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Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale It is still a wonderful surprise, knowing that Disney had managed to enrapture thousands of young and

old minds alike, with their beautiful productions, so many decades after. These household classics, learnt by children all over the world from generations to generations, Disney had capture in all their wonder and then modify it to suit the demands of the nurturing of the 21st centurys young minds. Hats off, Walter Disney. Tangled, is no exception. Rapunzel, Ill admit, had grown up with me, along with all the other classicsCinderella, Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, all the damsel-in-distress nonsense and whatnot. I dont know about my playmates, or my classmates, but Ive grown up reading these absolutely beautiful classics, immersed in all the wonder and joy of these princesses and their dreams. Thus, I guess its safe to say, Ive been finger-crossed the moment it came out, though why Id waited so long to see it Ill never understand. Oh well, if I were to spend all my time figuring myself out, Id be a hermit. I was captivated instantly, not only by the awesome graphics (I should really start working on me drawing skills) and brilliant music (I can only listen from afar), but the plot. Oh, the plot. I guess reading too much fan fiction and watching too many movies had me enchanted by all those stunning plotters out there. I guess Im just going to have to grin and bear it, right? *Put upon sigh* Let me succeed in plotting one of those, Ill be the happiest girl alive. *grins dreamily* Tangled is a tale of a young girl with dreams, as is the case with all the other teenagers out there, with all the usual boom and doom along the journey. The theme strikes right into the heart of those watching, especially those awaiting their new path into the real world (like me), and those whod crossed all the drifts and storms to reach where they are right now. Like Rapunzel saidor rather, sang in the movie, I have a dream in which the villains and thugs reply We have a dream. Blame me for noticing (Its kind of hard not to), this phrase usually leads the movie character into more trouble. Not that Im discouraging people. Oh well. Which reminds me. I have a dream. Familiar? Ill give you three guesses. *rolls eyes* Its like the motto of the US or something. Ive noticed how their movies (animated ones) tend to use that particular theme, with an unusual frequency. While Rapunzel stumbles into the new world shed never ever stepped into before, it strikes a somewhat grotesque resemblance to what our teens face in the real world. Funny how Rapunzel was eighteen when she chose to leave the tower, just like us, eighteen when making the choice of our future. Oh well. While Rapunzel had been locked in by an evil Mother, most of our teens are similarly locked in their own world of constant education (meaning homework and tuition) and minimum practical problem-solving skills. Well, perhaps some of us do learn more than the others, but hey, thats kind of why some graduates find it difficult to get employed. So I will not even attempt to explain the devastation caused by this ignorance this once, not because the lists too

extensive, but simply because it will ruin the story for me. After all, evil Mother Gothels words had some truth in itthe world is cruel. And the bravery and courage required, the internal battle between all of us. Some of our dreams might be different from what has been drilled into us for months and decades, perhaps even centuries. But the courage to pursue it, the courage to embrace the dream, the courage to accept all that might be thrown your way Rapunzel might have been misled by her evil mother, but still, it is all shed been taught. Im not indicating that parents out there dont have your best intentions in mind (I dont want to risk flying knives yet.), but it is somewhat similar to what some of us face. Your dream might not be what they want it to be. Even if there are no external disagreements, theres always the internal battle on whether youre doing the right thing. And I admire her strength, courage and will to go into the unknown, and make a world of her own. I mean, she faced a group of thugs and hit one of them withof all the thingsa frying pan, and then makes it up by saying, Hi! Ive got a dream! You gotta give her some credit. Ive heard stories of success before; we all do. But Tangleds Rapunzel sums it all up with a simple Im afraid. Afraid that this would not be what Id dreamt it would be like. Afraid of what would follow after I got my dream. I guess this is one fear that almost everyone notices, though dissimilar in level and size. Really, its only a small thing its succeeding in your dream!but still, it is the unknown. It is venturing into a completely different situation, not dissimilar to Death. A pretty overboard comparison, but still. Theres always fear before the unknown, always uncertainty before a hard decision, always devastation before euphoria. I guess all we can do, is hope for the best, and brace yourself, like this new-age Rapunzel did. Of course, lets not forget the part were all waiting forthe young, innocent love between two absolutely star-crossed lovers, which Im sad to say, doesnt really exist in this cruel world. Yet, it is what we all want, somehow, deep beneath all those caution and walls, to find the one guy/girl like in the movies. Its what people want to see onscreen, something that pulls the girls into the cinema, and something people are willing to pay for. To find your love, and get the guy/girl. But seriously, lets abandon all hormones for a mo and get realistic. Two people meet in a secluded area, the girl knocks the boy out of his senses, then make a wild promise to dash out into the dangerous unknown, and then get caught and thrown back into their respective places after fervently declaring their love for each other, after a mere few days. Then one of them escaped, found the girl and rescued her from the evil parent, proposed and got married. Which marks the what, tenth day from when they first met? What does that tell you about them? Wild? Stupid? Crazy? Idiotically In love? Oh, so sweet ?

Get real. This is the real world. I mean, love isnt going to pay for food and clothes. Heck, love aint even gonna stay forever. But that is exactly why people are willing to pay to see this unrealistic love. Life is undeniably hard; we need a break sometimes. Just dont lose your head in that and youll be fine. Which brings us to why Disney chose Flynn Rider, or rather, Eugene Fitzherbert, a thief as the leading actor. Have you noticed that cartoons all over the world have been featuring bad-asses as their leading roles? Megamind, Despicable Me, and now, Tangled. I guess this is their way of telling those kids out there, that your living background doesnt really matter. Oh yes, there might be misleading notions, misguided intents, misinterpreted gestures, but it isnt too late to change if youre willing to. I guess its their way of encouraging people to change their lives by themselves, instead of asking and waiting for some greater power up there to change it for them. Oh, I forgot. Flynns irresistibly charming too. *swoons* This Rapunzel is no damsel in distress. This Rapunzel is a reflection of the womenfolk out there, ready to make a world of their own. More and more women are taking up higher positions, higher education, and yeah, making higher amount of the green stuff. I guess this new Rapunzel is also a way of encouraging the girls out there to fight for their future and give the guys a wakeup call. Well, maybe Im taking this a bit too personally, but hey, Im a girl! So guys, you better watch out. *winks sadistically* Ah, well, I shouldnt say more, though I have really more than I can say. So I better let you guys get curious about the story and watch it for yourself. For those whove already watched it, did you see what I saw? Hope you did, and share with me what else you noticed. ^^ Oh, and before I sign off, Id just like to point out how I absolutely loved the phrase Mother. Knows. Best. Touch! Cut me some slack, I am a teen too.

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