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The Lopez Family Newsletter

As we have just celebrated the resurrection of the Lord, we continue to celebrate the things
which He continues to do to this very day! The Lord gives us all opportunities to serve Him and to be
used by Him. We pray that you may be encouraged to do just that, wherever you are and however the
Lord guides you.
As for us we have been surprised at the countless opportunities the Lord has given us to share
the Gospel. Also the Lord has guided us to make important decisions to prepare to return to Argentina.
As you read what the Lord has been doing in our lives, we thank you for praying for us, it is making the
In Christ,
Stephen & Debora Lopez

Youth Testify He Is Alive!

This past resurrection Sunday many people
heard the Gospel after a full presentation done
by the youth of the resurrection of our Lord Je-
sus Christ. All of the acting was done by the
youth. There were 12 of us in the play accompa-
nied by the church choir. Debora and I have
been working months to train the youth in prepa-
ration for this and we were so proud of the
youth who gave their all to glorify the Lord with
their talents.
The play consisted of various eye witnesses
to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
You can see me in the picture to the right as a
Roman soldier. Don’t worry, no one was hurt in
the making of this production!
After the entire play the pastor gave a Gos-
pel message and many people came forward to
put their trust in Christ as their personal Savior.
We even had the opportunity to counsel various “...His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a
people who came forward. living hope through the resurrection of Jesus
It was awesome to see how excited the
teens were. Many of them never acted before Christ from the dead to an inheritance
but they did a great job in front of all the people incorruptible …” 1 Peter 1:3-4
that were there. The church was packed the
entire weekend and many of the teens invited
their friends to come see them act in the play. Want to see more pics, videos and more? Go to the web!
There is a real joy that comes from using
the talents that God gives you in ways that fur-
ther the kingdom of God. What could you do?

Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel

Courage is fear in prayer!
Countdown to Argentina
At the end of May Debora and I will making 100%
an important step in order for us to return to Argen-
tina. We will be moving to Schroon lake, NY to raise 90%
support while serving at the summer camps of Word
of Life. We believe this is an important step in prepa-
ration for us to return to the mission field.
Remember that we completely depend on the
Lords provision through financial donations in order
for us to serve as missionaries .
We must to be at 100% in faith promises by
August! We are currently at 55% .Please pray with us
to reach this goal. Please contact us if you can help.
Our reason for this is it is vital for us to be
Debby’s Empanadas
back by the beginning of the new school year of the 15%
Word of Life Bible Institute. Our prayer is to be with
(Meat Filled-Argentine style!)
our students from start to finish for the whole year. Ingredients for 10 portions
If your are praying to support us but don’t • Goya Dough Discs (found at the frozen
know how, go to the Blog site on the front page to section of supermarket)
learn how you can join our team or contact us!
• 1lb of Ground beef
• Cup of water
A Wedding In The Family! • 1/2 Red Bell Pepper
On March 22, my brother Kevin married his beautiful wife Jessica.
Debora and I had the blessing of being at the wedding and being a part of • Olives (desired proportion)
the wedding ceremony. It was a beautiful day in the town we grew up in. • 1 onion
We also had the blessing of having many relatives and friends come
from all over attend the wedding. • 1 egg and 1 hardboiled egg
We are really proud of Kevin and Jess. We thank the Lord that • Salt
we have had the privilege of seeing them grow in their relationship
• Oil
throughout the past four years. We thank the Lord for His faithfulness
throughout the years in our family.
Pray for the Lords guidance in their new life together!
1) Turn oven on to 350 degrees F and Defrost
Dough Discs.
2) Fry diced onions + diced bell pepper in pan
with oil, until the onions are clear.
3) Mix in ground beef and 1/2 a tablespoon of
salt. Mix well and cook until finished.
4) Let ingredients cool off.
5) Dice hardboiled egg and olives and mix into
6) Using a cup of water, use your finger to
apply water around the edges of the dough
disc. Then put a large tablespoon of the in-
gredients into the middle of the dough disc.
7) Then fold the disc in half, pinch the edges
and twist from one half to the other.
8) Put in cooking pan.
9) When you are done, stir a raw egg in a cup
and apply it to the surface of every empa-
nada using a paper towel or brush.
On the top left is a picture of me and my brother. Top right- Mr. & Mrs. Lopez! 10) Cook for 30 minutes and enjoy!
Bottom left-Debby and my mom Carol. Bottom right– the grooms side of the family.
“I Can’t Wait To Go To Argentina”
During this past year, one of the teens in the youth ministry has decided to attend
our program in Argentina this coming September. His name is Nicky and he actually is
from Argentina but grew up in the Wayne area here in NJ. As we have been sharing about
our ministry ,many teens have been praying to go to study at our program
Nicky is sensing Gods call in his life to serve full time in ministry. While in fellow-
ship with us the past year he has been asking us constantly about our bilingual bible pro-
gram in Argentina. He feels God is calling him to prepare for ministry by studying with us.
We are really excited for him as he seeks to follow God’s will in His life. We have
seen an amazing passion in him to reach those around him for Christ.
One of the most exciting times in a young persons life is when they decide to fol-
low Christ with their life and actually take those first steps to make that a reality. We all
really need to pray for Nicky as he takes this step of faith.
It will be a tremendous blessing to be able to continue to minister to Nicky in Ar-
gentina after being with him this past year in the church. We are excited for what God is
doing! Pray for Nicky as he prepares to go to Argentina!

Marshmallow Attack In The Bronx

Recently we were invited by our friends Abraham and Joanna Santana to preach to the youth
group of their local church in the Bronx. Debora and I shared at a Friday night service. I was able to
share to the youth about missions and challenged them to deliver the message of God’s love to the
people that God brings into their lives.
We had a great time together. After the message they played a game with two teams where
each team had to make a house out of raw spaghetti and marshmallows. About five minutes into the
game a huge marshmallow war broke out!
Everybody got in on it. Some would throw them as hard as they could to the other side. A
group of girls used a table for a barricade! Even the Pastor was in on it. There was like more than thirty of us just whipping
marshmallows all over the room. Luckily there was a tile floor! This went on for over twenty minutes!
Debby hid in the corner and filmed a video that we put on our blog. I had no problem though picking marshmallows off
the floor and letting ‘em rip! It was hilarious! After the fight everybody hanged out and couldn’t stop laughing about it.
We stayed through Sunday and I was able to share during a Sunday school class about the book of James. We are
really excited for the youth at the church and for the passion the leaders have for them.
Pray for the teens who were challenged to share their faith!

Finding The Words To Say Contact Us

300 Haledon Ave,
In our last newsletter I shared with you about the health of a teen named
Christian who was battling cancer. On resurrection Sunday Christian went on to be
Propect Park, NJ 07508
with the Lord. We will greatly miss him until we see him again in the presence of the
Lord. Email:
As we attended his funeral, a family member of his asked the Pastor and I to
speak. His family was from a catholic background and had a traditional funeral ac-
cordingly. There were many people there including family members, friends, and
classmates. After giving a few words about Christian we were given an opportunity to
share the Gospel.
Anybody who knew Christian was witness of the peace that he had before he
died. This truth about him was living proof to his friends and family that he had some- Phone:
thing special. I have to admit it was really hard to stand in front of all those people.
But I was certain that if Christian had an opportunity to share something in that mo- 862-266-7545
ment, he would share of the greatness of having a Savior. After sharing the Gospel
there were various people that put their faith in Jesus Christ as their personal savior.
Pray for the family Cereijo