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Multimedia Development Corporation

May 31, 2009

I am delighted to welcome you to the inaugural MsC Malaysia open source

Conference 2009, Malaysia’s largest open source event, here in Kuala
Lumpur from May 31st to June 3rd, 2009.

on behalf of MsC Malaysia, we are proud of bringing you the due focus and
spotlight on the open source segment of the information and communication
technology (ICt) industry. Looking at the extremely challenging times in the
global economy, we believe this conference is timely as it aims to foster
change, innovation and growth in the industry, while emphasizing the theme
“open to Change”.

It is our utmost desire to host this international conference on an annual basis,

here in Kuala Lumpur, for the global open source community. With our three
tracks of Business, Developer and Community, MsC Malaysia open
Conference 2009 has been designed with a content-first approach and has
something unique to offer to everyone.

the discussions and activities held in MsC Malaysia open Conference 2009
will provide exposure and knowledge on the importance of open source
through enhancing competitiveness and freedom of choice in choosing
affordable and workable solutions for all user segments. our sessions will
also provide a platform for conference participants to actively interact, share
and exchange the latest trends and issues on open source platform.
Furthermore, the directions and latest innovations by the many subject matter
experts, thought leaders and industry gurus present at this conference will be
shared with the community, in the true spirit of open source. Participants
will also learn from experts on how open source software can generate
commercial and economic value-add to businesses.

this is a perfect avenue where business participants can learn to be more

creative and resilient in creating opportunities during these challenging times.
on the other hand, developers can tap and grow new ideas and create new
innovative products and services, whilst the community can gain insights and
contribute further refinement of ideas.

Hence, it is my sincere wish that you enjoy the myriad ideas, participate in
the open discussions and at the same time broaden your network during this
four-day conference. All the best!

Yours sincerely,

Dato’ Badlisham Ghazali

Ceo, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)

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by Director-General MAMPU

the open source software (oss) movement has indeed grown significantly
over the recent years, pervasively used in our daily lives, and increasingly
changing the landscape of the ICt industry. the motivations of interoperability
and freedom of choice are further reinforced by cost benefits; an advantage
that most industries, governments,and communities will appreciate during
challenging times like now, where economic slowdown is seen worldwide.

the effective use of ICt has always been integral to the transformation of the
public sector delivery system. In this respect, the Malaysian Government has
introduced its Public sector oss Master Plan since 2004. since its inception,
the oss Master plan has achieved many milestones, where more than half of
the government agencies have adopted and benefited from its implementation.
Yet, the oss agenda of accelerating the growth the local ICt and the nurturing
of an active oss community is yet to be fully pursued.

the MsC Malaysia open source Conference 2009 has been organized to
supplement the government's oss annual conference, MyGossCon to
provide further exposure on the importance of active collaboration among
the government, the business and the R&D community to sustain the oss
ecosystem. With the theme "open for Change", this event will provide a great
opportunity for all to exchange and refresh views, a possibility to shift
paradigms and achieve better success as an innovating society.

I wish to express my profound appreciation to MDeC for inviting MAMPU to

be an important part of this conference. Wishing all a fruitful and enjoyable
conference. thank you,

Dato' Normah Binti Md. Yusof

Director-General MAMPU

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DAY ONE sUnDAY, 31 May 2009


ADempiere LAMP to Win Install Fest Cyber Security Red Hat

[Bronx 6] [Bronx 5] [Manhattan 2] [Manhattan 3] [Bronx 2]

Speakers Red1 Bazaar Style MyCert Security

Ahmad Amran Kapi 1. Fedora Electronic Lab
Concept Analyst
(FEL) Overview
Tutorials - By: Mohammad Razi
Competition 2. Fedora Live USB
1. Ubuntu
Competition will be By: Khairul Anwar
Setting Up 2. Fedora
judged based on Web Intrusion: 3. KVM Virtualization: As
Developer 3. opensuse
the rating below Practical Analysis Easy as 123 in Fedora
Environment 4. FreeBsD /
1. 60% Community with oss tools By: syamsul Anuar Abd
2. 40% MDeC & nasir
5. opensolaris
Microsoft &
Web Application 1. Jboss: What the Fuss
1.45 pm Using SourceForge
DEMO InstallFest Security Common Is All About?
Problems By: Muhammad
shuhir Idris
Hands-on Session 2. SE Linux In A Nutshell
Application Demo With Ubuntu / Analysing By: eric Yeoh
Fedora / Compromised 3. RPM Packaging:
2:45 pm Java Debugging
OpenSuse / Web Server: RFI HOW TO
FreeBSD / By: Mohd Izhar
Open Solaris Firdaus Ismail
3.45 pm TEA BREAK

Compromised Fedora Project:
4.00 pm Compiling &
Web Server: SQL How to Get Involved
Deploying ERP
Injection By: Harish & Izhar

Hands-on Session
With Ubuntu / Analysing
5.00 pm Judging Application Fedora / Compromised
OpenSuse/ Web Server:
FreeBSD / Code Injection
Open Solaris Fedora 11: What’s New?
By: Harish, eugene teo,
Adli & Azaddin samat

Rectifying the
6.00 pm

How to write your resume to get the right job • How to Handle an Interview
Running concurrently with Hackathon
7.00 pm Welcoming Cocktail
8.00 pm Ubuntu Party (By Invitation)

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MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


DAY TWO MonDAY, 1 June 2009

WeLCoMe ADDRess: Exploring Frontiers in Open Source
9:30 am
YBhg. Dato’ Badlisham Ghazali, CEO of MDeC [Manhattan 2]
oPenInG KeYnote: Malaysia’s Public Sector Initiative in Open Source
9:45 am
YBhg. Dato’ normah Md. Yusof, Director General MAMPU, Prime Minister Dept, Malaysia. [Manhattan 2]
10:05 am KeYnote: Anthony Baxter, GooGLe [Manhattan 2]
10:50 am COFFEE BREAK & Press Conference COFFEE BREAK
[Manhattan 2] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
Surviving the Crisis Developing An Economic Next Generation Mozilla
11:10 am with Open Source? Intelligence Aplication Using Firefox 3.5 Fennec, Bespin and
Panel speakers: Kohana and JQuery more
1. Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya, Mohd taufik Ismail, Krim network speaker: Gen Kanai, Mozilla Asia
sun Microsystems
2. Gery Messer , Red Hat [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
3. Matt olander, FreeBsD Kicking Butt on Concurrent Analysis & Design Method for
Enterprise Application with Scala OSGi-based Development
11:55 am Moderator:
saifol shamlan, VP, MDeC speaker: speaker:
Azrul Hasni Madisa, Freelance Azrinsyah Mirza Asfian,
JAVA Developer MIMos Berhad


1:45 pm KeYnote: Realizing Potential by oliver Bell, MICRosoFt [Manhattan 2]
[Manhattan 2] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
Can Open Source Bring About Your Phyton Design Pattern! Musim Code - The Unique
Next Innovation Breakthrough? speaker: Partnership for Open Source Fund
Panel speakers: Anthony Baxter, Google speaker:
1. Dato’ Dr. Kamaljit singh, GIRC Dr Gopi Kurup, eXtoL
2:30 pm
2. tengku Farith Rithaudeen, sKALI
3. Gen Kanai, Mozilla Asia
4. Ang Chin Han, Bytecraft
Dr. Raslan Ahmad, Ministry of
science, technology & Innovation
[Manhattan 2] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
Open Source Licensing and YOU! Breaking Down the Barriers Community Building &
Panel speakers: through Virtualization Open House Movement
1. tim ney, Linux Greenhouse speaker: speaker:
3:15 pm 2. Prof. Datuk Khaw Lake tee, Frank Feldmann, Red Hat Andi Darmawan, Ubuntu ID
Deputy VC, Univ Malaya
3. Dr. Azman Firdaus shafii,
Quantum Beez
David oh, Mindvault

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DAY TWO MonDAY, 1 June 2009

[Manhattan 2] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
Open Source CIO or CTO ? Growing Open Source Software as Contributing to Open Source in
Panel speakers: Backbones to Large Organizations Zero Lines of Code
1. shihab Dato’ Kunhi Mohd, speaker : speaker:
4: 20 pm IMPACt Azhar Mustapha, neMesIs Ben Balbo,
2. Dinesh nair, QubeConnect
3. Dr. Yuserri Yusoff, omnilogic
Ganesh Kumar Bangah, PIKoM

[Manhattan 2] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]

Commercialising Open Source DJANGO - The Python Framework Using FOSS for Education and
Panel speakers: speaker: Employment of Visually Handicap
1. suresh Kumar, MIMos Low Kianseong, Developer speaker:
2. Zaid Hamzah, telekom Malaysia Krishnakant Mane, tata Institute of
5: 05 pm 3. niclas Hedhman, Apache Fundamental Research – GnoMe
software Foundation Accessibility
Raguraman Gurusamy,
Innovation & Commercialisation
Div., MostI

