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Christian education and fellowship. Prayer & Bible Study: Wednesdays at 9:30 a. Hyacinth Brown and Lorna Fraser.Mission Statement: To develop our spiritual lives. Verna Edwards. evangelize the wider community and influence the world through Christ by organized preaching. Kingston 20 Tel. Prayer and Fasting: 1st Saturdays. Claudette Reid. and 6:30 p.m. public and private worship. while co-operating with other Christian bodies. Petrona Faulknor. Francine Dallas.m. Sunday School: 8:00 a. Devon Dick Opportunities For Worship Sundays at 9:00 a.m.m. Simone Hull-Lloyd. . Ricardo Holness.m. Boulevard Baptist Church Boulevard Baptist Church 2 Washington Boulevard.m.: 905-2422. 905-0118 or 832-1522 Email: Pastor: Rev. Duvaughn Dick. – 8:50 a. Editor-in-Chief: Sophia Williams Editor: Dorrett R.baptist@yahoo. Carla Wilson-Redden. 7:00 a. • 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Dr. Campbell Other Team Members: Sylvia Kelly.


hard-working and goal-oriented person. Who is Melissa Townsend? Melissa: Melissa is a fun-loving. I cannot say that there is a ‘worst’ for me and I count my blessings every day. I have been attending Boulevard regularly since I was born and I participate in Church activities. Also. He has allowed me to be successful in my academic career and anything that I put my mind to. BBC eVoice: Outside the Church what else are you involved in? Melissa: Presently. BBC eVoice: How would you describe yourself…. BBC eVoice: You have been a member of Boulevard Baptist for how long? Melissa: I am not an official member of the Boulevard Baptist Church yet. He has also surrounded me with supportive and loving family and friends. BBC eVoice: What has been the most fulfilling part of attending Church and also being involved in Church activities? Melissa: I find the sermons inspiring and they help me to understand the word of God. . One of the reasons why I enjoy Brownies and Junior Church is the way that almost everything fascinates the children and they keep a smile on my face. BBC eVoice: In your spiritual walk what has been the best and worst for you? Melissa: Well I believe God has been very good to me. BBC eVoice: What have been your areas of involvement in Church? Melissa: I am currently involved in First Aid Ministry. I am usually quiet and a co-worker of mine has described me as an individual with an unassuming personality that is quietly driven. I am a Council Member in the Jamaica Institution of Engineers.Youth INSPIRATION Meet Melissa Townsend Youth with a purpose… high achiever… scholar… positive on life. I also teach Junior Church and assist with Brownie activities. However. which I thoroughly enjoy. St. BBC eVoice: Are you an Engineer by profession? Melissa: I attained a BSc in Civil with Environmental Engineer from the University of the West Indies. Augustine in 2011.

Nazelin Townsend. I have always enjoyed Mathematics. I also intend to have a closer walk with God and to continue to enjoy life. BBC eVoice: Any memorable moment you would like to share? Melissa: One of my memorable moments has to be when I discovered that I attained an over 98% average in GSAT and earned the George William Gordon Government Scholarship to attend Campion College. BBC eVoice: Melissa thanks for making this interview possible and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours. what are the positives and negatives? Melissa: Well. there are still more male than female engineers. once an individual (whether male or female) completes his/her tasks. BBC eVoice: What other special achievements you have had? Melissa: I was awarded as the Most Outstanding Engineering Student at the University of the West Indies (2010-2011) by the Jamaica Institute of Engineers. However. and placed second in Jamaica for CAPE Pure Mathematics (Unit 2) in 2008.BBC eVoice: Where is your place of work? I work at the National Water Commission as a Project Engineer. do you find that you have to work probably twice as hard as your male counterpart to be recognized? Melissa: I think I can only speak for my place of work and my few months in the work-world. performs well and produces great results. Are you seeing any kind of shift where a balance may be created… equal numbers between male and female? Melissa: From what I have observed. For instance. Art and Technical Drawing. BBC eVoice: This profession is male dominated…. Civil Engineering worked out nicely. there appears to be a small shift. BBC eVoice: Working in this area. since High School (and even before then). he/she will be recognized. bewilderment. In the end. BBC eVoice: Working in a male dominated field. my Civil Engineering class had more or less. confusion. BBC eVoice: Why this career choice? Melissa: Well. . so it only seemed natural for me to pursue a career in Architecture or Engineering in order for me to continue doing the courses I love. elatedness. Melissa is the daughter of Deacon Dennis and Sis. I experienced a lot of emotions that day: shock. the male engineers tend to be very entertaining. 50% males and 50% females. awarded the UWI Endowment and Development Fund Scholarship in 2010. Physics. I have not experienced any negatives working in this male dominated field. BBC eVoice: What the future holds for you? Melissa: I plan to pursue a Master’s degree in the field of Engineering or Project Management.

