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Fukushima update August 12, 2013 (Photos)
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Tom Mclaughlin | Tampa Political Buzz Examiner

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August 11, 2013

And you thought this was fixed ? NOT ON CBS, NBC, OR ABC

We mentioned in previous articles how the three reactors at Fukushima-Daichi were out of control and would continue their slow nuclear burn for hundreds if not thousands of years. At this point in time, the three reactors have burned through the steel reactor vessels, burned through the concrete floor of the reactor chamber, burned through the reactor building sub-floor, and are now burning through the earth below the reactor buildings. The reactors have hit groundwater in the soil below the reactor buildings and are making this groundwater boil, with resulting bubbling of the intensely radioactive groundwater up to the ground surface of the nuclear installation. TEPCO [Tokyo Electric Power Company] has constructed a concrete wall around the reactor buildings in an attempt to contain the bubbling radioactive groundwater, but now the water is flowing over the concrete barrier, into the Pacific Ocean, at the rate of 300 tons per day, according to the Japanese Government. Since these people have lied consistently about Fukushima, it is a safe bet that this reported 300 tons of "hot" water per day is hysterically underestimated. As a consequence, the entire Pacific Ocean will become uninhabitable for marine life in a few years. We are already seeing extreme mutations in some marine life forms from this uncontrollable dumping of radioactive water into the Pacific. This is the China Syndrome at its worst. Another issue not reported by the idiotic mainstream media is the terrible death toll on animals and plant life in Northern Alaska, due entirely to the massive airborne radiation plume sent over the Pacific from the initial Fukushima explosion in 2011. Whatever you do, don't upset the population. Current radiation background counts for the U.S.A. are available at the Radiation Network website linked below. An excellent series of articles from Russia Today, Zero, Press TV, Australian Broadcasting, and WSAU Radio - 550AM, are linked below: A- Pump & pray: TEPCO B- Fukushima radioactive... C- Fukushima shaken... D- Radioactive Water Spills.... E- Nuclear Experts Slam Fukushima...

F- Japan nuclear body... G- Fukushima reactors..... H- Zero Hedge - You won't believe..... I- Stunning Tsunami Video from March 2011 Another source is, which carries daily updates on Fukushima, and is the only U.S. news source to provide continuing coverage of this environmental catastrophe, the worst in recorded history. And for the curious, radiation background counts for various locations in the U.S.A. can be found at the Radiation Network website here.

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Fukushima update August 12, 2013

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