Human Resource Transformation

Infosys talentedge™ is a comprehensive talent management platform delivering next-generation digital experiences. A highly customizable solution, talentedge deepens employee engagement, simplifies HR processes, and provides cost savings of over 30%. Delivered in the Cloud on an outcome-based pricing model, Infosys talentedge provides companies with the convenience of single point of accountability by taking complete ‘soup-to- nuts’ ownership from infrastructure to business operations. Leading Global 1000 companies across industries are already on their talent engagement journey with Infosys talentedge.

Leverage HR to Add Business Value
In today’s knowledge-driven economy, collaborative innovation is the foundation of organizational progress. The ideation of products and services and execution of strategy undertaken by talent clusters help drive revenue and generate value. Thus, an organization’s ability to hire, nurture and retain high-performing talent is critical for growth. HR has become a business enabler, facilitating collaboration and stimulating productivity to help organizational leaders attain business objectives. systems raises a slew of operational and strategic challenges. These include implementing integrated talent management processes and practices, out-of-sync data, lack of information visibility across various functions, cumbersome administrative set-up, and inefficient systems and processes, all of which impede HR’s transformation into a strategic partner.

Even as HR carries out traditional administrative functions – delivering payrolls, ensuring compliance, recruiting and training staff – business leaders view HR as a strategic partner. To become a truly value-added strategic partner in business, HR needs to adopt integrated systems, processes and practices designed to address the end-to-end talent management cycle. However, current HR systems have evolved piecemeal to fulfill incremental needs that arose as the organization grew.

Hence, organizations require an integrated talent management solution which bridges islands of talent data, providing a holistic view of talent and talent intelligence. Moreover, the solution needs to promote self-service capabilities and offer a rich and productive end-user experience to engage talent. Only then can HR evolve to become a strategic partner, maximizing the value of the company’s workforce and enabling high employee engagement that makes the organization a great place to work.

The resulting complex environment of fragmented stand-alone

With the right HR set-up, talent management can help deliver differentiation to the organization, sharpening its competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Infosys talentedge
Optimize Costs
Experience higher ROI through cost savings

Engage Employees

Deepen employee engagement with next-gen digital experiences

Simplify HR Processes

Simplify HR processes to bring back focus on Strategic HR

Infosys talentedge will help your organization transform HR into a strategic partner. Infosys talentedge is a comprehensive and highly customizable talent management solution which simplifies talent connect by enabling organizations to: • Engage Employees • Simplify Processes • Optimize Costs


Engage Employees
Infosys talentedge provides a next-gen digital engagement experience for employees – intuitive and rich, it deepens employee relationships The platform increases productivity by enabling social collaboration to help accelerate innovation, generate ideas, enhance interaction, and improve access to organization-wide expertise, thus eliminating the re-inventingthe-wheel syndrome. through mobile and smart devices, thereby allowing the organization to realize the full potential of the always connected digital world. An inbuilt self-service functionality ensures that connected and engaged employees can be more participative. With Infosys talentedge’s advanced analytics, HR gains a strategic lever to monitor key HR metrics and make informed decisions before concerns become crises.

Infosys talentedge allows on-the-go access of HR functionalities

• Facilitates information capture and sharing, enhances team work through creation of groups to solve problems, and enables HR to gather inputs on key organizational policies

• Access functionalities through multiple chachannels such as desktops, mobiles, dand smart devices • Allows access from virtually anywhere - be it home, office or on the move

EnhaEnEnhanced social ininteraction

Enabled mobilebilee eworkforce

• Analytics to provide integrated insights to help HR leaders feel the organization’s pulse and make timely decisions

ActionActionable insights throug advancedthrough aanalytics

entEmpowerment ervicethrough • MyNest, interactive and self-service intuitive user interfaces iessfunctionalities
enable employees to make changes to their personal details, andchanges provvideprovide guided tour of policies • Customize career goals and aspirations


Simplify Processes
Built on Oracle PeopleSoft HCM, Infosys talentedge provides a comprehensive Hire-to-Retire talent management solution. It empowers the organization by providing necessary tools to acquire, administer, monitor, and develop all aspects of talent management. HR spends more than 70% of its time in dealing with routine administrative activities. In such a scenario, talentedge, with its managed services model (from Infrastructure to Business Process), provides single-window accountability, thereby reducing the time and effort spent by HR on: • Managing multiple vendors which results in increased complexity and multiple points of accountability • Non-core activities of talent management like Attendance, Payroll, Benefits Processing, HR Helpdesk, and Workforce Administration / Data Management The resulting automation and efficiency allows HR to focus on strategic talent management, thus adding value to the organization. Easy-to-use, preconfigured, best-in-class templates, and push-based decision-aiding intelligence reduces the complexity of the underlying HRIS / HCM (Human Resource Information Systems / Human Capital Management System) and makes usage a delightful experience. Infosys talentedge facilitates a guided and risk-free on-boarding experience through an on-boarding workbench, thus making the system available quickly.

