Yantras (Ideograms

The ideograms are signs of notation written analytical, using symbols representing an idea. Ideograms presented here, are symbols within the spelling of the Orishas, suggesting a link with the corresponding chacram.

As seen in item Energies & Attributes, each corresponding to one of the chakras, meanwhile, disclosed. It is worth remembering that its use is only for reasons deemed fair and not for deleterious because its misuse certainly bring the application of Karmic Justice.

Spelling of ideograms

Coronary Orixalá

Front Yemanjá

Laryngeal Yori

Cardiac Shango

your feelings radiating joy and harmony in their shares. prosperity. . strength.Soleus Ogun Splenic Oxossi Basic Yorimá With vows of deep peace in your thoughts. and my blessing.

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