The Other Twelve – Part Two of Two

Author’s Warning: This article is intended specifically for the Game Master’s use and is not intended for players to read. Players reading this material will likely spoil any surprises their Game Masters have in store. Additionally, this article includes an indirect reference to a major dramatic plot development from the third season of Battlestar Galactica, and may spoil some of the show’s surprises. Pages 187191 of the core rulebook contain a wealth of information about and suggestions regarding the use of Cylon and Cylon infiltrators in ongoing Battlestar Galactica campaigns. The information in this article augments and expands upon those guidelines. The first part of this article covered the Seven Who Are Known: seven Cylon models distributed throughout the Colonial Fleet as well as within Galactica’s very ranks. In a traditional Battlestar Galactica RPG campaign, these are encountered and revealed quite early, and should be encountered in multiples. While those “main” Cylon models are relatively well-known and should be used liberally by the Game Master, the Cylons themselves are harboring a tremendous secret: five of their number are unknown to even them. The Cylons are programmed not to think about this paradox, and these “lost” Cylons are the source of many myths, legends, and suspicion. Some Cylons actively pursue knowledge of these unknown members of their species, certain that to know about them is to comprehend the profound and fundamental mystery of Cylon existence. For ease of reference, these remaining five “unknown” Cylons are divided into two groups: The Four Who Live in Secrecy and The One Who Will Be Revealed.

degree far beyond that of any infiltrator. They may be known to other player characters for years, even decades, and live their lives exactly as humans do, aging, learning, and experiences all of the foibles and challenges of humankind. Then one day, they experience a shared event: a song only they can hear; a coded phrase that makes sense only to them; or a recurring visual pattern or motif, that triggers their understanding of what they are. Maddeningly, this revelation is unlike that of the other Cylon agents, who experience a dual personality that switches on and off when the mission requires. Instead, suddenly their entire existence is framed with the knowledge that they are, and always have been, Cylons. They do not, however, know what it means … yet. Of all triggered Cylons, these Cylons will react the most viscerally to their awareness of not being human. They may experience vivid hallucinations of acting out orders that are abhorrent to them, and they might seemingly fail at tasks that would put them into conflict with other Cylons. Introducing the Four Who Are Hidden is an excellent opportunity for the Game Master to retroactively turn a significant supporting character into a Cylon. It is also a potential opportunity to reveal to a player that his player character is actually one of these long-lost, hidden Cylons. Suggestions for how to manage this in your campaign are provided at the end of this article. In the event that one of the player characters is not a Cylon from the Four Who Are Hidden, here are four sample NPCs to fill these roles.

The Other Twelve

A Number Two: “Charles Abbot”
Agi d6 Str d6 Vit d8 Ale d10 Int d8 Wil d8 LP 16; Init d6+d10 Traits Cool Under Fire d2, Duty (Colonial Fleet) d6, Hardy Constitution d2, Intuitive d4, Paranoid d4, Photographic Memory d2, Sharp Sense (Hearing) d4 Military Rank Petty Officer First Class Skills Artistry d2, Athletics d6/Sports (Sailing) d8/Swimming d8, Discipline d6/

The Four Who Live in Secrecy

These four are among the deepest of deepcover Cylons, and have been living among the ranks of humankind for their entire lives to a 

