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Family Fun Day 2009 Newsletter 4 June 2009

The final countdown is

on – There are only 10 This year we are trying a new
days to go – it’s now idea - we have two class
up to you. rooms, some data projectors
and some gaming consoles. We
We need all your help to make this the most will be using short games that
successful fundraiser for the school. So now is the are appropriate for
time to step up all ages like: Wii
and offer your assistance. ... volunteer on the Sports and Sing Star. At
roster, sell more raffle tickets, find a new sponsor, this stage I am planning on having two
buy an all day ride ticket or an all day pass for the Wii consoles and a PS2 in action. On the day I will
ponies/climbing wall and petting zoo for the kids, need an adult to supervise each console, we will
encourage your kids to put in an entry in the colour avoid changing games all the time, so it should just
in comp, the teddy bear comp or the Art Show, save involve ensuring each group finish promptly and
up all your loose change for the kids to spend… getting the next group going. I hope to see you on
Michael Vandervelde FFD convener the day.
Cheers Colin Pickup

Family Fun Day needs Henry's locally famous spring rolls are back again
your….Trash this year! No matter how many he makes they
All quality donations always sell out fast, so please get in early to sample
(second hand or new) are
his delicious
welcome and can be left at the
NWPS office. vegetarian delight.
We have had very few donations so far and are They are freshly
hoping that it is the rain that has discouraged made, peanut free
families from bringing donations to the office. and cooked in
canola oil.
If you are unsure if you item is suitable, or need
Allyson Waird Spring Rolls Convenor
assistance with pick up, please email or call on 0401 587 254
Hopefully by now you are all well and truly on your
Cheers, Helen Howse & Leigh Higgins way, delivering leaflets for our Family Fun Day -
Thank you so much
for your help.
Things to
* Let me know if
more or less leaflets
are needed for your area,
* If folding, put FFD info on the outside so you
can see it, and
* Please return the maps to the office.
Special mentions go to:
* The office staff who completed the printing in
record time,
* Margaretta Adams who donated ALL the paper again
this year, and
* To Sharon Laidlaw who RSVPed from Ireland to say
she would help. Any problems or you haven't recieved
the leaflets, please email me at
Art @ FFD
Family Fun Day Art Exhibition
A new event at this year’s Family Fun Day.
OUR VISION: To showcase the creative talents of students
in our school.

Each child will create an individual piece of art work (in class) to be displayed on Family Fun Day. This
exhibition will replace the quilt show as one of our major attractions. A variety of mediums will be used
from traditional canvas to sculpture.
Every child’s art work will be displayed.
Entry to view the exhibition will be via a gold coin donation.
Students will be given displayed art works to take home on the next school day.
A donation to the P&C of $5 per child to cover the cost of materials would be appreciated.

To encourage students with a flair for the arts there will be an open section for those students wishing to
exhibit work created in their own time. These can be individual or collaborative works.
This section is open to any medium. All art works to be submitted by Tuesday 9th June, 2009.
Entry fee $5 per piece will apply. Prizes will be awarded in three age groups. 4-6yrs, 7-9 yrs, 10yrs +
Please list type of art to be exhibited to help with display organisation.




Payment to be left with class teacher. Clearly marked. Cheques made payable to NWPS P&C.

DONATION for Main Exhibition entries @ $5 per child: ________________

Child’s name and class: ______________________________________ __________________

