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New Jersey State Data Center Advisory Committee Notes

Tuesday, January 25, 2005
New Jersey State Library

Steering Committee for 2004-05 Present:
Bill Mead, Gloucester County Planning Division
Elizabeth Newton, Passaic County Planning Board
Keith Miller, North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
Susan Weber, New Jersey Department of Transportation
Beverly Railsback, New Jersey State Library, U.S. Documents Office
Warren Barclay, New Jersey Department of Personnel
John Ehret, New Jersey Commerce and Economic Growth Commission
Katherine Hempstead, New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
Ryan Womack, Rutgers University, Alexander Library
Taghi Ozbeki, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Victoria Pecchioli, Ocean County Department of Planning
Geatali Basu, County College of Morris Library/Learning Resource Center
Kenneth Wedeen, Somerset County Planning Board
John Lago, New Jersey Department of Community Affairs

New Jersey State Data Center (NJSDC), NJDOLWD Present:
Frank Ferdetta
Leonard Preston

Quorum: Quorum was established.

Amendments to the Agenda:

Acceptance of the March 04, 2004 Minutes:
Warren Barclay moved to approve minutes.
Kenneth Wedeen seconded. Minutes approved.

Acceptance of the August 31, 2004 Minutes:
Warren Barclay suggested that we add the location of the meeting to the header of
the meeting notes. Warren also suggested to add an advisory committee page to
the contact list. Warren Barclay moved to approve minutes, Keith Miller seconded.
Minutes approved.

Welcome and Introductions:
Len Preston welcomed the attendees and the newly elected members of the Advisory
Taghi Ozbecki, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Victoria Pecchioli, Ocean County Planning Board
Ella Stratis, Rowan University Library

Bill Mead nominated Victoria Peccholi to be Secretary for the meeting until a
permanent secretary was nominated at another time.
Census Program Updates:
American Community Survey- (Len), Handouts were given to
attendees discussing the full implementation of the American
Community Survey beginning January, 2005. Measurement of Group
Quarters (e.g. college dormitories and prisons) would be delayed until
2006 due to funding that was $19 million short of the president’s
2002 Economic Census Data Release- (Len), Handouts were provided
showing the release schedule for reports from the Economic Census for
both the nation and New Jersey.
Local Employment Dynamics (LED)-(Len), Discussed the new look and
feel of the LED website. New features such as Local Workforce and
Top Industries assist the user in extracting useful data. Another new
feature called “on the map” allows users to view worker and commute
“sheds” on a map to see from where a particular industry draws its
workers. Although in testing phase among 10 pilot states this feature
should become available to other states between June and September.
Field analysts are currently promoting LED to Workforce Investment
Boards (WIB) to get feedback on what data is most useful form the
Metropolitan Area Revisions Based on 2000 Census-(Len, Frank),
Handouts were provided along with color maps explaining the new
configurations of Metropolitan areas based on the 2000 census. A
discussion among committee members ensued and it was determined
that they would like a less technical presentation of these changes at
the annual network meeting.
New American Factfinder Features –(Len) Handouts containing a quick
guide to some of the new features on American Factfinder were
provided. The biggest change was allowing users to access data from
the 1990 and 2000 decennial censuses, the 2002 Economic Census,
American Community Survey 2000-2003 and Population Estimates.

Report on the December 2, 2004 State Data Center Conference:
The results from comment card responses from the 25th State Data Center
Conference: Renewing New Jersey’s Cities – Challenges and Opportunities at the
Marriott at Lafayette Yard were reviewed. There were 44 responses from 125
attendees. Overall the attendees were either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied
with the speakers. The conference facilities and accessibility to the location were
rated excellent. Suggestions were made to improve accessibility by having lunch on
the ground level. It was suggested to increase the response rate that a “goodie
package” of Census CD’s and Data Information be given to those who complete the
comment card.

Planning for the next State Data Center Conference:
Len reviewed proposed themes for the December State Data Center Conference.
1. Small Business Development.
2. Fast Growing Population Segments in New Jersey or Impact of Foreign
Immigration on New Jersey.
3. Housing Trends in the Garden State.
4. GIS oriented – LED mapping feature etc.
Len indicated that the first theme seemed to be the most likely to be accepted and
then asked the attendees for their thoughts and suggestions for additional themes
and speakers. Ideas forwarded included:

It was suggested that we have a clear definition of what should be considered small

For housing trends, affordable housing and age restricted housing would be good
topics along with Diasporas – the idea of the community being built around the
culture (Dr. Mark Holtzer).

Small Business role in the redevelopment of small towns.

Invite Commerce to participate in conference also check to see if they have an
annual small business conference.

Problems faced by small businesses and data that can help them. Have someone
from outside the organization that uses census data do a presentation.

Metropolitanization – look at suburban housing trends and the migration from cities
to suburban areas.

Impact of Technology – its effect on working at home, commuting patterns etc.

How marketing people use Census Data to fit into their plans – PR firms.
Marketing – Private sector use of Census data.

DVRPC has done a presentation on what’s wrong with the CTTP numbers. Any other
types of presentations that challenge Census data.

Census presentations are sometimes boring. Census should be there as a vendor
with their materials.

Planning for the next State Data Center Network Meeting:(Frank)

The tentative dates for the next State Data Center Network Meeting are June 6-10,
2005 at Alexander Library at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. Topics include:

Population and Labor Force Projections
Economic Census 2002 with hands on exercises
Metropolitan Statistical Areas

Set next Advisory Committee Date and Place:
The date for the next Advisory Committee Meeting was not set. Bill Mead is
scheduled to host in Gloucester County.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.