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Joplin, Mo.

March 10, 1964

Mai.J.ed from Escondido, California

Newsletter from W. Jack k Billle Gilsou Guliacan, Sinaloa, Mexico Co-workers, Dionisio Atondo, Jose Rocha in the Culiacan Church of Christ
U.S. Address All Funds ^ Packages Iglesia de Cristo

First Church of Christ- Culiacan Account -

Calle Gabino Vasquez 1147

801 N, Central

Phoenix, Arizona


colonia Ejidal
Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico

As this is written in Escondido I'm thinking back over the weeks that have run into almost three months now- a time of furlough and re porting that has whlszed by at an extra fast clip,.. The time until our

return and planned immigration to Mexico will quickly be gone. It will be September before we are conscious the other eight months are finished.
We had started driving from Culiacan on December 20 after a fren

zied week of packing and storing our goods in a warehouse so they would
be safe until our return. ed north We made a last visit to the Christian families

at the church, thanked our lovely neighbors for all their help, and pull
making the six hundred miles to the border in the shortest

time ever, 13 hours actual driving time.

When we pulled into Phoenix the old Chevrolet was growling and con king, so, although late at night by that time, we called Russell Brinker
and he and Lucille gave ..is a helping hand, '-fhey drove in the 25 miles and escorted us to thei.'.- iU'iveway, The next day we had the wheel bear

ings replaced- left ove:; dainnge from- a flash flood that had swept overand through the car several weeks beforec Such is life.

On Monday the 23, Billle moved over from Brinkers to her sister's

house to prepare for Christmas, Fred' and'Patsy Longest are "Air Force" and recently transferred to Phoenix, Jack took off by jet for Portland and a family reunion. You know how that goes. He spent 4j- hours en route, but 30 minutes in Los Angeles and ^5 minutes in San EFrancisco
airports. Now THAT*S the way to TRAVEL* Christmas Jack saw all his

family except one nephew and family, stuck on the east coast.

New Year's eve, after Jack's visiting for a heartwarming week with relatives, his older brother Howard and family decided a fast trip to Phoenix was in order. So- Jack flew up in a Boeing 707 and back in a

Pontiac Jet Star 8S,

Thanks for the rideJ

Meanwhile Billie took part

in a midwinter youth "recruit retreat" at Sedona, Arizona for the Arizona
youth, as well as visit relatives and friends.

Now to business.

In Arizona we finished editing our moving picture
had our first official

and taping the sound. On Jaruiary 5 at Tucson we

showing and have been on the go ever since.

The movie, presenting basic

problems and results of the Lord's work in Mexico has been well received* In February we attended the Conference on Evangelism in San Jose and ful filled the very nice schedule organized by the San Rafael church for us

in Northern California,

Though we are always on the move there is never

time to see everyone we v/ould like.

Here in Southern California Escondido has set up our appointments5
word from Oregon tells us our schedule there is non-stop from April 1 to May 3- we'll finish Ar^ril with a weeks meeting with the new ^fexican -

%»anish speaking church in Portland. Then we'll see you in Idaho and Washington in Mp.y, returning for a few summer camps on our way south,
planning to return to Mexico for Jose's wedding in September,
We have receiv ed several letterc ;L>om our loved ones in Culiacan. Brother Atondo, evangelist and church plantar writess "La obra en Cu'l I.acn, , ,, " progresses. We have a new

family with several children atiojuiing, thoy have paid good attention to

the doctrine.
Surely i t isj

Do you ask who brought them^

Well, it was the Lord for

they came by themselves to question us.
one remembers you both with love.

Isn't this a blessing of GodV

In Aguaruto the servineR have benii

Brother Gilson, look at what has happened to us.

Our little

First Christian Church

Mission Project
1300 S, Juniper Strest

Permit #112
Postage Paid

Escondido, California

profit Org.

W, Jack Gilson, Mexico

Escondido, Calif.

Joplin^ Mo

516 N tfall

Vo^rov Phillips




baby Jonathan passed away the Mth of February (seventh child, second

son) from a stomach infection.

On Sunday he was very well, laughing

and playing with the brethren in the services. On Tuesday he was i l l during the night and we thought i t was a little cold, but Wednesday we

took him to a nearby doctor, but 'Fina took no money with her as we
were short. After she spent much time waiting in line the doctor re fused to see the baby because she had no money with her. She returned in tears and we bought a few pills for the fever that had begun but i t was useless. He was sick all night. The next day we borrowed money, then our check came and we spent the day at the emergency hospital then returned home. At four in the morning on Friday he became gravely i l l with a fever of over and acute dehydration. We wrapped him in a

blanket and went walklnp; the streets (the car wouldn't run) looking for
a doctor that would help us. On the highway a taxi finally c?.me by, but we had just moved anothei- block when the baby died in his mothers

Brother, pray for us, especially my wife (Josefina de Atondo),
know Jonathan is with the Lord as that is what He tells us,


David has

said, "Why-should we-cryHe-^il-l-^-o-t-come- t-o me, ra-ther I shall go

where He is,"

lour servant in Christ, Dionisio Atondo

Our co-worker and minister to central Church writesj

It gives me great pleasure that some of the brethren remember me

from the quartet we traveled with in I960,
We are sho^^^ing the film strips each week here with Bro, Ramos and five families are represented and interested.

