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People crowd into line. Dozens more rush to get in. A clerk empties a bag of potatoes into a bin. They are snatched up immediately. RUDOLFO (V.O.) By August 1994 our supply of goods from the former Soviet Union had evaporated. No grain, no oil. EXT. STREETS OF HAVANA - DAY

Bicycles and horse-carts fill the streets. RUDOLFO (V.O.) The Commandante encouraged us to ride bicycles by the thousands and donkeys carried supplies from point to point. EXT. THE NATIONAL STADIUM - DAY

FIDEL CASTRO speaks passionately at podium. RUDOLFO (V.O.) The Commandante called this the most difficult time in the revolution. EXT. THE MALECON - DAY

Along the sea-wall mobs of young people stroll aimlessly. RUDOLFO (V.O.) We, who were not part of the original revolution were tired of sacrifice. We saw life in the U.S. daily on television from Miami. EXT. THE CARRIBEAN SEA - DAY

HUNDREDS of refugees in rafts adrift in the open sea. RUDOLFO (V.O.) There had been two "boat-lifts" of refugees from Cuba to the U.S. The Camarioca, and Mariel. Now, the Commandante opened the flood gates again and thousands of people took to the sea. They made love on the beaches

and swore oaths to their lovers they would send for them soon. EXT. VARADERO BEACH - NIGHT

A crowd of people run to the beach carrying inner tubes, and life jackets. Hysteria. A celebration in the tropic night. RUDOLFO (V.O.) I, Rudolfo, had the connections. Rudolfo could get them what they wanted. Now it was inner tubes. The bigger the better. A SERIES OF SHOTS Rudolfo steals tires off trucks. Rudolfo at the back of a warehouse counts out cash to frightened men in uniform. Rudolfo at a club laughing and drinking. RUDOLFO And then it came to an end. EXT. A CLINIC IN EASTERN CUBA - DAY Serene. Antiseptic. Palm trees. No frills.

INT. CLINIC WAITING ROOM - DAY Rudolfo shuffles through magazines which he tosses away in contempt. They are Russian. A DOCTOR enters. Not good. DOCTOR You tested positive.

Rudolfo buries his face in his hands. DOCTOR (CONT'D) (on phone) Prepare admittance papers for Rudolfo Gomez. You will be committed here. You are not allowed to mix with the general population. We will need to make a copy of your I.D. card. no response, the Doctor looks up DOCTOR (CONT'D) Rudolfo?

The waiting room is empty. INT. INTERIOR MINISTRY BASEMENT - DAY Lieutenant Querrero (30's) exits from a small room. A man, his hands tied behind him is slumped over in a chair, dead. Superimpose: "INTERROGATION ROOM, INTERIOR MINISTRY, HAVANA" RUDOLFO (V.O.) I read that when noble causes lose sight of worthwhile goals jealousy and envy replace virtues which were once highly esteemed. I was not the only one with a death sentence... there were others with reasons for wanting to leave Cuba only they didn't know them yet. The interrogator, Lt. Querrero, looks wearily into the mirror. COLONEL NEGRAS (45) overweight and breathing heavy pauses behind him. NEGRAS Has he told you anything? QUERRERO Everything. NEGRAS (slaps him on the back) You never let me down! QUERRERO The drugs were confiscated in Nicaragua, traded for guns in Panama which were sent to Angola. The money left over was deposited in a Swiss bank account. NEGRAS The number? QUERRERO If he knew he would have told me. NEGRAS For now that's all we need. QUERRERO Colonel? He used it to buy additional arms for his men. NEGRAS

That adds nobility to his purpose, but it does not lesson his crime. QUERRERO The Commandante confirmed on him our Country's highest honors. Negras slams his fist against the wall. NEGRAS Am I the only one who has not lost his sight? Am I the only one who can tell black from white? Have him arrested immediately! QUERRERO Who will arrest him? him. The men love

NEGRAS He may have many friends... but I doubt that any one of them would risk a firing squad. INT./EXT. A CIGAR STORE - "GASPAR'S SWEETS" - DAY A corner store front in downtown Havana. An old phonograph recording of Sinatra's "ALL THE WAY" plays on loud speakers. RUDOLFO (V.O) And the Old Man... that music of his... An Old Man, (GASPAR, 70's) looks out from behind the counter. A picture of the crew of a World War II PBY, a "Flying Boat" with decorations for valor hangs unceremoniously on the wall. RUDOLFO (V.O.) (CONT'D) I miss his music... (beat) RUDOLFO (CONT'D) It marked the passing of the day almost as precisely as a clock. Across the street is a popular cafe attached to a tourist hotel. Above and dominating the avenue is an enormous mural of Fidel Castro and the words "Socialism or Death". EXT. GASPAR'S SWEETS - DAY

Gaspar takes two American dollar bills from a fat lady customer. He looks around carefully, smooths them out, and slips them into a drop box. PAULO, clean cut, and in military uniform strolls up. PAULO Good day to you, Gaspar. How goes the boat? Hey! GASPAR Get away from there!

Some boys run away from the magazine rack. GASPAR (CONT'D) This is not a library! The boat goes well. Good day to you, Paulo. PAULO Five of your best rolled on the thighs of a beautiful naked woman. GASPAR So many? PAULO The General is going hunting in the bush. So many magazines. GASPAR I hope you have a good guide. PAULO I hear he is the best. Why does the government permit American magazines when no one can afford the products even if they could get them? Gaspar thumbs through a catalogue of used airplanes. An advertisement for a WWII PBY. Unlike the one on the wall this "flying boat" is painted black. GASPAR Maybe they think it will pacify us. Paulo! Look! This is like the one I flew on. PAULO You were in the American Army? Navy. GASPAR A radioman.

PAULO Then you are a citizen? A young man bumps into Paulo. checking his pocket. It is Rudolfo. Paulo reacts by

PAULO (CONT'D) (good-naturedly) You thieving little bastard. Rudolfo is sweating heavily. RUDOLFO What were the numbers? GASPAR Please. Gambling is illegal. Don't you make enough robbing Canadian tourists and selling inner tubes? RUDOLFO Cut the shit. The numbers old man. Paulo slaps him on the back of the head. PAULO Watch your mouth! Rudolfo rubs his head. GASPAR Two, seven, eight, and nine. RUDOLFO Shit! Paulo puts his arm around him. PAULO What is it, mijo? My little brother has so many women he could field a soccer team. One can not be happy in love and fortune. Is it not so, Old Man? GASPAR He has bad luck. RUDOLFO Luck is what you make of it. PAULO

Still the best little pocket thief in the city. I should not even be seen with you. GASPAR Can you really steal anything, Rudolfo? RUDOLFO Yes. Paulo sees something across the street and reacts nervously. An elegant refined woman exits a boutique, takes the arm of Colonel Negras, the stocky officer from the interrogation room and enters a hotel restaurant. A tourist bus pulls up. GASPAR Did you ever want to leave, Paulo? PAULO (watching the hotel entance) Are you crazy? I got it made. I'm almost as successful as my little brother. Rudolfo sees an opportunity as a Black Lada (Soviet) Sedan with four radio antennas pulls to the curb. The driver turns off the ignition, but the engine continues to run. RUDOLFO Got to go. The tourists snap pictures, mill around, and look for their baggage. GENERAL JAVIER PALIMENTARES (50) handsome, well-built, self-assured in khaki uniform slides out of the Lada, and strides to the cigar store passing Rudolfo who whistles loudly. Obviously some kind of signal for in a moment a dozen boys from the street arrive, and group around the taxi stand. Rudolfo slaps his palm with a rolled up newspaper. The boys push, and shove each other moving as a crowd into the maze of tourists yelling loudly as they go. The tourists become alarmed, grab their possessions, and try to make a path for the gang of boys. Rudolfo moves swiftly, and bumps a couple of elderly tourists carrying too many packages. He apologizes immediately. As the man realizes his wallet is missing Rudolfo is gone out of sight.

Standing at the cigar store Gaspar, Paulo, and the General witness the above scene. GASPAR A common thief. PAULO An embarrassment. GENERAL A survivor. They look at the General. GENERAL (CONT'D) How goes the boat, my old friend? GASPAR The boat goes well, General. GENERAL You have the little lovers? Paulo shows him the Romeo & Juliet cigars. PAULO Your wife just went in there with Colonel Negras. GENERAL In there? He looks at the hotel entrance. PAULO The restaurant. GENERAL What are you thinking, Paulo? PAULO Well, I know you are to meet Angelina, andGENERAL And what? PAULO -that it would be awkward. GENERAL (laughing)

Tell me Paulo, does everyone in Havana think I am having an affair with my secretary? PAULO But, Colonel NegrasGENERAL -is my wife's cousin. PAULO I'm so-, excuse me General. GENERAL Forget it. If I'm not out in a half an hour go by that place in El CerroPAULO The Bocoy? GENERAL A bottle of that brandy they save for the old Generals. (shouting as he crosses street) GENERAL (CONT'D) And see if you can do something about the car before we leave. INT. TROPICANA HOTEL RESTAURANT - DAY A crowded restaurant. Busy. The noonday meal. The General enters, and passes an ATTRACTIVE YOUNG WOMAN at a table with an ELDERLY COUPLE. As the elderly man gets up the General indicates he will join them later. The General continues to a more secluded area where his wife MARTA sits with Colonel Negras. Negras rises. GENERAL What are you doing with my wife? NEGRAS Having dinner I hope. But if it's rice and beans I may go over to the Swiss Embassy and see what the Americans are having. MARTA Some day I would like to see you in public without that hat.

GENERAL (kissing her cheek) That would be in my coffin. MARTA Please, Javier. place. This is a public

GENERAL If I cannot kiss my wife in public the revolution did not save us. MARTA Gustavo was just telling me there is to be an appointment. A new position? (beat) MARTA (CONT'D) General of the Western Army? GENERAL This announcement is premature. MARTA Gustavo was preparing me, I believeNEGRAS After the usual review, of course. MARTA We were preparing your victory celebration. GENERAL With a lot of good food, I hope. Who is heading the review? Negras produces a business card. NEGRAS It is me. My new office is at the Interior Ministry. Spare me a few minutes this afternoon, and the Commandante will have it in his office tomorrow morning. GENERAL It seems we are both on the move, cousin. He looks off to the table with the attractive young woman.

GENERAL (CONT'D) Please excuse me. Angelina's parents are leaving. Would you like to join us? MARTA How is Angelina? Fine. GENERAL I suppose.

MARTA Not just now. NEGRAS Your secretary is certainly an attractive young woman. GENERAL Would you like to meet her? NEGRAS I have already had the pleasure. MARTA She seems to be putting on a little weight. GENERAL Must be the rice and beans. MARTA Must be. GENERAL Until later then. Paulo's outside if you need a lift. The General joins the girl and her parents. In the background, across the street a line of people cue up in front of a store. GENERAL (CONT'D) Here we are, then. (beat) FATHER We've wanted to meet you. MOTHER (interrupting) So much-

-to show our appreciation. ANGELINA It isn't easy for them. GENERAL For them? (beat) GENERAL (CONT'D) Look at those people. Across the street the line is longer. growing. Forty or so people, and

GENERAL (CONT'D) What is it this time? Tomatoes or toothpaste? FATHER No wonder they want to leave. GENERAL That's not the answer. Angelina's father looks away. GENERAL (CONT'D) I didn't mean you. You have a legitimate reason to emigrate. The others should... just try to make it better, somehow. ANGELINA They want to knowGENERAL Your daughter will not be dishonored. FATHER ThenMOTHER Enough said. They are joined by HAROLD SMITHSON of the US State Department. A middle-aged man in suit and tie. SMITHSON General, Mr. and Mrs. Menzies. Angelina.

