 7 - 3 9 5 8 1 5 6

10 HIGH ST sum 15

THE GRAND PRlX RACING COURSES 3-Day Grand Prix Racing 1-Day Lappin 2-Day Super dvanced Racing Courses are held a t Pocono International R a c e w a y . PA



i n the


Write or Call for More In-

cluded s u c h as: M o t o r s . B o d y Pieces. 20 Wheels. Suspension. ETC ...Open t o a n y possible trades & Money. call 609-662-7700
SSB 224 CAVALIER. '86 Pmfessionally prspared. nca W .harh. s4ares. 18.500. Ri& L o r s m , 70363939231d). VA TIA GTO GTI Dillion Tube Chasis, new 86 body. ATL, Winters, Wilwood, min. time. mller less engine SlZIM 080. Traifsr, scams, equip, anllable. Call 305-473-9375 lm. FL

1987 SSB Natmnal Champ Peupeal (Badmom car) 2 engines. 2 trans, 12 wheels 6 spares. 414.000 after runafls. SSS LWm. Mckor Tom, 213-455-1483. CA . -


ITS DATSUN 2 4 ~ '72 . 1987 n o r i a R* gim winner. hesh sng. Fanasporb wNolm's. full cage, eMugh spares lo buUd m t h e r ear. M,m. #ra. pm buih trailer. 11.150. 407-rssea66 (d), 407-793-2682 ( e ) R
S N m. '83 - ssc or ITB. currently 2nd In '86 NARRC 6 MARRS sbndmgs 2nd al Llms Rack ~n 6anloed condlbon Murt d l mwlng to Cald iims 6 whwls also M I I $1.250 Ph11.201423-4404 9amdpm NJ

P.O. Box 2 2 1 - A B l a k e s l e e , PA 18610 Phone (717) 646-7227


- - -


Mid Ohio. Charlotte Motor Speedway. Rood America. W i n s Glen. Learn high-performance driving on these and other to tracks. Track ime driving schools aive vou w a d cal claGroom ledrning. an experienced instructor and plenty of time on the Irock.Call2167951159.

- --- .. - - --r-r .cyll..l--.c-I--

eCd 1)88~ hmb F d #100

ImediMy Ri@i Chis

VOLVO TURBO Champ ninnicq rally car. 27MIP. fully p p a R d , mddy lo ram W c q 18,WO U.S. including lruckload ol spares wROvhls Bernard. 81S32M775. Quebec

ULDWLLL F V - Ssven r a m om. mounw mffiory Spare nose, ram m a y Tmbr rack U s 1 ra ll Kb9.271-3S87 Wl
SWRTS RENAULT X 165 Only 18.500!! Mid-Arn 1985: 2 trick n a r d s 1987. PmtesSlOMlly mainlained. Race ready, e m mnd, super seal, mver, spars v h l i Dava Moran, JL1-442-Wl4. CD SUPER VfiCICSR, rblt '88, race ready p$. spare susp. Wn, rains. new mtr. Wlll sacrilice. Rib, d m 607-729m51n54-1561. NV F2WO REYNARD. 1985 - "88" C.F. head (L sparas. S16,mO. Bill. 714.548-1236 (d). CA


JULY 2 8 - 29 AUG. 19 20 OCT. 1516

Y L Y 21 22 JUNE 11 - 12


MAR.26-2l OCX29-JO


NOV. 19.20

Wl RACING is salling 2 Rail RTSs '86'87 6 3 Berlll Motronics. Call Peter Jacobs. 312-5644026 IL
RALT RT4. '82 -Race ready, great car. u c mnd. spurn. Must sall S20.W. Will trade. 312654.5729 (d), 312-9989799 (a). IL



SPed~ReyruvdCast Fmnt Bulkhead SpedelMxCeelng IncorporatingOil Tank and Engine Adaptor Outstanding Aemdynmice Ccckpil Adjustable Rear Anti-Rdl Bar and BrakeBias In Stock for Immediate Delivery With or Wtthout Engine

Cuslorn Cells and Bladders. any sue, any shape Sld Fuel Cells 3 lo 44 Gals Reluellng Equ,prnenl F u l l y Approved

Call Toll Free 800 526-5330

FIREBIRD TRANS AM. 1987 -This b i r d (L Two1 bassis was dmen by Michael Cusulll 6 won most Improved drlver in the '81 Arnerian Challecqe serhs. El'@iblelo mm. Pete in GTO. Gn or Trans-Am Comes W I Ion of spares lncl body panels, trans, a t . Cosl over SWK new (L 1 s awlable a a measly S15K Will consider street car for trade, Please call 201-964-871I 95:30 EST. HJ (In NJ) 203 825-(400
8 K


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4 4 . 5 4 ~ i n i~ eo h n ' s place
Youngstown. O H 44511


I AutoMort Ci(rssitiedsGet Results


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FML URUSLE '87 COllstor Cu Fka MaM 75w spacar R I I ~ cam, pam mmnbilu, M 1 4 h ' T h G n r d R M mladDr

E N G I N E SALfSlCvahnvr Snvies LMlW industrial engine distributor needs crparienmd pmpk for inride customer uwia.


.................. S l a m ......................... S l u m ................ s 7 m

: s a c # rs imr,rrb! ~ m t s 1 N D msl
70 C"4HI.I

PA hir gmunds. into: The Rsr ~ a h a t w i lndusbirl Engines. 1-8002234539M4 1 W O Bryn Maws Rd.; Cufisk. P A 17013. Ph: A U T O M O T I V EE D I T O R - b'owW0 al 60's 717-243-7055. m u d cars mandatory. Photo MIISa pius. F A L L CARLISLE 'W ColMa Cu F k a Mu- HUKLSon Mgldm arp rspulnd. Wino b kat. Saot. 240cl. 1. Cull& P A Falrpmum. m!om to northsm KI. Rapurn. Istla, wib 7.m & m RIM wm~am,pam, ek tor in0 samples, .Wry muinmsntJto la357. ssls. lnlo m Fka Uuldar. 1 W O T O PA L L amund mah. Gmd wldscboniQ. Mmr Rd. Clrlsle P A 1m13 717-243-7855 Commission. Lotp 01 YO*. R u d S. w. ID. O M 4 2 W . ~ N O ANNUAL COW ilmrns IWO. a Grad lor Mds, sportaan. Z mty m t on Wyomlnp's stan c mads and h~pmyr. Cah phas. Ssm W E @ RLP. RIBUC RELAMINS P O Ro, ssn: aausnm. WY Bma. or call


FORD F-250 SUPERCAB hulhl. 'W - I % Dm bulil. all blk, da* glass. 37W mi; 6 yr~w.46OhOini,aW.C,~.8, dndows. IoCXs. stereo, rscllnlnp capt's du*i. IUII a. I&. m ~ kDU. . Ohm a.

i : .............................
:MARCY a L s r N a rssoc.. I N C . 303-333-99bb
FRLSTRIED R A C E R SY o u un got w m o r . shlp *m our m b h , pmrsll rmchlng sdmcas Charlle Hqao. 2135860073 U


ThlS posalon requirm an i w u a l who, repomng to the Manager. ~ u b l ~elafions, k will assist in pmmotlng the publk image ot Mucedes-Benz passenger c a n and related prod&.

W A l l Y 6 CUSTOM S u b u ~ '8 . 7 DnoM S O . 11,SM)mi. W ,3.73. Mlsrbwlng. 4 (lastssl cgain's cluln, rolvbed, mior h. 'CR, CD amps, tdpham, aatrm paint, Hbsrpku boards, much more. List S37.000. Sa!d $27,000. T a m S-h. 71?-4&333 TX


~ o t o n ~ & ,~otnews, Race resum, Wild rumors; mailed fint class each Monda 5401 K l d s ~ f ~ NYSl--. f i Brock Yates'Awam' winning CannonballEx ress Nwsleftw. PO B o ~ m & m n p ~ ~591. ~
T.Sn,rn WNa WllW,S. M. L.XL$tZB

INDEPENDENT Mermdes Banz. Service. parts, &. Only in-domi in am.Solid performance. Military 6 local clientele. g0C863-5503 (d), 904-243-1822 (8). R A L l T O SERVICWarls. BMW. 10 yn. est.. gms W K , n6i SImK, ideal ownalsdm manager, soumem Wil. lodon, flsrible tsrms. For details, 7lC6505B80. CA

