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June 3, 2009

VIA FACSIMILE (946-7294)

Chief James M. Lewis
New Haven Police Department
One Union Avenue
New Haven Ct. 06519


Dear Chief Lewis,

I have been retained to represent Fire Department Lieutenant Felipe Cordero III.

On April 1, 2009, Lt. Cordero and several other firefighters were dispatched from the
Lombard Street firehouse to Ferry and Dover Streets in Fair Haven in response to a 911 call
reporting an unresponsive female who had possibly overdosed. While he was on the scene of that
medical emergency, he was forcibly detained and hand-cuffed by New Haven Police Officer
Newton Anderson. Based on my client’s own report and those of numerous witnesses, it seems
clear that Officer Anderson was totally out of control and also put the female subject of the call at
risk. He also acted in clear violation of Conn. Gen. Stat. §7-313e, which clearly states that the Fire
Department, not the Police Department, is in charge of medical emergencies. My understanding is
that the Police Department is conducting some type of official investigation of this incident.

Given that it has now been more than two months since the incident, I am requesting that you
provide me with a status report on your investigation. In particular, I would like to know if the
Police Department has determined whether any administrative charges will be brought against
Officer Anderson and, if so, what departmental charges he will be facing.

Moreover, based on my understanding of what occurred, I believe there is probable cause to

believe that Officer Anderson committed a number of criminal offenses, including assault in the
third degree, interfering with an officer, unlawful restraint in the second degree, disorderly conduct,
and breach of peace. There may be other criminal violations as well. I am also writing to make clear
to you that my client does want this matter prosecuted in the criminal courts. If you need any
further statements from Lt. Cordero, including any type of sworn complaint, please let me know the
name of the police officer who is assigned to the criminal investigation and I will make the necessary
arrangements with that officer to take a statement from my client.
Chief James M. Lewis
June 3, 2009
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I hope very much that the New Haven Police Department, under your leadership, does not
intend to tolerate lawless and criminal behavior by its own officers, and that you do not attempt to
sweep this matter under the rug, or otherwise minimize its seriousness.

I look forward to hearing from you.



cc: Mr. Felipe Cordero

David Strollo, Supervisory Assistant State’s Attorney, G.A. 23
Michael Dearington, State’s Attorney, New Haven