Rivers  of  Honey     August  2013  Performers  



Chauvet  Bishop    -­‐  Originally  from  North  
Carolina,  Chauvet  is  a  licensed  massage  therapist/   healer,  and  has  been  the  licensed  massage   therapist  for  Rivers  of  Honey  featured  performers   for  the  2012/2013  performance  season.    She  is  a   poet,  singer,  student  of  life,  supporter  and  lover  of   art  and  all  things  beautiful.  Rivers  of  Honey  is   honored  for  Chauvet  to  be  a  featured  performer   after  her  service  to  us  for  all  these  months.  

There’s   nothing   Private   about   these   Tails—hailing   from   Washington,   DC,  she  joined  the  Burlesque  world  in  August  of   2005,  and  currently  produces  the  United  States’   largest,   longest   running   Queer   Burlesque   troupe,   the   DC   Gurly   Show.   Private   Tails   is   the   Original   Tease   Queen-­‐-­‐one   who   combines   the   theatrics   of   a   drag   queen,   the   sultriness   of   an   exotic  dancer,  the  flexibility  of  an  acrobat,  and   the   tease   of   a   burlesque   dancer.   With   her   background   in   Theater   and   Dance,   the   burlesque   community   has   welcomed   her   Tails   with  open  arms...  and  open  wallets.  


TS  Hawkins   is   an   actor,   internationally  

Essence  Revealed    
The   Bubbling   Brown   Sugar   of   Burlesque   is   a   member   of   Brown   Girls   Burlesque.    She   has   performed   all   over   burlesqueville,   NYC   at   Duane   Park,   The   Slipper   Room,   Nurse   Bettie,   Kitty   Knights,   Room   69   @   the   Hotel   Chantelle,   Abiola's   Love,   Sex   &   Dating   Vimeo   Show,   Abiola's   Kiss   &   Tell   live   events,   Hypergender   Burlesque,   Dr.   Choades   Upstairs/Downstairs,   Red   Umbrella   Diaries,   Sex   Worker   Cabaret,   Sex   Worker   Literati,   Rivers   of   Honey   Cabaret,   University's   &   travels   w/Gesel   Mason's   Women,   Sex  &  Desire.    Email  to  have  her  delight  guests  @  your  event!    

recognized   author,   performance   poet,   wedding   officiant   &   producer/host/   founder   of   her   own   radio   station.   Hawkins   is   fresh   off   her   mini   tour,  Silent   No   More  in   which   she   wrote   the   text  "Cartons   of   Ultrasounds"  and  infused  various  directors,   mask   makers   and   puppeteers   on   each   leg   of   the   tour.   Recently,   "Cartons   of   Ultrasounds"  was   turned   into   a   film   short   by   artists   in   Singapore!   In   addition,   she   showcased   a   new   work  "Too   Late   To   Apologize"  which   debuted   and   received   reviews   in  Brat   Productions  pop-­‐up   performance  "The   Diary   of   Lisa   Q".   Hawkins   released   her   7th   publication,  The   Hotel   Haikus  and  plans   to   tour   with  it  during  the  second  installment  of  the  Authors  Under  30  Book  Tour.   More  info,  visit  www.tspoetics.com  

sassaBrass   is   a   pleasure-­‐filled  
healer   who   uses   the   ritual   of   performance  to  deliver  the  gospel   of  the  pussy.  The  pussy  is  magic,  is   medicine,   is   gold,   is   divine,   is   an   entrance  and  an  exit   -­‐-­‐  an  opening   to   the   deepest,   most   sacred   spaces   of   women's   ancestral   knowledge.   The   pussy   gospel   is   ancient.   sassaBrass   is   the   messenger,   the   vessel.   Twerking   is   the   testimony   -­‐-­‐   cuz   the   booty   don't   lie!   Welcome  to  church  where  we  pussy  pop  for  praise  and  worship  in  the  service  of   our  freedom  and  liberation.  Ase..  

