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Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

MBG*2040 serves as an introduction to the discipline of molecular biology and genetics. In the first half of the course, we will develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts in genetics, including patterns of inheritance, allelic variation, gene interaction, linkage, recombination, gene mapping and changes in chromosome structure and number. This will be followed by in-depth discussions on gene structure, replication, transcription, translation, mutation and DNA repair, and an introduction to gene regulation. COURSE PERSONNEL Instructors: Christine Schisler (lectures 1-18) Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology SCIE 3516 Ext. 52744 e-mail: Dr. Mark Baker (lectures 19-36) Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology SCIE 4453 Ext. 54711 e-mail: Teaching Assistants: The teaching assistants are graduate students in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. Because of their heavy academic schedules, we ask that you do not contact them outside of tutorials and help sessions.

COURSE FORMAT Lectures: A provisional schedule of lecture topics and text chapter readings is attached. Material given in the lectures is the responsibility of the student. Students are expected to attend all lectures and all tutorials. If you miss a lecture or tutorial, you should get the notes from another student in the course. Electronic recording of classes is expressly forbidden without prior consent of the instructors. When recordings are permitted, they are solely for the use of the authorized students and may not be reproduced or transmitted to others without the written consent of the instructors.

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11:30-12:20 12:30-1:20



Tutorial 04 MACK 231 Tutorial 16 MACK 229 Tutorial 25 MACK 230


Tutorial 10 MACK 225 Tutorial 22 MACK 229



Tutorial 01 ALEX 218 Tutorial 13A ALEX 117 Tutorial 13B MACK 231

Tutorial 05 ALEX 117 Tutorial 17 MACK 228

Tutorial 08 ALEX 117 Tutorial 20 MACK 232

Tutorial 11 MACK 226 Tutorial 23 MACK 232


Tutorial 02 ALEX 259 Tutorial 14 MACK 231

Tutorial 06 ALEX 117 Tutorial 18 MACK 228 Tutorial 07 ALEX 117 Tutorial 19 MACK 228

Tutorial 09 ALEX 117 Tutorial 21 MACK 227


Tutorial 03 ALEX 259 Tutorial 15 MACK 229

Tutorials: (Tutorials begin on Monday, September 12, 2011) Genetics and molecular biology are different from many areas in the biological sciences because of the emphasis on analysis and problem solving. The MBG*2040 tutorials are designed to improve problem-solving skills and reinforce concepts and terminology introduced in lectures. Assignment and review questions will provide the framework for the tutorial sessions and these questions will be posted on D2L. Your TA will review the assignment questions with the tutorial as a group. If you attend your scheduled tutorial and are actively engaged, you can make sure your answers are complete and correct before you submit the assignment. There are 8 tutorial assignments and you are required to complete 6 of them for 12% of your final grade. Assignments must be submitted at the end of the tutorial and will ONLY be accepted in your regularly scheduled tutorial. Your completed assignments will be returned in the following weeks tutorial. You are responsible for ALL material covered in tutorials. For more information on the tutorial assignments, assignment deadlines and the marking rubric, please go to the D2L course site.

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MBG*2040 Fall 2011 Tutorial Schedule Week Assignment Topic Meet your TA. General information about tutorials. Review Questions on Mendelian Principles Assignment #1 Mitosis, Meiosis and reproduction Assignment #2 Pedigrees and Probabilities Assignment #3 Linkage No tutorials this week 4 Assignment #4 Linkage Pedigrees Assignment #5 Polyploidy and Meiotic Nondisjunction No tutorials this week Assignment #6 DNA Replication Assignment #7 Transcription Assignment # 8 Translation More molecular biology questions REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS Principles of Genetics by Peter Snustad and Michael Simmons, 5th Edition, Wiley Publishers, 2009. This text book can be purchased from the University Bookstore. This text is also used in the course that follows this one, MCB*2050, Molecular Biology of the Cell. The lecture topic outline indicates the text chapters you are required to read. DESIRE-TO-LEARN (D2L) The D2L site is an important learning tool in this course. D2L should be consulted frequently for general course information, special announcements and exam information. COURSE EVALUATION Midterm Examination (Saturday, October 29, 10:00-11:30 a.m.) ......35% Tutorial Assignments (best 6 of 8)12% Final Examination (Saturday, December 10th 7-9pm)....................53% In your regularly scheduled tutorial during week of Oct 17th In your regularly scheduled tutorial during week of Oct 24th Assignment Due Dates

