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An interview gives you the opportunity to showcase your qualifications to an employer

so it pays to be well prepared. Here are some useful hints.

Preparation: Job, Career, & Labor Market Information Online
• Learn about the organization. New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development
• Have a specific job or jobs in mind.
• Review your qualifications for the job. New Jersey Labor Market Information
• Prepare answers to broad questions about yourself.
• Review your resume.
Center for Occupational Employment Information
• Practice and interview with a friend or relative.
• Arrive before the scheduled time of your interview.
Online Career Planning Resource
Personal Appearance:
• Be well groomed.
America’s Career InfoNet
• Dress appropriately.
• Do not chew gum or smoke.
The Interview:
• Relax and answer each question concisely.
• Respond promptly.
Find a Job
• Use good manners.
• Learn the name of your interviewer and shake hands as you
meet. •
• Use proper English – avoid slang. •
• Be cooperative and enthusiastic. •
• Ask questions about the position and the organization. •
• Thank the interviewer when you leave and, as a follow up, •
in writing. •
Test (if employer gives one): •
• Listen closely to instructions.
• Read each question carefully.
• Write legibly and clearly.
• Budget your time wisely and don’t dwell on one question.

Information to Bring to an Interview:
• Social Security card.
• Government-issued identification (driver’s license).
• Resume. Although not all employers require applicants
to bring a resume, you should be able to give the interviewer
information about your education, training, and previous
• References. Employers typically require three references.
Get permission before using anyone as a reference.
• Make sure they will give you a good reference.
• Try to avoid using relatives as references.

RP-26B (2006)
H E N E W J E R S E Y ’ S H O T 5 0
Training/Education Average Hourly Projected Annual
Occupation Skills Abilities Knowledge Requirements Wage 2005 Job Description Job Openings
High Skills
Registered Nurses Active Listening, Reading Comprehension, Problem Sensitivity, Oral Medicine/Dentistry, Psychology, Associate’s degree $30.30 Administer nursing care to ill or injured patients. 3,740
Critical Thinking Expression, Inductive Reasoning Customer/Personal Service
Elementary School Teachers Instructing, Speaking, Learning Strategies Oral Comprehension, Oral Education/Training, English Bachelor’s degree $54,500* Teach elementary school pupils basic academic, social 2,070
Expression, Problem Sensitivity Language, Mathematics and other formative skills.
General & Operations Active Listening, Management of Oral Expression/Comprehension, Administration/Management, Customer/ Work experience plus $63.75 Plan, direct, or coordinate the operations of companies 1,660
Managers Personnel Resources, Time Management Problem Sensitivity Personal Service, English Language Bachelor’s degree or public and private sector organizations.
Secondary School Teachers Instructing, Learning Strategies, Monitoring Oral Expression, Speech Clarity, Education/Training, English Bachelor’s degree $57,680* Instruct students in secondary public or private schools 1,270
Oral Comprehension Language, Psychology in one or more subjects at the secondary level.
Accountants Mathematics, Active Listening, Problem Sensitivity, Deductive Mathematics, Economics/Accounting, Bachelor’s degree $32.30 Analyze financial information and prepare financial 1,230
Critical Thinking Reasoning, Information Ordering Customer/Personal Service reports; maintain records of assets and liabilities.
Preschool Teachers Active Listening, Instructing, Speaking Oral Expression, Speech Clarity, Customer/Personal Service, Psychology, Bachelor’s degree $14.90 Instruct young children in activities designed to promote 830
Problem Sensitivity Education/Training their social, physical and intellectual growth.
Computer Software Engineers, Programming, Critical Thinking, Deductive Reasoning, Oral Computers/Electronics, Engineering/ Bachelor’s degree $41.35 Develop, create and modify general computer applications 660
Applications Complex Problem Solving Comprehension, Inductive Reasoning Technology, Mathematics software or specialized utility programs.
Middle School Teachers Speaking, Instructing, Learning Strategies Oral Expression, Oral Education/Training, English Bachelor’s degree $55,420* Teach students in public or private schools in one or more 640
Comprehension, Speech Clarity Language, Psychology subjects at the middle, intermediate or junior high level.
Financial Managers Critical Thinking, Judgment/Decision Written Expression, Mathematical Economics/Accounting, Administration/ Bachelor’s degree $56.45 Direct and coordinate financial activities of workers 580
Making, Coordination Reasoning, Oral Comprehension Management, Mathematics in a branch, office or department of an establishment.
Lawyers Reading Comprehension, Judgment/Decision Oral Expression, Problem Law/Government, English Language, First professional degree $54.10 Represent clients in criminal and civil litigation and other legal 570
Making, Writing Sensitivity, Speech Clarity Customer/Personal Service proceedings, and manage or advise clients on legal transactions.
Computer Systems Analysts Active Listening, Reading Comprehension, Oral Comprehension, Problem Computer/Electronics, English Language, Bachelor’s degree $37.45 Analyze science, engineering, business, other data processing 550
Complex Problem Solving Sensitivity, Deductive Reasoning Customer/Personal Service problems for application to electronic data processing systems.
Special Education Teachers Instructing, Active Listening, Learning Oral Expression, Speech Clarity, English Language, Education/Training, Bachelor’s degree $54,620* Teach elementary and preschool school subjects to 500
Strategies Speech Recognition Psychology educationally and physically handicapped students.
Management Analysts Critical Thinking, Judgment/Decision Oral Expression/Comprehension, Customer/Personal Service, Administration/ Bachelor’s degree $40.55 Conduct organizational studies/evaluations, design 480
Making, Active Listening Written Comprehension Management, English Language systems/procedures, prepare operations manuals.
Sales Agents, Securities Active Listening, Speaking, Oral Comprehension, Oral Customer/Personal Service, Economics/ Bachelor’s degree $43.60 Buy and sell securities in investment and trading firms 400
& Commodities Time Management Expression, Speech Clarity Accounting, English Language and develop and implement financial plans.
Computer & Information Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Oral Expression, Problem Computers/Electronics, Administration/ Bachelor’s degree $60.00 Plan, direct or coordinate activities in such fields as electronic 380
Systems Managers Active Listening Sensitivity, Oral Comprehension Management, Mathematics data processing/information systems/systems analysis.
Pharmacists Active Listening, Speaking, Reading Oral Expression, Problem Medicine/Dentistry, Customer/ First professional degree $41.85 Compound and dispense medications following 320
Comprehension Sensitivity, Oral Comprehension Personal Service, Mathematics prescriptions issued by authorized medical practitioners.