PosMon funclions Indude me daily adminisbatbn and schedulirm of our press cer neat (apponimilely 30 vehicles) to assure optimum perlormance and appearance; maintaining rapport with press1 nNdla contads:acbng as spokesaersMl lYOtO(B

omtesaanal. CIVIC

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W l a ~ t m ~ r e J ~ . M


3175 Ryan Lane Sl Paul. Mmnesota55117

E U R O P E A NA U T O W r ShoD for *. 5.W sq It bldp A Nm k q omt!an Exc dauf&S S C m lhtk4 Plicedbrgu!CkW F L W O r l s 213534-58890( 377-8593 U QuaMd applicant should posag~ -prior Public RelaUons a JournalF~ET OIL I~ C l p tor WIW. s partism backgmund and p m h s b d Urn bus~ness hlph inwm pdenhll. aalandwriltenMacfemMb has fni0rmsmn Rlv YeJwr: 3535 wnbnrd skllls. A bask knovrldge of auto- motlve/mschanM lundemenWs AmOBROI(LRS N m , O I ~kOSfimpO*, a h required. 11% tusaum g ~ ~ t nlmKing' w * We Mer a mmpeaive salarv and Hqhwm~npr thasdanopl~tNo~~ Stan om-bma 40 m rnl S O GFG Luxuw mmprehenslve beneRts program. indudlnp m+ngsand i u M n plans. For csddmUm. ~leass sand resume, including & hlstory, to: - -E

ing h e prepai&n &'press kKs: photography and press car aerviC88 WIUI external sourcss; w?iling news releases' and perlormlng omerassoclatedectivilies.


g m w i n p l 6 1 % ~(6). 3 CA

nnmw AUTO Rapsir 6 am. m sq. Iwt loertsd in s a l U m dlwo am.Vary we aummar bas, mmpke mldl shap, i a w pam imsntw, gmss sk t 2 W r 6
Predslon Preparation Inc. has job openings lor experienced, pmfesslonal raa, mechanics. These p e ple need to be skilled, reliable and understand the mmrnnrnent racing q u i r e s . Only qualllied people who are ab.e to commit for an entore season, at a predetermined wage with benem. need ~ d v Resumes . and ~ebrer& reauid. send to:

OneMercedesDrive Momale, NJ 07645

Equal Oppoltunih Emplwr d l

M n r l d s s h r cd ..............


m. D L o TRULEM. IIC.. lm Mnpton


Walls C s m o andorad trail- I mind. ~ i n y c a r u r -

can or w m tm rdaw hlor-

h t . A. Tmmon. N.J. 08816. 18091

August 26 thmugh September 5. I888 Selections Walter Gotschke, Pstar Helck, #np h n s l " & o r Luis %r andl gn many o her top racing aglomotw artists will be on display for purchase. . FeaturedatUMshowwill besipned andnumbered IlrnRed Rlon nnls mmemorali;l U M $im'&nd by Yarry tfarrison. Alsp at the sh w mll be Carl Hunpnsss bmm of L l p h ~ e ~ a l r winnin na Uw !917 IndianaDolis . 5 ~~uto!~as. .

C L A Y MODELERS. Ossipn, panern work. prom type moMs 6 m w n . Wlll bawl. short or lona term contract. Norman.

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A WorMwide AutomoWe Audlsnce ker Your aouMsd AutoMort Ad

15011QcWmwsCircle Wesoninlstsr. CA 92883


I.Mlbcple,pvchm6~Yb r d o w l ~ a ~ c n r l ~ c l l l 4 11111118a.m.-midnii.7~.W


RENT ROEBUNG Rods 2 mile mad mum OW Of Gwr@" Or weekends lor luning (L testing. Slatmg at )soo,W pr day, Rwbliw Rod Rlceww: m+ 2. Box 5%: BiwmiWdale. 31302 912-740-42(15.

ALFA ROMEO, 1933 802.300, LWB Cdb wmody by Vandan P l a . Oumandirq original car. bassis eng r2311240. Alla TZ-2. 1065 Ex.Aub D&, vinbQc rady, Peler C o l t r e l l . 6 1 2 - 8 2 5 - 5 9 5 9 ( d ) . 9264188(el. fa:6t2-822-1157. MN

LYNX JAGUAR XKSS. 1957. Mercedes Cabriolet 5120A. MG J2, 1933. Bill k i n Racer Nick Nichols, 713-778-9129. TX

VW SUPER BEETLE Conwnible. '79 - Blue

mstalllc/blach int h lop, 1 7 . W m i b , origiNI, lib n w . 110.5W. 4076790518. R
- -

- .. .

W R S ~912, E 1967 - higybiack, immac. ullts, 5 spaed. alloys, Wabm, mmpkk m gins rebuild, S B W . 503-588-2351. O R
LOW MK I Long distance, aiuminum gas tank, 10 gallon cap, fact Lola, used Or. Lola earn 60's. 817-7762186 (el. TX

WANTED-Damaged or blown-up Msrcedes. Any nv or modal mil ma Hnt. K m LaRw , 904-383-1845. FL

SCHMITI KR200. '55 Like new N mnamon. bmwn M r . runs +SchmUs graat. hat, tdr incl. 514.500. 02.2996714. AZ CHEETAH 1964 Best of 10 remaining. OrigiMlhl driven by Jany Grant. Faatumd Esc a p Road t W 8 7 . Sa, it in GMC Truck Narl Advemsmg. Bestoner 619-723-7897 CA

427 COBRA REPLICA '64 351 C l w n d . 4 s w d . Amenun w k i s . ndml TlA's. md wiwhits stripes, absolutely prfect. 129,5001 080.412-817-3291 PA


Garman Connntbn
Call or FAX

CoiWorC a n


Phw:0 1 1 4 0 ~ 1
FU: Oll40PaC456U InpmtbnuldwuuW

ONE OF a Wnd. I970 3.1 lner English Ford V 4 wl pmlolypa Cosworth alum heads. Uw wi ~ucas t w inb~tion ~ a run by ~ 0 0 h s r~k in the 1970 E u m Ralb ~ Championshlp. Complete engine. 15,200 080. 2MU81221(d) or ZU34&M51(@). CT

Simple interest installment loans on pre 1975 Collector Can, terms to 15 years.

needs W l o "0 nothing. an W s 531.500. p d " o "assic. Milch Guz~k. car allop, fnn flow bay maniz i ~ 7 ~ 9 8 4 d a yCA s. UI radone m i n 'st 2 112 w n . very g w d lAND

STI IN MINI 1 2 7 s -ROI~ ~~ dom windm,

RoVER - classiclong safari~~~~i~~

condi(ipn. w . 3 MI ~ 201-9256~8(el. NJ


1-800-431-5626 (In CT 203-767-2626)

new 365 GW4. %-I6795 I88 oniv M a r a n e l l o test miles. Still on original MSO. No phone calls

"w' SHELBY F~~~ - ~ ~ 3 5 S, 0 ,SIR 6 R m a s ,

vesbns, Musbn9s, my can Or restontons yours. like lhe a wiwhich I but Mark Donohua tor SCCA Nari Championship plus. dyno lest. track --up 6 dnwr training. Wall Hms. 303474-7255 C O

ON 01. 99 P car. I W.W6266-36%. K Y

INVESTOR FOR Vintage Racing Program. H , commte shop. tractor vim enclosed trailer. prapare, malotun, transpon. C o n m JmM 314.73a18. MO,

BUICK GNX, .87 X142, spdal amnton a datllling by MLamn. stored. p e r f ~ mnd. s*l hiSmv, Ona-of-a-Wnd. ail dOorrmnbton. M,OW(OBO. 817-572-2524. TX
COBRA 427. 1966 XCSX3213. 4 0 . W miles, side oiler, side p i w . exmllenl unreslomd car, t285.W. 213-374-3597. CA

WILLY.~J ~ WU, ~ pM e - I omel, nnv top, excellem shape, S6.500. 312-3210341 (dl, 312-9290783(e). IL


(619) 299-3224
3777GainesSI. Sen Diego. C A 9 2 1 1 0 BUCK GRAND National, 1985 - 35.WO miles, lordad, vow good condiiion, llmlled lHVENToRY p u ,L o itn car. 1 1 3 , M . 7 1 6 X 4 4 4 1 t NY

WRSCHE 356 B Supr Cab, '60- C o r n engine eft. mosdy reared. 115.200 firm. 31%n3-%m &ys only IL

COBRA W'Uw. 1967 - 1 of 2 buik by Halman 6 Moody. 427 SOHC engine. C6 auto, red. S15.0001080. YIB-0643826 days FAX 614297-3710 VI)(TAGNlLU"w, Lobls ~ l r n 67.2 hr. 508887-6610 svanings. MA fect race ready mndition wilh all the right PORSCHES: .w, 356 Raodsler: .59, Con. Stun'Tho Dmrsna is LWls Liver' 1l7.5W mmbk D. ~m 6 ~ , WO*. j $ 1 6 , ~ 1 0 5 kmri 512881. 11.8W Reman Photo a apea a d & . 312-2536655 IL 1974 F l m d 246675. Very Rare Daytona 803.332.A115, SC Package, Redielack ALFA GTA. JR Fresh 1750% binplug. 1973 365GTBi4 Spyder Conversion. %,KO. BlacWBiack 1 W hmrl246GT. 53.900 RedlBlack i g n hmd 2 4 % ~ ~ 2. 6.0~ Yellownan 1911h m r l 3 6 5 GTiZ+2 54.900 SiiverBiue PORSCHE 356SC. 1964 - 3 3 . W originrl 1 w h m d 2 m T California Spyder Repro m i b . Hamn gray wah M w interior. &ways f#7@Fwnd 3MIGTB. 13.300, WhitelTan garaged. S 15.500. 314-533-7727 (dl. hllGT4O. Chassis X1097, Redislack 314.593-2@41 (s).MO lMCdbn 427.19.303 BlackiSlach 1(U CDLn 289, 11,125 ReOBlack 1965 Cdbn 289.37.W SilveriBlack t w Lmnboqhlnl Mlura, 8.OW. RedBlack i c nM a n n t l Ban 61. m k m RedlBlack l g m CORNICHE CONVERTIBLE. ~ r i l . l97D Maslnll Ghibli Spyder 26.700 RedMia&