GENERAL Mr. Smithson. SMITHSON Are we free to speak? GENERAL Why do you always feel someone is watching? SMITHSON Some people are not as safe as they think they are. Thank you for helping the Menzies on their way. Marta and Colonel Negras pass by table and nod salutations. Smithson shifts in his seat at the sight of Colonel Negras. EXT. TROPICANA RESTAURANT - DAY

Paulo has the hood open and is making an adjustment to the engine. Negras kisses Marta's hand then turns and flags a waiting sedan parked a few doors away. PAULO Mrs. Palimentares? MARTA Is it business? PAULO I believe so. MARTA You believe so. She turns and looks through glass at the General who smiles. She sighs, and smiles back. MARTA (CONT'D) Come on Paulo, take me home. He holds the door for her, and makes eye contact with the General. The General nods to him it's okay. Paulo starts the Lada. It stalls. He tries it again, and again it stalls. PAULO I'm so sorry. MARTA It's not your fault Paulo. It's just a piece of shit.

(beat) MARTA (CONT'D) Glasnost. PAULO What? MARTA Let's go shopping. INT. GASPAR'S SWEETS - DAY Gaspar locks up his shop with one of two dozen keys he has on a large key ring. He counts twelve U.S. Dollar bills, and puts them in a money belt under his shirt. EXT. GASPAR'S SWEETS - DAY He bags the coins, and peso notes and carries them openly out of the shop, down the block and into the entrance of a bank. EXT. THE CITY BANK OF NEW YORK - DAY

White Roman columns adorn the entrance of black marble. INT. BANK - DAY There are two other patrons. The MANAGER approaches.

MANAGER Good afternoon Campanero Gaspar. You have come to make a deposit? GASPAR Yes, and also to check some records in my box. He counts out the meager change, and peso notes to the Manager who is now the teller behind the window. MANAGER Your account is growing slowly Campanero Gaspar. But it is growing. Soon we will have to report these amounts to the Currency Control Board. One is only allowed to have so much, you know. GASPAR Of course, and that is how it should be. May I see my box?

The Manager comes around the window, and opens the door to a large narrow room with cubicles. INT. SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX VAULT - DAY Small metal doors one foot square line the left side of the aisle. Across the aisle the doors are four times the size. GASPAR I have always wondered, who do those belong to? MANAGER In confidence? GASPAR But, of course. MANAGER (whispering) Many belong to the Ministry of the Interior, and some belong to Army Officers. Most have been abandoned. As it is we have not the resources nor the manpower to renew them. Gaspar nods. The Manager inserts his key. Gaspar takes out his key, looks at the Manager who takes the hint. MANAGER (CONT') (CONT'D) I'll leave you alone Campanero Gaspar. Gaspar bolts the door. He slides out a rectangular metal box two feet long, sets it on the floor, and lifts the lid. It's stuffed to the top with thousands of Pre-1960 US one dollar bills. "Silver Certificates" drawn on the Federal Reserve. He adds some dollar bills from his money belt. He leans across the aisle and opens one of the larger doors belonging to the Ministry of the Interior with a key from his large key ring. Four boxes like his are stacked inside. He exchanges his box full of cash for one that is empty. He slides the empty into his safety deposit box and locks the doors to each. His task completed he stands, and wipes his forehead. (beat) GASPAR For the boat.

EXT. RESTAURANT - DAY Angelina and her parents have said their good-byes and wait at the bottom of the steps for Smithson with the General. SMITHSON If you ever need my help? GENERAL Most gracious of you, butSMITHSON (interrupting) Look, I like you. May I tell you something? Take it for what it's worth. Someone is pulling at the rug under your feet. GENERAL (laughing) I like you too, Mr. Smithson, but how seriously can I take a warning from a man whose agents once tried to kill my President with an exploding pen? SMITHSON Yes, of course. Why should you? Never-the-less, in my country we have a saying, "Watch your back". EXT. THE MALECON - IN CAR (MOVING) - DAY

Gaspar drives along the famous promenade of the sea-wall slowly, carefully in his 1953 Plymouth sedan. Rudolfo walks along, steeped in thought. Gaspar honks the horn. Rudolfo looks up. INT./EXT. MALECON - CAR (MOVING) - DAY

Rudolfo eyes the Old Man suspiciously. RUDOLFO When I was a little boy they said you were a gangster and that when the American gangsters left their casinos you grabbed all the money and hid it somewhere. They used to follow you to see where you had it hidden. GASPAR I know. I had to be very careful not to be caught. RUDOLFO

Seriously? The Old Man looks at him. Shit. RUDOLFO (CONT'D) You're putting me on.

GASPAR I was an accountant at the casinos, but I'm afraid that when they left they took their money with them. RUDOLFO I figured it was something like that. GASPAR Although if someone has a talent for something, one can always earn a good amount of money for performing a job... GASPAR (CONT'D) For small jobs the pay is small, but if someone wanted something really big the pay would naturally be equal to the task. RUDOLFO What the hell are you talking about, Old Man? GASPAR You can not guess? RUDOLFO I'm beginning to think you are a fruitcake! GASPAR No, boy. I want you to steal something for me. Gaspar's Plymouth passes the Swiss Embassy. Across from the Malecon now used unofficially by the U.S. Government. INT. SMITHSON'S OFFICE - DAY

Smithson is at desk across from Mr. and Mrs. Menzies. Angelina stands at the window. SMITHSON We're safe here.

MRS. MENZIES Senor Consolate. ANGELINA (correcting her) Companero. MRS. MENZIES Senor Companero. Angelina shakes her head. MRS. MENZIES (CONT'D) Is it possible for our daughter to be included in our visa? SMITHSON You were sponsored by your son who is now a legal U. S. Citizen. You have been on a waiting list for ten years. MR. MENZIES Twelve. SMITHSON I will not let you hope. impossible. ANGELINA You won't even try? SMITHSON These matters, cases like yours, you are the successes. ANGELINA Please? Smithson takes out a file labeled "General Palimentares", and hints not too subtly. SMITHSON If you were in another country you could go to the American Embassy and seek political asylum. ANGELINA Nicaragua? SMITHSON (casually) Somewhere where both of our countries do business. No, it is

ANGELINA The General's itinerary... it is not that difficult to obtain. SMITHSON More than that. EXT. MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR - DAY

An unimposing building in downtown Havana. INT. BASEMENT OFFICE - DAY

Negras sits at the center of a horseshoe shaped table. He is flanked by three civilians, and three junior officers. General Javier Palimentares enters. NEGRAS (standing) Thank you for coming. GENERAL (laughing) I think that perhaps you may have misunderstood the scope of your review. An interrogation room? NEGRAS I'm sorry. GENERAL The purpose of these officer's presence? NEGRAS I have been informed that the announcement of the appointment of General of the Western Army has been postponed. GENERAL Well, Colonel, isn't that what I told you this afternoon? NEGRAS These gentlemen are investigating some irregularities that occurred in Nicaragua last year. Some information has surfacedGENERAL Information?

NEGRAS I believe they are rumors. I'm not saying they are trueGENERAL (rising) Someone questions my loyalty? NEGRAS I'm only trying to get to the bottomGENERAL Bottom of what? (beat) GENERAL(CONT'D) Colonel Negras, I don't care if they appoint a pig to head the Western Army. I'm a soldier. I have no political ambitions. I follow orders, and do not question the actions of my superiors. Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going on a hunting trip, and I have to pack. NEGRAS If you don't mind my saying it. You should really treat this Inquiry more seriously, General Palimentares. GENERAL Oh, now it is an Inquiry? NEGRAS You must understand. I can't protect anyone. I can leave no stone un-turned in my effort to protect the ideals of the Revolution. GENERAL (standing) This has gone far enough! Ambition is a sharp sword, Gustavo. It can cut you if you're not careful. CIVILIAN May I ask you a question General? Why do you have so many antennas on your car? GENERAL

I never know which channel Colonel Negras is listening in on. Good day. He slams the door on his way out. CIVILIAN Such arrogance. Why didn't you question him about the drugs and the wire transfers to Swiss accounts? NEGRAS When one hunts a tiger he closes in on him slowly, and waits until he has a clear shot. CIVILIAN Is it true what I've heard? That he very close to the Commandante? NEGRAS He is the only one who is allowed to address the Commandante by his first name. EXT. CUBANACAN DISTRICT - DAY Embassy Row.

Luxurious residences. EXT.


The continuation of the former now passing into slow, relentless ruin. As if a cruel king had laid waste the mansions of his enemies. INT. CUBANCAN MANSION - DAY

Gaspar and Rudolfo make their way through a cobweb of electrical wires, and crumbling stucco. GASPAR Ten families live here. Women nursing babies look up. RUDOLFO This job you have for me? GASPAR I want you to see the people you will be helping first. RUDOLFO In the mirror I see the one I help.

GASPAR So you would like me to believe. RUDOLFO You are a crazy idealist. GASPAR I fought in the revolution, and I know that people are more than they want me to believe. RUDOLFO Should I dress warm? We are going into the mountains, yes? To this famous boat I have heard of for too long? GASPAR You are a tough one. EXT. THE GENERAL'S RESIDENCE - DAY

Simple, spacious, tasteful with a vegetable garden in front. In the Vedado District a neighborhood reserved for foreign diplomats and VIP'S on the outskirts of Havana. INT. THE GENERAL'S HOUSE - DAY

Lots of books. Biographies of military men. On a bedside table the biography of Richard Nixon. On the wall a poster of Steve McQueen from "THE GREAT ESCAPE". He packs a rifle. INT./EXT. HIGHWAY EAST OF HAVANA - CAR (MOVING) - DAY

Paulo drives, while the General sits back and lights a cigar. The General sees something. Hold it! INT./EXT. GENERAL Stop here.


The sprawling residence of Ernest Hemingway fifteen kilometers east of Havana. A museum tribute to the American novelist. Gaspar's Plymouth cools in the shade at the entrance. Gaspar gives Rudolfo a tour through the spacious house. The General and Paulo come up behind them. GASPAR It is said that in this room the great writer was infused with ideas that later became his greatest novels.

GENERAL I heard that in this room he became infused with his greatest lusts. GASPAR Perhaps they are the same. They laugh. EXT. LA VIGIA - DAY

The General, and the Old Man admire Hemingway's famous boat, the "PILAR" in a steel-framed hangar. GENERAL This is the boat you should have my friend. If you could only get it to the sea. GASPAR (nods affirmatively) I always stop here, General, in the hope that someday it will release its ties, and come to me. GENERAL It is not a coincidence. GASPAR General? GENERAL I have a sense that you want something from me. GASPAR Only your understanding thatOutside a half dozen tour buses arrive and discharge students. GASPAR (CONT'D) Do you know the village of Mayari? GENERAL I was born in Holguin Province. GASPAR (reaching out) You are always welcome there. GENERAL

What is it my old friend? What are you trying to say? Suddenly hundreds of school children stream into the museum. GASPAR I think... this may not be the time. GENERAL If you are in troubleMe? No. GASPAR Good day, General.