It’s a given that there were many Cylons infiltrating the Colonies in a variety of roles: saboteurs. Abbot and the officers who were onboard don’t speak much about what happened at Heimdall. the men and women from Heimdall Station were assigned new postings on Galactica. and he’s got a spattering of freckles. The odds for this are. anything to once more stand on the deck of a sailing vessel. Charles Abbot was the first of his family to venture offplanet. and advance scouts. closest to Tauron. infinitesimal. and less than a dozen made their way onto the only shuttle available to them. When he left home. and humankind was almost eradicated by the Cylons. breathe deeply of crisp salttinged air. Planetary Vehicles d6/Sailboat d8. Technical Engineering d6/Communications Systems d10/Electronics d8/Repair Electrical Systems d8 Description Born on Aquaria from a long line of sailors. and eventually made their way to Galactica. His face is long and somewhat morose. and another half-dozen were among the survivors within the Colonies or the Fleet. Plot Hook If Abbot discovers his Cylon identity before others learn it. as noted above. . Abbot wonders if Bonus Content  . All but a few of the eleven known models of Cylon have been represented amongst the Colonial Fleet. The Battlestar Galactica television series has shown us that a small handful hold ranks onboard Galactica. When kidded about how someone so pale could be a sailor. received some sort of subliminal signal that put them into positions of relative safety when the Cylon invasion fleet attacked. Guns d2. Survival d6/Outdoor Life d8. or deep-cover Cylons with no knowledge of their origins. Influence d4. Even with the notion of hundreds or even thousands of Cylons mingling among the ranks of humankind. who didn’t know anything about their mission or origin. Abbot excelled in signaling and communications. and Adama has ordered their records sealed based on his review. with a close-cropped military cut giving way into curls on top. joining the Colonial Military. Abbot has a shock of bright red hair and ice-blue eyes. Now he would give So Many Cylons . he will be wracked with guilt and self-doubt. and became a communications officer at Heimdall Station. he told his family that the horizon was not enough for him. Once the Fleet’s purpose was determined. How is this possible? One theory is that even the hidden Cylons. So the Twelve Colonies were wiped out. Every time he walks out of the CIC he will wonder if he’s sent some coded message to the Cylons announcing Galactica’s position. Each time that Galactica relays its next jump coordinates to the ships of the Fleet. Now serving onboard Galactica as a communications officer (he alternates duty shifts with Petty Officer Dualla. When the President’s emergency beacon went out. Abbot and his fellow officers were picked up by the ships that would become the Colonial Fleet. naval officers. spies. sailing amidst fjords and mapping the planet as they raided and traded. Abbot and others onboard Heimdall Station abandoned their posting and fled in a small emergency shuttle. More than sixty men and women were stationed onboard the station. Perception d6/Hearing d8/Intuition d8. Abbot relays messages from Galactica to the CAP and the other ships of the Fleet. a long-range Colonial communication relay base at the outermost orbit of the Twelve Colonies. Only the Gods know. and others who made their living defending the sea. the odds that more than one or two of these Cylons would surface in the surviving Colonial Fleet are nearly astronomical.Concentration d8/Memorization d8. . Abbot claims that his ancestors were sea-reavers from the southern reaches of Aquaria. integrated into key positions within the military and even the government. Knowledge d4. trading places with her each morning and evening when they switch shifts). and feel the splash of the sea on face and the wind through his hair.