5: 50 pm END DAY 2 LIGHTNING TALK 1 [Manhattan 2]

8:30 pm LAUNCH OF OSDC.MY (Private Function)

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MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


DAY THREE tUesDAY, 2 June 2009

9:30 am PLAtInUM KeYnote: Collaboration @ Work by Harish Pillay, ReD HAt [Manhattan 2]
[Manhattan 2] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
CASE STUDY: Malaysian Postgre SQL – Advance Open Best Practices & Obstacles in
10:15 am Administrative Modernisation and Source Database & YOU Open Source Projects
Management Planning Unit speaker: David Fetter, speaker: timothy ney,
Malaysia (MAMPU) Linux Greenhouse
speaker: Dr. nor Aliah Zahri, MAMPU
[Manhattan 2] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
Open Source and Open Standards How ADempiere Works Facebook Connect
– Why is This Important To You? Under the Hood
11:20 am speaker: nasrul Amri samsudin,
Panel speakers speaker: Redhuan D. oon, Facebook Developer Garage
1. Dr. shamsul sahibuddin, ADempiere Cyberjaya
Director CAse, UtM
2. Dr. Dhanesh Ramachandram, [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
UsM FastCGI with PHP for IIS –Enabling Introduction to Open Web
3. Yong Yoon Kit, Royal selangor PHP on Windows Technology (Open ID, Oauth,
12.05 pm 4. Mahendran Munisamy, speaker: Atompub and Open Social)
IBM Global technology Rohan thomas, Microsoft speaker:
Moderator: Mohanaraj Gopala Krishnan,
Roslan Bakri Zakaria, MDeC Logistics Consulting Asia
1:45 pm KEYNOTE: Chris DiBona, GooGLe [Manhattan 2]
[Manhattan 2] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
Open Source ERP MONO by Novell Cluster Management Software
– Changing the World Landscape? speaker: Han Wen Kam, speaker: Luis Fernando Munoz,
Panel speakers novell CeRn
2:30 pm
1. Kai schaeffer, ADempiere
2. Mark Rees, Century software
Moderator: nurhizam safie,
Asia e-University
[Manhattan 2] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
Entreprise 2.0 – How Business & FEDORA Moodle Magic: Ten Tips
Government Should Take speaker: Harish Pillay, Fedora for Tired Teachers
Advantage speaker: Mark steven,
3 :15pm 1. Azrul Rahim, Jomsocial Forta tech solutions
2. Abu Mansur A. Manaf,
sun Microsystems
3. Waikit Lau, scanscout
Moderator: Rizatuddin Ramli, MDeC
[Manhattan 2] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
Hot Topics in Open Source Security What Linux Desktop Can Do FOSS Adoptions in
Panel speakers That Others Can’t Malaysian Education
1. Adli Wahid, Cybersecurity speaker: Prakash Advani, Canonical speaker: Muhammad najmi
Malaysia Ahmad Zabidi, International
2. Dr. shahrin shahibuddin, Islamic University, Malaysia
4:20 pm
UteM, Melaka
3. Justin tan, extol
4. Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran,
Hack in the Box
Moderator: shahril Abd. Malek,
sCAn Associates
5:05 pm END DAY 3 LIGHTNING TALK 2 [Manhattan 2]

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DAY FOUR WeDnesDAY, 3 June 2009

KeYnote: Customer service Interaction solution on open source Platform
9:30 am
By Bernard Yeong, 1001 teCH [Manhattan 5]
[Manhattan 5] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
CASE STUDY: Mobile Apps Development Using Websecurity: Are Your Web
10:15 am Open Source Models? Open Source Software Servers Part of Botnet?
speaker: tan tze Meng, speaker: Mohd Hafiz Ismail speaker: Mahmud Ab Rahman,
open source enthusiast aka Mypapit Cybersecurity Malaysia
[Manhattan 5] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
CASE STUDY: Open Source Onion & Spaghetti Seamless Service Migration Using
11:20 am Competency Centre PF & FreeBSD
speaker: sara Falamaki, CsIRo
speaker: tan King Ing, osCC speaker: Josh Paetzel, Ixsystem
[Manhattan 5] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
Using Open Source in the Asterisk Solutions for Hands-on with Open Source for
Creative Industry Telecommunication Providers the Mobile Internet
Panel speakers speaker: speaker:
12:05 pm 1. shahril Ibrahim, Rhythm & Hues Dr Daniel Ali Aman Krehenbuehl, Ryaz Patel, InteL
2. Waikit Lau, scansout Intuit Innovations
3. Wai Keen Wong, Aflexi
Hasnul nadzrin shah, MDeC
1:45 pm KeYnote: Bigger than the Community by Mark Rees, CentURY soFtWARe [Manhattan 5]
[Manhattan 5] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
Broadband and Open Source Uncovering Online Videos: Zonestraits Free DNS
Environment – What Works? Efforts of Open Source for Community
Panel speakers speaker: Waikit Lau, sCAnsCoUt speaker: Amir Haris Ahmad,
1. Ahmad Azhar Yahya, Zonestraits
2:15 pm
HsBB telekom Malaysia
2. Dr. Hiew Pang Leang,
Bt Research
3. Ryaz Patel, InteL
Moderator: Ir. Wan Murdani, MDeC
[Manhattan 5] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]
CASE STUDY: Government 2.0 PCBSD Solutions for Developing the Next Generation
3:00 pm speaker: Economic Downturn of Open Source Application
Mohd nazri Md. said, Universiti speaker: Mat olandear, ixsystems speaker: Bruno Georges, Red Hat
Perguruan sultan Idris, Malaysia Asia Pacific, Japan

[Manhattan 5] [Bronx 5] [Bronx 6]

Reducing TCO of ICT through the Open Source Technologies and Development Based on
MSCS Innoflex Solution & MSC- Visual Effects: Keeping the Pipeline Community Code: A Success Story
Developing Local ICT Entrepreneurs Moving at Rhythm & Hues Studios speaker: Uwe Dippel,
3.45 pm & Making Profit. Can It Be speaker: Universiti tenaga nasional
Achieved? Marc Hawson, Rhythm & Hues
YM Raja Ahmad nizam, MIMos
smart Computing
6:30 pm -
till late CLOSING DINNER : AWARD PARTY (RETRO NIGHT) [Manhattan Ballroom]

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speakers’ Profile

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MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


Chris DiBona
As the open source Programs Manager for Google, Chris’ job
includes running the summer of Code and releasing open source
software on Google's Code website, which can be found at

Prior to joining Google, Chris was an editor/author for the popular

online website and He is an internationally known
advocate of open source software and related methodologies. He co-
edited the award winning essay compilations "open sources" and
"open sources 2.0" and writes for a great number of publications. He
was also briefly the Linux guy on techtV and speaks on a variety of
open source issues internationally.

Anthony Baxter
Anthony has been involved in the open-source community for more
than a decade, and largely working on Python for the last few years.
He’s was the release manager for Python. this is much less glamorous
than you might think. After a number of years working for a travel-
based telephone company, he’s recently started working for Google

He has worked in the Internet area and in the telco space where he
gets to exercise his incredibly short attention span by working on far
far too many things at once. He’s written or contributed to more open
source projects than he can remember – mostly related to networking
and protocol implementations..

Anthony’s spoken at a number of conferences, including a keynote

at 2008, at each of the 4 osDC conferences held so
far, and presented effective Python Programming at osCon 2005.

Matthew Olander
Matt is currently the Cto of at iXsystems, which is a business-friendly
way to say that he plays on server equipment and breaks software
most of the day while trying to avoid meetings.

He has 15 years of enterprise networking and systems analysis

experience and is responsible for the over-all technical vision of the
company. A long time BsD advocate, Matt is a member of the
FreeBsD Project's Marketing and Public Relations teams. Matt was
previously Director of It at BsDi.

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 15

Sara Falamaki
sara is a software developer based in sydney. she currently works in
a traffic enforcement company, writing software to extract infringement
information from roadside gadgets like cameras, induction loops and
speed limit signs. she has previously worked at a web start up, an
industrial automation company and has tutored classes at university.

sara developed systems enabling traffic enforcement tools to

communicate and corroborate traffic events. Most of her development
work is done using C++ on top of an ACe based framework. sara also
designed database schema and sQL queries, implemented site
monitoring system using Python and AJAX.

Krishnakant Mane
Free software developer, social engineer, teacher and activist, Krishna
is actively involved in technical and non-technical training, such as
orientation of office staff towards usage of linux in various
organizations and helping them to develop a chain of support system
and knowledge base.

Presently, Krishnakant is working as a Project Fellow in Homi Bhaba

Centre for science education (HBCse) lab with Dr. nagarjuna of the
tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai. Before joining
HBCse, Krishnakant worked as an advisor to several state
governments in India for creating awareness about accessibility
technologies for the education of handicapped people.