Week of September 12th

Week of th September 19 Week of September 26th Week of October 3rd Week of October 10th Week of October 17th Week of October 24th Week of October st 31 Week of November 7th Week of November th 14 Week of November st 21 Week of November th 28

No assignment -review questions 1 2 3

In your regularly scheduled tutorial during week of Sept 19th In your regularly scheduled tutorial th during week of Sept 26 In your regularly scheduled tutorial during week of Oct 3rd

6 7 8

In your regularly scheduled tutorial during week of Nov 7th In your regularly scheduled tutorial during week of Nov 14th In your In your regularly scheduled st tutorial during week of Nov 21

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A midterm conflict is defined as a previously-scheduled academic commitment, such as a lab, class or exam, at exactly the same time as the midterm. If you have a conflict, please inform Christine Schisler by email, no later than September 23, 2011, stating the nature of the conflict. Students who miss the midterm exam because of medical or compassionate reasons must provide Christine Schisler (SCIE 3516) with appropriate written documentation (from medical services or their academic counsellor) before the last day of classes. If acceptable documentation is received the student=s mark will be calculated as follows: Midterm not written (acceptable documentation provided).................N/A Tutorial Assignments (best 6 of 8)12% Final Examination..................................88%. If you miss more than 2 of the 8 tutorial assignments, the value of the missed assignment/s will be transferred to the final exam provided acceptable documentation has been received. For example, if you submit only 3 of 8 assignments, then 6% will be transferred to the final exam (acceptable documentation must be received before the last day of classes). Calculators: Students will require a numerical calculator for the midterm and final exams. However, advanced calculators or palmtop or notebook computers capable of storing text, diagrams or text messaging may not be used. Bring your calculator to all exams. Its a good idea to have a backup calculator (one that you know how to use) available during exams. Email You must use your University of Guelph Central login ID email account to ask questions about lecture content, exams, scheduling, and marks. Emails from other accounts will NOT be answered.

TENTATIVE LECTURE TOPIC OUTLINE LECT 1-3 CS 4-5 CS 6-8 CS 9-12 CS DATE Fri Sept 9Wed Sept 14 Fri Sept 16Mon Sept 19 Wed Sept 21Mon Sept 26 Wed Sept 28 Wed Oct 5 Mon Oct 11 13-18 CS Fri Oct 7-Fri Oct 21 LECTURE TOPIC Pedigrees and Probabilities TEXT CHAPTERS Text Chapter: 3

Chromosomal Basis of Mendelism Linkage and Recombination

Text Chapter 5 Text Chapter: 7

Extensions of Mendelism

Text Chapter: 4

Thanksgiving holiday---no classes Variation in Chromosome Number and Structure Text Chapter 6

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LECT 19-20 MB

DATE Fri Oct 24 Wed Oct 26 Saturday, October 29th

LECTURE TOPIC DNA and the molecular structure of chromosomes Midterm exam 10:00-11:30 Rooms TBA

TEXT CHAPTERS Text Chapter 9

Text Chapters 3-5 and 7

21-23 MB 24-26 MB 26-27 MB

Fri Oct 28- Wed Nov 2 Fri Nov 4-Mon Nov 7 Wed Nov 9Mon Nov 14 Fri Nov 11

DNA replication

Text Chapter 10

Transcription and RNA processing

Text Chapter 11

Translation and the Genetic Code

Text Chapter 12

Remembrance Day --- MBG*2040 classes are cancelled Mutation, Repair and Recombination Text Chapter 13

28-29 MB 30-33 MB 34-35 MB

Wed 16-Fri Nov 18 Mon Nov 21Wed Nov 23 Fri Nov 25-Wed Nov 30 plus Thurs Dec 1 Saturday, December 10th

Bacterial Genetics, Viruses and Transposons Genetic Regulation

Text Chapters 8, 18

Text Chapters 19, 20

Final Exam 7-9 pm Rooms TBA


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