ERP Case study: Engineering Manufacturing Industry 
Project based engineering Manufacturing Company Background: Engineering: India has progressed very well in the engineering sector. Exports also have progressed significantly. To manage the growth one needs ERP solution. This company manufacturers industrial heating systems. OEM plus Stock and sale of standard industrial Infra Red (IR) lamps and modules Bill of Materials (BOM) is made for large system having hundreds of mechanical, electrical items. with complex electronic controls panels. Domestic as well as Export sale. They have implemented the ISO 9001:2000 (QAS, Australia) to all company activities ranging from enquiry processing to product validation with the aim of exceeding customer expectations at every stage.

ISSUES & CHALLENGES: This manufactures industrial heating systems and its components. The ERP Software team is associated with users for over four years. They have designed and implemented an ERP package for efficient resource development, timely delivery and improved quality. This has resulted into enhanced quality and service for our customers, job satisfaction for employees and cost savings for the company. Many of the heating systems manufactured by this company are customized designs meant to achieve one or more specific goals. Coordination of design and an error free manufacturing process to exceed customer satisfaction is only possible through a meaningful and user friendly inter-connected database. Creating a 12 digit item code by the drawing department is a serious bottleneck in the functioning of many companies. ERP has given an ‘an auto-codification’ ERP module that has speeded up the process to great extent.                                                  J. Zaveri   

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ERP Case study: Engineering Manufacturing Industry 
Supply china management of items give Just-in-time (JIT) inventory management Electrical items Fuse Fan Cables & switches Electronic items PCB Mechanical items SS Plate Nuts Bolts 8. 9. HOW ERP CAN ADDRESS THESE ISSUES: Well-versed with excise procedures with reports like RG1, RG23, PLA as per Indian laws. 'Project workbench' report gives project wise (sales order wise) details of each project. ERP software allows sharing of information among most departments in a company, for a user who is having the necessary log-in and password. The issues are addressed by deploying following modules: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Security module Accounts module – General Ledger Accounts VAT / Sales Tax module Excise module Inventory Management module Purchase & Prepurchase module MRP - Material Requirement Planning module / Supply Chain Management (SCM) ISO 9000 – Quality check module BOM – Bill of Materials module 10. Production module (Assembly Production and Process Production) CRM module (Customer relationship management) and presales module. 11. Automatic email alerts module 12. Cost sheet module – preparing estimate 13. Order Fulfillment module – Sales Accounting (Shipping). 14. Auto-codification of item code 15. Resource matrix module.

KEY BENEFITS: ERP focuses on the following for the engineering industry: Knowledge of 'Best Practices' in the Engineering Industry. Solutions for discrete and repetitive manufacturing. Engineering change management. Ability to handle export document like the ARE-1, ARE-3, etc. For an SME company, this ERP package is a welcome transformation. It has provided online operations through computers, in all aspects of Standard products business and is expected to contribute to increased profitability and a better reputation in the ever changing global market. Users believe all SMEs can position their organizations to benefit from ERP system, which is designed to meet the unique requirements, in order to achieve both top line and bottom line growth.                                                  J. Zaveri   

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