This could provide an opening for employment. It is summer time and you are happy for the long break… a deserved rest from the long. such as Spanish offered at the Venezuelan Institute. etc. money management (BBC Financial Education Ministry). Before long.Youth… Summer IDEAS. Start learning a new language. dance. soon boredom will set in. Offer to work for companies. If there were no plans ahead of how the time will be profitably spent. Take time to learn a new skill. it may be culinary arts (such as baking). Offer voluntary service in your community such as your Church Outreach programmes and Clubs. and the schools advertised in the Yellow Pages. voice training (Edna Manley College). writing (CARIMAC). YMCA). This list is endless and can fill the financial gaps at some point. such as our annual JBU camps held at the Nutshell Conference Centre in Trelawny. time management. Learn to play a musical instrument. Some language courses are offered free of cost. hard sessions of studying and exams. Use it as a time to know your country. It could be a good time to strengthen your weak areas. etc. Free language courses are also available online. make-up artistry or interior decorating. Always give yourself a treat … You deserve it! Boulevard Baptist Church . These courses are regularly advertised in the newspaper classifieds. and gain valuable work experience. there are many productive activities that would not only be beneficial for the moment but offer benefits for a lifetime. cooking. here are a few to consider. which offer valuable experiences. swimming (Swim Jamaica. CPTC). Example for some persons this may be public speaking (offered at CARIMAC. especially during summer. a desire for summer to be over! But hope is not all lost. Create a special fund in preparation for this or seek sponsorship from family members. Outside youth camps. These courses are advertised in the newspaper. Plan excursions with your friends/groups and travel around the island or in your own parish. fashion designing.

Holy Baptism: Pauline Bailey. Photos By: Varick Downie Prior to their Holy baptism and reception into fellowship they gave a brief background of themselves and presented their testimonies to the Church membership during a special members meeting. Five were baptized. whom they hope would follow shortly in their footsteps. Bridgette Smith. charged the group to establish a close relationship with God. 2013 the Boulevard Baptist Church received eight members into its fellowship. two restored and one transferred. prayer was offered on their behalf. Testifying of the joy of being a part of God’s family. and Phill Wilkins. Aston Cameron. Consequently. Restoration to fellowship: Pauline Morrison and Camille McKenzie Reid and Transfer: Verna Stephenson Pauline Bailey Aston Cameron Raquel Johnson Bridgette Smith Phill Wilkins Pauline Morrison Camille McKenzie-Reid Verna Stephenson .NEW members welcomed into the fellowship On Sunday July 13. as this is the foundation of their Christian growth and maturity. Deacon Dorma Forsythe. some expressed similar wishes for close family members. spend time to know Him by reading the Bible and meditating on His word. Racquel Johnson.

“As God loves us unconditionally so our fathers must love their children unconditionally.” he concluded. while delivering the Fathers’ Day Message at the Boulevard Baptist Church on June 16.” to illustrate the point that the role of fathers should be husbands. not to relegate their responsibilities to the school. caregivers. This. and attributed this primarily to absentee fathers as well as poverty. Reid indicated that this situation created a social challenge in schools and churches. born to poor single parent families. “but it takes a good man to be a daddy. The Jamaica College principal remarked that anyone could be a father. and it will never depart from it. Mr. a daddy is one who teaches his children to appreciate things and leads by example. teaches his children lessons and complements the work of the school. He believed that the majority of Jamaican children were poorly socialized.” According to him. motivators and disciplinarians. He exhorted all fathers in the Boulevard Baptist congregation. Mr. . he underscored with statistics. emphasized the exemplary leadership and socialising roles of a good father. noting that eighty percent of Jamaican children were born out of wedlock and fifty percent. Ruel Reid. but they should do all that lay in their power to protect and love their families.Fathers’ Day Message ‘Any male can be a father…only a man can be called a daddy’ Principal of Jamaica College. providers. Reid referenced Proverbs 22:6: “Train up a child in the way it should grow.