Waikit Lau
Waikit is the Co-Founder and President of scanscout. He has
extensive experience building emerging media businesses and
technologies. In his role as Co-Founder and President of scanscout,
Waikit leads the company’s vision and growth.

Prior to co-founding scanscout, Waikit was the Director of strategy

and Business Development at scientific Atlanta (a division of Cisco)
where he helped lead product strategy for next-generation media
delivery platforms. Before scientific Atlanta, he was an investor at
Bessemer Venture Partners, investing in and working with early-stage
technology companies.

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MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


Gery Messer
As Vice President of technology solutions (ts) in Asia Pacific and
Japan, Gery Messer is responsible for building strong services
expertise around networked storage, open storage Management and
Business Continuity to foster greater and more individualized
customer focus across the region.

He is based in shanghai and has been working in the Asian region

for the last ten years. Prior to joining eMC, Messer was with Deloitte
Consulting as the President and Regional Managing Director of Korea,
leading the entire Management Consulting practice, including
strategy & operations, change leadership and educational services.

He was formerly the Managing Director of Deloitte Consulting south

east Asia, responsible for the technology Practice (eRP) in the region.
In both roles, he was instrumental in significantly increasing Deloitte
Consulting's market penetration and revenues in Korea and south
Asia. Gery holds an MBA from the University of Berne in switzerland,
where he majored in the science of Industrial Management.

Tan Tze Meng

tze Meng has been in the ICt industry since graduating with a
Computer engineering degree from Queen Mary College, University
of London in 1986. Having worked in data communications,
electronics manufacturing, software development and was involved in
the startup and early development of one of Malaysia's largest Internet
service Providers, tze Meng is long time user and supporter of FreeBsD
(since version 2.x) and an advocate of open source in general,
especially during the early days of MnCC's open source special
Interest Group (ossIG). He also presented a paper at FossCon 2003
"the Case for open source: oss vs. Proprietary software" which has
been cited by various other papers on open source.

He is currently with Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).

David Oh
David has extensive experience having practised as an Advocate &
solicitor in the Intellectual Property Department of skrine & Co and
subsequently in his own firm, the Law office of David oh.

His expertise covers the vast Intellectual Property arena having

worked with clients from a broad range of sectors including retail;
manufacturing; broadcasting, media and entertainment; interactive
/enhanced television; information technology and e-Commerce.
Being a much sought-after speaker, David has over a decade of

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 17

experience in training and development having participated in

seminars and workshops with organizations such as the Malaysian
Intellectual Property Association (MIPA), Malayan Law Journal (MLJ),
Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM), Academy ofsciences
Malaysia and Asia Business Forum (ABF).

Dinesh Nair
Dinesh has been actively involved in creating new networking,
security and Internet applications based on open source architecture
since 1986.

He designed the PicoBsD embedded operating system jointly with

Andrej Bialeki; developed m0n0wall embedded firewall distribution
tool and created a smartcard operating software for Malaysia’s
national identification card and passport.
other significant projects include the development of Malaysia’s
Ministry of Health telemedicine network with WorldCare Asia Pte
Ltd; Celcom Malaysia GsM network and due diligence studies for
Malaysian Venture Capital Management sdn Bhd (MAVCAP).

In July 2004, Dinesh co-founded QubeConnect sdn Bhd with sin

Hock Kian. Dinesh is currently the Cto of QubeConnect.

Ang Chin Han

Han is a coder at heart, having been programming since 1986 and
using Linux since 1996. He is a firm believer and supporter of open
source software, particulary interested in the development of the
PostgresQL relational database.

He joined Byte Craft and have led and implemented a number of

open source software based projects with them. He is now
managing the technical team and direction of the company as the
technical Director.

Lately he has been active in the local Drupal CMs, as well as the
Myoss community.

Dr. Raslan Ahmad

Raslan Ahmad is the Director of ICt Policy Division, Ministry of
science, technology and Innovation, Malaysia (MostI). Raslan began
his career 16 years ago as Coordinator for Corporate Planning
Division of MIMos (Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic system),
agencies under MostI. His professional expertise is extensive, and
ranges from corporate planning and managing government ICt grant
to inclusion of ICt by community as a tool for capacity building of
partners in developing countries.

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MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


Raslan gained a B.A (Hons) degree in southeast Asian studies and

Master of Philosophy in Human Development at the University of
Malaya in 1987 and 1991 and Ph.D in science Policy and technology
Management at Policy Research in science, engineering and
technology (PRest), an institute of the University of Manchester in

Dr. Yusseri Md. Yusoff

Dr. Yusseri Md. Yusoff is the Chief technical officer of omnilogic sdn.
Bhd., a software development company specialising in open source
software. He was also the Project Director for a recently concluded
Government of Malaysia initiative, titled “the Malaysian Public sector
open source software Initiative, Phase 1” headed by the Malaysian
Administrative Management and Modernisation Planning Unit

Dr. Yusseri holds a Ph.D. from the school of electronics and Physical
sciences, University of surrey, an in telecommunications and
Information systems from the University of essex and a B.eng. in
electronic engineering (Computing) from the University of sheffield.
He is also a member of the Institute for electrical and electronics
engineers (Ieee).

Prof. Datuk Khaw Lake Tee

Prof Datuk Khaw Lake tee is a Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development),
University Malaya. she was a dean in the law faculty. she is an expert
in Intellectual Property (Patent, trade marks, copyright, designs,
traditional knowledge, layout designs, confidential information),

Land Law, Property Law And Conveyancing (torrens system, national

Land Code, land dealings, registration of title) and Information
technology Law (Cyberlaw, information and communications law,
internet, intellectual property, jurisdiction). she is also an author to
several books on copyrights law.

Dato’ Dr. KamalJit Singh

entrepreneur, technologist, Writer, thinker, Doer, and often dubbed
as “Dr Innovation” by the industry, Dato’ Dr Kamal is currently the
executive Director of Global Innovation Research Centre (GIRC), a
strategic think-tank to instill innovation in Malaysian industry,
government and education sectors. His passion is innovation, which
he believes to be a direct result of our core thinking processes.

Dato’ Dr Kamal was previously the Ceo of Bt Multimedia Malaysia

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 19

and Head of the Asian Research Centre (ARC) in Kuala Lumpur. Prior
to Bt, He spent 8 years with Panasonic new Zealand, which he left
as the general manager. He is a regular speaker at many international
technology conferences and a columnist in "the edge", Malaysia's
premier business weekly. He is also a member of the technical
Resource Group (tRG) of Malaysia’s third Industrial Master Plan (IMP
3), being developed by Ministry of International trade & Industry.

Dr. Azman Firdaus Shafii

As a Colombo Plan scholar, Dr Azman studied at the University of
sydney, Australia where he graduated with the ICI Australia and new
Zealand Prize for Chemical engineering. He then went to Aston
University, UK, to do his PhD in Computer Process Control, and later
an MBA at Harvard Business school, UsA.

He first taught Chemical engineering and Computer Programming at

Universiti Malaya, and moved on to hold top management positions
in public listed companies such as Golden Hope Plantations Berhad,
Intria Berhad and Costain PLC, UK.

In 1998, Dr Azman decided to pursue his technopreneurial vision.

He founded the Aldrix Group ( spearheaded by
an R&D driven company, Quantum Beez sdn Bhd (formerly known
as open source systems sdn Bhd) a Malaysian pioneer in Linux
based Cluster Computing, open source software and Bioinformatics.

Prof. Dr. Sharin bin Sahib @ Sahibuddin

Having a PhD in Parallel Processing (sheffield, UK), Msc in eng
system software, & Bsc in engineering Computer systems (Purdue
Univ.), Prof sharin is the Dean of Faculty of Information and
Communications technology, Universiti teknikal Malaysia Melaka.

Prof. sharin field of expertise is in network, system, security, network

Admin and Design.

Redhuan D. Oon
Redhuan D. oon or 'Red1' is the leader of the ADempiere eRP
project. He spent his time mostly in his 2 acre farm on the outskirts
of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia connected only by a thin copperline with
broadband access. It was in this farm starting in 2003 where he
managed to create his, housing mostly technical and
basic tutorials on Compiere eRP software.

His enlightening writing style drew worldwide acclaim and won him

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 20

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


enough overseas projects as far as new York and Bonn. When

Compiere was funded and closed up, its community requested Red1
to conduct a forking debate which gave rise to the ADempiere project
with Red1 as its temporal leader.

today ADempiere eRP is the top community open source project in and enjoys a growing following of experts,
developers, implementors and users. It now has an HQ based in
Berlin. Asia e-University has started a Masters programme based on
ADempiere in 2009 with Red1 that is also published as books by
Pearson and Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka.

Tengku Farith Rithauddeen

tengku Farith is the Group Ceo and Co-Founder of sKALI. the vibrant
tengku Farith, or better known as tF amongst sKALI’s staff, is
responsible for the strategic vision, overall management and
leadership of sKALI.

