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Sidney Elementary School 15 Pearl Street East

Newsletter Sidney NY 13838

“Be active with good character”

Responsibility-Respect-Trustworthiness- February - March 2009


Reflections from Mr. Green SES to Hold Open Kindergarten Registration

Spring time is almost here and hopefully warm Registration for all Sidney Central School District
weather will be right around the corner. The stu- students eligible to enter kindergarten in September
dents have continued to do a great job at SES! The 2009 will be held the weeks of Monday, March 16
staff and students have been focused on the charac- through Friday, March 20 and Monday, March 23
ter traits of trustworthiness and are moving on to through Friday, March 27 from 9:00 to 2:00 p.m.
fairness for March and April. Our third, fourth and The registration will take place in the district Regis-
fifth grade students completed the NYS math test trar’s office located in the Middle School. Parents
during the first week of March. The students gave will need to present their child’s
their best effort and I am extremely proud of them! birth certificate, immunization
We have very exciting events and programs com- records and proof of residency
ing to SES over the course of the next few months. as well as fill out paperwork
On March 23rd the rainforest program will do two during registration. They will
day time performances along with an evening pro- also have an opportunity to sign
gram. The Catskill Valley Wind Ensemble will their child up for a kindergarten
perform on April 3rd and Chocolate Wars will screening.
make an appearance on April 28th. As always, I
appreciate the positive home-school connection To be eligible for kindergarten, a
that we have built! child must be five years old on
or before December 1, 2009. A
Early Kindergarten child who turns six years old any time during the
February might have been a cold and dreary month, school year must attend school at the start of Sep-
but it was a healthy month in Early Kindergarten! tember 2009.
First we learned how to keep ourselves healthy by It is important that all district kindergarten entrants
exercising every day and making good food for the September 2009 school year register at this
choices. We now know that some foods are GO time. If you have any questions about registration,
Foods which we can eat almost anytime, some are please call Jill Brazee or Mary Miley at 563-2135
SLOW Foods which we can eat sometimes, and extension 4200 or 4202.
some are WHOA Foods which we should eat only
once in a while. Our motto is “We Go for Go SES Taking Names for Universal Pre-K Slots
Foods!” Next we learned to keep our teeth healthy Sidney Elementary School is now taking names of
and happy, we need to brush twice a day, floss, see children for their Universal Pre-Kindergarten pro-
our dentist and stay away from sugary foods. Then gram in the fall. Children that reside in the Sidney
two great presidents helped us keep our minds Central School District and who will be four years
healthy. George Washington, father of our country, old before December 1, 2009 are eligible. The class
taught us to always tell the truth while Honest Abe will be determined by a lottery drawing at a later
Lincoln showed us that honesty is always the best date. Please call Jill Brazee or Mary Miley in the
policy. We loved making stove pipe hats with main office at 563-2135 extension 4200 or 4202 to
beards. Everyone thought we were miniature presi- add your child’s name to the Universal Pre-K list.
dents! Now that March is here we are having fun
using our magnets and simple machines. And last,
but not least, we are doing a great job learning the
letters of the alphabet and counting to ten.
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Universal Pre-K First Grade

The UPK Class has completed a unit on winter. The first grade has enjoyed learning about dental
During this unit we experimented with ice cubes health, the groundhog seeing his shadow, Presi-
melting and freezing. The students made great sci- dent’s Day and of course sharing our Valentines.
entists. We read The Hat and The Mitten and made We ended February celebrating the 100th day of
a wintery hat to wear and a mitten with all the ani- school! We can not believe we have been in school
mals from the 100 days already. We celebrated by doing activities
story. The stu- that have 100 involved with them.
dents did a nice We are moving right into
job recreating the March by learning about
story using ani- night and the solar system.
mals they colored. This is going to be so in-
Last week we met teresting to learn about!
in the evening to The middle of March will
work on a quilt we bring us to weather and St.
are making for Ms. Jenkins. Nine families came to Patrick’s day. To continue
the quilting party. We will be putting the quilt to- with learning about “go foods”, we will end March
gether and presenting it soon to Ms. Jenkins. In the by talking about nutrition and how to nurture our
month of March, we will be learning about spring healthy hearts. We are looking forward to the flow-
weather. We will be starting a mobile of all the ers blooming and the sun shining!
types of spring weather. We are also learning to
say / sing the alphabet, recognize letters and num-
bers, and we have been practicing writing our name. Second Grade
Most of all we are looking forward to seeing the
signs of spring! During the month of February, the
children learned about Washington
and Lincoln. One interesting fact was
that George Washington’s teeth were
February was a very busy month in kindergarten! made out of ivory and gold. This led
We celebrated the 100th day of school. The kin- to discussions about healthy dental
dergarten students made a 100 inch snake, crowns, habits to honor dental health month.
necklaces and counted out 100 pieces of various
The children have been working on
snacks. The children spent the day counting by
learning how to add and subtract dou-
ones, fives and tens. The SES PTO donated 100
ble digit numbers with regrouping. We encourage
books to the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten
the students to think like mathematicians when solv-
children. Thank you so much again for your gener-
ing word problems. They have learned key words
to help them to decode the problems.
During the month of March we will continue to
In March, the second graders will begin an exciting
learn new sight words and letters. The children are
science unit on interactions. This will involve a va-
making great progress with their 100 Book Chal-
riety of hands-on activities for the children to do.
lenge steps toward 400. Thank you again for tak-
We continue to strive for our goal of 400 steps by
ing the time to read with your child at home every
the end of May in the 100 Book Challenge reading
night. The family projects have been very creative
program. Please make sure your child is bringing
and we appreciate the time spent on completing
boots to school daily as the playground is very
them. We look forward to meeting with you on
muddy. We look forward to meeting with you dur-
March 20 or March 27 at parent-teacher confer-
ing parent/teacher conferences this month.
ences to discuss your child’s progress!
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Third Grade Fifth Grade