EXT. HIGHWAY CHECKPOINT - DAY Soldiers gather excitedly around as the General's car approaches. GENERAL I see you have given up the heat of Africa for the coolness of the tropics, Jaime. He nods to the men. As CORPORAL JAIME GOMEZ, wipes the sweat from his forehead it is noticeable that his other arm is paralyzed. Indeed all the men have been wounded and have various physical handicaps. JAIME Yes, General. It is much cooler here. The other men laugh. yell from the ranks. PRIVATE RODRIQUEZ and, PRIVATE ALMARAZ

PRIVATE RODRIQUEZ When are we going again, General? PRIVATE ALMARAZ There is no glory in guarding a road that no one travels. GENERAL The British Imperialists have a saying, Alberto, "He also serves who stands and waits". JAIME Seriously, General, the men are grateful for the duty. GENERAL

Just don't let anyone come in and steal this damn road. PRIVATE RODRIQUEZ There is nothing for us to do in the city. When the people look at us it is as if they don't see us. GENERAL Maybe they wish the government would do more for the veterans. Our presence makes them uncomfortable. JAIME They don't have to pretend we don't exist. GENERAL Be patient with them my friends. It will take time. PRIVATE RODRIQUEZ We have a lot of that, General. The other men shout similar comments. The General signals Paulo to drive on. The Lada turns right off the main road, and into the jungle. Gaspar's Plymouth pulls up. EXT. CROSSROADS - DAY Sentries with automatic rifles slung loosely over shoulders wave Gaspar's old Plymouth through the checkpoint, and watch it turn off to the left onto a smaller dirt road. INSIDE THE LADA PAULO They are good men. GENERAL Good men that the country would like to forget. Paulo sees the Plymouth in the rearview mirror. PAULO That Old Man, he's funny, you know? GENERAL He wants something. PAULO

What? GENERAL There is something he wants from me. PAULO He's a little off, isn't he? It's almost as if he really had a boat. EXT. MOUNTAIN VILLAGE - (THE BOAT) - DAY A Magnificent nautical structure almost twenty meters long. Mahogany planks reinforced with strands of hemp. Seemingly, an exceptional sea-worthy vessel. Oddly, it is propped on the edge of a steep hill of tall, thick grass several hundred meters above sea level, and a great distance from the bay below. EXT. MOUNTAIN VILLAGE - DAY - (CANE-FIELD) The boat in b.g. Men with torches set fire to a field of sugarcane. Gaspar looks on nodding approval. EXT. JUNGLE - DAY - (RIVER CROSSING) Paulo attaches worn out barge straps to the axles. A silly looking man who bears some resemblance to the General jumps behind the wheel of the Lada, and pretends to drive it. PAULO The greatest guide in history? The guide sees the General's hat, and puts it on. He admires his reflection in the mirror. The General looks at the foolish man, and laughs. Paulo shakes his head and starts the winch to pull the car to the other side. Inside the Lada the guide playfully pretends to start the engine. Paulo shouts. PAULO (CONT'D) Stop that you idiot! Insulted, the guide turns on the ignition, and jams the car in gear. The straps loosen and the car moves unbounded toward the edge of the barge. PAULO (CONT'D) Stop it, you fool! The General watches.

Paulo runs to the car and reaches in for the ignition key. Frightened, confused, the guide presses the accelerator! The Lada breaks the straps, and catapults off the barge into the swiftly moving water! In an instant it is submerged. Paulo is dumbfounded. The General runs to the edge. There is no movement other than the swiftly moving water. GENERAL That was... regrettable. PAULO He was a fool. GENERAL That was... my favorite rifle. EXT. JUNGLE ROAD - DAY Paulo and the General pedal along on bicycles. Jaime, and some of the other men in uniform rush up to them. GENERAL (laughing) Are the Americans invading? JAIME General, we have been ordered to detain you. GENERAL By who? Jaime can't speak. Paulo takes the communique from his hand.

PAULO The highest authority. JAIME General, they know where you are. The General watches Jaime and the others. JAIME (CONT'D) I have heard the best hunting is about ten miles east of here... I think I will take my men out there, and start looking for you. GENERAL Thank you, Corporal.

Jaime salutes, and retreats in the direction of the outpost. Paulo's attention has been drawn to a familiar poster. This one is plastered to a telephone pole, "Socialism or Death". PAULO I was just thinking... GENERAL Thinking what, Paulo? PAULO That not all death is permanent. EXT. ANOTHER ROAD - DAY Paulo and the General pedal along. Uphill.

PAULO In three days the crabs will eat the flesh, and there will be nothing left but the hat. GENERAL And if they eat the hat? PAULO Those Chinamen will be pissed off when they see their bicycles have been stolen. GENERAL Maybe they're Buddhists. PAULO What difference would that make? GENERAL A Buddhist would say "My bicycle has been taken by someone who needed it more than I". PAULO That's what you learned in China? GENERAL North Korea. There aren't too many Buddhists in China. Or Catholics in Cuba for that matter. INT./EXT. MOUNTAIN VILLAGE CHURCH - GASPAR - DAY

Gaspar opens his mouth as an alter boy places a golden disk under his chin. A PRIEST places the Eucharist on his tongue. Rudolfo

reacts as the rays of the sun bounce off the shiny golden disk into his eyes. The people of the village exit the church and mill around. Gaspar comes out with the Priest. They look up. Paulo and the General coast down the hill into the village. The Taino Indian Village of Mayari. In the center, a church surrounded by two dozen bohio's (houses) made of wood and palm fronds. In the trees to the left the boat is under construction. Beyond the village the grassy hillside slopes down to a bay. The sea in the distance. Paulo and the General wheel up to Gaspar and the Priest. GENERAL So, you knew. GASPAR Yes, but not when. GENERAL It is some mistake, but it is a good excuse to see you again. Paulo looks around then at the villagers their golden tanned skin, wavy chestnut colored hair and light brown eyes. PAULO Who are these people? PRIEST They are Taino Indians. Caribbean Islanders. Native

Gaspar nods. The Priest and the General look each other over. The General moves forward. GASPAR Father Murray, permit me to introduce General Palimentares, and this is Rudolfo's brother, Paulo. GENERAL An Irish Priest in the mountains of Cuba? MURRAY Rome fills the ranks of the Priesthood from the poor families of Mexico, and Ireland. Then they send the Mexicans to Ireland and the rest of us to Latin America.

Paulo sees Rudolfo playing with some children. He looks up and waves for Paulo to join him. PAULO Excuse me gentlemen. MURRAY Your government's unofficial position is that these people do not exist. GENERAL No one is denied citizenship in Cuba. MURRAY They are not members of the Communist party. If they are not in the party they cannot work. They are denied jobs because they are Catholic. GENERAL They do not have the best reputation for work. MURRAY The fact is they are isolated and ignored because their faith in God not the "Revolution" occupies the primary position in their lives.. GENERAL It is good you are a Priest in the mountains, Murray. In Havana your views would not be popular. MURRAY They are not views they are facts. Are you going to arrest me? GENERAL (shakes him playfully) Worse... I am going to convince you to become a Communist. Such passion. We could use you in the revolution. GASPAR My seventy-fifth birthday. The people are preparing a celebration, a feast. You will join us. GENERAL Yes, my friend. And how goes the boat?

Gaspar gleams INT. CHURCH - DAY Alone in the church, Rudolfo stares at the glimmering Monstrous (a fan shaped altar ornament of pure gold which holds in its center the Holy Eucharist). BOY'S VOICES (O.S.) Rudolfo, Rudolfo! EXT. CHURCH - DAY Rudolfo leaves the church. The children run up and grab him. THOMAS We have captured him. prisoner. He is our

Rudolfo allows himself to be dragged off. THOMAS (CONT'D) To the Lady! BOYS To the Lady! The prisoner to the Lady! EXT. WATERFALL - DAY MAGDA, a beautiful INDIAN GIRL wringing clothes, looks up as the boys bring Rudolfo to her, now blindfolded. The children ignore her signals to take him away. THOMAS (proudly) Our prisoner! MAGDA You little brats! Rudolfo removes the blindfold. RUDOLFO They are only children. MAGDA Nasty brats. Get away from here! I have work to do. She flings wet laundry at them. THOMAS

But Magda, we thought you'd be pleased. BOYS We did it for you! MAGDA Kidnapped a man against his will? RUDOLFO Not against his will. (beat) MAGDA Foolishness. EXT. MAYARI - (THE BOAT) - DAY

A boat, twenty meters long, and ten meters wide at the keel sits balanced on its perch under a canopy. Gaspar and the General walk toward it. GASPAR Those wings on your collar are not military. GENERAL A gift from a friend. GASPAR But you can fly an airplane? Yes. GENERAL Why do you ask?

GASPAR Not important. GASPAR (CONT'D) (pointing to boat) The keel is mahogany as are the planks which are reinforced with hemp. GENERAL (amazed; and amused) How is to be powered? (Gaspar slaps the hood of the Plymouth) GASPAR (CONT'D

Three hundred, and eight cubic inches, dual carburetors, dual exhaust. GENERAL You're joking. GASPAR But we have to lengthen the driveshaft. And we need a propeller. Steel is in short supply. But we have someone working on it. GENERAL (breaks out laughing) I'm sorry my friend. I'm so sorry, but what are you doing? You must know this is impossible. You are two kilometers from the water, and at least five-hundred meters up a mountainside. GASPAR (continues; undaunted) As you see it is constructed on a sled. Ropes secure the boat to the sled which sits atop a hundred logs laid side by side. The bow sits lower than the stern. The ropes pass through tin cans as they attach to the sled. GENERAL Rollers? Gaspar nods GENERAL (CONT'D) (looking back) What's holding it? A heavy rope secures it to a giant tree. The General stands back impressed. GENERAL (CONT'D) It's big enough to hold... GASPAR (nodding) The village. The General's mood turns to anger. GENERAL

You old fool! Why up here? This is impossible. Why didn't you build it on the beach? Or on a dock in Havana? GASPAR If I built it on a dock in Havana do you really believe they would let me finish it? The only reason they leave me alone is because I'm "that crazy old man who is building a boat in the mountains". GENERAL Must everyone leave? GASPAR But General now you must see that our course has changedGENERAL It will clear up when I talk to him. GASPAR I don't think so General. It is not the same anymore. You have been awayGENERAL Fighting wars of liberation! GASPAR The men you have trained are scouring the countryside to arrest you! GENERAL Do you really believe our problems can be solved by leaving our country? GASPAR General? GENERAL When I was a boy my father took a job at the sugar mill, and we moved to town. It was the first time we had not slept on a dirt floor in all our lives. Then my mother saw a house that was for sale. The sun sets and the boat is overcome by darkness. GENERAL (CONT'D) Soon she began to notice the cracks in the walls. She urged him to find

more work, and he went looking, but what he found was liquor, and women who did not complain about the cracks in the walls. We were never happy after that. She had ceased to be content. The General looks down. mountainside. Three roads are cut into the

GENERAL (CONT'D) How will you bridge those roads? GASPAR With bridges, General. The General shakes his head. EXT. MAYARI (THE RAMPS) - DAY

Gaspar and the General step behind a wall of logs at the uphill side of the road. The wall is suspended by a heavy rope which passes through a coffee can just before it attaches to a post in concrete. When run, will fall will just GASPAR the sled begins its downhill charges inside these metal cans be detonated. The walls will bridging the roads and the sled pass over them. The others are like this one.

GENERAL And reaching the water? If it reaches the water? GASPAR When it reaches the beach the lines to the sled are blown, and it slides into the water. GENERAL I see. GASPAR Are you going to stop me? No. GENERAL What would be the point?