I'm having difficulty getting commitments from the brethren to

(come and preach for) come for our Easter evangelistic services, but
some friends in Los Angeles wrote they want to come in March to show

movies in Spa.nish, \-7hich have had good effect in Ensenada, B.C,
I*m to begin studying English in April as the Dallas brethren are
to send me to school.

God bless you and give you success,

Jose Hocha

The last thing I would like to ^mention is our short visit to Ensenada, Baja California. Jerry Deloris V/atkinson and children &

Miss Lorene Martin (sis), all-co-wovkers with us in Hermosillo are now
stationed here , We were especially happy to see the fine work being

done in printing by Lorene.

Our basic Bible School material is now

mimeographed by her and sent to us. The art work is good and the print_ ting in the actual idiomatic everyday Sptmish of the people is of the

greatest importance. Pray for Lorene, her address is Apdo. Postal 994> Ensenada, Baja California. Jerry has added the Mexicali-Calexico work to his supervision, along with some fine Mexican ministers there.
We'll be seeing you. Pray for our immigration plans| that God may
lead us to the right immigration officials to help us.

"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much"
James $sl6


® i


OctolDer 1, 1964. vvritten in Culiacan, Slnaloa, Mexico.

Newsletter from W.

Jx 4yU-

J fl

Jack & Billie Gilson


- p~ Go-Viiorkers, Dionislo Atondo and Jose Jriocha.


GULIaCAN account. First Church of Christ, 801 j)J. Central, ' Phoenix, Arizona.

(fe;.^/MEXICAN ADDHESS FOR PERSONAL MAIL: Apdo. Postal 826, Culiacan, Sinaloa,






Ihe vines covered the countryside like a spongy green carpet and the highway planed through bushes and kapok trees, weird cactu^ came in unexpected angles from the


I stoppd the car in spite of the heat- as a big

flock of green and red parrots screamed across the road.

I felt at home, I was back in Mexico, in Sinaloa.

riiiw Idaho.

;^to Churches and Youth camps in all of the western states

Our last^general letter to you was in March- I hope you havn't^given us up for " non-correspondence". We were then right in the middle of a tv/enty thousand mile trip
on the Pacific and bordering them, Arizona, Nevada and

Youth camp.

Vve've seen most of you and it's been wonderful, working out an average of presenting the work once a day from January 5th until the end of May, then nine weeks of
Close to 10,000 people saw the movie

presenting Mexico and God's work here.

^1,000 in the general fund with a monthly debit of over •|i500.00, i(i/e still have unfinished business of course,

built up enough to get back to Mexico and some left overWhat more can you ask? Our present balance is over

Financially our trip was adequately paid for and we

N \

i •i


\h rv !'

.have to wait and see if the Mexican Government APPROVES, -Billie stayed at the border to finish BUYING, we have to .wait and see if they CROSS THE BORDER alright. There are
'many houses, but this time we want a house we can SETTLE

house ).

immigration papers to pay for ( about ^350.00 ). final purchasing of goods at the border, settling in a house, ( we gave up our apartment when we left ard now want a

Our immigration papers are APPLIED FOR, we'll

1 'I

/ /

/fr^}yT\ IHNTO and work.

minister of the E.Udal

dozens of children v/ith strong words, but it was a memorable occasion. The next VVednesday and Sunday saw an attendance of about 40 with 20 taking communion with

V^e had to wake up the train bearers and control the

were married in a ceremony performed Sept, 20th by old friend A. Julian of Hermosillo. The little "tempio" in the E.Udal was jam packed with more than 200 well wishers.

(first) and member BELIA PORTILLO


Sunday, with 12 partaking of the Lord's Supper. This church has money to buy property, but are having difficulty with political powers in getting a lot. No
lot paid for by Culiacan Account funds and the house built by his personal loan (Peatherstone Christian Service flor this),


meetings saw attendance of 55 mid-week and 20

pionisio Atondo moved his family into a house here, the
vVe expect .to have this "second" church


has been under way for a few months'^

encourage the "protestantes"'


Camp later helped with an offering of pl75.00 especially
organized by mid-winter.

.THE RAIKS^ are about over. The houses are leaky and pulverized by four months'of continuous water and heat,
people come to church in the rain?)

steam and sun. The roads turn to quagmires of mud and vegetation, making the work difficult -(why, don't the

The-HffiXICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION W'lLL'BE HERE November 10th,. 11th, 12th.
Pray for us, for HIS V/ORK in Mexico


Hrst Christian Church

Permit #112

1300 S. Juniper Street
Fscon<?i<5o, California

Postage Paid Non Profit Org.
FsconcUdo, Calif.

bzark Bible College Library
516 North "fall Joplih, Missouri

aemoo artaie -sem

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