Deacon Davis was called home to be with the Lord. Reginald Davis. A similar dedication was noted in the impeccable service she gave to the church in several capacities. having joined the membership in 1969 as a transferee from the Cedar Valley Baptist Church. Her tenure of service was characterized by selfless devotion to her children. Christopher. Choir member. did not deter her from admirably acquitting her loving role as helpmeet to her former colleague and the fear of the Lord. bolstered by her exceptional communication skills. Sunday School Teacher. her memory is “without blot or contamination. Truly. Her active involvement in church and the demands of her job as a leader. A teacher by profession. Deacon Davis dedicated more than 20 years of her life to the molding of young minds. Principal of Woburn Lawn. counsellor and confidante who was always available and approachable with a warm-hearted sensitivity in ministering to the needs of others. but not before leaving indelible memories in the hearts of those whose lives she touched. integrity. Her grandchildren . Group Leader.Remembering the late Clarice Evadne Davis The late Clarice Evadne Davis was inarguably one of the longest serving foundation members of the Boulevard Baptist Church. We remember her as a good listener. St Thomas – the parish in which she was born on December 12.Faith and Heather.” . Arielle. After 90 years of a life lived in submission to the will of God. 1922. serving as Teacher and Principal at Cedar Valley Primary. President of the Women’s Federation and ultimately Deacon. an inexhaustible source of pure refreshment. Danielle and David – were also the beneficiaries of her unconditional yet firm love and nurturing. Teacher and Vice Principal at the Kingston based Calabar All Age before retiring. exemplary leadership and remarkably pedagogical skills. including.Craig. We will remember her as an exemplary mother who brought up her two daughters . to Retilda Crosdale and George Brown.

insist on effective warning labels and introduce such fiscal measures as will reduce accessibility of tobacco…” It took Jamaica six years to get here. by 2020 tobacco will kill 10 million people each year. advertising and promotion of tobacco products to children. Third among the 15 tenets was the commitment by CARICOM Heads of Government to “…support the immediate enactment of legislation to limit or eliminate smoking in public places. Secondhand smoke causes tens of thousands of deaths each year and if current trends continue. the outcome of which was the 15 point Port-of-Spain Declaration. This Declaration calls on Governments. 2013 was not well-thought out. such as diabetes. the World Health Organisation (WHO) says smoking is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced. Thank God and Minister By: Dorrett R Campbell Fenton Ferguson! . Uniting to Stop the Epidemic of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases. such as Jamaica. ban the sale. Yes. reaffirming the right of all peoples to the highest standard of health. 2007.Jamaica’s ban on PUBLIC SMOKING… a CARICOM Victory. lung cancer and heart diseases. July 15 was a red letter day for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in its fight against Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). The Treaty commits its member states to developing price. Jamaica ratified the 2005 WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. with 70% of those coming from developing countries.joined three other CARICOM countries in summoning the political will to ban smoking in public places. For me it is a strident step by a country that is reeling under the social and economic burden of lifestyle related diseases. Truth be told. Civil Society and the Private Sector to jointly tackle the common risk factors for the major chronic diseases. CARICOM Heads of Government hosted the first ever Special Summit on NCDs in Trinidad on September 15. But we are here. non-price and tax measures to reduce demands for tobacco and to protect our peoples from exposure to tobacco smoke. Jamaica a founding member of this 15-member regional grouping . there are those who feel that this Tobacco Control Act.


mobile and has many functions. because it can do everything you can think of. to research information on my career. because it can do everything you need as a computer. . etc. because it provides all the conveniences of a home computer with mobility. App. because I can use the Internet. voice activated. The best technological device I have used would be my android smart phone. Shantelle Thomas (18): The computer. Stephan Morrison (23): Dwayne Harris (17): The iPhone. The cell phone.YOUTH VIEWS: What is the best technological device you have used. It is small. Shaneika Spence (18): Khenielle Cooper (15): Hakim Walker (14): An iPhone. because everything that I need to know can be found on the Internet. it is easy to use. as it makes information access easier. and why? Claude O. Store. Renee White-Brown (34): The cellphone. In addition. Akeem Williams (15): Samsung Galaxy S4. The computer. Reynolds (22): The android cell phone. text and do a lot more. I am able to keep connected.