As Gaspar and the General enter the village Paulo looks up from under the hood of the car and shakes his head. Rudolfo observes also with a small child in his arms. The child is attracted to the noise of the motor and reaches in. Suddenly the child leaps from his grasp. As he grabs hold of the infant Rudolfo's hand is cut by the engine fan! He winces in pain. The other children run to him. RUDOLFO Get away! PAULO They're only trying to help. A look of agony on Rudolfo's face. PAULO (CONT'D) Are you hurt that bad? Rudolfo passes the child to its mother, and throws his hand under his shirt. RUDOLFO It's nothing. I'll go wash it. He walks away quickly. EXT. MAYARI - (THE STREAM) - DAY

The children creep up on Rudolfo, and watch in silence as he removes his hand from his shirt and washes it in the stream. THOMAS We only wanted to help. RUDOLFO I, I have... I have bad blood. The boy looks at the others, and turning to Rudolfo. THOMAS So do we. EXT. MAYARI - NIGHT Colored lanterns and torches light the village. The General leans against the Plymouth drinking a beer. Paulo slams the hood shut. PAULO

It has a bad cylinder. THOMAS Senor Gaspar wishes to speak with you. INT. GASPAR'S HUT - NIGHT Gaspar listens on an ancient military field radio. GASPAR (removing headphones) They have recovered your car. They are reporting your death. GENERAL There was a question I did not ask you. GASPAR Two days. GENERAL When the moon is full. EXT. HUT - NIGHT Paulo meets the General as he exits the hut. GENERAL Let's hope those crabs were as hungry as you said they were. PAULO You know what he's planning? GENERAL He's leaving the day after tomorrow. PAULO He's crazy you know. GENERAL Completely mad. PAULO We have two days to talk him out of it. GENERAL Tomorrow night we'll be in Havana. EXT. VILLAGE - NIGHT

A celebration. An enormous roasted pig is carried in. Sinatra's recording of "ALL THE WAY" plays on loudspeakers. The General, Gaspar, and the Priest occupy the center table. Children run by with sparklers, and set off firecrackers. INT. MAGDA'S HUT - NIGHT

Rudolfo sits with Magda on the porch swing overlooking the celebration. Children run in and out. RUDOLFO Your people are so full of life. It is so sad. MAGDA Why sad? You know. RUDOLFO What you all have.

MAGDA A desire to leave? RUDOLFO Did you say leave or live? MAGDA They are the same thing. I'll get us some food. Magda goes inside. Murray, and Gaspar come to the porch.

MURRAY The alter ornaments are missing. RUDOLFO Missing. MURRAY Gaspar thought you may know something about it. RUDOLFO Why me? GASPAR You were seen leaving the church, alone. Oh. RUDOLFO Of course. Why not?

The Priest sees THOMAS, the alter boy pass with the other children. MURRAY Thomas! Murray goes to speak with Thomas. GASPAR You didn't take them? RUDOLFO Why didn't you tell me? Gaspar looks confused. RUDOLFO (CONT'D) That the whole village was dying of AIDS. GASPAR (laughing) The children told you this? RUDOLFO Yes. GASPAR That is what they are to tell all visitors. To protect our privacy. So that our work would not be interrupted. RUDOLFO (rising) Why is it that when someone thinks they are right they can do whatever they want? To you I am only a thief. But, you lie to everyone. Make them believe they have a deadly disease? He runs off into the jungle. RUDOLFO (CONT'D) Who are you to judge me? The Priest comes back. MURRAY The alter boys hid the ornaments. When the General came into the village... they thought he was going to confiscate them and arrest me.

Gaspar looks off in the direction Rudolfo has run. EXT. VILLAGE CAMPFIRE - NIGHT The Priest and Gaspar close around the fire. In background the villagers perform for Gaspar. GENERAL Does it ever bother you that people come to you saying this and that, and you listen and you respond with "Say three Hail Mary's, and one Our Father, and your sins are forgiven"? MURRAY Doesn't work exactly like that, butGENERAL By what authority do you forgive sins? MURRAY By the Authority of Jesus ChristGENERAL Answer the question! MURRAY I'm trying to, General. AuthorityBy the

The General starts to interrupt again. Murray raises his hand to silence him. MURRAY (CONT'D) -of Jesus Christ passed to Peter. "You are my rockGENERAL (interrupting) "and upon this rock I will build my church." The General sinks back into his chair. GENERAL (CONT'D) Peter was the first Pope. MURRAY By that same Authority passed from the Pope to the Cardinals to the Bishops, and finally to the Priests.

GENERAL And you believe you are under that same "Authority"? MURRAY Yes, General. GENERAL I was an advisor to group of North Koreans. They had entered a village and found three Catholic Monks, and a little girl hiding in a church. There was a picture of Jesus on the door. They told them they could leave if they spit on the picture. When the Monks left the church each of them spit on the picture. After the soldiers had used the girl to their satisfaction, as she was leaving the church she took the sleeve of her blouse, wiped the spittle from the picture and kissed it. (beat) They shot the Monks and let the girl go. The General sets his nine-millimeter automatic by the fire. GENERAL (CONT'D) I ask you again, Murray, do you believe you have the authority to forgive sins? MURRAY (looking at the gun) Yes. EXT. FATHER MURRAY'S QUARTER'S - NIGHT Rudolfo exits the Priest's hut. enters. INT. MURRAY'S HUT - NIGHT The General's face is drenched in sweat. After a moment the General

Murray looks up.

GENERAL Forgive mine?

The pain of a thousand incidents, and a hundred battles. GENERAL (CONT'D) I have done so much. MURRAY (praying quietly) Begin anywhere... EXT. VILLAGE CHURCH - DAY Stillness. INT. VILLAGE CHURCH - DAY Parishioners in line for Communion. First one, then another accepts the Eucharist. At the end of the line, the General. Then behind him, Rudolfo. EXT. HIGHWAY - DAY The Plymouth cruises along the sparsely travelled highway. INT. PLYMOUTH SEDAN - DAY Gaspar drives. Rudolfo in the passenger seat. Paulo watches the General in the Priest's tunic as he struggles with the tight fitting clerical collar. PAULO I must have missed something. Wasn't the idea to make him a Communist? EXT. EL CERRO DITRICT - NIGHT Paulo comes out of an apartment building, and rounds the corner to where the Plymouth is discreetly parked. PAULO Her landlady says she thinks she went dancing. GENERAL Leave us here. We'll meet you tomorrow morning at six in front of La Bodeguita del Medio. EXT. NIGHT CLUB AREA - NIGHT Lines of tourists on the street. the crowd. INT. DISCO - NIGHT Young hustlers move through

Paulo scans the crowd of dancers. Angelina is not difficult to pick out. She is dressed provocatively, and dances sensually to the music. The music stops. She takes a kiss from her partner and goes to a booth off the dance floor. PAULO He's outside. ANGELINA (surprised) I'm supposed to meet someone. Paulo looks her over. ANGELINA (CONT'D) I thought he was dead. PAULO And these are your mourning clothes. EXT. ALLEYWAY - NIGHT Paulo escorts Angelina to a figure in the darkness, and retreats a discreet distance away. GENERAL You look well, Angelina. (she watches him) GENERAL (CONT'D) Do you believe in miracles? (no response) GENERAL (CONT'D) I have found you a way out. ANGELINA Why are you doing this for me? GENERAL I said I would help you. When you came to me and told me the man who had gotten you pregnant had deserted you, I said I would help you. I keep my promises. What is it? Do you now want to stay? ANGELINA How is it possible? GENERAL

There is this crazy man in the mountains who has built a boat to take out a whole village. I believe he is going to do it. ANGELINA I love you so much. GENERAL I told you it is just a childish infatuation. You'll get over it. Pack some things, I'll pick you up just before sunrise. EXT. DOCK AREA - NIGHT Two Cuban Coast Guard Cutters at anchor off the wharf. "The Granma", an aged, carefully preserved, forty-three foot yacht, is hoisted at dry-dock on the pier. Security is lax. Gaspar rows slowly, quietly while Rudolfo looks on. GASPAR You see that boat in dry dock? The Granma is being overhauled. Replacement parts are strewn along the dock. A GUARD dozes in his chair. There on the dock, on top of a crate, is a ships propeller. RUDOLFO The Granma? You're joking. skin us. They'll

GASPAR Yes, that is the boat we came on back thirty five years ago. The Commandante and eighty of us. The General was a boy, not as old as you. RUDOLFO You're full of surprises. GASPAR See if this piece of shaft fits the propeller. Rudolfo takes the metal object and as silently as a cat climbs up along the dock. In a moment a hand is raised out of the darkness. Rudolfo flips his thumb up. It fits.

Gaspar smiles confidently, and rows to a spot directly under Rudolfo. Rudolfo ties a rope to the propeller, and attempts to lift it. Stealth, but not strength. He barely manages to get it to the edge of the crate. Gaspar stands up in the boat and whispers loudly. GASPAR (CONT'D) What's going on? RUDOLFO It's heavy. With all of his strength he jerks the rope up. The propeller falls off the crate onto the pier. As Gaspar watches expectantly the propeller crashes through the rotted deck planks, and drops at his feet. The Guard awakens with a start. GUARD What the hell? Rudolfo slides through the hole and drops into the boat smiling. Gaspar looks at Rudolfo and frowns. Rudolfo does a slow take, and looks down. Where it landed water is beginning to seep into the boat. Rudolfo makes a gesture of helplessness. Gaspar shakes his head. As the Guard's flashlight searches the dock Gaspar rows quietly while Rudolfo bails water from the rowboat. EXT. GENERAL'S RESIDENCE - NIGHT Lights are on inside the house. INT. GENERAL'S RESIDENCE - NIGHT Marta casually throws pillows onto the couch. The house has been ransacked. Pictures askew, furniture overturned. Marta turns and sees the General. He raises his finger to his lips, and touches his ear. He goes to her, and she buries her head in his chest. He wraps his arms around her. GENERAL Now then, baby. MARTA (sobbing) They were all officers. Not one enlisted man.

Young men.

GENERAL Gustavo's men? MARTA Yes. (beat) MARTA (CONT'D) What were they looking for? GENERAL Anything. He looks off toward kitchen. Three identical sacks of flour lay on the floor. The General takes a knife from the counter, and slices open one of the sacks. He pulls out several small packets of white powder. The General looks at Marta GENERAL (CONT'D) Chico convinced me it would be useful. MARTA Cocaine? (he nods) MARTA(CONT'D) Chico is dead. The General sits on the edge of an upturned sofa. MARTA (CONT'D) A heart attack while he was being "interviewed" at the Interior Ministry. GENERAL It's over then. MARTA It would seem so. EXT. ANGELINA'S APARTMENT BUILDING - NIGHT People drink on verandas, and fan themselves to counteract the hot humid air. MUSIC comes up from the street.



Angelina dances around her apartment in skimpy underwear to a music video. Curtains sway in the wind. The tape ends. A stocky man in undershorts enters and hands her a drink. ANGELINA He's coming to pick me up early tomorrow. Colonel Gustavo Negras wipes the sweat from his forehead, and stands in front of a tall room fan. NEGRAS We will be waiting. INT. GENERAL'S RESIDENCE - NIGHT The General in his dress uniform, pistol at hip stands in front of the mirror in their bedroom. Marta sits at vanity drinking champagne and looking at him admiringly. GENERAL Still fits pretty good. MARTA Only the paint on the wall ages. GENERAL If only the picture could change and I could stay as I am. MARTA A terrible movie. GENERAL The only one they had. MARTA In our language. five times. So we watched it

GENERAL May Day. Budapest. Nineteen seventy-five. The circus was great. MARTA You drank too much. He looks at her and takes the automatic pistol from his belt. GENERAL

So many years. suicide?

