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ANNEXURE-I Telephone:+91-512-2451749 to 58 Fax: +91-512-2450505 Email: purchase.knp@hal-india.

com REF: DGD/2924/102 DATE: 15*^ Aug2013


DUE DATE: 30'^Sep'2013 @ 15:00Hrs 1ST.

SUB: REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) FOR "ALTERNATE ENGINE FOR HS 748 AIRCRAFT" . *** Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), a Navratna Public Sector Company is a pioneer in Aircraft Industry in South Asia (

2. Transport Aircraft Division (TAD), is an AS 9100C, IS/ISO 9001:2008, IS/ISO 14001:2004 certified division of HAL. HS 748 aircraft was manufactured at TAD, Kanpur under license from M/s BAe,UK. HS 748 aircraft is medium sized turbo prop aircraft. It is a 45-48 seat a/c with takeoff weight 20,180kgs. Currently major overhaul of HS 748 aircraft is carried out at Kanpur. HS 748 a/c is currently fitted with Rolls Royce Dart engines 536-2T(2040SHP) and 533-2(1990SHP). Transport Aircraft Division, Kanpur is contemplating replacement of Rolls Royce Dart Engine with modern fuel efficient engines on HS 784 aircraft along with other electrical, avionics and structural upgradation .

3. Presently used Roils Royce Dart engine is a gas turbine engine designed to drive a propeller and to give a small amount of jet thrust. Main components of engine are two stage centrifugal compressor, 7 combustion chamber and 3 stage axial flow turbine. The compressor is directly coupled through a shaft to turbine and the propeller is driven by the turbine through a separate shaft and compound reduction gear box. This Dart engine has Specific fuel consumption of 0.767lbs/hr/shp which is quite high compared to same class of modern engines.

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Further Rolls Royce Dart Engine mechanically drives Accessories Gear Box of Aircraft by drive shaft assembly. Accessories Gear Box further drives following accessories: Cabin super charger(for cabin pressurization). Tachometer. Alternator. Hydraulic pump. Generator.

Accessories mentioned above needs to be upgraded technically.

4. Currently there are 59 HS 748 aircraft in service with our operators. Due to low utilization rate (Average 350Hrs/Year) majority of aircraft have technical residual life around

80,000Hrs. Owing to the good health of the airframe and considerable residual life, replacement of Rolls Royce Dart Engine with modern fuel efficient engines on these 59 HS 784 aircraft is being planned.

5. Preliminary Technical Requirements of the ALTERNATE ENGINE FOR HS 748 A/C are enclosed as ANNEXURE-II for your perusal and response. In addition to response for the above requirements, kindly also provide the following details of the suitable alternate engine. a) Complete technical specification of Engines. b) Engine installation manual and typical Engine mounting details on any Aircraft. c) Engine deck data to evaluate the performance of engine.

d) Engine controls and indications required in the cockpit. e) Details of the propeller used with the Engines along with performance. f) Aircraft Accessories which can be driven by Engines.

g) Assistance you can provide in selection of Engine and its integration on aircraft with related accessories and controls. h) Any other information considered useful in taking decision on Engine selection and its installation. i) Budgetary Proposal.

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6. Information and Instructions for potential suppliers: i) OEIVl of the engine with proven expertise in design, manufacture and supply of

Engine for Fixed Wing Aircraft programmes are only required to participate in the RFI. The details of the said products designed, manufactured, tested and certified including contact addresses of the customers should be provided (necessary documentary proof shall be provided).


RFI proposal should confirm whether any specific clearances and export licenses are

required from the Government of seller's country for supply of subject item with end use as HAL for Civil & Military applications. If yes, estimated time period for obtaining the export license/ clearance shall be provided.

iii) current

The prospective Supplier shall provide details of Manufacturing facilities, details of capabilities (technical expertise) related to design, manufacture, testing,

certification, maintenance programmes.

and supply of same or similar Engine for Fixed Wing Aircraft


The prospective Supplier shall provide brief on Quality Management System

(including process control) being followed at their works present.

v) items.

Warranty of at least two years is requirecf for the proposed system/its major LRU's


The technical details enclosed at Annexure-I are only tentative in nature and are

subject to change and may be considered only as advance information for market exploration.

HAL will freeze technical scope based on response to subject RFI and as deemed necessary at the time of issuing RFQ (Request for Quotation) at HAL's discretion. Compliance and requisite details against each requirement listed in Annexure-ll should be provided.

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The potential supplier can propose suitable and proven solution to meet the HAL's



This document is not intended to form the basis of any decision to purchase/finalize

contract and it does not constitute an offer or invitation or solicitation of an offer to purchase. ix) Proposals received from vendor other than OEM will n o t be considered.

7. Future Process: Based on an evaluation of RFI proposals received, HAL shall finalize technical requirement and float Request for Proposal (RFP) at HAL's discretion.

8. The RFI project proposal (including Technical & Budgetary price proposal) document duly completed and signed should be sent to:

Deputy General Manager (IMM), Transport Aircraft Division (TAD), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, CHAKERI, KANPUR-208 008, INDIA Tel: +91-512-2451749 to 58, Fax: +91-512-2450505 e-mail:

or a l t e r n a t e l y you may also send soft copy by e m a i l

9. The due date for submission of RFI proposal is 30*Sep'2013.

Thanking you.

For Hindustan Aeronautics Limited,


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