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By : Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain Dean, ISBM (International School of Business Management) Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur 9414430763 Nalanda and Takshashila were the makers of the Great India 2000 years back. The makers of the todays nation are the modern universities, which are evolving modern methods for transforming students into outstanding citizens. The Universities that have been able to create a culture of excellence, have converted themselves into true nation builders of today. We shall look at distinct features of one such nation builder Suresh Gyan Vihar University in this article. As the students of Gyan Vihar University prepare themselves to set a new world record of creating largest and heaviest Egg Free Pie, they set another milestone. The students of this university have been creating world records. The purpose is not to make a name, but the purpose is to set up standards of highest excellence. Suresh Gyan Vihar University has created an environment that nurtures academic freedom, pursuit of excellence and innovative work culture. About six month back, the students had created the worlds largest multi-legged race (where 111 students ran together). The kind of cooperation and team work was amazing to see. The eminent persons present there to witness the event were amazed to see the coordination.

Suresh Gyan Vihar University has carved out a distinct image for itself for its ability to generate transformational leaders. The students who set world records at the university, create a transformational culture at the place of work, when the join companies. Different schools of the University : The University has created following schools, each of these schools are symbols of highest level of perfection, dedication, commitment, and an icon of academic excellence : School of Engineering and Technology School of Hotel Management School of Pharmacy School of Business Management (ISBM) School of Education School of Bio-sciences

Out of these schools, I shall talk about ISBM (International School of Business Management). Over a period of time, ISBM has established following cultural symbols to create a nurturing platform for the young learners : ISBM has evolved as a unique institution over a period of time. Some of the initiatives taken are mentioned as below: -

1. Constant review and change of curriculam of programs and designing and conduction new courses to meet the industry demand: The University regularly invites industry experts and take their help in revising syllabus and curriculum so that students prepare what is required in the industries. 2. Regular seminars : All the students are expected to prepare some paper and present as seminar. They use power point presentations to present

their paper and invite critical reviews from their classmates as well as from faculty members. 3. Regular industry interaction: Students regularly visit industries and work on real projects. The faculty members try to ensure that the students get an opportunity to work on real projects. The faculty members also try to interact with corporate leaders to get projects for the students. 4. Focus on Developing communication skills : students regularly practice to gain expertise in English and other foreign languages (including French Language) so that they are able to improve their communication skills. Communication skills are central for the success of any person in real life. Communication skills cover not only language, but also cover body language, temperament, behavioural issues. 5. Implement monitoring and review processes for research activities by the senior persons who can guide students and research scholars in their research work. Making mandatory for students and faculties to publish 1 research paper in ISSN NO journal 6. Salutations to knowledge and expertise : There are regular Interaction of students with persons who are experts and knowledgeable about various disciplines not just management. Students interact with experts from wide fields. Recently they had interacted with persons having expertise on tribal issues, water issues, rural development issues, and venture capitalists also. 7. Students managed consultancies : the students regularly interact with the industries and work on real Consultancy Projects on regular bases. This enables students to acquire learning and translate their theoretical knowledge into practical projects. The students are thus able to extend a helping help to the industry. One recent project was the launch of Tea,

Soap and other products by Rajasthan State Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. 8. Regular Corporate visits : The students visit industries regularly. Industrial visits are scheduled every month for the benefit of students. Students interact with entrepreneurs / CEOs and prepare presentations on the basis of their observations.

At present, ISBM conducts following programmes: MBA (Dual Specialisation) MBA (Finance) MBA (Marketing) MBA (Human Resources) MBA (Global Business) MBA (Entrepreneurship) MBA (E-Governance and ERP) BBA (Marketing, Finance and HR) BBA (Actuarial Sciences, Banking and Capital Markets) B.Com. (Corporate Secretaryship) with preparation for CS of ICSI B.Com. (Honors in Management Accounting) with preparation of Chartered Management Accounting of CIMA London B.A. (Honors in Economics) with preparation of Indian Civil Services Examinations and other Competitive Examinations Certificate Programme in Journalism and Media Management Certificate Programme in Advertising Management Certificate Programme in French Language Commerce Proficiency Training (Free) Training in Shortcuts for Bank Examinations (Free) Training in Shortcuts for CPT, CA and CS Examinations (Free)