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Changing Your Past, Recreating Your Future - Part One

a message from Jim Self Sunday, 13 January, 2013 (posted 31 January, 2013) 5203 views, 1 comment - login or register to comment

Excerpted from a webinar series.

Did you know that it is possible to rewrite virtually everything that has ever happened to you? Or that you could also create a future that is very different than the one you may have set in motion? Its perfectly true. You can change your past, and you can recreate, or direct the future. But you cannot change your past while clinging to the third-dimension.

Most of us, however, choose not to change our past but instead we choose to relive our past, over and over and over. So the operative word there is choose. We choose not to change our past. But we can make a different choice and experience a different result.

You know that what you put your attention on is what you get. And when we couple our thoughts and emotions and begin to rethink the thought and wrap it around the emotion over and over again, we create an attention point that the Law of Attraction simply says, I will give you more of what your thoughts and emotions are focused upon. It may be something we desire, but many times it is an experience we dont desire. And, we put what we dont desire out in front of us and say, Please, God, dont let this ever happen to me again! The Law of Attraction smiles and creates more of it for you to step into. You flawlessly recreate your present and your future based upon your past. It works perfectly every time. When you understand the dynamic, the possibility of rearranging everything about who you are and how you play is very available.

The past is made up of an emotion (or a collection of emotions) and a thought (or a structure of many thoughts). For example: I have an experience where somebody walks around the corner and if they have a blue shirt on I immediately do not like them! Do I know them? No! Have I ever talked to them? No! But I dont like them! In real terms, what I dont like is the blue shirt the person is wearing, because my father used to wear a shirt exactly the same color when he yelled at me, beat me, screamed at me, invalidated me, and made me feel embarrassed! We each have a relationship with an event in the pasta piece of information: my father used to yell at meand we also have an emotion attached to that event: fear. When Mr. Blue Shirt walks around the corner I have an instant reaction based upon a strong, highly charged thought/emotion combination, and I re-experience my past right now.

This is the process where we take information, or a thought, couple it with a strong emotion, and then relive it over and over again, thereby fully anchoring it into our space. Do you know anyone who relives their past over and over and over?

Now, in the fourth dimension, emotions only exist in present time. You cannot have an emotion yesterday, and you cannot

have an emotion tomorrow. In the fourth dimension, you can instead access information from the past, bring it into the moment, and then simply observe the information without coupling any charged emotion to the information. By contrast, in the third dimension, we see the blue shirt, re-experience the emotion and instantaneously relive the past in the moment. We keep it in our space and revisit it repeatedly. As you step into the fourth dimensional space, you have the opportunity to neutrally observe the blue shirt and not couple it with the emotion. You have the ability to recognize that it is not your father, and it is not twenty years ago! Decoupling the emotion and the information is hugely valuable as the drama and noise of the Shift rapidly increases.

Let me give you an examplethis is a true story.

A number of years ago a woman came to me who looked extremely defeated; she was slumped over, had no self-esteem, and did not appear to have any value in her life. Ive been to all kinds of people, she confided sadly, and I can never solve my problem!

After relating her long story, Jane finally told me: When I was four years old, my mother said to me, I wish I never had you! And then, six months later, she died. My father had died a year earlier. Ive been in this painful, confused place my whole life, and I have no idea what I did so badly that my mother wished she had never had me. A fifteen -second event that occurred more than three decades earlier had been driving virtually every moment and experience of Janes life.

I said to her, Is it possible that what you think occurred actually never even happened? In fact, from where Im looking at you, the event you just told me did not happen that way at all!

Jane was a little stunned at that, and said, Oh yes, it did happen that way! Im very clear about what my mother said to me.

Would you like to walk around that event with me, and together we can see how accurate that memory is? I invited. When she agreed, I said, You remember that your mother looked at you and said, I am so sorry that I had you. What you didnt know is that she had just found out that she had cancer and had only six months to live. Her statement was really not about you. It was about her. Your mother was saying, Im going to abandon you into this world and I am so sorry that I ever had you!