Mid-Level Skills
First-Line Supervisors, Management of Personnel Resources, Oral Expression, Oral Administration/Management, Clerical, Work experience $24.40 Supervise and coordinate activities of workers involved 1,350
Administrative Support Speaking, Time Management Comprehension, Written Expression English Language in providing administrative support.

Nursing Aides, Orderlies, and Active Listening, Instructing, Speaking Problem Sensitivity, Oral Customer/Personal Service, English Post-secondary $11.75 Provide basic patient care such as feeding, bathing and 1,250
Attendants Comprehension, Oral Expression Language, Education and Training vocational training grooming, under direction of nursing staff.

Hairdressers/Stylists/ Active Listening, Speaking,Time Management Arm-Hand Steadiness, Manual Customer/Personal Service, English Vocational training/ $12.25 Provide beauty services, such as cutting hair, applying 1,190
Cosmetologists Dexterity, Finger Dexterity Language, Chemistry work experience makeup, dressing wigs, and providing nail and skin

First-Line Supervisors/Managers Management of Personnel Resources, Oral Comprehension, Oral Customer/Personal Service, Administration/ Work experience in a related $21.55 Directly supervise sales workers in a retail establish- 1,110
of Retail Sales Workers Active Listening, Service Orientation Expression, Speech Clarity Management, English Language occupation ment or department.

Automotive Service Technicians Troubleshooting, Repairing, Problem Sensitivity, Deductive Mechanical, Computers/Electronics, Post-secondary $18.05 Repair automobiles, trucks, buses and other vehicles. 920
& Mechanics Equipment Selection Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning Customer/Personal Service vocational training May be designated according to specialties.
Carpenters Mathematics, Time Management, Arm-Hand Steadiness, Multilimb Building/Construction, Mathematics, Design Long-term on-the-job training $23.85 Construct, erect, install and repair structures of wood, 900
Active Listening Coordination, Trunk Strength plywood and wallboard, using carpenters’ hand and
power tools.

