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The State of the Lake and Fate of the Lake to be Featured at FUND Annual Meeting
On Saturday, August 17th, the FUND for Lake George is holding its Annual Meeting at the Sagamore Resort’s Shelving Rock Terrace. The meeting will begin at 9:00am. Featured speakers at this year’s meeting include Dr. John Kelly, Senior Vice President and Director of Research for IBM and Dr. Jeffrey Short, special advisor to the FUND. A renowned specialist on the impacts of pollution on large-scale aquatic ecosystems, particularly oil spills, Dr. Short will preview key findings of the forthcoming 30-year study on Lake George water quality that reveals the “State of the Lake.” As will be presented at the meeting, study findings show that without curbing present trends, Lake George faces the prospect of permanent degradation. Dr. Kelly will discuss the Jefferson Project at Lake George that was launched in direct response to the 30-year study findings and the need for concerted action to secure the “Fate of the Lake.” The Jefferson Project brings together IBM, the FUND, and Rensselaer’s Darrin Fresh Water Institute (DFWI) to apply state-of-the-art technology, strategic research, and scienceguided advocacy toward realizing long-term protection of Lake George. Never before has an initiative of this scale and purpose been implemented for protection of a threatened natural resource. As highlighted in the attached infographic, the Jefferson Project will make Lake George “the Smartest Lake in the World.” “This year’s Annual Meeting underscores the fact that Lake George has reached a critical inflection point requiring unprecedented action,” said FUND Chairman Jeff Killeen. “What we do now will determine what kind of Lake we leave for our kids and grandkids,” Killeen said. “I could not be more excited about the FUND’s role in understanding the present health of Lake George and how we use this knowledge to safeguard our Lake for the next generation.” For 30 years the FUND has invested more than $2 million in the Darrin Fresh Water Institute’s water chemistry monitoring program to produce one of the most comprehensive scientific databases for any freshwater lake in the world. “Analysis of the data reveals that the treasured -overP.O. Box 352 ♦ Lake George, New York 12845 ♦ 518-668-9700 ♦ Fax 518-668-5915 ♦

water quality of Lake George will slip into a state of accelerating decline without decisive action,” said FUND Executive Director Eric Siy. It was this analysis that prompted the FUND to adopt its Legacy Strategy late last year. Framed as a “generational commitment,” the Legacy Strategy focuses on solving the mounting problems that science reveals with a single unifying goal: stopping the present decline of water quality and achieving sustained protection of Lake George for the next generation. The Jefferson Project marks a major step in advancing the Legacy Strategy. As will be discussed at the Annual Meeting, chief elements of the Legacy Strategy include direct investment by the FUND in the strategic science and solutions of the Jefferson Project, strategic partnerships that bring together diverse interests—including those of the Jefferson Project—to work in common purpose on behalf Lake George, and program innovations that strengthen existing Lake protection efforts. One exciting innovation to be discussed at the meeting is creation of a new certification system for Low Impact Development (LID). This work is being led by the Lake George Waterkeeper, a core program of the FUND dedicated to independent public oversight and review of development projects throughout the Lake George basin. LID certification will provide public and private interests alike with clear guidance and defined standards for land use development that minimizes or eliminates negative impacts to the Lake. LID-certified developments will gain distinct competitive advantages similar to those of another well known and highly successful standard, the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system for green building construction. The Annual Meeting’s agenda also includes presentation of the James Corbett Award for environmental leadership and the first ever Irving Langmuir Award for low impact development. The FUND for Lake George The FUND for Lake George is a not-for-profit, privately funded organization dedicated to the protection of Lake George. Formed in 1980, the FUND applies a science-based approach to protection focused on Lake George water quality and the overall health of the Lake George watershed. The FUND pursues this mission through long-term scientific research, direct advocacy, and strategic partnerships with diverse public and private interests. The FUND sponsors the Lake George Waterkeeper among other programs on Lake George. The FUND for Lake George is managed by a Board of Trustees and maintains an office in Lake George. For more on the FUND’s work, visit ###


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