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European Network for Research on Supplementary Pensions

Protecting Pension Rights

in the economic crisis
18 and 19 June 2009
Background of the conference
The current global economic crisis questions the pension policies of many countries. Worldwide the structuring of the
pension schemes is examined again. Are the flaws in both PAYG systems as in funded systems sufficiently known ?
Friday 19 June 2009
Thursday 18 June 2009
9h00 Pension policies for the financial crisis (Canada, Ireland, UK and US)
9h00 Registration of the participants - John Turner and Gerhard Hughes - Pension Policy Center
Washington and School of Business at Trinity College Dublin
9h20 Opening of the conference by the dean of the Law Faculty
9h30 Personal accounts: a secure future - Bryn Davies and Barbara Waine
9h30 Trends in European Pension Policies in times of crisis - Karel - Union Pension Services Limited London and Institute of Applied
Van Hulle and Georg Fischer – DG Internal Market and DG Social Studies of the University of Birmingham
Social Affairs - European Commission 10h00 Questions and debate
10h15 Questions and debate 10h30 Coffee break

10h30 Coffee break 11h00 Reforming the American Pension System - David Pratt – Albany Law
School in New York
11h00 Reforming private pensions in times of crisis according the
11h30 The effect of the financial crisis on US pensions - Dana Muir -
OECD - Yuan Yermo and Jean Marc Salou – OECD University of Michigan USA
12h00 Questions and debate
11h45 Questions and debate
12h30 Free lunch in town
12h00 Lunch 14h00 Uncovered risks in occupational pension schemes in Poland - Marek
14h00 Szczepanski - Department of Economics Sciences of the Poznań
Pension rights in a time of financial turbulence - John
University of Technology
Woodall - Social Security Department ILO
14h30 Retirement income provision in Australia in the wake of the global
14h45 Questions and debate financial crisis - Hazel Bateman - Centre for Pensions and
Superannuation at the University of New South Wales
15h00 Coffee break
15h00 Questions and debate
15h15 The influence of regulation on occupational pensions - Paul
15h30 Coffee break
Roels – Lecturer KU Leuven
16h00 The handling of crisis in DC schemes: the experience of Denmark -
16h00 Economic Security of Old People in the Financial Crisis - Finn Ostrup - Copenhagen Business School
Lucy apRoberts and Pierre Concialdi - l'Institut de recherches
16h30 The crisis in pension funding in Ireland - Jim Stewart - School of
économiques et sociales (IRES) Business of Trinity College Dublin
16h45 Questions and debate 17h00 Closure of the conference by the ENRSP chairman Heinz Dietrich
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