Licensed Practical/ Active Listening, Reading Comprehension, Oral Comprehension, Problem English Language, Medicine/Dentistry, Post-secondary $22.10 Care for ill persons in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, 790
Vocational Nurses Time Management Sensitivity, Oral Expression Customer/Personal Service vocational training private homes, group homes and similar institutions.

Supervisors of Food Preparation/ Speaking, Active Listening, Time Management Oral Expression, Oral Customer/Personal Service, Work experience in a related $16.35 Supervise workers engaged in preparing and serving 720
Serving Workers Comprehension, Problem Sensitivity Administration/Management occupation food.

Cooks, Restaurant Active Listening, Reading Comprehension, Problem Sensitivity, Information Food Production, Customer/Personal Long-term on-the-job training $11.40 Prepare and cook soups, meats, vegetables, desserts 670
Speaking Ordering, Near Vision Service, Production/Processing and other food in restaurants.

Police Patrol Officers Judgment/Decision Making, ActiveListening, Inductive Reasoning, Oral Law/Government, Public Safety/Security, Long-term on-the-job training $31.60 Patrol assigned area to enforce laws and ordinances and 660
Critical Thinking Comprehension, Near Vision English Language arrest violators.

Electricians Installation, Active Listening, Reading Arm-Hand Steadiness, Problem Building/Construction, Mechanical, Long-term on-the-job training $28.40 Install, maintain and repair electrical wiring, equipment 650
Comprehension Sensitivity, Finger Dexterity Mathematics and fixtures.

Fitness Trainers & Instructing, Speaking, Coordination Oral Expression, Stamina, Customer/Personal Service, Post-secondary $18.00 Instruct or coach groups or individuals in exercise 580
Aerobics Instructors Gross Body Coordination Education/Training, Psychology vocational training activities and the fundamentals of sports.

Basic Skills
Retail Salespersons Active Listening, Mathematics, Oral Comprehension/Expression, Customer/Personal Service, Sales/ Short-term on-the-job training $12.20 Sell merchandise, such as furniture, motor vehicles, 6,340
Speaking Speech Clarity Marketing, Administration/Management appliances or apparel, in a retail establishment.

Cashiers Active Listening, Mathematics, Speaking Oral Expression, Number Facility, Customer/Personal Service, Mathematics, Short-term on-the-job training $8.65 Receive and disburse money in establishments other 5,680
Oral Comprehension English Language than financial institutions.
Combined Food Preparation
& Serving Workers Active Listening, Speaking, Instructing Oral Comprehension, Speech Customer/Personal Service, Short-term on-the-job training $8.15 Perform duties which combine both food preparation 3,940
Clarity, Near Vision Food Production, Sales/Marketing and food service.

Waiters & Waitresses Speaking, Active Listening, Oral Comprehension/Expression, Customer/Personal Service, Short-term on-the-job training $8.80 Take orders and serve food and beverages to patrons at 3,700
Service Orientation Speech Clarity English Language, Sales/Marketing tables in dining establishments.

Laborers & Freight, Stock Equipment Selection, Installation, Extent Flexibility, Static Strength, Production/Processing Short-term on-the-job training $11.15 Load, unload and move materials at plant, yard or 3,210
& Material Movers Reading Comprehension Oral Comprehension other work site.

Janitors and Cleaners Equipment Maintenance, Repairing, Static Strength, Manual Dexterity, Mechanical, Chemistry, Short-term on-the-job training $11.15 Keep buildings in clean and orderly condition. Perform 3,020
Troubleshooting Multilimb Coordination Customer/Personal Service heavy cleaning duties.

Office Clerks, General Active Listening, Reading Oral Comprehension/Expression, Customer/Personal Service, Clerical, Short-term on-the-job training $12.85 Perform clerical duties in accordance with the 2,790
Comprehension, Speaking Speech Clarity English Language office procedures of individual establishments.

Stock Clerks & Order Fillers Active Listening, Speaking, Oral Expression, Speech Clarity, Customer/Personal Service, Short-term on-the-job training $11.15 Receive and issue sales floor merchandise. Stock 2,220
Reading Comprehension Oral Comprehension English Language, Mathematics shelves, racks, cases, bins and tables.