In 2002, Farith was selected as one of the 100 Global Leaders for
tomorrow (GLt) by the World economic Forum, Davos of
switzerland. In 2004, he was the first recipient of the Young
entrepreneur award by the Malay Chamber of Commerce, Malaysia
and in 2006 was awarded the prestigious eisenhower Fellowship for
2007 by the eisenhower Foundation, UsA.

Farith was the President of teAM, technopreneurs Association of

Malaysia from 2004 to 2007 and also a co-founder and current
advisor of the new entrepreneur Forum (neF). He sits on other
advisory boards both in the public and private sectors which focus
mainly on Industry and netpreneur development in Malaysia.

Y.Brs Dr. Nor Aliah binti Mohd Zahri

Dr. nor Aliah is the Deputy General Director of ICt at MAMPU
(Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning
Unit). she has had numerous experience in the government ICt sector.

Before her current appointment, she was the Director of ICt Policy
and Planning Division, MAMPU (2001-2006), Head of training and
Innovation Unit in IntAn (1995-2000), Computer Manager in
Department of Public service (1989-1991), senior Program
Coordinator in IntAn (1987-1987), Computer Manager in Ministry
of Primary Industries (1984-1987) and system Analyst in Department
of statistic (1978-1982).

she completed her Ph.D in Database & natural Language at the

University of London, her Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence at

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 21

the Brighton Polytechnic, her system Analyst Diploma at IntAn and

also did her Business economy Degree in Business Administration at
Universiti Malaya.

Ahmad Azhar
Ahmad Azhar, 45, holds a Bachelor of science in electrical
engineering from oklahoma state University. He began his career in
1987 as an engineer in Agilent technologies (formerly known as
Hewlett Packard). He then joined management consultants,
Accenture in 1990 servicing a portfolio of clients in Malaysia, Asia
and Middle east in various industries from communications to high
technology, oil and gas and the public sector.

His experience includes strategic planning and change management,

business and operations support systems, enterprise resource
management, revenue and customer relationship management. He
became a Partner at Accenture in 2000 before joining tM as Group
Chief Information officer on 2 August 2004. In 2008, Ahmad is now
the Programme Director of High speed Broadband (HsBB)
Programme in tM.

Zaid Hamzah
Zaid Hamzah is the telekom Malaysia's senior Vice President, Group
Regulatory, Legal & Compliance tM. He has over 21 years of
professional work experience spanning government service, legal
practice and in-house counsel work with an MnC. Prior to joining
tM, Zaid was a consultant to Microsoft's Legal & Corporate Affairs,
Asia Pacific, based in singapore.

His career achievements include his role as a consultant to the

Malaysian Government on the development of the Malaysian national
Intellectual Property policy in 2003, advising the Malaysian national
ICt security & emergency Response Centre (nIseR) on the
development of their e-security Legal Risk Management Framework
and MAMPU on the commercialization of e-government applications.

Raguraman Gurusamy
Raguraman Gurusamy was a law lecturer in University technology
Mara till 2006. He read Law in Leeds Metropolitan University United
Kingdom and holds a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property from
University of Leeds United Kingdom. He is currently working in the
Innovation and Commercialisation Division in the Ministry of science
technology and Innovation Malaysia and specializing in
Commercialisation of Intellectual Property. He has been involved
with negotiation and commercialisation of e- Government projects

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 22

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


and he is also Part of the Malaysian Free trade Agreement negotiation

team on Intellectual Property Rights Chapter.

Dr. Dhanesh Ramachandram

Dr.Dhanesh Ramachandram is a senior lecturer with the school of
Computer sciences, UsM. He is a member of the Computer Vision
Research Group (CVRG). He completed his PhD in the area of Robotic
Vision and Artificial Intelligence.

His research interests include Medical Image Analysis, semantic Image

Understanding and AI-based approaches in Information Retrieval. He
currently coordinates the development of the software framework and
is an active advocate of open-source software.

Niclas Hedhman
Born in 1964 in sweden, niclas is one of the founders of the oPs4J
project. He has also founded and worked heavily on the Digital Product
Meta Library and in various projects at the Apache software Foundation,
where he is a full Member since 2007.

His work as Chief Architect at eWarna sdn Bhd (2000-2003) with

online Color Communication and Color Management solutions in the
textile industry led to a APICtA (M) "Best software" and "Best of the
Best, Prime Minister's Award" in 2002.

In 2006, he joined the expert Group of JsR-291, Dynamic

Component support for Java se, which is to formalize the osGi
framework, module, lifecycle and service layers into a Java industry

the heavy use of osGi here at oPs4J as well in a professional

capacity at scanCoin, led to niclas' inclusion as a initial committer
for the eclipse RsP-UI proposal.

Andy Darmawan
Andy Dermawan is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is involve in
Ubuntu-id Member, Ubuntu-id Activities, Development for Blankon,
a member of Ubuntu Membership Board – Asia and oceania Region,
and also Committee Member for IGos (Indonesia Go-open source.
He is currently attach to Departemen Komunikasi dan Informatika
Republik Indonesia.

Mr. Andy has vast experience in C, C++ , PHP , Python, Java

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 23

Tim Ney
timothy ney is well-known and respected for his advocacy of digital
access, as well as his extensive knowledge of open source licensing
and business models. As co-founder of the Linux Greenhouse, which
nurtures collaborative innovation in the private and public sectors, he
has advised governments in Brazil, Chile, China, Korea and spain on
It strategy.

He served as executive of the GnoMe and Free software foundations,

where he grew the impact of those organizations around the world.
He fostered corporate involvement with open source, convening the
first seminar for corporations on the General Public License (GPL) at
MIt and advising the team that introduced nokia's Internet tablet to
the developer community.

ney serves on the board of the solo Foundation and the advisory
boards of the open source software Institute, Government open
source Conference (GosCon) and Composers Collaborative in new

David Fetter
David Fetter is based in the san Francisco Bay Area and has worked
in various commercial enterprises, non-profits and educational
institutions. He has worked extensively with oracle, PostgresQL,
MysQL, Perl, PHP, PL/sQL, PL/PgsQL, PL/Perl and (of course!) vim
on transaction processing and business intelligence systems. He has
spoken about PostgresQL at many conferences.
In his free time, he helps run several organizations for computer
professionals including the san Francisco Perl Users' Group and the
san Francisco PostgresQL Users' Group.

Kai Schaefer
Kai spoke in nuremberg on the open source meets Business
conference in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 on the topic of the
experience the schaeffer AG made with ADempiere. In 2007 he won
the 2nd prize of 2k euro which he then conducted the first ever
ADempiere Conference where he sponsored the top contributors of
the community around the world to come to Berlin. that sparked a
wider appearance of virtually the whole european and Us community.

Kai also spoke at the CeBIt 2009 open source Forum as the chairman
of the "ADempiere Deutschland e.V." He contributed the Windows
Installer for ADempiere and able to code in 5 languages. In 2005 he
started with the customization of Compiere and later ADempiere to
the special requirements of his own end-user company, "schaeffer
AG". Followed by a slow step by step introduction at different
departments. Highlight this June: Broad Introduction at our Us branch.

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 24

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


Mahendren Munisamy
Mahendren Munisamy joined IBM in April 2004 after obtaining his
Masters Degree in Computer science from Kobe University, Japan.
He was initially part of the Virtual Innovation Center’s (VIC)
Websphere technical support team where he was primarily
responsible for providing support to IBM Business Partners regarding
technical issues concerning Websphere software.

In 2006 he took on the role as leader of the Kuala Lumpur Websphere

User group and was chosen to champion IBM soA initiatives within
the AseAn technical sales support team.

Mahen has also provided assistance to in porting applications to IBM

technology through technical engagements at the IBM Innovation
Center (IIC) in Kuala Lumpur. He is now assigned to the IIC as a
technology evangelist, a role that requires him to introduce IBM
software innovations to developers around the AseAn region.

Nurhizam Safie Mohd. Satar

nurhizam safie Bin Mohd satar is the Dean of the school of ICt in
Asia e University. His research and professional consultancy are
focussed towards open source Computing, e-learning and ICt Project
Management. He is an active promoter of open source Capacity
Building through working relationship with Centre of International
Cooperation for Computerization (CICC) singapore office.

through school of ICt, he has introduced the executive Master in

open source Computing, executive Master in open source eRP
(Adempiere) and Bachelor of ICt (open source Computing), a unique
programmes of its kind in Asia.

Saifol Bahri Shamlan

saifol has been MDeC’s VP for Industry Development since February

During his eight years as an It and management consultant, he

gained much experience in a wide range of industry verticals such as
property development, plantations, banking and financial institutions,
capital and money market, technology development, cottage
industries, facility management, e-commerce, etc. He was involved
in providing consultancy in It planning, financial analysis, market
strategy, operations management, business strategy and planning,
industry studies, among his many assignments as a consulting partner.