the two would meet for a cup of tea or small talk.he’ll make a mistake … and if he does.” Eventually. she has been able to guess much that her patient has not told her. A Number Three: “Serena Castillo” Agi d6 Str d6 Vit d6 Ale d10 Int d10 Wil d8 LP 14. Her patients have little trouble opening up to her and confiding their problems. Eventually. Duty (Healer’s Oath) d6. Castillo and President Laura Roslin discovered they had something in common: their alma mater. Though she has no military rank and holds no political office. Influence d6/Conversation d10/Interrogation d8/Persuasion d10. and from time to time. she is nonetheless in good physical shape. Castillo. and the psychological effects of dealing with terminal cancer. counseling. “but the benefits are even worse. Castillo has been able to fill in the blanks and intuit much of what’s not being said. Her profound understanding of the workings of the human psyche. and the immense weight of grief from dead loved ones. Perception d6/Deduction d8/Empathy d8. Castillo offers advice. She has short russet hair. worn straight. Init d6+d10 Traits Advanced Education d4. but they share many experiences in common when discussing faculty and administration and the old university grounds. Castillo and Roslin meet as psychiatrist and patient. listens. the uprooting of society. causes her to rethink what the Cylon mind is like … and she wonders how different they can be from humankind. Though she is not athletic by nature. and otherwise asks questions to help Roslin cope with the immensity of weight upon her shoulders— the Fleet. under strict secrecy disguised as a simple social call. Castillo has nonetheless become privy to a number of state secrets and otherwise classified pieces of information as President Roslin’s counselor. Performance d6/Instrument (Piano) d8. and even though Roslin has been circumspect about revealing state secrets. and he’s got no way of stepping down from his post without drawing attention to the reasons why. Castillo has pleasant features. whenever circumstances permit. was returning from a vacation on Virgon when the Cylons struck. and yet she is accountable to no one. large brown eyes. when the pressures of the presidency were almost too much to bear. A fast friendship developed. Humanity was reeling and in shock. Castillo’s value was recognized. and the new almost prison-like existence was too much for some to bear. Castillo is younger than the president. Castillo is in a unique position. the nature of her relationship concealed. and her empathetic bond with patients. If she discovers herself to be a Cylon. When the first census was taken to establish the skill set of the surviving members of the human race. Once every other week. and a soft speaking voice and projects trust and assurance. the spiritual aspects of her self-appointed role as prophet of the Gods. Medical Expertise d6/Neurology d8/ Pharmaceuticals d8/Psychiatry d10/ Rehabilitation d8. when there was time for small talk. The Other Twelve  . dealing with the military (and particularly Commander Adama). Knowledge d6/Culture d8/Literature d8/Philosophy d8/Religion d8. She offers counsel and advice to the most important person in the Fleet. Description Doctor Serena Castillo is a woman of average height and build. Castillo was immediately asked to lend her assistance in counseling the worst-off among the survivors. A graduate of the university Roslin attended. Roslin broached the subject and asked Castillo if she could become a patient. Uncommon Knowledge d6 Skills Artistry d6/Music Composition d8. will it be human fallibility or something else? The potential for sabotage is incredible in his position. usually tucked behind her ears. “The pay is nonexistent.” joked the President. None of her staff realize that Castillo’s role is as a psychologist. Castillo will be both fascinated and repelled by this revelation. a practicing psychiatrist. Plot Hook As a counselor and psychiatrist to the President of the Twelve Colonies. Though she upholds the oath of her office to keep her patient’s secrets and treatment confidential.