RARE MERCEOES "6.9"! Minl condl And vew ran '67 C a mw h l h bps! Pwr steeri w , F-41 suwi Rare automallcl ID #122918! Only 119.788 or oflsn! 7033687426. VA- na - -WRSCHE 550 RS BECK, vev aummlic 8%ample, Sllwr, mil bar. stmrq win a r b mtr. 5 spd. Hewland, lim slip, psarbor. dose ratio gear set, indepndant rear ww. 4 whl disc brakes. First class throughout. 118.000. Mika, 216247-2737(hI.21641-3MO(w) OH

7 o .'k 9 1 W ) * .t * rR L * l

RRRUII. 74. Mr W a f , Ue R*a

n,m. dr, mr.w i i a t

9 * . l r ~ . ~ b m m crlk r r l ) r ) . wnbltw. Ihr

Y * o l W m * m n

w r h u d r l l * q

HI #b-

m~ W. 6 ~ h b stnet
S~mmonlIH, SC 23488 (W) 811-3480

W e Wont to by YCU cor dealer
~ . M I H 1 ~

P.O. B o x 2 6 6 Easlford. CT 0 6 2 4 2

~$WBMW M-1. 12,030 WhitelBlack 1eSd Jauwr 150 Roadslei. Concours Condition, RediTan I W ~ a p w 120s r Roadster. Greenflan 1973 & p a r XKE Rdstr49,WO RediOlack tso r l p l u r ~ K Rdstr E n , W Remiact 1853 Jlpuar X K 120 Drophead, Restored Blackifled 1 W & o u r MK IV Drophead. Begs/Tan 1967 lYMn Hsalw 3000. 55.000 Redislack , * r . 1 9 s wan n e a l q i w - 4 . a . m BlacWBlack 1974 Rolls R q m 5 9 . m WalnuVTan l@73 Rolls ~ q m 47.~0 RHO BlueR3ack 1 9 s Taibot Lago America. 27.044 BiuWSilver P f U L U n f f ~ l ~ E N l W

WIRUU, 1.5018n. k Y T r WIM. 'm. mm 2.2, , mr R R M , m, lDDl CLI



CWM n . m R L O W ~ Y L P M I ~ Em. , RUF lu*,SW.. UJ*.

WA, n,nra,cr* LOTW24 Pn BIUFn.l~~M

mHII' s P 'R ) , Ih iw l' m o b D l,P ll

S K U 1

VT ARE lNMtM1Tf PURCHASERS OF: All r e d s h a d r con*aan un, wr a d all ma lallnl mmwlflon N 3 J mid l ,a: l ht t ni m . ~ UP F.M.~lhl, m END. M*1*. 9,. U Camma, no.


(914) 997-9133

Telex: 697 1 4 3 4 M T R C L S C H F~ A X f914-997-9136


WANTEP '65 t n' 6 6 Shalby GT 350 Musbng. Restoration proloct preferred. 212-96&2411(d). 212-%50359(#). NY

JA6 M. 'a-Coupe. @la. N a Mtco car. p r e a t shape, asking 1 1 1 , 5 0 0 . 505%%946 wanin@. NM

$30.00 charge for Autoweek reply Box Numbers. We requlre full name and oddreopofodverllser. T o repty to Box Numbers, send to:
1400 Woodbridge Avenue,

Autoweek will not guarantee reproductlon o f color prink wgaths or Instant photos. Please send 35mm Mack and whlte glossy prints. NO COMMERCIAL BUSINESS.

W, MI 48207.

1 0 PLACE YOUR AD CAU- 1M10-722-7798 or 313464043 (Michigan Residents)

m a m m y p e o r v e o a s r m a



W L TO: AUlOWEEK CUSSIFIED. 141X Woodbridge. D e h o i t . MI 48207

. ~ o d o ~ r n & o ~. m m ,


. E m b l e m



.Inv*.U.. I *I I M COW: 40.45 Chorcden per line. 3 Une mln. 40 lhe w I 1~r~emme~ mINT ond WNCIUAr u p m d b kb r m r d w t op mc o ~ . I I I I I I I I I I I1m r e s s I np I cnv-


1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I
Top Authorized W b y AutomoMk. Duk We buy Shdby Muamgal Our nationwide buyer will mme to you! We pay top prices - prefer restored.
'66 GT.350 conv. SFM6S291 ruth. mmwaonur. r 1 7 o l 1 8 W ~ . '66 GT-350 SFM6S929 Ramrsd 3 4 W R i W .BIW wmlc int, 4 ~ p d . '67 GT-5m hrrmd: aD3267 - only 26.m mind mb. Mue. (m.a r . '68 01-500 Canv. a00245. 428, 4 spd., ponr slitsmng 6 bnkas, red wtwhifs mp. '68 GT-W Corn, Blacr walack im., M mof. X00575. UY( milm. ddwt c a r . '69 67-350 a(a016. A. Blw. W int., m n S M C 1st 6 2nd. 20 other sholo. ' 6 6 GT-350 SFMBS1694-H H a r t 2 Rant-a- RIM^, 22 show wins lncludbg S M C wbnd. Black WMwid Smpsa. TWly rartond. '70 61-350 Fastback X62635 - Hugper orang8 Mack im., 4 spd., odg., windm


Amwnt E n c l a e d $

I~ - l ~ - l l 1 I I kainot lnaude adagl I n ad cow.







Laconla, NH 60342%1000
Q ~n ~~ Cunningham W ~zgem or~ d




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MUSTANG FSTWCK. 1888 351 (yavb Id, mplstsly loldsd, wry dl, oridnal. $5.50. 619262335, C A WASCHE 914 2.01, 1974 --Fly yellow. N# Ira0 6 affordable. S5.00010BO. 71W550160. NY

W8RA 427. Comlsmponry Cllasiea. Rod. mint mnd. PmhraioW built 6 . W mi, om m. Mwtrssll914-9674160. N Y ELVA. 1959 Fmnt sng jr. SOflod 6 hsl. m m p M w vsccA 6 SVRA slbiMa. $14.5W. 412g359W. P A MORGAN FLAT-4AD. 1953 - All orig oquipt. dull s w m , oxhmmty nim. 112.50. 312-W-1534. IL

MASERAn MEXIW, '67 BuqundyblacA Isather. 83.000 A.M.. sxc. condition. HlNl ESPADA. 1972 - BlacWsaddla. U 303-7616418 avanimw ma, M 5 slick. (Gob th3 Iwlr~).Fad md, WANTO COBRA 288 U 4 7 . MiOilUlh PW W,gW A m 7 pm W, 312-377-SS3E IL br not mmd, must bo solid 6 mplela ~d i . N ~ I ~m Q , buysr. JAGUAR XKE ROADSTER, w uroup m1 m '74- RM, 12 M , Will pay 7% more than any valid olfar. 47#Yo ml. automm. s21,W0. Clll 1 3 h . f l 7W253-5391 (dl, 253-5484 (E). NC 8m2216272,815654454 (in IllimLs). BIDIC.~iqlHolwpp.cll: Madmillian Importing Co. CORMm ROADSTER. 1965 -3961425 HP. Mw w lop, lobl malodim, wry ram. (301) 744 2697 SI.MO. CAIJY. 312-152-m. IL ml*osr*,eonp**u*dlimRrtl

BY 5 of only produced


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Ram. j w t 1 of 833 mads. 428 cidl " " " " " "Jn as WRSCHES: BM GTSW S425K. 1951 ~ p e with all O e i * equipment. m rust. $25~. 1955 3.54 ISW RS WXZ~I performance with actual earllast known Carrsn Speodstsr, S I M . -rrsll m' (UO 'bl' 1957 G T Carmra C p ox Von Fnnksnborg S145K. 1957 C u m W d C p m. 1973 ~ ~ a ~ ~ $ k & ~amtk. P.s., ~ o lock. *~ aI ~ C S 3.88 . w JAGUAR RSA ncaar XKEm. RW. ~IM 0 ~ -~4 spd, 4 7 FL dmspsd. 2 2 ' m ~ ~ m lncludas parts to repair. ~11.000. 31CrJBb781(d). W MON MN DM.1960- RH drivs. runs Mb, 63.m0 mlbs, roucd, &all m m . 1957Ca~F.I.. iWWd I N . ia.FlrslsttBW.W l 904632-2010 (d). FL I965 GT350H Bllcffiold. pr(sC4 ISW GTWK~.WW, air WESTFIELD-ALFARom. Lotus 11 iwhlib. 1970 6os 3 ~YW, . msh annina Uh in 'a 'Pw$ Cu l g n McLmn M8F m.Am, b t h wnp iilUSlrstad. S15WOB0.714-~1rJB.U 1974 Lola T332 Kit00 W)LSWIGW SII(GLE Wcup, 1959 Low mlhgo. sxcallnl mndmn. CMpbelC N W n VWwIgml, 206-778-1131. W A


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WBDUROHINI LPU~OS.'78 - ~ s w dm intsrior. 1 6 . m km, W ~ C + W papsn s c r i ~ high q porlormrnm work m m p i d ~ on car. tins ofa ldndl st=. 71811850194. NV


h w e d& w e d b ~erald L Rourh -in AUDW-~ M& T& Ca Twk, F m ,Usn T&.