Following the dotcom crash, saifol took on the job as Ceo in Dagang
net, where he managed to turn around the company’s business from

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 25

stagnation into high growth. He was also instrumental in launching

Dagang net’s ePermittM service which eventually won the MsC-
APICtA Award as well as ZDnet Asia’s Best e-Government Award
in 2005. From Dagang net, he went on to become the Director of
technology strategy and Innovation in UeM Group Berhad. During
his brief tenure in UeM, saifol conceptualized and promoted the use
of open source platforms for the Group’s unified communications
and office automation, which will ultimately involve 15,000 desktops
within over 30 companies.

At MDeC, saifol is taking on the challenge to develop an entire It

industry for Malaysia, by re-shaping the corporation’s Industry
Development functions into an organisation that performs end-to-end
aid in development, growth and commercialisation of the numerous
players in Malaysia’s It industry.

Mark Rees
over his 20+ years as a programmer, Mark has programmed in 15
different languages, but has the most fun programming in Python
which he has been using since 1997. Developer of the isapi_wsgi
adaptor and the Zope Informix Database adaptor. With CLI he sees a
chance to be able to leverage the best language for specific software
components and with the help of Mono deploy cross-platform. He is
also the current convenor of syPy, the sydney Python User Group.

Mark is a software Development Manager, Century software

north sydney, nsW, Australia.

Harish Pillay
Harish Pillay has been the open source evangelist with Red Hat Asia
Pacific since september 2003.

He joined Red Hat from Maringo tree technologies, an open source

consultancy, training and services company he co-founded in 2002.
He has held senior management and technical positions at Brokat
Asia, sembawang Media, CsA Automated and CsA Holdings.

An avid open source activist and commentator, Harish co-founded

the Linux Users' Group singapore (LUGs) in 1993. He was elevated
to a Fellow of the singapore Computer society in 2009 and is a
member of the Institute of electrical and electronic engineers.

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 26

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


Adli Wahid
Adli Wahid of Cybersecurity Malaysia manages the Malaysia
Computer emergency Response team (MyCeRt) on a day to day
basis. our team provide incident handling service for anything related
to .MY, watch and warn activities, and co-ordination with other
security teams (FIRst, APCeRt), research groups (i.e. the Honeynet
Project) and interest groups (i.e. APWG, shadowserver)

He specializes in malware, phishing and visualization and has

designed and co-ordinated cyber drill exercise at the national and
regional level.

Justin Tan
Justin tan brings a wealth of business and technology experience to
extol MsC. He became part of the extol team in 1995 as a system
engineer and was subsequently appointed as its technical Director in
1998 leading product commercialization activities and overseeing
technical innovation.

In 2003, Justin assumed the role of Chief executive officer and his
key responsibilities include setting the direction of extol MsC and
formulating the strategies to achieve these goals.

Justin is currently the chairman of WG3 under the technical

committee (tC5), commissioned by sIRIM to oversee information

Ryaz Patel
Ryaz Patel heads the sales and marketing operations in Malaysia. As
country manager, he is responsible for the growth of Intel's business
through channel distribution, local oeMs and multinationals (MnCs)
in Malaysia. He will also focus on driving strategic partnerships with
the Government and ecosystem players to accelerate technology
adoption in Malaysia as well as drive market expansion strategies to
grow the local consumption.

Ryaz joined Intel in 1995 and has held several regional roles over the
years. His previous role was the regional product marketing manager
for desktop and mobile platforms where he was responsible to drive
and accelerate product launches and transitions for Intel's desktop
and mobile technologies, including the Intel® Centrino® Mobile
technology and Intel® Core™2 Duo processors. He was also
responsible for working with channel partners, local oeMs and
MnCs to drive and implement Intel's product roadmaps.

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 27

Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran

Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran is a Founder and Chief executive
officer for Hack In the Box ( and the main
organizer behind HItBsecConf; the largest network security
conference in Asia and the Middle east.

Rizatuddin Ramli
Rizatuddin Ramli is a dynamic, results oriented technology executive
with broad experience in general management, technology
management and customer care. Demonstrated record of success in
implementing new concepts and methods to drive transformational
change across the organization.

Joined Multimedia Development Corp in 1998 and currently the

Director of Global Profiling and Portfolio Management. His current
role involves developing MsC Malaysia global icons as a function of
innovative companies, products and services to requirements of the
aligned business goals of MsC Malaysia.

Roslan Bakri
Mr. Roslan is a Co-founder of the new entrepreneur Forum [neF],
the original 10 of neF Members and Represented neF in Key
Government initiatives. He is the technical Committee Member for
the development of 9th Malaysian Plan, Collaborated with the
technopreneur Association of Malaysia [tePage | 17AM] in the
strategizing, development and implementation of the CRADLe
Investment Program [CIP], Working team for the development of the
BCIC2 for the Government of Malaysia and Developed a strategic
master plan for bumiputra technopreneur development MDeC.

Tan King Ing

tan King Ing currently serves as the Deputy Director of the ICt Policy
and Planning Division of MAMPU and is primarily responsible for
the implementation of the Malaysian Public sector open source
software Program. Her work experience covers It strategic planning,
policy formulation, systems development, operations, project
management and consulting.

she has contributed in drafting the electronic Government Vision and

various ICt policies, standards adoption and guidelines preparation
for government agencies in ICt implementation. she was the project
manager of the Civil service Link, the City Command Center and now
the Public sector oss Program. she was also actively involved in the
implementation of the MsC Malaysia / electronic Government
flagship project.

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 28

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


tan King Ing obtained her Masters of science in It from the

University of stirling, United Kingdom and has served the civil service
for almost twenty seven years.

Dr. Hiew Pang Leang

Hiew Pang Leang is currently the Ceo of Bt Multimedia Malaysia and
heads Bt’s Research Centre in Malaysia. He is responsible for managing
the research and exploration of technologies and innovations for Bt in
the areas of Mobility and Convergence as well as Broadband
Communications and Applications.

Prior to joining Bt, Hiew was an associate professor at Monash

University and the founding Head of school for the school of
Information technology. He was also founding director of the
Information and Communication technologies enterprise Research &
Development Centre.

Hiew is a strong advocate of open source philosophy. He has

delivered keynotes and chaired a number of internal open source
event and conference. He was also on the drafting committee for
Malaysia’s national open source Policy back in 2004. Hiew now
applies his open source knowledge into his research in information
and communication technologies.

Yong Yoon Kit

Yong Yoon Kit is currently the Group It Manager for Royal selangor
International. He graduated from Imperial College reading
Information systems engineering. He has been an avid user of Free
software since the early 1990s and have since advocated for more
Foss usage in the Malaysian context. He is also in the Federation of
Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) ICt & Multimedia committee and
chair of the Foss-sIG. In this capacity he contributes to standards
development in sIRIM. over the years, he has given talks on Foss in
FMM, MyGossCon, Asia CIo, and BarcampKL

Oliver R. Bell
As Regional technology officer, oliver is responsible for Microsoft’s
technology policy initiatives and engagements with Government and
Academic leaders across Asia and Australasia. through this bi-
directional dialogue, he ensures that the unique needs of these
constituencies are reflected in Microsoft’s technology and
development strategies.

Prior to this position oliver spent seven years at Microsoft’s corporate

headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Most recently he held the

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 29

position of Director for Government Interoperability Programs and

Projects, working with Microsoft’s global network of subsidiaries to
define replicable ways in which Governments could implement cross
departmental services for citizens and businesses. In addition oliver
and his group were also responsible for establishing programs through
which Governments globally are able to share and reuse best practice
and solution based intellectual property.

Ben Balbo
Ben Balbo was born in Germany, grew up in the UK, lives in
Melbourne, and likes Guinness. While he isn’t drinking Guinness
(which is most of the time in Melbourne, as it just doesn’t taste the
same), he earns a living as a PHP developer and trainer, security
consultant, and open source developer. He has been known to talk
in public about web development-related topics, which comes as part
of the package of being on the committees of both the Melbourne
PHP User Group and open source Developers’ Club. Although he
wouldn’t admit this, he participates at this level only in order to go to
restaurants or pubs after the meetings.

Bruno Georges
Bruno Georges is the Director of Middleware, Red Hat Asia Pacific ,
Japan. Bruno has over 18 years It experience working in the Banking,
trading, Insurance and telco industries, where he has been primarily
involved with the architecture of eCommerce solutions and managing
software Development teams.

since 2001 he has spoken at numerous international conferences

about Web services standards, enterprise Application Integration,
soA, and the adoption of open source technologies.

Bruno previously headed the Application Development Group at

Glencore International AG, the largest private company in
switzerland. Bruno was responsible for initiating and driving the
adoption of an open source based soA strategy, leading to a highly
successful deployment.