What's left?


MARTA Just shoot yourself. Gustavo. GENERAL Only officers? MARTA Young ones. GENERAL Was he with them?

I'll shoot

MARTA He called to apologize. He said they exceeded their authority. GENERAL Authority. MARTA You're going. GENERAL Yes. She goes to him. She takes his face in her hands. She kisses his forehead, then his mouth. She takes off his hat. MARTA You must no longer have the bearing of a General. She unbuttons his tunic. He removes her blouse.

MARTA (CONT'D) You must speak little and communicate with your hands. She unbuckles his belt. bed. He picks her up and lays her on the

MARTA (CONT'D) What do you intend to do about her? GENERAL It has already been done. They make love.

INT. ANGELINA'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Angelina and Negras are in bed. NEGRAS We can now add murder to the charges, and after he is arrested you can claim that he raped you. ANGELINA Marry me? NEGRAS (lights cigarette) I can't leave my wife for you. (beat) NEGRAS (CONT'D) Can you imagine the scandal? She rolls over. Tears fill her eyes.

EXT. STREETS OF HAVANA - DAY The General walks toward Angelina's apartment building. Something stops him in his tracks. EXT. ANGELINA'S BALCONY - DAY A rifle barrel rests against a window frame. EXT. STREETS OF HAVANA - DAY The General looks up the block. The tail end of a jeep. The General turns and walks around the corner. As he takes out a cigar... a contingent of Cuban military vehicles rounds the corner. He pulls back and walks quickly to Gaspar's Plymouth. GENERAL Something's wrong. the bank open? GASPAR Two hours, General. The General hands Gaspar a business card. What time does

GENERAL See if this can open any doors. EXT. CITY BANK OF NEW YORK - DAY Gaspar, and Rudolfo who carries a large duffle bag enter the bank. INT. BANK - DAY The Manager looks up. MANAGER So early? GASPAR My friend is shipping out. And I have his mother's papers. Of course. MANAGER Follow me.

INT. SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX AREA - DAY Rudolfo and Gaspar enter. The Manager closes the door behind. Rudolfo stops in the awe of the silence, and the hidden wealth. GASPAR We must be quick. They open the bag. Panamanian Bank books, Bearer Bonds drawn on the Bank of Panama, and the flour sacks containing cocaine. They open both sets of doors across the aisle from each other. Rudolfo dumps the contents of the bag onto the floor. Gaspar pulls out the boxes containing thousands of US One Dollar Silver Certificates, and dumps them on the floor.

Rudolfo swallows hard. They fill the larger metal box with the flour sack, and bank books. They stuff the dollar bills into the duffle bag. Gaspar takes out a business card. It is the business card of Colonel Gustavo Negras, Ministry of the Interior. He kisses it and places it on top the drugs and bank books.

GASPAR (CONT'D) Divine justice. RUDOLFO We hope. They check to make sure that the bag is the same size as when they entered. RUDOLFO (CONT'D) Let's go. INT./EXT. EASTERN HIGHWAY - CAR (MOVING) - DAY

The lush countryside passes by out of the window. The men ride along in silence. EXT. MAYARI - LOWER ROAD - DAY The Plymouth approaches from the lower road that zigzags up the hillside from the beach. Gaspar and the General still wearing the priest's clothes get out at the lower road. Paulo and Gaspar transfer the silver certificates from the duffle bag to a large steamer trunk. GASPAR Tell them the time has come. As Paulo and Rudolfo drive off Gaspar attaches wires, and connects remote receivers to the cans of explosives. EXT. MAYARI - THE BOAT - DAY Paulo parks in the shade, and opens the hood. They load the trunk on to the boat. Gaspar and the General make their way up the hill wiring the remaining charges. GENERAL How long did it take to install the engine? GASPAR Three hours. The General looks down at the bay. GENERAL Sunset. EXT. VILLAGE - DAY As Rudolfo goes over the rise he stops.

There is no one in sight.

The village is deserted.

Rudolfo reacts to the sound of rustling, and of a weapon being cocked behind him... INT. PRIEST'S HUT - DAY Rudolfo, held by two soldiers faces Lieutenant Querrero. QUERRERO Where is the General? RUDOLFO I don't know any General. A soldier hits him in the face with his rifle butt. Lt. Querrero reaches for his radio. INT. CHURCH - DAY Soldiers corral the villagers, and Father Murray into the church. A soldier hands Negras a radio. NEGRAS What is it? EXT. MAYARI - THE BOAT - DAY Paulo sits in the boat motionless as Gaspar, and the General approach. GENERAL Is it fin-? He is cut short as three soldiers emerge from the boat and point their rifles at them. The General stiffens. The soldiers lower their rifles. SOLDIER (into radio) Just an old man, and a Priest. INT. CHURCH - DAY Negras looks at the Priest. NEGRAS (into radio) A village this size with two priests? You idiot! EXT. MAYARI - THE BOAT - DAY

Negras' voice curses him from the soldier's radio lying in the grass next to the boat. The General holds his nine-millimeter automatic on the soldiers as Paulo ties them to the tree. Suddenly automatic weapons fire erupts from the village. A hail of bullets hits the boat. Paulo, and the General return fire. Soldiers set up a mortar in sight of the boat. GASPAR They're not giving us much of a chance to surrender. GENERAL You really think they want us to surrender? (beat) GENERAL (CONT'D) In bull-fightingGASPAR The moment of truth. Another storm of bullets splinters wood above their heads. They duck down. PAULO Those guys are... good. The General looks down at the bay. PAULO (CONT'D) How far from shore will we drift? GENERAL (laughing) How far will we drift? I admire your faith. (beat) GENERAL (CONT'D) Wire it Old Man! Gaspar crouches and moves to the control panel. PAULO What about Rudolfo? GENERAL He will survive.

INT./EXT. CHURCH - DAY Father Murray, and the villagers react to the sounds of gunfire. Left alone to guard them is the soldier who struck Rudolfo. He watches through front door. Rudolfo looks out through the back window. Two troop carriers in the bushes behind the church, and behind them, Colonel Negras' Command Car. SOLDIER What are you looking at? RUDOLFO I think someone is stealing your truck. The soldier runs toward the back window. Father Murray trips him. The rifle falls to the floor. Rudolfo grabs it, and strikes the soldier in the back of the neck. He hesitates at the window. She goes to him. He looks back at Magda. She kisses his cheek.

He holds her back. MAGDA

Come back. EXT. REAR OF CHURCH - DAY Rudolfo jumps out of the window, and runs to the vehicles. He takes a bayoneted rifle from the truck and punctures the tires, and smashes the radio. EXT. MAYARI - THE BOAT - DAY The first mortar shell hits off target exploding some distance from the boat. GENERAL That can't last. (yelling to Gaspar) Hit the first ramp! Gaspar wets his fingers, and pulls the lever. Down the hillside an explosion. Dirt flies in the air, and the ramp falls over the road. The General gives Gaspar thumbs up.

AT THE VILLAGE Negras watches through binoculars. NEGRAS What the hell are they aiming at? ON THE BOAT As Gaspar reaches for the second lever something drops into the boat. In an instant an incendiary grenade explodes inside the boat, and suddenly everything is on fire, even Gaspar! The General rushes to Gaspar! Paulo grabs an axe, and jumps from the boatThe General douses flames on Gaspar, and runs to the sternPaulo swings the axe back then winces in pain! What? GENERAL Swing it, man!

Paulo looks down at his chest as blood seeps through his shirt. The General looks back toward the village. Negras lowers the General's favorite high powered rifle. A look of rage floods the General's face. Paulo grimaces, then lifts the axe, and in one fell swoop cuts the line from the tree. The back end of the sled raises and the front of the boat tilts down. The logs begin to roll, and the sled slides over them gradually picking up speed. Paulo drops the axe and staggers after the boat. The General reaches out. Paulo stumbles on. Bullets pierce the stern just below the General. GENERAL (CONT'D) Come on, come on! Don't let me down, Paulo! The General stretches his arm out. Their hands meet. Their arms lock. Paulo reaches

The General pulls him up. lays him down on a cot.

Paulo goes limp in his arms.


The sled rolls off the last of the logs, and gathers speed as it slides onto the thick grass. The General lashes Paulo to the deck with ropes. Gaspar rises. Slowly he looks out.

GASPAR We're moving. Mother of God, we're moving. Suddenly Gaspar realizes he did not drop the second ramp. The control pad is nearly disintegrated from the blast, and one of the wires hangs unconnected from the pad. The flames fanned by the wind lick at him as he moves toward the control pad. Now the ride is... less than smooth. Downhill like a roller-coaster gathering momentum. Gaspar and the General try to hold on as they bounce from the deck. Soldiers stand in disbelief at the edge of the hill as the boat crashes toward the sea. NEGRAS (shouting) Get in the trucks! As Negras rounds the corner of the church he stops dead in his tracks. Trucks. Tires flat.

A cloud of dust as Rudolfo speeds around the village, and down the hillside onto the first road. NEGRAS (CONT'D) (shouting) Stop him! The soldiers at the mortar position pepper the road with a rapid succession of shells that explode in front of Rudolfo in the speeding Command Car. Rudolfo dodges as the blasts spray him with flying rock. Gaspar and the General bounce around in the boat.

The ride is terrifying. The boat crashes down the mountain crushing everything in its path. It nears the upper roadCloser, closerIt contacts the rampIt flies over the ramp, and lands on the other sideThe mortar shells get closerThe fire is beginning too rageSmoke pours from the sternThe General and Gaspar close in on the control panelInches awayThe buffeting is incredibleThey hang on for their livesThe General gets hold of the padFour-hundred meters away. Gaspar grabs the General's outstretched hand holding the pad and thrusts the wire into the connectorThe General flips the switch. The detonators explode, but the ramp does not move. suspended in space. They look over the bow. They can't believe it. It seems

Closer, three-hundred metersTwo-hundred metersFinally the ramp begins to leanFurther, then furtherAt the last second it drops just as the boat makes contact. The boat flies over the ramp, and lands skidding, sliding on the grass downhill 200 meters from the water's edge.

Rudolfo drives underneath the fallen logs of the ramp, and ducks down as the windshield of the command car explodesTurning downhill, shells explode in his pathThe boat thunders down the hillsideAs the boat hits the beach Gaspar detonates the charges on the lines securing the boat to the sled. The tin cans explode. The lines fly up. The boat releases from the sled. The sled disintegrates on contact with the beach. The boat launches on fire into the bay smoke pouring from the stern. Fountains of water spray up and douse the flames. Rudolfo ducks down in the seat as he passes under the fallen timbers of the second ramp. The mortar blasts stop as Rudolfo reaches the beach. EXT. MAYARI - DAY Mortar men run up to Negras, MORTAR MAN They are out of range! NEGRAS Give me your radio. (into radio) This is Colonel Gustavo Negras of the Minint calling the outpost at Holquin Province! Come in! EXT. OUTPOST - DAY A radio sits in the center of a table. them to answer. Jaime and his men. Negras' VOICE commands

Jaime clicks the radio off.