At that point, Jane burst into tears and sat there for twenty minutes virtually unaware of anything but the energy leaving her spaceenergy that had seriously affected every aspect of her life for 34 years!

The truth is that the beliefs we hold about our past rarely happen the way we believe they did! But when a strong thought is coupled with a charged, negative emotion, the combination drives our reality.

Changing Your Past, Recreating Your Future - Part Two

a message from Jim Self Wednesday, 17 April, 2013 4207 views, 3 comments - login or register to comment

As this Shift of Consciousness unfolds, there are many, many events that are being stripped from your consciousness and your memories. The first Wave* clears away beliefs in your past that have been projected into your future. These sets of beliefs say, "This is my truth. This is all I have ever been, and this is all I am ever going to be!"

In the third dimension, the past is experienced in the mental body and the emotional body. But in the fourth dimension the past is observed, not experienced. You don't run your past through the emotional body. When you can stand in the fourth dimension present-time, right now- and decouple the emotion from the thought, you can simply perceive the past, "I was yelled at, abused, and insulted." You can decouple the strong emotion that went along with it and simply observe that, "In my past, my father abused me; but I'm not in my past; I'm standing right here and I do not have to be the result of my past if I do not bring the painful emotion with me present-time.

The minute the emotion is coupled with the information or thought, you drop back into the third dimension and relive that painful past again in this moment. Your past can be viewed as simply two distinct components: a piece of information that once had an emotion attached to it. When you can separate the emotion from the thought (the information), the ability to perceive your past will change instantly. Everything that you have believed about how you're "not Okay" begins to release its hold on you. You may have participated in events and you may have experienced outcomes that you didn't desire; but you've never failed at any part of the lesson. It's when you can separate the information from the emotion in this presenttime moment that the old charged memories are cleared from your past. You are changing your past! That pain from the past that has been projected into your future is also being cleared at the same time. It is a very big deal how the Shift is taking away everything that is not you!

Now, that is why remembering and practicing your tools, skills and strategies is so important right now. One of the most important skills you can develop is the ability to determine what is your concern and what is simply Shakespeare's theater surrounding you. The Rose tool, which I have referred to in webinars and articles, is designed to allow you to identify that space from the Rose to you is who you are; and from the Rose away from you is Shakespeare's theater to entertain you. Incorporating this simple, significant tool into your daily life will allow you to instantly rearrange how you understand yourself: " This is me here, and that is the theater that has nothing to do with me!"

As that point is determined, the first Wave has more room to dissolve who-you-are-not and clear it away. The second Wave will then begin to increase your wiring capacity; bringing in more Light, more knowledge, more wisdom, and more of you (the multidimensional part of you) into the body. The noise, the drama, and the past and future simply cease to happen. You begin to know yourself here, in this moment in the present time.

Another transformative tool is a geometric energy field. It's called an octahedron. When you put the octahedron back together and wear it, what happens is that you begin to hold a consistent tone that is outside of the third dimensional reality's grasp.

As you step into present-time and choose to look at your past simply as a combined emotion and thought- "I was yelled at by the Blue Shirt"--and recognize that the blue shirt you're looking at in present time has nothing to do with the emotion once experienced, the event loses its charge and becomes neutralized, which in turn allows the emotion that you've been reliving over and over every day to dissolve from your present-time space. You are now more neutral and can ask a better questione.g., "What else might have been going on in that past situation?" Instead of approaching all of life from a charged place, you will simply view it from a place of neutral curiosity.

Putting yourself back together

So why is it so important to begin to put yourself back together? In the third dimension we have been trained and conditioned to respond to what is outside of us. And, what's outside of us directs much of our reality. Just take a look at advertising! Do you really need that seventh pair of shoes? And, "Oh, that's so cute I think I"ll get another pair in green" etc.

