New Plan as of June 1, 2009.

Montreal Quebec
As of June 1st. 2009, active members of the Reiki Montreal Meetup Group and VIP members of multihealing center, both decided to combine all services offered to their calendar as one service preserving their privacy and activities. Here below is the new plan. You can access this plan through The Reiki Montreal Meetup Group's website at and through the multihealing center's website at Thus from now on we reserve privacy of attendees and there is no need to RSVP since the session is PRIVATE. You will see this image on each session

All you have to do is to email Merlin at: to reserve your place.

Running sessions and practical workshops cover the following: Reiki FAQ multihealing FAQ Energy Centering Energy Grounding Reiki Centering Reiki Grounding

Daily Meditation (weekdays from 6-7) Healing Meditation Reiki Meditation Reiki Experience Reiki Cocktail Full Reiki treatment Reiki infinite dimensions Healing Energy Exercises (part.1) Reiki Exercises (part.1) Environmental Cleansing Aura cleansing (7 layers) Aura Energizing (physical body) Aura Energizing (energy centers.7Chakras) Chakras evaluation Guided meditation (Shambhala, Himalaya, the Master within...) Pyramid Meditation (Junior, senior and advanced level) Reiki Pyramid Meditation (level 1. 2 and Master level) Reiki distant healing multihealing local/national projects Vibrational healing sounds (part.1 , 2) Reiki .I. course Reiki .II. course Reiki .III. Master course Reiki .IV. Teacher course Reiki Kundalini course (Session description coming soon)

Our philosophy maintains the standards of Rishis who mastered themselves, who absorbed the wisdom of truth and become known as "artists of living" forever, and in all ages to come. Reiki, healing meditation and a very few selected techniques make you fully awake within yourself i.e you fully know yourself and at this level you become the knower, the known and the process of knowing. Uniting these three realities you lay the basis and the ultimate purpose of the manifestation and evolution of the whole universe. We invite all true seekers of wisdom, of light, of healing, of true knowledge to join us in our journey to learn, to practice, and to train. To learn something which is "not true" to the laws of nature is a mistake, an illusion, a delusion and all lead to suffering. To practice something which is not based on wisdom of life is an error that leads to a disease. To train/teach something which is "not true" and of "no wisdom" will spread negativity and bring imbalance to ones' mind, body, emotions and surroundings. Our goal is to build an active community of natural energy healing practitoners who integtrate the wisdom of teaching, practicing, training and researching into their daily life. Soon this community will be given projects for local and national purposes. Our global goal is for joy of life to belong to every man, for love to dominate human society, for truth and virtue to reign in the world, for total peace to be on earth permanently and for all to live in fulfillments in fullness of life in God consciousness. Love and Light The Reiki Montreal Meetup Group Multihealing (multi Guerison) Center


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