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Become a “ The latest

Certified Financial Planner CM

breed of
Professional professionals
in the

ITM Institute of Financial Markets

For registration & further details, contact:
Ms. Deepa / Mr. Mukherjee Approved Education Provider of
Tel: 65135002 / 65134300 Telefax: 27814772 /

ITM Institute of Financial Markets

7th Floor, ‘B’ wing, BSEL Tech Park, Opp. Vashi Station,
Navi Mumbai - 400 705
CFP CM , Certified Financial Planner CM and are certification marks owned outside the U.S. by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd.
Financial Planning Standards Board India is the marks licensing authority for the CFP marks in India, through agreement with FPSB.

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AFP / CFP Certification program
Financial Planning is becoming
a viable and lucrative career
option today. It has its founda- ITM Institute of A program with an internationally accepted certification, designed for students,
tion in the study and analysis of working executives & professionals interested in making a career in financial
today’s markets, financial prod-
Financial Markets planning.
The Pioneering Professional
ucts and other related sectors Finance Institution with India’s first live Financial planning covers a wide range
of the business world.
Benefits of
Trading Room established with help of of important financial considerations
Financial Planners are the NSE, NSEiT, Reuters, Spider Software including setting financial goals,
latest breed of professionals etc. Since 2003 over 200 Finance profes- savings and investments, managing

the program
worldwide, who, through their sionals have graduated with 100% debt, budgeting, tax planning, guard-
placement record. ing against risks, estate planning etc.
own entrepreneurial practices
or while working with Banks, – issues that are central to financial
well being.
Investment Advisory companies
Expertise in retirement,
insurance, investment, tax &
estate planning.

An internationally recognized
and accepted designation in
financial planning.

Promoted in India by 48
financial services institutions
from banking, distribution,
mutual fund, insurance,
equity broking and Financial
planning firms.

prepare financial plans for their ITM - IFM has tied up with the
clients and help them achieve Financial Planning Standards Board The program includes
their financial goals. (FPSB) for promoting financial planning
through the CFP certification program.

ITM-IFM is an approved education Introduction to Financial Planning (Compulsory Module)

provider of FPSB, which is a nonprofit Module 1 Risk Management and Insurance Planning
association that manages, develops and Module 2 Retirement Planning and employee benefits
operates certification, education and Module 3 Investment Planning
“Understanding related programs for financial planning Module 4 Tax Planning and Estate Planning
productive assets, risk-return organizations so that they may benefit and Module 5 Advanced Financial Planning
protect the global community by estab-
profile, assessing client’s lishing, upholding and promoting world-
The option is available to pursue the entire certification course or module wise

needs and coaching clients wide professional standards in personal

to move their wealth to such financial planning. FPSB’s commitment to Eligibility
excellence is represented by the marks of
productive assets are the professional distinction – CFP, CERTIFIED CM
AFP / CFP Certification
various challenges that the FINANCIAL PLANNER. Graduates from a recognized university and even non- graduates with
CFP certification prepares us minimum 10th standard qualification.*
The CFP examinations are designed to

for !” assess your ability to apply Financial Plan- CM

CFP Certification through Challenge Status pathway
ning knowledge to real-life Financial Plan- Graduates from a recognized university with relevant professional
Shailesh V Haribhakti ning situations. By passing all the CFP ex-

qualification or PhD/M.Phil/ Post Graduate degree.*

(Chairman, FPSB India) aminations, you will be at the appropriate
level of competency required to practice *conditions apply in regard to experience.
Financial Planning.

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