In the externally motivated third dimension an interesting dynamic occurs. Let me use the example of hunger. You're driving along, You're not even aware of being hungry, and there is an ad for Sushi, Wendy's, KFC, Soup n'Salad, whatever, and you find yourself saying: "I think I'll go and get a meal." You were not even hungry a moment ago, but the conditioning pulls you into that location! You were powerfully affected by the external world.

As the memories of the past fall away, and as the programmed thoughts of who you will be in the future dissolve, the conditioning is also falling away. Have you noticed that the dreams and desires, the hopes, goals and wishes that you once had don't even feel important anymore? Also, you can't even remember some of the things that you were told and believed would drive your life? That specific observation is very important! As you put yourself back together, the who-you-are-not dissolves and who-you-are begins to shine.

As time is collapsing into a singular present moment, many people are getting bored. Bored as in "I don't know what to do! I'm not sure who I am anymore. I don't have anything that's important to me. And I'm really not sure what to do with myself." Do you know this place? As we forget who we are not, a conditioning is also being stripped away. And now, the reference points of the conditioning no longer exist! But we're so conditioned on "Wendy's = eat hamburger," and "advertising = buy shoes", that when those reference points go away, we don't know what to do with ourselves. And this is a great thing that's happening. You are surely stepping into a fourth dimensional place!

As you begin to play in the fourth dimension, (with diminishing reference points) you are (metaphorically) standing naked

with nothing to do until you decide what you want to do. You are treading water until you choose to create an event. So, let me give you an example. I now no longer have an external stimuli to tell me I'm hungry, and I'm starting to actually feel hungry, but I don't know what I want to eat. If you can switch this to: "I think I'd like to create something really wonderful to eat; I wonder what I would like to have?" If you begin to ask the right questions- Universe, what would be very interesting to eat? - you will begin to get some new ideas. Instead of the old conditioning, the Universe begins to give you what you put your attention on. All you have to do is pay attention in present-time and notice what is presented to you: mangoes, Japanese cucumbers, fresh spring peas. Notice what your asking brings to you. Boredom is a choice.

I know you have had the experience where you casually say something like, "Well, I wonder where I could get a delicious, Hawaiian salmon burger that is very juicy and on a tosated bun and has a big slice of tomato and very fresh lettuce and a thick red onion on it." Then all of a sudden, a picture will appear in your mind accompanied by the thought: three weeks ago when I was at dinner with my best friend, and we were having a wonderful, laughing time, the waiter walked by with this really nice looking salmon-burger." That sandwich will come right into your awareness because it's part of your creative mechanism rather than your reactionary mechanism. This will begin to happen more often to all of us, because we are forgetting who-we-are-not, and we are being given an empty palette on which to re-create our selves on our own terms and according to our own desires.

Since many of us have not been trained well, nor given permission to validate and grow our creative nature, we are, in a sense being given back our childhood. We are being given back the opportunity to create. And the Shift is stripping away more and more. The anger, frustration, resentment, and the always-and-never aspects of the rigid third dimension are dissolving. As they are going away they are taking who-you-are-not with them.

As you begin to put yourself back together and re-access your Higher Mind, re-connect with your Soul, anchor it back into your Heart, and begin to activate the Light Body, you discover you can choose different and new options. You can choose co-creation and compassion; well-being and beauty. You begin to find the internal smile in the Heart that has been forgotten a long time ago, and you begin to create and co-create with your community of friends.

This is happening and it is going to continue. As you use your tools, and start putting yourself back together, you begin to experience yourself as being "in the world but not of the world." As the wiring comes back together, the access to whom you have always been starts to lock into place, you not only remember whom you have always been; you also do not remember that you never remembered! You simply become once again what you have always been.

This is a remarkable game that we are playing in, and there is a tremendous acceleration as you put yourself back together! This is something that is not experienced very often by many beings! What you are doing is creating something that has never even been thought possible in the higher realms. And you are doing it at an accelerated rate. Superbly!

So even though you look in the mirror and say, "I don't know what that guy was talking about" it IS an exciting adventure! As you put yourself back together, you're going to be thrilled with what you find!

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