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Analog Level Transmitter 2 Wire I 4 Wire ~ - ~ - - ,

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Applications: Liquid Petroleum Products, Highly Viscous Oils & Varnishes, Edible Oil,Corrosive Liquids, Water, Effluents and Chemicals
SIMPLE CONSTRUCTION & SIMPLE CALIBRATION High Reliability, Less Maintenance HIGH ACCURACY Better Stock Control INTRINSICALLY SAFE Safer Transmission EXPLOSION PROOF CONSTRUCTION Safe Installation in Hazardous Area

-TLA-1000 is an Analog Level Transmitter which is used in combination with Float Operated Tank Level Gauge MLF-1000 to continuously transmit level information of liquid in storage tanks on two

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wiretothe indicator(or DCS).

It can be used for all kinds of
Liquids such as:.

2. Gear

1. Coupling

3. Carn Wheel 4. Microswitch 5. Converter 6. Power Supply

Indicator or DCS

. .

Petroleum Products

Food Stuffs Edible Oil

Above figure shows the transmitter's operating principle. The drive shaft is
connected to the tank level gauge through Coupling (1). The Gear Train (2) drivesPotentiometer(7) at thesametimealso drives oneor more CamWheel & Microswitch Assembly. The Cam Wheel (3) actuates the Microswitch assembly (4), at predetermined set values. The switching conditions thus generated are subsequently process as High / Low Level Information.Any change in potentiometer output due to change in level is converted by R/I converterintoproportional currentoutput. A complete measuring system consists of Float & Tape Type Tank Level Gauge, Analog Level Transmitter&Indicator(orDCS). Tank level Gauge The Tank Level Gauge is installed in the tank to detect LiquidLevel inside. Analog level transmitter The Analog Level Transmitter is mounted at the back of Tank Level Gauge. It receives rotary angular displacement signal as input from Tank Level Gauge and converts it to corresponding current signal proportional to the level inside the tank. Indicator It receives current input from the Analog Level Transmitter & converts it to corresponding display (or indication).

. Acid&AlkalineSolutions

Pains & Varnishes

Liquids of high viscosity

like Heavy Oils & Tar etc.

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0-2.5M, 5M, 10M, 16M, 20M & 30M. 4-20mA Non Isolated.
:t1 % of full Span 600 Ohms Maximum. 110 / 220 V AC :t10%, 50Hz 24 V DC

Accuracy load Resistance


Ambient Temperature Installation Construction


+ 60C Maximum.
Mounted at the back of Level Gauge MLF-1000 or on to any other make with suitable adapter.


Explosion-Proof, as per IS:2148-1981

Maximum 6 contacts Contact Capacity: 1.5Amp. 30V DC.

(IIA & liB)


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Alarm Contacts

To continuously

improve quality specifications --

may- be changed

without notice.

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