ENTRIES to Supplementary Exhibit @ $5 per entry: __________________

Child’s name and class ______________________________________ __________________

Medium used: ________________________________

Total enclosed: $
A big thank you for League Foosball –
the contributions we do you want to
have already compete in the FFD
received! FFD is fast League? Play singles
approaching and we or doubles. So
need everybody's either team up with
support. If we can get 5 contributions from each a partner to play doubles, or go solo. Can you
child in the school we will have plenty of stock for win the inaugural FFD league title? Do you have
this great stall. Things that can be donated are the skills to confound and surprise your
lollies, small stationery items, hairclips etc. This year opponent? Go on, give it a go.
we would prefer lollies as they are the biggest seller Adam Margaretta Convener
on the day. Contributions should be about $1 -$2 in
value. Please remember: no glass jars, no soft
drink, wrapped lollies if possible, prizes must be
brand new. All contributions should be put in Normanhurst Eagles
ziplock bags or similar and placed in the "TOMBOLA" Football Club is
box in the office foyer. W. Brown and Co, unit 5, 35 pleased to support
Leighton Pl, Hornsby has lollies at wholesale prices. Normanhurst West
They are open 8.00am to 4.30pm M-Th and 8.00am Public School at their
to 12noon on Friday. If you have any questions upcoming Family Fun Day on Sunday 14th June. NEFC
please ring Linley 9875-3712 or Melissa 9484- 9569. will be holding a "beat the keeper" stall - gold coin
Thank you in anticipation of your support.Linley and donation to participate, proceeds going to the
Melissa. school. Please could you contact Michelle Smith if your child is
willing to have a go at being a keeper. A
goalkeeper’s shirt will be provided for use on the
All shifts are filled for our very last stint selling raflle Timeslots: fifteen minutes every quarter hour from
tickets at Thornleigh Market Place this Thursday 11.00 am to 1 pm
night (we are not selling at Westleigh this week). Many thanks Margaretta
5/6P are still in the lead for the Pizza lunch - so let's
see if another class
can catch them. As usual this year there will be the delightful petting zoo,
Have you returned
where your children can enjoy the company and cuddles
your raffle ticket
book and collected of the baby farm animals - lambs, kids, rabbits, ducklings
money to the school office yet? If you haven't yet and other assorted small creatures. Take a picture of
sold them all remember, just 10 tickets sold your child with an adorable friend! Feed the little darlings
contributes $20 to FFD profits which goes back into and see their tails waggle. Get the all day armband and
the school community for your kids. There are lots come back as often as
of people you can ask to support our school - your you like throughout
neighbours, work mates, sport friends, relatives, the day. Looking
church friends or social friends, and when they hear forward to seeing you
about the great prizes they will be happy to part there on the day,
with just $2! All tickets (sold or unsold) must be Joanne Bower & Kris Pendleton
accounted for so please return them and collected
money to the school office ASAP.
Thanks, Lisa & Marcus Ivers
FFD 2009
The school grounds will again be crammed with stacks of
exciting rides: the Rockin’ Tug, the ever popular Dodgems, the This year there will be a $5 All Day Ticket for
dizzying Roundup, the eye crossing Cha Cha, the slippery CLIMBING WALL, PONY RIDES, PETTING ZOO if you
Superslide, Mickey’s Funhouse jumping castle, a Mini Ferris combine the ticket purchase with the main All Day
Wheel, Flying Elephants, Helicopters, Clown Combo, Crazy Cars Ride Ticket.
and the Circus Train - So go crazy on this lot for 5 hours
This will get you unlimited goes on Climbing
For just $30 per person you can pre-purchase an wall, Petting Zoo and Pony Rides.
All Day Ride Ticket.
All Day Ride Tickets will be available for $35 each on the day or The bands will be redeemed at the same ticket
single rides @ $4.00 and $5.00. booth as you purchase tickets on the day for
Buy tickets for everybody, the kids, cousins, neighbours, Climbing Wall, Petting Zoo and Pony rides. The All
friends, work colleagues, your pets etc. Spread the word !!!! Day Tickets can only be pre-purchased.
---- Anyone can buy!!! Please return the form with payment to the school
(include the payment in the same envelope as the
Fill in the form below and return it with your payment to the All Day Ride Ticket form to get the $5 price).
school office in an envelope marked “All Day Ride Tickets”.
NOTE: Ticket orders must be received at the school office no later Phone Lewis Benham if you have any questions
than Thursday 11th June so that tickets may be supplied to – 0407 209 449.
students at school on Friday 12th June. Tickets will be issued in a
sealed envelope via the School Office to the students in class. NOTE: Ticket orders must be received at the
Present the ticket at the ticket box on the day to receive an school office no later than Thursday 11th June so
armband. that tickets may be returned to students at school
on Friday 12th June.
Phone Lewis Benham on 0407 209 449 if you have any
.All Day Ride Tickets do no include the Laughing Clowns.