614484040 OH
UMBDROHINl m7original milas, rad,graylgold, stunninp. 7 1 b ~ 1 .

MASERATI MEXICO 4.2. 1967 - New pint. upholatsny 6 tim. $21,m0. T n d a amidem. 21367~6121.u
TW lo hnory spas, body 6 W a r s , 380SL a h mmpornm. 280SE ddwlra? srtwmanca urmpanble m aipinal. U C leaher 4 s ed I navy


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Fd, F5000 & In* Cars at WatWns Glen

Brian Redman's Driver's School

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Professionally manufactured Contemporary Classic Showcar. Cared in every way. 427 side oiler wllh lop loader t r m i a g i o n . Hallbrands, pln drives, aluminum engine Eomparfrnw. Highest sMndards 6 caUons. lnaedible perfomumce.

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PORSCHE 911 S hrga. 1971 - Serial #91113103(11. mw. bra. tmls. Exallan m ~2 1 8 2 ~ ~ - m.OH .
ZAGA~ ~ ~ o l m 1~ M E W h ! car. Saad Milb Mlgilia elua wins. Dfiwn by ttm Wale b .Wantod: Ford GT40 mmp. ar. Khp Cdna. firmd ObU Jparta racers. Pot01 C ~ i i n l l .612-825-5958(d). m1a(n).k:612d22-(157. MN


a flmrlegs inspired by the exclusive Ferrari Spydsr Calilania, c l d c GTW) mmb,nee me per~ormanceand depsndabilily OI an h m i m V-8 m a i n to pmduca a truly unique highpetforman- spMts car. C,6 Driver cdk 11 ,,slats 01 the M."Muor Trsnd says CS "omd the dx bsat 'dream-combtrue' machines." This limited produclion, cuatom ordemd m a l t y car is hsn&buiii just kwycuvhthyourchdcaolwbriw body, w, and i . Only w9.m

(314) 291-8018 (MO)

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title. Jaks Wsavsr. 601-969-5668 or 858.5802. M S
AUSTIN MINI ~ o o d y ~

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~h~ SMU\ has announced a race group for ~ 1 ~, 5 0 0 0 &

lndy Can thrwgh 1976 at me %w@l M s Cup event to be h e l d at Watklns Glen on S e p t e m b e r 9-41, In addfnon, Ihe SVRAwlll dfec a ,
professionally I n s t r u c t e d

IAMWRGH~NIESPADA. '74 - 9.250 ark. mi. i m r ti11 '87. Gnylmvoon lthr lnt, n m automatic, krc. body m. Ns* mrellb. moch Put In pest Wndition. Photos avail.
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aw urs. P m m W. kWn. Isndora, nose, mb;ora installed: plus axln body shall. W.Also o t ~ ~ M lP nU l l t m r w . 201-9256W@).NJ
MARTIN. .w Cwpe, spd, b i d . 3 . 1 milas, ~ runmo~.178.50. ~,b W&Nsr,




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Carroll Shelby Automobiles

w e e k e n d . For m o r e lnformaitm contact: SVRA.2725 W. 5 t h N o r t h st.. S u r n m e w l l l e . sc 29483. O r WII 8031874-3430, Any condition - prefer restore We ahvays pay IOD Drice!

1965 thru 1970 models

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spun after a dozen l a p uodtr the green. After the r e s m M i l Andretti trailed into the pi@. out w~th a blown engule f n the

first time thts year Then came another, yellow w k n Tea Fabi pulled off in the fvst hun, a nar suspension link h k n . And then Phi KNeger crashed in Turn Two and j

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tberecoveringMearsranoversomeofthc debris, dcstmying the front of his car and endine his nre for ewd.
A I ~ Oin troubl8"around this time was Fittipaldi. who had problem with his clefmcs. reininine after some re~air work and then kgn i & c a stop in T & Two. After hooking up to a tow m k . Pittipddi's car caught tire on its way into the pita. The race finally settled inw an d i n &red nm for some forty laps, tbmugh half. distam. h g this time Al Unser =lablishtd himself stmngly at the front pURUDd hrd by Aammi. Sdivan. Fayt. Rabal and Unser Jr. Helped by bemg on a drffmnt pit slop sequence lhan he re&, Foyl even icd f0lspd before NNUng O U I of fuel sod coasting to the pts in his most conpclitrve race ofthc Ultimately. F o p -&ed. i+%rbox broken. Before that happcacd, however. ADdrrtu sod Sullivan w w eliminated m the PPM accldest whrle ~ n n t p g one-6~0. man^ was two seconds ahcad of Danny whcn he triad to go underneath Dick Simon in Turn 'Ibne. S i admitted nspoastbiily for the sccident, saying he had I& in hit mir-


S m l d .o . l m is
ud~t~ceoutolt~ MaM) but not nInUck n

--. t o u r d t t m W I

prttrvo~bec~rintothehcinhishisff~to 2 avoid the door-slamming veteran. It was too late. bewever. as Simon c l i p 4 An- pit lam, however, a bolt fell out of the rear M.hroekiog him into a spin and a he@ suspension and his car slewed wildly into impact with the wall. The closely fobwing the o u m pit wall. Sullivan had to bnlre hard and also spun Thc impact shesred engine and g&x f his car after it horn chassis mi a 6eCWdary impm tom into he wall, jumping OLUo c a m to a stop to see if he could help W, off the front suspension. John was left who was d a d but uninjured. strapped in the damaged mrmocoque lying So it ms rhu A1 Unsa again twk co4- in the middle of the pi! lane, lucky to trol of Q raa with d y Rabal sod Uarrrr emerge with no wawc tbPo a bmken bow or Jr. 081 Q ssm lap. A cwpk of mimp yel- wo in his Lefi fwt. bws shuffled the field, but each time U w ' s A doscn can w m Nnning on the final PC17 was able to powa arolmd Rahal and nd with Rahal at the front of the line and Unsw Jr. With 25 lsps to go. however. Al Unser Jr. in the Team Valvoline March at Sr.'s engine slprred to give out. Aflw an ex- the tail. Try as A1 Jr. did, he could make no ploratory pit s t a p m i a few sddilioMl laps he impmsion on Rahal. despite the lesdn's had to give up, oil pessun fading fast. fluffmg, undtxboosted engine. lo the end, therefore, it came dorm to Rahal molored home, keeping hi 1988 a two-way battlc b e w n Rahal and Unscr finishing word intact and scwing his flrst Jr. Both had lheiu tmubles. Rahd with a victory in ten months. not to mention taking faulty waslegate keeping h i shon of boost the points lead. Al Jr.'s m m p finish put and Unser's increasingly unfashionable him five points shy of Rahal and within two March being a real handful on the high- points of the non-f~shing Sullivan. sped Pocnx, bumps. With fourth and fifth-placed championBefore Rahd c d d score his first victory ship contendus Mears and Michael Anmetti of the year there was a fmal yellow whcn failing O I pick up any points at Pocono, it John Andrrni crashed explosively in the pit l w b as if tbis year's championship is belane. Young AndntIi had run well in the ginning to focus on Rahal. Sullivan and race's fmt half, hanging onto the leaden' Unser Jr. lap until mechanical trouble brought him 'I feel," said Rahal, "that the Michigan into the pits. Late in the race, nfter much and Pocooo 500s an the keys to the chsmrepair work. he hied to njoin the race hop pionship, and we've never come out of ing for an elusive fULish. Halfway down the them so good-with a fmt and a second.