JAIME Did you hear something? PRIVATE ALMARAZ The sound of silence? EXT. MAYARI - DAY

Negras slams the radio down. NEGRAS Put the spare tires on the truck! LT. QUERRERO Both of the trucks have flat tires. NEGRAS Then take the good tires from one, and make me one good truck! QUERRERO That will take a some time. NEGRAS (losing control) Do it! And arrest the Priest and burn the village! QUERRERO Burn the village? NEGRAS (calming down) Alright. (slowly) Don't burn the village. the priest. EXT. THE BOAT - DAY The boat stops in the water several hundred meters out. The fire is nearly out. Smoke funnels slowly up to the sky. The General looks at Gaspar, and shakes his head. GENERAL You are amazing. Like a Spanish Galleon the boat sits proudly in the water. GENERAL (CONT'D) It was... magnificent. GASPAR Did you never think that this, all of this, is part of a larger plan. GENERAL That is one way to look at it. PAULO

Just arrest

(rising) Did we make it, or am I dead? GENERAL Have to get him to a doctor. The General spies the steamer trunk. GENERAL (CONT'D) That will float. GASPAR It will do more than that. They lower the trunk onto the water, and carefully lower Paulo down onto it. PAULO Leave me. I will only slow you down. GENERAL Never. GASPAR He's right. They look toward the shore. Rudolfo waits anxiously on the beach. Coming into view, paddling up close to them Thomas, and the other boys in a canoe. Arriving at the boat, Thomas sizes up the situation. THOMAS Give him to us we will take care of him. Paulo nods affirmatively. The General is uneasy.

GENERAL I'll come back for you. INT./EXT. INLAND HIGHWAY - CAR (MOVING) - DAY Negras' Command Car speeds along the Western Highway. Rudolfo drives. The General finds some of Colonel Negras' clothes in a bag in the back seat. He changes into them. RUDOLFO Where are we going?

GENERAL Well, Old Man, you've thought of everything up to now. What do we do? GASPAR Obviously... we get another boat. GENERAL Another boat! Where will we... ? (their eyes meet) GENERAL (CONT'D) Yes, I see. INT./EXT. LA VIGIA - (BOATHOUSE) - NIGHT Ernest Hemingway's Museum-like Estate ten miles from Havana. A TOOTHLESS OLD CARETAKER comes upon Rudolfo, and Gaspar as they hook the trailer of "The Pilar", Hemingway's Cabin Cruiser, to the stolen Command Car. The flashlight beam comes to rest on the General who has changed from the Priest's clothing to the uniform of Colonel Negras. GENERAL We are taking this to Havana. OLD CARETAKER As you say, Colonel. He turns off his flashlight, and heads for the house. INT./EXT. WESTERN HIGHWAY - CAR (MOVING) - NIGHT The Pilar rides on a trailer pulled by Negras' Command Car. GENERAL The boat launch at Matanzas. RUDOLFO You were going to leave me up there. GENERAL I knew you would survive. And Paulo? RUDOLFO Will my brother survive?

INT. NEGRAS' OFFICE - NIGHT Negras throws his hat, and gun down angrily, and glares at the six young officers.

NEGRAS Fools! (the phone rings) NEGRAS (CONT'D) (answering) Yes, this is Colonel Negras. (he covers mouthpiece) NEGRAS (CONT'D) Get out! No, there is no reward for the capture of General Palimentares! (catches himself) Wait! I'm sure we can work something out. NEGRAS (CONT'D) (he scribbles an address on a note pad) Where? That's a lot of money. How do I know-? (he reacts as the line goes dead) EXT. A BAR - NIGHT Negras, in lively bar address on up, a look civilian clothes, stands outside the entrance of a on the Avenue de Las Infusiones. He looks at the the piece of paper, and shakes his head. He looks of disgust covers his face.

Several men in tight fitting clothes stare back at him from the doorway of what is obviously a "Gay Bar". He tightens his belt as he enters. NEGRAS (under his breath) Bastards. INT. BAR - NIGHT Negras ignores the gazes of the men at the bar, and sits in a booth at the back. A long-haired moustached waiter in "hot pants" comes to serve him. NEGRAS A bottle of tequila.

WAITER (sweetly) A whole bottle of tequila? NEGRAS (savagely) Just bring me what I ask! Negras looks toward the bar. The men stare at him expectantly. Behind them there is a clock on the wall it reads, "8:30". DISSOLVE TO; The clock now reads "9:30". Negras goes to the bar, and motions the bartender over. NEGRAS (CONT'D) (whispering) I'm here to meet someone. BARTENDER (laughing loudly) Everyone is here to meet someone! Negras grabs him, and pulls out his gun. NEGRAS None of your shit, you faggot! I'm sitting right over there. When he comes in, send him to me. Negras goes back to the booth. Negras takes another drink, and stares at the half empty bottle. He rubs his eyes. He puts his hands flat on the table and steadies himself. Negras squints. He looks toward the bar. him. He laughs. NEGRAS (CONT'D) (drunkenly) Looks like Javier with a patch! It is the General! The General has taken the place of the bartender wearing a bandana, and sporting an eye patch. Negras rubs his eyes, shakes his head, and looks again. What he sees amuses

But, now there is no one behind the bar. Someone slides into the booth behind Negras. MAN'S VOICE (O.S.) Don't turn around. (beat) MAN Thank you for coming in plain clothes, Colonel. You have the money? NEGRAS Knock off this crap. here, and sit down. Come around

MAN (O.S.) My life wouldn't be worth shit if you knew what I look like. NEGRAS Where is he? MAN (O.S.) Not so fast. NEGRAS Fast hell, I've been sitting here for an hour. I should shoot you on principle. MAN (O.S.) I have something to give you. Do you have the money? NEGRAS Yes. (no response) NEGRAS (CONT'D) I said, yes! (he jumps up and rounds the booth) NEGRAS (CONT'D) Look, you piece of shit!-

The booth is empty. The waiter comes over. He turns, and looks at the waiter.

Under the wig, and false mustache the waiter is Rudolfo. RUDOLFO (sweetly) There is a young man... he says to meet him... in the men's room. Negras throws money on the table. NEGRAS Faggots. INT. MEN'S ROOM - NIGHT The room is dark, illuminated only by the neon light coming through the back window. Then, from a stall, a voice... MAN (O.S.) Over here. Negras looks in the direction of the voice. NEGRAS Let's cut out the crap. He leans down to look, and almost falls over. NEGRAS (CONT'D) You'll get your money when I've got Palimentares. Now, where is he? The lights come on. GENERAL Behind you. Negras turns into the barrel of the General's gun. Rudolfo comes out of the stall. Negras backs away.

NEGRAS You'll never get out of here. My men have this place surrounded. GENERAL You're a bad poker player, Gustavo. RUDOLFO Give me the gun!

NEGRAS You would not shoot me. I don't even know you. GENERAL You shot his brother. NEGRAS Wait! Rudolfo takes the gun, pulls back the action, and shoves the barrel into Negras' mouth! RUDOLFO I wouldn't kill you? I wouldn't kill you? Why wouldn't I kill you, you fat pig? Negras staggers back, falls against the wall, and passes out on the bathroom floor. As Rudolfo pulls off Negras' pants. The General takes out his wallet. RUDOLFO (CONT'D) Do you think he has men outside? The General removes a key from his own pocket. It is the Safety Deposit Box Key from the City Bank of New York. The General looks up, and sees something. Tacked to the wall are numerous cards, and notes from men soliciting sex partners. He grabs a handful of the cards, and stuffs them along with the key into Negras' wallet. GENERAL If he did they would have broken down the door an hour ago. The General puts the wallet back in the trousers, and drops them out of the window. The pants fall loosely into a garbage can. The General edges the door open. outside. The bartender is waiting

GENERAL (CONT'D) (through doorway)

Give us ten minutes then make the call. BARTENDER As you wish General. EXT. MATANZA'S HARBOR - NIGHT

A boat launching site a short distance from La Vigia, twelve miles east of Havana. Rudolfo backs the boat into the water. The General disconnects the boat from the trailer. Gaspar turns on the ignition, and the engines come to life. Rudolfo hides the Command car and trailer behind some buildings. EXT. ALLEYWAY BACK OF BAR - NIGHT Negras climbs blurry-eyed out of the window in his shorts, and looks around. Suddenly, he is illuminated by several sets of headlights. Some Older Officers come forward. One of them, GENERAL ESTAPHAN holds up a pair of pants. ESTAPHAN Are you looking for these, Colonel? EXT. MATANZA'S - NIGHT The General, and Rudolfo swim out to the boat. INT. BASEMENT OF THE INTERIOR MINISTRY - NIGHT The Older Officers huddle around Negras. ESTAPHAN Have I got this right? General Palimentares was the queer bartender, and you were lured in there by the gueer waiter, who was the brother of the General's driver who stole your jeep? NEGRAS No! He stole my jeep! His brother is the General's driver. Estaphan looks at the other officers.

The Officers look away.

ESTAPHAN And this? NEGRAS What? Estaphan holds up the key to the safety deposit box. NEGRAS (CONT'D) Well, obviously, he put it there! ESTAPHAN And these as well? Estaphan holds up the cards the General pulled from the bathroom wall. NEGRAS Of course! ESTAPHAN Of course. INT./EXT. CABIN CRUISER (MOVING) - NIGHT The Cabin Cruiser motors slowly out of the harbor. RUDOLFO (V.O.) We took off not knowing what would happen next. The General looks down from the wheel at Gaspar. Rudolfo applies ointment to the Old Man's burns. RUDOLFO (V.O.) (CONT'D) The General was worried about the Old Man. EXT. CARRIBEAN - NIGHT Big swells. SOUND UP. SWING MUSIC. Then Sinatra, "NEW YORK, NEW YORK". RUDOLFO (V.O.) A storm is building.

We got a Miami radio station that played the music he liked. He was delirious. The General comes below. Rudolfo presses a compress on the Old Man's forehead. GASPAR Homestead... RUDOLFO What is homestead? GENERAL It's a term from the Old American West. It means, a ranch, or farm. Rudolfo blots the perspiration from the Old Man's face. RUDOLFO (V.O) It must have been what he was dreaming about. You know, his own farm. Some shit like that. Huge waves buffet the boat. RUDOLFO (V.O.) (CONT'D) And then the storm hit. Rudolfo and the General drop to Gaspar's side and tie his body to the bunk. Another wave hits and they are thrown against the bulkhead. The boat is thrown from the crest of one wave to another. Rudolfo and the General grit their teeth and hold on. EXT. A SHORELINE DOCK - FLORIDA KEYS (HEAVY RAIN) - NIGHT A Monroe County SHERIFF, and his DEPUTY pull a lifeless body onto the dock. The men jump back as a shark leaps up and snaps at the body. The Sheriff laughs. Superimpose: Tavanier, Key West, Florida

SHERIFF Now that's what I call a successful immigration. They load the body into the jeep. DEPUTY

They risk so much to get here. The Sheriff pours coffee into a cup. It spills over.

SHERIFF You see this? When it's full it's full. DEPUTY My people weren't born here. SHERIFF (spitting out tobacco) Your people? (beat) I'll be in town. Anybody comes tonight, just let them in. He drives off leaving the Deputy looking out to sea. A Cabin Cruiser motors slowly toward shore. There is something in the water. A trunk floats to shore too fast to be pulled by the tide. The trunk is being pulled to shore by a thin rope line. The Deputy approaches. He pulls out his gun

DEPUTY Hold it right there! Suddenly the boat's engines rev up, and it turns toward the sea. He turns toward the sound. The boat speeds away from shore into the rain and the mist. The Deputy takes aim on boat. RUDOLFO (O.S.) Help us? The Deputy turns and looks closer. Holding the rope a badly bruised Rudolfo holds Gaspar huddled in his other arm. Gaspar is badly burned. After a moment the Deputy reaches for the rope. INT. SHERIFF'S SUBSTATION - NIGHT - (DRIVING RAIN)

At one end of a Quonset hut the old man lays on a cot, unconscious. The other two men drag the wooden steamer trunk through the door. Coffee? Rudolfo. DEPUTY What did you say your nameRUDOLFO No, something cold.

