Rivers  of  Honey  May  2013  Performers  


Jamila  Capitman  is  a  certified  yoga  teacher  and  

SHukura is   a  professional   actor.  
Attended   the   American   Academy   of   Dramatic   Arts,   High   School   of   Performing   Arts.     She   began   pursuing  a  professional   career   in   acting   by   performing   in   various   theater   productions.   gaining   recognition   in   national   and   international   television   commercials   such   as   MCI,   Coca   Cola,   Oxy   Pads   and  three  consecutive  commercials  with  Wendy's.  She’s    also  worked  in  radio   commercials   as   well   as   looping   for   HBO's,   The   Wire   and   Warner   Brothers   Pictures'  Liberty  Heights.     A   certified   southern   belle,  Dale  Novella   exemplifies   vulnerability   and   strength   in   her   words.  She  began  writing  lyrics  as  a  child  and  soon   began  writing  poetry  as  well.  Seeking  to  share  her   experiences,   in   hopes   to   uplift   and   inspire,   she   took   her   poetry   to   the   spoken   word   forum   upon   her   graduation   from   the   University   of   South   Carolina  in  2008.    Also  a  lyricist  working  principally   in   r&b,   pop,   and   soul,   she   began   Royaltie   Entertainment   Company   (The   REC)   in   2011   which   focused   on   quality   music   that   portrayed   a   positive   and  realistic  portrayal  of  the  feminine  perspective.     She  is  currently  working  on  a  spoken  word  album   to  be  released  on  The  REC.  

body   worker,   playwright/actress   and   director.   Founder   of   Raw   Fruit   LLC.,   an   arts/entertainment   company   whose   purpose   is   to   create   opportunities   for   women   of   color   to   heal   and   express   themselves.   In   2012   she   produced   “Yoga   For  Divas”  a  25  minute  Yoga  DVD  made  by  and  for   black   women.   Check   out  www.myrawfruit.com  for   daily  inspiration  and  more  information.  

New   Yorker,   singer/songwriter   and   Sex   Educator.   She   has   been   performing   on   and   off   since   the   age   of   9   and   hails   from   two   generations   of   stage   performers   (thanks   Dad   and   Grandma!)   She   is   thrilled   to   be   returning   to   WOW   and   performing   her   own  compositions  publicly  for  the  first  time  in  over  6   years.   Thanks   to   her   loving   family-­‐-­‐given   and   chosen   for  always  supporting  her:  twitter:  goldmantouch     youtube:  http://tinyurl.com/csou9jl  

  Jazz  Goldman  is  a  native  

Yaya   HoneyLove   “Dancing   is   my   medicine.   When   I  

dance,   I   transform   allowing   my   ancestors   to   dance   through   me,   with   me-­‐   to   help   heal.   Dancing   is   my   release,   my   way   of   giving   thanks.   Sweating   with   intentions  for  myself  and  those  around  me.  I  dance  for   our   joy,   the   releasing   of   all   things   stagnant,   releasing   of   that   heavy   feeling,   abundance,   love,   transformation,   power...  I  dance  for  you,  me,  us.”  

Foxy   Squire   After   completing   the   burlesque  

  Takara  Estes   born   and  

raised   in   New   York   has   been   dancing   African   diasporic   professional   dance     from   West   African   to   Hatian   dance   for   16   years,   Orisha     dance     for   4   years.  She  continues  to  share  her  gift     of   dancing,   and   working     as   a   dance   assistant     for   a   non   profit     dance   company  "ourfolklore  "  for  young    girls.  

class   series   by  Deflouered   Productions,   Foxy  gathered   her   wits   and   talent   to   begin   performing.    In   less   than   6   months,   she   had   performed   both   nationally   and   internationally   in  London,  Connecticut,  California,  Philadelphia,   and   NYC.    This   month,  Foxy  will   be   the   headliner  for  DC  Gurly  Show.    This  year,  she  will   be   performing   in   Georgia   and   North   Carolina.   Her  motto  is  EMBRACE  YOUR  SPECTACLE.    Now,   she   shares   her   love   for   deviant   art   and   dark   beauty  through  burlesque.      



Jeaninne   Kayembe   is   co-­‐founder   of   Philadelphia  

urban   creators   a   nonprofit   teaching   sustainability   and   entrepreneurship   to   youth   in   north   central   Philly.   When   she's   not   teaching   or   turning   compost   she's   interning   for   Philly's  largest  poetry  collective  Spoken  Soul  215,  helping   run   the   city's   largest   open   mic!   Jeaninne   has   been   performing  and  writing  for  almost  10  years  and  hopes  to   infuse  artistic  and  sustainable  practices  into  less  fortunate   communities  all  over  the  country.  

  5   years   now.   I   have   experience   playing   for   various   types  of  events,  from  night  clubs  down  to  neighbor   bbq's.   My   favorite   genres   to   spin   are   old   school   house   and   R&B   music.   I   can   also   do   electro   and   Afro   house,   hip-­‐hop,   dancehall,   alternative,   and   rock   music.   I   have   a   full   setup   and   am   capable   of   entertaining   at   any   event.   My   prices   are   negotiable.   If   anyone's   interested,   hit   me  up  917-­‐524-­‐9263  or  at  facebook.com/djzena.    

DJ  Zena  Hello  beauties!  I've  been  DJing  for  about  

Shawn(ta)   Smith,   Rivers   of   Honey   co-­‐

producer.     She   is   a   lesbian   separatist,   writer,   Archivist,   Librarian,   and   Brooklyn   native,   whose   work   is   focused   on   preserving   the   stories   of   women   of   color,   particularly   African   ancestral   lesbians.   Schedule   a   g-­‐chat   to   share   your   story   on   her  blog:  hersaturnreturns.com     Jaz  Cruz   is   an   Artist,   Writer,   Barber.     She   has   been   a   member   of   WOW   for   eight   years   and   a   Producer   and   organizer  of  Rivers  of  Honey  for  six  years.    She  single-­‐ handedly   resurrected   the   Rivers   of   Honey   framework   to  represent  a  spiritual  artist  space  for  women  of  color.     You:                                        

  Co-­‐Produced  by  Shawn(ta)  Smith  &  Jaz  Cruz  
With our Grandmothers, we honor the Goddesses/ Orishas

Oshun,  Ochun, Osun, Oxum, Ochún, Osun, Oxum, Ikolé, Erzulie-Freda-Dahomey,
With  additional  Spiritual  Meditation  and  Respect  to: Yemoja/Yemeya/Yemanja  -­‐  Orisha  of  motherhood,  mother  of  waters   (ocean),  family,  sexuality,  sorcery,  primal  waters  (lakes),  nurturer  
*   La Virgen de la Caridad de Cobre, Venus *  

  Flyer  &  Program  Design:  Shawn  Smith   Direction:  Jaz  Cruz       Lights:  Helynsia  Brown       Sound:  DJ  Zena  


Video:  Sissy  Van  Dyke   Artist  Massages:  Chauvet  Bishop    


She  is  the  winds  of  change,  warrior,  transformation,  hurricanes,  death,   progression,  rebirth.   *   Rivers  of  Honey  is  a  Cabaret  held  the  first  Friday  of  Every  Month  at  WOW   Café  Theater  highlighting  the  art  of  womyn  of  color.   For  more  information,  to  join  us,  perform,  or  hear  about  our  other  events   find  us  online  at  http://riversofhoney.com  

Oya  -­‐  Orisha  that  guards  the  cemetery.