Child Care Workers Active Listening, Learning Problem Sensitivity, Oral Customer/Personal Service, Short-term on-the-job training $9.10 Attend to children at schools, businesses, private 2,130
Strategies, Social Perceptiveness Comprehension, Oral Expression Psychology, English Language households and child care institutions.

Customer Service Active Listening, Reading Oral Expression/Comprehension, Customer/Personal Service, Short-term on-the-job training $15.70 Interact with customers to provide information in re- 1,920
Representatives Comprehension, Speaking Speech Clarity English Language, Clerical sponse to inquiries about products and services, and to
resolve complaints.

Sales Reps., Wholesale & Active Listening, Speaking, Oral Expression, Speech Clarity, Sales/Marketing, Customer/Personal Moderate-term on-the-job $32.00 Sell goods for wholesalers or manufacturers to busi- 1,740
Manufacturing Time Management Oral Comprehension Service, Mathematics training nesses or groups of individuals.

Bookkeeping, Accounting Mathematics, Reading Near Vision, Mathematical Clerical, Mathematics, English Language Moderate-term on-the-job $17.00 Compute, classify and record numerical data, perform 1,640
Clerks Comprehension, Time Management Reasoning, Problem Sensitivity training routine calculations, maintain accounting records.

Secretaries, Except Legal, Active Listening, Reading Oral Comprehension, Oral Clerical, Customer/Personal Service, Moderate-term on-the-job $16.45 Perform routine clerical/administrative functions such as 1,610
Medical or Executive Comprehension, Time Management Expression, Written Comprehension English Language training drafting correspondence and scheduling appointments.

Teacher Assistants Active Listening, Instructing, Oral Expression, Speech Clarity, English Language, Education/Training, Short-term on-the-job training $21,340* Perform duties that are instructional in nature or deliver 1,480
Reading Comprehension Speech Recognition Psychology direct services to students or parents.

Food Preparation Workers Active Listening, Reading Oral Comprehension, Arm-Hand Customer/Personal Service, Short-term on-the-job training $8.90 Perform a variety of food preparation duties other than 1,440
Comprehension, Instructing Steadiness, Manual Dexterity Food Production, Mathematics cooking, such as slicing meat, brewing coffee or tea, etc.

Reception & Information Clerks Active Listening, Speaking, Oral Comprehension/Expression, Customer/Personal Service, Clerical, Short-term on-the-job training $11.75 Answer inquiries and obtain information for general 1,360
Reading Comprehension Speech Recognition English Language public, customers, visitors, etc.

Home Health Aides Active Listening, Reading Comprehension, Oral Comprehension, Oral Customer/Personal Service, English Short-term on-the-job training $10.30 Care for elderly, convalescent or handicapped persons 1,340
Writing Expression, Problem Sensitivity Language in home of patients.

Truck Drivers, Heavy Operation & Control Static Strength, Reaction Time, Transportation, Geography, Mechanical Short-term on-the-job training $18.85 Drive truck with capacity of more than three tons to 1,320
Spatial Orientation transport materials to specified destinations.

Landscaping/Groundskeeping Equipment Selection Manual Dexterity, Stamina, Static Strength Chemistry, Mechanical Short-term on-the-job training $12.25 Landscape or maintain grounds of property using 1,280
Workers hand or power tools or equipment.

Hand Packers & Packagers Active Listening, Coordination, Speaking Manual Dexterity, Multilimb Production/Processing Short-term on-the-job training $8.85 Pack or package by hand a wide variety of products 1,210
Coordination, Near Vision and materials.

Counter/Cafeteria Attendants Speaking, Instructing, Active Listening Oral Comprehension, Speech Customer/Personal Service, Short-term on-the-job training $7.65 Serve food to diners at a counter or from a steam table. 1,180
Recognition, Oral Expression Food Production, Mathematics
Tellers Mathematics, Active Listening, Oral Comprehension/Expression, Customer/Personal Service, Vocational training/ $10.45 Receive and pay out money, keep records of money and 1,150
Service Orientation Information Ordering English Language, Mathematics work experience negotiable instruments involved in various transactions.

Source: New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Labor Market & Demographic Research, 2004-2014 Occupational Employment Projections