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ElleVintage For those who are hungry for something not knowing quite what it is, but truly need that hint of spice in their Latte, we share with you Ms. ElleVintage who impacts the spiritual, natural, and physical dreams of life canvas' them and plants them in the minds and hearts of those who will allow themselves to hear what she has to say. L’Oreal "ElleVintage" Chrisp-Seels is an artist starving and thriving to make the best of everything in eyesight. At 30 yrs of age there are so many things people say this young lady is not ready for, but let it be known, please don’t judge a book by its cover. She is passion fresh and uncorked!!! Yaya HoneyLove Dancing is my medicine. When I dance, I transform allowing my ancestors to dance through me, with me- to help heal. Dancing is my release, my way of giving thanks. Sweating with intentions for myself and those around me. I dance for our joy, the releasing of all things stagnant, releasing of that heavy feeling, abundance, love, transformation, power... ower... I dance for you, me, us us.

Shanell (IAMOSHUN) Betts embodies the true definition of
an artist. She is a poet, photographer, graphic artist and painter from Jersey that will seduce you into her work. It is impossible not to get into her as her words carry you on a visual journey of metaphors. She writes with passion and truth. When she is on the stage there is an exchange of energy that will carry with you even after she has left. To see her work and be updated on her upcoming projects visit her website at www.afropixs.net and follow her on instagram at iam_oshun. Lea S. Anderson Now residing in Harlem, Lea is a singer, actor, & painter. She is so excited to be a part of Rivers of Honey. Follow her @SicfroniaSings on Twitter.

Joi Sanchez

"JeSansChez" loosely translated means "I'm without home,” much like her name Joi Sanchez is a nomadic self-taught Renaissance Artist of the new millennium. Often mixing practices of vocal styling, poetry, photography, painting, and movement, J creates art from the soul with a unique point of view an a story to tell. Most recently her custom earring line, (Joilery by JSanschez) and photograph y was featured at Artiquette 2012, and can be seen at the Kalahari Gallery in BedStuy, Brooklyn through October 14th. Joi is currently working on her first solo show for Spring 2013.

Sakinah Iman Smith earned a fellowship placement in the prestigious Willamstown Theatre Festival's Summer Apprenticeship Program in 2010. Later that year she was picked up by a popular Theatre Company upstate New York called Too Deep Entertainment (TDE). This past year, whether it was performing her original spoken word pieces, acting in a play/film, or singing background vocals for up and coming local and international artists, Sakinah performed all throughout the city whenever she could. Sakinah currently resides in New York City, pursuing her career as a Professional Professio Actress/Vocalist/Spoken Word Artist.

Zena was born, raised, and still resides in Brooklyn, NY. She’s only been DJing for a few years but plays as if it’s something she was born to do. She’s well versed in playing old and new school house music, electronica, hip hiphop, r&b, dancehall, even alternative, rock, and heavy metal. What’s also interesting about DJ Zena is that she s is actually a writer by trade and even went on to earn her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. Always feeling more timid about sharing her writings, she’s found a second outlet for expression, creating, and connecting with people through making them dance. Shawn(ta) Smith, Your Rivers Co-producer & WebMistress. She is a lesbian separatist, writer, Archivist, Librarian, and Brooklyn native, whose work is focused on preserving the stories of women of color, particularly African ancestral lesbians. She is editor of Her Saturn Returns –An anthology on Queer Women of Color Life Transitions. The upcoming Submission Deadline is Oct 15th: Canonize your story at: hersaturnreturns.com

Honoring Orisha Goddess OSHUN

RIVERS OF HONEY October 2012

Jaz Cruz is an Artist, Writer, Barber. She has been a member of WOW for eight years and a Producer and organizer of Rivers of Honey for six years. She single-handedly handedly resurrected the Rivers of Honey framework to represent a spiritual artist space for women of color.

HouseManager: Lorraine LaPrade Lights: Erica Williamson & Helynsia Brown Program Design: Sissy Van Dyke Flyer Design: Jaz Cruz & Shawn Smith You:

Rivers of Honey is a Cabaret held the first Friday of Every Month at WOW Café Theater highlighting the art of womyn of color. For more information, to join us, perform, or hear about our other events find us online at http://riversofhoney.com