DEPUTY Of course. (at the ice box) I don't know what I'm getting myself intoRUDOLFO If you help us it will not be a bad thing on your conscience. You will have nothing to regret. DEPUTY My boss won't be back for a couple of hours. What do you want? Rudolfo doesn't know where to begin. DEPUTY (CONT'D) How 'bout you start with him. Rudolfo looks at the Old Man. EXT. GUARD SHACK - (POUNDING RAIN) - NIGHT

Palm trees bend from the force of the wind. Sheets of rain whip waves onto the beach. INT. GUARD SHACK - NIGHT The Deputy pours more coffee for himself. The rain beats down in torrents on the roof of the shack. Rudolfo finishes recounting the story as he mops Gaspar's head. RUDOLFO ...we were headed into Miami and we wound up here. (beat) What is this place? DEPUTY Tavanier. Couple of miles from Key Largo. What are you going to do now?

RUDOLFO The Old Man, when he wakes up, he'll tell us. DEPUTY You know, I've heard some stories in my time but(he looks out the window) Oh shit! Outside in the pouring rain the General looks back at him. The Deputy looks at Rudolfo. door his gun leveled. No! us. Wait! RUDOLFO Stop! The General bursts through the

He wants to help

GASPAR (rising up) Where, please, is Homestead? (beat) Homestead Airfield? DEPUTY A hundred miles, or so. (bewildered) What's in Homestead? Gaspar leans forward with difficulty, and retrieves a folded advertisement from his shirt pocket. GASPAR This. INSERT It is the magazine advertisement for the used airplane. The ad reads; "WORLD WAR II PBY, MINT CONDITION, REBUILT ENGINES, LOW HOURS, HOMESTEAD AIRFIELD, HANGAR #3, $214,000.00 TEL# 305-555-1212, TERMS; CASH." BACK TO SCENE The General stares at the advertisement. GENERAL (losing patience) Is this it Old Man, or is there more?

EXT. HOMESTEAD AIRFIELD (HANGAR #3) - NIGHT The storm has passed. The sky is clear. The Deputy drives off leaving Rudolfo, Gaspar, and the General. As they set the trunk down it settles on Rudolfo's foot. He yells out just as a man in overalls emerges from the hangar. RUDOLFO Shit! The man ignores Rudolfo's outburst. WALTERS You the ones called? They nod affirmatively. WALTERS (CONT'D) Okay. I'm Jack Walters. I own the plane. Walters walks to the hangar, and pushes a button. The doors open revealing, under bright work-lights, a Shiny, Black PBY. Painted on the side of the fuselage just below the pilot's window the words, "The Boat". The others are impressed. Gaspar steps toward it and stands respectfully. GASPAR (turning; proudly) I'll take it. Walters laughs. GENERAL Are you a pilot? WALTERS Just the owner. RUDOLFO Shit! WALTERS Does he know any other words in English? GENERAL Where did it come from? RUDOLFO

Why is it painted black? WALTERS Drug runners. They lost their bearings. Landed in Palm Beach. (beat) WALTERS (CONT'D) You boys aren't in to that stuff, are you? RUDOLFO Do we look like it? (Walters is about to answer yes-) GENERAL We'd like to take it for a test flight. WALTERS Sure. How about tomorrow at nine o'clock? GENERAL How about now? The General reaches into his jacket. Walters moves warily toward the shop phone. Gaspar raises his hand. GASPAR I believe you stated the terms as, "Cash"? Intrigued, Walters moves forward. He follows Gaspar's eye to the trunk. They walk over to it. Rudolfo flips open the lid revealing the contents. Walters steps back. WALTERS How much is in there? GASPAR Two-hundred, and fourteen thousand dollars. INT. COCKPIT - NIGHT Gaspar takes the copilot's seat, and goes down checklist.

GASPAR (to Rudolfo) You sit there. Indicating dials, and gauges. GASPAR (CONT'D) Altimeter. Watch it. If we ever get below a certain height, tell us. RUDOLFO What height? GASPAR I'll tell you later. Watch the rest of those dials, and yell if any of them go into the red. The General sits in the vacant pilot's seat. GENERAL What do you want me to do? GASPAR Fly the plane, of course. Gaspar hands the other checklist to the General. GENERAL (laughing) But, of course. GASPAR (pointing to gauges) You are familiar with these? Remember it is dual engine so there are two sets. GENERAL Somewhat. Gaspar turns the ignition on. A buzzer sounds. looks on as the dials, and gauges come to life. GASPAR (prompting him) Ignition on. GENERAL (catching on) Ignition on. Gaspar fires the engines. The General

INT./EXT. PBY - NIGHT The engines roar to life. Gaspar continues down the checklist. GASPAR Oil pressure? GENERAL Normal. GASPAR Manifold pressure? GENERAL Normal. GASPAR We need to keep the rpm's in the high range, always. Lights on, propellers turning, the PBY exits the hangar, and continues on to the runway. It stops at the head of the field and builds up rpm's. The engines increase pitch. INT COCKPIT - NIGHT Gaspar pushes both throttles forward. GENERAL You picked this plane because it is the only one you know how to fly. GASPAR I picked this plane because it is the only one I know how to taxi. (the General grabs him!) GASPAR (CONT'D) You said you were a pilot. GENERAL Of little planes! engines! With little

GASPAR It's the same thing. A little bigger perhaps... The General looks at him, astonished.

GASPAR (CONT'D) I'll take care of the trim, the mixture, and synchronize the engines. You take off. You fly. You land. (silence; a beat) RUDOLFO Shit! GASPAR Ready? The General looks down the runway. GASPAR (CONT'D) General, are you ready? The General swallows hard, then nods affirmatively. Gaspar pushes the throttles forward. The General fixes his eyes on the runway and grips the wheel with both hands. The engines ROAR, and the vibration increases. GASPAR (CONT'D) Wait, wait, wait, Over their heads looking down the runway the plane shakes violently. Now! GASPAR (CONT'D) Release the brakes!

Slowly at first, then gathering speed, faster, faster, GASPAR (CONT'D) (shouting over the roar) When the air speed indicates one-forty pull up! The General nods anxiouslyThe Airspeed indicator reads; 100- 105- 110- 120- 130- 135GASPAR (CONT'D) (yelling) Pull up! The General pulls back on controls. Nothing happens. It does not leave the ground.

Gaspar scans controls GASPAR (CONT'D) (loudly) Something's wrong! The General sees something. The flaps are in the "up" position. GENERAL More flaps! Gaspar's hand flies to reset the flaps. GASPAR (shouting) One quarter down flaps! The plane leaves the ground just before the pavement turns to swamp. It climbs, and banks. GENERAL More throttle. Decrease flaps. Rudolfo wipes his face and collapses in his seat. GASPAR Heading is... one-hundred sixty degrees South, South East. Landing gear up. The wheels retract. GASPAR (CONT'D) Landfall in two hours at the Lighthouse at Nuevitas. They breathe a sign of relief. GENERAL How's the fuel? GASPAR Eight, nine hours at least. We have plenty. The next part is not so easy. GENERAL (incredulous) Easy? GASPAR We need to fly underneath our radar.

GENERAL What altitude? I think... GASPAR Twenty feet.

Rudolfo nods his head and silently mouths "shit!" GENERAL Then we'll need some practice. The plane descends slowly, slowly, over the water. GENERAL (CONT'D) Call it out, Rudolfo! RUDOLFO (watching dial closely) Six-hundred, five-fifty, The plane descends. RUDOLFO (CONT'D) two-hundred, one-fifty, one-hundred. Must you go so fast? Fifty-forty-thirty-twenty. The plane skims the surface of the ocean. RUDOLFO (CONT'D) Enough! GENERAL Okay, okay... okay. The plane skims the surface. Once, then again.

Then it holds a steady altitude just above the water. RUDOLFO Twenty feet, and holding steady. INT. BASEMENT INTERROGATION ROOM - NIGHT General Estaphan confers in the hallway with the toothless Old Caretaker. Behind them Negras is seated in a chair. ESTAPHAN You're sure it was not a General's uniform? OLD CARETAKER

I'm old, but I know the difference between a Colonel, and a General. INT./EXT. PBY - AERIAL - (MOVING) - NIGHT Straight and level. The General has gotten the hang of it.

Inside the men take a breather, and gaze out the windows. The night is spectacular. is nearly like glass. GASPAR So many stars. GENERAL You've never seen them before? RUDOLFO They do look different from out here. GASPAR It's not the same view through the bars of a cell, General. The General becomes alarmed. He looks out left and right. A full moon hangs over water that

GASPAR (CONT'D) What's the matter? GENERAL Something's wrong. (beat) You said two hours to the lighthouse at Nuevitas. One- hundred-eighty degrees South South East? GASPAR Yes. GENERAL Then where are the islands? GASPAR What islands? GENERAL The islands in the middle of the Florida Straights! Gaspar checks his computations. GENERAL (CONT'D)

On this heading we should be passing over Cay Sal Bank, Damas Cays, or the Anguilla Cays, but we haven't passed over any islands. The heading you gave me must have been wrong! - Or-? GASPAR The heading I gave you was correct! GENERAL We took off West to East. Where was the moon when we took off? RUDOLFO On our left. GENERAL Look where it is now. They look. The moon is out the right window. GENERAL (CONT'D) The moon should be behind us. GASPAR The heading was right, I know it was. GENERAL Then where are the islands? They look out of the windows desperately searching. GENERAL (CONT'D) What was itRUDOLFO (cutting him off) There it is! The lighthouse at Nuevitas! GENERAL -what was it he said? "They lost direction and landed... in Palm Beach"! The General reaches out and taps the Compass. The numbers on the dial inside the glass swivel, and correct to, two-hundred, and ten degrees South South West. GENERAL (CONT'D)

That's not the lighthouse at Nuevitas. That's Morro Castle. We're flying straight into Havana! Through the cockpit windshield the skyline of Havana can be made out clearly, Morro Castle, the Capitiola, the Tropicana Hotel... EXT. MORRO CASTLE - NIGHT The Lighthouse at Morro Castle overlooking the Bay of Havana across from the famous seawall, the Malecon. INT./EXT. PBY - AERIAL (MOVING) - NIGHT The realization hits them at once. RUDOLFO Oh, my God! Turn! GASPAR Before they see us! Turn!

GENERAL The coastal defenses are not set up to detect a plane this slow flying straight into the Bay of Havana. If we're lucky,... (they wait expectantly) ) GENERAL (CONT'D) They might not see us. From across the harbor the low flying PBY outlined clearly in the night sky flies past the lighthouse toward the city. They fly toward the lights, but are on top of the city before they know it. They almost hit the Tropicana. Pull up! RUDOLFO Pull up!

The General strains back on the yoke. EXT. TROPICANA ROOFTOP NIGHT

The rooftop garden restaurant. Table clothes fly up, patrons scatter, and waiters drop trays as the huge plane zooms over their heads. From numerous rooftops throughout the city people point up at the plane as it passes overhead.