Third grade has been focusing on preparation for the In reading class student are finishing up their novels
New York State math tests. Now that they are over, with a theme of Black History. They will be com-
we can continue on with the memorization of our pleting a writing project on freedom.
multiplication facts. As Fifth graders are learning about “Mystery Matter” in
we start to wrap up our their science inquiry classroom. They will be per-
Native American unit, we forming various tests on know substances to com-
are reviewing our key vo- pare to an unknown substance so they can identify
cabulary such as culture, it. Our fifth graders spent a day in Schenectady at
traditions, resources, etc. Proctor’s Theater on march 4. They participated in
As always, support at an interactive CSI presentation. This performance
home with the 100 Book was a perfect fit to the science unit they have begun.
Challenge program is
greatly appreciated. We We have survived the NYS Math test that was given
are looking forward to the first week in march.
meeting with you at parent D.A.R.E. is coming to a close. Students have
-teacher conferences the afternoons of March 20 or learned much about the dangers of drugs, alcohol,
March 27. Our next large units of study will be and tobacco. They have also learned ways to stay
fairy tales and the solar system. healthy. D.A.R.E. graduation will be Tuesday,
March 24 from 8:30 - 10:00 a.m. in the High School
Fourth Grade
While Mrs. Barnes was home recuperating from her
Our fourth grade students have been working ex- surgery, she kept in contact with her class through a
tremely hard preparing for the NYS math test. We webcam. Students presented their biography reports
are very proud of their efforts and congratulate them to her through the webcam. Mrs. Barnes was also
on a job well done. The last NYS test will be the able to just “call in” and see and speak to the stu-
science exam in April. Our students have just com- dents throughout the day.
pleted their unit on Colo-
nial America in New York From March 16 through May 8, Ms. Strub, a student
where they made quilt teacher from SUNY Oneonta will be working with
blocks, candles, bonnets Mrs. Barnes’ class.
and tricorne hats.
Upcoming Events
In science, our students are
beginning a major unit on current and static electric- Friday, March 20 & Friday, March 27
ity where they will make a complete circuit four dif- 11:00 a.m. Students dismissed for half day parent-
ferent ways with one light bulb, one battery and one teacher conferences
piece of copper wire. Students are also starting a Tuesday, April 7
unit on identifying and using 7:00 p.m. K-12 Select Art
parts of speech and quotation Exhibit
marks in language arts. Finally, HS community room
our Cool Characters continue to
Friday, April 10 - Friday, April 17
be excellent examples of our
five pillars of character educa- No School — Spring Recess
tion for the entire elementary Monday, April 20
school! 6:30 p.m. SES PTO meeting
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Music Art
New York State United Teachers asked music edu- SES art students have brand new easels to enjoy this
cators to submit student compositions to be used as year, thanks to the generosity of the SES PTO and
hold music for callers at NYSUT headquarters. the efforts of High School students in Mr. Waltz’s
Songs had to be completely original, four minutes Basic Agri-Science classes. The art room only had
or less, and could feature either individual or group five easels at the start of the school year, and was
performances. A variety of music was received by granted enough funds to buy five additional new
NYSUT including instrumentals, vocals and rock easels. Art teacher, Ms. Neal contacted Mr. Waltz
bands. at the high school with the idea for possibly using it
SES fifth grader, Will Schwartz, will have one of as a project in one of his classes, and the suggestion
his original student compositions featured by NY- became a reality. Mr. Waltz’s students applied de-
SUT. His piece, “Dragon of the Full Moon” was sign techniques, mathematics, shop safety and
somewhat an experimentation in sound. “I liked woodworking skills taught in the basic Agri-Science
how it sounded as I was putting it together. I class to their easel pro-
thought it would be a good thing in a song to have jects which gave them an
the main melody come back. So I wrote it that opportunity to apply aca-
way” he stated. Will had fun creating the piece and demics to a real life
has followed up with a second composition titled, situation. The students
“B.C.”. You can hear Will’s composition by visit- in Mr. Waltz’s class
ing and click on “student really enjoyed the project
songs”. and they were glad that
their work will benefit current and future elementary
art students. The best part is that they were able to
build twice as many easels than could have been
purchased for the money.
Mrs. Fisher’s fourth grade class had the opportunity
Will Schwartz to express their creative talents in both art and po-
(right) with etry writing. Each wrote a cinquain about winter or
the French snow. A cinquain (pronounced sin-kain) from cinq,
horn. the French word for five, is a five line form of writ-
ing. At the same time, the class worked with Ms.
Neal in art class creating watercolor illustrations for
their cinquains. They learned to use the salt tech-
nique to create the illusion of snow or frost in their
designs. The students enjoyed both exercises and
the results were wonderful!

Taylor Barnes
Keep the Main Office Informed (left) used the
Please remember to keep the main office informed salt technique to
of any new home phone numbers, new work num- create the illu-
bers, new cell phone numbers or changes in ad- sion of snow in
dress. It is imperative that we have this informa- her illustration.
tion when an emergency arises with your child.
Thank you!