This has given US a good boost for the championship and, of wurse, at the next race (Mid-ohio), we've mditiodly done very well." And as far as the efforl it took to win: "The car was as bad as any car I've had here at the slan of the race. but we made some changes in the pits and for most of the race it handled really well. But as you c d d see on he restam I had w power. A couple of times Al Sr. completely blew me off on restuts and one time I said to myself. 'This is my race' and I stand driving as hard as possible." Said Al Ir.: "There was no catching Bobby. On anythimg below half tanks my car was very loose. I was very slow through Turn Three and that made me slow all he way dorm the straightaway. But I'm happy to fmish and get some points. After not fmishing at Michigan we really needed lo finisb hen." There were also some happy bit players at Pocono, especially Roberto Guerrem. who hung in there all day in the STP Granatelli Lola and stole third place from Derek Daly on the last lap. Daly blamed Raul Boesel, slowed early with battery problems and later penalized a lap for passing the pace car in the pit lane, for gelling in his way even though Boesel was a coupk laps behind in fifth place.


NASCAR Champion Spark Plug 400, Brooklyn, Mich.

L-iicated to Dad
Davey Allison breaks his sophomore jinx with a therapeutic win

hen Davey Allison entered the inf~eld pcss mom lasl Sunday at Michigan International Speedway, it was under much happier circumstances than his last visit. In June, A U h nut the mdia at MIS to talk about the crash which only a few days eadier had ncarly killed his f a h r , Bobby.

about his victory in the Champion Spark Plug 400.m.andabouthisfatber. "We dedicated this race to my dad." Davey said after driving the RanierILundy Havolinc Thunderbird to a 4.43-second, sophomore jinx-breaking victory. "He's making propss," Davey said of his dad, undergoing therapy in a rehabilitation center near the family's home in Alabama. Davey's dialog with reporters was interrupted momentarily when Winston Cup points leader and Champion Spark Plug tunnemp Rusty Wallace enlered the room. "I knew where to find you," Wallace said. offering his wngratulations. "This has got to be good therapy for Bobby." And for Bobby's son, who a year ago became the fmt driver in Winston Cup history to win more than one race in his mokie season. Davey started the '87 searon on the

front row at Daytona and fmished with five poles and victories at Talladega and Dover. But that was last year. This year there have been injuries to his father and to family hiend Neil BoM~II("be's halfway between an uncle and a brother to me." Davey said); "that, and everywe talking about that dadgum sophomore jinx." Combine engine problems, tire troubles and driver error, and the rookie wonder wondered if he'd become the sophomore blunder. Wondered. that is, until last week. AUison was fastest in paEtia Friday. Saturday, k turned to chassisman Tony Ria and said "Tony. I've got that feeling again." "It's been a long time since I've had that feeling." Allison said, recalling the cold chills of premonition he had before each of his victories last year. In fact the feeling became so strong as the weekend progressed, Allison felt so confident he smggled to "calm down," at one point climbing into his car and wriling "Think, Dummy" on his dashboard. Allison was fourth fastest in qualifying and was among 10 drivers exceeding the track record. "The CART race (here two weeks ago) put a lot of rubber down and

made the track slower." said Bill Elliott.

who put Harry MeUing's CoorslMotorcraft T-Bird on the pole at 174.940 mph. "But the (recent) rain got the oil off and it's been cooler and Goodyear c a m out with a new tire. Put that all together," and you have a fast field with not quite a sesond sepan(ing Ellion's car from Chad Little's back in the 17th row. Things arc so balanced, in fact. that Allison was the 13th driver to win a Winston Cup race this m n . It took him only thne laps to soar into sscand place. He and Ellion then staged a msc-&tail. side-bsidc sbow until the fmt round of pit stops. After the stops (Elliott raking longa to change four tires while most tcams changed only outside wheels). it was Davey and Dale Eamhardl leading the field. "We weren't going lo take any unnecessary chances a r l y in the race," Allison said. "It was fun to get out there and m e with those guys. But we didn't want to punish the car.Wehwwwewaegoingtokfpstatthe end.Wehadaxalgoodsetofriresinthe pits. We ran on them in practice- yestaday and saved them just f n that reason." Davey admitted Ellion and Eamhardt were very s m g , but k bewfitlcd--at last-from

. l~ l lc yB p t D ~ ~ t h e thda~tllmlghmena.
"Bill mr rwthl ahmlg," Aukon Mid, lrObhyabi,-:'~fssl& ifrslaUywmltcdtonce,gcloutmae

nma~eelrc's~.ACam~pits (r~ridebr)fPealEllaaIormtemcUn
~ ~ ~ c r

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hoping the caution wouldn't eome wt. ~doritbIing~uutiwom." NASCAR didn't. Aitbmgh one d t h e AtleascnotsbwtW.LI.Ee,wtafmisbcd ~ ~ d o a k . " AUwa 81bd Wdla&s mirmr through ~ i n R a y m o a d & a d l e ' s K o d i s l : P o n - famxls "debria in cbe backmwb" crmtioas tiac. E L L i o t t charged badr to fmirb third with wLsp171ignitdmCtucintbc~,tbc htscud M M aeyt b fiery Morgan Shepherd, subbing for Buddy grrurtlagcootinuddtoahowwhmDfml Q e r h c l a ~ . W L a e W d l p c * d t b c B.tra, f d . L.Lc Sped fifth ird Bmtt PancaspmonLap193MdwhmRieky Rndd's cngioe blew on Lap 197. mortipl,trbcfaraDEIId75~it~oitsdBodim sigh. NASCAR vice Les Richter W M ~ ~ i n ~ ~ I s president p die trio-mUc d, A l b n led the most e a l l c d ( b c m " b . l l s d ~ ~ ) t i m a , ~ f a 3 5 ~ u d i n g m e i . n arrlhcqhnmejinx. e and NASCAR president Bill 2 2 . ~ i c d o o o c f a r T ) I s p . ~ "lhtdadgum~opbomcxejillxburinar calls." H RmceJr.explriDcdthutbeyLeptbcau5Qetima~37Isp. ~~myndnd~knromeoacDpe n mermtkthirdhlmandmcnWlmwtD- t a o f l r g h d e d ~ ~ ' ~ s p i o n 0 t "WebdwwitbRmtytbcwbknos. dvbasrermBilldRuslydoan(&ca e v a i t w a s M e w t b c n g i a c i n t b c f i r n ~ d y h a p p m c d ~ l l w l y f r m n t b c k a d a a rmmd0fpitctop)wcwsomepettyf.u rvemdaan. BythenIwulfarcaarghan bm he also mr able to Lsep hir arr going
to@u rd both d is n o L ; bW e muld

~k LInmning in tbc 42.6042.70 &ge. m~-siderimeimaoeeofucm~ ~vasn~ttooomrried ..."

AUGUST 2 9 . 1988


CDMPETmON wntinucd

and drove back to the pits. The track, they said, stayed clean-and greenthmugh Rudd's incident because his car didn't dump its oil. " W s an awful lot of luck that g w on and some of us get tangled up in back luck every once in a while; I know I've had my shan this year," Allison said. "We've had every kind o f problem you can think of this y e a r .Today I had d l sorts of thoughts going mmUgh my head." ~ & o n ~ - t h e were m thoughts of his jinxbreaking victory-and at a track-record 156.863 mpb, breaking (by d y 2 mph) the mark sct by Damll W h i p in this rsm in 1984-d. of course, of his father. "iUiinkthisiswhatitraliesIogetbrk on the winning t m k and get thc momnlum hrmed a m 4 for next year." Davey said. W e Allison lwks forward Io next year, both fm his own w i n e and his fathcr's re-

Evm th b n t nmCh.r(W
l u p

Earnhardlin th. hunt #flor

Yli*w= rwm Whlb th mr is In the w t h wvery. Wallace and Ellion have more immediate concems-lhcii battle for the 1988 championship. Wallace felt fortunate to leave MIS with his lead enlargad from I I pintslo21. "At the very end. (cnw chien Bury DMson aed I debated between stickers (new t i n s )and scuffs (tins scuffed in during mactice). We finsUy went with scuffs, which h@ out to be the nght decision. (But) we had a cracked header which killed thc horsepower. (Then) we broke an 011 line and that's when I fell so far behind Davey. 1 Uiink he was strongu than I was, but maybe not that much stronger." Still, with an oil line brwk. a cnckcd header and "pushy'' tires, "you mght say 1 was kmd of lucky iwf to finish. I'm sure glad it wasn't 50dn;iles." And fmm Ellion's perspective? "We had a little trouble in the pits the last time md that was it for us. We had a good run (mming from well behind to finish right behind Wallace). I thought we had the car that could win. but Davey was strong. Now we'll never know."

whst might have ban. Yw SZE. the W

CupisinsomMhingofastmchtun:ninc laces in nine weeks. lhae was Walkins Glen and MIS. Next is Brislol. nKn Darlmglon. Richmond. Dover, MatIinsvilk, North Wikesbno and Charlotte. "We'll never know," Elliott said of (he race at MIS. But by -we. we should a11 know plenty.