Application – Oracle PeopleSoft HCM • Hire-to-Retire functionalities to address the employee lifecycle • Fully con gured HR systems enhanced by best-of-breed tools • Integration with legacy and enterprise systems • Quick and cost-e ective deployment

Business Process Templates • Best-in-class practices adopted within HR processes • Industry-speci c HR processes and business rules • Readily available business process templates help jump-start process implementation • Precon gured process ows

Simplify Processes

Infrastructure and Hosting • Hosted and managed by Infosys • Multi-tenant infrastructure, dedicated instance • Scalable and secure platform • Seamless connectivity to end users • Disaster recovery infrastructure

HR Process Operating Model • Application maintenance and updates by Infosys • HR Center of Excellence • Training and Certi cation • HR specialists (MCoE) • Transformational service delivery


Optimize Costs
Infosys talentedge significantly lowers total cost of ownership – by 30% over a 5-year period. This, coupled with a Cloud-based delivery model, reduces Capex investment and enables the HR function to contribute to the organization’s bottom line. Further, through its outcome-based pricing model, talentedge helps bring in spend predictability, thereby increasing the efficiency of HR services.

How Infosys talentedge has Empowered HR
• A leading US specialty retailer with over 25,000 employees adopted Infosys talentedge to harmonize HR processes. Infosys talentedge enabled accelerated HR transformation on a Capex-to-Opex model with immediate returns on investment and provided a strong foundation for future talent-centric HR innovation harmonize HR processes across 8 different units and lowered TCO. It also improved business SLAs / outcomes with greater engagement and empowerment through selfservice, automation and business rules-based workflows • Infosys talentedge enabled a leading Australian staffing solutions organization with more than 4,000 employees and contractors deliver a seamless integrated HR experience, resulting in enhanced employee and customer engagement and satisfaction. It also helped reduce TCO

• A leading Australian bank and financial service provider leveraged Infosys talentedge to address the HR needs of more than 17,000 employees. Infosys talentedge helped


Infosys talentedge Platform Architecture
Core IP, Verticalization and Value-added service
User Experience – MyNest
Smart Assist Integrated Insights Execution Visibility Social Collaboration Guided Experience Smart Interactivity

Oracle PeopleSoft HCM Modules
Performance Management Career Planning

Tools and Accelerators
On-boarding Workbench

Core HR

Bene ts Admin


Absence Management

Compensation and Budgeting

Succession Planning

Reporting and Analytics

Payroll Reconciliation



Time and Labor

HR Help Desk

Service Desk Functionality

Customizable Services + Operations
Professional Services Business Operations Support Infrastructure Support Application Support

Infrastructure and Hosting
Disaster Recovery Security Backup & Restore Audit Compliance


Infosys talentedge integrates best-in-class domain expertise and value-added features to deepen employee Engagement and drive business value. Its Hire-to-Retire talent management functionalities and proven operational capabilities help Simplify and Optimize talent management.

Verticalization and Value-Added Functions (VAFs)
Infosys leverages its in-depth industry intelligence and domain expertise to offer industry-specific business processes and templates. Various VAFs, such as social collaboration and smart devices support, proactive monitoring of employee actions and events, and running analytics on employee experience for organizational feedback are offered.

leverage Oracle PeopleSoft HCM as the underlying technology to deliver HR-based functionalities.

Customizable Services
Infosys offers a customized and configurable talentedge to meet the specific requirements of an organization’s business processes and seamlessly integrate with the target ecosystem.

Core IP
Infosys talentedge’s core IP consists of a set of functional components that provide HR processes across the employee lifecycle from Hire-to-Retire. functional repeat components

Infrastructure and Hosting
The managed services model offers flexible hosting services with options to host in the Infosys Cloud or on premise.


Engage Employees
• Increase employee engagement through social collaboration • Improve productivity, operational e ciency and end-user satisfaction through multi-channel user support and mobility that makes talentedge available anytime , anywhere, on demand • Enhance decision making and HR process e ectiveness through insightful analytics / reports, fostering e ective organizational performance • Raise employee productivity arising from simpli ed and uni ed interfaces of the self-service portal across the Hire-to-Retire HR process

Simplify Processes

• Reduce on-boarding time through paperless, error-free on-boarding for each new hire • Lower time and e ort spent on administrative activities, resulting in better employee retention, with sharper focus on core business activities and e ective people management • Seamless integration with other modules providing a single source for all HR data, thereby reducing data inconsistencies signi cantly • Single vendor accountability in areas of Support, Application Maintenance, Hosting, Business Continuity, and Upgrades

Optimize Costs

• Capex-to-Opex model with hugely reduced upfront capital outlay and 30% savings on TCO over a period of 5 years • Helps drive HR contribution to bottom line with outcome-based pricing bringing about spend predictability • Just-in-time allocation of resources converts xed cost to variable cost • Cloud-based delivery model ensures access to latest HR systems and lowers cost of upgrade and migration

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