Mark Stevens
Mark stevens is currently working in Malaysia as the Moodle subject
Matter expert for Forta tech solutions' LMs project (sponsored by
MAMPU). His responsibilities include recommendations on Moodle
configuration, deployment, and best practices in Moodle blended-
learning. He is on leave as a senior Instructor at the American University
of sharjah and has taught english as a second Language for more than
20 years in Kuwait, Malaysia, saudi Arabia, the UAe, and the UsA.

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 30

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


He has been a Moodle teacher, administrator, and advocate since

March 2004, and he volunteers as a co-moderator for's
“Moodle for Language and teaching and “Moodle sites” courses. His
Malaysian Moodling activities can be found at

Low Kian Seong

Low Kian seong has been using open source since 2000 and started
out hacking Python on Zope in the same year on his very first project
which is a herbal website. After that he jointly founded a start up and
worked using opensource software on Windows, Linux and a variety
of platforms. He enjoys hacking in general and his hacking tool of
preference is Python, Bash and Ruby.

on his spare time besides playing around with business he enjoys

trying out new business ventures and communing with nature.

Dr. Daniel Ali Aman Kraehenbuehl

Dr. Daniel Ali Aman Kraehenbuehl is a serial entrepreneur and
founder of scout24 a large european online marketplace. He holds a
P.h.D in Computer science from MIt. In 2002 he founded Intuit
Innovation, a company in Malaysia which is fully focused on Asterisk
and nagios solutions, projects and global support.

Azrul Hasni Madisa

Azrul Hasni Madisa graduated with a diplôme d’ingenieur (Msc.
equivalent) from one of France’s top engineering schools (InsA) in
2002. soon after, he joined tMnet as an It engineer. His passion for
teaching, led him to resign from tMnet and joined Multimedia
University (MMU) as a lecturer. He won several commendation
award from the President of MMU for his teaching skills.

In 2004 he joined Jtrend; a sun Microsystems, MMU and MDeC

collaboration project to help Malaysian technopreneurs. In 2007, he
joined Billadam, a UK company specializing in mobile content, as
the Chief technology officer. In 2009, after a deep soul searching,
he decided to start his own It consulting business specializing in
enterprise application, security and mobile development. Currently
he has a few big names such as sun Microsystems, British telecom –
Frontline and Cybersecurity as clients.

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 31

Amir Haris Ahmad

Amir Haris Ahmad is a visionary in information technology and
computer security fields, with particular interest in Dns technology
and IPv6.

He is currently working as senior Researcher at one of the country

code tLD registry, doing research on Dns security extension
(DnsseC) and electronic number Mapping system (enUM). Amir’s
extensive technical background includes Dns, UnIX operating
systems, IPv6, and software development in C/C++, ruby, perl and
web technology. He is the founder of as community
site and maintains the site during his free time.

Uwe Dippel
Uwe Dippel is a senior Lecturer with University tenaga nasional. A
graduate in electrical engineering / Communications technologies,
Uwe Dippel has extensive experience in Information systems,
Computer Architecture, operating systems and related security
Aspects. He has served the German Ministry for Research and
technology; held several senior positions in Broadcasting and served
the european Patent office in the Hague (the netherlands). since 2000
he enjoys sharing his experience with Malaysian students, and joined
Uniten in August 2001. For the last years he has taught the elective
subject Data and Computer security, done some research on
cryptography, and advocated Free and open source to all his students.

Nasrul Amri Samsudin

nasrul holds a Bachelor of technology (Honours) Business Information
system from Universiti teknologi PetRonAs. Author of the book
Rahsia Pemasaran Facebook, he is also involved in various Facebook
application development & is appointed as Ambassador for Facebook
Developer Garage Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Has 5 years experience in
Broadcasting and 6 years as entrepreneur.

Mohammad Hafiz Ismail @ mypapit

Mohammad Hafiz or more known as 'mypapit' is presently working as
a researcher at MARA University of technology (UItM), Perlis. A
hobbyist programmer, he enjoys reading computer-related materials
and believes in 'recreational programming'.

He usually codes in GnU/Linux, and uses C and Java (mainly JavaMe)

programming language. His field of interest includes semantic Web,
Mobile Application and Web services. He has given talk on topic
related to mobile application development and open source in
numerous local universities and is currently working on a research
titled "Location Aware travel Guide: Refining Design via Paper

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 32

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


Mahmud Ab Rahman
Mahmud Ab Rahman is an intrusion analyst working for Cybersecurity
Malaysia. He obtained a Degree in Computer science from national
University of Malaysia and he later completed his Master Degree in
Computer science from national University of Malaysia by year 2006.

Mahmud has been involved in the computer security field for over 4
years. His main domain involvements are network security monitoring,
secure programming, botnet monitoring, hacking, reverse engineering
and malware analysis. Mahmud is currently an active open source

Mohd Taufiq Ismail

Mohd taufiq Ismail formed part of the KRIM network Research &
Development team with core development expertise in web
application user experience and usability. He is currently participating
indirectly with KohanaPHP opensource framework developers
network and actively developing web application with KohanaPHP

since year 2005 he has been involved in LAMP web application

development and web marketing for government and local corporates.
He graduated with a degree majoring in software engineering from
Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Muhammad Najmi Ahmad Zabidi

Muhammad najmi Ahmad Zabidi is currently working as a Lecturer in
the International Islamic University Malaysia. Previously, he was
working with Byte Craft sdn Bhd, an open source industry pioneer
from 2003-2005. His current interest is on virtual honeypot, intrusion
detection and prevention, malware analysis and string search algorithm
study. His contribution for Foss includes translation coordination for
KDe Localization Project to Malay language since 2003.

Azrinsyah Mirza Asfian

In his current capacity as an engineer at MIMos Berhad, Azrin is
responsible in analyzing the requirements, designing, developing and
engineering the performance of the award winning Jendela Informasi
Internet™ (Jen-ii™) mobile application framework.

Prior to joining MIMos, he has worked and led the development of

occasionally-Connected-Computing, object-Relational Mapping, Rich
thin Client, Peer-to-Peer, security and User Interface components of
Banking and Finance and osGi-based software frameworks.

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 33

He is also experienced in the development of plugins for both eclipse

and netBeans-based IDes. His research and development interests
include cutting edge and groundbreaking software architecture, design
patterns and design and development methodology as part of software
engineering process.

Mohd Nazri Md. Saad

Mohd nazri Md saad is a senior Lecturer in Universiti Perguruan sultan
Idris, tanjong Malim, Malaysia. He has researched on the usage of web
and multimedia in education and had carried out a survey on the
effectiveness of teaching for teachers in Malaysia using open source for
the teaching material preparation.

He has contributed in the preparation of IsP ICt IPtA, involved as a

committee member in e-Learning IPtA (MeIPtA) and sits in the MAMPU
open source steering Committee. He has won award in the 34th
International exhibition Invention of new techniques and Products,
Geneva 2006 for his project entitled Interactive and Collaborative
Multimedia Courseware: Biology. He also wrote books for Malaysia
secondary school Curriculum on Biology and also Multimedia.

Frank Feldman
Frank Feldman is the senior Product Manager for Asia Pacific, with over
13 years of experience in the field of open standards and open source.
Frank is responsible for the Red Hat Infrastructure solutions such as Red
Hat enterprise Linux and Red Hat enterprise Virtualization. He is the
live-link into Red Hat's global product managers community.

Prior to Red Hat, Frank worked at novell Asia Pacific in the role of
technical Alliance Manager. He was responsible for technical
relationships with IBM, Hewlett Packard and Dell. Prior to relocating
to Asia, Frank co-owned and managed a Java services company in the
netherlands specializing in open source JBoss Middleware

Bernard Yeong
Bernard Yeong has been in the Contact Center industry for more than
10 years. started as a technical manager in Lucent technologies and
later moved to other MnCs for a regional role reporting directly to
headquarters in Us. He was involved in the implementation of large
call center solution in various industries including financial, telco’s,
transportation and manufacturing in Asia Pacific .

He has been working on open source platform for more than 4 years.

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 34

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


Prakash Advani
Prakash Advani is Partner Manger - Central Asia for Canonical. In his
current role Prakash is responsible for evangelising the use and drive
adoption of Linux solution. He works with number of large
governments, customers and partner organisations and guides them on
Linux adoption in their enterprise. Prakash is a frequent speaker at
industry forums on Linux and open source technologies.

Prakash Advani has been working with Information technology since

1994 and with Linux since 1996. He is the founder of and
the co-founder of He has worked with various operating
systems such as Linux, netware, Unix, Xenix, os/2, Beos, Windows
and Dos.His articles have been published in various publications such
as economic times, Linux Gazette, network Computing, express
Computer,, and

Suresh Kumar
suresh Kumar has around 20 years of experience in Research and
Development. He started off his industrial career as a Development
engineer Matsushita tV Company (MtV).