11 DNlY U M . W d , 200 Ilpl: 2) RuIIy W d W . 811011. Fwd, 200: 1) Mom SIW ,200:5) w MdMobYe. 200: had. 6) BRtl Bodlm. M,200: 7) W rmmp, Po*. 200; 81 Kyk pltN, bd. 200: 8) R*L Willon, Mdrr n w . 200: 10) MI Bodin, aavmM. 200: 111 Starlino Marlin. Oldsrnobilo. 200: 12) K#n


31) M k b y G l h . b*, 188: 32) Mall Mutin. Ford. 162 ( w i n e hllum): 33) E m h Inn.Poml8c. 157 s in o r n o m m ) : 34) DnHB Cop. b*. 127 (nhlIran): 35) D o m m u U m . M4anmbYe. 114 (mine M m l : 36) *lul U W . Fwd, 104 (UWnd Nium): 37) Bob4 HUlln. ); 38) Jlmmy MUMS.P O W ,72 Nick. 94 (bmbsn (fmnl hb): 39) R E W, PonW 6E ldlambumr,: 4)mil Bonnn, Mr. 51 (ewlm hrlun); 41) ~s hmn, BUM. (011MI; 421 GW Mc, 21 (owlmhlum). k . nm. 2h m. 4.m



R a t BRISTOL. W U S I 28



formula for the Mure?

Mading Formula One gi?wnow,Winston Cup ezcitemnt I

" ~ d r m u , W s w h n ~ c c p ~

mo(ioois.II.bOPt,"dd.jdmmwmidd.moog.jdkrtintbc~of(tut drrmr "+Wk&a.jd driving f m ? Y c u ' v e ~totohveadriv&gfarempntitto. gcba...Il's*tomkcaatllyatto&

msr tbinga."


CART a NASCAR a FiSA, but W A . F i t , a few wm tbinga you aced to






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ode. Bm


[adaisacarQivm by Australia's T & JRgar,-of+vrd

A so!ahan-wb docL
crronlopsDsdin~ m K j i E ~ R c p rPasUkadmsS vktllnionhbranh touch with Wheeler .bOPtpmsibbplmaftcack tbeto* Ee waJlwtbelrp*tdu Iqmarmadiog. "Another thhg i6 this. and this is extromely imporrnut." Wbkkr said. "You'd be mnued at me 1mmbaofpplymccdrivaahooomctoUe lotte, hot, young (American) driven, mBykfmmmdncing. sprint cars or SItpr VW, arhiltcva, m d they're thinking .bOPtaockcarm2iag (iMtcul of Indywn). Tbis didn't Inppul 10


for a d m d c fWh.


T u k ~ a n w p o ~noter'tdram. And ,ti- Wheeler protLc me. at

P A L Y : ~ k b Q t

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moahg. WBcck rccs &anintmutiolla extnvyanza developing isto a five- o r six-race series with yarSyO.~msy'~ ~ S ~ ~ ) B o w k w~ i l a r p lo rr m o ~ l . ( k u , ~ c a maammds.Wb.r'rmakiogtbemdo ~ U w b t t c b u t i n J ~ q m , ~iutobciag(mmcrCopm-wMsaia)," , ~ (Ms?No.1iamtmy,Lmtvay~toNo. ladgCSovktU~. WbkkrsPid."Amcmd'65a'~.~ I k s d e t y . T b i s ( a o c t c a r ~ b ~ " k ' s what's p i to hpo," dd wn a movement to brve Ebrrmrk Llke, a a & fgln (of dug). And t h r r ' 8 lcqov~ , c r u r l a t r ; ~ ~ llplficuanofPamukOnemlclmdUSAC a d ity(wi&driv~ncomp&giffoBm$SOI). ~ p o m o t c r o f "Ifwe ~ . N h r . ~ . I r o w n a l o t d m o v c m m d NodriverevuwoBto&."

do&8taIotof~tovetoclmngc." "But~dasuddmwegtxol~ F i n t , r o m o ~ ~ n ~ a l i t tUl c e , a n d C A R T ~ ~ a o d a d g o wIst,aht,ipBtdd4fh?hi~ybcsomebodywfn t bat into tbc fnlm6. "BrL in I & ' 6 % away hthat a d it wn a lmgdy f- come dong md buy IMSA (for leas. nkIr~wim-aodspgie ~ . - ~ o v o ~ e r . ~ h r + k r a c + ~ r ~ ~o rf d c r w , m m i t a d d r a ( t o vol*odwithIndhapolisMdsomenb.l mshlgedgt.tiryadmm#icmm. gmsbPeaN.tPDdPm(b.llLacgadrr
bmmPBAUOUSP 29, 1988
$ 1

mdkcombiDe~ghmonrof~(kr drivaailhPUliEslmr,"wi&fdhwi& Bpbovdowe@tSaclmandocLca n o h , a i l h h ~ o o t l l p c r i b b e , h ndi~a&b&@mdsrsBobbyWpon mdEmqm-edJ-d sbcnchagladeolorofNASCAR,nc ~ J i m m y Q P L . ~ Y ~ g h a o llahddvmtqrQIaaanatncL? d rposldmm.jd~hneinp.Bmto J ~ S t a a a . d r i v i a g a ~ . "(hCSA$IPndarlad . 1


The d e c t r h Electramotive Nissarie Team rang up i t sa $ & stmght IMSA Camel

CmndRmGTPSerieswinby~away I hrm~oymeatSeatsRintRaavdyin Sonom,Cdhrnia. Whk Po&, Jaguars and Corvetm Mowed in b t i o n , the7 5 0 - b Nissan GTP-ZXTurbo npped the wine counuy at well over 100 r$Yhther extend theall-timerecord for consecutive wins -- .i n a single season: Now r e as thedearly dominant and so far uncatchable Force in G P racing, sgettmg the crdt it deserws. +t-iiwwwthe Nissan Team i


lsl :~


I l -

Built for the H u m a nR a c e

chsc) If s o m n e bought IMSA and ASA (a nunor league stock car circuit). ~t could be a potent force. "If 1 was runnmg Ind~anapobs,"Wheeler contmued. "the cars would look a lot llke a GTP IMSA car, so people could see what it looks like "A formula car e a ltttle tube wth fw black wheels on k t (and) the tires bknd mu, the asphalt. So you have a tube, snd where do y w p t lhe sponsor's name on a tube9 In NASCAR. lhe cars keep shmkmg and the ~~wwI.& doing w e d h g s (such as fippmg *W~Y close to spectafors)."

r,&k anow#hoseWw
d u r i n g ~ b l d o t t c ~ o t o r ~ -@
w 8


& " ~ ~ ~ f~' T t 1 I a l ) o ~ i 4 t # .Q~ W . ~ ~ b h ~ ~ o f ~ ~ & q a k n &g v r .~ ~ ,a @a my'xoMtipl:ni


up w~tha cucle track verslon of a dreg nrmg Funny Car-+ made-for-racmg chmse

vdw a r * a * *la AaPrisln do aPLy m - m - m n b & y

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B m m m a p . , p a o l a a d a r ~ , n i l b c n r P b a t mc~ u ~c f m a D ~ w m d ~ ~ o l parsaaBaaocriyeAmrdevIdl-a?L)I p c a m o d m h g m d m c i n g o n m u l rnWe=gop bdrrsihUU*:mwaY ~ ~ t h l c m t r . 6eqNebm,dhPoeorolmsPchald p u Q o I c ( f a ~ ~ d ~ lhwdop&forHrsdirL~ n d y ) f a c w m M I I b Y ~ ' C b f p k l a d Fordbscamingtha nuin T V m m m t n c u l . y c c r . a M d a k n

w m p u i m r m h s O M ~ o n o n t s b driwcolnhgolddhrJ~..

So Cicale doesn't a p e . $
Humpy WMr wr IYSA u poWL.1 powu ply.r In intwn.(lolul molonpor(l

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cwying a body that resembles, in an exotic snt of way, a production car. "Lmk what it did f a drag &g; it saved dmg racing." Wheeler said. "Almost a GTO car, but with (the safety 00 a NASCAR roll cage (rather thandoorsttutopenandclose),runningm supaspeedways." Perhaps 10 years into the f u w .Whaler sees NASCAR stockers. IMSA's G M t y p e spony production-based cars and the Rocar s e h s coming together for a $3 million. 500-mile race, the first 250 miles on Charlone's road wursc, a 30-minute break for adjustments, then the fmal250 miles around mc oval. "Look at the kind of race you could have. with dx top Formula One, stock car, lndycar and IMSA driven on one venue," Whaler said. "1 believe that right here in Charlone. if we had a truly international field of drivers. driving an international field of can, and if we had the seats, that if we couldn't sell 300,000tickets, I'd have to quit." And the odds of Humpy quitting are abwt as slim as those on Eamhardt backing off and letting the Russian, Terri and Willy T. beat him to the checkered flag.