Pheidon gained a reputation for being difficult. allowing for fundamental leaps forward in technology when leading-edge thinkers are encouraged to work together. She usually wears business-style suits or skirts. Pheidon is regularly in possession of a small satchel containing a laptop computer containing the results of her work. Castillo is nonetheless secretly thrilled about the ability to observe the transition of selfawareness into something new. or it could be the equivalent of a signal flare for the enemy. she is forceful and sometimes arrogant. though the wear-and-tear on wardrobe in the Fleet has made her accept whatever garments can be scavenged. Gaeta to plot a likely course to Earth based on long-range astrometric data. Her risky plan to boost Galactica’s longrange DRADIS sweep is an ambitious one that could cut their journey short. slightly curled. Perception d6/Deduction d8/Investigation d8/ Sight d8. it was Doctor Gaius Baltar. Uncommon Knowledge d6 Skills Influence d6/Bureaucracy d8. emphasizing that her insights and expertise will be invaluable. Plot Hook With access to Galactica’s navigational charts. Overconfident d4. striking woman in her 40s. and she often wears her hair back in a severe ponytail. Pheidon will be wracked with doubt. Knowledge d6/History d8/Religion d8. Pheidon is a graduate of the prestigious Lyceum of Tauron. Her eyes are dark. Mathematician d4. and even providing a clue as to where it may be headed. her petitions fell on deaf ears amidst the clamor of other more pressing concerns. In person. Unlike other Cylons with their obsessions with a One God. an extremely forwardthinking combination of think-tank and university. worst-case scenario. but he has so far resisted. Anger Issues d2. where she now works with Lt. Pheidon is certainly wellpositioned to delay or. Sponsored in part by the Colonial Military. work at the Lyceum is cross-disciplinary in nature. Adama shot the plan down. Pheidon suspects that Baltar ignored her so that his own value to the Fleet would not be overshadowed by her presence. A Number Six: “Vanetta Pheidon” Agi d6 Str d6 Vit d8 Ale d6 Int d10 Wil d10 LP 18. Technical Engineering d6/ Astrogation d12 Description Vanetta Pheidon is a tall. Pheidon has recently gained access to the President’s ear and has been appointed a position as civilian consultant to Galactica. Her work in astrophysics and related disciplines has led her to offer her services to the Colonial Government as an aid in navigating a likely course to Earth. Through persistence or some other turn of events. wondering if she’s been responsible for leading the Fleet into past Cylon encounters. though he’s reconsidering it as a last resort. She has been pressuring the President’s office to gain access to Galactica’s charts and navigational data.Bonus Content Though her first concern is obviously that the secrets she knows can be used to compromise the safety of the human race. rarely cutting anyone around her slack for being as intelligent as she apparently is. misdirect the Colonial Fleet away from Earth. and if she is leading humanity to its doom. If she becomes aware she is one of these final Cylons. Scientific Expertise d6/Astrophysics d12/Mathematics d10/Physics d12. When asked point-blank if it would increase the chance of Galactica being noticed by any Cylon onlookers. Unfortunately. She has been pushing Commander Adama to configure Galactica’s DRADIS for longer-range scans. Performance d6/Oratory d8. with a firm jaw line and shoulder-length jet-black hair. Init d6+d6 Traits Advanced Education d4. When she did reach the proper authority. letting the Cylons know in no uncertain terms exactly where the Colonial Fleet is. Rebellious d4. Castillo is now obsessed with the notion that the Final Five may be gods themselves. but otherwise brilliant. and the humans with their Twelve. her estimation was that their presence would be obvious to anyone listening on a number of wave-spectrum frequencies.  . He quietly buried her message.

the final revelation of the “missing” Cylon can only be someone of immense importance to the campaign. either strategic or emotionally. and seeing to it that the Fleet’s children and adults are immunized and that their healthcare needs are being met. In the confines of the individual ships. these analyses of the identity of the final Cylon are both highly speculative and spoiler-laden. and has a ready smile for patients.  . She’s responsible for traveling throughout the Colonial Fleet and regularly assaying health conditions. the chance of an outbreak of an air. Therefore. Quick Healer d6 Skills Artistry d6. Taggart is well known throughout the Fleet and to all of the Raptor and shuttle pilots. Guns d4. no matter how prominent. Init d8+d8 Traits Allure d2. as she is continually flying from ship to ship on a neverending circuit. Idealist d2. If the Game Master is using the traditional cast of characters from the television series in a campaign similar to those presented on pages 164–168 of the core rulebook. attempting the impossible task of seeing to it that each member of the human race is healthy despite low morale. Athletics d6/Swimming d8. and is attempting to train a small cadre of medical personnel for deployment throughout the fleet. Knowledge d6. Good-Natured d4. Essentially. Plot Hook As a representative of Galactica. checking for outbreaks of disease. Dull Sense (Eyesight) d2. here are some options for who the One Who Will Be Revealed could be. Taggart serves as a medical assistant to Doctor Cottle. this character’s identity must by its very nature be a dramatic discovery. the identity of this character is discussed both in terms of using characters from the Battlestar Galactica television series. Taggart could cause immeasurable harm to the Colonial Fleet if triggered and used for biological warfare. wire-framed glasses and often wears an ornamental hair-clip over her temple.or contact-based pathogen is immense. she refers patients to the Lifebays onboard Galactica. and as such she works better with children and their mothers. For serious cases. Medical Expertise d6/Epidemiology d8/First Aid d10/ General Practice d10. where the player characters serve onboard a Galactica that’s identical or nearly so to the one from the series. Technical Engineering d4 Military Rank Lieutenant Description Lieutenant Nyssa Taggart is in her late twenties. and for roles unique to a campaign using characters other than those presented on the television series. Furthermore. Duty (Colonial Fleet) d6. She has short blonde hair that accents the oval of her face. Because each campaign is different. only the first seven episodes of Season Four (the final season) have been broadcast.A Number Ten: “Nyssa Taggart” Agi d8 Str d6 Vit d8 Ale d8 Int d8 Wil d8 LP 16. and in good physical condition. Perception d6/ Empathy d8/Investigation d8. its effects potentially devastating. Taggart was a practicing nurse in a pediatric wing before joining the military. The Other Twelve The One Who Will Be Revealed At this point. From the Television Series Author’s Note—At the time of this writing. with regular traffic between them. Unlike many of the medical staff onboard Galactica. Influence d6/Administration d8/Conversation d8. with memories of competitive swimming throughout college. Photographic Memory d2. Scientific Expertise d6/ Life Sciences d10. the Game Master evaluate the most dramatically significant character from his cast of characters and considers the character’s potential for being the final Cylon who will be revealed. rather than being drawn from the ranks of the supporting cast of characters. and in life-threatening situations she provides initial assessment while Cottle is en route. Taggart exudes an air of quiet confidence and reserves of patience. Taggart has a small handful of assistants to aid her in this task. tracking any rises of airborne pathogens. with access to a full stable of pharmaceuticals and inert disease cultures. Her access to complete medical records documenting the entire human race has already provided the Cylons with immeasurable tactical advantages and advance intelligence. She wears thin.