INT./EXT. PBY - AERIAL (MOVING) - NIGHT RUDOLFO I don't know, but I think they saw us. The plane banks over the city. EXT. BUILDING ROOFTOP - NIGHT A (SAM) Surface to air missile launches from a rooftop. INT./EXT. PBY - AERIAL (MOVING) - NIGHT The missile swerves, and angles toward them. The men's faces freeze in disbelief. Suddenly the General banks left and pushes the controls forward. GENERAL Hang on! Gaspar reaches back to the radio controls. GASPAR The missile defenses! The PBY dives for the hillside. The missile corrects its course, and closes in on the PBY. GENERAL What? GASPAR It's correcting its course. Are they heat seeking? Infra-red? UV? From inside the cockpit the ground is coming up fast. Why? RUDOLFO What difference does it make?

Gaspar turns up all the dials on the radio. GASPAR They wouldn't want armed missiles to go loose all over the city. If we can jam it's signal we can keep it from arming before it hits us! Gaspar flips a toggle switch. The radio emits a loud WHINE.

Gaspar prays. Rudolfo hangs on to the control panel. Suddenly there is a loud THUD. They look out the window. The missile bounces off the right wing. GENERAL Thank God(beat) GENERAL (CONT'D) -it was Russian. The General pulls back. EXT. AIRBASE - NIGHT MIG 21's scramble on the tarmac. INT./EXT. PBY - AERIAL (MOVING) - NIGHT The General relaxes his grip on the controls, and sits back. GENERAL (sighing) We've got about six or seven minutes to find a place to hide. (they search the ground below) GENERAL (CONT'D) How's the fuel? GASPAR About seven hundred gallons. We've nearly used up the wing tanks. We'll never make it there and back. (beat) RUDOLFO I know a place, but it won't be easy to get in there. (they look at him) INT./EXT. PBY - AERIAL (MOVING) - NIGHT The plane levels off.

The PBY glides through a narrow passage between two giant green-robed bluffs, and lands at a sugar refinery. Superimpose: Vinales Valley, Western Cuba. The plane taxies up to the fuel depot where several gasoline tankers are parked. RUDOLFO The sugar is distilled here into methanol. GENERAL Will the engines run on methanol? GASPAR It burns cleaner, but not as hot. It has no lead in it. He takes out the advertisement. GASPAR (CONT'D) It says the engines have recently been rebuilt. Perhaps they have been converted. GENERAL How many fuel tanks? GASPAR Three. One in each wing and one in the fuselage. GENERAL Can we transfer the remaining fuel from the wing tanks to the fuselage? GASPAR Yes. GENERAL We'll put Methanol in the wing tanks, and use the fuel we have for take off. When we're in the air we'll switch to the wing tanks. (they nod agreement) EXT. PBY - NIGHT - (LATER) Rudolfo passes up a fuel hose to Gaspar who locks it in place, and signals the General to start the compressor on the fuel truck.

GASPAR (shouting) How do you know about this place? RUDOLFO (shouting back) They don't have a watchman. It's the best place in the world to steal inner-tubes. EXT. CANYON ENTRANCE - NIGHT In the distance a contingent of motorized vehicles enters the top of the canyon. The men run to the plane. EXT. PBY - LANDING FIELD - NIGHT The plane is poised for take-off. The General shakes his head. GASPAR What is it? GENERAL I can't see to judge the distance! GASPAR How far do you need to see? GENERAL About eight-hundred meters. Gaspar jumps from the plane. canyon road. RUDOLFO Where's he going? GENERAL To light our way. Gaspar starts the truck's engine, and drives down the field. Shots ring out from the troop carrier. At the end of the runway Gaspar jumps from the truck. He takes the gasoline hose from the back and sprays it on the ground. He throws a match. The methanol ignites. Gaspar runs toward the plane. In b.g. the tanker explodes. In b.g. vehicles come down the

The PBY taxies down field. Gaspar in the distance running. Behind him the troop carriers bounce on to the field and chase Gaspar to the plane. The gunfire increases. A soldier's bullet hits Gaspar in the back of the leg. He drops to the ground. The General pulls back on the controls. Gaspar stands with difficulty, and signals the General to leave him. Gaspar raises his hands as the troop carriers move in. The General pushes the throttles forward. RUDOLFO One quarter flaps, full throttle, manifold pressure normal, oil pressure normal. The General pulls back on the controls. They look out as on the field the troops surround Gaspar. He turns and waves as the PBY takes off over the bright light of the burning tanker. INT./EXT. PBY - AERIAL - (MOVING) - NIGHT They fly along in silence not looking at each other. DISSOLVE TO: A short time has passed. One of the fuel gauges reads full, and the other almost empty. GENERAL This is a good a time as any. RUDOLFO Switching to wing tanks. He turns switches on the panel labeled "Port" and "Starboard". The starboard engine sputters. GENERAL Too much fuel. You have to lean the mixture. Rudolfo turns another dial in front of him. Rudolfo grimaces.

The starboard engine sputters momentarily then resumes normal operation. The Port engine hesitates, sputters, then kicks in, and runs smoothly. They breathe a sigh of relief. The PBY flies low over the hilly terrain. RUDOLFO How will we know when we're there? The General looks out. RUDOLFO (CONT'D) It's pitch black out there! GENERAL We'll know. RUDOLFO How? (the General points down) The wreck of Gaspar's boat glows red, a beacon in the night. EXT. THE VILLAGE OF MAYARI - NIGHT

Magda looks up as she hears the unfamiliar drone of airplane engines. The PBY banks and comes in over the mountains and lands on the burnt cane field. Rudolfo throws open the hatch and sticks his head out. Magda sees him and runs toward the plane. Soon all the villagers scramble toward the PBY INT./EXT. PBY - NIGHT Rudolfo ushers them in. The plane is nearly full.

Magda and Thomas enter the plane supporting Paulo who is covered with bandages. Thomas and Rudolfo lay Paulo down in the aisle on some blankets. Magda looks around expectantly.

Rudolfo shakes his head. RUDOLFO He didn't make it. He settles her into a seat. Rudolfo slides into the copilot's seat. RUDOLFO (CONT'D) Can we take off safely with all these people? GENERAL I don't know. RUDOLFO (laughs) You mean this isn't part of the plan? GENERAL We've come so far... RUDOLFO There's more. The gauge reads only fifty gallons in the fuselage tank. GENERAL We should be taking off into the wind. But, the methanol isn't giving us the power. RUDOLFO And the other way? The General looks out. The village and the sea beyond. There is a small break in the trees over the cliff. GENERAL It's pointless. We'll drop like a rock. RUDOLFO You said the Old Man had it all planned. We're at the end of the plan. He must have foreseen this. GENERAL

You are believing what you want to believe. RUDOLFO That's the whole point, isn't it? Aren't you? (beat) GENERAL It is their decision to make! They have to choose! (beat) GENERAL (CONT'D) (on intercom) We have to take off over the cliff's edge with the wind at our backs... this is very dangerous. We may not... survive... I can not make this decision for you. Rudolfo looks back at them through the open cabin door. RUDOLFO We've come a long way. The Old Man wanted this for you. One by one the villagers nod their heads yes. RUDOLFO (CONT'D) They say go. GENERAL Then we go. The PBY taxies to the head of the cane field, turns and builds up RPM's. Suddenly the radio comes alive. MIG PILOT (V.O.) Attention! Plane on ground at Mayari! If you attempt to take off we will shoot you down. GENERAL I hope you paid attention. MIG PILOT (V.O.) Get out of the plane and return to the village.

RUDOLFO I learn quickly. GENERAL Oil pressure? RUDOLFO Normal. GENERAL Manifold pressure? RUDOLFO Normal. GENERAL RPM'S? RUDOLFO Near the red line. The PBY moves slowly forward across the cane field. GENERAL This ground is like mush. A MIG 21 passes overhead. Rudolfo looks at the General and sighs heavily. MIG PILOT (V.O.) General Palimentares! The General pushes the throttles forward. Rudolfo stares at him. GENERAL This is General Palimentares. MIG PILOT (V.O.) Stand by. GENERAL Standing by. The PBY gathers momentum picking up speed. They are nearing the opening in the trees. RUDOLFO One quarter down flaps. Oil pressure normal. Manilfold pressure normal.

The trees closing fast. The General puts on headphones. GENERAL Go to half flaps. (beat) GENERAL (CONT'D) Yes, this is General Palimentares. (he listens) (Rudolfo can overhear and he reacts) GENERAL (CONT'D) I hadn't planned it this way either, Commandante. (he listens) The PBY roars toward the edge of the cliff. GENERAL (CONT'D) It was not my intention to leave, Jefe. (he listens) GENERAL (CONT'D) (to Rudolfo) Full flaps. He pushes the throttles all the way forward. GENERAL (CONT'D) (into intercom) Call off the fighters, and let us take off. I'll bring back the boat, and turn myself in. (beat) What do you say? (another beat) The PBY disappears off the edge of the cliffSeconds go by...

Suddenly the PBY reappears half a kilometer from shoreThe PBY climbs - no sound - no sight of the fighters. Then the fighters appear alongside. The Mig pilots salute and bank off and go out of sight over the mountains. EXT. A SHORELINE DOCK - FLORIDA KEYS - DAY

The Deputy drops his binoculars and stares ahead in disbelief. DEPUTY'S POV FROM TAVANIER - DAY The villagers de-board the PBY onto life rafts, and paddle toward shore. DEPUTY I'll be God-damned. EXT. BEACH - (FLORIDA KEYS) - DAY LATER. The Deputy dishes out soup to the last of the fifty or so "immigrants". The "Pilar" powers up and turns out to sea. The Sheriff's car drives up. The Deputy sees him. DEPUTY Well Boss, you said if anyone came, let'em in. The Sheriff's face reddens. it in the sand. He takes off his hat and throws He gets out his jaw agape.

INT./EXT. THE PILAR - (HAVANA HARBOR) - DAY The "Pilar" pulls to the pier escorted by two Cuban Coast Guard Vessels. The General at the wheel smoking a cigar sees someone on the dock. Marta stands alone on the dock. The General raises his hand. MARTA I thought you'd never get here. GENERAL She raises her hand.

(pulling her to him) To tell you the truth(he looks up) Gaspar, helped by the Priest limps toward them. GENERAL (CONT'D) You missed your plane. Gaspar makes an offhand gesture. GASPAR I thought that maybe I would stay... and try to make things better. (they continue talking) GENERAL Now I am confused. (beat) Is this part of the plan? GASPAR It is not part of the plan as I planned it. A good plan always has room... They stop. EXT. HAVANA HARBOR DOCKS - DAY

A military chauffeur stands next to a black sedan with darkened windows parked at the end of the walkway. Behind are two jeeps with soldiers. Marta squeezes the General's hand. He turns her and slides his hand slowly along her cheek. GENERAL Good-bye soft one. EXT. COURTYARD - DAY General Palimentares lights a cigar, and takes a sip of brandy. He takes a puff and inhales deeply. He looks up. The bougainvillea trees are in blossom. There is the sound of a shot and the birds light from the trees.

RUDOLFO (V.O.) One rumor said... that the General was executed for treason. It was said that Fidel granted the General's request to be executed by the men he had trained and served with. (beat) EXT. REMOTE CUBAN COUNTRYSIDE - DAY

In the distance a man walks along with a hunting rifle slung loosely over his shoulder. He is dressed in khaki, his arm around a woman with long wavy black hair. RUDOLFO (V.O.) Another version claimed the execution had been staged and that the General was secretly living somewhere in the mountains... I don't think we will ever know... maybe it's one of those stories where you make up your own ending... (beat) EXT. A DESERTED STREET IN HAVANA - DAY

Some boys paint a large letter "P" on the wall of a building and run away. RUDOLFO (V.O.) Recent reports out of Cuba mention a type of graffiti found on the walls of the city. (beat) The authorities claim it is the letter "P" for patriot.