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MEC 100


1.0 Objectives [PO1 CO1] [PO6 CO2] [PO5 CO3] To apply design process in product development. To use computer software in written report and presentation. To express the task in a systematic manner.


Task Your group consist 4 OR 5 PERSON is required to design a BRIDGE made from Thread and Straw ONLY. The product details and specification must be according with the given guidelines on section 3.0. This task contains three main parts; 1. Product Prototype; 2. Report; 3. Product Presentation.



Product Prototype Specification 1. Type of Product : Bridge 2. Materials : Thread & Straw only (will be provided@ Bilik Persatuan I-Mechy) 4 pcs of Chopsticks for pole 3. Specification : Refer to Figure 1 4. Product Finishing. 5. Details :- The Bridge must be made from THREAD AND STRAW ONLY

Bridge Weight: < 300gram Bridge Testing: 20N-500N

10cm 35cm

F 6cm Load/Force Applied F

Figure 1 Note:-

You can discuss with your lecturer regarding the project during tutorial session.
Report Format 1. Use color paper for cover page with plastic cover on the front page. 2. Font : Times New Roman, Size : 11, Spacing : 1.5. 3. Cover Page : Uitms Logo, Title/ Product Name, Name & ID, Group, Lecturers Name

Report Content The report content should according to the following step of design process during product development: 1. 2. 3. Introduction (Background of the product) Literature Survey/ Collecting Information & Theory or Principle use Ideas / Brainstorming (3 Ideas & Comparing the Advantage/Disadvantages) Sketching Minimum 3 sketches. 4. 5. 6. Design evaluation List advantages and disadvantages for each idea. Final Selected Design References

Presentation Each group member must involve during the 15 minutes ENGLISH presentation using Microsoft Powerpoint. You are required to show a demonstration of the product during the presentation.


Submission Presentation & Bridge Testing Date: - 25-30 August 2013. 2 groups from each class will be selected to participate in Engineering Week Competition 2013 (6 September 2013) which will be competing with 30 groups from other classes.


Evaluation The evaluation will be based on Report, Product Prototype and Presentation as shown below. Report (Submission Date, Contents, Neat & Well Organize, Format) Presentation (PowerPoint, Teamwork, Neat, Well Prepared, Information, Time) Product Prototype/ Model (Testing, Ideas, Product Finishing, Materials) 100 marks 100 marks 100 marks


300 marks