In 1994 suresh joined the R&D center at Motorola, Penang as a

software development engineer. He moved to the Global software
Group in 1999. suresh also managed the Commercial Application
operations with end-to-end ownership of a number of
GsM/GPRs/CDMA based tools. He is also well-aware of the quality
angle of project execution and was involved in the CMM and CMMI
Level 5 center assessments.

In 2007,suresh moved to Mimos Bhd, Malaysia. He has been involved

in software Development/Architecture encompassing open source
and Proprietary initiatives since then.

Rohan Thomas
Rohan thomas, a senior Web Platform and UX technology Advisor
with Microsoft, is currently focused on the Web Platform, UX and
Windows Live in Malaysia. not only does Rohan work with Microsoft’s
partners and customers but also with local universities, design
communities and various companies to promote innovation in the Web
Platform and User experience technologies space. Before joining
Microsoft, Rohan worked with companies like Accenture and Avanade
in singapore and also ran his own company spanning across singapore
and Malaysia. He is a big fan of technology, social media and running.
Check out his twitter @ and blog at

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 35

Abu Mansur A. Manaf

Abu Mansur is currently Cto at sun Microsystems Malaysia. He
graduated with double majors in organic Chemistry and soil science
from the University of Western Australia (1983). He has almost 25 years
of experience in technology sales and marketing beginning with Rank
Xerox Malaysia in 1984.

In 1995 he spearheaded the Malaysian launch of a revolutionary and

very successful Xerox system that made documents accessible through
the internet and allowed the global distribution of digital documents
and their simultaneous on demand production across the world.

In his current role as Chief technology officer for sun Microsystems

Malaysia, one of his responsibilities is to create the awareness on the
strategic value of open source software as a means of achieving
competitive edge for Malaysia in an increasingly challenging global
business environment.

Mohanaraj Gopala Krishnan

Mohan is a journeyman software developer who has been honing his
skills in the field of web development. He enjoys working on open
source software in particular and uses Python as his weapon of choice.
He currently works with Logistics Consulting Asia as a software
Development Manager where he tries to balance the task of  herding
a bunch of cats (read: developers) and writing code.

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Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 37

exhibitors’ Profile

Manhattan I Manhattan Manhattan COUNTER

C1 C2 C3 D1 D2 D3
B1 B2 A1 A2 A3 A4 B3 B4 C4 C5 D4 D5

E14 E13 E6 E5 E4 E3 E2 E1
E12 E11 E10 E9 E8 E7

Bronx Bronx Bronx Bronx

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A1 Microsoft C1 Asia e University e1 e transact

A2 Red Hat C2 eKL e4 Jom social
A3 tM Berhad C3 MAMPU e6 Fedora
A4 MsC Malaysia C4 Ministry of science, technology e7 Intuit
B1 sun Microsystems and Innovation (MostI) e8 opensuse
B2 D1 novell e10 itrain
B3 1001 technologies D2 IBM e11 Ubuntu
B4 Mimos smart Computing D3 Big Ant e12 Fosschix
D4 Century software (M) sdn Bhd e14 BsD
D5 Conanical Ltd.

Floor plan as of 25 May 2009

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Everything you need to sit on top

of the mission-critical food chain.
Introducing the highly-evolved SUSE® Linux Enterprise 11. Today it’s even more reliable, delivering high
availability clustering with the affordability of open source. It’s more interoperable, bridging your mixed
Linux and Windows environments with support from both Novell® and Microsoft.® And it’s more adaptable,
powering your physical and virtual machines—from desktop to data center. All so you can lower your
infrastructure costs, make your people more productive, and turn your organization’s potential into reality.
See how the evolution of Linux can make IT work as one for you.

For more information, please email us at

or call +603-78833688/78802828

Copyright © 2009 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. Novell and the Novell logo are registered trademarks
and Making IT Work As One is a trademark of Novell, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


A1 Microsoft (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd driven to deliver value to its stakeholders in a

highly competitive environment. the Group
A2 Red Hat Asia Pacific places emphasis on continuing customer
Red Hat, the world's leading open source service quality enhancements and innovations.
solutions provider, is headquartered in With its extensive global connectivity, tM is
Raleigh, north Carolina, UsA with over 65 poised to position Malaysia as a regional
offices. singapore is the Asia Pacific / Japan Internet hub and digital gateway for south-east
headquarters. Asia. In line with this, tM is evolving into a
next Generation network service provider
Red Hat provides high-quality, affordable enabling the Group to enhance its efficiency
technology with its operating system and productivity while providing enriched
platform, Red Hat enterprise Linux, together products and services.
with applications, management and services
oriented Architecture solutions, including Contact Details:
JBoss Middleware. support, training and tel : Please call 100 for any enquiries  
consulting services are also provided to its Please call 03-22409494 for
customers worldwide. Corporate Information
email : or
CIos rank Red Hat as one of the top vendors
delivering value in enterprise software for URL :
five consecutive years in the CIo Insight B1 Sun Microsystems
Magazine Vendor Value survey. Malaysia Sdn Bhd
sun Microsystems develops the technologies
Contact Details: that power the global marketplace. Guided
Audrey sim by a singular vision -- "the network is the
Integrated Marketing Communications Computer (tM)" -- sun drives network
Red Hat Asia Pacific/Japan participation through shared innovation,
tel : 65/6490-4128 (office) community development and open source
65/9743-8110 (Mobile) leadership. sun can be found in more than
100 countries and on the Web at
Red Hat Asia Pacific Pte Ltd or at for
8 shenton Way, #10-00 Asia south.
singapore 068811
tel : 65/6490-4200 (Main) Contact Details:
Fax : 65/6490-4201 Monica ng
URL : tel : +6012-3209818
email :
A3 TM Berhad
telekom Malaysia Berhad (tM), Malaysia’s Christin Chong
leading integrated information and tel : +6012-2190722
communications group, offers a email :
comprehensive range of communication
services and solutions in broadband, data
and fixed-line. As a market leader in the
broadband and fixed-line businesses, tM is

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 41

B2 Sdn Bhd B4 MIMOS Smart Computing

Jobstreet operates the Sdn Bhd
( online recruitment MIMos smart Computing’s is an organization
websites presently covering the employment directly involved in providing total ICt
markets in Malaysia, singapore, Philippines, solution in the field of service, production,
Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and Japan. the hardware maintenance and distribution of
Group currently services over 50,000 ICt. MsCsB’s main business activities in ICt
corporate customers and over 5 million include the production, assembly and
jobseekers. Jobstreet is listed on Main Board distribution of computing devices, ICt
of Bursa Malaysia securities (JoBst). equipment rental services, hardware
maintenance and support services and project
Contact Details: management based on total ICt solution sdn Bhd
Wisma Contact Details:
27 Lorong Medan tuanku 1 nur zuraihan
(off Jalan sultan Ismail) Marketing executive
50300 Kuala Lumpur MIMos smart Computing sdn Bhd
no.1, Jalan BK 1/13, Kinrara Industrial Park,
tel : +60-3-2176 0333 Bandar Kinrara, 47180 Puchong,
Fax : +60-3-2698 7200 selangor, MALAYsIA
email : tel : +603 8075 7088 ext 8201
Fax : +603 8075 2376
B3 1001 Technologies Sdn Bhd URL :
1001tech Group of Companies is a provider toLL FRee: 1-800-88-2511
of ICt solution integration services. It email :
leverages on its domain-driven and
knowledge based expertise to serve various Muhamad Amrol
industry verticals through its MsC-status Mobile : 017-3294022
subsidiaries: 1001tech eHealth sdn Bhd,
Amaryllis sdn Bhd and Ipvox sdn Bhd. Its C1 Asia e University
offerings include Hospital Information Contact Details:
systems solutions, ICt solutions for Dentistry, nurhizam safie
including Dental Management and training, Dean, school of ICt
and IP-based customer service solutions. Asia e University
Ground Floor, Dataran Kewangan
Contact Details: Darul takaful,no 4, Jalan sultan sulaiman
Looi Chung Keat 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Market Reach & Branding executive
1001 teCHnoLoGIes sDn BHD tel : +603 2785 0000 (GL)
Lot 7.16, Level 7, 1 tech Park tel : +603 2711 0436 (Fax)
tanjung Bandar Utama tel : 1300 300 238 (Hotline)
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, selangor e-mail :
Darul ehsan, Malaysia. URL :
tel : +603 77221001
Fax : +603 77223001

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 42

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


C2 eKL C5 MSC Malaysia

An initiative to improve the service delivery MsC Malaysia, is a national initiative
system of Government agencies in Klang spearheaded by the Malaysian Government
Valley through the use of ICt, to deliver to promote both the national ICt industry
efficient, fast, quality, safe and people and provide a test-bed for the global ICt
friendly services that will have an impact on industry. MsC Malaysia provides a
the public. conducive enabling environment designed
to facilitate companies to harness the full
Contact Details: potential of ICt and multimedia
Unit Pemodenan tadbiran dan Perancangan technologies and transform themselves into
Pengurusan Malaysia (MAMPU) world-class companies.

