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‫محمد صالح محمد ابوهيب‬: ‫السم‬

. ‫السابع‬: ‫المستوى‬
141 :‫الشعبة‬
My report
Data collection.
I with my collage elaborated together in the beginning of this project. First we
prepared some shits of paper and we gave them to one of our professors in the
collage. second , he handed them out to his level three students .every paper
asks about a student s age, nationality ,which level he is ,his school , former
experience ,has he been abroad , where ,and the social status .Every one writs his
own information and a short paragraph about a journey topic .third when we
received the papers , we tape these texts in computer in order to analyze them by
monoconc program. Fourth, we started analysis. Their ages are between 19 and
22. No one of them has studied abroad. All of them are Saudis except one Egyptian
student and all of them in level 3. The number of words is2002and the students
number isr25 Finally, I used the program in analysis the texts.

Data analysis
The first step that I made before the analysis, I brought some English texts written
by English native speakers. Their level of education is the same of our student's
level and their ages as well, also the number of words is the same of our students
words. I brought these texts because I am going to make comparison between the
Arabian and English students' texts.

When I started the analysis of the texts, I make words statistics for both kinds of
texts by using monocnc program.

The Arabian students texts statistics are:

1- The word number is 2002 words
2-The most frequent words:

1) I,111

2) To,100

3) We,85

4) And,77

5) The,65

6) A,64

7) Went,50

8) It,40

9) Journey,38







(B)the native speakers texts statistics :
1-the number of words is 2002.
2-the most frequent words in the native speakers texts:

1) The,157

2) Of,69

3) To,61

4) And,44

5) A,38

6) In,35

7) Is,27

8) At,26

9) Which,25







So my point is going to be about the
use of use of indifinte articls (a

So we saw the frequency indifinite articls for both kinds of texts . In the
texts that are written by the arabian, a was writen 64 and an 4 times and
when we looked at the texts are written by the naitive speakers of
English , a was written 38 and an 5 times. The most important thing that
the Arabian students make mistakes when they use them and I
discovered that because of the over use of the articles. Sometimes they
use them incorrectly or do not use them in a place that they must be
Some examples of these mistakes:

Incorrect: We had funn journey.

Correction: We had a funny journey.

Incorrect: We went on journey.

Correction: we on a journey.

Incorrect: It was wonderful place.

Correction: It was a wonderful place

Incorrect: I stayed there for few days.

Correction: I stayed there for a few days.

Incorrect: we had a fun.

Correction: we had fun.

And other some mistakes ………

Examples of native speakers
use of (a&an).
1) There is, as I have already mentioned, a more northern route…

2) Zeyme is a half-ruined castle, at the eastern extremity of Wady

Lymoun, with copious springs of run¬ning water.

3) Wady Lymoun is a fertile valley

4) the road enters a mountainous tract.

5) through which is a difficult and very narrow passage of about six


6) thus a traveller reaches Tayf on the fourth day from Mekka.

7) they had, therefore, made a common purse of one thousand


8) those, accordingly, who wear shoes, either cut a piece out of the
upper leather, or have shoes made on purpose, such as the Turkish
hadjys usually bring with them from Constantinople.

9) We remained an hour on the delightful summit of Djebel Kora.

10)Here we kindled a large fire, and hired an earthen pot of the Arabs.

Grammatical Rule.
Students must know how indefinite articles are use, in order to improve
their writings .now let's look at their grammatical rule:
A / AN
Use 'a' with nouns starting with a consonant (letters that are not vowels),
'an' with nouns starting with a vowel (a,e,i,o,u)


A boy
An apple
A car
An orange
A house
An opera

An before an h mute - an hour, an honour.
A before u and eu when they sound like 'you': a european, a university, a unit

The indefinite article is used:

• to refer to something for the first time:

An elephant and a mouse fell in love.
Would you like a drink?
I've finally got a good job.
• to refer to a particular member of a group or class


o with names of jobs:

John is a doctor.
Mary is training to be an engineer.
He wants to be a dancer.
o with nationalities and religions:
John is an Englishman.
Kate is a Catholic.
o with musical instruments:
Sherlock Holmes was playing a violin when the visitor arrived.
(BUT to describe the activity we say "He plays the violin.")
o with names of days:
I was born on a Thursday

• to refer to a kind of, or example of something:

the mouse had a tiny nose
the elephant had a long trunk
it was a very strange car
• with singular nouns, after the words 'what' and 'such':
What a shame!
She's such a beautiful girl.
• meaning 'one', referring to a single object or person:
I'd like an orange and two lemons please.
The burglar took a diamond necklace and a valuable painting.

Notice also that we usually say a hundred, a thousand, a million.

NOTE: that we use 'one' to add emphasis or to contrast with other numbers:
I don't know one person who likes eating elephant meat.
We've got six computers but only one printer.