* t b ( t b s = w Y ' *

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l m c f f a r t s m 8 '! )


ceremony. Although sevd cometitors don't Wre t k idea-and even t h h e n to boycott the Sept. 3-4 event, the Nurburgring IOOO Group C race is t o bc divided into a pair of 500 kilometa races, one on night, the other Sunday aftemmn.


race at least through the I199 season

Dragging thmugh lhe courts. IHRA and NHRA settled w t of wun their suit/ countelsuit. allowine IHRA owner Billv Meyer to hold HRAuevents at NHRA-aRiliated Texas Motorple Powerful sponsor. Briggs will be soonsor of the 2Wmile CART Indycar r& Sep. 11 at Road America.

Dyson to head new tewn?

Hands V10 tests Alain Rmt and Ayrtm

Smna have mn their fm tests with Honda's

ncu d y aspnated VIO en-. The car was an inrerim MP4/4 chassis which looked much llke the '88 F1 car except for

New ace tor March. New chairman





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died of a sndke brought on by his I NASCAR d M r moves. Buddy Baker bout with cancer. He was 5 4 . hss ntumed home after undergoing brain surgery to remove a blood clot. For the Winning debut. Chip Ganassi, co-ow IWof the season, the khiff-Baker Red of Pat Patrick's Indycar team,made a s Bamn From Piea Olds will be driven by cessful debut at Pocono as an ARS Clark's Slender You Figure Salon Olds. which was driven in the Champion Spark Marching into '89. The Leyton House

aaatdbyIMSA~.op.Rnbqsoll.odw iuda&driraRiccCabb. halg hkiug kwald &e '89 1 1 1 Bobby Rdd. who h hlkdym

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Raynor indycar Williams FI and John Simmons.

tnoar~for&eAnmdtihtba .ad son Ulldcm of Mario ud M i e h a l . "I'motill~attbnt,"saidHus.vbo ~ d e a i c d b t ' ~ ~ h s l r n C in'~LdatoRcylurdchrris. ~ d ~ , i t s l i l l a e m s ~


engine bas4 on the Judd.


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To take 1ndpw-so v e m
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take Indycm

group bas applied to ACCUSlPISA for

llldxE&~p.CARTh.s~evsbeenamemwill anemp to qualify for the Southern

gural Southern MO--in 1950. bcrof&eFIAbotvim&epocpcnofIedycP-outsb*NarcbAmer*.,CART rulizcrme~to.ffili*c. CARTsfiraovare~rvena~ecouldbc~ nccatMt.Puji.thoughpcrtuprmtm'89 M hd been hoped. "The intcmhmal poli~rmuabcsmcdaufform*mh.ppo," RMCosaid.ArdllOhdsom. "Fausto h.vcaru-einJ.pminl989,mn's~ro bppmwiuimintvm\r&lrs." rn

have Coca-Cola sponsorship at least


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whwlr(pronounced 8 wall)are made of the finest

For your FREE color brochure of the world's most beautiful wheels, send to:


2872-A Walnut Avenue r u s t i n , CA 171 4) 8%-7021



Up to 15% belter fuel eoonom Rich, powerful "Big-Block sound * Emissions legal in all 50 states

u ruoencn s vrympls nuly. Olympus had been seen to be in jeopardy bceause of the small number of enaies it rmafts. It was nportod in Europe that if there were ancUur year of short fields. an Australian event might take Olympus's place on the international schedule. In 1989. HSA plans to d u c c the number of events offering manufacturers' championship points fmm 11 to 10. The full World Rally Cbampionahip will include 13 events, thnt offering points only to drivns. It now seems the lqanese are Insisting that O l y m p maintain its full manufaaurus' points status because of the value of the American market to Japan's automakers. Mitsuhishi, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota plan significant rally efforts in '89, wrth Toyota hiring people fmm Lancia, Audi and Peugun in anticipation of a serious bid for the world champ~onship. Pemsps more l i l y than the elimination of Olympus would be the demotion of Sweden, which clashes with Paris-Dakar. h m manufachum' to drivers' points status. Accarding to Aurospon, the British m* torspoas wcclly, the 1989 WRC sckdule will be: Jan. 5-6. Sweden; Jan. 20-27. Monte Cprlo; Feh. 28-March 5, Pormgrl; March 25-30, Safari; April 21-27. Corsica; May 27-June 1. Acropolis; June 22-27, Olympus; July 13-16. New Iraland; Aug. 2-6, Argentina; Aug. 23-27, 1000 Lakes (Finland); Scpt. 25-30. Ivory Coast; Oct. 8-14, San Remo; Oct. 19-23, RAC (Grcat Britain).

Space, not cash, was problem
n our report on the Classic Marathon I (AW, 7/18), we said lnnes Ireland of Road & Track was unable to stan because of fail-


ure to secure financial backing from PiPclli Nonh America. Pinlli Tin Cop. contends it a@ to underwrite costs, but the mnga,..:f:.".~ zinc decided not to devote editorial space to TO ORDER, CALL (818) 969-9605 the story. An editor st Road & T m k conBanks Engineering. 546 Ouggan A v e . O e ~ t . ~ ~ ~ & m a ~ ; $ ~ ; ; ; ~ fmed bat its tentative to h . land was withdrawn because of a lack of space to publish his story.


Qceh this, Soviets are on track

Possibility of three F1 sites behind the Iron Curtain


am tbtmesmiaunionphum tistollkhMkenUICcenter~wh.fnce '~ld!E?2~mcingcircoitatc ~ a ~ ~ i s i n t h c S o v i a ~ n i m ~tonnofTpllion. Bai*r~~,anE8tooiratndegroup TBsrr~~tnkaboutaSoviaOwd begmwcdiagwithaWeat0armnfinnto ; R i r ~ h c l d a a a ~ r a c e i n M o r ap. ~ 0 d P f e ~ P o r n u l . 3 c a . T h e ~ . I s o 'tpd,sucharaamaeWaIynoeldbe ~trtiveinrallyingwithardxcarcon- b s l b p r h . p s M won M 1991--in the tingent r c p s d n g Autoexpat USSR in wmtd ~ ~ m m o n i 30 t y mileu wuth of HcE UIC Wym'r SafPri aman Awnah. ~hdieationofUIC~Sovic( fi&&RilLnd. kmt~UIChcmt.inin.p(o hdcrarinlaaqom~MUIC~t~0 , I ~ipmwins,hlmgcputbspgsof ~ . ~ ~ a t W a & h G l e n o f V I . d i m i r 6 Ibc-ofUICHuogrri.nOwdRixh SaLhoi.aNewYalr-basui~~ doUm. The Hungmima fa Pmvdo. S U M waa rnUIC Budrttnccing a e ~ r o e n m d t h e L ~ o a m a w i t rrchcrit~GLaWhtonCllpmx,rmdrb d 1 9 9 5 , md the acCbs want a insUICtirsttimcarspca(a&omthcSovia ' rreUtkirltnocircuitin1991. Union's official newsppu hu sra&d a ~rraDtly~wcascditsabilityto NASCARmPI1.


rtcPh'sfme~ahomcdoflaaqom aeeommodatemwists~~hmtmm 21) will spnd wim Dews or i n t m a t i d ncc.