Jabatan Perdana Menteri Driving the MsC Malaysia initiative is

Aras 6, Blok B2 Multimedia Development Corporation
Kompleks Jabatan Perdana Menteri (MDeC), a unique high powered
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan government-owned corporation.
62502 PUtRAJAYA, Malaysia
tel : 603-8888 1199 Contact Details:
Fax : 603-8888 3721 Multimedia Development
Corporation sdn Bhd
C3 MAMPU MsC Malaysia Headquarters
Contact Details: 2360 Persiaran APeC
Malaysian Administrative Modernisation 63000 Cyberjaya
and Management Planning Unit, selangor Darul ehsan
Prime Minister's Department Malaysia.
Level 6, Block B2,
Prime Minister's Department Complex tel : (603) 8315 3000
Federal Government Administrative Centre Fax : (603) 8318 8519
62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia email :

tel: 603-88881199 D1 Novell Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd

Fax: 603-8888 3721 through our infrastructure software and
e-mail: ecosystem of partnerships, novell
harmoniously integrates mixed It
C4 MOSTI environments, allowing people and
Contact Details: technology to work as one. We deliver the
Kementerian sains, teknologi best-engineered, most interoperable Linux
dan Inovasi (MostI) platform and a portfolio of integrated It
Aras 1-7, Blok C4 & C5, Kompleks C, management software that help businesses
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, worldwide reduce cost, complexity and risk
62662 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan
Contact Details:
tel : (603) 8885 8000 Mr ong tee Kok
Fax : (603) 8888 9070 tel : +603-77226100
email : Mobile : 012-5188152

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 43

email : Council (CFlc), Retail (CFr) and Distribution

URL : (CFd) solutions.

D3 BIG’Ant (M) Sdn Bhd Contact Details:

BIG’ant (M) sdn Bhd specializes in Digital Angela Kalang
Pen & Paper (DPP) solutions, an easy to Pre-sales executive
implement paper-based technology which Century software (M) sdn. Bhd.
simplifies electronic data capture while C-17-07, Level 7, Block C
offering the ability to automate various types 3 two square, 2 Jalan 19/1
of paper-based form applications: sales 46300 Petaling Jaya, selangor, Malaysia
invoice, inspection report, marketing surveys,
field data collection, patient records, account tel : 603 7962 7888
opening for banks etc. As a digital pen and Fax : 603 7962 7800
paper specialist in the region, BIG’ant’s key email :
product includes the Livescribe™ Pulse™ URL :
smartpen (consumer retail product) and
Penvision™ Formidable (enterprise form D5 Canonical
automation solution). With BIG’ant, you can Canonical is the commercial sponsor of the
now discover the endless potentials offered Ubuntu project. We are committed to the
by the DPP technology to enhance and promotion, distribution and support of the
improve your organization’s performance. open source operating system Ubuntu.

Contact Details: We aim to ensure that Ubuntu is available to

Mr David tan every business and individual on both the
no 66 & 68, Jalan ss22/21, server and the desktop. our Professional
Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya, support services offer expert consultancy and
47400 selangor, Malaysia support that – together with superior Ubuntu
technologies - can help you deliver improved
tel : 016-2262450 efficiencies throughout your business.
email :
Contact Details:
D4 Century Software (M) Sdn Bhd Canonical Ltd.
Century software (M) sdn. Bhd. is a wholly- one Circular Road
owned Bumiputra Information technology Douglas
company. It was incorporated in 1997 to Isle of Man
provide state-of-the-art financial management IM1 1AF
and business solutions to government and
commercial sectors in the Asia Pacific tel : +44 2076302470
Region. email :
our offerings include Financial Management
for Government (CFg) and Commercial (CFc)
sectors, Century tenderwizard (CFtw),
Business Performance Management (CFbpm),
Century Analytics (CFa), Century Local

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 44

MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009


E1 Smarticket & Contact Details:

ADempiere (E Transact) Marco Di Cerbo
Contact Details: Vice President Global
Mohd Hazril Harun Business Development
Mobile : 012-3760786) no. 1-3A, Jalan solaris 2, solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
E3 Joomla-My tel : +60 (3) 2035 5800
Joomla is an award-winning content DID : +60 (3) 2035 5802
management system (CMs), which enables Mobile : +60 (0) 16 667 2215
you to build Web sites and powerful online Fax : +60 (3) 6204 9800
applications. Many aspects, including its email :
ease-of-use and extensibility, have made
Joomla the most popular Web site software E8 OpenSuse
available. Best of all, Joomla is an open opensUse is a leading community based
source solution that is freely available to Linux distribution sponsored by novell. the
everyone. opensUse community aims to create the most
versatile, usable and stable Linux distribution
Joomla-My, is web community set up available to promote the usage of Linux
specifically for Joomla! Malaysia users. this everywhere. With its innovative desktop
initiative is to formalize the Joomla! Malaysia environment and innovative graphical user
community, which is a community that is interfaces, using Linux has never been so easy!
recognised by open source Matters.
the local opensUse User community is still
E4 Jom Social in its infancy and hopes to bring together
opensUse enthusiasts in fellowship and
E6 Ubuntu sharing of ideas in the spirit of Free and open
Ubuntu is a community developed operating source software movement
system that is perfect for laptops, desktops
and servers. Whether you use it at home, at E10 iTrain
school or at work Ubuntu contains all the itrain provides high quality It training
applications you'll ever need, from word solutions, primarily in Microsoft training
processing and email applications, to web products and certification. Currently the only
server software and programming tools. It training Centre in Malaysia which is
established and managed by trainers, itrain
E7 Intuit Innovation Sdn Bhd stands out from the other training providers
Intuit Innovation sdn. Bhd. is a pioneer and by incorporating real world training content
leading provider of Asterisk® IP PBX and in its delivery. itrain consistently reinvents
nagios® network Monitoring solutions in itself by being the first amongst its peers to
Asia. Intuit Innovation offers a variety of offer training courses in the latest
professional services which includes technologies, an effort fruiting from
consultancy, installation and support. our consistently sending its trainers abroad to
solutions and expertise has helped acquire the best and latest knowledge in
organizations, from sMe to large enterprises, training. With itrain’s unique training
to be more efficient, improve business Methodology it is of no surprise that so many
processes and gain competitive advantage. companies choose itrain as their preferred
training partner.

Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 45

E11 Fedora
Fedora is a Linux-based operating system that
showcases the latest in free and open source
software. Fedora is always free for anyone to
use, modify, and distribute. It is built by
people across the globe who work together as
a community: the Fedora Project. the Fedora
Project is open and anyone is welcome to
join. the Fedora Project is out front for you,
leading the advancement of free, open
software and content.

Fedora - Freedom, Friends, Features, First

E12 Fosschix is a community for women in
Malaysia who like/use Free and open source
software (Foss), and for women and men
who want to support women in It. We are a
community who understand that there is no
stupid questions and we appreciate every
effort from everyone to help each other out. was founded in september
2008, started in a chatroom among oss
enthusiasts when discussing how LinuxChix

doesn't have a chapter in Malaysia. Feeling

that Linux can be abit intimidating for
newbies, Fosschix is adopted instead. our
earliest activities include going out for a
movie and our participation in
conference in side sessions.


Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 46

students in Assam, India

students in FYR Macedonia

students in Spain

Ubuntu empowering world educators

Save costs with a reliable, efficient and easy-to-use desktop operating system.
Discover Ubuntu: the preferred desktop platform of millions of users around the
world. Learn more about how Ubuntu is growing in popularity in schools, businesses
and governments worldwide at
Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 47


Programme Booklet:Layout 1 26/05/09 6:32 PM Page 48

Big’ant (M) S
Big’ant Sdn
dn Bhd specia
lizes in Dig
ital P
en & P
aper solutions
solutions,, an
easy tto
o implemen
implementt handheld d ttechnology
echnology which simplifies elec tronnic
da ta captaur
captaure e and aut automated
omated fforms
orms pr processing
ocessing ffor
or sal
inspec tions, sur
veys, audits and
a rresearch
esearch applica

Suitable ffor
or lar
ge or small businesses
b in financial services,
services, utilities
healthcare,e, market
market research,
h, property
property and construction,
construction, this DPP
echnology can help yyou ou bo
oost sales
sales,, impr
ove pr
oductivity,, qual
and ser

you hear and write.

to recorded audio by tapping on
n your notes.

your notes and recordings to yo
ur computer to play them back.

your notes, drawings, and record
dings as Flash movies or PDF files.

en notes. Find what you want in seconds.
for words within your handwritte
handwritten *works with Intel Macs using Leopard 10.5 or newer

h i eddDDistributor
i t ib tor ( ASEA
istribut ASEAN,
ST ) Busine
i ss PPartners
tn F For

BIG ’an t PPaper
The D
igittal P
en and Pap
aper Specialist
h ttp://w w w.ebigan t .c om