We have been successful in keeping the price down in previous

years but the All Day Ticket price has had to increase this
year. As a special incentive, the Climbing Wall, Pony Ride and
Petting Zoo all day ticket will be just $5 if purchased at the
same time as the All Day Ride Ticket.
I have enclosed $_________ for ________ticket(s) at $30.00 per person for:

Student Name:_________________________ Class ________ (Please make cheques payable to NWPS P&C)

Signed(parent):____________________________________ Phone No: _____________________

Pony rides and Petting Zoo at NWPS FAMILY FUN DAY 2009
I have enclosed $________ for _______ ticket(s) at $5 per person for:

Student Name:_________________________ Class ________ (Please make cheques payable to NWPS P&C)

Signed (parent):____________________________________Phone No: _____________________

ABC Shop Action Indoor Sport Advance Skin Day Spa
Affordable Fundraising All Seasons Trophies Aquabliss
Australian Geographic Australian National Bilita Food Services
Maritime Museum
Brickpit Sports BridgeClimb Captain Cook Crusies
Chroma Australia Ciccios City Farm
Cosmo Cosmetics Dangar Island Café DATS Environmental
Featherdale Wildlife Forbes Footware Forrest NSW
Fresh Beauty G & A Jordison Great Aussie Campers
Greater Union Green Light Car Care
Greg Wyllie Tae Kwon
Hargraves Nursery Harvey Norman - Howards Storage
Gordon World
Imax Josephs Hot Bread Shop Learn 4 Fun
Lollipops McCarrolls Automotive Narrabeen Golf Centre
Normanhurst Eagles Normanhurst Pizza Northshore Timber &
Football Club Café Hardware
NRMA Batteries Nutrimetics Ocean World Manly
Officeworks – Hornsby Parramatta Eels Pennant Hills Bowling
Penrith Whitewater Peters Meats - Pizza Hut – Thornleigh
Priceline Pumpkin Patch Riverside Theatre
Scott Riley See You Latte Café Snowgums
Soul Pattinson Chemist Spot Puppy & Dog Stampin up
Training Demonstrators
Stewart Brown Signs Sydney FC Sydney Ice Arena
T2 Taronga Zoo The Cellar Restaurant
– Pokolbin
The Sebel - Kirkton Waratahs Westleigh Pharmacy
Wild Caktus World of Fitness - Xero Global Corp -
Hornsby Eurotrike