Foxy   Squire   After   completing   the   burlesque  

class   series   by  Deflouered   Productions,   Foxy  gathered   her   wits   and   began   performing.    In   less   than   6   months,   she   had   performed   both   nationally   and   internationally   in   London,   Connecticut,   California,   Phili,   and   NYC.    Foxy   was   the   headliner   for   DC   Gurly   Show.    This   year,   she   will   be   performing   in   Georgia   and   North   Carolina.   Her   motto   is   EMBRACE   YOUR   SPECTACLE.    Now,   she   shares   her  love  for  deviant  art  and  dark  beauty  through   burlesque.      

Takara  Estes  –  Altar  goddess  –   born  and  raised  in  New  

York   has   been   dancing   African   diasporic   professional   dance     from   West   African   to   Hatian   dance   for   16   years,   Orisha     dance     for   4   years.   She   continues   to   share   her   gift     of   dancing,   and   working     as   a   dance   assistant     for   a   non  profit    dance  company  "ourfolklore  "  for  young    girls.  


  Rivers  of  Honey  August  2013     Underwear  Party   Embrace  your  Oshun  Energy!!!  

is   co-­‐founder   of   Philadelphia   urban   creators   a   nonprofit   teaching   sustainability   and   entrepreneurship   to   youth   in   north   central   Philly.   When   she's  not  teaching  or  turning  compost  she's  interning  for   Philly's   largest   poetry   collective   Spoken   Soul   215,   helping   run   the   city's   largest   open   mic!   Jeaninne   has   been   performing  and  writing  for  almost  10  years  and  hopes  to   infuse   artistic   and   sustainable   practices   into   less   fortunate  communities  all  over  the  country.   DJ  Zena  Hello  beauties!  I've  been  DJing  for  about   5  years  now.  I  have  experience  playing  for  various   types  of  events,  from  nightclubs  down  to  neighbor   bbq's.  My  favorite  genres  to  spin  are  old  school   house  and  R&B  music.  I  can  also  do  electro  and   Afro  house,  hip-­‐hop,  dancehall,  alternative,  and   rock  music.  I  have  a  full  setup  and  am  capable  of   entertaining  at  any  event.  My  prices  are   negotiable.  If  anyone's  interested,  hit  me   up  917-­‐524-­‐9263  or  at  facebook.com/djzena.  

Jeaninne   Kayembe   –   Host  


Co-­‐Produced  by  Shawn(ta)  Smith-­‐Cruz  &  Jaz  Smith-­‐Cruz  
Flyer  &  Program  Design:  Shawn  Smith-­‐Cruz     Direction:  Jaz  Smith-­‐Cruz   Lights:  Jasmine  Presson       Video:  Sissy  Van  Dyke   Sound:  DJ  Zena       Artist  Massages:  Chauvet  Bishop   House  Manager:  JZ  Bich   Staff:  Sarita  Covington,  Julia  Harvard,  Joi  Sanchez  


Shawn(ta)   Smith-­‐Cruz,     Co-­‐Producer      

With our Ancestors, we honor the Goddess & Orisha

lesbian   separatist,   writer,   Archivist,   Librarian,   and   Brooklyn   native,   whose   work   is   focused   on   preserving   the   stories   of   women   of   color,   particularly   African   ancestral   lesbians.   She   archives  at  the  Lesbian  Herstory  Archives.     Jaz   Smith-­‐Cruz,   Co-­‐Producer   –   Artist,   Writer,   Barber.     She   has   been   a   member   of   WOW   for   eight   years   and   a   Producer   and   organizer   of   Rivers   of   Honey   for   seven   years.     She   single-­‐handedly   resurrected   the   Rivers   of   Honey   framework   to   represent   a   spiritual   artist   space   for  women  of  color.     You:    

Oshun,  Ochun, Osun, Oxum, Ochún, Osun, Oxum, Ikolé, Erzulie-Freda-Dahomey
La Virgen de la Caridad de Cobre, Venus

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Rivers  of  Honey  is  a  Cabaret  held  the  first  Friday  of  Every  Month  at   WOW  Café  Theater  highlighting  the  art  of  womyn  of  color.   For  more  information,  to  join  us,  perform,  or  hear  about  our  other  events   find  us  online  at  http://riversofhoney.com  


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