Rivers  of  Honey  June  2013  Performers  


dance,  I  transform  allowing  my  ancestors  to  dance   through  me,  with  me-­‐  to  help  heal.  Dancing  is  my  release,   my  way  of  giving  thanks.  Sweating  with  intentions  for   myself  and  those  around  me.  I  dance  for  our  joy,  the   releasing  of  all  things  stagnant,  releasing  of  that  heavy   feeling,  abundance,  love,  transformation,  power...  I  dance   for  you,  me,  us.”  

Yaya  HoneyLove    “Dancing  is  my  medicine.  When  I  


Carolina  native  and  graduate  of  NC   State  University.    She  has  appeared   in  films  produced  in  North  Carolina,  NYC,  and  LA.  Most  notably  she  has  written   and  produced  her  story  for  the  stage  in  the  autobiographical  piece,  “Stepping  On   a  Few  Toes”  –  a  play  that  premiered  in  2009,  was  recently  nominated  for  Best   One  Person  Show  by  the  National  NAACP  Theatre  Awards.    It  is  an  honest  story  of   survival  that  follows  the  journey  of  a  young  child  desperately  searching  for  love   and  acceptance.  This  journey  leads  her  to  many  dead  ends  forcing  her  to   constantly  retrace  her  steps  and  in  many  cases  begin  at  square  one  all  over  again.     After  eight  successful  runs  on  the  west  coast,  “Stepping  On  a  Few  Toes”  had  its   east  coast  premiere  in  New  York  City  this  past  March.  For  more  info:   www.jasmynneshaye.com  and  www.steppingontoes.com  

                Jasmynne  Shaye  is  a  North  


195   Lewis   is   the   story   of   four   Black   dykes   navigating   pussies,   parties   and  

  Takara  Estes   born   and   raised   in   New   York   has  

been   dancing   African   diasporic   professional   dance     from  West  African  to  Hatian  dance  for  16   years,   Orisha     dance     for   4   years.   She   continues   to   share   her   gift     of   dancing,   and   working     as   a   dance  assistant     for  a  non  profit     dance  company   "ourfolklore  "  for  young    girls.    


potlucks   in   Brooklyn,   New   York’s   queerest   borough.   Long   time   partners   YURI   and  CAMILLE  are  working  out  the  kinks  of  their  polyamorous  relationship,  when   Yuri’s  old  friend,  KRIS,  pops  up  on  the  stoop  in  need  of  a  place  to  stay.  Kris,  Yuri,   Camille,   and   little   sister,   Anne,   experience   unsavory   itches,   femme   of   color   brunches  and  plenty  Paper  Over  Pussy!?  parties  to  define  what  it  really  means   to  be  family.       Foxy   Squire   After   completing   the   burlesque   class   series   by  Deflouered   Productions,   Foxy  gathered   her   wits   and   began   performing.    In   less   than   6   months,   she   had   performed   both   nationally   and   internationally   in   London,   Connecticut,   California,   Philadelphia,   and   New   York   City.    Foxy   was   the   headliner   for   DC   Gurly   Show.    This   year,   she   will   be   performing  in  Georgia  and  North  Carolina.  Her  motto  is   EMBRACE   YOUR   SPECTACLE.    Now,   she   shares   her   love   for  deviant  art  and  dark  beauty  through  burlesque.       Foxy  will  be  accompanied  by  Honey  B.  



Jeaninne   Kayembe   is   co-­‐founder   of   Philadelphia  



urban   creators   a   nonprofit   teaching   sustainability   and   entrepreneurship   to   youth   in   north   central   Philly.   When   she's  not  teaching  or  turning  compost  she's  interning  for   Philly's  largest  poetry  collective  Spoken  Soul  215,  helping   run   the   city's   largest   open   mic!   Jeaninne   has   been   performing  and  writing  for  almost  10  years  and  hopes  to   infuse   artistic   and   sustainable   practices   into   less   fortunate  communities  all  over  the  country.  

  5  years  now.  I  have  experience  playing  for  various   types  of  events,  from  night  clubs  down  to  neighbor   bbq's.   My   favorite   genres   to   spin   are   old   school   house   and   R&B   music.   I   can   also   do   electro   and   Afro   house,   hip-­‐hop,   dancehall,   alternative,   and   rock   music.   I   have   a   full   setup   and   am   capable   of   entertaining  at  any  event.  My  prices  are  negotiable.  If  anyone's  interested,  hit   me  up  917-­‐524-­‐9263  or  at  facebook.com/djzena.    

DJ  Zena  Hello  beauties!  I've  been  DJing  for  about  

Shawn(ta)   Smith,   Rivers   of   Honey   co-­‐

producer.     She   is   a   lesbian   separatist,   writer,   Archivist,   Librarian,   and   Brooklyn   native,   whose   work   is   focused   on   preserving   the   stories   of   women   of   color,   particularly   African   ancestral   lesbians.   Schedule   a   g-­‐chat   to   share   your   story   on   her  blog:  hersaturnreturns.com     Jaz  Cruz   is  an  Artist,  Writer,  Barber.    She  has  been  a   member  of  WOW  for  eight  years  and  a  Producer  and   organizer  of  Rivers  of  Honey  for  six  years.    She  single-­‐ handedly   resurrected   the   Rivers   of   Honey   framework   to   represent   a   spiritual   artist   space   for   women   of   color.     You:                                           ***Join  Rivers  of  Honey  tomorrow,  Sat,  June  8th  at  Brooklyn  Pride  Open  Mic***   5th  Ave  in  Park  Slope  Brooklyn;  In  the  OLD  STONE  HOUSE  11am  –  1pm  


  Flyer  &  Program  Design:  Shawn  Smith-­‐Cruz     Lights:  Helynsia  Brown           Sound:  DJ  Zena        

    Co-­‐Produced  by  Shawn(ta)  Smith-­‐Cruz  &  Jaz  Smith-­‐Cruz    
Direction:  Jaz  Smith-­‐Cruz   Video:  Sissy  Van  Dyke   Artist  Massages:  Chauvet  Bishop  

With our Ancestors, we honor the Goddess & Orishas

Oshun,  Ochun, Osun, Oxum, Ochún, Osun, Oxum, Ikolé, Erzulie-Freda-Dahomey
La Virgen de la Caridad de Cobre, Venus

Rivers  of  Honey  is  a  Cabaret  held  the  first  Friday  of  Every  Month  at     WOW  Café  Theater  highlighting  the  art  of  womyn  of  color.   For  more  information,  to  join  us,  perform,  or  hear  about  our  other  events     find  us  online  at  http://riversofhoney.com      

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