team and to pick up three new Mustangs for the planned '71 effon. As Moore told us on a recent visit to his Spartanburg. S.C., shop, he saw the one and only ~ n n i n gKing Cobra parked in a A sole survivor from the dawn of the Age of Aerodynamics Dearborn garage next to the '71 Mustangs he'd come to pick up and immediately I d By John Craft a shine to its radical lines. He asked if the Grabber Yellow long-nosed car could be made pan of the deal. In a break with corhen Jim Roper won NASCAR's fmt backlight. When Cale Yarborough tested an porate policy that usually keeps prototypes Grand National race in 1949 with his early NASCAR-spec version of a King out of privale hands. an answer in the affuLincoln, the words "coefficient of Cobra at Daytona for Holman &Moody, he mative was given. So along with the three dng" were not t o 4 amund much. Power discovered destabilizing rear lift. Though Mustangs, Bud caned home the only comwas all. To go faster, build more motor. the new front worked as intended, sticking plete King Cobra in existence. From that This theory worked fine-for a while. By the front tires like glue, the rear was M, light day until now, this rarest of the rare fast the time NASCAR ran its last beach race in that the tires spun down the straights and Fords has been h e collector car in residence at his Spananburg facility. 1958, some people were paying attention to body Driven only enough to keep things lubricated. Bud's shape. In the late '60s. King Cobra today shows when cars were approaching 200 mph lap averages at only 6 0 0 miles on the odometer and, except for Daytona and Tallakga, it the battery, is exacrly the became obvious that aem dynamics were NASCAR's way he received it. Though not in production next frontier. Innovators trim (his car mounts a filike Smokey Yuniek had alberglass front clip instead ready pointed in the right direction hack in Hudson of the planned sheet metal .wwrvnk.dtront body panels), this car is Hornet days by Bondoing ollp mp*ad th. in the frame rails to smooth pretty close to what the ymnlns opmlw the air flow. street-going King Cobras onth.noudth. Dodge started the aero would have looked l i e had 1070 stock Torlno. lhey made it into producwar of the late '60s with a Upht m u and revised Charger. Ford a n tion. Power is supplied by p o l l y ahfn in th. t e d with long-nosed ver429 cubic inches of wedgeG b Hour headed Cobra let big blmk sions of the Fairlane and doomsd Uu Klng Cobn 0 . nocm Montego ~ntermediates-backed up by an HG C-6 called Torino Talladegas and automatic transmission. True to Shinoda's design. Cyclone Spoiler I I s 4 h a t more than matched the new the car's configuration is Mopan' slipperiness. When the superiority of yawed sickeningly in the corners. Banjo stock Torino Cobra aft of iu prokding prothe new Fords and Mercurys became a p Matthews repons that the car's best lap boscis right down to the bedeviling parent, Dodge produced the winged and times were 20 mph below the blistering scooped-out backlight. Unlike its Talladega b e W Daylonas at midseasan in 1%9. 11 199.985 that Chargin' Charlie Glotzbach progenitors. Bud's KC does not have the was too liale loo late, and David Pearsoo had cranked out in his Daytona to sit on th re-rolled rocker panels that would have allowed NASCAR fabricators to lower the seized the ON title with his Holman & pole of the inaugural '69 Talladega race-and fully 10 mph slower than the previous ride height. Mwre's car also lacks the slagMoody Talladega. The a m bade was on. With back-to-back championships under year's racing Talladegas. gered rear shocks found on the 754 Tallahis belt ( P a o n also won the title in '68). Word of the new car's flaw reached the degas pmduced. Ford's racing chief lacque Passino should f o b in Ford's Dearborn "Glass House" The cabin is stock production 1970 I cut have been a happy man, especially with his just as the decision was being made O Torino. Bench seats dominate and park Bud seduction of Richard Petty into the Ford back corporate racing efforts on all fronts. behind a dash with few concessions to the fold. But Ford was commitled lo a twwyear The King Cobra racing program died car's racing heritage, except the odd, clumredesign plan-and the new Torino was swiftly, and Ford teams were left with the sily placed "barrel" tach. Air conditioning larger, with a huge grille opening. choice between new stock '70 Fairlanes or and power windows are about the only o p Passino asked Larry Shinoda to redesign the proven Talladegas and Spoiler 11s lions in the KC'S unsybaritic interior. the unpromising snout of the new-for-"70 (which many drivers reverted to by midseaParked next to a 1988 NASCAR T-Bird Faidanes. Working with designers Chuck son). Richard Petty, whose team had al- 962 (as envious Chevy driver Darrell WalMwntain and Ed Hall, Shinoda created the ready started work on a No. 43 King Cobra, m p calls them) in Mwre's shop, his KC King Cohra. The new front clip plunged quickly signed with Plymouth and ran a Su- pmvides a comparison of new and old aerosteeply in an arc from the windscreen to the perbird during the 1970 season. dynamic configurations. The lineage is obribbon-thin bumper. The resulting snout was The one roadwonhy King Cobra was vious, though the form differs. The King fully eight and a half inches longer than a being used by executives (until a planned Cobra program was stillburn due to design stock 1970 Torino. date with the crusher--common fate of flaws and powers beyond ie control, but the The rest of the King Cobra's design was failed R&D effons) when Bud Moore made one surviving King Cobra is a testament to pure Torino Cohra. This was both good and a trip to Dearborn to settle up accounts on what might have been--and what stock car had. including the new-for-'70 concave his Ford-sponsored '70 SCCA Trans-Am racing was circa 1970.

1970 King Cobra




How it works. How to defend youmf.

Instantan raaar-sometimes callea .pLlse" radar-has been arouno for yean But l f s belng used more frequently now as radar operators try to defeat detector users. Here'showitwwks.

~~mtthlrip flnt
Ordinary radar and instant-on radar use exactly the same type of radar beams. in fact. most radar guns can operate either way. It'sjust a matter of which bunonsthe oDerator ~ushes.

~ w d ~ a a q n ~ r & ~
n an orolnary radar uap. the raoar gun s almed at UaWlc and 1 1 contln~ouslytransmits a beam of radar waves.The effective range for the radar to "see" your speed is less than a half mile for most cars. longer for trucks.

meKunom signals HR-12 and KR-11 woofthe many radar

un115rnafcan be operaredin an mrtant-on.or "puls" mode.

H a n d m r d . t r t . n wcuk
A radar detector is a radio receiver tuned to radar frequency. A high-performance radar detector is sensitive enough to pick up the radar waves before you drive within speedmeasurng range. It's as umple as thar H a lut.r(andar wr*. The instant-onradar trap 1 s set up just llke an OrdinaN radar t r a ~The . onlv difference is h Gansmlt ~ n i .the 1 operator that the g ~doesn't pushes a Dunon. So there IS no radar slgnal for a radar detector to find. Then when you're within speed-measuring ranee. the ooerator trieeers the beam. Hence the-tirim '. "stant-on:ihe radar reads your speed w.thln a fracuon of a secona. too q ~ c k l y for a human to respond. Ibur on* W Because instant-onradar is faster than your reflexes, your only defense is to identify it beforeyou are within ihrange.You mustdetect it when the operator zaps the traffic ahead of you. For this, your detector must reach out for distant radar signals.

You're loowng for weak radarthat iastsonly a few seconds. Rnding even one such "pulse" is cause for alert Rnding a series of them. each stroneer than the weviaus one, indicates ap;oacnlng an instant-on radar trap tnat's plck~ng off traffic ahead &DO old stratow loenufymginstantan radar you come In range IS the only defense tway, just as It was when w e first Introduced Escort That's wny our warning system, used on both Escort and PasspoIt, tells you both the strength of the signal and the length of it. You need to know both to defend yourself.

in 1987, Car and Driver, Fopufar Mechanics Roundeleach ~ubiished indeDendent tests and .~ .~ of radar oetecton.~nd each gaves ; tne n ghest ratlnzs. Ca Ito I-lreean0 we'll send reprlnts of the* tests,notj~stexcerptsor quotes. w o w md o s o as your pLoa0 W e sel dlrect to yo& ano wgdarantee your satisfaction. If yoi're not entirely satisfied within 30 days, return your purchase. We'll refund your money and shipping costs. T o order. call toll-free. Orders in by 5 0 0 pm eastern time QO out the same day . by . UPS and w e pay the snnpp ng. Overnlgnt oellvery s guaranteeo oy Federa Express for only $10 extra. Call now an0 the best aefense agalnsr ~nstant-on radar can be In your car tomorrow
~~ ~







Ourwarningsystem indicates signal strength two wavs: , bv , a meter for a visual check, by a variable rate Deeper ~fyou prefer to Isten. Tne lengtn of the slgnal IS ndlcated by the adratlon of the alert. dnowlng slgnal strength an0 sognal length of every radar encounter is the only way to find instant-onradar before it finds you. Escort and Passport are the most effective radar-warninginstruments available. But don't take our word for it

Ey mall send to adawsbefar.AH ordws proImm~mN mcas W t l y hlgherfacanadianshihipmema 1 ,

men lo* undonfano m a r mman
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raaar is nornng


km e unformwteh, me sudden presence

r a m mop h r n s d on am on tm ulr~dt~osesrnmyrlerr. ~etenv comesm*ntoastsnng ua raoor beeore as strong enmen to find r o d

depends on responding lo r a s h

Cincinnati Micmwave b D e p a m n t 501288 OneMkmwavePlara Cincinnati, Ohlo 45249-9502

Weke not tallung about a decal here and a door handle there. Colt has been totaUy redesigned.To some incredibly high standards: Yours. Case in point the new Colt Idoor, designed and built in Japan.With lots of excellent improvements that go considerably beyond its aerodynamic new profile. Its impressive list of standard features indudes power brakes, rack and pinion steermg, styled steel wheels, full carpeting and a '11 * handy split fold-down rear seat. ,G , .' And when you compare it %xwkkrprrnamr 3 ,... ,o,+,,~* , , . , . to a lot of other imports, Colt -+ . ' ntk.-smd&u!nulon CIUW. ~stands out . even more. It has .
. I

almost twice the cargo room of a Nissan Sentra; a spirited 15 liter Bumper T o Bumper E l e w n e tha& more powerful Warmnry than Sent&; and Colts 3/36 *cAIc.. ~:~:y$~; bumper :: to bumper warranty covers you well beyond theirs? Even more gratifymg, the Colt is hundreds less than a Sentra:' To see just how far Colt has come, test drive one at your nearby Plymouth or Dodge dealer. , And get the value, rehbility and feanws you want. At a price that hasn't gone through the X#rJh: 9.
+%. I I ~ , , . , ~







It's all the Japanese you need to know


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