NWPS Family Fun Day 2009 thanks all our sponsors for all their continuing, generous support
Normanhurst West Family Fun Day 2009 - Stall Roster Page 1
STALL NAME 11am-12 midday 12 midday - 1pm 1pm - 2pm 2pm-3pm 3pm-4:30pm
Gate (11/14) 1 Steve Hume 1 John Driver 1 Lisa Ryan 1 1
Humburto Ho 2 Margot Treloar 2 Charles Kent 2 Lisa Ivers 2
 3 Jenny Sorkovsky 3 Rob Stewart 3 Andrew Fullagar  
4 Reid Johston 4 Melinda Tustian
Treasury (10/16) 1 position filled 1 position filled 1 position filled 1 position filled
position filled 2 position filled 2 position filled 2 position filled 2 position filled
  3 position filled 3 3 position filled 3
  4 4 4 4
BBQ (29/29) 1 Stuart Snaith 1 Tim Hogarth 1 Tim Hogarth 1 Joy Stewart 1 Michael McShane
 Michael Gardner 2 Sue Cross 2 Sue Cross 2 Lyndon Pollock 2 Nicole Page 2 Brent Allen
  3 Kevin Collie 3 Kevin Collie 3 Barry Joseph 3 Manjula Schou 3 Graham Honeyman
4 Steve Taylor 4 Andrew Morris 4 Andrew Morris 4 Sharon Laidlaw
5 Koha Curtin 5 Steve Taylor 5 Paul Johnston
  6 Tim Mayer 6 Phil Friend 6 Mark Gilbert
  7 Alex McCoy 7 Peter Page  
  8 Steve Kelly 8 Dirk Wolhoff  
Cake Stall (12/12) 1 Manjula Schou 1 Manjula Schou 1 Manjula Schou 1 Sue Corish 1 Merilyn Penn
Natalie Honeyman 2 Misha Kent 2 Patricia Uren 2 Patricia Uren 2 Jen Mitchie 2 Ann Sayers
3 Padma Paida
4 Deborah E-S
Canteen (24/27) 1 Marianne Schreuder 1 Nina Sandhu 1 Wendy Allen 1 Kelly Norris 1
Kerrie Basclain 2 Karen Hoscheke 2 Karen Hoscheke 2 Karen Hoscheke 2 Karen Hoscheke 2 Karen Hoscheke
3 Ros Cameron 3 Ros Cameron 3 Ros Cameron 3 Ros Cameron 3 Ros Cameron
  4 Chris McAuliffe 4 Misha Kent 4 Tracey Huntley 4 Michelle Pogainis 4
  5 Paula Lott 5 Margot Treloar 5 Margot Treloar 5 Sally Lane
6 6 Sophie Yao 6 Jane Nelson
Chips & Hot Dogs 1 Lyndal Higgins 1 Lyndal Higgins 1 Al Yaldwyn 1 1 Lara Ridler
Rachel Catty (12/17) 2 Lara Ridler 2 Ian Dawes 2 Lindsey Foster 2 2
3 Tracey Huntley 3 Jenny Dawes 3 3
4 Matthew Lloyd 4 Matthew Lloyd 4 Matthew Lloyd
Drinks (4/5) Lyndon Stg 1 Lyndon Stenning 1 Lyndon Stenning 1 Sandy Lane 1 Tony Williams? 1
Spring Rolls (5/5) 1 Allyson Waird 1 Allyson Waird 1 Allyson Waird
Allyson Waird 2 Ruby Lane 2 Kayoko Miyauchi
Face Painting (18/25) 1 Joseph Bui 1 Julia Hickman 1 Paula Mackie 1 Sue Mayer 1 Astrid Pickup
Astrid Pickup 2 Lynda Walton 2 Tina Custer 2 Sunny Jung 2 Lynda Walton 2
  3 Sarah Moore 3 Astrid Pickup 3 Desiree Ringrose 3 Juliette Hackett 3
  4 Megan McCoy 4 Anna Wojnarowska 4 Anna Wojnarowska 4
  5 Mary Richards 5 Jodie Johnston 5 5
  6 6
Hoop La (8/13) 1 Sandy Meagher 1 Jodie Braiding 1 Edwina Vale 1 Angela Biggs 1
Margaretta Adam 2 Jenny Dawes 2 Sue Harrison 2 Margaretta Adam 2 2
3 Trish Yaldwyn 3 3 3 3
Plaster Painting/ 1 Judy Gill 1 Elizabeth Firmager 1 Amanda Coburn 1 Bronwyn Friend 1 Linda Stenning
Sand Art (14/21) 2 Amanda Coburn 2 Cath Simes 2 Rachel Allen 2 Rachel Allen 2
Linda Stenning and 3 Linda Stenning 3 Karen Page 3 Khin-Khin Win 3 3
Rachel Allen 4 Tiffany Part 4 Tiffany Part 4 4 4
Teddy Bear Comp (3/5) 1 Prue Soupidis 1 1 Jen Mitchie 1 Achala Piyasiri 1
Prue Soupidis
Foosball (4/5) 1 Margaretta Adam 1 Craig Lyons 1 Rob Craig 1 1 Margaretta Adam