and though he was instrumental in persecuting collaborators. as this would be the ultimate irony as well as the unifying factor for both races. Each of them is seeking something. given the revelations of the previous four “secret” Cylons. Roslin was put into a position where she would be the surviving member of the Colonial government. bringing fire to humankind. her visits to the captured Gina Inviere’s cell on Pegasus. It’s obvious that Baltar is the final Cylon. because her attempted suicide tactics at the Cylon communications relay station are the only thing that made sense. as Number Six has been telling him since the pilot episode of the series. why is she beset with visions of Earth. The Cylons are clearly after the location of Earth. Obviously Roslin is the final Cylon. How else can one explain the unique link between his mind and the ghost or angel of Number Six? Baltar’s mind accepted. Her cancer was initially cured by a transfusion of humanCylon hybrid blood. Finally. and her destiny is clearly going to be of immense significance to the Colonial Fleet and the Cylons alike. Guided by prophecy and unconscious programming. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace The hotshot pilot and maverick has been a focal character on the series. because it is the only thing explanation that makes any sense for what he’s able to do and what he’s become. Why did they spare her? Why did they end the war almost simultaneously with their near-encounter with young Helena Cain? It’s obvious that Cain is the final Cylon. he has also retained his position high within Roslin’s government. Perhaps young William is a prototype of a hybrid between man and machine? It’s obvious that Adama is the final Cylon. From there. Tom Zarek As a revolutionary and activist on Sagittaron. First Zarek became a member of the Quorum of Twelve. even bringing Lee Adama onto the Quorum as an ally. some secret that they cannot understand. Compare also. However. Dr. like Leoban.Lt. then he would have relieved her of command. and how else could she survive her death in the Maelstrom? Commander William Adama The dramatic potential for having Adama as a Cylon is so overthe-top it staggers the imagination. The Cylons infiltrated all levels of civilian Colonial government. handing the presidency to Baltar. perhaps because she is a Cylon and always has been. and it seems likely that his father had some involvement with the creator of the Cylons. a strong case can be made for Roslin. because if she isn’t. and those of Colonel Tigh on Galactica. a grand destiny ahead of him. She shot her XO because if she didn’t. is fixated on Thrace. and Leoban rarely lies. President Laura Roslin Though she seems an unlikely choice to be the last Cylon. Rear Admiral Helena Cain The dramatic potential in having this devout hater of the Cylon race makes considerable sense. Baltar is bringing the Cylon gospel to the Colonial Fleet in an attempt to unify the two disparate peoples. Bonus Content  . he suffered mightily while incarcerated on New Caprica. and she has reached a point where. he suffered for this. and has been accessing it regularly. so little is known about the “missing” Cylons that it could be possible. And like Prometheus. someone who could broker peace between the world of flesh and that of machine. The Cylons killed Cain’s sister during the Cylon War. Zarek saw himself as Prometheus. almost “downloaded” Six’s consciousness. The visionary of the Cylons. Despite these setbacks. As the only one in the human race. and the military is no exception. Then he became a kingmaker. Leoban. It’s obvious that Thrace is the final Cylon. Gaius Baltar Baltar has. and both sense that the captive Cylon can provide insight to their condition. she is guided by visions … visions shared by the Cylons onboard Galactica. and Roslin is attempting to lead the Human race to that very place. just as the Cylons are able to “project” their idealized reality. Adama was born during the period of time when the Cylons were first being developed. the irony of making the “original” Apollo a Cylon is too good an opportunity to pass up. because Leoban told President Roslin he was. though the prisons on Canceron were somewhat better than being chained to a rock with an eagle ripping out his viscera on a daily basis. though not a part of it. he has clambered back into a role of authority.