the Reverend Devon Dick. first confront individually. quickly. quietly. He urged us to confront sin in accordance with procedures outlined in Matthew 18: 15-20: gently. May God help us to this end. we cannot excuse evil. Seek out feeble. Solid and Sensible Sermons… Love Is Sensitive. could damage Christ’s reputation. because love is sensitive. just some plain. profiled the errant sinner as one who constantly “engages in a wicked lifestyle and needs tough theatrics. if that fails. emotions and the insecurities of others. the Pastor exhorted us to be sensitive to the needs. then with two or three believers. In the first of his Trilogy of love sermons. uplift them and help them mature. Campbell Pastor of the Boulevard Baptist Church. we ought to confront these sins…. “We cannot condone corruption.Simple. especially to nonbelievers. fragile and frail Christians. the Pastor said. he cautioned. July 7: Love is stern. before bringing the sinner to the whole congregation. The outcome of such a confrontation. Reverend Dick. Failure to confront sin. tarnish the image of the church and severely affect the Body and cause of Christ (1st Corinthians 5:12). Pastor explained that sin must be confronted because Love is stern and the salvation of the believer was an imperative.” He further enumerated a slew of examples of presumptuous sins among believers.” because Love is seeking.14 to challenge us to “seek out weak. on June 23. In the second. The most compelling of the trilogy was preached on Sunday. discreetly. on June 30. wandering and wayward Christians and … upgrade them to mature Christians. gospel truths: love is sensitive… seeking and …stern. Seeking & Stern By: Dorrett R. in his introduction. . has used Matthew 18 to share with his congregation a series of practical sermons on love . was to restore the bold sinner to the Faith. Reverend Dick used verses 10 .” the Pastor concluded.

What Is Our Financial Perspective? Are we “Shopping for things we don’t need” or “Keeping up with the Joneses”? Can we be Thrifty but not miserly? God desires us to be good stewards of our finances! What The Bible Says About Money And Finances: Save: Have savings for a safety net. Don’t overwork to become rich because this leads to sorrow. and into many foolish and harmful lusts (See 1Timothy 6:9). Presenter: Cranston Ewan. making it unfruitful’ Matthew 13:22. Proverbs 21:20 says. but from following God’s plan for our finances. Everything we have comes from God. Why? Because desiring riches lead to temptation and a trap. but fools gulp theirs down”.Money Management for Christians A DISCUSSION PAPER (Excerpts) Managing money is a spiritual issue. “The wise store up choice food and olive oil. Giving Principles: Tithes. secretly and humbly (Matthew 6:2-4) and trusting that God will supply all your needs. deceitfulness of riches chokes the Word of God so one becomes unproductive spiritually. Do not desire to be rich. True financial success comes not from accumulating a large surplus in our bank account. Biblical-Based Investment Advice: Diversify investments into several categories because you do not know what disaster may come upon any particular company or sector. “Invest in seven ventures. you do not know what disaster may come upon the land’ Ecclesiastes 11:1. don’t consume all your wealth. Member of the Greater Portmore Baptist Church. Borrowing unwisely = Bondage: “The borrower is a slave to the lender. yes. and He entrusts it to us to use for His purposes. ‘The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word. but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word. Gifts: Give motivated by love.” Proverbs 22:7. Offerings. further. a Chartered Accountant and Finance Specialist . He owns it. in eight.

Tomatoes 8. Olive Oil 12. Garlic and Onions 11. Foods high in sugar and saturated fat can spur inflammation. without it we can’t heal. Soy 6. Beets 9. Angela Mattis | Reference: Health. Tuna 2. When it is out of control – as in rheumatoid arthritis. Plus it is thought to play a role in obesity. Health & Wellness: Is there an anti-inflammatory diet? Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response. Almonds) 5. heart disease and cancer. it can damage the body. Whole Grains 3.Submitted by Dr. Fatty Fish For example: Salmon. Ginger and Turmeric 10. Nuts (Esp. Add these food to your plate today: 1. Dark Leafy Greens 4. Berries . Low Fat Dairy 7.

5 children. with a nice house and a car. as this no longer obtains in most situations. my true calling? It is important to ascertain what your true calling is. they are expecting a job that pays well. which will allow them to move into their own home. We have now reached that point where we must face the current realities and make wise decisions on how we proceed from here on. . There was a time when children got married. have a nice job. and are out of their parents home as early as their late teen years. The economic situation dictates otherwise.” Ideally this is the hope and aspirations of many of us. Life projections are uncertain for the Youth. This may be a dream that is getting more and more elusive each day. After successfully completing their studies. Education is seen as an asset that will improve and add value to your status.The Youth’s Dilemma “I would like to settle down some day. with a wife/husband. We have now realized that things and times have changed. 2. The Youth are now challenged with finding the ideal partner (more so the females) and affording a nice home in the ideal area. The question must be asked: Is the career choice I am about to pursue. Unfortunately for many of them. The Youth is now faced with a crisis where they spend at least three years to complete tertiary studies. with high hopes of finding the ideal place of work based on their course of study. We can best find out when we allow ourselves to be guided by God’s purpose for our lives. purchase a nice car and start a family ideally by their mid-twenties. that we can overcome this dilemma. they are faced with the dilemma of being unemployed with the expectation to repay a student loan. especially our Youth. It is only then. .Listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange 20 Micoud Street. St. Lucia • E-mail smurray@weareproven.