Margaretta Adam
Normanhurst West Family Fun Day 2009 - Stall Roster Page 2
STALL NAME 11am-12 midday 12 midday - 1pm 1pm - 2pm 2pm-3pm 3pm-4:30pm
Putting Green (4/5) 1 Steve Yapp 1 1 Damien Laidlaw 1 Michael Parker 1 Steve Basclain
Steve Basclain
Showbags (14/15) 1 Chris Hogarth 1 Karen Wallis 1 Sarah Kelly 1 Kelly-Anne Voss 1 Belinda McMahon
Belinda McMahon 2 Steve Atchison 2 Stephanie Morrison 2 Stephanie Morrison 2 Alison Schwartzl 2 Melissa Maxworthy
  3 Paul Mackie 3 Kathryn Benham 3 Belinda McMahon 3 Kathryn Benham 3
Sponge Throwing (4/4) 1 Lynne/David 1 Lynne/David
 Lynne W/David Blunt 2 Mark/Pam Langford 2 Joy Stewart
Tombola (15/15) 1 Melissa McShane 1 Lesley Arthur 1 Fiona Tenant 1 Patricia Uren 1 Linley Fullager
Linley Fullagar 2 Linley Fullager 2 Alison Stubbings 2 Sue Corish 2 Karen Wallis 2 Melissa Johnston
Melissa Johnston 3 Melissa Johnston 3 Alison Binnie 3 Belinda Dunn
  4 Becci Armitage 4 Kerrie Johnston
Climbing Wall (5/5) 1  Lynne/David 1 Julio Aliaga 1 Adrian Main 1 Matthew Fisher 1 Lynne/David
David Blunt/ Lynne W
Wii Games Room 1 Peter Mercer 1 Gavin Orr 1 Oliver Ridler 1 Peter Mercer 1 Rob Symes
Colin Pickup (11/15) 2 Duncan Hickman 2 Andrew Pope 2 Colin Pickup 2 Jay Lee 2 Colin Pickup
3 Colin Pickup 3 3 3 Phil Uren 3
Pony Ride (4/5) 1 Kris Pendleton 1 Stephen Whalan 1 Anitra Hopcroft 1 1 Wendy Allen
Wendy Allen
Kindy Farm (10/10) 1 Linda Wood 1 Christine Grundy 1 Jason Hopcroft 1 Shane O'Neill 1 Junko Matsumura
Kris Pendleton/ Jo Swain 2 Kim Parker 2 Sally Lusher-Main 2 Belinda Meadows 2 Steve Part 2 Jo/Kris
Silent Auction (4/10) 1 Virginia Ellis 1 1 1 Ann Cassarchis 1 Virginia Ellis
Virginia Ellis 2 2 Kerrie Johnson
Board Raffle (7/7) 1 Peter Harrison 1 Cathy Rickard 1 Ann Cassarchis 1 Grant Rickard 1 Angela Biggs
Cathy Rickard 2 Lynda Walton
3 Cathy/Grant
 Bookstall (11/12) 1 Clodagh O'Grady 1 Sarah Mercer 1 Linda Wood 1 Chris Hogarth 1 Ann Cassarchis
Ann Cassarchis/ 2 Kat Gray 2 Emma Bell 2 Belinda Pope 2 Jill Taylor (Liam) 2
Kate Griffin 3 Jill Taylor (Liam) 3 Marie Millar
Ticket Office (2/5) 1 Julie Styman 1 1 Mary Hoang 1 1
Art Show (3/5) 1  Colleen Cowley 1 1 Chris Hogarth 1 1 Colleen Cowley
Colleen Cowley
Craft (12/13) 1 Sue Murdoch 1 Jodie Gross 1 Simone Fisher 1 Kellie Nicholls 1 Sue Murdoch
Sue Murdoch/Ann-Maree G 2 Christine Taylor 2 Naomi Gurtarta 2 Miriam Mulcahy 2 Ann-Maree Grech 2 Ann-Maree Grech
3 Ann-Maree Grech 3 Genevieve Koeferl 3
Trash & Treasure (10/10) 1  Nicky Binet 1 Kate Andrews 1 Rebecca Chen 1 Jodie Braiding 1 Leigh Higgins
Leigh Higgins, Helen Howse 2 Leigh Higgins 2 Wing Poon 2 Elizabeth Fermager 2 Sue Harrison 2 Helen Howse

Normo West Family Fun Day Early Start Roster

STALL NAME 9am-10am 10am – 11am 283/343 = 83% full
Canteen(7/7) 1 Kim Vandervelde 1 Alex Mariano
Kerrie Basclain 2 Nicky Binet 2 Sue Mayer
 3 Melissa McShane 3 Deborah E-S
4 Sue McDonald
BBQ(6/6) 1 Will Wooding 1 Steve Taylor
 Michael Gardner 2 John Penn 2 Peter Harrison Newsletter editeded by Doric Swain
  3 Sihil Piyasiri 3 Greg Ramsay 3 June 2009
Cake Stall (1/1) 1 Margie Kemmis

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