Margaret Weis Productions and the MW Logo are trademarks owned by Margaret Weis Productions. are nonetheless possible. while less dramatically satisfying. the Game Master should respect this and not utilize it. calling for dramatic and drastic reaction. replacing one of the Cylons presented in either part of this article. working against the rest of humanity and particularly the player character group? The Other Twelve Cr e dits Writer Jason Durall Editing & Development Cam Banks. All Rights Reserved. A Player Character The show has demonstrated the chaotic effect such a revelation can have on a character when he realizes that his identity is utterly unlike anything he had imagined. The Game Master should ask the players whether they would be comfortable with a “hidden” Cylon within their midst. or are they programmed? Are feelings heartfelt. that alongside everything “true” is an equally real understanding about a fact that makes it all irrelevant or throws it into doubt. a ship.Other potentials for the identity of the final Cylon. either using slips of paper or through email. though the elevation of a clearly minor supporting character to such a significant role will lack dramatic intensity.  . or at a particularly dramatic juncture. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLLP. for that matter? A suggestion for the Game Master to make the revelation of a player-character Cylon “work” in a campaign is to bring it up at the beginning of the campaign. The opportunities created by handling a Cylon character are extensive. Jamie Chambers Graphic Design Sean Macdonald Layout & typesetting Digger Hayes Battlestar Galactica © USA Cable Entertainment LLC. especially if it becomes publicly known. Does the player character gain abilities similar to those listed for the sample Cylons on page 211 of the core rulebook? Does he or she ever “lose control” and act on triggered “sleeper” actions. Ltd. a station. or simply neurological circuits following a series of established protocols? How different does that make Cylons from humanity. and choose the most appropriate candidate(s). If the players are open to it. the results can be catastrophic. The revelation of this person’s identity as the final Cylon should be shattering. either as a sleeper agent or one of the Final Five. If the group is mostly against the use of player character Cylons. Ask the players “If I introduce Cylons into this group. Are memories real. are you comfortable with having a potential traitor in our midst? Are you open to it being your character?” The Game Master should keep track of who said what and evaluate accordingly. All Rights Reserved. and if he is revealed to be somehow in league with the enemy. see which of them say “Yes” to having their character be the Cylon. and the Game Master should work with the player out of the group time to establish what this means. The commanding officer is the heart of a fleet. A good way to handle this is to announce that there will be a secret ballot. From Your Campaign The following are suggestions about the identity of the final Cylon for a campaign that does not use all or a subset of the Galactica’s cast of characters: The Commander If there’s any sort of military hierarchy then there is a commanding officer or someone clearly in a position of being in charge. or an army.