Project Guidelines
HSP Technologies is in business of providing SAP Pilot projects to interested candidates. HSP Technologies is currently looking for candidates to take part in their SAP project is meant to provide real work experience for interested candidates. HSP Technologies has laid out the following project guidelines and it is very important that every interested and considered candidate will adhere to following guidelines.

1) They are not an employee but HSP Technologies’ Project SAP Consultant & They will not be paid and will not receive any compensation for their time spent on this project or related to this project. 2) Whatever work they perform during this project needs to be handed over to HSP Technologies’ team whenever requested. 3) HSP Technologies takes full control and ownership over any idea or design proposed or implemented and documents created or changed during the course of the project implementation. 4) Other third party company documents are not allowed and no unauthorized reproduction of non-HSP Technologies related documents and ideas are allowed during the project. 5) All the documents involved during the project are proprietary documents of HSP Technologies and whatever new documents will be created as a result of this project will be owned by HSP Technologies. 6) All documents that they come across during the project sessions are HSP Technologies owned materials and must not be misused for any monitory gain without prior permission from HSP Technologies.

7) They are being considered because they wanted to be a part of the project and learn how an ERP project is carried out. 8) Their fee is non-refundable and at no circumstances their fee will be returned back to them unless HSP Technologies abandons the project implementation and HSP Technologies reserves the right to abandon the project any time for any reason and your cheque will be mailed out within 1 week time from the time of announcement. 9) Signing or Agreeing to this document does not guarantee admission into the project implementation; HSP Technologies’ decision is final. HSP Technologies has a formal interview process to consider anyone for the project.
No.115/48, East End C Main Road, 9th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560069Tel: (080)-41114385, Web:

hsptechnologies.com , mail- info@hsptechnologies.com

No. HSP Technologies decides the approach of the project. email discussions and blogs and must not cause any kind of disturbances during the project time period. 17) The contents discussed or presented during the project are decided completely by HSP Technologies team and its management. any extensions need their HR Manager approval. if there is any. unless required by the project leads. location and other relevant details are allowed at any times in any way with your project team members. East End C Main Road. they will be discussing about the client during the project. 11) What they learn from the project is completely up to them and nothing will be taught explicitly. Under no circumstances. 15) They must maintain at most professionalism and positive attitude during meetings. 9th Block Jayanagar.info@hsptechnologies. 19) They will be given an email id and project title and they are required to use their project title and email id at the times during the project. mail. 13) They will be working for our Technical Leads and carrying out only tasks assigned by their leads 14) Only discussions related to the project will be discussed at all times during their role in the project. 12) They will be assigned a start date and end date of their project and their work will be within this time period only. There may or may not be a client. name.2 Project Guidelines 10) HSP Technologies reserves the right to deny services to any candidate before the project starts. Web: hsptechnologies. 20) Client details are very confidential. 18) Access to any documents emails & systems are given only for project purpose and not for commercial use at all times.com . They can have a copy of documents for their personal use but not for any monitory gains.com . they will not have any visibility to the client details. 16) Their technical lead will be monitoring their performance and they may be terminated from the project if tasks are not done as per their leads instructions. This is not training.115/48. Bangalore – 560069Tel: (080)-41114385. 21) No exchange of personal details such as phone number. this is real work. The project implementation may not have any relationship with any client.

115/48. please reply back to the email that had this document saying “I AGREE AND I AM INTERESTED IN JOINING FOR THE PROJECT” Thanks & Regards HSP Technologies Pvt. ERP Project Team | HSP Technologies If you have read and understood this document and if you are interested in enrolling your consultants. they will be happy to reply to your future employers through email. Bangalore – 560069 Tel: 080-41114385 No. phone calls and blog messages or any other form of communication that will be used during the project for quality management.info@hsptechnologies. No. 9th Block Jayanagar. HSP Technologies will assign their HR Manager before they begin the project. Ltd.com . meeting logs. you need to earn it through your contribution to the project. mail. No strings attached and no contracts involved. they will receive a Project Merit certificate if we find their contribution to the project added value to the project. Web: hsptechnologies.com .115/48. 29) HSP Technologies reserves the right to terminate them with or without a notice at any time without any refund if any of the above guidelines are not followed. everyone who participated in the project can get the references from their managers and technical leads. refunds will not be done under any circumstances. You cannot request for one. Their decision is final. 26) At any time after the registration process is complete. We want to keep a very professional environment and want to ensure we provide quality service to our candidates and your consultants professionalism mixed with ours will make this project a very successful one. 25) They can always quit the project any time with or without any notice.3 Project Guidelines 22) HSP Technologies may monitor emails. 23) Any issues arising needs to be addressed with their HR Manager at all times and none should be discussed during the project sessions. 28) In addition. In addition. judged by our leadership team and their respective lead. 27) They will receive a project completion certificate if they successfully complete the project as per the project plan and guidelines. Bangalore – 560069Tel: (080)-41114385. 9th Block Jayanagar. East End C Main Road. East End C Main Road. 24) When they join the project they will be given a role and your responsibilities will be assigned and they need to strictly follow them and work within the boundary of their responsibility.

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